Democrats Are The Woman Party

Zach Goldberg is a good source of hatefacts on Twatter, which means that he will soon be spotted by the Eye of Sauros and de-personed by a team of H1Bs at Singsoc headquarters, and will never be able to find gainful employment again. America, Land of the Free, baby!

In his latest series of twats, he discovers that the beating heart of the Democrat Party is located in the vagina:

That’s bad. Real bad. It shows just how deeply the Leftoid Equalism Big Lie has entrenched itself in the American psyche. White Democrats are becoming more cucked, or more ethnomasochistic, or more in thrall to indulging vapid sanctimony against their unreconstructed racial kin. But wait, White men of either party seem to be largely immune to this Big Lie indoctrination, and White women….well, let the data speak for itself:

White women are the primary force driving the Democrat Party into pathologically universalist, anti-White lunacy.* You know who’s been warning about this for a long time? Yeah, *this guy*.

More precisely, Democrats are the Woman and [email protected] Party, but [email protected] haven’t changed much over the years. They have been and continue to be gibs-maximizing trashworld commies with a giant chip on their shoulders about Whitey.

What’s changed is that White women have joined them in beating up on White men, the surviving remnant of Heritage America.

Yeah, yeah, married White women aren’t as keen on the whole White Dispossession Snowlocaust. Small comfort, given that married White women are a vanishing breed. Single White women are WHO WE ARE NOW, and it isn’t pretty. At all.

The Democrats have a White Man Problem. They should do something about that.

Democrats: effete, hysterical, womanish, and now auto-genocidal. Great combo!

I dunno, maybe it’s time for White American men to politically divorce their White women, and accept that they will have to be the sole vanguard fighting at the front lines for America’s soul.

White men can ease their consciences about this bitter divorce knowing that, after victory over Globohomo is achieved, White women will come back to them, invigorated with newfound admiration and love for them (and pretending that their whole betrayal thingie never happened).

*Other interesting revelations jump out from that sex/party-ID chart:

  • White females are the group responsible for pushing the Dems to the Lunatic-Left. Negr0latry is their religion, anti-White avowals their genuflection.
  • Even Independent affiliated females have surged in their support for race equalism.
  • Republican women (color coded green for some odd reason) have had a slight decline in support for race equalism/anti-Whiteism. These are probably the married White women, and they are hardening in their loyalty to White men, praise Kek.
  • Democreep males are now less leftist than Democreep females.
  • Republican males are more cucked today than they were in 1995. These are your NeverTrumpers.
  • The most notable change in a positive direction is the substantial decline in support for race equalism from Independent affiliated men. This is where Trump can pick up a lot of voters going into 2020, but he’ll need to put into action the populist policies of his campaign agenda, and give the Koch-owned GOPe the finger.


  1. That picture of the divorce looks like the girl is gonna lose her green card.

    [CH: good]

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  2. The Hamster Party

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    • on November 27, 2018 at 1:17 pm William of Orange County

      Also the party of the gay
      And the fuggnaut
      And the meat popsicles (in the non-ironic way)
      Big D Democrat stands for Big D Deformed

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      • Blaming the bad behavior of white women on white men. You sound like a feminist. Or a democrat.

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      • Two women catting at my work today about the how it’s “terrible” that GEOTUS is tear gassing the beans.

        A woman’s brain doesn’t understand dominance. It was totally lost on them that there might be any nuance to the situation at all. I could go into the details of the conversation but it’s not worth it. They can’t conceive any notion of “setting a precedent” ie that letting people demand entry into your country is a green light to the turd world that America is open to everyone. Repeal the 19th.

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      • Correct, for some absurd reason they seem to think that 40% is a greater number than 60% (white pop in the U.S.) and that they can tell them to gtfo. smh.
        Btw tip of the cap on the name William of Orange.


  3. Why have white women betrayed white men?

    Because modern white men are completely and utterly hopeless. Subverted beyond all recognition.

    Gotta question white supremacy at this point. White men like us who have broken the conditioning are in the minority. And even we don’t do anything. We gotta pay the rent after all.

    It’s over people.

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    • As an example of how bad it has gotten; This White woman is more based than 99.9% of white men.


      • Honestly I don’t think we have the juice anymore. It’s like the study where wild squirrels lose their survival instincts after only a couple generations and don’t recognize a fox as a danger.

        We are the victims of our own success. I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it once more. The worst thing we did to ourselves was industrialized. No missed meals + infinite sexual diversions (porn) + endocrine disruptors + mutation load (weak keep reproducing) + talmudvision in every house which humans aren’t designed to be able to handle + etc. etc. = Soft useless men with no survival instincts, no sense of how power flows in society, no notion of what it means to be a human male. We experience nonstop degradation and humiliation from every angle and we don’t even realize it’s not normal.

        This time, I’m almost sure we’re doomed. WWII was the end, just look at what we’ve become. We sit and watch as our nations are flooded with turd worlders and don’t even realize were being invaded. If the white man refuses to assert his ethnocentrism, rest assured, some other group, muslim, African or (((special))), will gladly assume that role.

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 6:04 pm Darth Caucasious

        Something was seriously fucked in white women for them to ever push, and keep pushing, for Feminism. It is a monumental betrayal.

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    • “White men like us” followed by demoralization drivel like “WE don’t do anything. It’s OVER. Completely and utterly HOPELESS. OD on Black Pills Goyboy!”

      I hope most of you can spot this disgusting (((tactic))) from a mile a way but apparently two of you rubes were suckered in enough to like his comment. Hang your heads in shame.

      What’s this “WE” shit anyway? Speak for yourself, homo (or is that Shlomo?). You and I don’t have a damn thing in common son.

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 3:03 pm traitors first

        White men like us = Fellow white people


      • Have you even affiliated yourself with 90% of white normies, my friend? It may best pessimistic but it’s the God [email protected] truth.

        Chateau denizens need to remember that this blog is basically an unofficial MENSA club. We are the white vanguard. And it is going to require enormous amounts of energy and time and patience to awaken the blonde beast from our ranks.


      • And this, ladies and gents, is why we are fucked.

        Gimps like J Freeman accusing everyone of being a Jew and forgetting to actually do anything useful.

        Mr Freeman, there are plenty more synagogues out there that need lighting up. And don’t forget to stop by Israel to do a proper clean-up. I won’t stop you.

        Jews are clearly the master race. Clearly. They run, rule and own everyone and everything, including J Freeman. Am I happy about this? No. It’s just a fact.

        But it goes even deeper than that! The Jews aren’t really Jews at all. It’s a banner they hide behind for all the ‘perks’ of victim status. It’s like a based alpha going tranny so he can get the perks of being a woman. The ‘Jews’ are really a collection of elite pedophiles from every country who have sold out their own people. There are no good ‘races’ in this story. It’s just the rich fucking the poor, and this time with no allegiance to race.

        If only Jews benefited from Globalism, it would never grow any legs. This is a multi-racial conspiracy that uses race to obscure what’s really going on.

        The flower of white society (Germany/Britain) was decimated in WW1 and WW2. History will look back on that period as the beginning of the end for Whites.

        I’m White and I can appreciated how thoroughly checkmated we all were by Jewish agendas of white disempowerment. They are just smarter than us, collectively, by a loooong mile. Not only that, they co-opt all the richest people from other races to do their bidding. Genius.

        Why wouldn’t Jews want to disempower white people? An awake and diligent white population tends to purge Jews from society (Happened hundreds of times throughout history). The Jews are just ensuring their own survival and are very successful at it. They are the greatest parasites and propagandists the world has ever seen

        The Jews have got us all chasing our tails over gender, voting for gayshit and more trannies. The Jews are the most hilarious trolls in all of history. And it would be fucking hilarious if it was happening to any other race but my own.

        This issue of White Replacement is not even being debated in the mainstream. It’s just accepted now. White people are on the way out and nothing will stop it. It’s creepy how it’s already being written into the history books. They have mapped it all out. It’s all been pre-configured.

        That’s what we are fighting against. Good luck. You’ll (we’ll) need it!

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    • on November 27, 2018 at 3:42 pm gunslingergregi

      Why have white women betrayed white men?
      Because modern white men are completely and utterly hopeless. Subverted beyond all recognition.
      Gotta question white supremacy at this point. White men like us who have broken the conditioning are in the minority. And even we don’t do anything. We gotta pay the rent after all.
      It’s over people.””””””””

      yea white supremacy thoughts need to go the way of the dodo until only white people are left otherwise it ain’t true

      white people like the underdog movies whatever

      if you think you are supreme then you will sit on your ass and let it get fat nothing to do

      but drug dealing blacks are sitting on fat cash and getting white bitches that can’t divorce rape them and white dudes working for their loot and getting divorce raped

      it really black supremacy and whites need to prove they are better as the underdogs

      even white cops aint getting as much pussy as black dealers so yea

      we the underdogs trying to win

      not supreme at all


      • Black men may not have an ounce of innovative potential in their mind, but I got to give them a hat tip when it’s due: The hood knows Darwin’s Rules, and they don’t stray.


    • Give up goy. Smoke some weed. Watch some porn.


  4. Weirdly prescient CH. Dropped on by with the sole purpose of asking the rabble round ‘chere the following:

    Why is it that women seem far more capable of ignoring, acting through/around/within, and accepting blatant cognitive dissonance in their lives, their beliefs, or even the situation right in front of them?

    [CH: it’s the price of pathological pragmatism. Women have one concern: themselves and their wombs. they will champion any ideology that they perceive to serve that concern.]

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    • Because women do not abide logic or congruence, they abide their leader. For moar and moar women, their leader is the TV, the iPhoan, daddy gummint, etc.

      Now learn me sumthin’ how’s come the percentages don’t add up to 100?

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      • Women were never designed for it. The average (not fat) breeding age white woman is 5’5″, 120lbs. And that’s 100% succulent baby-making adipose fat, bone, organs and enough muscle mass to move the whole thing around. Utterly defenseless without her thick-wristed, block skulled, musclebound meat man to protect her pretty flower from whatever interloper is so inclined to pursue it.

        They aren’t designed for power, they will never have power, they don’t want power. They want US to have power. And if we refuse to compete for it, guess what? Little miss sweet is going to take her tang to a man who can.


    • “Why is it that women seem far more capable of ignoring, acting through/around/within, and accepting blatant cognitive dissonance in their lives, their beliefs, or even the situation right in front of them?”

      I read once an article about the so-called Victorian post-mortem photos, the bizarre and morbid habit people had in the XIXth century, in the childhood of photography, so to speak, to take photos with their deceased dear ones as if they were alive. The post-mortem “fashion” was started by women who couldn’t bear the thought to see so many of their children dying in infancy. Women used to have many children by that time, but infant mortality was also high, and rare was the woman who didn’t witness at least one of her kids dying before adulthood.

      Then I thought that was the life of the typical female for most of human history: numerous pregnancies while not being sure if and how your children will survive. Living in the permanent vicinity of death and human fragility (of your own offspring no less) can easily lead to madness and despair. So I think women developed the Hamster – living in a world of illusions and self-deception, like in a Victorian post-mortem photo – as a coping mechanism to ease this pain. The real world is so harsh, let’s pretend otherwise and live in a parallel reality.

      This is not an excuse and the Hamster can be lethal when it is let to roam free and to decide the fate of a community, as it happens nowadays. The Hamster has to be confined in the domestic sphere and strictly forbidden to run the wheel in the public sphere.

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    • on November 27, 2018 at 1:21 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      It’s because they know they won’t face a Troy Tier massacre or Nanking Tier massacre from white men.

      We stopped being mass genociders

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    • CH really should post Kipling’s The Female Of The Species


  5. The essence of Liberalism is emotionally-based rhetoric. Which is why females (whites are liberals; non-whites are tribal democrats) are predisposed to be shitlibs. Married females, or those with alpha dads, represent the female conservative constituency.

    In theory, all Liberals are females. Some just have penises.


  6. Ho’s gotta eat too.

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  7. “White women will come back to them, invigorated with newfound admiration and love for them (and pretending that their whole betrayal thingie never happened).”

    this line got to me

    reminds me of my ex and explains why i’m so adamant that men should not take on feminist sloots thinking they can mold/change them.

    she was a phony in every way possible. master at playing the long game and i fell for it hook line and sinker

    she was a feminist obama voter when we met and she gradually ‘seemed’ to become more conservative while we were together. even started trying to impress me with her newfound conservative views. but in reality, she had not changed and it was all an act. an act that she couldn’t sustain indefinitely

    at her core, she was still the same trash girl who was broken enough to buy into garbage propaganda, women are superior views in the first place. no matter how good her performance, she is still a mentally ill and broken fraud who will betray anyone who doesn’t give her everything her entitled ass wants

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    • Reminds me of the headline i just saw of an East Ender actress admitting that she ‘got off’ on being able to act her way through duping the cops about her daughter being murdered.

      They literally become giddy, feel that rush of danger and release, when they play-act and someone in front of them accepts it,and fails to call them out on it. It’s like a drug, and then they also feel more powerful, and just keep doing it.

      And of course, when they meet a man who DOES call them out on it, they are ‘in love’ and submit to him. Pretty simple really.

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    • I’ve had insane leftist bitches goose stepping to the bedroom and Roman saluting my cock after a few weeks of being around a non cuck.

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    • “White women will come back to them, invigorated with newfound admiration and love for them (and pretending that their whole betrayal thingie never happened).”

      I suppose any cucked half-men who accept these nasty traitors back in their midst after the great cleansing deserve whatever they get. But now we have historical proof that their cuckiness can bring down entire civilizations, so we can’t allow them to do it anymore. Beta males AND women need to be shown their place in a way that they won’t forget for 100 years. Then we need to show them again in 100 years.

      Cucks are just as bad as any traitors, because through their weakness they leave the gates open for our enemies to march right in and kill us.

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  8. on November 27, 2018 at 12:50 pm gunslingergregi

    fuck the before and after pics are insane

    if you are the working poor just enough money to get no bennies

    barely enough to pay bills it ain’t equal


  9. My wife was recently walking with two female middle school teacher friends who admitted to her that they were embarrassed to be white. One is a divorced mudshark with two teenage mixed race diversities. My wife is pretty good at letting people talk while gathering intel and she reported back that even she didn’t know how they could ever be recovered. Goes without saying…they both are irrational Trump haters and both are allowed to vote.

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  10. At least the old Democrats of the beer swilling Teamster types were somewhat palatable (Then again they were kinda like nogs with their ‘Muh Union’ lack of thinking), but modern male Dems are just ghey, Beto as prime example.

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  11. on November 27, 2018 at 1:02 pm Elmer T. Jones

    That is not a photo of Elmer in the divorce lawyer’s office.

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    • That article was a follow-up to this one yesterday:

      Against Stranger Adoption, Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, November 26, 2018

      Anglin is just another guy, but he does manage to be provocative, even by Red Zone standards. He makes the case that adoption in its current form is essentially child trafficking.

      Even if it is White on White, it’s a reasonable case that the Insitution of Adoption creates or at least facilitates its own supply and demand. And as such is not a good thing.


      • on November 28, 2018 at 2:10 pm TerryThePirate

        What are the alternatives to adoption? Abortion? Single moms? Shotgun marriages that are doomed from the start? (Who wants to be the guy at the wrong end of THAT gun?)

        [CH: shotgun marriages were once very common, and not necessarily doomed from the start. of the three, it’s the best option.]


  12. You were warned 42 years ago. Hell, even before that. TV killed Western civilization.

    If an accurate historical account survives The Last Revolution we are living through, I think future scholars will be shocked at how quickly white men abdicated.

    Even I’m amazed at how weak and easily bought off my brethren are. Give them a 24/7 porn connection, a bottle of Jergens, and a pickup truck to act tough in and they’ll stand back and do nothing as they’re totally emasculated.

    What can one say of men who not only let their families and wives be stripped from them, and their sons turned into pansies who are now being encouraged to cut their penises off at school but stood idly by pressing “R” at the voting booth like a rat hitting a feeder bar to get a food pellet while their lands were invaded by men that hate them.

    Astonishing, really.

    [CH: harsh, but true]

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    • “a pickup truck to act tough in”

      Welcome to The South.

      Yesterday, yuge truck, gun and hunting stickers, Confed flag all over the back, and doesn’t even KNOW he can finish the left turn after the intersection stoplight goes red. Sits there like a pansy with no traffic and is too damned scared to just make the turn. Similar to another paranoid redneck type I know who rants about ‘what’s coming’ and how he’ll hide out in the woods, sniper-style, and just take one man down every 3-4 days and they’ll NEVER be able to find him(!!!).

      “Have you ever hunted a human being before?” Crickets.

      Guy hasn’t even spent one day in law enforcement, the military, or even a basic wilderness survival course. Reality people, reality.


      • It’s the same thing up north, away from the metrosexual, metropolitan cesspools that is.

        Douchey white guys driving pickups acting large and in charge. Except, they haven’t been in charge of sh!t for 50 years after their wives left them for McJobs and took the kids while they were at it. And, their companies threw them overboard for cheap labor. And, their own government – that they designed – betrayed them because they got weak.

        Usually, these guys are alone but in the rare circumstance I see a pierced, pallid pig of a woman with them, I know from observing the pair he’s just her walking wallet.

        While he’s at work she is more than likely getting the D on the side ftom other guys. Used to see a construction worker’s wife cuck him on a semi daily basis that way.

        Even rarer is the day I see an attractive white girl with such a guy. Usually, no kids (of course) and it’s obvious she’s cleaning his wallet out like a Hoover until a bigger, better meal ticket comes along.

        These guys let women do them that way. I wish there was something I could do, but I can’t impart self respect on millions of men.

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      • Sounds like you and your fagg0t buddy Johnny have a real beta-bitterness against Chads with nice trucks…I don’t blame you as no woman wants to roll around in your filthy Hyundai when you get off your late shift at Rally’s. Hating on guys with more money, bigger trucks, and louder guns than you is about as beta as it gets.


      • bwahahahahahahaha. Oh man, that’s good.

        Did we say that ALL dudes with big trucks were like that. No. Reading comp big guy. Big guy with muh truck.

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      • Actually, I don’t give a fock about your little plastic and aluminum abomination that you’re in debt up to your eyeballs for. Because this is what happens to it when it tangoes with the one I drive.

        But, thanks for illustrating my point about the pickup boys and how sassy they get when you mock the only symbol of their masculinity they have left. Seeing as how they’ve lost their women, kids, and nation en masse or we wouldn’t be having this discussion in tve first place.

        [CH: holy fuck i don’t want to know what happened to the body in that car]

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      • Oh, the lamentations of the eternal yankee city boy. Pickup trucks are a necessary piece of equipment down here in the blessed by The Almighty South. Only city fags of the northern persuasion use their trucks to go to Starbucks fer pete’s sake.


      • The Truck N Gunz Mafia would be a force, if they weren’t so paranoid (even of each other), of they weren’t so intent on all having their own survivalist compound/20 acres, and if they had any children.

        Until then, uhhhhh…. guess y’all can vote.

        I am a southron. With pedigree. Just one who got edumacated and has lived out of the South and the States for many years. Recently returned.

        Some stereotypes are real, even for whites.


      • Muh truck. There’s a lot of em but this one belongs to me.

        They’ll take away my guns muh pride muh children, muh wife my tools my car. Hell they’ll even take a muh dogs!

        But muh truck hell no! There’s a lot of em, but this one belongs to me.

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      • fuck law enFORCEment


      • J freeman that guy is right. 90% of these fake tough guys got a truck and never did a days work and neither did the truck

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      • CH your dog just ate what happened to the body in that crushed car lol


      • john mosy you southern guys are full of shit. used to think highly of southerners but not now. spent a lot of time down there and seen way more white girls with niggers then here in communist NY. niggers are banging their sisters while they drive around in a jacked up F-250

        [CH: sadly, this is more the reality than the fantasy of the South]

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      • john mosby stick your gun up your ass cause you aint doing shit with it. while you hold your bass pole your daughter holds a niggers soul pole. you southerners aint shit no more.

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      • Mrs kay de leon go to hell who asked your opinion mind your own business and go back to your failed narco state your burro is waiting for you


    • you are so right about a fat greybeard buying a truck to look tough while collecting disability on a fake injury. it will go down in history where the most heavily armed people mostly white were genocided without firing a shot. gun owners being the biggest big mouth cowards I ever saw. they worship cops. they would hide behind the dress of a fat dyke cop. history will record for the first time in the world a superior race paid for and gave the most highly advanced country that they built to sub human darkies along with their shit women

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      • Blah, Blah, Blah, blabbity blah blah. You shriek like a woman, Ms Peener.
        You don’t like my truck, guns or way of life ? I really wish I give a fuck, but I’m slap out of any to spare.


      • Lol, holy shit, dude.

        Go spend some time in the real world. You don’t have to spend all day hyperventilating with panic online.

        Go for a run. Get into your nearest boxing gym or lift weights. Life is better when you don’t hit the post button on some “I’m a stressed and helpless fag” shit.

        But after reading dozens of comments here, at least you’re in good company.


  13. OT, re: “Platform Or Publisher? How Big Tech Can Be Brought To Its Knees”


  14. everything led by women eventually fails

    e.g.: Christianity

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  15. and who pays? These white women are bankrolled by fiat fantasy land and estimate (perhaps correctly?) that it is not they who will pay for extra gibs to racial grievance groups. Taxes, sure, but their jobs shouldn’t exist, allegiance to globohomo is still a net profit for them.

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    • this made me think…

      when women equate hard currency, money and shekels with actual Wealth and Security, rather than equating Wealth and Security with the men and boys (future men) in their tribe, and you give them that money (single careerism, government gibs), they will backstab and betray those formerly valuable men and that formerly valuable tribe in the back in a hot flash if it serves their feelz or urgent desires.

      And women complain about objectification?


    • You got the heart of it William. They’re not irrational, they’re just perfectly happy to give your money to the vibrancy. Not their own money.


  16. I’ve been trying to get the attention of a pretty girl. She’s lukewarm. Got her number, but she won’t answer her phone, only text. Went out with her a couple times. She bought me tea. I haven’t spent any money on her.

    I texted her I won’t be pursuing her any longer and sited some of her bad texting behavior (day late replies, sometimes none at all). 18 hours later she sent me a novella, which I haven’t read.

    I’m two days I plan to call her and I anticipate she won’t answer. I’m going to tell her if she wants my company I won’t tollerate no replies, day late replies, and no phone pickups. In a nice, but firm manner.

    I’m trying to get hand, which I’ve lost.

    Is my strategy sound and what can I do to improve it?

    Thank you.


    • as roosh says, if a girl isn’t responding to you with in 3 hours then shes not into you. dont bother “citing” for bad texting behavior lol. onto the next, lad.


      • Already cited, and she sent a novella in response that I haven’t read.


      • I want this girl, but I need to gain hand. I’ve lost it by texting more than her and replying too much to her sparse texts.

        I feel like I’m on the verge of gaining it and when I define my standard I’ll have put myself in a position to achieve it.

        But I’m willing to walk for non compliance.


      • Roosh’s new book is excellent, btw.

        [CH: i intend to buy it]


    • Her hamster was working enough, and “cared” enough, to respond. Depends what the novella says. Is she using you as an emotional tampon hoping to prove you’re a sap and a cuck and lure you back in because she wants to ‘win’ and have the last word and be able to reject you since she just got backturned? Is she a nutcase with loads of emotional issues? (ha, that’s obvious, she’s a modern woman, of course she is…)

      I think the only High Road left today, and this applies to both Game and basic, personal psycho-spiritual Sanity, is to not only shit-test her, but also Lead her into maturity and out of the madness of this modern tech-world, by demanding that all electronic comms come to a halt and that face-to-face dates is all you are willing to do.

      Frame it as the real way that mature and Woke adults take towards building lasting relationships, because it is. Be sure to mock those who are overly tech and social media-reliant, because they deserve mockery. And this will get her hamster rolling as well. If she’s got some redeeming qualities and is decently sane, and actually interested in you, she’ll submit, follow your lead, stop any and all stupid teenage-style texting, including novellas, and go out with you on dates. Or she won’t, because she’s a juvenile basket case, and good riddance.

      Texting only for logistics. Nothing more. Nothing. More.

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      • It’s possible. I’ve lost hand with this one big time, and she may be trying to lure me into an “I win” last word rejection. She has crazy in her for sure.

        I got her novella this morning. Considering her crap text and phone behavior, I’m going to wait two days and call her, then deliver my expectation moving forward if she wants my attention.


      • Nexting her doesn’t mean calling her in two days to repeat your standards and give her one last chance. It means going ghost on her… now. If she wants to regain your attention it would mean throwing herself at you, like going to one of your frequent locales in hopes of “bumping into” you, and then in person propositioning you. The persistently late (18 hour) texting after you told her late texting isn’t acceptable is a reveal that she won’t be throwing herself at you

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 4:09 pm Corinth Arkadin

        “Bring the movies”


    • You’ve already told her that you won’t be pursuing her anymore so be an oak and stick to your decision, or she’ll just see it as a “hard-to-get” ruse, which it probably is. If your decision was a royal decree or a papal bull, what would it take to undo it? Pretty much an act of God. So imagine yourself as an old time king or pope who doesn’t flip flop.
      So she wrote a long reply. It was still 3/4 of a day late, so she hasn’t really improved herself to meet your declared standard. Maybe read the reply to see if there really is some extraordinary reason for you to go back on your word like you’re really hoping there is. There probably isn’t, and you probably should just next her.


      • Got it. But I don’t plan to declare I was “just kidding”. She will have to earn my pursuit. I want to gain hand though, then maneuver the relationship into my bed, but she needs to experience my caring dominance, which she has not.


      • I just erased her message without reading it. I’m going to tell her I did so because we won’t be communicating via text anymore,, and if she wants me to know what she wrote she will have to do it over the phone or in person.


      • You really don’t get it

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      • Ok, so then help me get it.


      • Nah, if you’re trying to ‘maneuver’ her into bed, then you don’t really ‘care’ about her at all. If you don’t have the eternal destiny and current health of her soul in mind, then you don’t really ‘care’ about her at all. You’re just using ‘caring dominance’ as a front, a method, for getting the bang you want.

        Believe me, getting pumped and dumped, be it for one night or a year of ‘dating’ (see: divorce practice) by you will do her no good. At all.

        Caring Dominance. Sounds like Compassionate Conservatism. And we know how compassionate and conservative the Bush family and neocons are. Which is, not at all.

        Ditch the broad, start being honest with your own real motives, figure out your own head and heart before you continue playing these games. They are not games.

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      • Pelayo,

        I agree with you.

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      • And to be honest, I can sense she needs guidance. There’s no doubt.


      • Markgm is right. You really don’t get it. I can tell just by the way you write. “Game” is the worst thing for you right now. Sitting around worried about “gaining hand” and denying yourself a chick you obviously want. Or worse, making sure you do get her, but you have to do it through a “game approved” method only.

        You want to “gain hand?” Invite her over to your place to watch the hockey game (if your city has a team.) Tell her to bring something.

        If she doesn’t respond or gives you non-compliant behavior, just move on. Happens all the time.

        You can lecture her or lay her. Or, you can lecture her after you lay her. The only ones you can lecture before the lay are a good 2 pts below you in SMV.

        Don’t confuse lecturing her on bad behavior with having standards, making sure she isn’t a mud shark, druggie, etc. That you should have done naturally before the first meet-up.

        It’s rare a chick will meet up with you if she has no attraction for you at all.

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      • Heartiste,

        Fucking A.

        Thank you, man.


    • on November 27, 2018 at 2:23 pm Elmer T. Jones

      Text her you liked the part where Coach Reardon has to spank all the cheerleaders.

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    • Is my strategy sound and what can I do to improve it?

      No it’s not…

      Improve it?

      Learn some game man… we’ve been through this.

      start at the beginning on this site, read Mystery Method… Come on over to TRM and post some questions…

      You have a lot of issues that need fixing.

      They can be fixed, you need to make the effort though.

      First off

      I’ve been trying to get the attention of a pretty girl. She’s lukewarm.

      Ya think?

      Cats are not dogs…


      • I’m going to tell her I did so because we won’t be communicating via text anymore,, and if she wants me to know what she wrote she will have to do it over the phone or in person.

        Sweet holy fuck man…??? Do you read anything here?


      • Hey old man.


      • Wise one, bestow upon the peasant your great insight, that is, of course, if you deign spare a few crumbs.


      • just next her.

        Old Skool PUA – “you can’t next a girl you haven’t fucked.”

        Think about that.

        [The ghost of Yareally weeps]


      • PS I knew I’d tease you out of your rocking chair with this post lol


      • HOW is it not sound, graybeard?

        Your replies are like gasoline blazing without an engine. It burns wildly, but accomplishes nothing.


      • Discipline

        Have some discipline man… Have you read all the posts tagged “game” here? Have you read Mystery Method?

        Start with that. Get some understanding of evo/psych/biology… of how the Game is played…

        Post some field reports… then they can be broken down with specifics.


      • I’ve banged over 100 women in my sexual career. Not rockstar numbers, but far more than average. Most of these have men short term flings.

        Clearly I can coast on a general dominate attitude in a lot of cases.

        What I need from you is advice specific to my request, because I’m failing with this girl I want.

        Are you going to give me advice, or point to the man in the funny hat?

        [CH: i hate to say it, but you’re regressing to oneitis, and there’s no surer way to not get a girl than to try too hard to get her. my advice in these situations will sound familiar: treat your “one girl” like you would treat any disposable fling, and upgrade her importance in your life only AFTER she’s fucking you.]


      • How???

        For starters you don’t start thirstily texting a luke warm girl, then have an autistic breakdown because she isn’t acting according to your fantasy of how she should act and have to confront her… lol

        You give IODs… then DEMONSTRATE HIGHER VALUE until she gives you some indicators of interest… then you set compliance hoops… if she gives you indicators of disinterest- IODS – you respond with the same…


      • Sentient,

        Put your reading glasses on, please.

        1. I’ve been out with this girl twice. I’ve spent no money, but she’s bought me tea.

        2. There is an imbalance in our communication: I’ve texted her far more than she’s texted me. Yes, a big mistake. Sometimes she doesn’t respond to me at all, or a day or two late. She also won’t pick up her phone. I’ve called her three times over the past 4 weeks.

        3. I texted her I will not be pursuing her due to her poor texting and phone behavior. 18 hours later she sends a novella I deleted and did not read.

        4. I feel like I can gain hand here.

        5. I’m waiting two days before I respond. Something I have not done with her.

        6. I will tell her or her voicemail that i did read her message and if she wants to tell me she can do it over the phone or in person. And if she wants my friendship there will be an expectation moving forward.

        What day you?

        [CH: okay point by point.
        (1) so far so good.
        (2) bad sign. you’re chasing, she’s chased. she has all the leverage in this unflipped script.
        (3) never chastise a girl for foot-dragging. that makes a bad situation worse, because it airs your desperation.
        (4) there’s always a chance.
        (5) you’re in a bad mental state, which will leak out in your behavior and get noticed by her. you’re counting down the days to reply, which means you’re thinking about her way too much, when you should have forgotten her. at this stage, you’ll need more than two days of radio silence. try a few weeks.
        (6) this is all so much self-defeating overkill. you can’t logic a woman, or chide her to lust after you. she needs to drop off your radar, but if you insist on keeping open a line of communication, it’s best to reply to her vmail with the maximum ZFG dismissiveness. “this is getting gay, like a soap opera” or something along those lines.


      • You’re right. This girl has been dominating my consciousness, and I even got laid the other night!

        I feel a sense of relief now, as if this energy is finally being burned off.


      • #8 after a few weeks of radio silence text “and bring some rum with you”
        No other reference


      • Thanks everyone for the replies, and thanks again Heartiste for writing exactly what I needed to read.

        Sentient, thanks for antagonizing me. I used the energy for a massive chest workout.

        [CH: i must, i must, i must increase my bust!]


    • WTF is a novella? is that a female novena? did she light candles for you?


    • ok I can weigh in on this one

      have a fuckbuddy who’s like this. Recently it was like a week, no response, so I txtd again.

      bc who gives a shit? It’s a text. My ego isn’t involved. There is no audience.

      Let go of that shit, do whatever you want.

      Get in her pants, how many txts that gonna take? Do it. They’re fucking free.

      Roosh is right, she ain’t into you. My fuckbuddy ain’t into me like that either…she’s a crazy lefty, but young and hot and unaccountable. so what? She still says come over at 2a on Saturday. If i feel like it, i do. What do I have to lose? She lets her guard down, gives me the look sometimes, a really engaging smile, but then intermittently puts the bitch shield back up. Parents are really conservative, she admits she’s rebelling. Df, it’s not my problem. She’d be into me if she let herself be, but she won’t, whatever.

      Too many of you supposed hard asses are TOO FUCKING CONCERNED about how you “look”…to nobody.

      It isn’t about whether the fucking hater, frustrated, do-nothing, nobody incels on this forum APPROVE of you.

      Among this forum *I* am the ONLY motherfucker who is gonna say good job if you do a good job. The rest will find some reason to tear you down. You could post a pic of Ms. Universe and (assuming she’s not an AA winner this year) they would tell you she’s beneath them. Their existence is miserable because they lack BALLS to do anything to be not miserable.

      Fucking keep texting this chick as much as you need to in order to fuck her. Not so much that she won’t put out, but just enough. And THEN if you feel like ghosting, DO IT.

      Pay attention to what Fast Eddie says, the rest of it I already read, is sperg bs and some theory. Nothing practical. I’m about practical.


    • You’ve already lost it because you want her and not the other way around. Until you can learn to interact with attractive women the same way you do with the fattie at wal mart check out, your interest will betray you.


  17. PS I got laid the other night after an almost two year voluntary celibacy.

    Never. Again.

    What a release, man. The girl even commented on the fact I lasted a long time considering my hiatus from vagina.


  18. A good way to insult a white man who admits they’re voting for a DEM (Dyke-Emo-Mandingo) party candidate would be to say, “why are you voting for the gay woman party candidate?”

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    • on November 27, 2018 at 4:16 pm Corinth Arkadin

      That’s if you’re being nice, or just call him a faggot and walk away laughing like you’re one of the Peanuts gang.


  19. Got a good stat for you bros. Saw the family over the holiday. My baby sister goes to school at (unfortunately) the unofficial retard capital of the country and (even more unfortunately) is in a sorority there.

    Her sorority conducted an in-house poll nearing the mid-terms.

    70% Republican
    30% Libtard

    I was floored. I know it’s the NPC White broad thing to hate on Trumpenfuhrer.
    They’re hot, dumb and White. Last summer one of her sorority sisters hit on me at a bar, not knowing I had a little sister there almost 20 years my junior. She was hot, but I did not bang (not from lack of trying on my part.) I’ve also visited the campus so I can attest to the overall quality of her sorority.

    It’s not all doom and gloom.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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    • That doesn’t shock me. Fraternities and sororities have always been somewhat resistant to the poz, partly because they provide a support network and sane feedback for their members.

      Of course, that’s why globalist totalitarians hate frats with a passion.


      • “Fraternities and sororities have always been somewhat resistant to the poz”

        Yep. That’s why the poz is trying to kill of fraternities and sororities. Haven Monahan, broken glass and all that.


  20. But why is it happening?
    Watch and learn:
    The Psychological Mechanism of White Disposession

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  21. The sooner we can all agree that we have a female problem, the sooner we can begin to correct. We still have hardcore White Knights and naive Christians defending m’lady’s honor and insisting that the bad White women are a tiny minority of fat and uglies. I wish I lived in a place that afforded me so much insulation from what’s happening but here in the real world it is clear that we must take our women collectively in hand, and soon, or we’re in deep trouble. The White Sharia meme is tasteless and hyperbolic, perhaps, but it gets at a core truth – women must be controlled with a firm whip hand and at this stage in Western Civilization, if White Christianity is incapable of filling that role then other more barbaric cultures will supplant it. We battle none but ourselves, and by extension our women. They have become traitors. It’s nigh impossible to find a trustworthy wife and mother. It’s time to give them a dose of their own medicine – everything you do should benefit men at the expense of women, period. Any cucks in your perimeter who tolerate wicked behavior from women should be shamed into the ground.

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  22. Slightly off topic but all the boards have been getting hit HARD by shills lately. The Vampire Squid grows nervous. I see they have made their way to the Chateau. Be vigilant boys, the best ones are difficult to detect but they only have a few different templates to use so it’s easy to spot after you get dialed in.


    • I would say that the REAL trick is not to be very influenced by anything you read on the interweb, though.


  23. ya boy goose almost done cooked
    they turnin on him now
    it’s all about dem rubles
    dem rubles
    dem rubles
    y’all got y’alls ass covered
    cuz it’s bout to get ugly up in here

    all dat
    influence peddlin
    putin lovin
    race baitin
    dick suckin
    y’all doin’ on here

    it’s all
    bout to go off
    it ain’t 2016 no mo’
    sho nuff

    we on you

    [CH: ebonics fail]

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    • on November 27, 2018 at 3:30 pm gunslingergregi

      cuz it’s bout to get ugly up in here””””’

      it ain’t 2016 no mo’”””””

      wait wait wait

      so your saying its about to get ugly

      2017 had around 72000 overdoses helped by blacks and 40000 suicides

      so your saying nogs and there white handlers gonna make it even worse?


    • on November 27, 2018 at 3:33 pm gunslingergregi

      it’s all about dem rubles
      dem rubles
      dem rubles””””

      yea imagine if those 40k suicides realized that all them black drug dealers were sitting on 100k stacks of cash the cops keep pulling out of their houses
      wouldn’t need to commit suicide he he he
      but the Mexicans do realize it so yea it probably is bout to get ugly

      I been seeing more Mexicans in my area


    • on November 27, 2018 at 4:18 pm Corinth Arkadin

      To quote Vic Mackey:



  24. Sometimes it’s better off not casting your pearls before the swine. In other words, you’re just a pig and I’m not going to get dirty. There are three things that are hard to do:
    1. Climb a fence leaning toward you.
    2. Kiss a girl leaning away from you.
    3. Helping someone who doesn’t want it.
    Sometimes you just have to let stupid be stupid to their own destruction.


  25. on November 27, 2018 at 3:05 pm traitors first

    Sorry CH, Sorry Captain Obvious
    if the picture above of the before and after is what we’ve got to pick from for marriage material I’m stay’n single and definitely no bunz ovens
    sorry not sorry


  26. It probably hardly needs to be noted for you, Le Shivmatician, or your esteemed readers, but what sh/tlord or lordette is even going to take part in a WaPo or CNN/Keiser poll in 2015? And answer staight up?

    Yeah, the 1995 numbers might be close to legit, but the 2015 numbers are, I’m guessing, at least somewhat influenced by the reality based community declining to even participate in the polling.

    [CH: a fair point. this is going to be the problem with all polls going forward, as we bifurcate into parallel but separate media consumption habits.]

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    • Which, to extrapolate the guessing, doesn’t affect your basic point.

      Only that the Never Trump numbers may be inflated.


  27. Twatter thread. The NY attorney Michael B. Kramer who was the guy looking to dox all those Wisconsin high schoolers who raised their arm in salute.

    Kramer is of course a special person and he is getting HAMMERED on his twitter.

    He’s an interesting looking character. To quote a DS commenter, he is basically Hesh Rabkin from the Sopranos.

    checked his facebook.

    this fucker. so he’s banging it down the middle at Pine Valley (supposedly a tougher track than Augusta to get a game at) and drinking shitty MacAllen (the budweiser of single malts)… but is willing to take time out of his life to fuck with white flyover high schoolers in northern wisconsin because he just hasn’t achieve max parasitism of white society.

    he loves living a peak wasp lifestyle.
    but hates wasps.


  28. Divorce selfie…lololol…wish I had the balls to do that when I checked out…lolz


  29. More and more I’m seeing the aspects of the big five personality traits of women being played out in the national and international stage. Betrayal is at the very heart of the raison d’etra of women and it doesn’t seem to matter if a blood relationship is involved or not. If you’re paying attention the lack of ingroup preference is constantly showing itself in the policies of Merkel in Germany, May in the UK and the women of the DNC. As a side point, causing pain to the men in their country is also part of their sub-routines. As this article points out.

    At some point, it’s obvious to me that women’s right to vote will be taken away. How this will be played out I’m not sure, but blood will be spent in the process.


  30. The GOP has been Kocholded.

    [CH: good one]


  31. That reminds me of a blog post I saw on Captain Capitalist titled “How Vagina Guarantees Communism”.


  32. White men can ease their consciences about this bitter divorce knowing that, after victory over Globohomo is achieved, White women will come back to them, invigorated with newfound admiration and love for them (and pretending that their whole betrayal thingie never happened). – Heartiste


    Hu-Whyte ‘women’ have mocked the Lord, long, long enough, and His patience with them has been stretched to the breaking point with these extrodinarily childish, selfish, solipsistic you-know-whats…


    Children oppress my people,

    women rule over them.

    My people, your guides lead you astray;

    they turn you from the path.

    13The Lord takes his place in court;

    he rises to judge the people.

    14The Lord enters into judgment

    against the elders and leaders of his people:

    “It is you who have ruined my vineyard;

    the plunder from the poor is in your houses.

    15What do you mean by crushing my people

    and grinding the faces of the poor?”

    declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty.

    16The Lord says,

    “The women of Zion are haughty,

    walking along with outstretched necks,

    flirting with their eyes,

    strutting along with swaying hips,

    with ornaments jingling on their ankles. ~Isaiah 4, 12-16


  33. 17 Therefore the Lord will bring sores on the heads of the women of Zion;

    the Lord will make their scalps bald.”

    18 In that day the Lord will snatch away their finery: the bangles and headbands and crescent necklaces, 19 the earrings and bracelets and veils, 20 the headdresses and anklets and sashes, the perfume bottles and charms, 21 the signet rings and nose rings, 22 the fine robes and the capes and cloaks, the purses 23 and mirrors, and the linen garments and tiaras and shawls.

    24 Instead of fragrance there will be a stench;

    instead of a sash, a rope;

    instead of well-dressed hair, baldness;

    instead of fine clothing, sackcloth;

    instead of beauty, branding.

    25 Your men will fall by the sword,

    your warriors in battle.

    26 The gates of Zion will lament and mourn;

    destitute, she will sit on the ground. ~Isaiah 3: 17-26


  34. White men can ease their consciences about this bitter divorce knowing that, after victory over Globohomo is achieved, White women will come back to them, invigorated with newfound admiration and love for them (and pretending that their whole betrayal thingie never happened).


    In that day seven women

    will take hold of one man

    and say, “We will eat our own food

    and provide our own clothes;

    only let us be called by your name.

    Take away our disgrace ~Isaiah 4:1


    • Ezra Pound: all the jew part of the bible is black evil.
      When Odysseus returns, he just kills the faithless maid servants, he doesn’t go off on some supreme gentleman filthy levantine harangue.
      Lord I thank thee for not making me a jew.


      • When Odysseus returns, he just kills the faithless maid servants

        Fair enough, and maybe so, but I would like to know where in the Odyssey, or other ancient Greek/Hellenic scripture – or other Greco-Roman exegesis – it says, or even suggests such an attitude


  35. […] Democrats Are The Woman Party […]