Sabo/The Faction Strikes Again!

HAHA. Ok I’m not sure if this is infamous street artist Sabo’s handiwork, but it looks like his style. Nevertheless, #TheDefiance is by now getting deeply under the skin of shitlib curators of the public discourse.

Truly, an Ugly Truth in all its seedy glory. And yet, our putative betters want even MORE of this blight in every neighborhood in America. So generous of them!


Update: Commenter Alex says this isn’t Sabo’s work.

And it’s not Sabo, it’s a group of artists called “The Faction” (which has worked with him in the past).

I’ve corrected the post title with this new info about the source.


  1. Sabo is awesome. I sent him $$ after he did all the Trump h-wood stars. One downside of not living in Cali is you don’t get to see his artwork in the wild.

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  3. For such an awkward looking word, Tijuanafication rolls off the tongue exquisitely.


  4. on October 30, 2018 at 3:48 pm posts only tweets

    The “Gavin Newsome” sticker is a nice touch.

    All about the little things

    Oh, and Ben and Jerry’s has created Pecan Resist ice cream and an NPC version.

    What’s that saying about this timeline again?

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  5. Wow, that looks to be the 700 block of South Alvarado in LA, just off MacArthur Park. Look at it on Goolag Street View; every business on the block looks to cater to Spanish speakers — it’s just about fully Tijuanafied already. Might take weeks before anybody even notices the new sign.

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    • 30 years ago, southern California was American with mexican influence.

      Now it is mexican with American (albeit crumbling) infrastructure.

      I grew up in a 85% White blue collar town outside San Diego in the 80s. Now its been Tijuanified.

      The bigger problem is that places like NC and GA are being Tijuanified too. And the locals can’t/won’t see it.

      It happens slowly then all at once. Trying to sound the alarm during the slow stage doesn’t win many friends. Even the conservatives here give me funny looks when I point out “press 1 for English” here 1000 miles from Mexico or mention my hometown.

      And the amount of illegals in our schools, court system, hospitals, and of course blue collar labor ought to be a clue.

      Frogs being slowly boiled is a great analogy.

      Bottom line: They have to go back.

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 9:26 am John Joel Glanton

        I grew up in an all-British former colony. Now it looks like New Delhi.

        The only thing stopping them from shitting in the streets and rape-rioting is white plumbers paid for by white owned companies, white food grown by white farmers, and white police paid for by white taxpayers.

        I would round them up and put them on a boat. So would all the other whites/Chinks I know (Chinks are cool with me). Why doesn’t our government entertain debate about racial differences? Racial science is a legitimate field of study.


  6. And it’s not Sabo, it’s a group of artists called “The Faction” (which has worked with him in the past).


  7. on October 30, 2018 at 4:21 pm PBR Streetgang

    On the bright side, there is a Christian bookstore in the midst of that seediness – whereas the Keep NYC Trash Free poster in China Town mocks believers. So, when we raise the question of who goes first – my vote is for the coolies. Dumplings be damned.


  8. on October 30, 2018 at 6:59 pm Bill Faulkner's Hangover

    Love it. Acts like these are how a true resistance is made. The spergy Cville/Proud Boy LARPING/Dylan R00f tantrums are totally counterproductive and cause internecine strife. But this? Relatively innocuous, non-criminal, anonymous, causes no division. Just points out simple facts with light-hearted humor. Same with the “It’s OK to be white” sloganeering. Perfect.

    This is how you get reasonable white men (don’t bother with the women) who have spent their lives being blamed for every evil to start questioning everything. It lets them think for themselves.

    And a white man thinking for himself is the most dangerous man on the planet.

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  9. Sure. A source of cheap houseboys/-girls.
    And gated communities, they believe in a wall just for them.


  10. Maybe not. But I don’t think that is part of élite thinking at all – but it probably should be.


  11. Not only does that sign look like a CalTrans sign, the artists who did it also took the time to find and use the actual real city seal of the City of Tijuana in the lower right. Although, if things keep going as they are going, TJ is going to have to update the seal’s statement that “La Patria Empieza Aqui” (The Nation Starts Here).


  12. It’s funny that everybody in this country is #resisting everybody else, and yet…

    Solomon: Bring a sword and split the nation.
    Right: Lol, do it!
    Left: My baby!


  13. I keep getting offers in the mail from Spectrum in Spanish. No English at all. Yes, I am in California. Tijuanafication indeed.


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