Drudge On Cuckryan

You’ve gotta hand it to Drudge. The man (or his team) know how to wield the imagery and lede shivs. Drudge has a knack for choosing the perfect photo to accompany the main story.

Above the headline “PUSSY-WHIPPED” is this candid shot of cuckryan:


The lede is hilarious, but the photo is sublime. Yes, you can bet it was chosen because cuckryan looks like he is giving the universal face signal for sucking a dick.

And why not? He’s metaphorically sucked the gay mulatto’s dick so much his mug may as well be frozen in a dicktus rictus.


  1. Excellent


  2. Not that Ryan had a chance to be anything else, but at least this solidifies his being persona non grata to the Trump administration.

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  3. on October 8, 2016 at 10:49 pm Captain Obvious

    > “the universal face signal for sucking a dick” ——— The Donald could make a wisecrack about this if Anderson Cooper gets too uppity. “Look, Anderson, I know that boys of your affectation would prefer to share the locker room with a Paul Ryan, but, in me, you’re looking at a real man, so deal with it.”


    • CO – I would go with something more tongue-in-cheek (heh), like “C’mon, Anderson, haven’t you said similar things about women in past five, ten years?”


  4. This is the epitome of Shooting the messenger.

    We all know Donald has a huge ego and no doubt that factors in to his candidacy but it’s true when he says that he didn’t have to run for president. He and his family would most likely be well until the day he dies and long after.

    Mike Cernovich said it best that America will get what it deserves if they let some crude comments sway them from the reality that awaits if they don’t go out and vote for Trump. Any vote not for Trump is a vote for Hilary and the status quo.

    People complain about always voting for the lesser of two evils but one thing is for certain that Trump can or will not possibly get away with any indiscretions or even 1% of the things Hilary has done while in office.


  5. Here’s video of naughty girltalk between Lena (Pebbles) Dunham and Hillary. I thought it was sexist -and racist- to objectify the penis of a black man.

    When did this vulgar, exploitative conversation occur? LAST YEAR.

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  6. The cucks and the libshits aren’t taking this election lying down, that’s for certain. What a bunch of sniveling effeminate traitors they all are.

    The media is all but declaring that the election is over and that Shillary is a shoo-in. So much for… democracy? I am admittedly a bit more pessimistic about the outcome of this election compared to CH, but I always think that Trump has a puncher’s chance, and there are still two more debates coming up. I’m only pessimistic in that the severe demographic effects of the 1965 immigration act are turning the nation into an increasingly permanent Third World majority Marxist shithole with every new election cycle. Trump would be a shoo-in with the demographics (ie: whiter) that we used to have even only ten years ago.

    All normal Americans who support Trump shouldn’t let this media-fabricated scandal discourage them and show up to vote.

    I actually just listed to the Trump audio for the very first time. All this virtue signalling by the usual suspects because of some off-color remarks by Trump which really don’t mean anything? Anybody who can rub two brain cells together can tell that he is just taking the piss.

    Trump is 100% correct — this is a distraction.

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    • It’s just the same Tokyo Rose heckling we had in the wake of the Khan con, slightly intensified. Ignore it.

      The (((media))) is so goddamn mendacious, though. They actually ran a footer on CNN saying Trump was “condoning sexual assault” with his banter. Of course in reality he used words like “let” and “can” i.e. the context was consensual sexual activity. They just make shit up and count on couch potatoes to never go to the source. Just like the Khan hoax, Steve Clevenger, any PC teapot tempest.


    • Since he has nothing to lose and (((they))) have earned it, he should name the Jew and use the nuclear option in the next debate.

      Force (((them))) to cut the live feed.

      Call on white men to strike and shut down the economy if he loses. Or perhaps another option.


      • That would be great if he were to do that, especially the suggestion to “Call on white men to strike and shut down the economy if he loses. ”

        Look at home much disruption to the NFL TV ratings were caused by a simple #BoycottNFL hashtag on Twitter. Or what about the Chick-Fil-A day that Mike Cuckabee had organized.

        That political figures on the so-called respectable right haven’t done more call to actions like these tells me that they’re cucks and traitors or apathetic.

        Ultimately, the possibility of a Trump Presidency scares the living shit out of them and they claim that he is “bad for business”. Whose business exactly? Certainly not average every day normal Americans. He’s only bad for “their” and (((their))) business


  7. Who says there’s no honesty in journalism anymore?


  8. In other news, as men age, the odds are ever more in their favor.



  9. on October 9, 2016 at 2:13 am Carlos Danger


    Bro Nat at his best


  10. on October 9, 2016 at 4:57 am Carlos Danger

    Time for some Cyrus the Great:

    “There are hard men and soft men. Do you wish to be hard men who rule over others, or soft men, who are ruled by others?”


  11. on October 9, 2016 at 5:28 am Carlos Danger

    “Islam, in contrast to ancient Rome and the modern colonial systems, accords the slave a certain legal status and assigns obligations as well as rights to the slaveowner. He is enjoined to treat his slave humanely and can be compelled by a qadi to sell or even manumit his slave if he fails in this duty. It is not, however, required, and the institution of slavery is not only recognized but elaborately regulated by Islamic law. Perhaps for this very reason the position of the slave in Muslim society was incomparably better than in either classical antiquity or nineteenth-century North and South America.”

    This Quote from an academic defender of Islam vis a vis Christendom, in the Gates of Vienna article above is a blatent falsehood. This body of slave law he refers to was adopted hook, line, and sinker from the Romans by both societies. It is outrageous (((peer))) review allowed this to pass.


  12. Vote Trump. And no one else. No gop down ticket voting. Start thinking about what office you are going to run for. America and Trump will need shitlords in office from Congress to townie select boards.


  13. Dear the Jew: it’s very simple. Nothing has changed. You will let the clear choice of the host nation’s white men win, or we will shut down the country. There will be no more “economy.” 300 million. 100 million. 10 million. Your pets will be wiped out.


  14. Ryan, the Clintons, Obama and a lot of politicians made their fortunes in politics. They did not come from affluence nor were they successful business people who had accumulated wealth before their political careers. Therefore, they are beholden to the interests that got them there. Sucking dicks is one of the least offensive things they do.


  15. I don’t know what kind of dictatorship under which “we” will live in 2050, but I guarantee you that whatever political system is in place, women and googles will not have the right to vote.

    Bet on it.



  16. cuck show.

    list of traitors


    Trump emerged from Trump Tower to 1,000 people cheering.

    Ryan booed off stage.

    There is no freedom. Everybody knows it. We are living in the Hunger Games.

    Only question is whether there is a chance of victory in the modern era given the weaponry differences.

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    • GOP “leaders” asking for Trump to withdraw because of some bawdy talk recorded by some weasel OVER A FUCKING DECADE AGO simply cannot be taken seriously even by the dimmest of Americans.

      No matter what happens in the election, the GOP is finished. They have exposed themselves as traitors. People are stupid but they’re not this stupid.

      The outrage from the limp dicked child molester, Biden, is quite funny though.


      • “GOP “leaders” asking for Trump to withdraw because of some bawdy talk recorded by some weasel OVER A FUCKING DECADE AGO simply cannot be taken seriously even by the dimmest of Americans.”


        It’s surreal. People calling for Trump’s head over some locker room talk about macking some gash yet know one is calling thecunt to withdraw for:

        Benghazi, email scandal, Whitewater, lying about sniper fire in Bosnia, demonizing victims of her husband’s sexual assaults, clinton foundation, Vince Foster, filegate, etc.

        Fuck this gay earth


      • Just in case people aren’t aware of it, Biden is in fact an actual, literal, pedophile. “Do you know how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing right next to me?”

        For him to attack Trump on this issue represents the most brazen chutzpah I have ever seen.


    • chicken shit cocksuckers


  17. Dear (((((((((((((((((NFL))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and ((((((((((((((((((cux news)))))))))))))))))))))):

    You are god damned right there is unprecedented interest in this election. 100 million white men, who have had enough of being oppressed, are waiting to see whether the revolution will be allowed to be peaceful. History, unfortunately, says no.

    (((You))) went too far. Again.


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    • And advertisers are asking for their money back since they’re not being seen by as many people as they were told would be watching.

      And, sure, viewership has been dropping steadily throughout the years, but it’s been hit the hardest this year because of all the BLM-SJW bullshit the NLF is allowing.

      Try as they might, everyone with half a brain could see that. But, shit, this is the NFL after all.

      Just think of all the fans spending tens of thousands of dollars to watch their team. And watch them lose badly. RE: the Cleveland Browns!

      Those are the types of cucks that will still watch and support their team, stand for the pledge of allegiance and supports uber-cucks like cuckryan up above.


  18. Speaking of great photos… this broad has hit the wall, all right.


  19. on October 9, 2016 at 6:54 am Carlos Danger


  20. on October 9, 2016 at 7:06 am Carlos Danger

    The communists are going to try to tar Trump with the rape brush through the filing of false anonymous lawsuits. The victim(s) were all supposedly minors at the time. This will trigger war.


    • Any sane man running for President should just read CH and they will be well prepared for literally ANYTHING. Everything on CH and the manosphere has extensively exposed the tricks of the left and cux. Think about it, are any of you in the least bit surprised by ANY attack or action launched by the left? No. It’s all too easy to read. If Trump does lose, it’s because he didn’t read ENOUGH CH to know that he should never give in. Argueably, he has. Or has he? I wouldn’t have apologized, even the “alpha way”. But if they unleash a “Trump Rape” accusation, what is he going to do at this point? Trump is on the defense, so much that at this point, the only thing that can save him is going FULL ALPHA.


  21. I have been posting pro-Trump and anti-hILLary memes on social media for awhile now.

    EVERY friend to drop me, was a white knight male. And even then, only a few have done it.

    The women, even the pro-hILLary die-hards, have all kept me on. Let this be a lesson to those of you who are still too shy to show support for Trump. Who really gives a fvk about the whiny white knights?

    It is time to create and share memes which destroy the narrative. Demonstrate that while the white-knight cucks are prepping for their cucking, the real men stand like a rock with the Don.


    • No one wants to be ruled by limp dicked faggots, especially (normal) women.


    • As another point, the most vocal women I have seen to push against Trump with memes and comments have been those who were the most on-the-sly slutty.

      I have slept with a few taken women, and those women seem to show the most hatred for Trump on social media, standing by their cucked white knight men.

      Has anyone else had this observation?


      • I suspect these alpha-fux-beta-bux women want control more than a satisfying relationship, and so pick up weak betas they can control while indulging their primal urges with interlopers. I see it fairly often, and can’t understand it.


  22. on October 9, 2016 at 8:05 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    A lazy Sunday. Since boycotting sports, this has become my day to shut out the tumult.

    Rest and replenish, shitlords.


  23. on October 9, 2016 at 8:13 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    Happy leif garrett day.


  24. on October 9, 2016 at 8:25 am Jim Christian

    First thing I commented on at the Yahoo link for that pic was Ryan looked like he hadda mouthful of cock. Hilarious!


  25. Nothing quite says power like having your congressman suck you dick.


  26. My two cents on the Trump tape:

    Anyone who brags about his status allowing him to do anything to women is usually someone who has just discovered game or someone who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Why state the obvious?
    His buddy saying ‘the Donald’ has scored is patronizing. Not the reverence an apex alpha would get.
    Reaching for his tic…tacs…shows nervousness.
    Then when he’s walking with Zucker he is lookin5o for Bush..aka…don’t leave me….and look anxious when Bush says he’s leaving. Trump just seems nervous.
    After the initial shock of this tape…it will be laughed at in years to come. But the Donald comes across as a genuine fun guy who I’d live to grab a beer with. But I think someone like Putin would be too cunning for him.


    • You operate under the (((establishment))) frame that Putin is our enemy.


    • SJWs always project. Even when concern trolling


    • Putin is going to help him, or is already helping, win this election. he’s Trump’s ace in the hole. watch for Putin to escalate the saber rattling as the election approaches. if America gets its jimmies sufficiently rustled about nuclear war they’ll move towards Trump.

      I’d like to see the media try to shove pussygrabocaust down the public’s throat ahead of nuclear war. they’re dumb enough to try it.


    • Lichthof

      What you say about the things that a guy says “who has just discovered game” is exactly right. But keep in mind that in 2005 nobody (that I am aware of) was articulating game truths in plain language.
      I have hung with some supreme natural alphas thru the years and I remember several times when they expressed real amazement when they started to understand in conceptual terms what they had been doing on instinct. Yes, they were as amazed and appalled as anyone else if/when they began to understand WHY their game worked. But, back in the day, nobody put such things into a blog.


  27. on October 9, 2016 at 9:47 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    Another picture that made my morning


  28. One thing that made the debates fun, at least for me, was reading Ricky Vaughn’s timely and sharp tweets. He was on the ball with his assessments and didn’t mince words. In addition to CH’s shivs to all the shitlib celebs bemoaning Trump.

    I’m not looking forward to this one as much as I was before. Somewhat because no more RV and CH, but also because I have no stomach to watch Anderson Pooper attempting to smear Trump and display his him-with-her for thecunt.

    CH, any possibility at having another debate thread like before? I might catch the re-runs. And, it’s a good excuse to do my homework.

    Viva TRUMP!


  29. on October 9, 2016 at 11:14 am Captain Obvious


  30. DeNiro decided to let his inner-beta get the best of him along with Ryan and talks shit about wanting to deck Trump. DeNiro fucked up over a decade ago when he cheapened his brand significantly by doing cornball comedy movies, and that faggot Tanrantino’s Jackie Brown. I will always love his roles in Heat & Goodfellas, maybe a few others, but off screen he is just another cucky pussy like Pitt. And an oil driller. Imagine with his fame the hot white ass he could pull, but instead orders the dark meat from Popeye’s. Trump’s ZFG attitude & swagger just burns like acid deep inside Ryan’s & DeNiro’s psyche because even with fame & influence, they’ll never be like him.


    • it wasn’t until the industrial age and especially the film age that actors achieved a higher social status than prostitutes. I have to remind myself of that every time an actor who plays admirable characters turns out to just be…well…a-c-t-i-n-g. still, it’s jarring to see the contrast though. how could don Corleone side with the SJWs against Trump???

      i suspect most actual tough guys are busy doing tough guy stuff IRL, and prefer not to pimped out by (((studios and directors))).


    • Read about his father, and it all becomes clear. A gay NYC abstract artist.

      I have a funny story about DeNiro. I used to be friends with a black investment banking chick in NYC about 15 years ago.

      She said that a high end matchmaking service approached her once and told her that they had a very high profile client who they believed would want to meet her. She agreed, and sure enough it was Robert DeNiro.

      She told me that he was painfully, awkwardly, embarrassingly shy with her. So shy that it was a complete turn off. So shy that at the end of the date he didn’t even have the stones to go for a goodnight kiss in front of her door, or to ask to come inside. Instead he stood there, mooning around and looking at the ground hoping that she would invite him in.

      Disgusted, she shut the door in his face, shuddered and never went out with him again.

      [CH: it’s well known that dezero is an oil driller. he’s married to a black woman (nothing to look at). basically, any man who rails against trump can be safely assumed to be a beta fag at heart, and your story about him confirms it.
      now jack nicholson…there’s a real alpha. and i would bet good money he likes trump.]


    • “…orders the dark meat from Popeyes.” lolzzz!


  31. Re: DeNiro
    I read about this in (((Variety))). Check out the comments. So red pill, it’ll give you shiv-ers.


  32. Re: DeNiro
    I read about this in (((Variety))).
    Check out the comments.
    You’ll get the shiv-ers.