The Shitlib High Disgust Threshold, In A Photo

A high disgust threshold means one has a high tolerance for disgusting people, scenes, objects, ideologies, sexual kinks, or bodily functions.

Shitlibs are known to tolerate disgusting sights which would appall a normal person. A high disgust threshold, unsurprisingly, is associated with a compulsion for novelty. Open borders novelty, say.

It also explains why shitlibs wallow in scatological “humor”.


The toddler in the above photo is an innocent forced to participate in the White shitlibs’ debauchery and debasement. It is child abuse, and sane societies, such as ours is not, would arrest all these freaks for endangering the psychological health of the toddler and the young boy.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. A low tolerance for disgusting things will save European Christendom.

PS The Atlantic catches up to Chateau Heartiste: “Liberals and Conservatives React in Wildly Different Ways to Repulsive Pictures”.

Shitlibs have underdeveloped disgust reflexes and threat detection systems.


  1. They all must burn

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  2. Rule 308


  3. A group of my friends and I are going to protest a trans library event this weekend. Any ideas for signs and short soundbites to say to the (((news)))?

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  4. I don’t get the gay thing and wanting to see men dress like women, or boys like girls. If they like dudes, shouldn’t they want to see the boy dressed as a boy, himself? Fucking sick & weird.

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    • Part of the sickness of homosexuality is sadomasochism, wanting to humiliate and or be humiliated, often in turn within the same person.

      Also, not being “all there” themselves, they bristle at any form of normalcy and the beauty thereof.

      Hence the garish displays and gyrations they themselves go through, and the pleasure in which they view it in others… the more innocent the corrupted, the more lurid glee they derive.

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    • Not all fags are the same. One type (probably the more common type) is not actually attracted to men or masculinity: They crave androgyny. The more telling question is not why he wants a boy in a dress, but why he wants a boy instead of a grown man: Observe that boys and pubescent youths have more feminine characteristics than fully matured men.

      They also are attracted to perversion itself, in the literal sense of corruption and destruction. Back when faggotry was illegal, there were cases of rich, powerful queers who got busted trying to seduce straight youths. With money, connections, and social savvy, they could have discreetly enjoyed all the queer sex they wanted, with others similarly inclined, “in the privacy of the bedroom”. Instead, they had the itch to go out in public and corrupt someone innocent. I hypothesize that not all fags had this particular drive, but the ones who didn’t were effectually invisible. Nowadays, it’s hard to tell because perversion is mainstream and socially sanctioned as part of queer “identity”.

      (Aside: Explain this to delusional libertarians. Queers have always had a de facto right to their private activities, simply because private activities are just that: Private! Excepting a few cases of bad luck in unusual circumstances, the ones who got busted were almost invariably the ones who did something outrageous. Laws against private activities are but minimally enforceable; a lack of laws against faggotry openly invites socially poisonous behavior from the queers who want to seduce your youthful sons and rub it in your face. Of course, all of this is simply what was once called “common sense”.)

      The urge to pervert is also readily observed in “LBGTQ” political activity, on issues that have nothing to do with sexuality. They enjoy ruining things. If anything works properly, they take a vicious pleasure in breaking it. And those who lack a healthy reproductive drive are not only obviously disinclined to care for future generations, but may tend to actively hate them.

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    • I think the same about gays and what they like. It is very confusing. Even if some one is gay does not mean they are the gender they are atracted to. But very many gay men talk like women! And dress and demaoner. And lesbians the same thing. It is is very weird, more weird with men though. But who are theu atracted to,, men dressing as women, men men? Etc. It is crazy confusing.


      • It is crazy confusing.

        Apt words for a simple answer: They hate the natural order, and want to destroy it with crazy confusion. By confusing everything, they destroy family, health, beauty, and all that is good and noble in this world. They want to make the whole world crazy like them.

        That is all you need to understand about them.

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    • Don’t think too much about it. It gives the headworms a foothold in your brain. Just go with your instincts.


  5. on February 12, 2019 at 2:58 pm | Reply William of Orange County

    I’m praying for rain
    I’m praying for tidal waves
    I want to see the ground give way
    Want to see it all go down
    Watch you flush it all away
    See them down in any fuckin’ bay
    Learn to swim

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  6. I think it was Kant, forget the source, but something along the lines of disgust being the response to ugliness that requires no examination.

    The immediacy of the ugliness is so profound that it needn’t be subject to aesthetic assessment at all; a profound failure.

    Aesthetics is truth is beauty is nature is human is divine. Failures to heed these trutbs have become so extreme that they warrant no further examination. Its disgusting.

    The failure to see and react appropriately to what is disgusting is going to be an anvil upon which civilization is forged again or hammered out forever.

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  7. Not long ago, the parents of the cross dressing 10 year old stripper would be the n front of a judge on charges of child endangerment. Now they get a guest shot on ‘The View.’

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  8. “A squid, eating dough, in a polyethylene bag, is fast and bulbous.”–Captain Beefheart.

    That’s what I thought when reading the caption of that meme. Beefheart was based, man.


  9. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.
    The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll look down and whisper “No.


  10. “Shitlibs have underdeveloped disgust reflexes and threat detection systems.”

    Not quite. You know how induction phase on low carb works, where you go cold turkey with carbs to give the sugar detectors in your blood vessels time to heal because they’ve been in overuse for so long? That’s more like what it is.

    They’ve been over-ingesting diseased images and ideas for so long, their disgust reflex is broken from over use; sitting for years in pools of feces, they’ve ceased smelling it.


    • Probably why schizophtenics have blunted affect too. When you’re surrounded by a bunch of morons that are actively trying to kill your way of life your gonna lose a lot of emotional warmth.


  11. That entire crowd deserves the gallows.

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  12. A vice shared among shitlibs, [special people], and Muslims… go figger.

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  13. The biggest part for libfagz is that they completely abandon any visceral sensibility whatsoever. And once thats gone, you’re game for anything. Because you can logistically make a case for anything. Its why the people that get laughed at like the religious right and their whole “slippery slope” argument are right so often, even though they’re often genuine dipshits. It’s something i make a point to deesply reassure my young son of. We’re in a very liberal town. Like so liberal there’s gay pride shit in a lot of school’s. And the main thing I stress is if something seems wrong, or gross, or shady, it absolutely is. That there’s a reason the boy in ballet gets picked on and the super sexual girls at 10 are off putting. They’re ruined and steer clear.

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    • Most, but not all guys in ballet are gay. I remember a quote from Patrick Swayze (his mom taught ballet and choreographed Urban Cowboy) about having ballet slippers growing up. His friends though he was odd until they saw the girls in ballet.

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  14. In high trust k selected societies, evolution favors high insula functioning. In low trust R selected societies, evolution favors high amygdala functioning.

    Those participating in this spectacle on at an evolutionary cul-de-sac.


  15. on February 12, 2019 at 5:51 pm | Reply Libertarian_Pill

    I am not sure I buy this theory about shitlibs and the low disgust threshold. Whatever their faults, Afghans are no shitlibs…

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    • They’re Muslims, though. I’m guessing they also have low disgust thresholds.

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    • This post only applies to whites. Of course afghans would have high disgust thresholds, that goes without saying. We can’t hold orcs to our standard.


    • humping the livestock is not a sign of a high disgust level.


      • That may just be a rural thing. Have to take a poll of fly over country lol
        OK when I was young I knew this old guy who had been in the army during WWII.There must have been a couple of soldiers who were at Boy’s Town, that place established by Father Flanagan for homeless boys during the depression.
        He said they told him that they would fuck the sheep on the farm there. Said it was just like pussy.
        Well, I guess it’s better than Flanagan cornholing them haha


    • I put a post somewhere below about this, but the same thing that causes the low disgust threshold in ‘shitlibs’, causes it in middle-easterners.

      We’re talking, after all, about a culture that has institutionalized homosexuality as a normative part of who they are as a people. “Uh, oh! Selim lost at tag! Time for the anal pounding!”

      Muslims – all of them – are truly filthy people. This causes children to grow up with subconscious – and often repressed – sense of shame, etc., etc., etc.

      Sorry for the brevity of this one. I figured I’d typed enough already, today. I imagine most people have a “low Davy” threshold.

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  16. Anyone have the source for the original photo? Preferably the original before it had the commentary added.


  17. on February 12, 2019 at 6:02 pm | Reply censusdesignatedplace

    That kid’s depraved on account of he was deprived.


  18. on February 12, 2019 at 6:11 pm | Reply traitors first

    It is child abuse, and sane societies, such as ours is not, would arrest (take care of) all these freaks (with extreme prejudice) for endangering the psychological health of the toddler and the young boy.


  19. Trav, do you enjoy living in the city with these people?


  20. on February 12, 2019 at 8:57 pm | Reply traitors first

    @CH this ties in and definitely deserves a post
    Not a boy, not a girl.


  21. Read the name of the accused.

    His defense was he would never have done this if he had known she was mentally handicapped.

    Had this been in the West he would have been found not guilty or not have pleaded out.


  22. One wonders if the low disgust threshold is cause or effect.

    Is it the lack of normal levels of disgust, for example, which causes a “man” to stick his most prized possession in another “man’s” disease-ridden sh1thole, or is it the need to soothe the shame from so doing that causes the cognitively dissonant “man” to approve of other disgusting things?

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  23. Lots of good comments about where the perversion comes from, and how it creeps in. I’ve got a few minutes, so I thought I’d take a crack at it.

    Before the American Psychiatric Association (APA – obviously) was taken over by (communists), it was common knowledge that men who ‘identified’ as homosexual came from single parent homes, where the mother was the single parent.

    This makes total sense. Children identify with their parents. If the parent in question is a parent of the opposite sex, that child is going to subconsiously ATTEMPT to identify with that parent. This creates a mixed sense of shame in the young child that only intensifies as they get older.

    The shame seems to be multi-faceted, and again, mostly subconscious. For brevity’s sake, i won’t bother trying to list any of them out, but many of the most obvious ones should occur to you.

    This shame rapidly becomes self-loathing, and in an attempt to assuage the disgust that these men feel for themselves, they seek out ways to abase themselves further. Thoughts of “this is what I deserve”, “this is all I’m good for”, “I’m finally getting treated the way I should” seem to be prevalent.

    Once started on this road, it is very difficult for most men to bring themselves back. This is the gateway to the “high disgust threshold”. Self-loathing caused by broken homes.

    A few extra things to note:

    Homes with physically abusive fathers or single father homes – even with girls – did NOT cause a similar pathos. Homes with SEXUALLY abusive fathers, on the other hand, were significantly worse than homes with no father at all, except – interestingly enough – in the case of young women, who were often able to have healthy, happy lives even after having been raised by a sexually abusive father.

    Homes with feminine fathers (soyboys, etc.) are measurably and effectively the same thing as a household with two mothers, as far as the psychology of the children is concerned.

    It is psychologically better to be a ‘latchkey’ kid, and be raised by nobody at all on the street, than it is to be a young boy raised by a single mother. All of this has been previously quantified.

    Lastly, up until the 1960’s (the time of full ((communization)) of the APA), faggotry (homosexuality, whatever) was a known mental disorder that was 100% COMPLETELY TREATABLE. They knew what caused it, they knew how it started, and they knew how to help you cope with it.

    Then came the Diversitopia (TM).

    NB: I learned all this several years ago while trying to understand the culture of ‘cuckoldry’ that seemed to exist among white men (intentionally lowercase, CH) in America. It seems that the psychological pathos is nearly identical.

    Okay, off to go warm up, now. It’s frickin’ freezing in the mountains, right now.


  24. In case you needed any proof that trans-sexuals have mental issues, read this:

    Male, then female, then non-binary, now male again.


  25. on February 14, 2019 at 4:30 pm | Reply zeta male pondscum

    there’s simply not enough napalm in the world today