Reconsidered Rape

Get ready for an id-scorcher of a study. Feminists (male and female) are on stand-by, their eyes pre-welling with salty tears.

Perception Of Rapists As Successful People Decreases Likelihood Of Crime Being Labeled As Rape, Study Finds (Via)

Executive Summary: HSMV alpha males are given a rape pass, LSMV beta and omega males get the book thrown at them for daring to look below a girl’s chin.

Never mind the feminist gobbledygook attempting to reframe the study results as an example of a mass self-delusional belief in the SOMETIMES WOMEN LIE “false myth“. The results are far more revealing than the feminist researchers dare to explore.

CH coined the term “Regret Rape” (or Retconned Rape) to describe the false accusations that women make when they’ve willingly slept with a man who didn’t call them back the next day and gave them the sads.

Unfounded rape charges are twice as high as any other felony. More women lie about being raped than about any other criminal perpetration upon them. Why is this? One, women gain a lot from passing off a rape lie. Psychologically, they gain “re-virginization” from an awkward welling of regret after, say, a one night stand (or a UVA shattered glass ganglia rape). Socially, they gain an air lifted provision of support — financial and emotional — from family and friends. They also avoid potential social ostracism from dating badboys. Finally, some women are simply malevolent and impulsive, and utilize the expedience of a false rape accusation to slake a thirst for vengeance or to assuage a bitterness brought on by sexual market failure. (Recall from CH tomes of yore that success in the sexual market is defined differently for women than it is for men. If women don’t extract commitment from a worthy man, they have failed.)

And false rape accusations, vile as they are, are undoubtedly encouraged by rooted social and legal incentives. If the jurisprudence, academic, and media industrial complexes are biased to favor women’s accounts of lurid sexual events, then some women at the margins will be tempted to leverage that spontaneous favoritism for their own ends. This is precisely what happened in the catfishing UVA rape hoax story.

These women regret having given their bodies away so freely, and to absolve themselves of accountability they turn to retconning the previous night’s sexytime as an assault, and to smearing the men who reneged on their part of the implicit deal to reward the women’s sexual favor with the men’s romantic, financial, and protection services.

The study discussed in this post is sort of the mirror image of Regret Rape.

In Regret Rape, you have a woman deliberately mischaracterizing a consensual sexual encounter as a nonconsensual assault to save her reputation or salve her ego (among other possible psychological motivations). See: UVA rape hoax, mattress girl.

In Reconsidered Rape, you have disinterested third parties interpreting a rape accusation, or the accusing woman herself interpreting her less-than-ideal sexual encounter (later regretted), through the lens of a nuanced, consensual basis if the accused man is high sexual market value and made the woman feel good about herself. If the accused man is lsmv, he’s toast. NO BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT FOR YOU, GOON SIR!

The underlying revelation is the stuff of paradigm implosions. The REAL subconscious reason that people are less likely to assume the rape-y worst about an hsmv man is because they grasp, on a darwinian level, the evolutionary truth that women actively seek the attention and company of hsmv men and DELIBERATELY PUT THEMSELVES IN HEATED SITUATIONS in which intimacy is more likely to occur with those kinds of men.

People recognize, on an instinctual level, that women sometimes, maybe even often, “ask for it” — “it” meaning sexual adventure —  when the man involved is a high value alpha. Those alpha men don’t come along every day for women, so women tend to lose their self-control around them.

Just as men tend to lose their good sense and aloof calm when in the company of a stunning beauty.

It’s akin to that moment Trump exposed a cosmic truth when he boasted that women “let you grab them by the pussy”, if you’re a billionaire playboy. He was right, and it had nothing to do with nonconsensual groping, despite ugly, unloved catlady insisting to the contrary. The women who wormed their way into hsmv Trump’s sights, and flirted with him like they never did with boring betas, inching closer, tossing hair, batting eyes, giggling like little girls….these women would not have objected all that convincingly if, as they were thrusting their pelvises forward, Trump placed a hand on the opening invitation.

It gets darker still. People, as well as the “victim” herself, also intuit that sex with an alpha male is HOTTER if he is aggressive and takes liberties with the prim and proper boundaries she normally establishes for garden variety beta males taking a glancing stab at her…heart. She will walk away from 60-40 consensual sex with an alpha male perhaps feeling on a logical level like she was taken advantage of, but it will have felt SO GOOD and SO RIGHT that she post hoc reconsiders the unsavory parts of her seduction as beautiful romantic abandon in the arms of a delightfully undomesticated beast of a man. This is Reconsidered Rape.

This is not to say alpha male rape doesn’t occur; rather, it’s a nuanced description of a real, working sexual market — instead of a fantasy devised in Wymyn’s Studies thothouses — in which alpha male sexual attention that would get a beta or omega male hauled before a feminist tribunal is massaged by both third parties and by the participating woman as a consensual gray area.

Reconsidered Rape is the hindbrain realization that men and women are constitutionally different in all the ways that matter, and male power is a lure to women which female power is not to men. A powerful man known to his accuser will therefore be given benefits of the doubt in accusations that involve a woman’s participation, because everyone knows, deep down, that the woman wasn’t a totally innocent victim, as would be a woman who was accosted in the middle of the night by a Dindoo in an Alley™.

And, just as I have predicted, we are seeing this biomechanical reality play out in the Weinstein trial, as evidence is presented that most of Weinstein’s “victims” were glorified prostitutes who knew what they were getting into when Weinstein dangled…roles…in front of them but who might have had, from among the hundreds of cock suckings they gave Weinstein, one or two rough cocksucks that weren’t sufficiently softened with sweet nothings in the aftermath.

The solution to Reconsidered Rape is the same as that for Regret Rape: don’t allow your society to devolve into an alpha fux, beta bux plunderdome.

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  1. Speaking of suckings, did you see the interview with Willie Brown regarding Kamala Harris?


      • he banged her out…why wouldn’t he, he’s a nigger? that’s what they do

        they have no problems whatsoever using their power for all kinds of personal gain. and she was happy to fuck him in exchange for career advancement.

        oh wait, was she on the Kavanaugh hearings bleating about some kinda sexual harassment shit or metoo crap? LOL

        she meant that for betas.

        I remember i was out with this tinderoni one night when i was out of town elsewhere on business and she brought a friend. friend sat in the backseat and I literally reached back, put my hand on her leg, moved it up to her thigh, kept going and grabbed her pussy. basically had almost nothing beyond hello. And she kinda laughed and was like “you can’t just grab em by the pussy like Trump!!!” ended up banging both of them at the same time. she called me daddy while i was doin her lol


  2. Government should get the hell out of “marriage” and make any accusation of “rape” invalid if either of these conditions hold:

    * The alleged act of procreation took place during a period in which she had a public notice of her sexual acceptance of the accused (revocable in an equally deliberative and public manner)..
    * The alleged act of procreation took place more than 3 months prior to the accusation.

    Otherwise, any accusation of “rape” should be valid if a jury unanimously finds that the act of procreation took place.

    That would permit low LSMV males who have low time preference to a presumptive “neg” game up front and shield them from hellholes, while it would rapidly remove from the gene pool all high time preference HSMV males.

    Hamsters, n*****s and sociopathic Fortune 1000 execs would go apeshit.


  3. Why doesn’t this blog have a chronological index?


    • Probably because that would make it too easy to go back and find the previous claptrap posted by some o’ these yeggs ’round chere… the sounds of choking on the feathers of a constant corvine cuisine would be too deafening.

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    • It’s to weed out the people who are too stupid to look at a url ending in /2019/01/28/ and figure out how to go to a specific month, day, or year.


    • on January 28, 2019 at 3:04 pm Corinth Arkadin


      Ya get in for free at the Lady’s entrence and ya get a Free Rape!


  4. on January 28, 2019 at 1:21 pm CultwuralResilience from Mobile

    I always bust my nuts much harder when raping.


  5. on January 28, 2019 at 1:27 pm John Joel Glanton

    Yeah as I said before, there was a cop in my hometown who ass fucked some drunk teeny looking for a ride home, and got a free pass. The guy was a swarthy gypsy too. Fucking retarded.


  6. Well,, I am surprised that they needed to do study.

    I will talk straight,, every (or the most if they have good father) girl grows up with this fear of rape. That is not a new “rape culture” thing. It is only common sense. It is at 13 years old our father saying us not to wear so short dress, and not to walk that rural path alone because it can be bad men around etc. Our fathers tell to us how much we must be carefull because there does exist men who will do that.

    BUT,, this is what we think of is rape (actualy I knew it to fear it even from before I knew the meaning), we think it is walkeing in a dark back street in night and one low life degenarate takeing you with knife at the throat and doing that thing to you. I do not beleive our countrys have a “rape culture” but it ever I have daughters I will make sure to put in them this same fear of the posibility of a man doing that. Then I will relax knoweing they know to fear walkeing some places, dressing some way, and that they will understand there does exist men who are no better than a beast and can do that. Because it is logic that if one low life tries to do that to a woman,, he has more physical power and he can.

    The thought of this hapening is enough to make some one to feel sick. This is real rape and God bless the poor people who it hapens to.

    Rape fantasys are some thing diferent, yes. How many women have rape fantasys? I am thinking more than we understand. I have some thoughts about why but I think so that is not very relevant. So these women they want the alpha man to “rape” them,, they will let him to treat her like worth less creature! But God forbid it one nice guy makes sex with her when she is drunk,, that is when a woman can very easy be convinsed from her emotions that it IS rape. Do not think so she is lying with intention,, the female brain in many women is very capable to convince her self that actualy it WAS rape.

    To conclude (because this is some thing I can talk about for many hours and only repeat the same point),, I will say my idea about what is rape.

    1. It is the low life in the rural path who really is a predator,, women have genuine fear for this even if it is not very common to happen.

    2. It is the alpha who will never be accused

    3. The third is not rape,, it is the innocent nice guy who will pay the price of the crime of the others.

    As a mother of a son, only I can say BE CAREFULL. Do not go with women who do not seem like they are kind people. It is not worth it.


    • alphas get accused…all the time

      just not the following night usually.

      the vast majority of rape cases don’t go to trial…why do y’all suppose that is?

      lack of evidence. That’s the reason cited.

      Now why do you suppose there’s no evidence? If someone claims something happened and there is literally NO evidence of it, what’s the most PROBABLE reason for why that is?

      feminism is about power, not equality. all kinds of men did serious time on false accusations…one woman even got a lawsuit of 1.5M and eventually recanted. One woman in ND got a dude expelled and the police even filed charges against HER eventually for the false complaint.

      An *accusation* can ruin your life. In the wrong jurisdiction like I was in, it can end up in jail and a conviction. When they do surveys, the #1 thing men fear about coed shit is false accusations. Men have taken to having their fuckin office doors removed completely.

      Pence won’t have a meeting with a female subordinate alone…a lot of high level men won’t. Cannot take the risk.

      The VAWA makes it mandatory that they remove the man from her sphere immediately and regardless of ANY evidence and before any investigation occurs.

      MOST rape accusations, accusations of any kind of this type, are false.

      Back to the OP about being audacious, grabbing pussies- this is how i get tang on planes. I just go for it. When you alpha up and grab a woman’s pussy, more often than not (if you’ve buttered her up first) she respects you.

      This chick I picked up the other night who was the virgin till 24…i was rubbing her crotch on date one after meeting her an hour earlier…she was somewhat taken aback but not at all displeased. gave affirmative consent (bc lord knows I am not taking big risks anymore on this). I explained to her why she liked it- Intent and Desire. Clearly articulated. told her this on the 2nd meet and then took her home and fucked her.

      Women resonate to a man who knows what he wants (desire) and goes and gets it (intent). They want to be taken; they want to be seduced. they want you to talk them out of their clothes. Half of what women do is a fucking excuse to get naked…help them by giving them one

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      • I just can not understand this that it can be lack of evidence in genuane rape?

        Maybe I do not under stand this things enough but SURELY they can prove signs of forced entrey from a physical examination of the woman?


      • Great comment. Not even you though, seem willing to direct the limelight to the one thing left in shades: all of this is happening because men sbort-mindedly follow the “It’s happening to them looosers, it ain’t gonna happen to me Winnar” line of “reasoning”.

        Thus they tumble, one after the other.
        And they still don’t see where the exit door from this stands.

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    • The issue is, gentle lady, that while “our fathers” tell their 13-year-old of bad men and what bad men can do them, mothers don’t tell their either 13 or 23 or 33 years old sons about bad women and what these can do them.

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    • However, I praise you for, while you are a woman, knowing that the female brain believes itself 95% of the untruths flowing from it into the outward world.

      It’s the responsibility of who leads and steers society to adjust laws and their application to the real features of the female brain, I think.

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  7. on January 28, 2019 at 2:14 pm sahib mohammed mohammed moohhammmmid

    in feminist lore, it’s always the QB1 or frat president doing the aggro sex on a sweet, innocent plain girl, dressed like the “that’s not funny” picture of Sandra Fluke. As this blog pointed out, that’s just wish fufillment of the plain janes to status brag that they’re that desirable

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    • Yep. The powerful white man acting like a libidinous nog. Law and Order SVU has a lot to answer for in the forging of that particular narrative.


  8. Note however that some alpha may be against buttering up and offering nourishment to the narcissistic facets of wymmen egos.
    While disliked men are “hated”, these alphas are “loved” and “hated” — and the r the same reasons: they wouldn’t be “loved” if they didn’t behave in the very ways that also make them “hated”.

    Not all alphas accept to submit to narcissism, even though the harvest is more sex.

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  9. on January 28, 2019 at 3:02 pm Corinth Arkadin

    “alpha fux, beta bux plunderdome.”

    lololololololololzozlozlzozzozlozozlozozlzo that’s why I keep coming here.




  10. Wow. It has never occurred to me to view having sex as “giving away my body.” I view it as using my body to experience pleasure with another person and to express love for another person. Also, neither I nor any woman I know feels the need to be “absolved” of “accountability” after having sex (accountability for what?)

    Assuming for the sake of argument that the thesis of the post is true, the solution to false rape accusations would obviously be to abandon ridiculous cultural views that sex is inherently degrading and shameful to women. If sex is no longer perceived as degrading, voila, no more psychological need by women to find “excuses” for the hot casual sex they are having.

    Of course, you all seem to want to have lots of casual sex with women, while also perpetuating shame in women for the casual sex they have with you. So, even assuming the theory you espouse is true, you’re not helping matters.

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  11. Well.
    For starters, there is a difference between attack rapes (the rapist comes out of nowhere, jumping out of a bush etc. ) and date rape. This does not preclude that date rape can be awful and an act that should be prosecuted.
    But burden of proof can boil down to he-said-she-said. Difficult to judge.
    (as an aside, over a couple of years, Norway had about 200 attack rapes, one of which was perpetrated by a native Norwegian.)
    Among the encounter between partners that know each other, you can e.g. sort them by:

    1) Women that have sex with an man roughly equal to her, or at any rate not in a power position. She might turn on him if he does not call back, OR if her evalution of him drops (she did not like his style in bed, or she finds out he is poor or otherwise not as high on the ladder as she thought)

    2) Women who gets blinded by the man’s position, wealth or similar. And regrets it, especially if he does not call back.

    3) Women who put out to get ahead. Meaning with her boss or similar.

    Each of these situations is different.

    CH posted a few weeks ago that men in a power position, but nothing much else to recommend them, i.e. No 3 above, are more likely to be accused of if not rape, at least sexual misconduct/harassment etc. than men who are personally physically or psychologically appealing regardless of position. Mike Jagger.


    • Any accusation of date “rape” should be prosecuted as fornication, with the woman at least as culpable as the man

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    • on January 28, 2019 at 3:48 pm sahib mohammed mohammed moohhammmmid

      you read that account of the girl who blew fred durst when he was a VP at sony, she was just carried away during the meeting. it just happened, then she’s like “now why did I do that?”


  12. I’ve no doubt that unfounded domestic violence charges against men arise from that being the 2nd most lied about criminal perpetration upon women


  13. If they get raped it’s their fault.  ‘Woman up’ and take some self defense courses.  In this age of ‘equality’ men and women should be acknowledged as the same in terms of physical strength, so making women seem like victims just further pushes then into the oppressive corner.  If a guy gets raped in college, prison, etc. The same advice would be given ‘bro hit the gym/learn how to fight/kill them next time.’  But no not with women, theyd rather bitch and moan instead of taking responsibility for their physical fitness.  If you get raped, it’s your fault.

    All women lie about sexual assault unless due process reveals otherwise

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  14. Just look at Ronaldo


  15. A spergy beta getting accused of rape and having to deal with charges will probably shoot up a mall in a total chimpout.
    Alphas? I know lots of these alpha leader types, running businesses mainly, who have at any time at least 1 lawsuit going and they take it in stride.
    I think this is all just another stab at the most despised by women gammas, who know will be crushed just by being charged with a crime. It’s another deterrent: Don’t trick me into having sex with you because I will decide to have you arrested the next day.
    Par for the course.
    Sigmas don’t use their real name and never their own place. Just saying.


  16. Any woman who puts herself in a position where she’s alone with a man is effectively, legally providing “consent” to sex right there. Sex is implied in such a situation, and there’s no way for her to prove she didn’t “want it”, being her word vs his, so there you go.


  17. Outstanding poast.


  18. Perception Of Rapists As Successful People Decreases Likelihood Of Crime Being Labeled As Rape, Study Finds (Via)

    That may be true but don’t think the femtards don’t want to include every man.
    Whenever i feel like making myself sick I’ll watch Law and Order SVU.
    The rapist of course is always some White good looking rich guy(just like in real life lol)
    Well, at some point when they’re questioning him he’ll say something like’ hey I’m rich and good looking do you think I have to rape females?’
    The female dicktectives then give each other a look like he’s the guy who did it.


  19. Who_Knows. I had to look up “pseudo-rape:”

    My comment did not address pseudo-rape or female pseudo-rapists at all. My position is that a woman would be wrong to continue to peg a man who appears to be resisting – unless it is part of a consensual sex game and there is an agreed-upon safe word he can use and that she will respect if he truly wants the pegging to stop.