The Romney

Bronze Age Pervert has a brilliantly funny “thesis” explaining the decision by Mitt Romney to shit in Trump’s face just hours before Romney is sworn in for his insufferably long six-year term as Cuck Supremo from the grate state of Utah.

The Romney poses as a “principled conservative”, but let’s face it, that’s just code word for “do the bidding of Globohomo”.

The Romney has no principles beyond revenge against Trump making a fool of him during the campaign.

This cowardly morcuck would throw America under the bus if it meant gimping Trump’s presidency.

Reminder that The Romney was elected based on the very tribalistic impulses he disingenuously decries — by a horde of Mormons who love their King Mormon.

From a reader, on the “first principles of cuckservatives”:

a simple border wall:
• “too expensive”
• “big government”
• “won’t work”
• “against Our Values”

never-ending war against people who didn’t do anything to us:
• “worthy of infinite dollars”
• “primary government function”
• “will work, given enough centuries”
• “accords with First Principles”

I read that Afghanistan costs Americans $38 billion per year to unsuccessfully pacify that country’s “natural conservatives”. Meanwhile, back home, Trump is about to “cut a deal” with Dems and Romneys to get a cool $5 bil to fund a few miles of fencing in exchange for granting citizenship to millions of invader DACAritos.

A year ago, Trump was angling to swap DACAs for $25 billion in Wall funding.

Forgive me if I fail to appreciate the negotiating genius at work.


    • Weird. I saw that picture and instantly thought if I started swinging fists in that room I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting anyone that didn’t deserve it.

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    • on January 2, 2019 at 5:18 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      That picture is a sitting duck for manipulation.


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    • Then you look into the funding of HAIS and see that about 50% of it comes from the USGOV, IE YOU and ME.

      And the CEO is pulling down a cool $350k a year.

      Battle Beagle on Twitter has did good job on the HAIS yesterday.

      Can’t post links but it’s interesting. His twitter handle is harmlessyarddog


  1. Going at it for a long time.

    ” Founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in 1881 to assist Jews fleeing pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe, HIAS has touched the life of nearly every Jewish family in America and now welcomes ALL who have fled persecution. ”


    • When they’re getting ready to leave work one day and they hear the sounds of saws and hammers outside.

      But I’d rather they get a ride on the Trebuchet of Repatriation*** that we will build on Ellis Island, in honor of the Zeroth Amendment and all of the vibrant enrichment it enabled.

      *** Prototype seats 8. Will have directional firing capability.g Can be aimed toward Tel Aviv, Bangladesh, or Somalia for example: all points East and South.


  2. I wonder if Trump will ask Romney if he is speaking to the reporters who wrote that story about his dog on the family vacation.

    That was in the Washington Post, right? The same paper that published his op-ed.


  3. on January 2, 2019 at 2:40 pm Carlos Danger

    That BAP thread is pretty out there. Romney becoming a transhuman machine hybrid and living forever in the WH after a coup. I have heard stranger things. And people say we are not in the End Times.


  4. Like you said a few months back: Trump is looking more like a transitional leader, not a transformative one. A 42 year old Trump in office? maybe a different story, but saving the American nation is not a job for (another) septugenarian!

    Hopefully we’re only 2 election cycles away from our Bolsonaro! We’ll probably have to suffer through Ocaasional Cortex first before that. Reforming this mess is a fool’s errand – we’re headed for deep civil war

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  5. on January 2, 2019 at 3:07 pm Flyover Deplorable

    “Forgive me if I fail to appreciate the negotiating genius at work.”

    Rather sarcastic, CH. Are you losing faith in DJT’s MAGA, though not necessarily in WN? You can ignore this question if you prefer.

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    • Oddly, having CH partly agree with my own viewpoint on this unfortunate situation doesn’t incline me to gloat. It flat-out depresses ne.

      The hope that I was wrong was there lurking, evidently.

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  6. Romney is just trying to be the new McCain.
    I hope his betrayal of Trump, who did support him, finally helps the God-Emperor realize finally that he’s not dealing with people who want to make a deal or be reasoned with. Trump is starting to look like the missionary trying to convert natives who already have him on a spit.


  7. And would seem that the US State Dept is on the same page as HIAS – and has been for some time. Trump would have to CLEAN OUT ‘State’ to have the required impact to immigration and foreign policy reform.

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    • on January 2, 2019 at 3:55 pm Carlos Danger

      DoS has little bearing on the immigration process. Its all DHS. DoS is still full of deep state traitors that need cleansing.


    • on January 2, 2019 at 3:56 pm Carlos Danger

      I have been through the immigration process twice, so I speak from personal experience. First wife was German and the current one is Ukrainian. Process was the same both times.


  8. Mormons are child raping polygamists, and only cleaned up their act in the past 50 years as a marketing campaign. They are NOT Christian in any sense of the word, and were driven all the way to Utah by sane Americans who didn’t want drunk, pedophile letches groping and accosting their daughters and wives.

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    • They definitely weren’t kind to Christian pioneers who got off course and ended up in Mormon territory.

      “Mountain Meadows Massacre” of pioneers from Arkansas headed to California.

      They’re kinda similar to another hostile tribe we all know — this bit is from the account:

      “By this time the emigrants were running low on water and provisions, and allowed some approaching members of the militia—who carried a white flag—to enter their camp. The militia members assured the emigrants they were protected and escorted them from the hasty fortification. After walking a distance from the camp, the militiamen, with the help of auxiliary forces hiding nearby, attacked the emigrants. Intending to leave no witnesses and thus prevent reprisals, the perpetrators killed all the adults and older children (totaling about 120 men, women, and children). Seventeen children, all younger than seven, were spared.

      Some groups just cannot be trusted no matter what.

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    • They definitely weren’t kind to Christian pioneers who got off course and ended up in Mormon territory.

      “Mountain Meadows Massacre” of pioneers from Arkansas headed to California

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      • Apparently the guy who led Brigham Young into parts of Utah that later came to be the Mormon “promised land” said he regretted ever doing so. They apparently cheated him and others in the deal, and the guy called Young the nastiest, meanest and dishonest rascal he ever met.

        I only drive thru once. My priest has an awesome story of his short drive thru Utah. Like a sci-fi novel where everything is eerily perfect, little Mormon temples every 200 yards in perfectly square, organized towns, yet silent and lifeless. Everyone super, duper “nice.”


    • The only question I have is: “Do Mormons recognize and practice modern Feminism?”

      In other words… “Do they have their women under proper control?”


      • Good question and a good point. Letting white women off the leash was a horrible, evil, and demonic, un-Christian thing to do. It has reaped untold damage and carnage, even to the very women who were “liberated.”

        Liberated to sin, demand, destroy, cry, complain, lower standards, renounce responsibility, rebel against Wisdom.

        Liberated to lose their souls to hell, to give their souls to the devil and his demonic forces. Which they already had plenty of opportunity for before they got their “rights.”

        Mormons are certainly not the greatest threat to us and our civilization. But there is much rot there, just below the surface.


    • and by “child” you mean, who, sexually mature girls at a legal age of consent in MOST OF THE FUCKING WORLD INCLUDING EUROPE?

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  9. on January 2, 2019 at 4:07 pm traitors first

    That’s President Romney to you deplorables


  10. I am not a violent person so I will not do this. However I do wonder if there will be a case in the future where, since the border wall will never exist, if people won’t take the border war to the illegal aliens part of town, wherever they live. I predict that illegal aliens will be attacked, no matter the city.

    When there is no border then the border is to be enforced everywhere.


    • a law needs to be passed mandating that people earning above a certain income cannot hire security guards and cannot have walls or gates around their properties.


  11. Am I the only one who feels like punching Romney in the face or the TV he’s appearing on every time he shows up? He literally told an entire country that if you’re not a rich as me go fuck yourself. I didn’t think a politician could be that stupid. Little did I know that ‘the c-nt’ was standing stage left and said ‘hold my beer’. Who does that? He’s no different to a lucky buffoon who’s born into money, except he’s so delusional that he thinks people actually care about what he thinks. Just remember idiot, you lost an unloose-able election to a descendant of Cain.


  12. “first principles of cuckservatives”

    Add ‘it’s not who we are’. Usually uttered by some minority with minimal connection to the ‘we’ he’s referring to. E.g. Obama, “Ireland’s” Leo Varadkar.

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  13. Never before has a president appeared to do so much but done so little. The optics are YYYUGE. The wall is a cop out for cuckservatives. Without a patriarchy there is no defense-in-depth. Can Trump’s subordinates safely go to DC restaurants? Can ranchers on the border sleep soundly knowing turd-worlders will not own the night? Dare speak as an American at work? But it sure looks like we’re winning on the tell-a-vision. It isn’t really fair to expect a Septuagenarian to be the man on behalf of 50 million soy boys and 50 million institution-fellating cucks.

    A country is maintained like it is won, with inemy blud. I say nothing of the mandate for bitch slapping requisite to men who can act as their own champions at all. The Tree of Liberty is a euphemistic metaphor to the extent ‘patriots’ need not be eliminated as well. It would be interesting and probably disheartening to see what cuckservatives fight not against (initially) but for (thereafter), as would be manifest upon unconsolidated victory.

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      You do that ONE TIME and it won’t happen again. A mob surrounds you beat them up. Attack them. FIGHT BACK.



  14. Romney’s a bitch. He’s acting tough to appease the moderates but, like McCain and Flake (generally speaking), he will cave into what Trump says.

    Trump’s not going to trade DACA citizenship for mere $5B. Keep faith in our glorious Caesar. He won’t betray us.


  15. Frankly, I think this is great. The establishment wants to make Mitt Romney their champion to take on Trump and the empowered heritage American population…… Mitt Romney……. or Mittens as Hillary and her sycophants call him. Trump must be terrified at the prospects.

    So that’s where the Bill Kristols and Rich Lowrys are in the current political landscape. They hope Mittens will lead a revival of conservative princi…. conservative submission……. against the man who actually stands for heritage America and authentic American principles. It just shows how out of touch with reality these traitors really are.

    If you ask me the establishment is choosing to commit a ritual seppuku. Mittens will only dig their grave deeper and drive a bigger wedge between the establishment Republican party and the people. They will only drive people to Trump not away from him. Mittens is the best man they have left, a limp coward; their days are numbered.

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    • YES, you get it!

      ok, eeyores, listen up.

      The NEW vanguard of the left is Ocasio Cortez. she’s the face.

      the establishment is fighting on two fronts now, against DJT on one and against their own base on the other.

      NIggers, muslims, spics- once they don’t need the filthy kikes anymore, aka, once they have the numbers to take over the party, will throw them out in a heartbeat.

      This is precisely how self destructive jews are. they are inciting their own demise. (as usual)


    • on January 4, 2019 at 12:31 am SteveRogers42

      It’s an instant replay of the Egg McMullen strategy “they” tried in 2016. Scrape up some kind of semi-presentable Mormon and run him as a third-party candidate to pull Utah’s Electoral votes out of the Republican column. Romney is an upgrade, personnel-wise: Instead of a goofy-looking, obvious homo, [email protected] bureaucrat, they’ve got a handsome, nationally-famous career politician/gazillionaire. This time around, the Utah Backstab might actually work.


  16. Breitbart: ‘Trump: Mitt Romney Fights Me More than He Did Barack Obama’

    That about says it.

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  17. Don’t forget to kiss the ring, Mitt!


  18. There are some battles that are already lost, and let’s make the best of it.
    “Too big government!” as in the CH article, is a ridiculous position (and yes, CH I realize you agree on this). The cost of – in the end – supporting these immigrants via welfare, and their US-born poor children via welfare, makes 50 billion a cheap prize.
    Of course, the elephant in the living room is that the Dems want to become the permanent winners by changing the demographics. Kicking Trump in the shins is just a bonus.

    Now, one battle that is utterly lost is the battle for privacy. So we might as well make the best of it. Putting together all the feds know about us in an intelligent way, and using this data base to vet the voting rolls for a start, and then identifying who is here illegally and repatriate them would be the next step.

    But this may be our last chance to save the Republic.


  19. Note that Harry Reid is Mormon like Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake and Cuck McMuffin.

    Why the hell are Mormons so bent on destroying Heritage America? In any case, MormoCucks are walking point for the Globohomo Elite.


  20. […] Source: Heartiste […]


  21. McRomney, like fellow loser Juan McAmnesty, nurses acute first-degree butthurt because Trump won the presidency on his first run.

    Shut up, McRomney. America hates you.


  22. on January 2, 2019 at 7:49 pm Abraham Lincoln

    >Forgive me if I fail to appreciate the negotiating genius at work.

    Recall the following quote:


  23. Trump is the worst negotiator among modern presidents. It is all show for him he doesn’t care about winning on his campaign platform. He has realized he has hit the wall on how long he can stall about building the wall so just wants to pretend he has accomplished a major win related to it

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    We have a “default elite” that sells self-annihilation as “freedom” with only those on the fringes being practitioners as well.

    Mitt Romney is an example of a radical autonomist within our “default elite” that preaches self-annihilation but isn’t an actual practitioner. He is also, aesthetically-speaking, the closest national figure to “white Supremacist” that has come down the pipeline in awhile. And yet, he is ACTUALLY a radical liberationist via the corporate and Mormon mechanism.


  25. on January 3, 2019 at 12:57 pm Seymour_Buhtz

    BASED Tucker Carlson KILLING IT yet again–this time taking rapacious Bane Capitalist Willard Romney and his bugmen buddies to task for destroying the heart of America for their own self-enrichment.

    Bonus: shitlib outlets like the Huffington Poz are absolutely losing their shit over the brief aside where he blames deindustrialization and the attendant rise in women’s earnings relative to men (and the attendant loss of status of men–at least beta providers, which is most men) for the precipitous increase in single mommery and all the shit that comes with it.


  26. “I am Mittens the NPC Mormoid Robot– beep, beep, beep. Trump is bad! Trump is bad! Trump is bad!– boop, boop, boop.


  27. Tucker has been the sole defender of men and an advocate American national survival on national TV for well-over 2 years now. After he was falsely accused of rape by a mentally-insane woman, he learned his lesson and joined our cause.

    Romney is an elitist globocuck and even if falsely accused, he would still be a cuck for feminists and the left.


  28. “I read that Afghanistan costs Americans $38 billion per year to unsuccessfully pacify that country’s “natural conservatives”. Meanwhile, back home, Trump is about to “cut a deal” with Dems and Romneys to get a cool $5 bil to fund a few miles of fencing in exchange for granting citizenship to millions of invader DACAritos.”

    — Of course he is, because he’s a Shadow Party stooge. His job is to preside over the complete and utter implosion of America as the ultimate “Republicans are vile creatures” caricature straight out of Hollywood central-casting, with capitalism, conservatism, and the alt-right to be ultimately blamed when the bloated markets finally pop. Or maybe he really is the complete, fucking laughingstock moron he portrays daily on Twitter (keeping that decrepit platform afloat, BTW) while simultaneously and incongruously also being improbably rich, when becoming and staying rich for decades are rather at odds with being a complete fucking moron. (Sure: tell me it’s “4D Chess, you Q assholes, now over two years into your fruitless wild snipe-hunt. Pull my other finger while you’re at it.)

    All candidates that have emerged from the party nomination process since LBJ was in office are Shadow Party facades: they are professional “faces” and “heels” playing roles, and every cow in the herd of voters will hear a speech tailored especially for them. Once elected, the newly-appointed critter will continue to play-act his part, but increasingly whine about having to “compromise” and “settle for” the ultimate goals of the Shadow Party, which never change, and they are the ruination of the West by Cloward-Piven inflation of government budgets into insolvency while simultaneously crashing productive-class population birth-rates through their replacement-floor.

    Trump build a wall? Hahahaha. How could you not know that wasn’t going to happen the moment the establishment press began giving him more publicity than every other candidate on the Republican ticket combined? — If your plan for America isn’t the Shadow Party’s plan, you are cold-turkey shut-out of that sweet free publicity, and you puke out of the race after getting 4% in the New Hampshire primary. Steal the vote? Pssh. That’s the old way of doing things. So 1990s. Today, if they really, they don’t want you, they just ensure that nobody knows who you are in the first place, and if you take to the internet as the dinosaur-press dries up and blows away, well, they’ll just deplatform you until they’re the only voices that the average proletarian cow can hear. Unless they loudly and publicly deplatform somebody, in which case they’re actually promoting that person as a Shadow Party disinformation spigot in the alternative media (looking right at you, Alex Jones, you grimy gasbag).


  29. @honeyko

    The Shadow Party and The Grand Jihad are excellent books about what has happened to American politics today.

    Nancy Pelosi once said that her goal was to make both Dems and Reps so similar, no matter who got elected, not much would change.

    That is the Progressive goal. This is why Trump has freaked them out. That is Bolsonaro in Brazil has freaked them out. That is why the Globalists (especially ones at the EU and UN) are enraged at the Brits wanting to leave the dying EU and the resistance to EU globalist/mass immigration policies in FSU parts of Eastern Europe.

    Tucker has been an incredible ally in fighting mass immigration, THE one issue that can collapse and destroy American forever and globalism, the biggest threat to our economy and social well-being.

    Tucker has been our best friend in these life or death matters for 2 years. He was force-fed The Red Pill the moment he was falsely accused of rape by a a mentally-deranged woman. Nothing open your eyes more than a good ‘ole false accusation and actually going through the realities of our misandrist criminal justice system.