Different Standards Vs Double Standards

Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue, but what if the hypocrisy isn’t a tribute but a misinterpretation of a separate rule book?

chris comments,

It is not hypocritical to treat different things differently. It is hypocritical to treat same things differently.

Are men and women the same? Are the fitness costs for promiscuity the same for men and women?

Short and sweet. Parents are more vigilant about Daughter Guarding than they are about Son Guarding because daughter’s eggs are far more precious than son’s sperms, and there’s the fact that if daughter gets knocked up she’s bringing the baby home to family. So slut shaming women while rake praising men isn’t hypocrisy, but the expression of naturally formed sociopsychological rules to navigate two separate and distinct playing fields. It’s different standards for different things.

Real hypocrisy would be what we see virtue sniveling shitlibs offer up as alms to their Equalism God: they speak of the blessings of nonWhite Diversity™ as they retreat to homogeneous gated communities and gentrified urban cloisters. Here the rulebook governing what they preach and what they practice is the same; it’s different standards for the same thing.


  1. A conceptual model in which a girl is a walking, talking uterine lining that must at all costs be kept clean is useful, even if you only keep such a reductive thought to yourself. A boy, in this schema, is a restless hornet making up its mind on where to push its stinger.


  2. ch i’m conflicted bro

    I think a world where a decent share of women don’t fall through the cracks and become hoes would be awful


  3. […] Different Standards Vs Double Standards […]


  4. Sons are different than Daughters

    Why is this so hard to fathom by the leftists? A female can bring home a pregnancy while a male cannot. I challenge anyone on this board to find an example of a young teen single father.

    Can’t can you?

    Yes Sons are different. These debates about Daughters are cool in the theoretical sense. But if you are a Father of a Daughter you know one of your foremost fears is her bringing home a little bundle of joy for you to feed and clothe. That fear is compounded by the follow up fear of her finding a low class sperm donor to suddenly take an interest in rent free living with his kids grandparents. Of course the sperm donor won’t bother with the formality of marriage or anything like that… oh no he just’ want to be a “good father” to his offspring. Not necessarily a good husband.

    I have seen the above movie play out in 10 or so homes of friends, family and coworkers.

    In two of these recent movies I told the Dad of the pregnant daughter what was going to happen. They both didn’t believe me. Daughter had kid, Sperm Donor low life played house for about a year rent free and now Sperm Donor is not around anymore.

    Why shouldn’t these low lifes do this? They get to procreate for free!

    Until the Dads of Daughters go old school and start punishing their daughter’s poor life choices this madness will continue.

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    • In the late ’80s a young man and his family wanted to raise his girlfriends baby. They were Catholic. The girlfriend wanted to abort. The court took the girlfriend’s side. Reading the case study opened my eyes that our culture has a bias against fathers; maybe all men. This year I bought a car from a young single father. It looked like he must have been a teenager when the kid was born, he still looks like a teen. The rarity of exceptions prove the generalization.


    • There was one case, when I was in high school. Guy and girl got together, she got pregnant. He wanted the baby and was even willing to marry her. No marriage but they had the kid. She ended up strung out, etc., but she was always somebody’s comfort anyway. Beyond graduation I don’t know what happened to her.

      He got custody. I lived in a small town. Twenty years later I still know most of the people. This guy, he raised a great kid with the help of his dad, mom and sisters. I knew M from the time I was in kindergarten and he always seemed like such a goof and a screw up, but he did right by his son. Got married to a nice woman, had two more kids, and lives a solid middle class blue collar life.

      Hell we all want Hollywood ease at some point, don’t we? But kids are where it’s at. Grounded, focused on the next gen. I didn’t really believe it myself until our firstborn came along.

      Poz and School tell us to strive for more, but what “more”exactly? Damn I don’t like school for this reason. My family is not deficient, nor are my goals.


  5. on November 13, 2017 at 1:12 pm Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Effective son-guarding is raising him to have backbone not to be a pushover who puts pussy on a pedestal. Also important is teaching him to tell the difference between good and dangerous women who might be eager to trap the junior Chad hero you’ve forged from the fruit of your loins. He’ll need every advantage of wisdom to resist temptations about getting involved with the spoiled narcissistic BPD princesses that have become the apex ideal that contemporary young women strive to become.

    Like the father’s from at least the previous two generations, Chad Dads probably won’t be able to offer much specific detailed tactics for dating & mating because of how rapidly society has been evolving making previous social & cultural norms obsolete fads after barely a few years. Instead of dads can at least explain the essential Chateau inspired fundamentals and the basic classic theory on charm & dominance that never go out of style.

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  6. “as they retreat to homogeneous gated communities and gentrified urban cloisters.” I’ve had this debate for years. All the lefty lib types I know get up in arms if you say anything denigrating about black people – meanwhile, the only one they know is usually like one artist who came from Ghana and always brings the exotic food to their pot luck dinners.

    Great, he’s probably not the one that’s going to try to steal my car. But I wouldn’t make too many assumptions based on the one guy!


    • He won’t be stealing your car… but his five brothers and uncles that he brings with him… or the sons that he produces over here… will.

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      • And that potluck dinner might contain shank of missionary.

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      • on November 13, 2017 at 5:19 pm Tes tos Tyrone

        Hahaha… that’s damn funny Irish.


      • on November 14, 2017 at 10:34 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        And they will rob you via the government confiscating your money as taxes and giving them welfare and other treats.

        It was quietly reported today that most Syrian refugees, a year after arriving in Canada, are on welfare. They suck up our welfare, drain the food banks, pad their lifestyle with in kind contributions (winter coats, dinners) from cucked churchians, and their little bastard teens dressing like American rap niggérs and causing trouble with the local constabulary.


  7. I read this blog mostly for the ‘White is Always Right’ perspective and picked up the term ‘non-white Diversity’ in this post. Just a heads-up of two more Caucasian Americans who paid the diversity tax. One was a newly-wed husband in Louisville, KY and the other a married woman in Memphis, TN. Both murder victims lived in whiteopias within their Congoid cities and were targeted and murdered by niggers that made their way into their non-diverse exclusive neighborhoods. Again, just a heads-up. You will not see these stories at CNN (Christ-killer News Network) or any of the other jews-media.

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    • These stories are so depressing. White women never hear about these stories because only local news reports on this type of violent crime (and local news is an older generation thing).

      While your average woman is likely more than aware about Roy Moore’s “indiscretions”, real crime – cruel, lethal, violence – flies under the radar.


    • The Louisville guy was out on a walk with his new wife in the neighborhood after dark. He was carrying his own pistol so he wasn’t a shitlib and at least understood the risk of living anywhere near large concentrations of creatures that don’t permit human relaxation.

      Turns out it was a ‘botched robbery’. He drew and returned fire, hitting one of the ‘teens’. Unfortunately it was only wounded and hasn’t died yet..

      At least he saved his wife.

      But it goes to show you that even being armed and ready isn’t enough.

      Louisville is not a safe city. In point of fact nor are any US cities east of the MIssissippi. Crowded with feral dindus looking for an easy score and sleepwalking shitlibs in their enclaves.

      I came from a city not unlike Louiville. And even the most conservative White men would sort of pretend it wasn’t dangerous and that everywhere in the US was just like that.


      1. Avoid the groid
      2. Never relax.

      Never being able to relax, IE always being in condition orange, is no way to live. But that’s how it is in a modern dinduopolis.

      Nothing in the typical shitlib dinduopolis is worth risking you or your children’s’ lives in my humble opinion.


  8. You could use – justifiably – a similar argument vis-a-vis black criminality. Holding them to lower standards, as libtards do subliminally, is reasonable because of their lower IQ, less developed pre-frontal cortexes and higher T levels generate impulsiveness and a reduced ability to behave ethically.


  9. If you live in good communities with neighbors who walk to the same local church alongside you then you all teach your sons to treat well the young women they interact with because those young women are your neighbors’ children and you all have to maintain that community together.


  10. Different Standards Vs Double Standards

    White Nationalists want to preserve their way of life….

    1, ….but they have no problem in
    proselytizing their (((christian))) faith in unwelcomed territories like India. Save your conversion money, dont come here and dont spend it here to lure our poor class.

    2,….but they have no problems in arm twisting WTO and allowing their multi national corporations to go on a rampage against domestic industries in non-white countries, in the name of open market.

    You cannot demand equality when you dont give it in return.


    • It reads like PunkEdge is confusing White Nationalists with what heartiste calls cuckservatives. Neither of his points is associated in my mind with items on the White Nationalist agenda.


  11. Seems to be a false idea that in traditional America fathers would be proud if their son went around a knocked up all the chicks in “Bedford Falls.” When was this true? Maybe the youth gang peer world would find this funny, like Henry Hills mafia buddies in Goodfellas, but this “double standard” is largely another feminist oversimplification. Men who did this were considered “criminal” class types, like the lowlife characters in “On the Road” the first Beatnik novel.


  12. Regardless, the consequences of disinterested parenting and lax offspring guarding results in the same outcome. The inevitable collapse of the family and, if left unchecked, the society at large.

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  13. I often wonder what’s required to happen before many of the people who is positive about mass immigration and globalism decides is not that good an idea after all…

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