Introducing The Cuckryan: The Male Analogue Of The Cockblock

Reader TLM shares a vivid memory of a cuckryan in his group of friends who cuckryaned them all out of easy lays.

There’s always a Ryan type in every male group of friends until the group shuns them out of coming around anymore. My buddy was banging this chick once in our apartment and his girlfriend showed up. She kept pounding (pun intended) on his door while he was stuck in their with the other chick with no where to go. So one of the guys in our group (we had all come back with girls except him) starts helping my buddy’s girlfriend try and pick the bedroom lock (Those cheap apartment locks can be picked with a bobby pin). Now my buddy is naked holding the door closed while this guy is white knighting the shit out of the situation. So the girlfriend storms off. The chick my buddy was screwing around with is wigged out and wants to leave. She takes her friends that the rest of us are screwing around with, with her. And there we all are at 2AM with a bunch of blue balls because the weak guy in our group couldn’t pull down any trim and had to ruin it for the rest of it. I believe my buddy and him went at it the next day.

This is the kind of guy Ryan is. His father should have drowned him in a river when he was an infant. What a fag.

I have similar stories. It goes to show that all it takes is one cuckryan white knight toolbag to screw it up for all the cool dudes.

“damn, I coulda had that chick but Herb fuckin’ cuckryaned me when he asked her if she was sober enough to give consent.”

“cuckryans man, they’re the worst. you gotta learn how to neutralize a cuckryan.”

“oh yeah? how?”

“if the cuckryan is part of your squad you gotta tool him in front of the girl. say to her, ‘this is my dorky friend Herb. go easy on him he has a knack for blowing up good times’.”


“if the cuckryan isn’t your friend, you befriend him and keep him happy for a little while, then when the timing’s right tell the girl that the cuckryan and her are a perfect match, they look like they’re really in love. she’ll deny so hard the cuckryan will have to walk away in shame.”

“damn man you should charge for this.”

The OC (original cuckryan), PAUL RYAN, white knights for thecunt and prepares to screw America out of an easy greatness close. It’s time to SHAME him out of public life.


  1. on October 9, 2016 at 11:39 am CBR600RR_Rider



  2. I was the cuckryan

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  3. This should be added to urbandictionary and it will take off.

    This dork has become such a joke so fast it’s funny. It’d be sad if he had any redemming qualities.

    And his whole “that’s not who we are” still bugs the hell out of me

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  4. […] Reader TLM shares a vivid memory of a cuckryan in his group of friends who cuckryaned them all out of easy lays. There’s always a Ryan type in every male group continue […]


  5. on October 9, 2016 at 12:00 pm Trumpius Victorem

    It will be a mighty fine thing to watch the eponymous Cuckryan’s cretinous and wretched head explode on November 9th.


  6. cuckryan is one of those guys that rats you out to get a free pass for himself. What an absolutely gutless, spineless, worthless, pos.

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  7. Your more frequent posting helps offset somewhat your absence from Twitter. Although that absence and Ricky’s still stand as a significant loss. You guys are MVPs.

    In any event, take care not to burn out. We need you.

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  8. Evil Hillary attacks! Ryan, RINOs, MSM – Evil Hillary’s minions of evil


    • on October 9, 2016 at 12:34 pm Mr Bigglesworth

      We’ve all just witnessed what happens when you attach white survival to the political fortunes of a preening, showboating narcissist. He lets you down in a YUGE way.

      [CH: he hasn’t let anyone down except the self-righteous cuck that resides in your fevered fantasies.]

      Is there a single person here who still predicts a Trump win? Genuinly?

      [yes. genuinely.]

      Living inside your own protective bubble, blocking out reality and bitching about anyone who points out glaring truths isn’t “Alpha” at all.

      [you aren’t pointing out any glaring truths. you’re pointing out what a pussy you are for getting verklempft over some bawdy lockerroom talk.]

      It’s pathetic and an insult to your own intelligence. Have some dignity and stop embarrasing yourselves.

      [you are a demoralization agent. you bring nothing substantive to the discussion except your mental fainting couch and debbie downer kvetching. you’re done here.]


      • Now Littleworth is starting to sound like Strapunzel…

        … birds of a feather, I suppose.


      • on October 9, 2016 at 12:57 pm Captain Obvious

        JIDF in panic mode…


      • whaddya know. our very own backstabbing cuckryan.

        we don’t look to Trump to save us. he IS one of us and we’re pulling for our bro while he’s in the thick of battle on our behalf.

        most of us are warriors here. whether he wins or loses is simply a strategic and entertainment matter. we’re comfortable with the unknown, because the (((known))) sucks.


      • Jew, you have to go back.


  9. Trump is the South Park candidate. He might be a dick, but dicks fuck assholes. And we need a lot of assholes in the establishment fucked.

    Don’t let the Film Actors Guild press tell you anything otherwise.

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    • on October 9, 2016 at 12:45 pm Captain Obvious


      • What chutzpah these yids have, talking about Trump to commit suicide as “the honorable thing”, while they shield their own and their stooges from actual heinous acts, let alone encourage every filthy kike comedian, writer, producer, and director to bombard us and our children with their filth.

        When a yid like this talks about “honor”, all the heavens rage.

        [CH: everyone knows that one kid from middle school who was such an aggressively self-confident spazz that only the new kids who didn’t know any better thought he was a cool social hub and wanted to try to befriend him, but it soon became clear to the new kids that the spazz was a total dick nerdo and they quickly realized why everybody hated him.
        that’s frum and much of his tribe, in a nutshell.]


      • When a yid like this speaks of honor, all the heavens rage.


      • Kikes need to do a global Masada. It’s the only “honorable thing” they can do.


      • Ch is describing Strapon of course ….


  10. I’ve never had a cuckryan friend. I guess that’s a benefit of not living in DC.


  11. on October 9, 2016 at 12:25 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    Paul Ryan strikes me as a good lad who went into politics young and lost his soul.

    [CH: i don’t know which will make me jizz harder in my pants: the holy ascension of trump to the presidency, or the slash and burn purges of entrenched GOPe cucks from any position of power or influence during trump’s tenure.]


    • on October 9, 2016 at 12:54 pm Captain Obvious

      I used to believe all that horsesh!t about “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” but it here’s the truth of the matter: “Power attracts, and absolute power attracts absolute psychopaths.”


      • You’re channeling Frank Herbert. “Power attracts the corruptible.”

        [CH: also channeling HBD: “corruptibility is an inherited trait”.]


      • “Power attracts, and absolute power attracts absolute [parasites]”


    • on October 9, 2016 at 2:24 pm Oleaginous Outrager

      Who cares what he was, when it’s clear he is now just another politician who obviously cares nothing for the wants and needs of those who elected him. There’s already a dangerous overpopulation of supplicating white knights. We don’t need any more on the national stage.

      I do wonder who the GOPe think to whom all this virtue signaling is calling out. Are they planning a mass move to the Dems? It would be wonderful if so, because then they could come to know personally the sharp bite of the knife in the back, for who would ever trust anyone twice proven a traitor?


    • Trump had better destroy people like Ryan, who absolutely deserve it, as opposed to letting bygones be bygones. Fuck Paul Ryan and every other enemy of white daughters.


    • Yes the GOP cucks must be publicly reviled…

      Trumpvis actually THE third party candidate …


    • “Paul Ryan strikes me as a good lad who went into politics young and lost his soul.”

      Paul Ryan got paid off by the Yids. Case closed.


  12. yah, socialism in its broadest sense, the most consistent of human evils: jealousy. if i can’t have, then you won’t either.

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  13. Right out of college living in a shithole apt with 4 other guys depending on who made it back to base. Early one morning I’m awoken by loud door banging. I’m thinking someone forgot their damn key, nope, I open the door I guy is standing there bare pass naked with .357. He knows one of my roommates and lives across the way. He tells me he’s girlfriend showed up whilst he was banging another chick. So he grabbed his bedside gat and jumped out a 2nd story window, yeah I don’t know how he survived the jump. I asked why the gun, he told me his girlfriend was armed. I dressed and left for work early. Never saw the crazy f’er again.


  14. Have had countless blocks from both weak males and fugly women alike. Their perception of other women’s attraction to me is uncanny, even before I am aware of it. The White Knight always portrays himself as the woman’s protector and saviour so he can position himself for the kill.

    The White Knight commentors about the latest Trump pussy-grabbing outrage claim haughtily that they never talk this way about women. Those are precisely the bastards you must protect yourself and your family from. Never leave your kids with one.

    The busybody is always malevolent.


  15. So in this story Paul Ryan is the one who couldn’t get laid, and takes it out on everyone else? Doesn’t this blog define “alpha” as someone who commands female attention?

    [CH: who has a 50 year history banging supermodels, trump or cuckryan?]

    Isn’t this the blog that insisted whiny, suicide case Kurt Cobain was “alpha”?

    [you are being a disingenuous faggot. cobain was alpha because he was a brooding rock star. that’s fame game coupled with aloof jerkboy game, an irresistible combo to women.]


    • on October 9, 2016 at 2:14 pm Oleaginous Outrager

      “championed and revered” Even in my cringiest beta moments I would never express a though so asinine and puerile. There is no defending Ryan, and to attempt to do so reveals a fundamental flaw in the aspiring apologist.


    • “CH: who has a 50 year history banging supermodels, trump or cuckryan?”

      Weak re-frame. Trump’s alpha-status is not in question. You completely failed to answer my questions.

      “[you are being a disingenuous faggot. cobain was alpha because he was a brooding rock star. that’s fame game coupled with aloof jerkboy game, an irresistible combo to women.]”

      Another face-plant: The second sentence here is inconsistent with the first. You are indeed confirming that Kurt Cobain qualifies as an alpha-male purely because he’s famous rock star. Nevermind that he actually spent years wondering if he was a homosexual or engaged in far more left-wing “cuck” politics than Paul Ryan.

      There’s no consistency here. It’s sort of like how the Alt-Right, long skeptical of rape accusations, has now glommed onto Broaddrick’s highly questionable claims.


  16. I have no shame in admitting fucking up and being left out, but that’s no excuse for being a little bitch about it. You win some, you lose some.

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    • The tic-tac thing. Had an awesome babe lined up from my dance class. A real ingenue. Returned from overseas trip and emailed her to meet me at the local dance venue. I wasn’t paying attention to the slight sinus infection I had picked up and my breath was from the bowels of hell. When she greeted me she asked about my trip and I breathed a hot nasty death wind right into her face. The end.


  17. If some “friend” had picked my door lock to let my girlfriend into a room while I was banging another girl, I would not have waited until the next day to deal with him. He would have received a righteous ass-kicking & exile from my social circle right then & there.

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  18. Cuckryan is a cool term that I will use.

    It all comes down to equalism if you have sucked the tool of equalism your whole life you think that women actually ARE broadly better than they actually are.

    Cuckryans believe that all humans are just the same with different plumbing. Trump being -this- close to the Presidency but still behaving as God intended Alpha males to behave is a abomination to all the apron strings cucks hold dear.

    The thought through implications of Alpha enjoyment of mating success and women’s enjoyment of Alpha behavior is thoughtcrime to cucks. They can’t bear the thought of IT ALL BEING A LIE. That women REALLY DO WANT ALPHA BEHAVIOR.

    These cucks have been weaned from the barren teats of feminist mothers and sisters. All have asserted to them their female equality due to the males of the house allowing their women to run amok and gain all kinds of strange ideas. These mothers and sisters of cucks proudly ruled the roost with their cucked husbands and brothers.

    Now Trump has gained at least a silver medal in the greatest prize of all. Running against the best, wisest and devious woman that the female-kind has to offer.

    Cucks have two choices either believe all they have been told of the true nature of women is a lie. Or firmly believe that Trump is wrong and NAWALT!!!

    But I have faith men. I have faith that these duplicitous C*NTS will in the end pull a coup to end all coups. The other women who don’t fully trust a woman like Killary WILL not vote her over the top.

    Trump may be a misogynist but he’s a known quantity.

    Killary is a Queen Bee waiting to happen and EVERY female knows what happens to the other females when the queen ascends to the throne.


  19. He’s like an Oompa-loompa suffering from acromegaly.