Your Daily Game: Crisis And Observation

Bucky has a Game-related question based on a very common scenario often encountered in the field: the jerk ex-boyfriend non sequitur.

Game Time:


Elongated “so”s are prohibited at the Chateau.

Im sitting here enjoying a neat bourbon at a local joint and this guy to my left is trying to game this woman. Looks like an after work scenario. So he at least pulled that part off. They clearly know one another based on body language and conversation topics. Him, mid to late 40s, her late 30s to early 40s. He is fully opened to her, she is partially opened to him. He’s 90 degrees to the bar and she is about 45 degrees to the bar if that makes sense.

They are talking about something mundane (I cannot hear every word) and she interjects “I once dated a guy from Montreal and he blah blah blah”, he takes it and says “that guy is such an asshole”

Old Bucky would have taken the slap in the face too and agreed to gain her approval.

What would you do?

Avoid the stinky beta bait. That’s all this is. Beta bait is essentially an alpha male filtering algorithm that women execute when they are curious about a man but need to know if he’s a beta male in casanova’s clothing. Women want to be sure the man they might sleep with isn’t a clingy, supplicating weirdo who polishes pussy pedestals with his post-jizz tears.

Another way to look at this: women engage in “crisis and observation” gambits (aka long-form shit tests) to determine if a man has grace under pressure. To the female rationalization hamster, “grace” translates as “unflustered”, or “indifferent to female manufactured drama”.

“I once dated a guy from [X]…” is a cue that you are about to play the part of a lab rat in a girl’s Darwinian experiment. The crumb of smelly cheese is sitting there, behind a pane of glass; will you frantically press the lever to get at it? Or will you pull a beef jerky out of your mouse pocket and chew on it contentedly? Maybe you’ll break the glass with a roundhouse kick, or flirt with another mouse.

The point is that as soon as you reach for that lever, you have lost the girl. You jumped through her hoop, asexualizing yourself.

The man you overheard had played that all wrong. He done fucked up. The bitch set him up! He chomped on that beta bait until his gums bled. The absolute worst response to a girl bringing up her asshole ex-lover is to waltz right into her damsel-in-distress frame to commiserate with her about said asshole.

First, women get distressed all the time, and mostly for ridiculous reasons. It’s very rare that a hottie will be depressed for legitimate reasons; more likely is that she is just venting a toxic build-up of emotions that have accumulated from her roller coaster relationship with a jerkboy, and the act of venting and brooding is itself very pleasurable for her. So pretty girls won’t truly welcome sympathy from men except as a springboard for the girls to play up the damsel in distress angle to extract bennies from betas.

Second, women are sexually put off by men who come on strong with the Sympathy Game, reasoning (rightly) that these men are chicken shits who are trying to weasel their way into women’s panties by role-playing as asexual therapists.

If you see a pretty girl who looks depressed to you, #resist the urge to comfort her. Instead, be the jerk chicks dig and tell her crying’s not allowed unless her dog or her mother died. Then offer her a hanky embroidered with a photo of your smirking face.

Chicks dig jerks. When you agree with a girl that her ex was a jerk, guess what? You have raised the ex’s status above yours. Now you’re sitting there like a schmuck, tooling yourself. Congrats, why not go ahead and complete the pathetic picture by buying her a few rounds of drinks and watching her leave the bar with a bouncer.

Here’s an example of a much more effective response:

COUGAR: “I once dated a guy from Montreal and he blah blah blah”

ACTING ATTORNEY GENERAL LEE: “Montreal? You dated a gay man?”

You could also go the reverse psychology route.

ACTING ATTORNEY GENERAL LEE: “He sounds like a kind-hearted soul. I bet he cries every night remembering you. You cold-hearted bitch.”

Or just change the subject:

COUGAR: “So this guy I used to date…”

ACTING ATTORNEY GENERAL LEE: “you have some dirt on your nose….riiiiight there”

And then there’s always this Chateau classic:

ACTING YADA YADA: “If you want a therapist, I charge $200 an hour. 15% off if I fall asleep during your session.”


  1. Can we start the meme

    “Jewish Privilege” in Corporate Media

    How do we expose that 2% of population…well 1% since its reformed Jews
    are WAAAY over repeesented in Hollywood, Corporate News, NYC advertising

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  2. How about a meme competition?

    The Rebbe can help

    Its like they ring fenced any criticism of the term Jewish so what do you do to break that moat?


  3. Related story:

    Once had a really hot sneaky-ho (an hb10 legit former model) tell me how she lost her virginity in High School when she was a freshman, he was senior, he had a girlfriend, and she only claimed to have done it to “lose her virginity” to him—bonus, her bf lost her virginity the same freshman year to same superstud.

    She ended the story with, “And he had a girlfriend at the time. Who let him bang me. And I assured the gf I wouldn’t get attached, and then she didn’t stop us. Shows you what kind of asshole he was.”

    I laughed hard . “Dude rocks. he got what he wanted with no consequences with three sluts.” Then I proceeded to grab her tit (we were in the car).

    She looked at me with eyes that were both hurt and turned on.

    That night she sucked me off twice and I fucked her three other times while doing some S&M.

    Gentlemen, they’re all hos. Treat them as such. And never get oneitis, no matter how hot.

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  4. Cut off the C&O ploy immediately. No matter what she says, it’s entirely skewed to suit her ego. It has nothing to do with objective truth.

    She does it for her purposes, i.e., to use her limbic decision tree on you.

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    • say cool story bro

      or just zone out

      or say i’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over your tits

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      • That’s what I do. You and I have similar styles, I’ve been reading your posts over the months and a lot rings true.

        I usually just say “yeah” at the end of rants of stuff I’m not interested in.

        Girl: “Blah blah my ex did something and I’m complaining about it to you for some reason blah blah”.

        Me: yeah (distracted, with a bit of latency)

        Works for text too (and always lowercase with no punctuation). It’s better than saying “I don’t care” because it’s less dickish and even lower investment.


    • on November 9, 2018 at 12:03 pm Macro Investor

      Saying you don’t care with any kind of facial expression comes off as butt hurt. Unless you are completely deadpan poker face, you will appear peeved, which is far from not caring.

      Your “yeah” is so much better. I just listen and say nothing. No white knighting, no helpful suggestions, no agree/disagree. Let the hamster spin up all the things that might mean.


  5. Pain by nerd induction. An alpha can resist any bait. Our test is crisis and observation.

    I see the truth of it.

    [Could he be the one?]

    The Kuimjizz hadherass

    [CH: someone gets the ref]


  6. on November 8, 2018 at 5:22 pm White Man's Burden

    I would have asked her what she did to piss him off.


  7. Passing her “$h!t test(s)” – Pretty basic stuff. The ol’ “damsel-in-distress” ploy is pretty low grade psy-ops at this point..


  8. on November 8, 2018 at 5:34 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    What about

    “My ex boyfriend was abusive…”

    “Once you go black you are never welcome back.”

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  9. Or take the ex’s side.
    You gotta have stone cold ZFG for this one.
    Complete outcome independence.

    Thot: “My last boyfriend cheated on me.”
    Chad: “Wonder what he liked about her that
    you weren’t bringing to the table?”

    I dunno. I’ve only done this once or twice and it was because the girl had antagonized me by talking about old flames repeatedly after I had ignored and redirected. Neither time got me laid but I did wind up putting one of the girls out of my car about a quarter mile from her house.


    • on November 8, 2018 at 5:59 pm Captain Obvious

      Thot: “blah blah blah and it hurt my feelings so bad that I cried for three days.”

      Chad: “Feelings? After what you did, baby, I wouldn’t have hurt your feelings. I woulda beat the crap outta ya.”

      [CH: that’s…..overkill]

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  10. The way I look at shit tests is a woman’s hindbrain periodically spouting a statement or question where there is a very True / False indicator or Alphaness.

    One thing to know is that women don’t say Anything. Random. with a man they are interested in. If you are the only person talking to her, you are most likely interesting. A woman will not stay with a man 1 on 1 unless she’s curious or has to pay attention due to something like guy being a workmate.

    A woman who talks about her ex who did bad things is fishing for the obligatory sympathy. Sympathy given by all. the. men. who she does not want to be in bed with. Do anything, anything besides that expected sympathy and you move a tic up on the interest meter.

    And this is the crazy thing. Most dudes think they gotta do something amazing. Nope. Simply do the thing the hamster does not expect. Do the Other Thing that 95 percent of frustrated chumps Don’t do. It does not matter if it’s rude. It does not matter if it’s insulting. What matters is that the hamster beta seeking missile does not lock on to your A$S. Remain interesting and prevent hamster radar lock, good things will follow.

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  11. on November 8, 2018 at 5:55 pm everlastingphelps

    “Montreal? Are you trying to bang a guy from every country?”

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    • on November 8, 2018 at 8:30 pm Captain Obvious

      Personally, I would never make even the moast oblique reference to another dude & his pen!s.

      That sh!t simply doesn’t exist in muh Game.

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      • on November 9, 2018 at 10:29 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        There’s a 41 year old Brunchand Chardonnay Spinster a few offices down from me.

        She makes regular references to her office neighbours, including men, about her past lovers, always highlighting that they were forreign.

        She is about 5’10, good body, long brunette hair, looks good in yoga pants, has two cats in her downtown condo. Upon closer inspection, there is a darkness about her eyes, bags under her eyes, and it’s becoming obvious she’s losing her mind (her written and spoken word becomes incomprehensible at times).

        She’s the victim of myriad pump and dumps and it’s really starting to shew. I don’t feel much inclination to banging her.

        But is she a victim of the system or a knowing and willing author of her demise in life?


    • on November 9, 2018 at 12:55 am Macro Investor

      Slut shaming ain’t gonna get you laid. You’re setting yourself up for nuclear ASD.


  12. I’ve dealth with this shit test all the time. here are my go-to lines:

    SLORT: “I used to date a pro baseball player”

    RIPP: …[pregnant pause] … [more pause] … “and?” [blank face]

    SLORT: “I used to date a millionaire he had a yacht”

    RIPP: …[pregnant pause] … [more pause] … “nerd” [smirk, look away]

    SLORT: “I used to date a celebrity blah blah”

    RIPP: …[pregnant pause] … [more pause] … “sucks for him”

    The typical response is a nervous forced laugh from her. Throws her right off. From there I transition quickly to either food-non sequitor, or if she really needs to be smacked down I one-up her bait test:

    Food non-seq
    “i love lasagna, and macaroni and cheese. you ever had lasagna mac and cheese?”


    If cougar (older than you chic):
    “I was just dating and broke it off with this twenty something that studies at X college. She was so annoying and wouldnt get off her i phag. I gave her the boot, she was way hot, young body, just imature and in love with me.

    If younger:
    “I was just dating and broke it off with this super hot sugar mom. She lovvvved me. It was awesome she paid for everything and the sex was amazing but she had so much baggage. I was sick and tired of hearing about her 17 ex husbands.

    Here is where you have them, with the one-up response youve just multi-threaded her and can focus the conversation and try and lead it to sex (duh), then heavy kino, rinse repeat, you know the rest.

    Women love to talk about “dating” and realtionship troubles. Here you can extract all kinds of information out of her. Build comfort. etc. But the beta bait will still keep coming. Give her nothing, but you always are the one that dumped your ex, you fuck like a rock star, and dont deep dive and allow her to shoulder cry.

    You can also find out if she has a BF or some beta schlub she is strining along. Chances are high she does. Sign of the times.

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    • Actually cringed


    • Have used.

      Ho: I was with blah blah blah hockey players one time…

      FE (interrupting) Did you tell them to quit hoe-ing it up, get back in the rink and score some goals already?

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      • I bought this double sided quarter online recently (heads both sides) and have had fun using it (then i just lost the thing cause i put it in a stupid place in my wallet *darn*) anyway its a good thing to have.. h/t Robert Redford in the movie Indecent Proposal where he flips his coin to reassure the brunette that her leaving/breaking the deal is not the end of the world to him.

        “OK tails i buy you a drink and you tell me this Fasinating story…or heads I tell you mine”


      • Here is a funny story i am going to make my own:

        Last year i was dating this hot girl who really enjoyed cooking and i was helping her make some bread. She makes these amazing breads with like olives and parsley infused, etc. We have this neighbour woman i dont like very much. She is a baker, and she would chat alot with my gf giving her tips.
        One day i get home and the woman says to me, “Hey Jimi how did your gf like the dill dough i sent her?”
        I said, “Pardon me?”
        She said, “I said how did your gf like the dill dough i sent her?”
        Well, i lost it. I told her to never go near my gf again with your lil beedy lesbian eyes looking at her all the time lustfully. Then i picked her up and threw her over a hedgerow.
        But OMG i didnt know she was talking about dough and herbs lolzzlolzoll
        (CH commandment of poon re. Roaming in her mind..there is no start nor end)
        I felt so bad. My gf told me i was an a$$hole..


    • on November 9, 2018 at 2:42 am Tokyo Shitlord

      Cool until the cougar part


    • on November 9, 2018 at 5:28 am Elmer T. Jones

      Back in the day the most infuriating line was “I dated a guy in (local no-talent band), they were really good…”

      The setup was usually “Do you play an instrument?”.

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    • @Elmer

      we’re cut from the same cloth.

      i couldn’t stand the stupid bitches that would say “I used to date the DJ/bouncer/bartender/guy from the band”

      so lame.

      its just a testament to show how dumb women are and how much they value social titles, regardless of the how pathetic the dudes were. Even if you find out the dude was a chad, most of the time its all just a stupid ego stroking ploy.

      Years ago a student of mine and I ran an experiment with internet dating. We lied about everything except our age and pictures. Our location, our job, our activities, basically creating an ideal persona. NONE of the women ever caught on. In fact im still friends with a handful of the women we met through the experiment.

      Women believe anything as long as they beleive, you believe it.


  13. on November 8, 2018 at 6:27 pm Hitler is our pal

    I like the line about dirt on her nose. Except change it to a booger.


  14. She says: “My ex BF is such a jerk!”

    What do you all think of this response: “Cool.
    I’m a jerk, too”


  15. Seriously, who under 60 would game a chick past 29? Do not the fundamentals of inner game cry out, “WTF?!”

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  16. on November 8, 2018 at 6:44 pm PBR Streetgang

    At 25, it’s a sympathy play – at 35, it’s baggage.

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    • on November 8, 2018 at 7:54 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      That’s a good line actually.


    • On this… Over 35

      Part of an older woman’s reaching comfort is through the concept of “emotional disrobing” [search Thin Man at Sedfast for this] which invariably involves stories of her ex and her ex and her ex and her kids.

      Best thing to do is just let her strip it off without much comment, you keep strong sexual laser eye going and play with her hand or wrist.

      By the end she is ready for making out, bouncing to a new location… Any solid leadership.


  17. OT, but in the spirit of crisis and observation:

    Looks like FL’s headed for a recount for both senate and governor races.

    This might be the finally tipping point to officially kick start CW II.

    Time to lift. (Already got my fashy haircut.)

    [CH: and now I read the AZ senate race is heading to a recount. this is looking very corrupt.]

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    • Convenient that none of the House spots are up for recounts.

      I don’t like being a debbie downer or the like, but this does not bode well and give the political climate, it’ll go the dems way.

      Gotta lift again. Only way to be sure. kekekekek


    • Yes. Super corrupt. Google a pic of “Brenda Snipes.” It will all be clear. Rick Scott and his team are on it though. He’ll win. In Arizona, McSally’s team is confident that the remaining 500k ballots will favor her.


    • if you look at Rubio’s tweets it shows 4 nogs in the background picture and a bunch of boxes of ballots that were just “found”


    • My (possibly overly optimistic) hunch is that both AZ and FL will stay R. But honestly, democracy is such a fucking joke that nothing will surprise me.


  18. I’m partial to the disinterested subject change like I do if they start spoitimg about some banal chick friction at their mcjob.

    The clever quip is good too but depends on the situation. I dont want to end up in banter that is still framed by her lotsa cox past.

    So if I even acknowledge her confession, i quickly segue to something quasi related but obtuse, as in “I’ve always enjoyed Canada though I prefer British Columbia to the frenchy parts.”

    Related. I’m oft accused of not asking about her “past”. At my age, I know the script. Boring and predictable. Carousel jumpers are all basically the same.

    So I isually say “most women tell me what they want me to believe” or “Im sure you will tell me what I need to know.” Or some other cryptic bullshit to get their hanster going.

    Perhaps i’m off on that tho. But i just don’t care anymore. I once told a post-wall but hawt bird “your past is highly unlikely to make me more attracted to you so lets just be okay with the now”. She’s still coming around hoping I will put the yoke on.

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    • on November 8, 2018 at 7:56 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      I like the cut of your gib uncle.

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    • I like it:

      Her: My ex blah blah blah
      Him: Is this a confession?

      or I really like:
      your past is highly unlikely to make me more attracted to you so lets just be okay with the now

      Great shiv and subject changer


  19. on November 8, 2018 at 6:51 pm DC Packer Backer

    On a very early date, my now wife of over 21 years and I were screwing around. She pushed me away saying her ex-boyfriend was in town and wanted to meet. I said, okay, what are you going to do, because if you want to meet him, let me know so I can make plans with my friends. She said, do you want me to meet him? I said it has nothing to do with me, it’s up to you. I don’t care one way or the other but if you want to go and meet him, go and meet him. If you want to stay here, stay here. But either way, let me know so I can make alternative plans. She said that I was too cool. I said thanks. She said it wasn’t a complement. I said sure, whatever. What are you going to do? I’m going to stay. Good. That was in October, 1994, three kids later.


  20. I like to use this one.

    Her : I used to date a guy from Montreal blah blah

    Me : I like him already.


  21. Her: “I once dated this guy from Montreal and… ”

    You: (interrupting) “Congratulations on your upgrade.”


  22. Gentleman, I’m starting to think that Civil War 2.0 is gonna be here before you think.

    Dems are trying to steal the vote in Florida, Arizona, and Texas. The polls there are still going and President Trump has called in law enforcement and GOP have alerted their lawyers to start an investigation.

    It’s getting really messy and people are starting to get reeaaally fuckin’ pissed.


    • on November 8, 2018 at 9:02 pm Captain Obvious

      Make lemonade out of lemons.

      Especially regarding (((Broward County))).

      Spread the word to all the Normie-Cucks that J00Z CHEAT AT EVERYTHING!!!!!


      • on November 8, 2018 at 9:06 pm Captain Obvious

        The problem is not Broward County.

        The problem is THE J00Z IN BROWARD COUNTY!!!!!

        There is no Magic Dirt.

        There is only bl00d.

        The Biology is the Culture, and the Culture is the Biology.

        This is also a great chance to pluck off spergtarded libertardian ectomorphs who are ready to be Red-pilled: No Law in all of G0d’s Creation can stop the malfeasance of hominids who are constitutionally lawless creatures.


      • on November 8, 2018 at 9:10 pm Captain Obvious

        Also Civ-Nat Christ-Cuck Normies: We can’t legislate our way into forcing the j00z to follow the Marquess of Queensbury Rules, simply because the entire Queensbury Ethos is antithetical to the Nature of the j00.


    • Stifler go to he breaks down EXACTLY what the plan is and why this is all good.

      I didn’t realize how depressed and broken I was about losing the House until I read his article. Because after reading it I was I was literally snarling, like the way a wolf snarls when it’s finally cornered some deer that’s been screwing with him for way too long.


  23. on November 8, 2018 at 9:31 pm kentuckyjerard

    Physiognomy is real Lesson #1001:
    Look at this audience shot from a TED talk being given by a fellow white:


  24. on November 8, 2018 at 9:50 pm Grand mizardd

    “Fuck that guy”
    That is my response anytime another guy is brought up. And I say it prematurely. In fact, after reading all the retarded pondering on this topic, I think you turds owe me shots for giving you that one.
    “So I dated this guy from Montreal..”
    “Fuck that guy”

    “The first guy I ever kissed..”
    “Fuck that guy”

    “I moved here with my now ex”
    “Fuck that guy”

    Cause that’s how you feel. Not mad. Just ready to move on to another topic. It’s, hell, I dunno. It’s a verbal version of looking at the ceiling.

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  25. Need game advice. I’m gaming in a country that is half right wing jerk boy and half left wing hysterical faggot. There is one particular city which has most of the leftists and homosexuals in the country. I’m older and inexperienced (47 yo virgin), so its a lot easier and raises less eyebrows to game in that city.

    Last night I went out and started up with two girls. One was an atheistic bisexual who was currently dating a math nerd (male obviously) I think I did ok flirting with her and mocking her taste in women (lesbians have zero idea about what men think is hot), and her judoka best friend who she one time set her brother up with.

    So her straight friend who was ok brought up how all Americans think they are always right about everything blah blah blah, and that I must be obsessed with trump (right on both counts). I tried joking about it, but I think my mockery came off as too clownish and try hard.

    I want to be real, but I also do not want to be tooled. What advice could anyone here give me? Thanks.


    • *meant “athletic “ not “atheistic” but probably accurate anyway


    • If she blocks your harai-goshi, counter with o-ichi-gari.

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    • At this point, you need to be making active progress. Did either of these 2 outright reject you? If not, you’re not trying hard enough.

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    • We’ve all been tooled at some point, you will survive it. Your fear is what is holding you back. Are you at least making out with these women?


    • on November 9, 2018 at 10:44 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      Is this a real question?
      47 year old virgin?
      Go to some third world country and bang 100 easy women just to reframe your mind.

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    • The reality is there is an epidemic of real life 40 yo virgins. You’re on this board so you’re one of us. You have bros who will help you.

      Real advice: lower your standards. Lose the virginity. Just get it out of the way. Don’t even worry about “game.” You’re not quite there. You need to approach at least 100 chicks in the 30+ age bracket in the 5-6 range looks wise. Some of them will make it easy for you, and you can improve from there.

      Yes I know you want to bang young hotties, but in your position right now, that’s Uncle Eddie holding out for a management position while living in an RV.

      There’s no cheating a genuine connection, in my experience. But the great news for you is- you can absolutely cheat getting laid. You hit on enough broads, it will happen. That’s that.

      I can’t even think of anything else in life that has such a guaranteed eventual outcome given you put in the work. Business certainly isn’t like that.

      So good put in some work. Report back, and we’ll all give you support (unless you’re a blackie or some shit…)

      Glad you’re all my bros.

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  26. Anyone see that VS model with vitiligo? Why are (((they))) constantly pushing this shit? Do they think their media can overcome disgust thresholds? It’s annoying enough when they promote Serena or any other black as attractive


  27. I like the illustration. The girl is being hit on by a brown guy, does the WP-thing with her right hand.


  28. Maybe assume the sale on the therapy angle and give her a mock accent, pretending to be Freud.”uhuh, uhuh, and how does zis make you feel”. Look over pretend glasses, scribble on imaginary notebook. Really sell that she’s fishing for sympathy and you’re not buying it.


  29. on November 9, 2018 at 5:21 am Elmer T. Jones

    In one of Bukowski’s books (I know ((())) ) he is hitting on a gal and she goes into this. He lets her spill the details about the jerk then says “But Jack, he was a good guy though..” and is banging her shortly afterwards.

    He closes the story with “The pros know how it works”.


  30. This was an interesting one.
    It’s easy to feel discouraged when they start talking about an old flame, but
    i’ve found that if she’s speaking longingly or forlornly then she’s projecting those past feelings onto you….in which case, you’re probably in her by evening’s end.

    If she’s trying to bait you, then as CH says, return frame as quickly as possible to you…
    her: “what an asshole…blah blah blah”
    you (smiling): “if it makes you feel any better all my exes hate me too”

    In one sentence, you basically sidestep her bait, return frame back to you, and as an extra little bonus qualify yourself with the “all my exes” abundance bit. It also shows ZFG aloofness as you’re not afraid to admit you’re an asshole. Finally, it will allow her to project those bitter sweet feel feelz she has of her ex onto you.


  31. Just change the subject like you didn’t even hear it. Complete and total ZFG.


  32. on November 9, 2018 at 6:05 am baked georgia

    co-worker is a risk territory nowadays.

    I wont sh!t where I eat


  33. OT but I’ve had some faith restored tonight.

    Literally just got home from first date with a cute barista (solid 8, maybe 9 depending on the day) from a cafe I go to sometimes. She turned 19 last week, I’m 28.
    Meet at a bar with quiet couches, then bounce to a pool hall nearby. Kiss her after a couple of games and she starts trembling then blubbering that she’s sorry she’s awkward because she’s never kissed anyone before.
    Don’t lose hope, brothers, there are still unicorns out there.


  34. on November 9, 2018 at 6:27 am CriticalThought

    Her: I dated a guy blah blah blah blah

    You: I had a three-legged dog once. It was fun watching him chase squirrels.


  35. The proper response to “I once dated a guy…” is either: Stare off in the distance and when she is done talking say something totally unrelated; or immediately excuse yourself in mid-sentence to use the restroom.


  36. How do you rate guys such response?:
    If you like to live that way, it’s your business, we choose, what we want in life.


  37. Her: my ex was such a jerk!

    You: well you probably deserved it. So anyway…

    How do you think this would work?


  38. -“Tell it to someone who gives a shit.”
    -“Sounds like girl talk to save for your BFF.”
    Or the old standby…
    -“How ’bout them Broncos…”


  39. on November 9, 2018 at 10:12 am Jackie Newhouse

    Were I advising the gentleman in question, I would tell him to say …

    “Ah, Montreal … a city that is rich in beautiful, sophisticated women. No wonder you could not hold on to him.”

    If the tale was true, and it was the Montrealer who left the lady, then she will be reminded of a failure in the realm of romance, and thus, to borrow a phrase from our English cousins, placed “on the back foot.”

    If the story is real, but it was the lady who ended the affair, then she will be sorely tempted to correct the record. This will also put her on the defensive.

    If the story is a fiction, then the lady will feel outmaneuvered, and so gain a degree of respect for the gentleman.

    Whatever happened, the lady will wonder why the gentleman assumed that she was the jilted party.


  40. Another way to look at this: women engage in “crisis and observation” gambits (aka long-form shit tests) to determine if a man has grace under pressure. To the female rationalization hamster, “grace” translates as “unflustered”, or “indifferent to female manufactured drama”.

    To play the Cap’n here:

    And if she’s doing this to a very high degree, she wants your ring on her finger and your bunz in her oven.


  41. You had me at gay in Montreal..awesome.


  42. He ended up buying all the drinks…

    He was talking about someone (probably a woman) not being attractive at the office, then leans in and tells her “but I think that you are attractive…I really do”

    They leave walking in a line with about two feet in distance separating them. No PDAs like holding hands or arms around one another. Disinterested body language on her part, low hung shoulders. He has a pep to his gate.

    Not sure what happened in the parking lot, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t go his way. If he didn’t fug up, he might of had a shot as he was reasonably fit, well kept and nothing off about the physiognomy

    PS: she had a plump @ss on her, mediocre top half, 5-6ish face, kinda tan for november

    CH: thanks for the edit, note taken


    • I was torn with “That’s nice, but I’m not your emotional tampon”

      Or agree and amplify “That’s cool, yeah my ex GF lives down the street and she sucks a hellified d!ck” just to make sure she never comes back to that topic of exs again


  43. Bar stool warmer: “I once dated a guy from Montreal….”

    Me: “I would never date a woman that far away, unless I wad hiding her from my main girlfriend.”

    Pre-dread game.


  44. on November 10, 2018 at 7:31 am CulturalResilience from Mobile

    Her: I once dated a guy from (wherever)
    Me: I’ve had threesomes with bitches from (same place) some of them were ok, I guess.


  45. Thank you, CH! As a woman leaving a marriage after 28 years with a f’ng alpha-narcissistic-azzhole, I learn sooo much from your “game” posts, and from the plethora of your commenters.

    Glad that the soon to be “x” doesn’t have a clue about your awesome site.

    Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work.

    P.S. Alpha!? I used to think so… But what kind of 6’4″, 240 lb. man calls the police and has his 5’4″, 120 lb. [and that’s if I’m soaking wet! probably more like 115 lbs., now] wife arrested for “domestic assault and battery?” A f’ng pussy! Not an alpha. More info: I have the use of only ONE hand! Thankfully, it’s my dominant hand. Punched “dear husband” in the arm four or five times. BFD. [If he would have hit me back, it would have been “lights out,” for me…]

    Did it outside in the daylight, 20 Aug 18, in front of the security cameras. [Note to self: DO NOT DO ANYTHING in front of cameras…] When the sheriff deputies got there, he showed one of them the footage from his computer. The deputy asked him if he could enlarge it – shows all four cameras on the same screen, and I said, “He doesn’t have a f’ng clue how to do that.” My last words before being read my rights and arrested. Spent 22 hours in a “holding cell,” until he bailed me out. Can cross going to jail off my bucket list!

    Cost to him, so far? A lot. $5K for criminal attorney. Cleaned out one of the bank accounts for the best divorce attorney! Consulted with several others so he can’t retain them, now. He’s paying for my new apartment. He’s paying all utilities, etc. SC law says I get half of everything. We have a lot. I am all set. And, because I haven’t worked for the last twenty years – oh, I’ve worked – but only to keep him happy; haven’t worked outside the home… I am definitely “an alimony” recipient…

    What’s that saying? “Cheaper to keep her…” He actually believes I am going to be begging and crying for him to PLUUEEZE take me back! Not a chance in Hades of that happening.

    Thanks again for so much knowledge! And, for letting me sound off a little, too.