Proof That The Polls Are Rigged Against Trump

I made a prediction about a year ago that if there was to be poll rigging by the media and polling outfits, this would be the year they’d try to get away with it. Why? Because Trump is THAT BIG A THREAT to the existing globalist order.

Mostly people scoffed and said “nah that’s just your confirmation bias” or somesuch shitlib fallacy du jour explanation. OH RILLY?

Here’s objective, hard proof that the polls are rigged, by way of examination of the most recent NBC/WSJ poll which claims to have found an 11-point lead for thecunt.

Besides the blatantly flawed methodology (oversampling Dems, undersampling Independents), the Hillary campaign’s super-PAC “Priorities USA” PAID OFF the NBC/WSJ pollsters to the tune of $220,500 in the month of September!

*drop the skype*

The leftoid media hivemind and their hired polling outfits are THROWING AWAY the last vestiges of their credibility in a final, desperate Pickett’s Charge to thwart Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. Their strategy is DEMORALIZE THE ENEMY 101. Push fake phony fraudulent polls that make Trump look set for a guaranteed loss, and his supporters will become disheartened and sit home on election day.

The media is lying through their teeth and rigging polls to change the outcome of a Presidential election.

This is new.

This is dangerous.

This is how civil wars start and countries tear apart.

The leftoid hate machine has been warned. I predict they will double down. And it won’t end well.


  1. on October 11, 2016 at 2:06 pm Canadian Friend

    In Sunday’s debate Trump kicked Hillary’s butt, it is impossible she is more popular now.

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  2. on October 11, 2016 at 2:06 pm Enfant Terrible

    At this point. US media is no different than the Soviet state run propaganda. Probably worse because there is absolutely no story, or fact, that will not be twisted, distorted or misrepresented in order to promote (((their))) approved narratives.

    It’s truly unbelievable. Some people are naturally skeptical/critical, and will discard whatever the media is peddling, but there are large segments of the population that, their reality is whatever the media is telling them it is.

    Advertising, movies, music videos, and news reporting it’s all connected in a chain of lies, distortions, and pushing out a fake consciousness.


  3. a comment from over at dailystormer:

    October 11, 2016
    The polls are being rigged to support voter fraud. If they published accurate polls, they could never get away with it. Never judge by what they say. Judge by how they behave, their strategy, their general level of desperation etc.
    Trump is going to crush them hard. They may even just leave a lot of the fraud at the last minute, because many of the people organizing it will be jumping ship, perhaps fleeing the country. It’s not like a regular election – there are going to be genuine investigations this time.”

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    • I wonder what type of chaos some of the polling stations will be.

      When Trump wins the 3rd debate, thecunt won’t have much going for her and I can see shitlibs and their militants trying to do everything they can do prevent the Trumpers from casting their vote, or polling stations taking too long and then closing up–this was brought up in last election; but I know that things are different this time around.

      I mean, it seems that in some cases during the primaries, there were some incidents, but this is the real deal coming up and more people will be voting.

      I plan on taking that day off from work to keep tabs on it all. And, the following day so I can bask in the glow of the aftermath of victory.

      This is ramping up.

      This 3rd debate will seal the deal. You have to imagine thecunt trying to hit hard and get nasty, while Trump demonstrates to the masses that he can be presidential and act accordingly when the situation calls for. The contrast will be glaring. There was a touch of it on Sunday.


      • Sign up to be a poll watcher for Trump.


      • “Sign up to be a poll watcher for Trump.”

        This is not as boring or difficult as it sounds. I’ve done this before in other elections. You can report easily-spotted violations (e.g. people standing within 100 feet of the polling place holding signs) and just generally keep an eye on things.

        Also, the campaigns will give you a list of registered voters they’ve contacted who said they are planning to vote for Trump, and you cross off names as those people show up and sign in (you’re permitted to oversee that process) and then toward the end of the day you can report back to HQ which likely Trump voters haven’t shown up yet and they’ll try to call and/or stop by their house to get out the vote.

        If you can do it in your county — go for it. I’m going to be focusing on PA but I can’t be a poll watcher due to residency requirements. I may be driving folks to the polls.


      • Great suggestions. I think that’s the best route to take. At least I can say I did something.


    • That’s also very plausible as well. In fact, it makes the most sense. These people are fucking animals and will do anything to attempt to win.


      • It’s funny how she uses the same gestures Trump uses when he’s about to make a point. It just shows the genius A-type male influence this guy has over his followers. This is the hallmark of a leader.


  4. In the end-analysis, Trump will win because he is fun, while thecunt is laborious; he is charming, while “she” is menstrual; he is striking-hard, while she is eternally coiled like a rattlesnake WITH ITS TEETH DEFANGED.


    • I saw a comedian saying the same thing: Trump 2016, “We’re all getting laid.”

      Hillary 2016: No Running In The Halls.

      Video – His last 3rd of his set is pro-Trump and the crowd loves it –

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    • DJT is a happy warrior. At 70, the guy is nothing less than a fucking inspiration. A graduate of the school of hard knocks where 90% of the professors were the worst kind of skypes.

      He knows how to navigate treachery.

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  6. The only thing I regret about the impending Trump victory is he probably won’t get the chance to go Full-On Imperial with the U.S. constitution wrapped around his neck like a choking, too-colorful scarf. I’d pay good money to see Trump sit in Washington like a living Lincoln monument, issuing orders to bring bitches before him for sexual chastisement. Be fun!!


  7. […] Proof That The Polls Are Rigged Against Trump […]


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    • Checked out your site, honestly it seems pretty autistic. I am not even sure what info you are offering, and the ads on the side, are they even real etc?

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      • He’s a hired shill, his site hits are likely tracked. His act comes off as someone who is fluent in English but it’s not his first language—hence his stilted copycatting of many of our speech patterns, just enough out of place to seem weird. He writes like a well-crafted “Nigerian prince” email.

        I’d say Media Matters, although he comes off a bit too autistic and stilted for The Faggot-Gamma Within’s folks. Perhaps actual Mossad? Or maybe ChiCom. Heck, the Saudis or Iranians are possible.

        All I can say is—ban him rape!

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      • That brings up a good point in general of best way to know shills? Just anyway who starts espousing NAJALT type rhetoric?

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      • There is no way I know of online.

        IRL, infiltrators have a basic plan: escalate the group to arrestable violence + literally buying influence. Infiltrators are given a large payroll by their handlers to make the group dependent on them (buying free drinks, buying supplies for actions, paying for hotel rooms and gas) and make people trust them.

        Then the handlers demand they also echo and amplify any angry rhetoric in the group, and find the most excitable but sincere members and get them going. Then when a violent act does occurr—usually at the planning and behest of the infiltrator—the government alphabet soup agency swoops in and arrests everyone.

        Watch for big bank rolls and loud mouths rape!

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      • Hmm, got it thanks.


    • What is with all the neon rainbow shit? Anyway, I am pretty sure you are a CIA/NSA plant. It is like Rachel Haywire if it were a real man but with more daddy issues.

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      • Agreed, he is a plant. I think he’s foreign, his writing comes off as a fluent-but-ESL speaker; he mimics many of our own speech patterns/slang here, but it comes off just stilted enough that he had to think about the grammar too much.

        As I say above, the likely sources are: (1) Israel; (2) China; (3) Saudis; (4) Iran.

        Foreign infiltrators rape!


      • Not only that, but the blog website address keeps changing. Anyone who maintains a decent wordpress blog doesn’t have to keep changing it, unless they’re up to no good.

        Plus the constants “Click on my link” is too much of a dead giveaway.

        It’s like that pedo van that says “free candy” on the windows.

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    • Sorceryfaggot.

      Fuck off and stop peddling your sh1t retard blog here.

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    • I tend to agree with Whorefinder, he is either unemployed or this is his job. He’s created several blogs in the last month alone. He could just be a socially retarded autiste though….

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    • Ban this plant rape!


  9. No matter what happens this November, I will be voting FOR Trump and against ALL other Republican candidates, straight down the fucking ticket. Nooses for the traitors and gotterdammerung if no victory.

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  10. Any chance this could go the other way for them? I’ve read a bit about the “enthusiasm gap” for Hillary. Couldn’t it be that they oversell her chances of victory, so a bunch of her supporters figure she has it in the bag anyway and don’t bother voting?

    [CH: there is a risk of that but my guess is the media-hillary roundtable hashed it out together and concluded the upside was greater than the downside.]


  11. You can persecute us . . . You can even kill us . . . But we will never capitulate.



  12. The major problem, is as rigged and blatant as it is, a lot of people ONLY get info from there. They might like trump, but when its 24/7 how bad he is, bandwagon effect and people stop liking him.


    • Yep. Y’all know me and the views I express here, and even _I_ get a bit of sadness at the nonstop propaganda. Because I’m a fair person (not a Jew), who grew up with the lessons of the Gospels (unlike Jews), I continue to give SOME benefit of a doubt and think, with each hit job story, could they be right?

      Perhaps Jews are all wealthy just because they work hard? Hmmmm.

      Then when Trump gets a little bit mainstreamish and fails to go for the jugular, fully, I get demoralized and consider not voting at all. Perhaps this won’t be solved with votes, as many believe, I think.

      This is me.

      On regular people like my mom, the demoralizing propaganda and fake polls like this do their job, and there is a risk that tens of thousands of normal (good) white people (like my mom) will stay home and not vote at all.

      Stupid, stubborn people like my idiot asshole boomer dad, who refuses to read any of the red pill stuff I have sent him (like this blog), might actually vote for Clinton. He thinks Trump is “an asshole.” Regular morons, like my dad, are influenced by the nonstop (((propaganda))). Regular boomers who still think CNN reports news and that JewSPN and watching niggerball is a legit way to spend one’s time.

      We are in a war.


      • I just can’t fathom someone thinking the way you describe your father when he has a son explaining these things to him.

        Does he not have children and grandchildren? Does he not care what their future will hold? As a boomer he was blessed to grow up in a country that was 90% White, and the other 10% had not been weaponized against Whites via the toxic combination of (((media))) and welfare benefits.

        Does he not care that his grandchildren will be a hated minority in a country that in their lifetime will look more like South Africa than anything he would recognize as America if no changes are made?

        Is he blind to the anti-White hatred and bullying and gloating over the orchestrated death of his people?

        Does he not care that a vote for Clinton increases the chances his daughter or granddaughter will be gang raped by Somalians in the streets of what once was his country?

        Does he not care that his children and grandchildren are and will increasingly be discriminated against in employment, not just by private employers but by the government as well? Singled out as the cucks expected to carry the tax burden in guilt and shame forevermore while the nigs and spics gloat and preen and grab their crotch monkey-dancing on the TV in front of his little White grandchildren?

        This is not a disagreement about tax policies or a specific military misadventure or the best way to run this or that government program. This is an existential question.

        I am a father and I simply cannot imagine a White father voting for Hillary Clinton because Trump is an “asshole” i.e. meany head.

        I simply cannot imagine having a father like that. And I simply cannot imagine allowing a “grandfather” like that anywhere near my children.

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      • “Regular people.” A 40-something relative asked me over the weekend, “what do you think about Trump dodging his taxes?” I told her, you’ve owned your own small business, did you ever deduct a loss against gains and then carry-over any excess loss to the following year?” But they hear this stuff on the media 24/7 and don’t even try to think their way out of it.


      • Yeah, I feel you. So many people in my life think Im some lunatic because I like trump.


      • on October 11, 2016 at 5:30 pm Tryintogetthrumod

        My boomer dad is the same way. Libcuck to the max. I told him once about the huge IQ differences between the races, he said, “my bet is the IQ tests are not culturally fair to non-westerners”. I told him that was false and pointed out the Asians have no problem with the tests. But he was in full-on denial.

        For him it is religion (dying denominational Cucktian complete wt allowing gay pastors) combined with total unwillingness to re-examine the lie (equalism) he’s lived his whole life believing.

        BTW letting go of race equalism feels to many sincere nice Cucktians like their whole faith/worldview is shattered. They immediately ask, “Why would God create billions of people with such low IQs?” Didn’t stop me from escaping Cucktianity though, since I had already begun to see through the church’s many lies and hypocrisies.

        [CH: it’s true that jettisoning equalism baggage from one’s thinking can undermine religious feeling (in exactly the way you say: “why would god make stupid races?” etc), but it doesn’t have to be that way. for instance, there is justification in the bible (tower of babel comes to mind ofc) for accepting the reality of different and antagonistic tribes of peoples. if it helps the blue pill christcuck get over his fear of the WOKE LIFE without going full atheist, he could think of race differences as manifestations of god’s many facets and designs for his creation. god’s judgment is ultimately unknowable, so why should mortal man deign to think he knows why god created this or that race?]

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      • Corvo, I agree with you, brother. Every word. I have tried to explain all of that to him.

        He’s pretty much lost his grandpa privileges. (Yes, my sibling(s) and I have blessed him with many perfect, wonderful grandchildren. I’m not going to reveal too many details because many people read this blog because of me.)


      • Publius – I get it, brother. It is a tough thing to face, but you are doing the right thing by protecting your children. Stay strong.

        My parents are die-hard prolife voters and we’re always going to vote for the Republican candidate. Until this weekend they were in the “hold their nose and vote for Trump” basket. Also very religious.

        I spent a few hours alone with them and was feeding them serious redpills; about 6 million of them. I was surprised at how open minded they were and how willing they were to listen. I dare say the wheels are turning in their minds now and the scales may be lifting from their eyes.

        Of course, the cloud on the above silver lining is that they’ve lived in the same town their entire lives and have seen their hometown gutted, hollowed out, and turned into some freakish combination of Mogadishu and Mexico City; all the while doing their part to carry the tax burden. And in return their neighborhood is Section-8’d into hell by greedy merchants and they’re lectured to by their swarthy betters. They even had a falling out and lost their parish church for a few years until a priest was relocated out of that parish — the frocked-faggot actually ripped an pro-Life (implicitly anti-Obama) sign out of her hand back in 2008 because it was offending their Obama-loving replacements — the mestizo deadbeats and parasites. They are now trying to sell their house, the only house they’ve ever owned, the home I grew up in, for next to nothing and fleeing south to move in with family. My father is over 70, still not retired, probably will work until the day he’s too sick to do so, but without going into too many details suffice to say he’s worked a string of shitty jobs for which he is severely overqualified for the past 20 years after being laid off at 55. And he’s told to shut his trap because of White privilege.

        Yes, they were ready for some redpills, but there was no joy in providing them.

        To end on a positive note, my father was so pissed at the betrayal of the GOP cucks this past weekend that he took the TRUMP sign I had brought over and planted it in the front yard. He knows it will be stolen and may result in a rock thrown through his window but he has a 12-gauge and his pride.

        A read to them from that townhall article you or CH provided last week (“this will not end well”) and for the first time it seemed to be that they were facing up to the inevitable and looking now to their children for Hope and strength. And as much as I’ve always done my own thing and gone my own way without really caring whether I had their approval or not, the peace I felt after that with them was powerful. I feel I have reached the age where I represent my family, and my people, and that they, or at least the ones that matter, are behind me.


  13. The thing is, they don’t have to get her enough support to win the election. They just have to give her enough perception of support so people won’t raise questions when she steals it.

    That’s my biggest fear.

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    • True. Electronic voting machines are very easy to rig; it has been demonstrated that you could do it easily in just a few minutes with basic equipment.

      They did this to Ron Paul in the 2012 primaries. For example, he was up by a certain number of percentage points – then the screen turned black, and suddenly the numbers on the wall changed to show him being down by the same number of points. “New votes just came in!”

      And then there are other tricks like the names of dead people voting, and people who aren’t even citizens voting.

      It is amazing that the U.S. has the most primitive voting system of all industrialized countries. The ballot stuffing in the primaries, for example, with operatives entering with bags full of ballots that they “collected elsewhere”, would be impossible anywhere else.

      And the fact that you don’t need an ID to vote, which is almost impossible to imagine for a foreigner. It is a testament to the extremely corrupt nature of the two parties that control the process, and of the media cabal that controls the parties.


    • People will raise questions if Trump doesn’t win. He has ALL the popular support in America and she has none. Democrats are lukewarm about her at best.


  14. I do predict that they will try to pull some disparity between popularity vote and election college/voter representation bullshit bait and switch to get the cunt into office. Not only that but, I could see outright fake ballots being issued to give the cunt the numbers. That is what it is leading to and that is what this seems to be foreboding to me.

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    • They did that in the primaries in KY when Sanders was up by about 4k votes, there were suddenly 4k votes for thecunt, all within a matter of minutes, and she “stole” that state just like that.

      To echo something PA said once, should they giver her the job within 2 years there’ll be a civil war.

      What she wants to continue and escalate cannot be maintained.


  15. I’ve been monitoring the amount of Trumps followers on twatter. He’s picked up 200k from Friday 100k of them since Monday.
    He also picked up 200k in 3 days after the first debate.
    After every media barrage its normally about 100k.
    Standing on 12.4m as of now.
    You can actually feel the momentum. He really is doing that whole game push-pull thing but on a national scale freekin master-class it is.

    [CH: when trump wins it will be a testament to the awesome power of game (and to promising to build a wall). to go toe to toe with EVERY GODDAMNED POWER BASE in america that wants to destroy you and still win….that’s the kind of tight game that will be sung about by the bards a thousand years hence.]

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  16. Peter Hart and Geoffrey Garin founded Hart Research Associates, which made the poll. Both of them are Jews:

    Geoffrey Garin was the pollster and strategic advisor to Obama’s super PAC Priorities USA in 2012, and is now working for Priorities USA to push the Clinton campaign.

    The WSJ is owned by Dow Jones & Company, where the chairman and CEO is the Jew Peter Kann. He also holds the posts of chairman and publisher of the WSJ.

    NBC’s president and COO is Andrew Lack, a Jew. The chief of the network’s news division is Neal Shapiro, a Jew. NBC’s entertainment president is Jeff Zucker, a Jew. The Today show is produced by Jonathan Wald, a Jew. Wald is also the producer of NBC Nightly News, having replaced Jeff Gralnick, a Jew. And so forth.

    But surely this is inconsequential. Just because the vast majority of Jews want mass immigration and wars for Israel, that doesn’t mean their opinions would determine their coverage of Trump’s campaign, right?

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    • I dare any of you to have lunch — as disgusting as it is — with a rich Jew lawyer. I double dare you. You will NOT escape that lunch without the disgusting pig jew spitting food on you across the table because of talking with his mouth full of food (bragging about how rich he is).

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    • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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    • I worked in PR for 5 years as a CFO and I was, surrounded by the tribe and gays propped up by weak betas. Also a huge positive discrimination culture existed.
      Mazel…tov….was the celebratory slogan.
      The entire industry in the US was founded by a nephew of (((Freud))) (((Edward Bernays))) who was part of the kosher conference of Paris in 1919.
      The two biggest firms since 1945 were (((Edelman)) and (((Ruder Finn))).
      Check out the Holmes Report of the biggest firms lots of (((names))) in there in the US.


  17. Based Buchanan:

    His conclusion is only that Trump still has a chance. But this is the money shot:

    “How could the moderators have ignored that other leak of last week, of Clintons’s speech to Brazilian bankers where she confessed she “dreams” of a “hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”

    If the quote is accurate, and Clinton has not denied it, she was saying she dreams of a future when the United States ceases to exist as a separate, sovereign and independent nation.

    She envisions not just a North American Union evolving out of NAFTA but a merger of all the nations of North, South and Central America, with all borders erased and people moving freely from one place to another within a hemispheric super-state.

    If this quote is accurate, Clinton is working toward an end to the independence for which our Founding Fathers fought the American Revolution.

    After all, Thomas Jefferson did not write some declaration of diversity in 1776, but a Declaration of Independence for a new, unique and separate people.

    Clinton dreams of doing away with what American patriots cherish most.”

    Dream on, cunt.

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  18. Good VDARE article — Trump counterpunched the slime, now his best shot is to focus back on issues, and the issue that matters more than anything is immigration.

    Cut through the media bullshit and make this election what we all know it’s about: PRESERVING OUR NATION AND OUR PEOPLE … not a referendum on whether Trump is all warm and fuzzy

    “Trump is a good counter-puncher but he’s out of time to rebut all the ridiculous charges and outrageous accusations against him.

    Trump must turn the election into a simple question. America as a nation—yes or no?

    Hillary Clinton’s election would ensure the de facto abolition of American sovereignty and the permanent dispossession of the historic American nation.

    Only Donald Trump can prevent this from happening.

    That is the issue of the 2016 campaign. And it’s something which desperately needs to be discussed—no matter how hard the Lying Press tries to suppress it.”


  19. If the polls are rigged that badly, there’s going to be YUUUGE vote fraud by the Left. They saw what happened with Brexit and they aren’t going to take chances this time.

    The problem the Left faces if it steals the election is what happens AFTER.

    The New Yorker had a dog whistle article out yesterday (linked to by Steve Sailer) titled “Clinton’s Coming Struggle With Trump Supporters”:

    It’s a signal to Leftists: even if they steal this, how are we going to stop these Trumpies from organizing better and storming the gates? They are woke.

    Basically, the Left is faced with (1) pacifying the Trumpies; or (2) accelerating their police-state program faster than anticipated. 300 million guns in this country, angry, underemployed white men being shit on, a lot of military dudes pissed at the pinko army policy, and a lot of local cops furious at being demonized and neutered in the face of dindu violence—all now politically woken.

    The Left is finally looking past it’s nose at the possible future even if they win, and it’s scared of what it sees.

    May you live in interesting times rape!


    • If that’s the case, I’m willing to fight side-by-side with many of y’all here.

      I’ve never met any of you all, but we know why we’re here. We know what’s at stake.

      Viva Trump!


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    • Either way, all Jews have to go back.

      Their ill gotten wealth seized.


      Jews, you here? This WILL happen.

      Like it always does.

      Bet on it.


  20. 85% of the country believes that Hillary belongs in prison!! Never mind running for POTUS. The plant crowd cheered at the debate when Trump said he’d put her in jail — the (((moderators))) had to hush the crowd.

    What is happening now is clear.

    We are in Hunger Games.

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  21. on October 11, 2016 at 3:41 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    If the election is stolen and there’s serious backlash, does Obama have an excuse to go Erdogan?

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  22. Ray of sunlight.

    Watch this all the way through and share with your friends (especially any friends with a pussy)

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  23. My take (((they))) are flipping out because Trump’s real poll numbers have him past the threshold for plausible vote fixing. So make (((their))) nightmare come true, vote my friends.
    See ya all in re-education camp rape.

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    • Our pass code is “MAGA, brother.”


    • @GB

      I believe this as well. The real poll #s have been showing Trump will win for a long time and they are afraid. Theyre throwing everything they can at this.


      • Hey ya gotta link for those polls? I’d love to take a look.


      • I meant “the real poll #s” as what is truly coming in to the handlers, not what is being published.

        Just looking at Trumps social media #s and rally #s. there is no way Hillary is doing as good as shes been in the polls…without oversampling of democrata and independents etc.


  24. is this a bit of journalistic integrity from ABC news? I would be utterly shocked, but it appears that way!


  25. “This is how civil wars start and countries tear apart.”

    Called this scenario in January.

    “My speculation is this: That a close presidential election will be followed by the refusal from the losing candidate to accept the results. They might blame the loss on fraud or treachery or whatnot. But they will not accept the winner as legitimate. And they will force the issue. When the crisis occurs, the “either you are with us or with them” mentality will grip the whole country, and the factions will fall under their respective banners.

    This is what happened in Spain during their civil war in the 1930s, and it can happen again.”

    Notice the moderator in the first debate asked them if they lost would they accept the outcome as the will of the people: It was a tactful way of saying “Will you start a civil war if you lose?”


    • Yes. Trump should start setting out things that will indicate his “defeat” was illegitimate, making them as concrete as possible (e.g. dead people and illegals voting, absentee voters voting twice, etc), and promise there will be investigations. That will force the Left to curtail them and/or solidify his case afterward.


  26. The liberal media machine is in full gear against Trump — yet I sense a sneaking liking for him.

    Bear in mind that the MAJORITY of influencers in the Mainstream Cathedral are white men. Their interests, while apparently AGAINST the alt-right, are in fact similar in SOME ways.

    First of all, white liberal male TV producers like sex. If given a choice between loving fucking of women by their husbands — and bondage sex — these libs would PROBABLY go with the bondage. Just like any other redblooded American.

    Secondly, white men TV producers who determine Trump’s fate are WELL-AWARE that Trump shows up FAR BETTER on the optics of television. There’s something inherently repulsive about HIllary Clinton, and that repulsivity only grows the more you listen to her, hear her, and assimilate her facial tics and specific gestures. She is a walking grabbag of forceful opposition.

    What does this mean? Well, if you’re a 40-year-old white male (liberal) TV producer and you’re faced with staring at that aged 70-year-old cunt’s head for 8 years — AND HAVING TO MAKE IT LOOK GOOD because of your corporate bosses — versus staring at Trump’s entertaining mug, you’re going to start second-guessing your liberal standbearing politics.

    I’m not saying they’re not TESTING Trump. Clearly, they are. Clearly, they want to be the puppetmaster to his strings. But at the same time, I honestly believe many shitlibs wouldn’t particularly mind a Trump win, if for no other reason that to go easy on the eyeballs and have an entertaining time at their jobs.

    — Sorcerygod,


  27. The aim is not primarily demoralization.

    The aim is to lay the groundwork to blame illary’s landslide defeat on “Russian” hackers


  28. Trump needs to call out the fraud loudly and repeatedly at every rally. Also call out Ryan ((((Dan Senor)))) for releasing the tape. If God forbid he doesn’t win, then at least bring down the fucking temple.


  29. There’s 28 days left , what are the odds of:
    1. a skittle goin allah akbar
    2, a googleriot
    3. thecunt collapsing .
    we’re overdue for any of them. then they’d really have to do an obvious super rig.
    or Reggie’s Love Sponge cancels the election.


    • 1. 10%
      2. 45%
      3. 99.999999%
      thecunt collapses, Trump wins with a healthy margin, beaners try to cross the border before that wall comes up…………..


      • I want the cunt to stroke out during her concession speech , violently convulsing, blood coming out of whatever and wherever. She really needs to do it big time.. Don’t let me down, you crusty old crone.


  30. on October 11, 2016 at 4:43 pm Edward Paviol

    I like the comparison to “Pickett’s Charge” & Civil War.As we all know who won in the end despite the bloody mess. Also the names like Killer y & Kane & Able/How about “At the last Trump/Pence” This is do or die in American History.Another thing is The Brexit ,a fore-runner of what’s to happen where the Christian vote from the people swayed the outcome & how all their elite polls tried to change peoples minds!!! They were fed up w/the status quo.


  31. You need twitter sharing


  32. on October 12, 2016 at 1:38 pm Combine Honnette

    Anyone remember an old (((myth))) known as The Stab in the Back? (Dolchstoßlegende)?