Hey, Chuckie Schumer

Even when you win, you’re still the loser. And you’ll always be the loser.



    • Man with a hot wife and measure for time value decided to let the opposition hags win “a moment”, my guess is because while the shutdown happened during Carter’s emergency which survives to present OMB wanted a fresh one to RIF dead fed weight.

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      • My guess is a tactical adjustment to head off an ambush from that slimy fucking Romney and McConnell.

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      • Ding ding ding….

        Recucks were caving… Did any of you know there were two senate votes today? Do you know how they went?

        So Trump preserves executive action as the next attempt.

        Get this. Congress hates that Trump won.

        Not just dems…

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  1. Why do you have a photo of a college aged Stephen Colbert just below that of our lovely FLOTUS.

    Gots plenty floating where I’m at! Wowza, what a woman.

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  2. O/U on Sarah Silverman looking like the bottom pic is 4 years.

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  3. You must be referring to old Schemer winning the power over every unborn New Yorker, to rip them out of the womb and murder them moments before they take their first breath, yes?

    Making New York, at the behest of people like Schemer and his minions, up to Albany, the murder capitol of the land. Murdering the most vulnerable citizens.

    Yeah, that’s Schemers kind of “winning”. POTUS? Let’s hope he becomes what people like Schemer say he is. Or mayhaps, POTUS successor.

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    • on January 25, 2019 at 7:27 pm Captain Obvious

      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do: he was a murder3r from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

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  4. I say we put Melania in charge of the country for, say 48 hours. That Javanka, no blood relation of hers – gone. Then maybe a few other things could get straightened out. I say give the LADY a chance.

    That thing in the bottom photo, what is that, the kind of creature that emanated from holes in the ground to capture and feed on the Eloi?

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  5. These 2 pics show just how much of a winner/Champion Trump is. In every area of life Trump has crushed it. He’s had his mis-steps and bumps in the road but he’s always bounced back.

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  6. Real picture?


  7. She looks like she has Downs.

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  8. We still have open borders and the Jews control every major institution in this country.

    But at least Trump gets to fuck Melania.

    Good job with the wall.

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    • bingo

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    • Don’t be a black piller, guest! Daddy Trump is revealing ten gorillion sealed indictments! Don’t worry about record high numbers of legal and illegal immigration! Have faith! Trust the plan! MAGA MAGA MAGA!


    • Pretty much.


    • Careful, guest, or Kangz — er, King — will come in here and type out 35 pages of pompous, jowly tut-tutting over how you just don’t have the patience to wait 350 years for results that you need to blindly believe in despite losing, losing, and losing again. Just wait another 20 generations and Shmuel Shekelberg-Trump XXXVIII will rally the last 1% of White people in the 99% brown FUSA to heroically cut taxes on the rich! MAGA!

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  9. I thought that bottom pic was Mike Myers, fer cryin’ out loud.

    Don’t do dat no mo’. 😡

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  10. Weinshall is a beard for a pederast.

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  11. They are both trans-freaks, you dumbass. LOL perverts!


  12. Yes those monkey arms and giant pores are SO FUCKN HOT! LOL.

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  13. Trump caved today and pissed a lot of his base off and CNN etc are laughing in our faces

    Again it happens time and time again – we start getting good momentum this week, shitlibs are on the defense (the buzz feed fake news and the Sandmann stand) and then this bullshit

    As i said I know good dudes who have gone into bat for Trump and have gotten shit in their jobs and off family and he does this?
    Pandering to people who hate him and want us dead?
    Schumer and the Dems know they have him now. They knew all along.

    The kid Sandmann showed more balls than Trump this week.

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    • and kudos to the much maligned GE. He’s been consistent in his critique of Trump from the get go
      And Cortesar with his grab you at the throat black pills ..a constant reminder of the charade going on

      Trump has always been about business and trade deals – all his life.
      He’s not a civ nat never mind WN. This is something that was tagged onto him.
      The frustrating thing with him is he won the election all by himself, took on globohomo and fucking won. he could eb the best but wont be and its the last hope in the voting booth.


      • and kudos to the much maligned GE. He’s been consistent in his critique of Trump from the get go

        I appreciate the shout-out, but for the record, when Trump did right I praised him and always hoped for the best.

        Perhaps when I did criticize something it seemed more than it was because I suddenly had to take on all comers over their being butt-hurt and my calling them on their premature declarations of “winning”… and/or trying to get unrelated jabs in because I dare to quote Scripture.

        Anyway, I haven’t been the “black-piller” I’ve been made out to be, and those of objective reading comprehension know that.

        But I’m going to continue to call ’em as I see ’em when the God Emperor leaves too much on the table.

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      • Anyway, I haven’t been the “black-piller” I’ve been made out to be, and those of objective reading comprehension know that

        just try it is not that painful
        perhaps those with not so objective reading comprehension will understand
        that a life without black pill is not worth living lolz


      • I suddenly had to take on all comers over their being butt-hurt and my calling them on their premature declarations of “winning”…

        Oh, this is your appointed duty, is it?

        So some overly enthusiastic fellows get a little bit excited about a small victory. It’s your job to quash whatever positive momentum they might derive from success, temporary, pyrrhic, or otherwise?

        Do you not understand that it is your pre-positioning that is the issue here? The dark cloud you bring to every picnic that works against camaraderie? You weren’t placed on this board or on this planet to shit in every punch bowl you see, rationalizing your antisocial attitude by assigning yourself the duty to correct every niggling “error” that men grasp at for hope in this era of ghey earth.

        This is a personality trait that is baked into you at your advanced age, no doubt, and it is a huge reason why conservatives never win a damn thing. They take it upon themselves to be gloomsayers, which they have defensively used their entire lives to avoid the possibility of disappointment, comforted by “I told ya so” to cover their loser psychologies when things don’t turn out as planned. You cannot ever win putting your ass forward into battle. So, please! stop.

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      • Oh, this is your appointed duty, is it?

        So some overly enthusiastic fellows get a little bit excited about a small victory. It’s your job to quash whatever positive momentum they might derive from success, temporary, pyrrhic, or otherwise?

        My appointed duty is, when I give some RealTalk and get petulant ad hominem feedback from the League of Morons, is to defend myself and my position and counter-punch the puerile bullshit spewing from the yaps of said coterie.

        False positives don’t cure the malaise, and only lead up to more of a let-down when the facts actually arise… and thus far, you may have noticed, the batting average of the rah-rah squad is pretty much at the T-ball level.

        Stop being such a disingenuous prig… stick with the learned wisdom of the ages, that’s where you shine.


      • and thus far, you may have noticed, the batting average of the rah-rah squad is pretty much at the T-ball level

        Actually, no, I haven’t noticed. This is an assertion based on your congenital fear of disappointment that has no basis in fact. The heart of our disagreement is that you think Trump has done nothing or worse than nothing, and you don’t get to elide past that falsehood as though it were incontrovertible.

        I am using Occam’s razor. Which is the more likely, that President Trump is uniquely terrible among presidents with regard to dashed expectations, or that a boomer who has lost at politics all his life has a tendency to interpret all developments in the worst possible light? That you so quickly assume the former means you have more in common with the left than with the shitlord constituency committed to the fight.



    • on January 25, 2019 at 8:38 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Sadly, I aree. Wtf. We didn’t get spat at by Clinton terrorist thugs for this while standing in line to rally for him.


    • Aww boo hoo…

      CNN has been laughing in your face since Trump was candidate 17. This will never change.

      Wake up.


      • Jeez. We are in the front lines up here.
        This was a bad day.

        When do we start winning?
        How long did Flynn last? Not a good start.
        The two loudest chants at his rallies were
        Build the wall
        Lock her up

        How’s that going?

        Obamacare is still fucking over my company
        Illegals still coming in

        Kavanaugh the cuck
        Grassley is suppose to be filing charges against those lying cunts. How’s that going?

        Appointing Nikki Haley, Sessions, some like women to S Africa…
        Pompeo is suppose to be looking into whites having their land taken? How’s that going?
        He was going to tell us who did 9/11 well?

        If this is what winning feels like I think I have enough.

        I like the culture war stuff and the tweets but come on…

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      • And all I see is Trump associates getting arrested…if only we had a President and an attorney general…wait..


      • Lichtoff

        Seriously are you one of these semi literate boomers?

        “Obamacare is still fucking over my company
        Illegals still coming in

        Kavanaugh the cuck
        Grassley is suppose to be filing charges against those lying cunts. How’s that going?”

        What do your congressepersons say on these matters? What bills do your senators support?

        Trump is alone. He wasn’t supposed to win. All the appointees have either been wolf in sheep’s clothing, rank opportunists or in the rare case believers but amateurs in this game (Mooch as example).

        Maybe you should go to Washington? Lol


    • Trump is a businessman, not a warlord (like a Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon, etc.). He’s never really seen just how bad and bloody things can get. He’s lived a life where physical threats to his safety, or that of his family, was never really a risk of any of his high-dollar deals. He’s in politics now…and deep. He’s is fighting with a demonic enemy that he’s has never really had to face before. If he thinks these are just like his old business ventures where if you lose you just move on, instead of realizing that this is life or death for him, his family, and the Nation if he does not succeed, he is going to have a rude awakening. It is 100% certain that the Left will be out for his blood if they topple him in the next election. The will not play nice like he did with that evil b*tch Hillary, letting her basically just walk away from all of her crimes and acts of high treason. He will not just be able to go back to NYC and act like its business as usual. The Don had better don his armor, soon, and start swinging a sword instead of just avoiding blows with a shield.

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    • You are hand-wringing yentas with no heart for the fight who have perfected the art of nagging-as-amateur-political-analysis (see Coulter, Ann). And with every step backward that allows two steps forward, you lose your nerve and go full Chicken Little. You are not people to share a foxhole with.

      And to see you “more in sadness than anger” congratulating yourselves for predicting Trump’s doom is sickening. It is a brand of weakness fated to turn into betrayal. And a kind of projection: you are only partially committed to the fight, and so you imagine Trump is the sniveling same, as ready to sell us out as you are.


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      • on January 26, 2019 at 2:46 am Carlos Danger

        You are not people to share a foxhole with.

        That’s what VD said and I have also said many, many times.

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      • No, you get the fuck out, you retarded (((prick))). Your council is the council of despair, not ours — worshiping this orange traitor and failure and counting on this vermin to save us.

        Despite your name, nobody died and made you Kang. Just shut the fuck up, you dumbass windbag. Your walls of text are a blight on this forum.

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      • King, you retarded faggot, you are literally TLDR. You get the fuck out, you Jew worshipping moron. Courtesan has always been right.


      • King is an asset to the chateau, and he… yes, even he… has the right to his opinion, which is more-often-than-not well-worth hearing.

        I will say his rebukes used to carry a lot more weight though… I’m actually shocked… shocked to learn… that he leans so heavily towards the Pollyanna side of the Trump train, and that he tries a bit too hard to paint those who dare voice concern over what our lying eyes and ears are telling us as mere defeatists.

        Still, like all the other yeggs ’round chere, if he wants to break some chops, my back’s broad enough.

        The upside of his learning and wisdom still far outweighs the downside of his ever-less-pertinent rebukes in re Trump.

        Said rebukes on other spiritual matters remain potent. 😉

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    • on January 26, 2019 at 2:42 am Carlos Danger

      Its 21 days and he can now give the State of the Union which will be a speech to the nation with lots of winning in it that the Dems have wanted to see halted. I would not be surprised if he does this again in 3 weeks.


      • Hey Carlos…

        So there we’re two senate votes yesterday. Both votes showed GOP defections and little to no Democrat defections. McConnell has told Trump he isn’t getting the votes.

        To head off a 60+ bill, Trump “caves” on the shutdown. What was the shutdown getting by the way? Nothing. At this point just splintering the GOP further.

        The GOP is not Trump’s party. He has no party.

        So now the Gov is open. He can still go executive action route if a deal won’t get done. Which it likely won’t.

        I suspect the moment he goes EA they will move to impeach.


    • King-a-Ling should be along to sternly emit flatulence from his keyboard for about 3 densely-typed pages, Lichthof, to tell us all that we shouldn’t look beyond Donald Duck and instead should spend all our time shrieking in enthusiasm over the beauty of his endless defeats, stupidity, incompetence, and cowardice.

      This self-same (((King))) will tell you that sharing information online is a waste of time, we should get out into meatspace exclusively and leave the information stream to the j00z — because it’s really useless spreading the word on the first medium that allows people to bypass the (((media))) for a hundred years, and we’re just blackpilling, OMGZZZZ.

      Because the great and glorious KAAAANG has spoken! Oy vey!


      • Whoops, the Lord of Windbags is already here, spreading his verbal flatulence all over the thread.


      • Nailed it.

        King is a Jew.


      • Hahaha. That’s about the quality of reply I expect around here. I wish you had some substance to your criticism, because genuine criticism is welcome to those of us who want to get better. Try as I might, I can’t find anything actionable under that heap of cathartic emoting. Should I convert to Christ, being the Jew I am, or just kill myself, being the Jew I am? I agree that witty brevity is preferred in most cases (albeit impossible in others), but you’ll forgive me if I don’t have the time or inclination to satisfy that preference of yours.

        If only it were a true preference! Because all you have to offer are cringey confessions of your insecurities, transparent attempts to wound the messenger bearing unfortunate news about yourself. Try to find some peace, brothers.

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  15. Have you noticed Trump’s small hands, soft jowls, and giant ass/hips? The LGBTQ’s have noticed. LMAO perverts.


  16. “Has anyone checked for a penis??”


  17. It’s officially over guys. Dream of Melania in eternity. Avaunt!


  18. RT


    “Meanwhile, in the eternal quest to hunt down the source of our discontent, some have started to point the finger of blame at men, specifically white men. Yes, thanks to their so-called ‘white privilege’ and ‘toxic masculinity,’ white males in America are slowly displacing even Russia as the primary source of our tears and travails. Want a second opinion? Good luck with that”.


  19. I have no doubts about Trump’s ability to win for himself. But does he actually care about the issues he was elected for?

    Alpha strutting is fine. But I’d like to see some old fashioned loyalty. Hope that’s not too beta.

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    • Trump may be alpha, but if he had balls, he would declare war against the fascist left in this country. Real war. Dead progs. I get a boner imagining Acosta slaving in a coal mine/labor camp.

      Instead he caved, won’t get reelected because he lost his base/voter fraud, and will spend the rest of his life in prison for process crimes.

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      • The midterm defeat is a preview of this orange worm’s failure.

        That people still give this loser their undying loyalty amazes me. Apparently, all it takes is a couple of lying speeches during the election cycle and a Tweet or two.

        Talk about stupid and easily led. Dupes, one and all.

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  20. on January 25, 2019 at 8:41 pm BrachaBenedicta

    CH, it’s nice for him that his wife is so hot and Schumer is married to a sad mutant, but he still caved today, Coulter is still right, and what do we have? Immigration enforcement is basically gone. It’s all turned into a farce. What now?

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    • I’m not so sure today’s cave is the Greek tragedy it’s being painted as by his base…

      … but the optics DEFINITELY suck.

      I’ll go on record right now saying that if Trump doesn’t pull a few BIG rabbits out of his hat this next year, he’s not getting a second term… and if the current path continues, he may not even get the nomination.

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    • there is something called the 2nd amendment


  21. My wife is prettier than Mel, cooks, provided more children, etc

    A Jew isn’t fucking my daughter.

    And if you elect me President, I’ll veto every bill that Congress sends me.

    Fuck the FAA: they did shit 11 Sep 2001.

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  22. Trump needs to understand if he doesn’t win he hangs. If the left get the presidency they ain’t going to let him and his family live in peace.


    • Sure they will… he ain’t done any sizable damage to The Machine, and what’s a few red hats?


      • We’ll be able to judge what his role in all this is by what does or doesn’t happen to him after his defeat.

        If he’s indicted on some bullshit charge by the left, we’ll know that he was just a useless moron in over his head.

        If he gets a hearty handshake and enjoys his retirement in peace, we’ll know that he was a fake from the start, put up to defuse the flashpoint anger of Heritage Americans.

        It’ll be cold comfort either way, but we’ll be able to judge whether he was just a fool or actually a Deep State asset, in retrospect, pretty accurately by his situation in 2021.


    • He violated the ancient Roman rule: Destroy your enemies, thoroughly. He’ll come to regret that in either 2 or 6 years.

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  23. on January 25, 2019 at 11:08 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    There is no net loss in this recent charade.

    The White House offer would’ve given a temporary reprieve to several hundred thousand illegal immigrants (TPS and DACA) in exchange for 200 miles of fencing.

    All it does is put bureaucrats back in their cubicles.

    Trump needs to send the army corps of engineers to the border and commence construction (on a concrete wall) immediately. That way, the government stays open and the illegals don’t get a deal. There will be legal challenges, and they will find some pissant circuit court judge in Hawaii to issue some ludicrous injunction against construction, but, ultimately, the Administration will prevail.


    • on January 25, 2019 at 11:27 pm gunslingergregi

      almost 2000


    • Doesn’t actually need to be concrete. Metal is fine but there should be two fences on both sides to prevent people from subverting the main barrier. It’s not that hard. Also, a wall is meaningless if illegal immigration persists in other ways. In fact, we wouldn’t even need a wall if life was impossible for illegals and the DOJ went after pro-immigration advocacy groups for conspiracy to violate immigration law.

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  24. Very Downs Syndrome looking. Must be all the inbreeding.

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  25. “She look-ah like like-ah mayn”


  26. Chuck Schumer is Mephistopheles. Never give him anything, and above all, never bargain with him. And never accept a favor.


  27. To all the Trumptards:

    I wouldn’t even particularly care about Trump, or mention him, things being business as usual at this point — a sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    However, you obnoxiously shove this failed jackass in everyone’s faces constantly, for reasons known only to yourselves. You obsess about his “victories,” all of which are invisible to anyone with more than an 80 IQ.

    But when the Gawd Emperor is standing there naked, and you’re in our faces 24/7 shrieking about how magnificent and sumptuous his New Clothes are, and what losers we are if we don’t spend all our time grinning and enthusing over the fabric and cut of this imaginary set of finery, it gets fucking tiresome.

    I personally wish that we could go back to talking about brawds. Or engines, or guns, or even fucking style and fashion.

    Either Trump is a master politician and will turn things around, or he’s impotent either involuntarily or voluntarily. Bellowing in each others’ faces about him here won’t alter the outcome by an inch. It just makes the place intolerable, as political arguments have a way of doing.

    Seriously, can’t we have a 30 day break from politicians?

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    • Seek other blawgs. Yours is the oppósite of the hóst’s positión, and all you do is invite frústration on yourself.

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    • on January 26, 2019 at 3:15 pm gunslingergregi

      come on man its the end times loosen up’
      have some fun take a trip to thailand

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    • on January 27, 2019 at 3:38 pm YourAverageJoe

      I seriously doubt that you have much discussion about guns, except taking them away from the citizenry, and I further doubt you know the difference between and engine and a motor.


  28. Who’s the man in drag?

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  29. The egos of Pelosi and Schumer were exploited and used against them. As Trump ratcheted-up his rhetoric and compromise ‘offers’ Pelosi, especially, could not contain herself and felt compelled to match sound bites and their intensity – until she was cackling about ‘immoral’ walls and the virtues of ‘diversity,’ i.e. let more brown people into the U.S.. BOOM! at the same time Trump’s emergency declaration stands a better chance of passing the SCOTUS test if he shows how much he bent and sought compromise. Not saying he has been playing 4-D underwater chess – but this is how it has worked out.


  30. Why is Gilbert Gottfried wearing a dress?


  31. on January 27, 2019 at 3:33 pm YourAverageJoe

    That Schumer hag has green teeth and down’s-syndrome eyes.


  32. Question: Now that the SOTU address is set to go because the shutdown is on hold, does that mean that RGB must show up for it?

    If so, could that be part of the plan?


  33. What does this prove? I look at it and think being hot doesn’t do a woman much good if she yokes herself to a hideous gargoyle who routinely humiliates her. In contrast, Iris Weinshall may not be hot at 66 but she has a 37 year marriage to a relatively handsome man her age, two adult daughters, and a career to be proud of.


  34. I feel very sorry for over weight people. Because I think it like sure there is some psychological issue there that they eat very much more from what they need. Some people have stress and can not eat (I am this way) and there is others who if they are sad or in stress they eat very much. So for that I do feel sorry

    BUT,, what I do not understand is this kind of over weight or even obese women get a man and hold him! I give a example, in high school one girl in my class was average lookeing but she was popular and always had boy freinds. Now she is 27 and is married (and before this she was engaged 2 times). She always shows off about what her husband buys for her,, he got for her a new car before some months. She is for sure 2 and 1 half times my kilos. She is very big. And her husband is not ugly and he has good career. It is like she is magic, I know and other big women who theyre husbands are crazey about them. How? Why?

    I know it sounds very shallow to say that because maybe theyre characters are very kind (but the girl from my class was not). And if we understand beauty is very inmportant for men,,, what is hapening in this dynamic?

    There is thin pretty women who can not make a man invest in them. I know one woman she is with her boyfriend 6 years and he still did not marry her. My husband proposed but for sure he was not running to marry me fast. And there is big women with 3 proposals and new car! The woman in the post does not look poor,, sureley her husband is more than a little generos with her.

    So, my theory is like this,, but please correct me because only men can really know why it is like this.

    1. Pretty or slim women do not attract to them the style of men who are not confident,, so the not confident ones are tryeing to be only with big women.

    2. Slim women who are also kind are attracting not very kind men.

    3. This is very rude but this is the theory of my sister. She says when a woman is not very beautifull physicaly,, she will hyper compensate in the bed room and it makes her man love her so much.