Finnish Women Have Telekinesis

wtf I love Finn chicks now, they can use their psionic powers to transatlantically stroke me off.


This is the funniest video I’ve seen in years, although it is meant seriously. All women have to do to keep from being raped is turn around, hold out their hand in a “halt” gesture and say “Stop!” That’s it! The Muslim migrant problem is solved!

Apparently, Finland has joined the growing list of White nations allowing itself to be overrun by ruddy rapefugees. And this is their response.

White people have lost their marbles. Try to come up with a better explanation.

I wonder if this is what it’s like for faithful adherents when their religion is under attack from an increasingly emboldened chorus of heretics? The religion — in this case Leftoid Equalism — must buckle as the onslaught of realtalk hits from every direction, prompting a wagon-circling reaction among loyal followers that eventually descends into farce, as they grasp for the lifeline of incrementally lunatic rationalizations and defensive postures to protect the investment their egos have made in their wacky beliefs.

If I’m right, then the lid is about to blow on this insanity soon, because when cultists realize they’ve been played for fools all along they either suicide or lash out with a fury. One day, Finns and all the rest of the CuckWhites will have no choice but to make their peace with the reality that the races are constitutionally different and no amount of love or social policy will change that fact. They will make their peace either in rest or in revolt. Pray for the latter.


  1. why is the male actor playing the rapist white? / rhetorical

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    • the first thing i noticed

      having a darkie would be raciss dontcha know
      what a bunch of bs

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      • When I was in South Africa some years ago there was an ad for burglar alarms. Showed a White burglar breaking into the idyllic home of a bantu family!

        [CH: seth effricans are just as, if not more, cucked as germans and swedes. which is incredible when you consider they’re surrounded by… wildlife that would uncuck any sane person in half an hour. i think of all the white groups, they have stockhomie syndrome the worst.]

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      • Rejecting any offer of sexual love from a non-white would be monstrously racist.

        Only white men are rapists.


      • “[CH: seth effricans are just as, if not more, cucked as germans and swedes.”

        Yeah, they seem to be worse than white Southerners by a long way.

        Although considering our discussion of inner/outer Hajnal whites… the difference is that white South Africans are from within the Hajnal areas — Dutch, English, Huguenot French — whereas white Southerners are heavily Scotch-Irish.


      • on September 28, 2017 at 7:33 pm The Philosopher

        Well the crazy Saffers that stayed are, but the ones that left for Europe talk darkly of Madeeeba’s dream.


    • Hasn’t the technology of the rape whistle made it to Finland yet?


    • on September 28, 2017 at 8:49 pm Vagina dominator

      Does a lot of rape occur out in the snow like that, with all of those heavy clothes on?

      Thought: How would anyone know that you were wearing a stab vest? Or leather protectors laced onto your foreams?

      And how easy would it be to carry a kn1fe concealed for fast draw? But tough to stab through those clothes anyway.


    • I don’t think this has been posted yet:


  2. ” Return to The Planet of The Cucks ”

    – Sweden Facing New Challenges as Acid Throwing Plague Reaches Scandinavia –


  3. All those vibrants will finnish them off for shore


    • Nice!

      Great comment from Tim Page on YouTube: “They cut out the part where the migrant punches the girl saying NO! in the face and rapes her”

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      • on September 28, 2017 at 8:57 pm Vagina dominator

        I guess they are trying to conceal the fact about where and when the rapes actually occur,
        – at silly bitch’s house when kebab climbs in the window,
        – in a car when kebab and friends snatch silly bitch off the street,
        – in public toilet block when loitering group of kebab snatch adolescent girl in park,
        – in various places after kebab lure young girl to some shithole and pour grog and drugs into her,
        – in rapefugee shelter where silly bitch volunteers to teach swedish language
        – at a party where some cockless cuck has invited kebab out of misguided friendship
        – in primary school room when kebab cleaner grabs little boy or girl

        The de-contextualization is part of hiding the guilt.


      • I emailed the video to my brother, who’s a pastor out in Oregon. Here’s his reply: “The whole thing is so unrealistic. I mean, whose going to take their clothes off in that weather anyway?”


      • A dindu is gonna punch her then take her somewhere and strip her and get dat nut


    • nice wordplay. not funny. too close to home


    • From Petri K: “This is only the first part of the educational short films by YLE “How to repel a white rapist”.
      Next part will teach how to repel a group of Islamist’s by jingling your keys. Stay tuned.”

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  4. Oh how embarrassing! I’m the American son of Finnish immigrant parents and I had hoped that this video would never turn up here at the Chateau, but here it is (sigh…). Are my people turning into Swedes? Did my father risk his life as a young soldier in the Finnish Army fighting against the Soviets, only to have Finland get psychologically poisoned and invaded by swarthy Skraelings from beyond Europe?


    • Answer: Yes


    • On the other hand, we have this video showing how to properly ignore the idiotic advice of that “telekinetic defense” video (the part where the Finnish shop girl chases the Somalis out of her store but then drags one of them back in like a pedator dragging her prey into her lair is hilarious!):

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      • Are there any Somalians left in Somalia at this point?

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      • “Are there any Somalians left in Somalia at this point?”

        Somalia, disgustingly enough, has one of the highest birth rates in the world. So, definitely yes. They can lose hundreds of thousands of lives through famine in a year and still their population grows over 2%/yr.

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      • yep, and we keep sending food and medicine over there while they pop out kid after kid.

        if we left them to fend for themselves, things would balance back out. wouldn’t want that now would we

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      • Cutting off their handouts and blocking immigration would quickly restore the balance intended by nature. As it is, they’ve got a double incentive (from their animalistic perspective) for breeding as fast as possible: apparently limitless free food, and an apparently limitless exit valve allowing them to bleed off their population into our countries, where they also receive handouts.

        This is going to end very, very badly. The carrying capacity of Earth is not infinite and the carrying capacity of White societies, despite their tremendous power and might, is considerably more finite still.

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      • on September 28, 2017 at 9:09 pm Vagina dominator

        Everybody here might like to consider how he would help this girl (if it is not white knighting). The key is to know how to hurt and finish someone straight away when you walk up.

        Make a fist.The outside of the forearm aligns with the outside, (cushioned part) of the fist. Str1ke the head solidly with the hammer fist (from any angle or direction, hammerfist is very flexible, but a cycling high-to-low action is probably best here) Get the scapula and lats into it. Drop your hips if you can. Rotate at the waist if you want to be a real pro about it.

        The targets are anywhere on the skull. In this case, as it is a f3lony going on, you might also like to h1t the neck if that is how his body is aligned. But anywhere on the seven large bones of the head should be an instant KO.

        One advantage of the cycling action is that it reloads the arm for an instant repetition just in case he doesn’t go down straight away. Or you can just cycle in the other fist, left, right. Deny having any training if people ask you.

        There are very good reasons why this is banned in all kinds of sportf1ghting. But fuck this black piece of shit.

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      • VDom, these simple tactics comments are very appreciated.


      • on September 28, 2017 at 9:13 pm Vagina dominator

        Get those big arm pads and practise these combos with a pal. Hammerfists work beautifully when hitting from an elbow-at–temple-level cover guard with shoulders well-raised.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 5:52 am Muerte aka Luciano


        what r ur thoughts on palm strikes?


      • on September 29, 2017 at 6:17 am Muerte aka Luciano


        what do u think about leading with the dominant hand?

        i’m considering training more southpaw


      • I’ve told people for a long time that we shouldn’t have proliferated our technology to the third world. They don’t deserve it, and they sure don’t deserve our support financially.

        White countries need to eject the foreigners, and purge white shitlibs from the gene pool.

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      • hammerfists aren’t banned in any major MMA organization. They are frequently used to finish dazed opponents after a knockdown.

        However, these fighters have taped fists which greatly increases the solidity of the hand, which is highly prone to breakage if you ever actually hit something so stupidly solid as a person’s skull. A properly taped fist can be used to cave in a cinder block in a wall, it is so solid. That said fighters routinely still break their 5th metacarpals.

        For women, punching a larger man is borderline useless…women simply cannot hit hard enough, however, after a few months of bagwork I have had some thicker female students who could probably KTFO a cucked metrosexual.

        For muerte, I find that a southpaw lead hook, cross combo is one of my most effective against an orthodox stance. Palm strikes do not work so nearly well as hitting with a fist. Oh and if you try what VD says against someone who knows how to punch you’re going to get leveled.

        Don’t try “self defense” BS against your pals, find a really big guy who would be actually the type of person who would mug you. Smaller nogs are going to step to you in a pack, if alone with a weapon. Bigger ones are the only who would do it alone and tbh, as a professional combat sports instructor, I *always* get a kick out of how impotent people find out they are when paired off with a dude who is north of 250 and is a total beginner. Big guys laugh at things that done properly are highly effective against ordinarily-sized people.


      • That’s why you use a gun?

        If physical might alone determined your power in this world, elephants wouldn’t be locked in cages for our viewing pleasure.

        Same goes for buck nigs. Just because someone is 6’4, 260 doesn’t mean that you should be taking marching orders from them… Imagine where the west would be if white men had to do that.

        Should white people stop being such impotent lardasses and get some testosterone in their veins? Sure, but mostly because it makes you sharper and more energetic. Neurotically lifting and dieting solely to try and have some 8% body fat beach bod or huge meatsuit muscles to defend yourself reeks of phaggy overcompensation.

        What we really need to focus on is white men banding together on ethnic lines and getting rid of ethnic mixing infiltration. This is how Jews win despite being physically ugly and weak: they have a distinct sense of us vs them and have each other’s backs solely based on their genetic heritage.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 6:30 pm Vagina dominator


        1) I misspoke. Blows in general to the *mohawk* are banned. One of the best ways to attack the mohawk is with the hammerfist. The open hand is also excellent.

        2) Re taping of the hands:

        That is one of the great advantages of the hammerfist (and open hands), that you can in fact hit the hard parts of the head without taping or gloves.

        Hitting front-of-fist (FOF) however, does greatly endanger the hands if you hit the hard parts of the head. Even taped and wearing gloves, fighters often break hands and depress knuckles.

        Personally, I wish MMA were fought barehanded.

        3) “if you try what VD says against someone who knows how to punch you’re going to get leveled.”

        For those with poor comprehension skills, my suggestion was that you walk up to the man in the video and hammerfist him on the head.

        It is hard to see what would be wrong with that advice or how it would to one being “levelled” as the scenario is right in front of us. How would I get KOed in that,scenario? How is it relevant that someone “knows how to punch” if he doesn’t get a chance?

        4) “as a professional combat sports instructor,”

        Taking your word for how great you are, the key word here is “sports”. Sports is *NOT* the same as self defense. Pls do not make me list the 50 ways in which it is not.

        Jiu jitsu is not an effetive self defense system. It isn’t even an effective sportfighting system. If the rules of MMA were not sculpted around BJJ to protect it from reality, it would not exist as the worldwide franschising pheomen that it is.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 7:07 pm Vagina dominator

        @ Luciano

        Open hands are awesome and are a very important part of a self defense toolkit. But almost nobody knows how to use them. I have a basic video on openhand hitting methods at the link below.

        This video is about a year old and some of my practises and understandings have changed substantially since then so if i remade this video today I would do some things differently, but the basic ideas are all still sound. I am now all about

        – fighting in and out of cover guards (I admit my cover guard is very weak in the video linked below but nowadays it is monstrous)

        – understanding the moments when two fighters close on each other and – typically – enter the clinch.

        And of course, footwork, footwork, footwork (or, better understood, hipwork, hipwork, hipwork).

        When you try to find people to explain open hands they will show you many wrong things. A lot of this has to do with people not understanding the basic requirements of self defense (SD) situations. SD is *NOT* like sportfightng, or “streetfighting/folkfighting”. In SD situations there is FEAR and ANGER and people do not “fight” (that is, act and showboat like they are in a sportfighting match) unless the opponent is much weaker.

        In SD situations people *close* and then the fight is over in seconds. At Very Close Quarters (VCQ) (your front foot has passed his front foot), FOF hitting really starts to break down. Realizing this, many guys step back from VCQ to get more hitting disatnce and get KOed as they move their weight back. This is one of the most common ways to get KOed in the street.

        At VCQ, the best limb-weapons are pushing (think of Mayweather’s cross face arm as an example of a pushing method) with the hands and forearms to control distance, using the palms, elbows and hammerfists. I can easily KO someone or break his jaw with open hand at six inches. It is tyically much more powerful than say a hook or uppercut because the open hand allows teh movement to travel through multiple plains (e.g., not just across, or up, but across up and forward, thus carrying power through teh opp0enet’s polar line – the opponent’s vertical line of rotation – which is the true goal of most blows) cro

        Note well that trad FOF (front of fist) punching is very limited as (aside from the dangers and target limitations of FOF) it allows only forehand hitting where the right hand hit anticlockwise and the left hand hits clockwise.

        Use of palm, elbow, and hammerfists frees you from this restriction because we can hit forehand and backhand, clockwise and anticockwise – and also in many other directions such as high to low.

        And – given that we say that power comes front the hips – open hand and hammerfist hitting releases us to have a much more flexible and effective footwork at all distances. For example it, allows us to hit at VCQ while “reversing” (i.e., using retreating footwork yet not retreating from the opponent, but rather closely flanking him.

        Also note that fighting is not just about hitting. Pushing, pulling, gravbbing, tripping, are all core parts of self defense that are easily applied when one is able to hit with hands other tan just the fist.

        Ask yourself, what would happen to the strategies of boxing if pushing and tripping were allowed in the clinch. Would it be an effective tactic?

        Last word: hammerfist hitting used in SD is not like hammerfist hitting used in MMA ground and pound situations. In MMA, the fist is just a flail. In SD, simply put, hitting comes from the scapula and lats and often involves a cycling action.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 7:09 pm Vagina dominator

        “multiple planes”


      • Fairly good advice VagDom.

        May also try the slap to the ear. Don’t open the hand flat but cup it slightly and ensure it entirely covers the ear on impact.
        Same thing with hip/waist work.

        When executed correctly it’s at worst an eardrum burst and at best a nice haemorrhage.
        And in the end it’s just slap so if you’re caught on CCTV is doesn’t look nearly as bad as a punch.

        Also bear in mind in case there are bystanders, they won’t remember what they see as much as what they hear.
        Just as with game, you have to fill the void before their minds try to fill it for you. So say something as “Let me go! Stop hitting me!” even (and in particular) if you’re the one attacking.

        You’d be surprised at how nicely aligned with your version eyewitness reports will turn out to be.


  5. Finland: another country from which we should accept female refugees…

    Rita Aaltolathi


    [CH: i once had a fling with a finngirl. mm mm mm mm good. so cute, great body. there are times i wonder if…… ah silly me. psychologically, though, she was different than american white girls. still, my game worked just as well on her.]


    • on September 28, 2017 at 9:17 pm Vagina dominator

      Even the crooked teeth are kind of lovably cute. I would breed this one many times.

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    • We won’t need too.

      The Finnish people are as murderous as American Whites are. Its the most violent White country in Europe and its people are armed and have extensive solidarity . I’d argue the lady above is a typical Finn and note the Soldiers of Odin were formed there after all

      As a matter of fact Finns are considered to be a problem immigrant group in Sweden !

      lovelies like this would be welcome though

      All that aside this crap won’t stop till either the virtue signaling people Globohomo Leftcucks are removed from office or there are a lot of Anders Brehvik types on a regular basis

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      • The average Finn has a considerable quantum of mongoloid blood. Their language is related to those spoken in Siberia, not in Europe. They originally came from east of the Urals someplace. Much like the Turks, while moving westward towards what is Europe, they gradually intermarried with more and more Aryan people until they pretty well whitewashed themselves. IIRC, during the days of racial hygiene laws, there was actually serious debate in this country as to weather they should have been classified as white or oriental.

        Anyway, what you describe could be a consequence of their genetic makeup. (Not that it matters to me. IMO, a little bit of mongoloid blood never hurt an Aryan. I have a cousin that’s 1/16 Cherokee, and i would never think of him as being anything but white.)


      • I don’t know if Finns are the most violent people in Europe or not, but they’re certainly more violent than their Scandinavian neighbors. A study has discovered that Finns possess 2 genes that predispose them to violence:

        Finnish violence is mostly the result of men drinking and fighting. When properly channeled in wartime, Finns are superb soldiers. During World War II over a thousand Finnish volunteers served in the Waffen S.S. on the Eastern Front, mostly in the ranks of the 5th Waffen S.S. Panzer Division “Wiking”. They were some of the best soldiers in the German military – one of their German commanders described them as “Iron-hard soldiers, comradely and free-spirited and ready to drag the Devil himself out of Hell!” The S.S. chief, Heinrich Himmler, said of them: “Wherever a Finnish S.S. man stands, there the enemy is defeated!” They wore their traditional Finnish “puukko” knives by their sides in battle. Finns have never apologized for their Waffen S.S. veterans, who used to march in the annual Defense Forces parades in Helsinki under their old Waffen S.S. flag until a few years ago when they became too old to march.


      • In reply to Feral Sigma’s comment about Finns having “a considerable quantum of Mongoloid blood”, do NOT say that in Finland, because the Finns have tried very hard for over a hundred years to be regarded as regular Europeans and they’re prickly about that, so it could get you into trouble. But having said that, however, recent DNA analysis shows that there is a certain amount of truth to it – according to the National Geographic Society’s “Geno 2.0” project, the ancestral roots of the Finns are as follows:
        57% Northern European (i.e. Upper Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherers)
        17% Mediterranean (i.e., Neolithic farmers)
        17% Southwest Asians (more Neolithic farmers)
        7% Northeast Asian
        Here is how the Finns compare with other European nationalities:
        RUSSIANS are:
        51% Northern European
        25% Mediterranean
        18% Southwest Asian
        4% Northeast Asian
        GERMANS are:
        46% Northern European
        36% Mediterranean
        17% Southwest Asians
        0% Northeast Asian
        DANES are:
        53% Northern European
        30% Mediterranean
        16% Southwest Asian
        0 % Northeast Asian
        BRITISH are:
        50% Northern European
        33% Mediterranean
        17% Southwest Asian
        0 % Northeast Asian
        GREEKS are:
        28% Northern European
        54% Mediterranean
        17% Southwest Asian
        0 % Northeast Asian

        Anyway, make of all this what you will. Bear in mind that the man in charge of this project is an extreme advocate of “We are all one people” and these categories are all very broad. Also, this is very deep ancestry going back thousands of years, and it’s fair to ask what exactly is a “Southwest Asian” (for example) in this context – a dark and primitive Dravidian or a Europoid Aryan? Such a level of subtlety is not revealed here.


      • The Finns from Pohjanmaa (Ostrobothnia) along the west coast are especially known for their violence, and there are songs about the legendary knife fighters from there. Interestingly, that’s the area with the highest percentage of Upper Paleolithic Hunter-Gatherer (Cro-Magnon) DNA. Also interesting that the Puritanical pietist sect within the Lutheran Church is concentrated there. My father told me that during World War II the soldiers that he knew from that area were the most eager to fight – other Finns went to war because they had to, but the men of Pohjanmaa enjoyed it. Here’s a trailer for a Finnish movie about two brothers from there who are fighting over their inheritance of land from their father, and over a girl – no English subtitles, but it conveys very well what those people were like:


    • I’m curious, CH – in what way(s) was this Finnish girl psychologically different from American White girls?

      [CH: it’s really hard to describe in plain english, but if i had to put it as succinctly as possible, her demeanor was heavy, scrutinizing, and yet noncommittal and blase. it was one of a person who was simultaneously burdened by secret troubles but passionate about enjoying whatever life gave her in the moment. in short, she was the opposite of the drama-craving emotionally incontinent sarcastic american girl.]

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      • Hmmm. .. interesting. That fits quite a few Finnish girls I’ve known, although others have been more light-hearted. All of them have been intelligent and knowledgeable about what is happening in the world and I could have a good conversation with them about serious topics. They’re also quite capable. Finns aren’t more than two or three generations removed from the land (their country didn’t really industrialize until after World War II), and many still have farmer relatives. That’s a tough place to be a farmer and you didn’t survive if you were a frivolous, stupid or lazy person. Girls were brought up from an early age to know how to be farmers’ daughters and wives, and to run the farm while the men folk were away in the East fighting off the Russian invaders. I think that the Finnish girls have not yet lost these qualities – they’re not far enough removed down the chain of generations to lose that yet.

        [CH: this finn girl i was with was in the US as a management consultant iirc, either as an intern or on site for her company back home. i don’t know how high up the chain of command she was, (guessing not high, since she was mid 20s.) she was probably a glorified excel monkey. her apt was tiny, which made it feel like we were fucking in a shoebox and hitting every wall at once.]


  6. “White people have lost their marbles. Try to come up with a better explanation.”

    If this is true (and I think it is) there is no point in “saving the West”.

    We are truly fucked. Just spend your time drinking, parting and living it up because this mother fucker is gonna blow up into a GIANT FIREBALL that will annihilate the entire planet.


    • I didn’t know Sue Richards was Finnish.


    • ” Just spend your time drinking, parting and living it up ”

      Yiddish troll alert, we advice of surrender and desperate hedonism. It seems appropriate for me to repost something I said earlier. You go party kike boy, while real men take care of things in the East.

      ” I don’t mean this as an insult, but it is the western male that dropped the ball because they are ultimately afraid to die for an ideal. As the saying goes: ” If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live. ”

      The ultimate honor is to die in defense of your people. Sadly not many American men would even think of doing that because [ insert an excuse ] . Nothing gets a pussy as moist, as seeing her man pick up a weapon to go into battle against the enemy.

      Here’s an example of Russians from Donbas. These are not professional soldiers, but truck drivers, plumbers, dentists, mechanics, I think you get the picture. Hard men + tough environments = beautiful women. Sadly right now, the US seems to have neither. ”


      • on September 28, 2017 at 7:44 pm Captain Obvious

        Mieszko, they are JIDF demoralization agents.

        The Tribe devotes staggering amounts of resources towards demoralizing the Shkotzim 24×7.


      • ” Mieszko, they are JIDF demoralization agents.

        The Tribe devotes staggering amounts of resources towards demoralizing the Shkotzim 24×7. ”

        But that is why am here dear Captain. Think of it as counter-intelligence insurgency.


  7. Hey Greg Eliot, I saw your reply to me the other day…

    Notably absent was an explanation for your jewish trick to infect an institution and then attack the host.

    Comparing CH to a monkey falling out of a tree? Your enormous schnoz should have picked up on that stinker were you so wise.

    Your response to me, so typical, so predictable when I called you out that you had to copy paste directly from your yid playbook to avoid another faux pas.

    Meanwhile: Yesss sssnake tongue, tell usss more how we ssshouldn’t live by our heartsss, but rather get marr(i)ed and make bayyybiesss.

    Greg-berg Eliot-stein:

    Deflect, deflect, deflect,
    To hide he can’t get erect,
    His words will never dissect,
    His statements so suspect,

    His aim not to elucidate,
    But rather to invigorate,
    That which will deteriorate,
    Our already falling birth rate,

    Save the white race says he,
    While yiddish race we see,
    Panicked as sheep go free,
    Make more tax slaves ye!

    Don’t analyze the root,
    Which bore this sickly fruit,
    Just do more of the same,
    In bondage forever to pain.

    Yeah sure Greg…(berg). FYI: We’ll make our kids when the war is won. When we please. As real men do, not when they’re told by an (((agent))) like yourself.

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    • Very weird, this one.

      The expression “Even the monkeys fall from the trees on occasion” is an old maxim and one which I’ve used several times before on this forum.

      It’s simply a wry way of saying that even the best of us make mistakes sometimes.

      How that latest use got extrapolated into my being a kike I’ll never know…

      … and this new sock puppy Vlad, who smells an awful lot like no-bones jones/jesusisbad in style and demeanor, gets a ‘like’ from that other sock puppy of a thousand faces, the erstwhile WrongHaid now Luciano, go figger.

      The question is, how many haids can Greg Eliot live in, rent-free, at one time? Y’all should put yo’ haids together and call the consortium the Greg Eliot Estates.

      (((shakin’ mine)))


  8. […] Finnish Women Have Telekinesis […]


  9. The music definitely adds something to it.

    So the Finns are Jedis now?


  10. “because when cultists realize they’ve been played for fools all along they either suicide or lash out with a fury”
    Yuri Bezmenov made the same point. When idealists realize they’ve been lied to they become the worst enemies.
    I believe a good amount of libtards are just herd followers, and once the cognitive dissonance becomes too much, they will switch sides and try to repent by working twice as hard as everyone else.


    • on September 28, 2017 at 7:46 pm Captain Obvious

      There’s some saying about how the most virulent of the True Believers are always those who are the newest to the cause.


  11. on September 28, 2017 at 3:08 pm Oleaginous Outrager

    You know, that “Stop” motion is getting reaaaallllly close to another hand gesture that causes catastrophic conniptions in leftoids and rapefugees alike.

    [CH: LOL]

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  12. we accept white western women as refugees too, lol. our pleasure.


  13. Even as our hostile elites triple down on their Russian hacker panacea, we see that this struggle has largely moved beyond ideology or tribe. When you get hit in the face, you are not a Libertarian or a Socialist (never mind the unreadable hieroglyphs naming those other parties). The image of our time is a white man suckerpunched in the face, who is then told by a journalist (or a professor or a bureaucrat) that he was actually not hit in the face at all, and if he dares complain about it, then he is an evil monster who wants children to die.


  14. on September 28, 2017 at 3:38 pm One of the Last Few Patriots Left

    Yes, we should accept female refugees…….but only under some very stringent conditions:
    1. The female refugees MUST be hawt. Only the top 1% need apply.
    2. Only the submissive females. They will be tested before admission.
    3. Temporary residency only; no citizenship, no voting rights ever.
    4. Only those willing to marry American men.
    5. They will OBEY their husbands; any attempt to divorce the husband
    will result in immediate deportation. In fact, if the husband becomes
    displeased with the bitch for any reason, she will be immediately deported
    back to the third world shshiittthole she came from.

    Now take off your clothes, put on some nice lipstick and stiletto heels, and
    get in the kitchen and make me a sammich, you dumb bint.


    • “Third world shitholes..”

      You must be kidding, right? First off, who needs that kind of low quality vermin, and secondly who needs Uncle Sam to keep said turd world vermin in line?


  15. If she carries a brick in her purse the third option might work.


  16. This video tells me they don’t realize how violent these people are, and how much of a problem they’re about to have.