The Very Accurate, Truthful Trump Ad That Globohomo Doesn’t Want You To See

Last I checked, one day before Election Day, CNN, Fox, NBC, and Faceborg have pulled the ad. Seems like a clear-cut case of election interference. Time to rescind broadcast licenses and arrest media commissars.

Faceborg is indisputably defining itself as a publisher, not a platform, which means BRING ON THE ANTI-TRUST, LIBEL, AND IP SUITS.

Shitlibs, naturally, are spitting mad that Trump dares to pull back the curtain on their despotic plans to end the rightful reign of White America and replace it with a Dirt World dystopia. They hate that Trump’s “hate speech” calls them out for acting as accomplices to border hopping murderous degenerates.

Facebook says Trump campaign’s anti-caravan ad featuring convicted cop killed Luis Brocamontes violates policy against paid ads “dehumanizing or denigrating entire groups of people and using frightening and exaggerated rumors of danger.”

I watched the ad. Where is the lie?

TRUTH: 1st generation and later Amerindians in America commit violent crimes at a rate twice that of White Americans. It is probably more skewed than that, given the predilection of law enforcement authorities to wrongly classify hispanics as White.

TRUTH: an unknown but nontrivial number of violent criminals will be among the millions of illegal border hoppers.

TRUTH: Democrats are almost to a person on record supporting the abolishment of any border controls, opposing the construction of a border wall, and fanatically advocating EVEN MORE illegal and legal immigration into America. This will undoubtedly have the effect of allowing into America more scum of the earth like Luis Brocamontes.

Shitlibs mewl that Brocamontes illegally entered the country during Bush’s tenure, so the ad is “””false””” on a disingenuous technicality. This is typical shitlib obfuscation by irrelevancy. Trump is not claiming GOPe cucks don’t exist; he’s saying that as a party, Democrats are universally supportive of open borders and the implied overrun of the USA by the Brocamonteses of the Bleak World. It is with absolute certainty that there will be more vile filth like Brocamontes in America if the Democortez Party’s open border wishes become national policy in perpetuity.

The ad is stone cold truth, and that is why it chafes shitlib hides. It reveals what shitlibs don’t want revealed so openly about themselves: that they not just welcome, but desire and actively work toward the abolition of a White majority America, and will accept the resettling of violent third world thugs into America as a small price to pay to realize their dream of a nonWhite Post-America.

PS Here’s old video of Bill Clinton, once hero of the shitlib left, saying the EXACT same things Trump is saying today:

I guess Bill Clinton is retroactively Hitler now.


  1. Need to invoke anti-trust laws against Facebook, Goolag and the rest.
    And for broadcast (but AFAIK not cable) there are FCC rules about fairness, this is however complicated.

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    • on November 5, 2018 at 3:33 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Barbed Wire Love snags my Jeans!

      You Set My Amralite!


    • spic crime rates like 2-3x, maybe 2.8x whites.

      Still far better than nogs


    • on November 6, 2018 at 6:33 pm baked georgia

      anti-trust and public service standards. telephone companies can’t block your phone because they dont like you.

      this should be applied to banks and credit card companies too. they’re threating whites like terrorists

      ps: it shames me think that I was fooled by normie libertarian unregulated free market for so long


  2. The best meme for this attack on the nation by corporate globalist media


  3. Hadn’t seen that ad and thought it was similar to one I had seen earlier.

    The one in DJT, Jr’s tweet hits hard. I watched it sans sound and the visuals and the punch effect are strong.

    While I like being optimistic, I don’t see tomorrow going down favorably, and by that I mean many a nasty trick or two up the shitlibs sleeve.

    Shit, just look at the photo of that Nigerian army in liege with that fat coon from Georgia. (Is it Georgia? I’m being lazy right now.)

    And you got used up beaner actresses doing crazy shit, much like Overthelyssa Milano did during the special election for Alabama: taking buses full of shitheads to different polling stations.

    Fireworks will definitely be going off tomorrow and it’s gonna be headphone city for me at work to avoid hearing the boilerplate BS (well, maybe not. Politics is rarely discussed openly, but given how contentious this eleciton is [aren’t they all] someone’s bound to say something. Our resident yenta will be the ring leader.)


  4. on November 5, 2018 at 3:31 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Goblins out! Orcs Out! Out! Out! Out!


  5. One of the phantasmagorical realities about speaking negatively about groups (which is illegal in most industrial countries, US being the exception where it is not illegal but blocked and often career ending) is that TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE. This is unlike libel and slander, where truth (or even the speaker’s reasonable belief that he/she is speaking the truth) will be a good defense.
    For example, if I state that blacks in the US commit about as many murders as whites, while they are about 1/7 of the population, this would be true. But actionable in Europe and Canada. And blocked in the US, No, I do not hate blacks, far from it.. But I do hate muzzles.


  6. […] The Very Accurate, Truthful Trump Ad That Globohomo Doesn’t Want You To See […]


  7. Remember, the FCC went into overdrive some years ago over a “wardrobe malfunction”. This is VERY small potatoes compared to the broadcast shitstorm. Where is the FCC when you need them?


  8. on November 5, 2018 at 3:49 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    Good choice of word referring to the invaders as Amerindian. That’s exactly what they are – they’re Indians. Natives. Fat, violent, Spanish speaking Aboriginals. Or, as our recent ancestors correctly referred to them, ” savages.” Nothing has changed. The settlers raise crops and build prosperous societies while Indians maraud, invade, steal, and kill.

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  9. on November 5, 2018 at 3:52 pm John P. Scott

    Thoughts on the midterms? Looking really bad for you guys. Consider the following:

    1. Georgia is going to elect a Black Female as governor

    2. Beto is going to beat Ted Cruz

    3. Republicans are going to lose the house and senate

    4. The youth are EXTREMELY progressive

    [CH: Tiny Duck is making the rounds. Didn’t you post this same comment at audacious epigone?]


    • ^Faggot Bukakke Queen


      • on November 5, 2018 at 4:52 pm Corinth Arkadin

        John P., or whatever your alias is this hour, you have forgotten the maxim:

        “Anyone who takes a protein shot directly to the face is immediately disqualified from public discourse.”

        That counts you out.


    • on November 5, 2018 at 4:54 pm Corinth Arkadin

      ALSO, the Georgia Democrat Party is being investigated for attempting to hack into the voter rolls.

      The PARTY, not an individual.

      Let that sink in.


    • Wouldn’t Tiny Duck jump the (mud)shark by also adding that white women want black dicks and we better get used to it? The guy is actually a clever satirist.


    • Utter balls.


    • John…its looking bad for you too…you just do not have the intelligence to realize it


  10. I never really had so much opinion about Trump politics because it is American. I watched the debates and his speech and liked him,, but basicaly I can say I just was feeling like it is not my business. (I knew it he would win,, me and my husband made a bet on it) I can not say I LOVED him at first,, in the start debates, but in the end with Hillary? For sure. After I started to like him more.

    European media makes him like a demon. 90% of people I know think he is a very bad man. I saw some things in the news where it said he was taking babys from theyre parents and in truth, I was horrifyed. I am blessed that I have a very good family friend from my country in America. (She is a older woman and is in America 40 years) I asked her for her thoughts about Trump (because I know me and her have the same mentality) And she would not say he is good if he is not good. She said, I LOVE him. She said all the good things he has done and to not believe the media. I trust her opinion about him. And it makes me understand how strong is the division in America that the media so hate him.

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    • Separating children from parents ( of people who enter the USA illegally) is something that was also done by Obama, and the law was passed by Bill Clinton around 1997.

      But my understanding is that Trump only did it for a short while, then stopped it.

      The media here in Canada lie about Trump everyday. Same as in Europe.

      most people I know hate Trump because the media invents horrible lies about Trump.

      for example the media used photos from 2014 that showed illegal kids in cages, to demonize Trump and it worked very well, especially with women…most women were horrified to see kids in cages…but in 2014 Obama was in charge, so the kids were put in cages by Obama NOT trump.

      The media are PURE EVIL

      and I mean PURE EVIL

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      • Those pictures of the kids in the cages got me too. They even had psychologists on talking of the irreparable damage being done to them from being separated from their mothers, and I also read of some of them being molested. I didn’t know this was done under Obama too…..they ‘forgot’ to mention such details.


      • on November 6, 2018 at 6:36 pm baked georgia

        it’s interessing how in europe even supporter of “conservative” and “far-right” parties have a bad image of trump. they must be completely brainwashed, specially since trump is closer to them (the voters) than the typical neocohen.

        I think people can see when they’re lying when it’s a subject close to them, but when it’s something foreign, like america, they’re fooled easily


    • Very few of those children come with parents. They are either alone or with smugglers who claim to be their parents. In Germany it is the same. Europe is under complete central bank control.


  11. Roll the Clinton speech. At the close, Trump comes on to say, “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.”

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    • Must not have seen this.


      • Yeah, it’s a great neener-neener to those screeching now, but I still say it’s playing into their frame when we have to dredge up something Obama said and act like “See? Told ya so!”

        This isn’t going to make anyone change their mind, and it only makes Obama look sane.


      • It proves Clinton and Obama is as racist* as Trump.

        *they weren’t racist anymore once they got that globohomo money


      • That’s the point… the minute we buy into using “raycis”, we’re in (((their))) frame.

        You could find a video of Clinton and Obama gassing kikes and it wouldn’t change the minds of antiTrumpers.

        When are youse yeggs gonna FINALLY understand that showing shitlibs they’re wrong DOESN’T WORK?

        Winning Cyberian debates is the same fake high as Facebook likes.


      • Who said anything about convincing shitlibs they’re wrong….

        I’d rather prove they are wrong and win the audience.


      • The audience within the echo chamber is already won.

        And the audience outside has already made up their minds, on BOTH sides of the chamber.

        Win the crowd and win your freedom, by all means…

        … but DON’T do it by staying within (((their))) frame and The Narrative…. we already have enough allowed opposition on the airwaves…

        … and we’re still losing the culture war… BADLY.


  12. on November 5, 2018 at 4:42 pm Vigilantichrist

    Whatever the results tomorrow, I am hoping that Wednesday Sessions gets kicked to the curb and a real pitbull takss over. I didnt realizs how important the AG position was until we had such a non-entity in the job. He would decide which antitrust cases to pursue, which election law violations to go after, which 90% of the FBI to fire, and so on. Does Mattis have a brother who went to law school?


  13. Fox hasn’t blocked the ad and the link doesn’t mention Fox. Did you mean MSNBC?



      Fucking Fox News CUX are cucking the fuck out of Trump and America as usual.

      The only argument Trump and most “conservatives” allow themselves to make is that the immigrants do lots of crimes– we can’t argue nationality, culture, language, certainly not ethnicity or race– but we can talk about Mexican gang members and moslem terrorists being mean to gays. At least we used to be able to; I guess we’re going to toss those pieces over to the left also. “OO! OO! You can’t put up this illegal Mexican cop killer as being somehow representative of illegal Mexicans in general! I don’t feel comfortable, it’s almost, no it IS RACIST! I’m scared, make it go away!”


  14. Well, I just did my best to put some backbone into Hunter Wallace’s sad sack “Southern Nationalists.” While I’m sympathetic to the original Confederacy, their “don’t vote” stuff got me into my Goebbels Harangue mode. Practically shaking my finger at them like the “lying j00ish mouths” speech. 😉

    I pointed out that even if they believe TINVOWOOT, that voting for the Repubs flings defiance in the teeth of the Left. That it ticks off the ordinary leftists into chimping out, which helps to destroy the mealy-mouth morally superior pose they maintained for decades. That a political gesture, even if it doesn’t pay immediate political dividends (or any at all) can still be a powerfully symbolic cultural gesture that helps to drive one’s enemies into making mistake, and recruits more people to your side through a show of strength.

    If I persuaded or shamed even one of them into voting tomorrow, I consider that to be time well spent.


  15. At their core, lefists are colonialists. Ones too lazy to travel to other lands and subjugate people to live under their rule. So they import them in order to do the same thing. Only it doesn’t work out so well because you drag down a wealthy superior nation instead of showing up and improving an inferior one to make it nominally habitable.


  16. They allowed that latino victory fund ad 12 months ago
    Megyn Kelly cant fo blackface but Silverman can
    NYT can fantasize about Trump’s assassination but then he gets the blame for violence
    It doesn’t really matter anymore
    We are looking for some form of fairness or justice that does not exist…whoever is in power calls the shots


  17. on November 5, 2018 at 8:49 pm whowantsgingersnaps

    Bill Clinton’s always been hip:


  18. Today…(R)ight on down the line


  19. on November 6, 2018 at 9:23 am Dallas Control

    I’m surprised, or maybe (((not surprised))), that there isn’t more coverage of and outrage over Fox’s refusal to run the ad; by outlets like Breitbart.

    Fox’s refusal needs to be highlighted and unforgotten.

    Neocon cutouts are a large part of our problem, and Fox is their primary gatekeeping tool.

    Fox needs to lose its credibility with conservative-normies in-total as fast as possible, leading to a crisis in media representation for half of the nation that can then be solved with something more legitimate.

    If the entirety of the media is rightly viewed as being in the bag for only half of the nation, then even liberals will have to tacitly concede a degree of media corruption.

    Currently, Fox’s paper-thin conservative veneer enables liberals a measure of plausible deniability in regard to the total communist corruption of our institutions. They can’t be allowed that luxury.

    Fox has to go in the general manner that Glen Beck did. Through a massive, widespread, and unrelenting ridicule effort and a resultant steep decline in viewership.


  20. The social media platforms are taking a major business risk by becoming de facto publishers. Unless of course they know something we don’t know.