The Shitlib Nonprofit Money Laundering Industrial Complex

I asked how shitlib webzines and shitlib nonprofits stay solvent, and more perplexingly, manage to swim in an ocean of funny money. Commenter and epicurean trav777 answers,

CH- I can answer your question.

I have lived here for a while and I was fucking a chick who worked at exactly one of these ubiquitous nonprofits, and have done research into them.

They’re [special people] money laundering scams. Period.

One guy, I think ZH did an expose on him, had something like 6 or 8 shell companies colocated at the same address. They do the same shit with PACs as with nonprofits. People make deductible donations and the money gets routed around from corporation to corporation as “costs, fees, expenses,” whatever, and it ends up largely back in the pockets of the donors.

These billionaires didn’t get there by giving their money away, they got there by understanding how to KEEP the money they were making by any means necessary.

So the aforementioned nonprofit…some kind of africa bullshit. I told her, not asked her, “everyone there is a [special person].” She was like how the fuck do you know this? The [special people] that fund it are on the take from it, hiding ways to pay themselves and others massive sums to avoid taxes.

So think of this- every single expense of their life is expensed out to the nonprofit or PAC. Trips, travel, food, clothing, you name it. Deducted. The donors have their own shells to do the same sort of shit in a lazy susan. As long as the IRS gets some dough here and there, they really never fuck with corporations. And this is massive business with massive political cover.

These [special people] never went to africa, like nobody did, there were no perceptible projects she could discern and she was constantly confused about what tf this nonprofit actually *did*. I told her, they launder money. That is the business. The white chicks who worked there surely thought they were doing good but all they are is a sunk cost necessary to launder massive sums of money. Foundations are the same. Ways to perpetuate dynastic wealth.

Like I wrote, an entrepreneurial True News journalist who wasn’t afraid to lose it all to a vengeful Globohomo would really make a name for himself exposing the money laundering scam at the heart of the conglomerated shitlib media universe.

Fortunately, there is a samizdat dissident underground media willing to do the work that the Chaimstream Media won’t do.

From emailer “Matt”, an analysis of media dissembling (aka Fake News) that is related to the topic of this post.

Thought you’d find this relevant given your recent post discussing VOX. Below is a data driven analysis of 20 large news outlets. Given the lack of pointed initiative, I think the results are more cudgel than shiv.


The Fiat News Index […]

Fiat news is about the press telling you how to think about issues. Fiat news is about the presentation of opinions as facts, regardless of whether they consistently favor one group or another. If you want a bit more of a primer, including why we call this fiat news, the original piece Ben wrote in 2017 is located here.

We think there are some ways to measure this, so we’re going to try. And we’re going to do it in the open. Let me introduce you to the Fiat News Index.

I’ve selected 20 of the largest and most prominent US-based news and commentary organizations. Using the tools and database from our friends at Quid, the Index measures the proportion of articles from a media outlet which use one of a range of words or expressions I selected. These words and expressions fall roughly into three categories: words that convey a causal link between two statements (Causal Expressions), words that seek to communicate the Common Knowledge element of a narrative (Common Knowledge Expressions), and words that communicate explicit value judgements (Value Expressions). These concepts will be familiar to readers of the recent In Brief, The Tells of Fiat News. […]

The basic idea behind this framework is that writers, when using Causal Expressions, are communicating how you should perceive the relationships between facts and other facts, or between facts and certain conclusions and analysis. This conflation is a common way to present a judgment or opinion as objective fact. It is a writer coaching you on the logical path they wish you to follow. Sometimes that is innocuous, because sometimes the relationship between two ideas, two facts or two statements really is incontrovertible. Often it is not. When using Common Knowledge Expressions, the writer is encouraging you to think less critically about an assertion or argument. It is, after all, obvious to everyone else. Value Expressions are more straightforward and easily understood. They also look a bit more like an analysis of bias, although these words may just as easily be used to tell you how to think about what is good and what is bad without any element of structural favoring of one point of view. […]

For this reason, the absolute levels [of media dissembling expressions] are much less instructive than the relative levels. For me, I understand this index to mean, “If I open the pages of this publication, how much more likely is it than in another publication that I will read a story that is telling me how to think?”

Here is the Fiat News Index for the last 12 months ended November 10:

A few words. First, the Index includes four media companies that are not news outlets. This is by design. The unit of the Fiat News Index is the Vox, not because there’s necessarily anything bad or dishonest about what Vox does, but because Vox’s stated mission is to explain the news. Approximately 91% of its articles in the last year included one of these explainer words. Nothing necessarily wrong with that in a commentary or analysis publication (like Vox, The Atlantic, National Review or The New Yorker), but potentially a matter of concern when it takes place in a news outlet. Each other source is scaled to express how many Voxes of explaining their articles have engaged in over the last year.

The poles are instructive. On the one hand, we have Vox, and on the other, Reuters. In between, there is a meaningful range. While I don’t have the data to give Reuters a completely clean bill of health, for our purposes I think it is useful to think of their level as a baseline of the innocuous usage of these terms. From there, Voxes will rise with the (1) use of these terms to explain topics in news articles and (2) the relative proportion of opinion and commentary to pure news coverage. The first is our primary focus, but the second isn’t irrelevant, and we don’t consider it a false positive. You should read this as an attempt to proxy the following question: “If I open this publication, how likely is it that I will be told how to think about world events instead of being given simple information about world events?


Go there and read the article. The thing that jumps out at you is that leftist media outlets are more likely to “tell you how to think about world events” — i.e., to present opinions as news — than are right-leaning outlets.

This is the natural and expected consequence of leftoids being more ideologically conformist than conservatives, and why I have said the only fix is to cull at least half the shitlibs from their media perches and replace them with un-cucked, un-zogged patriots.


  1. re Fiat News, as similar approach would be to use the “By, For and About” rule: who publishes/writes the material, who is the target audience, and what is the subject matter about on an ideological level.


  2. isn’t it more important to diversify the ownership of media


  3. Regarding ((([special people]))) shell company tax evasion, I think it was here at Heartiste where a comment was made very recently about the distinction between Europeans who obey the spirit of the law, and the tendency of non-Europeans to obey the letter of the law and thereby circumvent it.


    • Jews lie to make money and are proud of it. They think God wants them to do that.


    • on November 14, 2018 at 11:52 am Libertarian_Pill

      And libertarians are often derided here. Although in a nutshell, our biggest beef is with the overarching legalism (with the three branches of government dominated by lawyers). With the risk of sounding like a hick, the Ten Commandments are good enough for me. (Of course, we can incorporate the 11th one in our personal lives, per the New Testament, but that’s not a matter of the law). Adding tens of thousands of pages of laws amd regulations, and playing their game of splitting hairs and staying in their frame to argue over commas and partial clauses is not the solution to the largest problem in modern democracy. Anarchy is probably dangerous, but now we are so far at the other extreme of pedantic legalism. And we know who benefits from this.


  4. Yes indeed. I have known for a long time that “non-profit” is a meaningless term, as those who run them can pay themselves fat salaries (and expenses etc) to make sure no “profit” remains.

    And decades ago i knew people who had a pocket “church”, making
    round-robin tax deductible contributions to each other’s “churches” etc.
    Apparently the IRS got wise to this fairly narrow scheme, decades ago.

    But what is described by CH et al is a NEW VISTA of opportunities!

    At least for the billionaires who mastermind it. They are BilliClubbers,
    members of the BilliClub. And, no it is not ALL round-robin. Serious
    money is being spent by the BilliClub, on leftist causes.


    • on November 13, 2018 at 11:08 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “The Shitlib Nonprofit Money Laundering Industrial Complex”

      During the Kavanaugh hearings, I spent a lot of time investigating the background of Christine Blasey Ford, and I quickly came to realize that she & her brother & all of her named co-conspirators [like that Ludington guy at Yale] were 110% the product of the Universititty/Foundation/NGO axis.

      Then I started putting 2 + 2 together – thinking back over a bunch of weird data points which I had accumulated over the course of my life – and the lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized that all of the Universititties & the Foundations & the NGOs are at least loosely affiliated with the Deep State, and that many of them are outright subsidiaries of the Deep State.

      And if any of these Foundations or NGOs are actually sending people overseas, then they’re CIA or M0ssad or MI6 [or all three].

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  5. So what? Let me know when Trump does what he was CLEARLY elected to do: use the military to seize ill gotten [special property].

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    • Meanwhile we will all continue working to feed our families while special people take 80% of the profits.

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      • on November 13, 2018 at 11:13 am Captain Obvious

        The Special People seized so much Dark Money during the bailouts from circa 2008 to 2013 that we may never be able to figure out how much they’re actually worth now.

        We’d have to disassemble the entire global finance system to track it all down.

        And run forensic accounting traces back through chains of dummy corporations in front of dummy corporations in front of dummy corporations – stretching around the entire world – to figure out who the actual owners of the wealth really are.

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      • on November 13, 2018 at 11:20 am Captain Obvious

        There’s a particularly odious j00ess, up in Wisconsin, named Judith Faulkner, who, along with fellow j00 Jonathan Gruber of MIT, was one of the most frequent visitors to the Obama Whitehouse.

        There, in the Whitehouse, the two of them designed the software requirements for Obamacare so that one and only one software company in the entire world had the software ready, in hand, in order to hit the ground running with the ability to immediately bid on Obamacare software contracts.

        All of the other companies would have to spend years trying to write the equivalent software from scratch.

        Of course that software company, Epic Systems, is owned by none other than the j00ess Judith Faulkner.

        tl;dr == J00z CHEAT AT EVERYTHING.


      • on November 13, 2018 at 11:52 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        You wouldn’t have to trace it.

        Just start massacring the top .05% and you’ll get them.


      • Jon Corzine ran MFGlobal.

        on his signature, they broke the law and comingled client money into the house accounts and lost everything. Money “disappeared” to JPM (and probably back to corzine, like a mafia racket)

        He has never been charged. You cannot more clearly break both spirit and letter. Dude’s not even [special] either. Just big shit, above the law.

        If they didn’t put him in jail, who will they jail?

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    • CO: the owner of that software company was good friends with Michelle Obama, that’s how they got the contract


  6. on November 13, 2018 at 11:21 am William of Orange County

    “The white chicks who worked there surely thought they were doing good but all they are is a sunk cost necessary to launder massive sums of money.”

    White women are the “useful idiots” of the [special people]. Again. Still. News at 11.

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    • yep

      for whatever reason, white women are the worst and most common virtue signalers.

      just like their runs for breast cancer, women’s marches, volunteering at animal shelters and going into nursing, working for a non-profit feeds right into there desire to play lifetime martyr and get good feels from everyone telling them how noble and generous they are

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      • on November 14, 2018 at 9:29 am ConantheContrarian

        I had to laugh at your comment. My wife volunteers at animal shelters, and she posts her exploits at the shelter… on Faceborg. But if that is the worst of it, it isn’t so bad. She votes the way I tell her to vote, so everything is good.


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      • “Lesbian minister in an outdoor field”: What a cynic – it can also be a differently-abled reverend in a forest clearing and later you drink pomegranate cocktails from mason jars in a rustic barn.

        Also, is it dick-out/hand slap, or direct dick slap? For me, that would then have to be a flying dick slap. If standing-dick-slap for anyone here, congratulations. Whatever it is, in the scorn that follows, MAINTAIN FRAME. If CH teaches anything, it’s post-dickslap frame maintenance.


    • I suggest you prepare for prima nocta as is your right

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  8. This is like Native Advertisement but on a Fuggernaut scale. Globohomo-sponsored content masquerading as teh News. Sinister shit.

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  9. ” why I have said the only fix is to cull at least half the shitlibs from their media perches and replace them with un-cucked, un-zogged patriots.”

    So we need a “Thanos”


  10. The nonprofits are also the equivalent of state make work jobs for colored folk. Except it’s for liberal arts and “studies” majors. They make enough to pay their student loans and go out 4 days a week and never have kids in their generic viceland town and take a vacation every couple months to a different viceland town. And they never quite get that they are doing absolutely nothing at work except moving nonprofit jargon from them to the next passat driving know nothing blue hair. And also like a state job, once you’re in, you’re in forever. You just bounce from one nonprofit to the next, being given bigger titles and more people doing nothing under you doing nothing. It’s a genuine beanie baby economy.

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    • on November 13, 2018 at 11:53 am Captain John Charity Spring MA



    • on November 13, 2018 at 11:54 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Beanie Baby Economy

      That’s a book title.

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    • Beaine Baby is a real item, that exists in the real world, has mass and can be touched, it’s made by a real person (in front of the machine at least) and it’s demanded by a real person.

      This is 100% more “real” than what those NGO / 401’s push around, it’s all just printed jOO confetti with no connection to the real world, supply, demand, or any economic rule.

      A Beanie Baby economy would be a real step up


  11. If it’s true that Soros et al. are only after money, that’s comforting to know because, in the words of C.S. Lewis,

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

    I suspect however that trav777 is wrong, and the SJW fat cats really are “omnipotent moral busybodies” determined to “cure” us of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and flood our countries with third-world garbage even if it ultimately ruins them.

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  12. It gets worse. I live in one of those control alcohol states that buys/stores/and even sells the alcohol that gets sold in the entire state. We pay “favored” companies $2 a bottle to store and another $2 to ship each bottle of wine/spirits sold in the state.

    Not only do those companies donate to politicians in a certain political party, they pay their employees for their union dues to go to politicians of a specific political party.

    Those politicians get re-elected, the fat contracts go back to the same companies, and campaign money goes back to the politicians – ALL ON THE CITIZEN’s DIME!

    Once you realize how much of our economy is money laundering back to the right people, you’d expect the tar to start being heated and the feathers to be plucked.


    • What you’d expect from a few talented, self-motivated patriots is a domestic Phoenix Project.

      The creep state apparently has an absolute monopoly on those ops though.

      Strange really … in a land of 300 million + guns.


  13. fox
    it’s coming.
    you’re nervous.
    got your affairs in order?


  14. “Commenter and epicurean trav777 answers,”

    I fucking LOL’d, F-Street got his own headline finally with ‘mad props’.

    Banging out 200 bones for a plate of tagliatelle DOES have its perks. 🙂

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    • I damn near spewed mah spumoni.


    • on November 13, 2018 at 1:33 pm Pretty Boy Looch

      Boss life.

      I can’t wait till I have that much fuck you money.


      • Looch, I like you. Keep keepin’ it real.

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      • Praising the one who praises one of the most antiChristian posters on this forum? (merely because he snarks Eliot, I presume? Or do you honestly admire our resident epicurean n1gger-fucker?)

        Tsk, tsk… say three Hail Marys and two Our Fathers, good catholic boy.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • Gibbs of a feather flock together… Amirite Loochhaid?

        Gubmint money is gubmint money.. Laaaaawdy laaaaawdy gibbs me sum o dat Dere!!!!


      • When has he said much against Christianity? There are many here who you defend and call and ally who say far more against God. Anyone who is your enemy is my friend as they say. Besides you fawn over Matt King who schools you regularly and in the same breath imply Catholics are going to Hell when you would not have any theology without us. Give us a break from your blow hard antics for just once, heretic.

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      • Trav has regularly said Cuckstianity is a death cult of the weak. And he admires Islam.


      • I know but I still like Trav. I like Looch too. So what? If you don’t keep the dialog open they will never see. Trav never rides me and I see no reason to ride him. He mostly talks shit and his grasp of Islam is out of respect for their understanding of women. But he has some good insights. Same with Looch. Looch is more indifferent than anything to God. My best friend doesn’t care much for Christianity either but I enjoy talking to him all the same.

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    • its $400 spaghetti….with fat chicks.

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    • “Epicurean” catchy code word CH


    • With each passing moment, you make yourselves more my servants.

      I think this forum needs a subthread where people just talk about me nonstop lol.

      btw, here is the Fiola Mare dinner menu:

      they don’t have tagliatelle. I do however recommend the lobster ravioli.

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      • Behold!

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      • well well well… looky here…



      • keep trying trav!

        TRY HARD 2!


      • dude are you still sperging over the fact I can afford Fiola Mare and you cannot?

        Read the menu, they don’t have tagliatelle…no clue when or if the IG post went there.

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  15. Everyone please donate to the United Way. We want our Globohomo Company to have 100% participation! FYI, that’s how they pay the peons who do the laundering.


  16. OT (somewhat)— This is why you do NOT whore your daughter out to [special people] or dindus because the thing that is created is going to be a surprise and usually not a good one. There is no hybrid vigor by poisoning the most valuable genes with inferior ones.

    The same reason you wouldn’t cross-breed a winning thoroughbred with a flea bitten nag.

    This is Ivanka Trump’s daughter from (((Jared))) holy semite khazar batman… yikes. Swarthy as phuck with the mocha skin and shit brown eyes. Yuck.

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  17. on November 13, 2018 at 1:21 pm John Joel Glanton

    Speaking of which, is it even possible to buy cars/power tools/electronics that were made in America? I don’t understand why these companies make all their shit in China. If they produced quality goods in America/Canada they would have a monopoly on the market.


  18. on November 13, 2018 at 1:22 pm John Joel Glanton

    Seems like the only thing they make in America is guns. I research every company before a purchase and damn near everything is owned by some Japanese conglomerate or another. Makes me sick.


  19. on November 13, 2018 at 1:30 pm Pretty Boy Looch

    Trav real as fuck and an oasis in a desert of shit GE comments. Props on giving him his due.

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    • Ah, has the mystery (not really, but) of who this moops is socking for been unraveled?

      That would explain trav’s boasting of nonWhite gash.

      Heh, heh… you socks can’t even get out of your way without telling on yourselves.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on November 13, 2018 at 1:50 pm Pretty Boy Looch

        It’s weird how the guy who never saw a conspiracy he wouldn’t rush to shoot down is so carried away with calling everybody a sock.

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      • You yourself admitted to posting under various monickers over the years ’round chere, so don’t try to snark your way out of it now.


      • And for the record, the only persons I accused of being socks were you, dweebstreep, and MikeF…

        … ALL of which, balls-ass obvious, and the first two of you even self-admitted.

        Like I said, you can’t get out of your way.


      • Wrong side of history

        Divine son of kek

        Bunch of others…

        You’ve more socks than an octopus…


      • To be fair, I think that Divine Kek sock was just some errant ghey, under various hyperbolic titles, that liked to come ’round chere with fantasy tales, trying to get folks to click on his blog.

        WrongHaid had a couple of monickers, the first of which I believe might have been uh.


      • on November 13, 2018 at 9:57 pm Flyover Hayseed

        Divine Son of Kek, or whatever he called himself at any given time, could be annoying often enough, but I recall no evidence of hostility toward any of the commenteriat. He seemed so caught up in his adoration of CH, his desire for CH’s attention, and his own own peculiar self-promoting fantasies, some of which I found genuinely funny, as to remain utterly unfazed by the mockery he received, in response to which he would proffer entertainingly outlandish advice with apparent good will. Maybe I misread him.


      • dude, our conquistador ancestors fucked nonwhite pussies as was the right of a MAN.

        Reminisce and get back to us on when you became a bitch.

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      • Yes, they created brown India, muddy Arabia and mestizo Mesoamerica.


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  20. The NPC meme has been validated.


  21. Not only are they money laundering/racketeering fronts, but those involved are often the nastiest human beings alive.

    The top 10-20% are nasty because they know they are a scam and are there to assist the scam—like carnies backstage at a rigged game.

    The other 80-90% are nasty because everyone dreams of working for their favorite charity for life—so they can feel like “angels” and get social validation—so only the most cutthroat folks can get the jobs, which don’t pay that well to begin with (unless, again, you’re in the top 10%). So they get paid badly and scratched and clawed their way to get that measly pay, and their best reward is looking down on others who don’t work at non-profits.

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    • yep

      the people working for these places are the most insufferable status whores imaginable. all their coworkers, acquaintances, and casual friends will buy in to their virtue signaling and think they are akin to saints

      but anyone who has a close family member or has been in a relationship with one of these people will tell you it’s all a lie. they are almost always nasty and selfish as can be with the people closest to them


    • I’ve never met a man who works for, or aspires to work for a non profit. In my little world when I think of non profits, I think of an office staffed with young women who are particularly dull, and have very corny dreams and are naive to a very high degree.

      If these things are rackets (which I think they are) then I assume the people at the top must enjoy employing young women, not only for looks and access to looks, but they’re virtually assured that none of their employees will ever know or care to know what they are doing. Literally all you have to do is tell them they’re saving the world and they’ll be your little retard for life lol.

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  22. CH im trying to post a pic and mod is crying out in pain as it strikes my post

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  23. So, another reason to support the Fairtax.
    And another reason it will never pass into law.


  24. My rule of thumb is most charities are scams. Charity “CEOs” are paid $500k-$1 million packages, lots of bennies and freebies.

    In a for-profit company it’s easy to measure if the organization is creating net value in society, i.e. producing goods/services that are more valuable than resources it consumes to produce said goods/services — it’s called “profit.”

    How is a charity “measured”? In feelz only. That’s what they sell — feelz. As in “I feel good to give money to the make a wish foundation, it helps dying kids!” That’s all smoke and mirrors marketing.

    All these cancer charities etc are scams too. Lots of money is changing hands, people making big bux off it.

    It’s why I stopped giving to any charities many years ago. Now my main charity is my family and posterity.

    But if you must give, at least pull the 990 forms. All tax-exempt charities must file these financial and related info returns with the gubment. Includes salaries of top execs and top level source/use of funds. You can always find a copy online.

    Example – from Form 990 Susan G. Komen foundation about breast (*heh*) cancer
    Avg salary + bennies of top 11 execs: $364k
    Salary and bennies for CEO: $566k

    Not only do these execs have cushy jobs and perks, but the opportunities for fraud, malfeasance and plain of waste are massive.

    You are literally flushing your money down the toilet by giving your hard-earned dollars to a “charity” like this.


  25. If you want to give to a real charity, try something similar to . The difference between them and one of those “raising awareness” nonprofits is simple: these guys 1) manufacture backpack beds, and 2) hand them out to homeless people. Sure, it’s shit that giving homeless people a tent is the best we can do. But the difference between that and “raising awareness” about homelessness is that with, homeless people actually get a tent.


  26. It’s the little things that count.

    Notice how Jared’s hands rest right at crotch-level and Jarvanka’s rest far beyond the crotch area? That’s a male feature.

    Jared has a woman’s natural waistline above the navel, narrow shoulders with wider hips? The suit padding does not hide it well.

    Don’t be fooled by the long blonde hair, lipstick, and high heels. It’s good to explore these things and find the truth so you don’t seem like a stupid dumbass for lusting after men with their dicks cut off.

    Trump’s ex wife Ivanna is also a male who has transitioned to female. Marla Maples too. There are bikini beach shots of their Adonis Belts and wrinkly, leathery, billfold-looking asses.

    Oh, have you seen Trumps giant cheesy ass? There are photos of him in white shorts playing tennis. And one of him boarding a plane with the wind blowing up the back of his suit jacket. It’s GIANT. Small hands. And the mushroom micro-penis? The gays know that he’s just an old grandma. You can’t trick a real faggot with this gender-bending stuff. Just ask one of them.

    These androgynes are disgusting frauds.

    I am sure they have gender- transitioned the children in utero. It’s part of their Talmudic/Freemason/Baphomet/Satanit religion to be both sexes.


    • Jeez, Louise… congratulations on coming up with even MORE inane videos and CTs than the usual run around here… which is saying a lot.

      You tried this “everybody’s a tranny” bullshit last month… are we going to have to put up with this nonsense every month? Can’t you shills come up with some agitprop that’s at least plausible?

      (((SHAKIN’ MAH HAID))) 😡


    • And btw, homosexuality is a mental disorder, I don’t care how the APA was PC’ed into changing that judgment.

      Get help… we don’t need your kind ’round chere.


  27. What is about the thousands-of-years-old ancient bloodlines that drives these creatures to transition to both genders? It seems like such a pain in the ass. Why is the transgender issue such a huge issue today?

    The Nephilim bloodlines.
    Descendants of fallen angels.
    Better than us.
    Gods on Earth.
    Babylon. Pre-flood kingdom.
    Celebrity idols and politicians.
    Go back to the days of Nimrod.
    They are hybrids.
    Not fully human.
    Giving God the middle finger.
    Destroying creation and natural law.

    This is so obvious if you are not lying to yourself. The Trumps are no exception. What is their agenda? Population control.

    Elite gender inversion.

    Here is the billionaire royal family of Monaco.

    Grace Kelly was a man – a secret transgendered entity.


  28. Ariana Grande was “so much better with balls.”


  29. Thread being slid hard, with pictures even (takes up more realestate) by total rando.

    What brought that on? Better go back and see if I can ID the triggery posts.
    Was it the autopsy on nonprofits and related crimes? Was it the strange brown child episode? Hmm? I bet the nonprofits, and the gangs that run them.