The End Game Of #MeToo

What’s the end game of #MeToo? Will it be the “end of Game”? When any male romantic initiative is outlawed and the social consequences for flirting to gauge female interest are severe enough to cost men their livelihoods, femcunts think we’ll have a shrewtopia where only women solicit men for dates (sex). But that’s never gonna happen because women are constitutionally averse to making the first move. They don’t fall hard for passive men.

I can see a sexual market dystopia develop in which real true passion escapes to an underground romance bazaar where women can feel again what it’s like to be desired. To be hotly, remorselessly pursued by assertive men. They’ll miss that when it’s gone. (A reader says this is basically the plotline to 1984.)

In the meantime, the fantasy of women hitting on the men “they want”, while loserboys are straitjacketed by the State to observe the mate market from a position of forlorn impotency, is just that…a grrlpower projection of wishful thinking that denies the reality of female vulnerability and the need to feel pursued by men. Women who make the first move never feel right about it afterwards, because they know deep inside that men will agree to easy, no muss no fuss sex with women they wouldn’t normally hit on if the man had to initiate. So the pursuer woman always feels like her “conquest” settled for her. This is a rickety, poisoned foundation for the development of a committed relationship.

A reader wonders,

isn’t the goal to get the woman to pursue, though; and to make her feel like you’re settling to some extent?

We have to draw a distinction between a man presenting himself as a challenge to women and a man passively accepting a woman’s forthright solicitation for a date or sex. A woman who unambiguously approaches a man to get his attention and to start a convo with him knows she’s making it easy for him. She has reversed the sexual polarity with extreme prejudice, and no worthy romance can come from that.


Since unwanted groping has been in the news lately, it’s a good time to revisit the Game concept of “kino escalation“, i.e., getting increasingly physical with a girl to acclimate her to your touch. (Touch-ophobes don’t get laid.) The big distinction between Franken gropers and PUA probers is this: the latter operates within the context of receptivity cues from women.

Gropers like Franken cold-COCK, presumably, unreceptive women who had no inkling they were the subject of flirtatious intent until tongues were mashed deep down throats and tushes grabbed without forewarning. That’s not Game. That’s anti-Game of the sloppily aggressive kind.

There are two types of anti-Game: the socially awkward neediness of beta males, and the socially awkward pushiness of omega perverts. Neither resembles the studied charm and flirty teasing of the Game-aware man.

Touching a woman during a courtship sooner rather than later, and more frequently rather than sparingly, is an effective means of building a comfortable physical rapport with her. Women aren’t cognizant of their own arousal mechanisms, so when a man refuses to touch a woman she isn’t going to think “oh he’s so gentlemanly to keep his hands to himself”, she’s going to think “this man is uncomfortable around me, he must not have much experience with women…I don’t think he’s the one for me”.

So incrementally frequent and intensifying touching is a critical part of seduction. But it doesn’t start with the tits and ass, it starts with a light touch on the forearm or shoulder, maybe a breathtakingly shortened distance between lips and ear to whisper an in-joke, etc. A forearm graze may lead to a warm smile and her body leaning closer into you, which is your cue to touch her on a slightly more erogenous zone and let your hand linger a little longer.

This is the art of flirting, and it used to be unspoken common sense about how the sexes relate to each other, before the present day moral panic that is gunning for the obliteration of any romantic tension between men and women.


  1. The shrewtopia will be like new Coke. Women won’t like it and they’ll want the original instead.


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  3. Yes, most women will hate the new world where the majority of men are afraid to make a move. Ask any college girl about the dating scene at her school. That’s our future. But shrieking feminazis (who have driven us to this point) will love it because they want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

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    • My mother’s hypothesis since at least around 2000 is that the dedicated feminists are all lesbians, either overt or closeted, and their “feminism” is an attempt to divide men and women in order to increase their potential pool of lesbian recruits.

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    • women will hate it but they will not know why they hate it and they will take it out on you.

      The average city chick these days may be beautiful but they are as rotten inside as an apple left in the sun for a few days. A brief foray onto any dating app like tinder will show you dozens of early 30s post-wall chicks posing with their fuckin dogs. Nonstop dog photos…these hoez are really far, far gone and probably cannot be saved. They are a restraining order and contested divorce waiting to happen.

      The feminazis don’t want to be happy; they want what every other woman wants but they have no clue how to get it and lash out against anyone who tries to redirect them toward it.

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      • Trav777.. we are in a world now that any HB7 and above has either done sex cams or has considered it.
        And 10 minutes on chaturbate will tell you all you need to know about the depraved sexuality of women.
        Any dudes on there will jerk off (the straight ones) or just fuck their girl, but women are looking to basically stick anything in their holes (dick, dildo, hands, multiple dicks etc). I have no idea how any modern men still pedestalize women.

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      • … …”Women will hate it but they will not know why they hate it and they will take it out on you.” ( can t find how to use the damn Italics on this new laptop )

        Women react that way about almost everything, they hate men or blame men for things that have nothing to do with men

        When a woman is not happy about something that nature made that way ( or God made that way ,if one believes in such things ) she wants men to pay a price

        Correct me if I’m wrong but in the USA women or some women, their pill are paid by men or by all tax payers right?

        Here in Canada if I’m not mistaken our liberal government uses our taxes to pay for part of the cost of women hygiene stuff ( like tampons and stuff)

        Some reading this might think, ”it is not entirely wrong for society to pay for women”, ok but before you present your reasons/arguments, consider this ; men have to shave, why is the government not making women pay a tax to pay for our razor blades and shaving cream?

        why do things go one way only ? always paying for women, never for men?

        But I digress

        Women want men to pay for things that make them unhappy.

        Men who are going bald are not trying to make the government pass a new law that would use part of tax payer,s money to pay for their baldheads.

        Men blame nature, bad DNA, or God but they don t put the blame on women

        Men tend to be logical

        women…not so much

        if nature gave them menstrual cycle, Bob should pay more taxes

        so yes you are right

        women are angry about certain things, they don t know why, but they will blame men anyway. they will take it out on men.


    • I think it’s already like this LB. Young dudes I see in their 20s are castrated effectively, completely submissive around women and every one of them talks in a high pitch voice.
      It only applies to white men men seem to be outside the societal straightjacket and ‘feminists’ quite happy to date black rappers despite their extreme misogyny in lyrics alone


      • on December 12, 2017 at 5:29 pm Captain Obvious

        …‘feminists’ quite happy to date black rappers despite BECAUSE OF their extreme misogyny in lyrics alone…

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      • Very true. The system makes every possible effort to remove “toxic masculinity” from white men, while allowing blacks and beaners to do as they like.

        Wonder why our infantry is being emasculated and their infantry is being emboldened?


    • on December 12, 2017 at 5:41 pm traitors first

      “But shrieking feminazis (who have driven us to this point) will love it because they want everyone to be as miserable as they are.”

      You hit the nail on the head with that and this is basically what is wrong with society.

      We have chosen to listen to a group of people(female supremacist/feminazis) who actually hate themselves more than the people(men) that they purport to hate. And that my friends at the chateau is a lot of [email protected] hate.


    • Looking at my local, 95% white, non-selective private college, I can’t believe anyone there ever gets laid. The (ostensibly) straight guys are all numale soyboys, and the womyn are frumpy, dumpy specimens with a universal case of resting bitch face.

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      • on December 12, 2017 at 8:11 pm Vagina dominator

        You train fighting stuff, right? In that local area? Are young men interested in martial sports?


      • In my corner of the Pacific NW, martial arts/self defense training is just a niche thing. The healthiest programs would probably be the BJJ guys, with their flair for marketing and their pipeline to MMA. More power to them. Tae Kwon Do is marketed to the grade school kids, and the TKD dojos basically function as after-school day care for the children of single mothers.

        All high school wrestling programs in my state have been made co-ed, which may or may not drive out the type of young man who is looking for a tough “rite of passage” in an all-male environment. The plan is to keep the sport alive thru numbers/volume since all colleges in the state have dropped their wrestling teams, thus removing the motivation of scholarships.

        On a brighter note if one is interested, it is possible to find “underground” dojos or “lone wolf” teachers/students to train with. I can think of three or for instances in the last 25 years that I have run into this opportunity.

        To sum up, I would say that interest is quite low among young men here. They are much more interested in video games and farting around on their Iphones. We are still in the good times that create weak men.


      • Coed wrestling!?! Officially sanctioned grabbing by the pu$$y?!? Should be the most popular activity for dudes to get in on! Well, perhaps second to cheerleading, but that’s more catching by the pu$$y than grabbing.

        The old saying “Youth is wasted on the young” aptly applies.


      • Lol. No, the chicas wrestle each other. Make of that what you will.


      • Also, VagDom, the “guys” in this cohort would not be able to benefit from instruction or competition in anything combative until they had several months of general physical preparation under their belts. The hipsters don’t lift, run, or do calisthenics, and they sure as hell don’t do any strenuous manual labor. I’m talking about the same sorts as the four soyboys in that previous post — a couple thousand of them.

        It’s a crying shame that this is not mandatory for grades 6-12:


    • “…. women will hate the new world where the majority of men are afraid to make a move…” yep, now enter the hordes of vibrant orcs flooding into our civilization with ZERO anxiety or inhibition about making a move….


  4. ” In the meantime, the fantasy of women hitting on the men “they want”, while loserboys are straitjacketed by the State to observe the mate market from a position of forlorn impotency, is just that…a grrlpower projection of wishful thinking that denies the reality of female vulnerability and the need to feel pursued by men. ”

    There are exceptions to this rule, as anyone whose ever played in bands knows, I’ve had plenty, of otherwise seemingly shy chicks, approach and awkwardly chat me up after shows. Obviously, these were small time bands, with no contracts, records, or money. Yet there were the chicks. Go figure.

    [CH: no doubt, but i would class this type of reverse courtship as “female approach invitation”; girls will rarely come right out and ask a man for, say, a drink and a plow, but they will flirt, toss their hair, and smile with a twinkle in their eyes to signal to a man that now is the time to ask her out. playing in a band and just finishing up a set is the exception to this rule; groupies aren’t exactly known for their coyness.]

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    • ” groupies aren’t exactly known for their coyness. ”

      Very true, however the chicks I’m talking about did not give off any groupie vibe whatsoever, some of them seemed actually very shy, and out of their comfort zone. I guess that’s the power of rock and roll.


      • Yeah; music can have a weird affect on women, if you can get in a band that can support itself almost always the guy is able to hit way above their usual weight class.

        Probably something to do with being on a stage and everybodies attention being on you.

        I guess it’s effectively like becoming so Alpha that there isn’t even a desire by the others in the crowd to be the competition.

        Extreme pre-selection more or less?


      • And by support itself; I don’t mean rich and famous I mean “at all”.


      • I used to be involved in experimental/underground music. It was not uncommon to see some hapless dork manlet twisting knobs to make bleep bloop sounds in a badly lit basement and then chatting up a group of hotties after his “performance.” This was in the early 2000s -2010s. I don’t know why more of todays whiny betas aren’t trying to get in to various music scenes.


      • So NothingMan00 how is Cux Day these days?


      • Okay, that’s funny.


      • A connoisseur of house music, I must say that Cux’s tracks were absolute sh!t (as is his taste in music today). I heard better electronic music in 1993 (see, e.g., Future Crew) than he was making years later.

        I admire the man for the effect he’s producing, but I must also admit that he’s so vile a troll that he surprises me by not being a leftist.


    • and if (when?) women rule the western world, only bands, celebrities, thugs etc will survive.
      Scientists, accountants, doctors, inventors etc will not be wanted and will die off


      • and asian men will all die as no one wants them..not even asian women


      • For nobody wanting Asian men, they seem to be doing a lot of fucking…

        … both Far and Near East.

        The LAST thing anyone is concerned with is the disappearance of Chinese and Indian folk, amirite?


  5. on kino- take this from me.

    The world has changed, be totally sure of the laws of the jurisdiction you’re in. A date, as we know, any contact, any anything, can retroactively be denied consent. The entire Weinstein MeToo BS is almost entirely this. A touch to the thigh can be considered sexual contact supporting a criminal charge.

    Never, never, never, EVER leave a date angry at the end. It will turn into a subsequent accusation, potentially criminal. Never mind lack of evidence, evidence of consent, witnesses, videotape, anything.

    Yes I had a “situation” along these lines that went bad over all things about what pronouns to use for Bruce Jenner, who I refused to call Caitlyn. I thank god in the end that I didn’t bang this bitch and then have the argument, as it would have turned into a felony rape charge. Men are hit with regret rape charges ALL the time and the only saving grace they have is that certain jurisdictions don’t aggressively prosecute them.

    Pretend you’re in a U of Cal and think about the “rules” they have on this and you can start to get close to reality in liberal jurisdictions.

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    • “… I didn’t bang this bitch…”

      You don’t say!

      Are you lost? This isn’t an MGTOW site.


    • on December 12, 2017 at 3:45 pm HaremEscapeRope

      You shouldn’t need to even engage her on that.

      Evade, tease, obfuscate. Confrontation never got anyone laid.


    • Good thing this is a hi-tech world. It’s getting to where we should record everything. In public, audio recording is easy enough, but that wouldn’t help as much with accusations of unwanted touching, but at home having video cameras set up is close to being a necessity.

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    • It’s one of the fundamental observations about women is they appear to have a retconnable memory! If you fall from grace in her eyes, or even if the public suddenly finds you a pariah, then past interactions with her become “abuse”, “taking advantage of her” or even criminal. That’s what this @MeToo is all about. These women have been retroactively raped.


    • A lot of these dudes are getting fucked over simply.
      Harvey seems like a cunt though so it will be interesting to see if he comes out fighting back at some stage. He already filed claims that Renee Zellwegger allowed him to do whatever to advance her career.
      This may come back to bite these bitches.
      The one I feel sorry for is the NY Times reporter Glenn Trush. You cna clearly tell the guy is a loser , an alcoholic, and is no threat to these bitches, yet they took him down. And all he did was put his hand on a leg in a bar.


      • I think some of those women ( not all, some are real victims ) are afraid it will be known they are whores, that they were ok with having sex with any ugly man if it was going to help them have fame and money.

        so they go on the offensive, they attack with ; ” he abused me!!! he forced me!!! he raped me!!…i was horrified and scared !!!”

        but in many cases it is not true, it is a woman lying to try have us believe she was not willing to sleep her way to the top.

        in many cases those women were 100% consenting to a few minutes of sex every couple weeks with a man who would give them for fame and fortune.

        Women are about 10 times more manipulative than men are because women know consequences for them are always ” softer” than for men

        what are Gold diggers if not exactly that?

        they manipulate men with sex to get what they want, then manipulate society with stories of having been raped…again to get what they want

        there is almost no down side for women

        Women’s lib has put this on steroids

        it will get worse before it gets better

        this will grow bigger and bigger

        many men will be falsely accused, many men will have their lives destroyed,

        This man-witch hunt by hateful women will be helped by a sadistic main stream media, by crazy totalitarian feminists and by politicians ( mostly liberal ones ) who can not let a crisis go to waste.

        it will get worse

        we are in one of the craziest age this planet has ever seen and this phenomena is accelerating, we have not reached peak insanity yet

        leftoids assuring us there are 85 genders? insanity

        Bruce Jenner getting a nobel prize for wearing a dress and lipstck? insanity

        feminists welcoming muslims/Islam – the most anti feminist cult on earth – with open arms is not a dying thing…it is getting worse everyday; insanity !

        Antifa leftoids beating up people to shut them up in the name of free speech? insanity !

        it is growing, getting worse!

        we have seen nothing yet

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      • Ashley looks like she had no regrets at the time:


      • Thrush did a BIT more than that. He spread gossip about the young women with his guy friends, saying THEY had come on to HIM and he had spurned them. He’s a gag-making omega. The women’s careers suffered immediately thereafter. Read the Vox article, “NYT White House correspondent Glenn Thrush’s history of bad judgment around young women journalists.”


  6. They get super tinglez when you are touch them on the torso, eg:

    1. She puts her hands in the air on the dance floor, you slide your hands down her sides and rest them briefly on her hipbones. Gives her a little thrill and she now expects more.

    2. Put a hand on the small of her back any time you’re hugging her, including one-armed hugs. Makes her feel as sexual as if you’d held her butt, but her hamster can plausibly deny that she let you grab her a$$.

    3. Rest a hand on her stomach when she’s lying on your lap on the couch, or next to you at the park, whatever. Comment on how flat her tummy is as you gently rub it. Spread out to exploring ribs and hipbones, without going directly for the goods. She will wet herself fantasizing about you going all the way, which will follow not long after.

    Field tested, all.


    • The small of the back and the sides just above the hips are my favorite go-to spots. Just close to enough to the goods without going there and teasing her with more to come.


  7. End game: chaperones for dating and the Pence rule once married.


  8. on December 12, 2017 at 3:42 pm HaremEscapeRope

    Women will never ever complain about being touched by men they find attractive.

    So just be attractive (game) and carry on.


  9. a guy can afford to take his sweet time getting to know a questionable woman, waiting until he knows he can trust her before initiating anything. you can literally push-pull a manipulative twat for years, to the point where she’s BEGGING you for sex. so what? you’ll hit it on your terms, if and when you’re ready.

    and if it’s clear from the get-go that you guys are into each other and trust each other (ie she submits like a dog lying on its back) then it’s a match and none of that kino shit is even necessary.

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    • …and to answer the question, “how do you assess if a woman’s character is “questionable”?”

      here’s a simple test:

      if, a) a lot of guys want to fuck her, and b) she’s breathing, then there’s a 90% chance you shouldn’t trust her until you’ve spent a fair bit of time with her. remember, it’s YOUR life that the system ruins, not hers.

      mystery talked about the “7 hour rule”, where, on average, you’ll need to spend about seven hours with a girl before she’s ready for sex. what about the guy? how many hours does HE have to spend with a woman before he can trust that she’s not going to pull some shit? that should be a primary consideration for any shitlord, especially as your smv increases and you begin to look like a meal ticket to large numbers of skanks.


    • Pro comment.


  10. She doesn’t use the mental phrase “experience with women” but rather, “knows what he’s doing,” or “it feels so natural to be with him.” “Experience” hits her “beware of cads” button and causes the anti-slut walls to go up. The dankest THOTs might think “he’s experienced” without repercussions, but not the girl next door type.

    Why the word choice matters?

    Her Id responds to your mastery over arousing her reptilian brain with verbal wit and physical escalation in a gradual and graceful manner. Think of natural as effortless. If it looks like effort, then it’s an act, to her mind.

    This becomes evident in the social sexual hierarchy:
    The omega and the beta have this inner conversation going on that misinterpret her polite manners or kind remarks as “she’s really into me” and go full gropetard. Alphas and sigmas elicit arousal cues and build upon them sequentially. Or, in visual terms, gropetards are into forced twerking, while men know how to get her to ballroom or swing dance.


    • What about deltas, lol.
      That apart, totally agree with your reading of the female mind.

      They want the experienced one, but even that has to be kept our of the conscious… and rationalized.


      • Someone named “oops britney” just commented on this esteemed forum. Must confess I was not expecting that.

        There seems to be a great influx of new names lately, few of which send signals on the same wavelength as we’re used to.


    • And truth be told, isn’t that half the fun? Arousing her reptilian brain… there are few things as enjoyable as the lead up to sex. Watching as she warms up to you. The involuntary IOI’s and “tells”. Foreplay starts in the reptilian brain long before actual consummation.


  11. Let’s bring more diversity and inclusivity to mobile gaming

    Celebrating and empowering women in mobile gaming with CHANGE THE GAME

    Cue picture of angry women!

    by Mathilde (((Cohen))) Solal


    • “Black Boston families are worth a median $8. If you’re not outraged, you’re a white supremacist. EIGHT DOLLARS.”

      Check out the nose on this gem. She seems like a parody but not


      • the hallocost didn’t happen but it should happen again


      • Vox Day had a piece over on his blog about how the Holocau$t 6 million was used many times before, and how the figures no longer add up with Auschwitz downgraded from 4 mil. to 1.5 mil.

        He goes on to say that this means the prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled that will allow Israel to come into being as a nation again. And points out that only North America, other than Israel itself, has the requisite number of (((tribalists))).


      • on December 12, 2017 at 5:36 pm Obstinatus Ludificator

        Dude, man, just, fucking I don’t know:


      • Dr Chanda, I am not outraged because my IQ is higher than 8

        Let me explain,

        Blacks are in deep shit because of themselves.

        Every where there is a large number of blacks the town or city or nation falls into decay.

        whites have spent many billions of dollars if not trillions helping blacks, it was pretty much useless, blacks can not live the way we do, they can not maintain things like we do.

        It has been studied and re -studied; blacks are more irresponsible with money than whites are…blacks with equal income end up poorer than whites because black are rarely good at managing money.

        Being well informed on the problem does not make me a white supremacist, and stating some facts does not make me a supremacist

        being a member of the race that has done the most for blacks; the white race makes me everything BUT a racist or supremacist.

        Whites are the most altruistic race this planet has ever seen

        so you can take your accusations of white supremacism and shove them up your stupid butt, you stupid b*tch.

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    • Seems a bit high, you sure?

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      • Yeah, off by a factor of four. I worked at a bank with lots of chimp customers. The bank tracked each customer’s average account balance. Chimps usually had average balances under $2 and many had negative average balances! $8 is fake news.


    • Aren’t something like a 1/3 of black Bostons/Bostonians(?) straight out unemployed?

      Seems like they might want to think about moving elsewhere to find work.

      Maybe get some skilled labor jobs going like Mike Rowe’s always talking about.

      5 million black people unemployed, 12 million free jobs….seems doable.


    • on December 12, 2017 at 5:23 pm Oliver Elkington

      So much for Obama “bringing black people out of poverty” what a sham of a president he was, in Britain black people are at least getting ahead in life, you often see black men in suits where i live in London going to work(or maybe church) but still actually contributing to society. Obama did eff all for anybody but the elite, throwing money at the poor does not actually bring an end to poverty.


      • I know it is useless to throw money at blacks, but the president that has done the most for Africans, making the USA give billions of dollar and medecine to fight hiv/aids was President Bush ( son )

        no other president did as much for Africa

        it is hard to find the numbers but I have heard some on the news hour on PBS and an article by Bob Gildoff ( he organised the show Band aid ) does mention Bush did amazing things for Africa, got his rich friends to give 3 Billions etc etc

        Obama did pretty much nothing for blacks in Africa or in the USA ( except get them so angry they murdered police officers ) yet got a Nobel peace prize

        I know Nobel prizes are now a joke and are given to just anyone ( they gave one to Bruce Jenner for wearing a dress !!) but if anyone deserved one it was President Bush not Obama

        Even if it was useless to give billions to Africa Bush still deserves some credit while Obama should be in jail for his numerous psychopathic crimes ( the list is too long, him and Hillary should be in jail they are psychopath criminals )


      • George W Bush will burn in Hell for many reasons, among them his contribution to Africa’s birth spike and the inevitable Holodomor there.

        I will spit on his grave when he croaks.

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      • PA,

        I understand how you feel,

        I am not saying Bush was right to help blacks,

        Bush was wrong, every penny sent to Africa only helps blacks over populate the planet.

        but the left should admire and respect Bush and treat him like a hero or like a saint because he did exactly what the black-loving/white-hating-leftoids wanted.

        While Obama did NOTHING for blacks, thus the left should hate him… but even though Obama did nothing to help blacks the left freakin admire him as if Obama had found a cure for cancer, aids and the common cold!!.

        Leftoids are beyond hypocritical, they are the lowest of the lows, they are walking talking vomit.

        If Obama had built a wall to keep mexicans/illegals out and Trump had demolished that wall to let mexicans/illegals in,

        leftoids would hate Trump and love Obama

        Leftoids are beyond hypocritical, they are the lowest of the lows, they are walking talking vomit.


      • Usually I disdain Canadians who think they understand American politics after watching CTV and CNN.

        You, sir, however, get it.

        You, CO, and CH should consider a podcast.


    • Busta Movestein looks like something from the Star Wars cantina.


  12. male suicide rates will continue to climb, especially among middle aged men. As it stands, accused men have a much higher suicide risk than normal. Feminists will try to dismiss it but their case will be weak and people will eventually begin to reject feminist objections to male sexuality. Hopefully it’s over sooner rather than later.


    • for what it is worth

      last weekend in a chick flick I watched with my girlfriend ( The devil wears Prada) the girl sleeps with a rich man, the next morning he calls her ”baby”, she is insulted and tells him she is not his ”baby”

      Can women see how absurd this is???

      They had sex, she gave her vagina to him, she let him come in her (or in her mouth…just as possible since in the story she was drunk, and drunk women are dirtier ) and what insults her after she gave her entire body to him is that he calls her his baby

      she was his sex slave all night, she is full of his come in all her orifices, but being called babe is insulting???

      women like her do exist in real life and they are so irrational , so dumb it hurts my head !!


  13. the endgame of #MeToo is the end of Trump. This is whole thing is an elaborate plan started when they began to realize the Russia collusion hoax was falling apart. It was a long game and for it to work they’ve had to sacrifice some of their own big they can eventually say ” Trump (& Moore) can’t stay when so many had to quit?”

    Among us proles, seems only White men are being shamed to modify their behavior. But women will know what real groping is as the cuntry turns browner. Remember dearie, mudslums think they get to rape any female showing skin because Islam. Eeek!- Roy Moore talked to a teenager forty years ago? Well honey, the Mexcrement you welcome in here has an age of consent of 12 back home.
    And no need to mention Africans…they don’t even mind spreading the plague by digging up dead bodies to grope…think they’re gonna change when they get to our (magic) dirt?


    • Not if you have balls. Do the Dems ever concede anything? Do they ever compromise? Do they hold to their bargains if they pretend to compromise? The EGK won’t fall for that trap and neither will his base. Not anymore. Besides, Trump isn’t a creepy perv rubbing one out in the bushes like Franken is. He has never had to do that kind of childish stuff because he has always had women interested in him.


  14. “A reader wonders…”

    You can use my name (everyone should get on gab btw).

    I rarely close with women who approach first, paradoxically, so this explanation rings true.


  15. I am not clairvoyant but it seemed to me two years ago before the primaries that the Left would go with either racism or sexism as their main line of attack depending upon who was running against whom. It was Hillary so it ended up being sexism. It looks like they are stuck in that mode and just keep doubling down to where lashing out is all they are left with.

    I am looking forward to the cat fight that will be the Democratic primaries. We will have the Liz Warren and Kristen Gildebrand fighting it out to see who takes on Cow-eyes Kamala for the title. Huzzah!!!!


  16. on December 12, 2017 at 5:58 pm gunslingergregi

    I don’t know regular chicks that cooked dinner after me texting sexual shit online for a bit sucked my cock within 15 minutes of meeting them usually


    • Favorite part of the song:

      Well I heard Mister Young sing about her
      Well I heard ole Neil put her down
      Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
      A southern man don’t need him around anyhow


    • on December 12, 2017 at 6:29 pm gunslingergregi

      sweet home Indonesia where no whites to make dumb laws
      just the law of the savage where you die when you do wrong
      I can live with the savage not the fucking insanity


      • on December 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm gunslingergregi

        oh yes indeed
        where the woman are just woman
        and the men can be men
        where the war on drugs
        kills dealers
        can I get a fucking ammmeennn


      • on December 12, 2017 at 6:34 pm gunslingergregi

        where there ain’t no dogs or cats to make a husband or wife
        no pets just people to interact with
        animals relegated to being what
        animals not people or babies
        and not killing babies and being frightened of puppies dying
        in a puppymill but babies in an abortion mill is cool and the gang
        got to change or god gonna bring the pain
        and I seen enough to last so I’m gonna go have a blast


      • on December 12, 2017 at 6:35 pm gunslingergregi

        thanks for the loot time to scoot
        he he he


      • on December 12, 2017 at 6:36 pm gunslingergregi

        divorce raping America hey they said it was ok rofl


  17. Next gen beta male correction:

    1. Betas are red pillled on w0men

    2. Betas know they’re settling for a used beat-up Chevy for nuptial and reproductive use.

    3. No pedestal for thot w!ves.

    4. That’s sorta alpha…

    5. White bunz in White ovens.


    • on December 12, 2017 at 8:18 pm gunslingergregi

      right pa those thots can kick him out house if married
      now not married maybe but then kid and sheootttt still get booted
      look at hulk Hogan jeeezzzz


  18. Reblogged this on The Daily Messenger (mirror) and commented:
    dedicated feminists are all lesbians, either overt or closeted, and their “feminism” is an attempt to divide men and women in order to increase their potential pool of lesbian recruits.


  19. With #metoo…it seems relations between men and women are being destroyed.
    Everything in this country is getting destroyed and everyone walking around seems to see themselves as victims of something.
    Nothing is sacred anymore.
    No nation can survive this.


    • Social corrections often swing extreme. I am sanguine about this hysteria. All it means, is that the era of free love is over.


      • Me too. But that is because you’re married. I think the EGK is behind it actually. There are a lot of congressmen quietly retiring. The last I read there were over 70 retirements.


  20. “femcunts think we’ll have a shrewtopia where only women solicit men for dates (sex).”

    The dating app Bumble is an example of this.

    Btw, 99% of chicks on there open with “hey,” or “hi.” Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode “You think you’re goin’ to the other side with ‘hi?!’”

    If this shit was left to chicks we’d all be dead in a generation. Which I suspect is the whole idea.


  21. I remember about 4 years ago during college in Canada. I had a girl report me as “harassing her”, and as “proof” she showed her the texts I sent her (I have only ever sent her 2 text messages, and they were completely normal).

    The admin decided to place me in a multi-panel inquiry, and interrogate me on these allegations. They stopped when I reminded them how absurd this accusation is. I shudder to think what would happen now with SJW’s running everything, I would probably do a gay/Spacey defense.

    For all the hate we have on the religion of peace, Sharia doesn’t seem so bad.

    Then again both the west and far east had the exact same idea with regards to girls and dating. Either the parents set you up as kids, or you ask the girl’s father/brother if you can marry her. Boys aren’t wasting their time chasing girls (or whacking off), girls aren’t burning their biological clocks, lots of babies, and a lower divorce rate too.

    After all this enlightenment and tech, we realised the religious fundamentalists were right all along.


  22. There is one place in nature (if you will) where women aggressively pursue and offer sex to lesser men: prostitutes soliciting clients.


    • The Bezos/Gates/Portlandia area is always on the cutting edge of societal devolution, and the ruling elites in that area are busily retconning the Oldest Profession as ” sexual exploitation” (of women) and “human trafficking” (of women). Thus another safety valve for betas and omegas is being removed.

      The Authoritaz on the Left coast don’t seem to concern themselves much with homo pros and pedos, though…


  23. Its hard to do the kino when you are in danger of being viewed as a predator.
    Where I come from we have recently have allegations against people who are acused of standing too close to a female colleague at work.


  24. No woman responds positively to actual harassment. The stories of these beta men lunging at women are pathetic but not surprising. They simply had no clue or game and made a grab for it. If they got away with it early on it became their modus operandi.

    As a handsome man who enjoys attention from females I have had countless cockbocks inflicted on me by both undesireable women and beta men who would rather go down in flames than see me getting the gal.

    I have always had a strict personal policy against workplace dalliances, but the women flirt and preen to get my attention though 99% of them had no intention of following through. They just love the intrigue and recognition of their beauty. It is their source of power in the workplace.

    On the job I have had those beta scumbags openly and crudely harass attractive women while I was in the vicinity to ruin my chances though guilt by association. Managers with daughters are also a well-known danger you have to be cognizant of.

    One time my boss (2 teen daughters) and I went for some burritos. A lovely young buxom gal from my dance days happened to be there and talked cheerfully with me while we waited for our orders. Boss sat down while I chatted with her before joining him.

    You would think this would be priceless buldada in front of a colleague but no, he was fuming silently while we chewed our burritos. Later I got canned. There’s a downside to being a babe magnet.


    • The beta cocksuckers are always very clever though and leave themselves a plausible out so if it blows up they can act like they didn’t know what was going on. The setup is to make you look like an unhinged fool should it come to a confrontation.

      Have also had many instances of “tough guys” making threats in venues where I would be the one who got in legal trouble if I responded, like a damned airport for crying out loud. One time I was even on a plane and some asshole did this when I went to the back to grab a snack or take a leak. If you met them in an alley they would never pull that stunt.

      And don’t get me started about women instigating this bullshit so she can enjoy men fighting over her.


    • Now THAT some bull data! kekekekekekek


      • Greg, just so’s you knows, “kek” has run its course. “lol” is again proper form.


      • And whatever tf a “yegg” is, few know or care.


      • Sez you. I still say “lol” is what chicks and soyboys use in texts and on twitter.

        And ‘yegg’ has been explained several times already ’round chere. Because folks were curious, CH included.

        When your opinion on my parlance is called for, I’ll let you know… don’t wait around.


    • And one feels for genuinely nice attractive women just trying to do their damn jobs. They get it from both the caged beta men and their cow-workers.

      At one division of Encorpera there was a really nice looking HR gal the men all were agape over. There was an engineering meeting and when she walked in the room all the men stopped mid-banter and stared slack-jawed. Except me of course because at the time I was dancing with 20 nubiles a night.

      A co-worker remarked about it and I said “I am surprised she doesn’t have claw marks on her face.”


      • Funnily enough, Islam has it right. If women were not in the work place, none of this craziness would be going on. Gender segregation at the very least like in the mosques. And with affirmative action, women owned companies are handed work on a plate from uncle sam. No reason not to have women only companies.
        I am envious at times when I drive by a starbucks near my area and seee muzzie men all sitting there for hours talking the jazz or playing chess. Reminds me of my father’s generation where his hobbies (the soccer game, the betting shop, the pub) were male only domains. None of this coy teasing game nonsense. There was work to be done. Male bonds were also tight.
        Catholic schools were also segregated by gender. Now why was that?
        There is education to be learned. Again no time for frivolous pursuits.

        This brain washing demand for all inclusive societies only brings rape, sexual assault, racism, terrorist attacks etc.


      • Was going to ask why women are even wanted in the workplace, but Bre’r Lichtoff took care of it admirably.


  25. The endgame of #MeToo is to make all romantic endeavors in large corporations and eventually educational institutions illegal. There have always been ‘certain’ professions where it is forbidden or vastly unprofessional to date someone you work with.. but only certain ones.

    The endgame is to make that concept ubiquitous. For many, many people, women in particular.. school or work is the *only* forum they have, the only chance to meet the love of their life. When you take that away, you get..

    population control, the death of marriage among the middle classes, and another huge attack on the propagation of the caucasian race.

    The endgame is the same as all other forms of identity politics.. The castration and emasculation of the white male.. the extinction of whitey.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s also to push men out of public life, for who among has not fumbled a pass at some point in his formative years?


  26. The point of me too is setting up a bunch of people to quit because of sexual misconduct…and why isnt Trump resigning too? You have to keep a shiny object in front of the left..theyve lost too many already. Weak Psyops. In other news Q anon is probably Trump. Id also bet Trump bought out Satoshi, and owns a million bitcoin. That would be around 15 billion dollars today. This is why he wont release his financials. Cant spoil the fun too soon.


  27. The end game of the #metoo movement is the take down of Donald Trump. Anything else that happens is just gravy.


  28. on December 13, 2017 at 5:53 pm Oswald Spengler

    George Orwell had the lunatic left’s number seven decades ago:

    Unlike Winston, she had grasped the inner meaning of the Party’s sexual puritanism. It was not merely that the sex instinct created a world of its own which was outside the Party’s control and which therefore had to be destroyed if possible. What was more important was that sexual privation induced hysteria, which was desirable because it could be transformed into war-fever and leader-worship. The way she put it was: “When you make love you’re using up energy; and afterwards you feel happy and don’t give a damn for anything. They can’t bear you to feel like that. They want you to be bursting with energy all the time. All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour. If you’re happy inside yourself, why should you get excited about Big Brother and the Three-Year Plans and the Two Minutes Hate and all the rest of their bloody rot?”

    That was very true, he thought. There was a direct intimate connection between chastity and political orthodoxy. For how could the fear, the hatred, and the lunatic credulity which the Party needed in its members be kept at the right pitch, except by bottling down some powerful instinct and using it as a driving force? The sex impulse was dangerous to the Party, and the Party had turned it to account. They had played a similar trick with the instinct of parenthood. The family could not actually be abolished, and, indeed, people were encouraged to be fond of their children, in almost the old-fashioned way. The children, on the other hand, were systematically turned against their parents and taught to spy on them and report their deviations. The family had become in effect an extension of the Thought Police. It was a device by means of which everyone could be surrounded night and day by informers who knew him intimately.


  29. Here’s an example of a dating site doing its best to protect women from undesirable men.

    High points: “And if you’re a single, heterosexual woman on OkCupid this means the number of messages you receive is almost unmanageable, and at times unsettling.”

    “OkCupid can be overwhelming when you’re receiving tons of messages, even when the majority of them are well-meaning or fine enough — but not from the people you’re really looking for.”

    “If they’ve already liked you, you’ll show up in their Messages. And if they haven’t, we play wingman; when you message someone who hasn’t liked you (yet), we promote your profile in DoubleTake so you show up to them sooner. We’ll also let them know that you’ve sent them a message. If they want to read it, they’ll see it on the profile but they’ll have to like you, too, to respond — because that’s how friendships/hookups/relationships begin.”

    As if online dating wasn’t already a dead end.


  30. She said it, not me…


    • a slut just like mommy i’m guessing


    • Three of those are technically careers; it would be feasible for them to be both at the same time.

      Unless she means slut as in prostitute.

      And hey why not; I mean if there is nothing wrong with being a slut…..what’s the hassle about being a prostitute?


  31. The end game is polygamy, which is the natural order of things.