Study: Trannyism Is Treatable

You’d never guess it by the accelerated efforts of Globohomo to normalize trannyfreakism as if the affliction is and has always been the most natural thing in the world, but there was once a successful pharmaceutical intervention that cured a trannyfreak of his compulsion.

From a 1996 study,

The successful treatment of a gender dysphoric patient with pimozide.

The case is reported of a gender dysphoric patient who responded successfully to pharmacotherapy with pimozide.

An adult male patient with a borderline learning disability presented with cross-dressing and a strong wish to undergo a sex change.

Supportive psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy with pimozide was tried.

There was an excellent response to pimozide 2 mg daily, with a cessation of both cross-dressing and the wish for sex reassignment. When, after 1 year, the dose was reduced to 1 mg daily, there was a rapid return of the cross-dressing and the wish for sex reassignment. An increase in the dose again led to a remission which has been maintained since then.

Pharmacotherapy with pimozide should be considered in cases of doubtful gender dysphoria.

Science is real, shitlibs!

Pimozide is an antipsychotic normally used to treat Tourette’s Syndrome sufferers and schizophrenics. This is an interesting overlap, because it suggests that whatever brain imbalance or neural connectivity issue causes Tourette’s and schizophrenia is likewise implicated in the urge to dress up in chiffon and demand everyone call you “ma’am”.

But, sometime between that 1996 study and now, Clown World asserted itself and instead of promising medical interventions to cure cross-dressers of their obvious mental illness we have witch hunts to destroy the life of anyone who dares to question the validity of the gender fluidity propaganda.

PS Late stage civilizations manifest increasing rates of a dizzying menu of mental illnesses (something observed in Calhoun’s rat utopia experiments), so it’s no wonder there would be a concomitant rise in elite propaganda to normalize the mad rush of numerous and exotic mental illnesses that become more common in societies on the precipice of collapse. It’s as if our elites have decided it’s too late to fix the problems of technotopia and diversitopia, so better to convince people that insanity is the new normal.


  1. Gender dysphasia is a mental illness. It makes sense to treat it with the same type of drugs as schizophrenia.

    If I thought my arm didn’t belong on my body and wanted to cut it off, they would surely medicate me and probably look me up.

    I wonder about how much of it is hype, rebellion and herd mentality – almost exclusively I’d bet.

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    • lock, not look.


      • on January 22, 2019 at 12:35 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> ‘whatever brain imbalance or neural connectivity issue causes Tourette’s and schizophrenia is likewise implicated in the urge to dress up in chiffon and demand everyone call you “ma’am”’

        The Frankfurt School & the International Frugalists don’t play by the Marquess of Queensberry rules.

        They always attack the weakest & most vulnerable among us.

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      • on January 22, 2019 at 12:37 pm Captain Obvious

        Of course, the long term result of this is that, amongst Whites, only Sh!tlords and their HBs continue to produce Live B!rths, so that, increasingly, Generation Zyklon is all that remains of the White race.

        But those poor shizos don’t deserve to be humiliated & ruined like this.

        They didn’t ask to be born with miswired brains.


      • on January 22, 2019 at 12:38 pm Captain Obvious



    • Not so fast. Voluntary limb amputation is a REAL thing.

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    • Ah, I do not know. Anti psychotics have very much side effects. God bless the people who must to take them. I knew one man in them for depression with psychotic episodes and he become shell of man. Constant tremor and he would stare in to space. I beleive only in extreme situations for schizophrenics they must be taken. It decreases very much the quality of the life.

      Maybe not hormonal treatment is better for gender dysphoric people??


    • Sorry but nope – there are Doctors which do amputasion of healthy limbs: “Body Integrity Identity Disorder, or BIID, is a condition where a person feels an overwhelming desire to become an amputee.”

      “Those medical professionals in favor of allowing the surgery rely on the argument of patient autonomy, or the ability of a patient to make their own decision. They argue that surgeons perform operations on healthy body parts all the time, in the cases of cosmetic surgery and even during sex reassignment surgery, and they sometimes take little to no time to determine if the surgery is in the patient’s best interests.”

      Sick. Even sicker: in Norway – my PC shit country: a woman can abort a healthy fetuse or more if she have twins/triplets or more. (Ohh… poor me, I’m a single mam and do not have the recourses to take care of more than one child.)

      I read about a woman amputee one of her arms a while back but could not find the article. I found this article though:

      Crazy Days….

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      • Amputations? It’s insane and I can’t imagine any doctor doing it but I guess there are insane doctors too.
        You can’t compare this to plastic surgery because people do this thinking they’ll look better, or really need it to correct some defect.
        Sex change operations should be illegal. Patients who say they can’t live in their body because it’s not them or want to kill themselves if they don’t get the operation need psychiatric treatment.Many kill themselves after the operation.They have a delusion that they’ll look like a female and just end up looking like a defective man.Even plastic surgery leaves people disappointed and sometimes looking worse as a result of how it heals.No one has ever been made beautiful by cosmetic surgery. If your face was messed up in an accident or something you may be able to get an acceptable face.Or it may be able to correct certain defects but it won’t make you beautiful and I’ve never seen it. you may be able to do simple operations like a nose but even here it may not look better depending on how your body heals and in 1/2 the cases a patient has to have a 2nd operation.


  2. For many suffering from this, the answer is not drugs but rather complete unplugging from the torrential downpour of porn, and increasingly bizarre and weird porn, that is served up on all of the so-called mainstream sites, and which encourages sissification (I use this word literally).

    Also, per the Brown study that was disappeared, it would be a good idea for many of the young men afflicted not to hang with all the other trans types spontaneously transitioning because it is currently so trendy to do so.

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    • on January 22, 2019 at 1:03 pm William of Orange County


      The porn thing is the frickin’ blue whale in the corner of the room that no one wants to acknowledge is there. There is no way you can convince me there isn’t a connection between what is really the first generation of people with complete and total access to the most depraved shit in human history, 24 hours a day, and for mostly free and these social trends.

      There are kids as young as 5 being documented as having pornography additions. The quality and customer service manager for IT at my firm had to get rid of his wifi and take away his son’s phone to get a handle on his porn habit. He’s 10.

      Porn control is effectively non-existent. For kids with this kind of access at that young age – they don’t know what’s going on or how or who to be sexually – this is like giving them a hand grenade.

      I wanted to be a fire truck when I was 8. With this crap it’s so easy for a message of “you should be a girl” to get seriously imbedded.

      Get the porn under control. Your own habits included. It really is dangerous stuff.

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      • I find it hard to believe that young kids are interested in porn.It’s really not until around puberty that you start thinking about sex (and then do it all the time lol) Before those hormones kick in a kid would think porn is just disgusting or funny and then just forget about it if he happened to see some. it doesn’t interest kids.


      • on January 23, 2019 at 11:03 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I find it hard to believe that”



      • Of course a Boomer, not some incel soyboy Millenialtard.
        We’ve decided to skip your defective generation and are now working on Gen Z, like that boy you saw in the video smirking at Ingun Joe the hobo.


    • I don’t know if there are a lot more sex change operations. Possibly there may be more hormone use but how many go the whole hog where it’s irreversible?
      Becoming a tranny may be just one more thing people who feel that they are different or have no friends and are lonely do to feel they are part of something with others. Even drug addiction or alcoholism may start out this way in a lot of cases.You feel you’re in your own club with others and have something in common even if it’s only getting together to drink or inject drugs.You’re right about avoiding other people with the same delusions.They used to have these group therapy treatments but found in England that they actually make people worse.
      I don’t know who started this tranny nonsense(well I can guess :o))but by being so ‘accepting’ you’re just encouraging people who are highly susceptible to suggestion to believe these things.If a man told you he’s really a female and you just said’don’t be an idiot, look at yourself, you’re a man’ he may give the whole thing up especially if society didn’t encourage him.
      I think that a lot of these trannies are really transvestites which is just a fetish where wearing female garb and pretending to be a female gets them sexually excited.


      • Hormone disruptors and the like have little to no long term study of their effects.

        So, by all means, lets pump pre-pubescent youths full of untested drugs. At least with Thalidomide you could see the damage.


      • I’m not saying it’s good to give hormones assuming it’s really happening and is not some (((media))) bullshit where they found the 1 case on earth.
        But since these trannies are really transvestites they will go only so far to mimic a female, not get their dicks cut off.


  3. Much better header


  4. This is my favorite cure for trannies


  5. From the same database, merely 9 years later :



  6. I prefer mockery to the point of flight.


  7. In the one side I feel sorry for them,, but in other side even psychiatrists know it is not normal because usualy (or always) other mental illness acompany it. (I asked a psychiatrist friend about this).

    It must to be mental illness,, I can understand maybe feeling more like a man when you are woman or vise versa,, but to voluntery mutilate your genitals? That is insane.


  8. I am interested in what actualy is CAUSING this wave of transgender people.

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    • on January 22, 2019 at 1:40 pm Carlos Danger

      chemicals in the water

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    • I dunno…but there are 5 in my travel circles alone. Four are all young ~18-20ish males trying to be females and the one is and adult male that turns from Vick into Vicki as the sun sets. I haven’t seen any F to M trannies yet.

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    • on January 22, 2019 at 3:37 pm Captain Obvious

      The Frankfurt School is saturation-poisoning the culture with this insanity.

      As above, the Frankfurt School doesn’t play by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

      The Frankfurt School always attacks the weakest & most vulnerable amongst us.

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    • The Media.It’s just another stage in the brainwashing. Like everything else they do they convince the gullible public that abnormalities are more common than they really are.The DSM has this sex dysphoria at 1 in 50,000 for men and 1 in 100,000 for females.
      That’s a tiny <5,000 for the US out of a population of 300 million. These are people who just believe they are the opposite sex not those who have sex change operations which is a few hundred at most.


  9. By “technotopia”, do you mean the world as currently enabled by our current technology levels? And if so, how do you propose to fix its problems without drastically removing that technology? (which would lead to the death of a billion people or so)

    [CH: technotopia is shorthand for corporate and gov’t mass surveillance, corporate proselytizing, deplatformings, screen-based sedatives, etc]


  10. Niacin: The Real Story is yet another book that speaks about how so many of these mental illnesses are pan-deficiency diseases. Soil depletiton, chemicals, dead and nutrient-empty foodstuffs, poisoned and mineral-deficieny water, and, lo and behold, our bodies and brains do not have the God-created fuel, the rich Creation-based brew, necessary for the proper functioning of our God-created bodies.

    Also according to this book, high dosage niacin can help treat and even cure schizophrenia. Very intewesting, wabbit.


  11. Remember the ultimate goal is to make men women, either through transgender surgeries, or just feminize them through social engineering so it’s almost the same as if they were women. Why you ask? Because consumerism is driven by the feminine. They make up 80%+ of spending. Capitalism doesn’t care about equality and neither do the ✡rich✡

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  12. “This is an interesting overlap, because it suggests that whatever brain imbalance or neural connectivity issue causes Tourette’s and schizophrenia is likewise implicated in the urge to dress up in chiffon and demand everyone call you “ma’am”.”

    There are actually two very different disorders at play here.

    If the individual tranny is a homosexual – say, if it’s a man who gets the chop and transitions, and after becoming a woman exclusively dates and fucks other men – this is true gender dysphoria – the tranny truly does think of itself as a woman and seeks to live as a woman by having sex with men.

    If the individual tranny is a man who, despite his dressing up, taking hormones, or surgery, still dates women, this is not “gender dysphoria,” but “autogynephilia” – it’s a paraphilia that involves the need of the subject to be perceived as a woman by others. It’s essentially just a fetish, and by properly gendering an autogynephile you are participating in its sexual game (ugh)


  13. I used to have Tourette’s (and Renaud’s). Both were cured by eating a large amount of red meat each day. I’m down to a quarter pound of beef per day now and the symptoms are still gone, although my hands are often shockingly cold.


    • And now the medical establishment has embraced keto for those with epilepsy, it significantly lowers their amount of seizures.

      So it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if processed food plays a major part, along with inflammation form heavy plant based foods and sugar, in almost all of these diseases. Sugar is in damn near everything in some form or another, and it’s toxic.


  14. I can sort of understand why some disturbed men want to go Trans. In our modern society, (masculine) men are scorned, while women are worshipped. I can see that some disturbed, borderline male would want a piece o dat.


  15. on January 22, 2019 at 4:13 pm Enfant Terrible

    If treating trannies out of being trannies was more profitable than turning confused people into trannies, than the (((special people))) would be all in support of it.


  16. Crossdressers & trans people aren’t the same.

    Have done some research & genuine trans people were just born with the wrong body. Their insides are the correct gender. Not like babies go through brain tests when born.


  17. What, did they super-glue his dick back on?


  18. The good news is that the suicide rate among these freaks is sky-high, and that they can’t procreate, post-op, thereby improving the gene pool. The best response to this globohomo propaganda is also mockery. The attack helicopter meme made many a tiny little SJW brain explode. Enjoy the leftie outrage in the link below.


  19. The latest Democrat to announce an exploratory committee:

    South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg

    With a name like that, is it any wonder he is queer?


  20. I have a disgusting relative that has been cross dressing one of her adopted kids since he was 5 or so. Haven’t seen them in a few years so no idea how it’s going, guessing not well. I can tell you that kid ain’t right in the head, and it isn’t a question of born with the wrong plumbing. Parents deserve all the pain he brings them.
    Funny aside other family defending the practice never had an answer when I asked if it was fair to the tranny kids non tranny brother who is in the same grade and school. Even if you take the ridiculous position that it isn’t abuse to turn a kid into a trannysouraus monster impossible to deny it is abuse to the tranny kid’s siblings.
    If you ever have the displeasure of a discussion with these people ask them how they would have liked being raised with a trannysouraus brother. Then break out the MAGA smirk.


    • on January 23, 2019 at 11:08 am Captain Obvious

      I know a lady with two six-year-old fraternal twin grandkids.

      One is a batsh!t lunatic ADHD headcase – can’t sit still, can’t stop screaming, has to be monitored 24×7.

      The other is a meek, mild-mannered, perfectly-behaved cross-dresser.

      She confided in me that they were lab-produced kids [artificial insemination of harvested eggs] and that the statistics show that gender dysphoria is off-the-charts with the lab-products.


    • on January 23, 2019 at 12:21 pm gunslingergregi

      ask them how they would have liked being raised with a trannysouraus brother. Then break out the MAGA smirk.””””””’

      he he he


  21. it’s interesing how this old studies are really revelatory

    today they wouldnt be able to do studies like this. It happened in other subjects as well

    so science is actually becoming worse today



    It will drive libtards crazy.Never argue with them or respond to them. They are stupid and mentally ill (usually both) and wouldn’t understand normal rational men. Even referring to themselves as liberals or progressives is insane since they are the most illiberal morons around.They’re envious useful idiots conditioned by the (((media))) They live in Reverseland where everything is the opposite of reality. Normal is now abnormal or racist or something.Men are really females and females are men schemes for dominance.Pure Alinsky marxist crap to cause confusion and distractions in society so that (((they))) can plot schemes for dominance while everyone else are at each other’s throats. They do false flag operations (usually get their nogger pets to do them) like drawing swastikas or writing niggers on their own house or car etc
    The average White person can’t even understand that there are people who will sink to this level of deviance and perversion to achieve their goals.And they’ll do these things in a devious manner so that it looks legitimate(the great unwashed don’t have the sophistication to see through these ruses)and have been conditioned over the years to believe that the good guys are really the bad guys.


  23. on January 23, 2019 at 1:29 pm General Pinochet

    We must not miss the main point.

    It doesn’t matter what is really the cause and the best way to deal with these weirdos.

    We have a new rhetorical tool to send Dembiciles into fits of rage.

    They have much less control than we do over anger. The heroic young kid is an example of that. Getting them explosively angry is a good way to cause them to make mistakes/cross lines.