Beautiful Truth Of The Day

There is no end to the ways a White society improves by becoming more homogeneous, and conversely there is no end to the ways a White society deteriorates by becoming multiracial.

This obvious truth is often muddied (heh) by nonwhites and [fellow whites] arguing irrelevant strawmen and non sequiturs about the imperfections of White societies. Don’t fall for their flimflam. They don’t have your best interests at heart, to say the least.


Optimist: The Dems will horribly overplay their hand and incite a reaction against them in 2020

Pessimist: Trump will utterly converge with ZOG and the Uniparty.

Olfactorist: Shit’s gonna hit the fan regardless, but at least hillary isn’t president.


Imagine a genetic and cultural selection event which increased the numbers of Whites who are blind to threats and indifferent to or even welcoming of ugliness, hostility, and depravity.

It’s easy to predict the outcome. A country full of such Whites would miss dangers to their way of life until it was too late.

Sounds like America, 2019.


The people behind the National Popular Vote advocacy group are, wait for it…..

very special!


Dead Sea people, I see them.


Via J.R.

Bravo has a show about rich families in Mexico City.

It’s called Mexican Dynasties.

so weird, they don’t look like the guys who hang out at the Home Depot parking lot

First, it’s infuriating how many shivs Trump leaves on the table.

Second….that’s a mighty White cast of Mexicans!

It’s as if nonWhites hate Whites in majority White nations, but minority White elites are beloved in nonWhite nations. Funny how that works out.


  1. “minority White elites are beloved in nonWhite nations”

    They might be corrupt themselves, but at least the tap water is drinkable.


    • on February 13, 2019 at 5:06 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      If you told me that every single one of those people in the Bravo series were Crypto-Very-Special-Mexicans, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      That Fernando Allende “goy” is a dead ringer for a young Michael Bloomberg.

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      • Well, the wealthy Mexican state of Nuevo Leon supposedly was settled by Shepardic Jews fleeing peninsular Spain. And considering that the people from Nuevo Leon’s capital city of Monterrey are stereotyped by other Mexicans as stingy, then that’ll clue you in.


      • The lighter the skin, the more you will win.


    • “minority White elites are beloved in nonWhite nations”

      Supply and Demand?
      White Males are the most desired by Women anywhere in the world….we KNOW this.
      Like Blondes (2% of World Population) and Red Heads (LESS than 2% of World Population) females are desired by Males everywhere.
      As Whites become even a smaller group (lower births & miscegenation)….we will be desired even more!


  2. “minority White elites are beloved in nonWhite nations”

    Caveat: they have to pretend they’re the same people as the nonwhites they rule. Otherwise you get South Africa.


  3. on February 13, 2019 at 3:58 pm | Reply Sage in training

    A visit to CH always leave me equal parts enlightened, infuriated and wishing my friends and family would have the scales removed from their eyes to see the world as it is. Loving your work mate.

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  4. Via that photo of rich messicans:

    Doris and Mari have quite the schnoz on them

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  5. I’m amazed how cucked and trusting people who are descended from founding stock are, something must have selected for it.

    A theory of American founding stock genetic selection:

    The people who survived here when it was wild were high trust cooperative builders. There was a lot of open land, and huge opportunities for people who could cooperate.

    The nation was poor in infrastructure, colonists had little you could swindle them out of, so grifters and swindlers didn’t have a reason to come here where natural dangers were high, and pickings slim.

    What killed a lot of people in colonial times were things like disease, cold and famine. Things you could survive better with cooperation, trust, sharing… if you are willing to work and build.

    Only when the hard work of high trust, high IQ founders started producing stupendous fruits did every grifter and rent-seeker in the world start swarming over here. They are still coming.

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  6. Also, it’s been a while since there’s been a chimpout due to some fake news story.

    I think we’re due for one in the upcoming months.

    If only you could wager on this via PredictIt

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    • When was the last? Something like ten minutes ago?


    • It was to warm up first

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    • No, day just beez hiba-natin’, man! To cold fo’ dat sheet. Needz ta be seven-tay, at least, to get da blood pumpin’. As soon as dat warm sunshinz comes out, dayz will be riotin’ and lootin’ again. Sooner, in da South, of course.

      (And I am sure the next drug-addled loser is being located and indoctrinated by Deep State operatives from the CIA’s black budget, to conduct the next mass shooting event. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if people are drug-addled losers, so long as the drugs are obtained “legally”. I learned that truth tip from Donald Trump. Everything bad is actually good, if it is done legally. ‘merica!)

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    • It would be a real lulz to see a Vegas sports book big screen that contained the odds on a chimpout


  7. on February 13, 2019 at 4:12 pm | Reply BugManExterminator

    Can confirm. Lived in Mexico City for about 4 years. Walk around any of the upper class pockets of the city and it will be populated by a caste of French, Spanish, Austrian descendants with maybe a hint of Indian blood in some of them (see Pena Nieto).

    Immigration is just a proxy war between the old money Mexican Aristocracy and old money Americans which is an extension of Old World rivalries. The ride never ended.


    • Mestizo peasant class would revolt against European Mexicans about every 80 years or so until… USA immigration act of 1965. The Mexican elites purposely exported their revolutionary class to their northern neighbors. Son tu problema ahora


  8. “but at least hillary isn’t president”

    I’ll drink to that, seriously


  9. on February 13, 2019 at 4:46 pm | Reply WhiteSpacesForWhiteFaces

    Went to a private boarding HS where about 25% of the student base was from Mexico City’s elite. The parents looked exactly like this pic, some with perhaps more Italian complexion, but solidly European stock.


  10. The n1gger is only a political football

    Haha! OK  j00s in black Africa. Not really a thing (unless imported with European ethnicity-proper, like in South Africa), or are black themselves (and covertly derided by j00ry-proper, like Ethiopian j00s).

    So of course the above-quoted statement is true, because one party (j00z), by the historical record of their affiliations, shows that they prefer to hang with white people (and even co-mingle to some degree – ashkenazi-style), yet at the same time want to usurp the white people, by way of the age old shell game that j00s have always played.

    This age old shell game that j00s have always played? Playing to the innate desires of those whose power they wish to usurp, with promises of delivery of satiation of those desires, but by way of plans of action that deliver the opposite effect, instead delivering a growing splinter of dissatisfaction, within the minds of the marks, – said ‘white people’ – with respect to the worthiness of their desires in the first place, whereas, at the same time, this grand scheme is ulteriorly meant to actually deliver what j00ry desires (coercive domination), which is a completely different and contrary thing than what white people desire.

    What is this deeply rooted desire of white people – which is actually a hallmark of whiteness? It’s the wish that their own lives will pay homage to ‘God’s plan’ – that we are all on common ground in the eyes of God, and then it is up to each one of us how to respond to this ‘God’s plan’ thus producing the idea of the divinity of the responsible individual – of which the likes of Jordan Peterson so eloquently spells out, for instance.

    J00s don’t buy that perspective. In their minds, they are the chosen ones. Their god is one that promises vindication for their desire for coercive domination.

    You could take the story of the Garden of Eden as a metaphor for this dynamic played out by whites/j00s. Whites = Adam, j00s = Eve.

    By way of the root white perspective I pointed out above (the idea of the divinity of the responsible individual), black africa must sort it’s own problems out on the home front, first and foremost. Some affiliation with white culture, for a select few (like emissaries from a foreign land sent to bring back knowledge of other ways, back to the homeland), is good for delivering the white wish for honoring the divinity of the responsible individual, back in Africa. But ‘like emissaries from a foreign land sent to bring back knowledge of other ways, back to the homeland’? well maybe it started out that way once upon a time, with respect to black africa/white influence, but that is not what we have now – is it? Because this jealous, vindictive, duplicitous, overly narcissistic j00ish nature caught wind of the dynamic and made it over into something different (like they do with absolutely everything they catch wind of).

    Look, J00ry is like the BPD bitch that must be put in her place for everybody’s sake. Black africa is not solving it’s own problems. Instead black africa is aggravating it’s problems and therefore the world’s problems, (i.e with respect to the population explosion occurring there). If the jew thing is not fixed soon, there’ll be heavy consequences to pay. This whole thing is really about who is human and who is not. Whitey says: human = the divinity of the responsible person. Others haveta decide if they are human or not, by that measure. J00z should be first in line around that decision.

    I will add one more subtle but important point: This white idea of the divinity of the responsible individual, one of the hallmarks of this white perspective vs. other perspectives is much superior personal boundary control. Ponder that. There is much that is telling by way of looking at the whole thing that way.

    People have really harsh reactions to blacks because blacks really do bring really bad things with them. People can feel it instinctively if they haven’t had their clock cleaned. J00z will scour the world trying to find presentable blacks to put on tv. And it still doesn’t work

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  11. on February 13, 2019 at 4:55 pm | Reply Corinth Arkadin

    Elite “Mexicans” are basically Spaniards i.e Whyte Europeans.

    Even in fiction. Zorro was a whyte guy. Don Diego was simply pissed off at the corrupt elitists taking advantage of the downtrodden mix of Indian, Toltec, & Aztec retards. In that way he was basically the Lone Ranger except European.

    “Mexico” was the original magic dirt. You lived there, you were Mexican. But the differences between Spaniards and lower class Mexicans is so vast that it’s basically a giant dividing line.

    Same goes for most of Latin America, i.e. Uragray, Paraguay.

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  12. on February 13, 2019 at 5:07 pm | Reply Libertarian_Pill

    Go to the large mall in Santa Fe in Mexico City. It’s like being in Europe, only whiter.


  13. on February 13, 2019 at 5:09 pm | Reply Libertarian_Pill

    I think there is sarcasm in the observation that whites are beloved in countries in which they are minorities. I would say they are generally liked by the women and disliked (overtly or not) by the men.


    • I would say they are generally liked by the women and disliked (overtly or not) by the men.

      No, and no: They are respected, because they are powerful and make no apologies. They OWN THEIR PRIVILEGE. And they are very privileged. “Mexican Dynasties”, indeed.

      Look to history. The White man has always been respected (and feared) when he was strong, but despised and ridiculed when he is weak.

      In a related matter, the more generosity Whites show with free food for Africa, etc., the worse they are despised. Only (some crazy, do-gooding) Whites ever considered unlimited generosity to strangers to be a virtue. To all others, it is a sign of weakness and stupidity. (The “others” are correct, on this particular point.)

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  14. Not just Mexico. The ruling elite in most of central and South America is fair skinned. Fair skinned Indians (dot not feather) are higher caste. Fair skinned Italians. And on and on.

    Even among the chosen, fair skin rises to the top.

    Why is that(cough, cough)?

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  15. Again CH doesn’t know what it’s talking about but this post, my comment, won’t be accepted. White Mexicans are communist socialists, they brutally rule just like Pelosi, Schumer and Reid. There are no conservatives – there are 3 socialist parties in mx.

    But I do like how, you, CH are smart enough to address the USA white shitlibs that have self-hate.

    My hope is before you go all Valkrey, kill and pillage – I hope you fix all the communist White shitlibs.

    USA will die because of Publick Screws Schrewls. Period

    That may sound like an ultimate argument, screw all that … it’s true bc ppl are naturally sinful and lazy, commies are daily Mind Banging the future generation. Think East Berliners killing ppl as they try to climb the Berlin Wall to freedom.


  16. Mexican is a nationality not a race or ethnic group.Sure, 90% may be varying degrees of mestizo and a tiny Indian minority but the language and most of the culture is Euro.
    In Europe ethnic groups became countries but even here there was always mixing among Whites. The people we refer to simply as the Old Europeans spread from the North into N Africa and were basically the same all over. Their genetic cousins from the East called the Indo Euros settled and mixed with them and changed the language(to Latin) and the culture.Of course, in different locales over time people then develop their local culture and variations of Latin and become an ethnic group with their own country(or just territory)


    • Mexican is a nationality not a race or ethnic group.

      It’s a polity, not a nationality. I am one of those who insists that the word ‘nation’ must be used consistently with biology (< L. natio). But that is a matter of form (labels); you are right in substance.

      So many problems could be solved if people stopped substantively confusing biology, geography, polity, and culture. Of course, all of these things are related, and usually overlap quite much; but the conceptual distinctions are important.

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  17. The class system is real in Mexico and it is based on skin color. The Spaniard genes automatically moves you into the middle class. Go to Mexico City and go drinking at a club in Palanco and everyone can speak English and looks straight out of Orange county. Nevermind it’s all drug money. Some of the hottest women I’ve ever seen were in Mexico City but they were all status climbers. The staff of course at all these clubs are 4 foot tall meatball Aztec genes.


  18. My favorite Mexican remains Ricardo Montalban, white man of Iberian descent.


  19. No one can look more like Ann Coulter and still suffer from being Mexican than Mari Allende. She can come here and do the snark that Ann won’t do.


  20. Those Indians in Bollywood don’t look like untouchables to me either.
    India is actually a multi cultural nationality but we think of them as Brown as a result of mixing with Africans in the past.
    It doesn’t take much to effect the founding genetics when populations were tiny.
    A million Whites living in southern India get even as little as 10k negroes and in a 1000 or even 100 years are going to look entirely different.
    Men knocking up Negresses or females getting knocked up by Bantus and it’s the end. The castus system(it’s from Latin and means like clean or pure) tried to control things but eventually you have a mostly coloured society.
    The reason that this hasn’t happened (yet) in the US is a shorter history, immigration from Europe, and of course strict miscegenation laws, as well as a society that frowned on mixing. It will probably happen in the future and they’ll be a tiny White elite running everything and a mass of mixed meats.


    • That’s why the latter Egyptian dynasties get progressively more and more darker. They needed all of their men for ceaseless wars, and, at least since the New Kingdom (1550–1069 BC) kept importing black slaves from conquered areas in what is now Somalia and Ethiopia.


    • on February 13, 2019 at 6:14 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “a tiny White elite running everything and a mass of mixed meats”

      a tiny Very-Special elite running everything and a mass of mixed meats


  21. Bursting the Propaganda Bubble: It’s Crazier Than You Think

    that’s a mighty White cast of Mexicans!

    The deracinators use such photos to prop up the race-denial “there’s no such thing as race” lie. I come across this from time to time on sites that most CH readers would never visit (and in real-life circumstances I don’t care to describe). The argument always goes something like this:

    “See? We’re all one human family, with a spectrum of differing appearances. Why, look: There are even blonde Mexicans with very pale skin! This is why the Census categorizes Hispanics as ‘White’. Nobody can tell the difference between an ‘Hispanic’ and a ‘White’ just by looking—these are artificial categories, social constructs.”

    Don’t laugh. This is serious. For counteracting “racist” thoughtcrime, this propaganda is very effective on young people who have been raised from birth to believe that there is no such thing as race.

    Do you suppose that “Mexican Dynasties” would be shown on a cable electric-jew channel, if it did not fit the (((program)))? Silly goy!

    I once saw a photo montage “proving” that it is impossible to identify an “African-American” by looking at him (!). For context, this was presented as “evidence” in support of an argument that a woman can’t sexually reject “African American” men on account of race—duh, racism is dumb, you can’t tell a social construct just by looking! As you may guess, the montage depicted a wide spectrum of biracial and triracial nigger mixes, plus what appeared to be some light-skinned Arab/Berber North Africans—all identified as “African-American”. No, I am not joking—yes, many hominids actually believe this (including many White girls).

    Spread those legs, ladies. You can’t tell that BBC is BBC just by looking at it!

    Before somebody starts whining about logical consistency—stuff it; I tire of this misunderstanding of human nature. Humans are not logically consistent. As I recently pointed out in another thread, many major religions have glaring internal self-contradictions; and theirs are just as bad as “you can’t tell race by looking; enjoy your BBC”. What you are observing is an act of Faith: Religious behavior in people who have abandoned traditional religions for the Liberal, race-denialist religion—what I’ve seen CH call “race creationism”.

    Females tend to be the most religious. They were generally the most devoutly Christian, when Christianity was the dominant religion; now that they are “liberated”, “liberal” women have a new Faith. The Christians present may interpret this as the work of Satan; it is of no practical relevance for understanding that these women are exhibiting religious behavior, and cannot be dissuaded by rational means.

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  22. on February 13, 2019 at 5:57 pm | Reply Under the DRADIS

    I took a US-Latin American relations class. One of the books I read was discussing how racist the white people were in the West. This was illustrated by the joke, “What is the difference between a Mexican and a Spaniard? The Spaniard is marrying your daughter.”


  23. Regarding white and rich mexicans. As your readers have pointed out, this is true for every latin american country, even the most “amerindian” ones.

    Just look for the richest people in Peru or Bolivia.

    Nobody rich “mixes down” in latin america. Unless you are Prince Harry from GB.

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  24. If all Mexicans looked similar to that, they would have to build a wall to keep us out.


    • If all Mexicans looked similar to that

      …then why would we want to keep them out? For better or worse, “Heritage America” was a “nation of immigrants”. White immigrants. Who were assimilable—culturally and genetically.

      (Class, culture, and immigration policy for White immigrants were some of America’s worst problems at various times, such as in the 1840s. Now, they seem like problems we could wish to have.)

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  25. I thought this was well known, search the president of Mexico (or any latin american country), he easily looks white.

    The leaders of much of the middle east also looks white

    Assad of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, etc

    Is there a reason why the British colonies ended up European, while the Spanish ones (and Africa) did not?


    • ^^ Probably because much of North America (at least the Eastern portions, discovered by the earliest explorers and colonialists) was very temperate, looked very much like areas of Britain and northern Europe, and was devoid of many Indian populations after smallpox outbreaks killed off millions of them. With the exception of Australia (a penal colony, where the first settlers had a very tough go of it for many years), and South Africa (which was temperate, and devoid of black African natives when Europeans arrived), you really could not get northern European peoples excited about hopping on a bunch of ships to go live in hot, humid, alien places like Central America, South America, or Africa (and especially not Africa as it was filled with dark crazy ape-like men who would eat you), as well as all of the different diseases and sicknesses that one would encounter in such places. As such, those places were controlled, in the early days of the various empires, by soldiers (and so, mostly just men, and not families). In India, of course, the soldiers were posted there, and the importation of families from Great Britain was generally only the luxury of the officer class (i.e., it was a subject nation under the British Empire, and not a colony to be settled by large numbers of Brits to permanently live there).


  26. Tottenham v Dortmund tonight in suckerball.
    Tottenham had 1 English player…one!
    Dortmund had 1 German.

    Dortmund even had 1 African Englandian.

    Stadium full.
    Social media experts from India telling us pigment dont matter in suckerball.
    Dont be so rayciss.


    • That’s because the English generally suck at suckerball. As they do in most sports they originally organized. Like it or not, suckerball is the least vibrant dominated major sport in the world outside of ice-boxing a.k.a hockey. Probably because it requires actual skill not just strength/speed.


  27. Mexicans LOVE royalty, fake or real. Not sure why. When major events within e.g. Swedish royalty take place, I see nothing in the US press. (I am OK with that, these are not events likely to affect even typical Swedes, and à forteriori not typical Americans)
    Oddly enough, I occasionally see these things in “Vanidades”, a Spanish language periodical. And may be once every couple of years, I buy it just for fun. And send a copy to my sister in Sweden. (Yes, we can read Spanish, more-or-less).


  28. The same goes in India. The whiter your skin is the more praise you receive! Whiter skin = automatic beauty. Men prefer to marry women with lighter skin and women will do anything to have lighter skin. If you have light eyes and light skin than you’re basically a god (women and men).


  29. Don Francisco died last year. He was Hispanic World’s most famous and well-known celebrity. Surprised to learn that he was a Chilean jew. (((They))) are everywhere.


  30. In India, if you are White (bonus points if you are blond) will get you the level of worship in hotels, shops, restaurants that you’ll feel like a celebrity. But yes there is high chance they want your money so stay safe!


  31. on February 14, 2019 at 7:37 am | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Mexico is a perfect example of a White Run colony with darkies doing the donkey work.


  32. on February 14, 2019 at 1:45 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    U sure got a way with worlds H.


  33. CH, you really should write more often about the elevated SMV of whites abroad. While the commies are importing the dregs of the Turd World, our Errol Flynns should be traveling abroad to impregnate every broad in sight (which is exactly what he did in all the fun bits exclude from his Wikipedia article).


  34. Haiti is not, and never has been, “libertarian” by any definition of that word. What *was* “libertarian” by most definitions of the word was the United States during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century. (Aside from general taxation, the government basically stayed out of the markets. It wasn’t until 1851 that the government began dipping a fat toe of force into them, by running down Lysander Spooner’s mail-service which was then competing against the US Post Office monopoly — which remains a useless polyp still soaking us today.)


  35. Watch any Mexican ‘novela’ (soap opera) or one of these in ANY country in Central or South America and you will notice 99% of the main characters are of European in appearance. Why?

    1) In Latin countries, they have something called Sistema de Casta (Caste System) where your value and status in society is almost entirely base don how European you are (i.e. light-skinned, premium for light-colored eyes). The way to increase social status in these societies is to either have boatloads of cash or have lighter-skinned kids, so at least they move up in social value hierarchy. Americans do not understand the Caste System as it used to be majority European ancestry country, but it is very real in Latin countries, whether they SAY it or not, it is prevalent, understood socially, and widely accepted to this day.

    Unlike what you hear on USA and Western European media, these countries are VERY racist, with Mexico being THE most hostile for black people on Earth, I kid you not. The USA is very tolerant, if you ask me.

    2) Most of the actors come from Argentina, southern Brazil, northern Spain, and some parts of Colombia and Venezuela (from middle to upper-middle class families). These people rarely mix with ‘inferior’ lower class people, who are often darker, often mixed with freedSlaves or indigenous people.

    3) Check out the “Brazilian” supermodels from Victoria’s Secret. Almost all from southern Brazil, Italian or German ancestry girls only. You think Bundchen is a typical Brazilian last name? 🙄

    These Mexican actors and actresses you show are the cream of the crop, my friend. Gisele Bundchen (German) and Adriana Lima (Italian) are less than 10% of BR total population. The hot Brazilians are in southern Brazil, they are German, Italian, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian ancestry. The rest (Portuguese, Spaniards, and Mestiços) are ugly-mutts, sorry to disappoint you all thinking of taking a ‘sexcation’ down there.