The Four Kinds Of Male Loneliness

Are men lonelier now than they have been in the past? What is the nature of male loneliness? Does it differ in quality from female loneliness? Is an epidemic of loneliness a harbinger of social collapse? Can loneliness be a force for good?

These are important questions that never get asked in our anti-male climate of hate, except among dissidents for the truth. Zero HP Lovecraft wrote a fantastic Twatter thread on the topic, which I will reprint in full here.

I was reading in an old book yesterday, and the author remarked, only in passing, that young men in particular tend to feel very lonely. It’s striking and shocking that he could say a very obvious thing like this without “evidence”, which is an appeal to authority

If you make a statement about the nature of men or women, there is a kind of luminary who will come out of the woodwork to ask, incredulously, “evidence?!” as if she would read a scientific paper and change her mind, as if social science research were anything but fiat

But back to loneliness, and obviousness. Things that once were obvious are now quite hidden; we have rejected the wisdom of the past in favor of modern ideas. Who could doubt that we, from our vantage point atop a mountain of smart phones, know better than all of our ancestors?

(There is a treasure we can find in modernity, which was denied to people as recently as 2 generations ago; the joy of discovery. All literary works written prior to the 20th c. have been so defamed and hidden that we may discover them anew, as if we were the first to read them)

I was thinking about loneliness, and the loneliness that a young man feels, and I think he feels lonely in three distinct ways.
1. He feels loneliness for a woman.
2. He feels loneliness for a brotherhood.
3. He feels loneliness for a lord, which we may think of as being for god

And these three types of loneliness are not commutative, and the satiation of one will amplify the emptiness from the others.

Fulfillment of one desire has the curious property of reminding a man of other desires still unfulfilled. How often among you, men readers, have you felt the pang of lost male friendship or dispiriting purposelessness right at the moments in life you were most sexually satisfied with a rotating queue of eager beavers?

And in modernity we men have been forced to pretend that these feelings are inconsequential, or wicked, or non-existent, respectively

We have been told that these three forms of loneliness that a man feels are instances of “toxic masculinity,” and the cure for these problems is supposed to be a systematic abandonment of masculine ways of thinking and being

Our loneliness, they say, comes from our alienation from our feelings. Women, who are obviously “in touch” with their feelings, do not have OUR problems, but because we “suppress” our feelings, our suffering traps us, and we even impose it on women!

The component of male lived experience that is wholly unaccessible to women, more than any other, is the colossal and abyssal apathy of the universe towards you. Women cannot relate to this, except perhaps women of exceptional ugliness, childless crones, and FtM transexuals

AKA the Fundamental Premise.

My friends, we lack the language to articulate the magnitude of this monstrous insult, but fortunately I have been blessed by the good lord with the gift of the gab, so let me see if I can elucidate.

Kant taught us that an object is monstrous if by its magnitude, it annihilates the end that its concept constitutes. This means that a thing can become so vast as to become incomprehensible, and then we can no longer discern its telos, its purpose

First, the loneliness that we feel for a woman, we are told, is a case of entitlement, which is an unjust belief that one deserves something. We are not supposed to suppress our pains, we are supposed to “be vulnerable”, but only in ways that women have prescribed

Only an entitled loser who can’t get laid would ever express the pain that he feels from his hardships attracting a woman, of course. So this is not a pain we are allowed to feel, because this pain imposes on women, even if only in general. Only “toxic” males feel this pain

Second, the loneliness that we feel for a brotherhood, we are told, is an engine of oppression and exclusion. When men are allowed to form mens’ organizations, they use them to systematically exclude women from power and influence. Therefore, all male spaces must be denatured

In this program for society, any group of men assembling together for any reason must be seen with suspicion. If men do wish to associate on the basis of shared masculine interests, the only option they have is informal purposeless groups built around an interest in drinking

But men need male friendship, and in particular, they need to be able to struggle together towards mutual goals. No one ever questions that women might have or pursue this need, but if men express a desire for exclusively male spaces, they are defamed as gay or misogynistic

Third, there is the loneliness that we feel for a lord, which is the desire to follow a worthy leader. This is the hardest to understand, especially in America, where we are taught that all leaders are evil, and that the ideal is to be “free,” which means to be leaderless

If there are leaders, we are told, there will be abuses of power, and somehow it would be better that the whole world devolve into a centerless shamble than for even one person ever to abuse their power. And no one even thinks of the abuses we suffer at the hands of the void

In older times, the pain of having no lord was well known, as in the famous Anglo-Saxon elegy “The Wanderer”, a poet laments:

Since long years ago
I hid my lord
in the darkness of the earth,
and I, wretched, from there
travelled most sorrowfully
over the frozen waves

I have shared this fragment of a poem with you because I believe that verse can awaken us to an emotion we had hidden in ourselves, even when we had no awareness or language with which to find it.

Nearly everyone wants to follow a strong and powerful leader, though many are unaware of it. Leading is very hard, and it weighs heavily on the soul. Only a truly callous person could carry the burden of leadership without feeling its weight

To follow a great leader is far more freeing than the filthy rags that leftists have the shamelessness to call “emancipation”. Sartre referred to the awareness that you alone bear responsibility for your actions as nausea.

If a truly great leader appeared, if a man could truly tell us the way to be, if he could preach a gospel of radiant power, most would gladly follow. But we see no leaders like that today. You would gladly be a sheep for the right shepherd, my friends. It would be so liberating

To compensate for our lordlessness, we fall into the worship of celebrities, or CEOs, or politicians, or even twitter gurus, and we build a proxy of the aura of a leader; a little from here, a little from there, never quite filling the gap

We men are guilty of suppressing our emotions! That’s what they say. But is a child guilty of suppressing his incontinence? Is shame not the right reaction when you piss yourself in public? (Oh god, that’s ableist!) If we showed you our true emotions, you would shriek ever louder

Women don’t want to know what men really feel and think. The knowledge would poison their hearts if it didn’t first scare them stiff.

We do not have your PERMISSION to tell you of our loneliness. These emotions do grievous harm to you: the need for a woman, the need for brothers, the need for god. These emotions oppress you, my love, and when I say “my love” I refer to all women everywhere, truly

In the deranged thought of the devil, all differences between men and women are seen as aberrations. Man does not emerge from the womb fully formed; to be worthy, he must be tempered, and the shame he is made to feel for showing weakness is part of the fire that forges him

The proper emotions of man are not the emotions of weakness, which are the emotions of children, and which are suitable for women, because they must raise children and be among children, the better to empathize WITH their children.

And again, man does not emerge from the womb fully formed, which is why he must learn mastery of his emotions just as he must learn mastery of his bladder. Only the most contemptible kind of idiot imagines that induction into manhood could come without pain, or without sacrifices

This is what they want to take from you! Is it pleasant for the block of marble to be struck by the sculptor’s chisel? Do you think order, and prosperity, and security could come without a cost?

In our soft androgynized city lives it can be hard to see the value in masculine strength, which is developed through galvanizing pain. Certainly the only people in our nice safe neighborhoods who live by violence are poor and low status. We must unequivocally renounce them

Feminists call the structure of society the “the big Other” and by this they mean all social orders are antagonistic to them. When a father teaches rules to his child, they call this castration. Could anything be more alien, more alienating, or more opposed to life and humanity?

Every time this topic comes around, I see people asking, “what about toxic femininity?” I’ll solve the puzzle for you. Toxic femininity already has a name in polite society: they call it feminism.

I’d add a fourth kind of male loneliness: the loneliness he feels for the man he has yet to become.

Thwarted passion, a decision to avoid a risky venture, procrastination…these things will deprive a man of the ideal he always strives toward, and in the depths of that deprivation he will feel lonely for the company, and the mentorship, of his idealized self.

Game — learned charisma — will help relieve at least three of the four kinds of male loneliness. A more charismatic man will attract women, will be admired by other men, and will advance towards his idealized self.

Only the loneliness for a lord, or a leader, resists the panacea of Game, because inherent in Game is pride, a necessary salve for a generation of men soaked in the soyjuice of toxic feminism, but nevertheless a salve that contraindicates the humility required to accept a lord in one’s life, and to follow him. However, this natural opposition is superficial and short-lived, because a newfound, deeper pride is summoned when a man has purpose, and a banner under which to fight.


One more thing I’ll add. Men want to be part of something larger. Women don’t have that urge, at least not in the way it’s expressed and felt in men. If men are denied participation in a greater calling, they feel the loneliness for numbers 2, 3, and 4 (brotherhood, lord/leader, idealized self or, as a commenter pessimistically put it, the man he could have been). This is why vapid consumerism and obsession with the gossipy mundane doesn’t fulfill men like it does women. Men are outward-focused; women are inward-focused. Evolution has seen to it that women, as the generators and nurturers of family, direct their attention to close interpersonal relationships and are unmoved by the callings that speak to men.

Sure, you could say the pussyhatters — predominantly comprised of middle-aged catladies and bitter post-wall shrews with a smattering of quasi-female soyboy lackeys — are an example of women being part of something larger than themselves and their tiny fiefdoms, but you’ll notice how quickly the energy of that movement fizzled, and that’s because it wasn’t about working together to achieve a goal or realize a shared vision; it was about venting.

Women are unhappier than they have ever been, but the source of their loneliness is the severing of those family bonds and generational continuities that they are stewards over and which give women meaning in their lives.

I firmly believe that the fight against globohomoism is today’s greater calling that will stir White men to embrace once again the primal virtues which reverberate in men’s souls.


  1. on February 4, 2019 at 1:07 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

    >>>>> “we are told”

    By (((whom)))?


    • on February 4, 2019 at 1:08 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      You libertardian spergtards, who misunderestimate the omnipotent power of the Frankfurt School’s psychological techniques, moast richly deserve the fates which await you.


      • on February 4, 2019 at 1:09 pm Captain Obvious

        And the techniques in question here are called Demoralization P0rn.


      • on February 4, 2019 at 1:12 pm Captain Obvious

        And for the bazillionth time, once you’ve been to That Dark Place, and you have ceased to care, Demoralization P0rn doesn’t work on you anymoar.

        Because you DO NOT CARE.

        It’s you phags who still think you have something to live for who are the problem.

        You’re just too [email protected] susceptible to demoralization.


      • on February 4, 2019 at 4:32 pm Captain Obvious

        SILENT GENERATION: I can’t speak out because I care too much about muh Scr0tial Security and muh Medicunt and muh Pension.

        BOOMERS: I can’t speak out because I care too much about muh neighborhood and muh skrewl districts and muh property values here at home & at muh mountain cabin & at muh beach cottage.

        GEN-X: I can’t speak out because I care too much about muh Roth IRA and muh 401K.

        MILLENNIALS: I can’t speak out because I care too much about muh career prospects and muh student loan debt.

        ZYKL0N: I don’t give a flying phuck about anything.

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      • ‘Misunderestimate’ is not a word. It’s just ‘underestimate’.
        Similarly, there is no such thing as to ‘over exaggerate’, or go off on a ‘side tangent’. It’s just exaggerate and tangent.

        If you think about it, ‘misunderestimate’ would actually mean to overestimate, which is the opposite of what you are trying to say.

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      • COTW Cappy…


      • on February 4, 2019 at 7:21 pm Captain Obvious

        LEOS & SERVICEMEN: I can’t speak out because I care too much about muh pension.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 8:47 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        You’re new here. You’re way behind. You can’t just wander into a kkk0mment thread here and hope to understand and participate off the bat. That’s like shewing up to an MA seminar as an undergrad freshman and complaining about not understanding.
        The Cap is using misunderestimate ironically. It comes from George W. Bush. He also talks about going “nukular”, another Bushism used around here.
        Start paying attention.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 7:01 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        On GenX.

        It’s possible that no white man from that Generation will be president.

        Except that is through force if arms.


      • For a GenX to be President, there’d have to be some form of an inheritance, purposely left behind.

        That, too, was spent.

        We’re on our own, in all ways. We’ll have a Nation in which we can elect a President if we create that Nation ourselves.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 7:04 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Evan, do catch up, it’s a reference to George Bush.


    • can’t agree.

      game is shit where the rubber hits the road. You’re either real or you ain’t and other real men are gonna smell your bullshit a mile away.

      women fuck fakes, real men shun them.

      for friendship, join a jiu jitsu gym and take on the martial way. You will learn a new meaning of pain, of discipline, domination, respect, even some honor. You’ll become a more real man than your game tricks will ever make you.

      This sport is not like your weightlifting…I’ve met people on the other side of the world and had camaraderie through jiu jitsu…once even sitting at a cafe by myself in Rome. A black belt from brazil was there, i noticed his ears and started up a conversation. You can drop into nearly any gym on the planet, borrow a gi and have people to drink with that night. The esprit de corps is very high.

      You will grow stronger, tougher, more confident. You will not fear fighting.

      It ain’t gonna solve all your problems but it’s a damned sight better than where you’re at now

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      • “game is shit where the rubber hits the road.”


        Besides, “game” has become an arms race. Find me a guy under 40 who isn’t “game aware.”

        Adaptation and differentiation are all that count. The stuff that worked 10 years ago doesn’t today.


      • “Game aware” , “game denier” and “game proficient” are very different things…

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      • As are agnostic, atheist, believer. 😉


      • You are not qualified to talk about anything but niggerfucking and being a muzzturd, fuckwit,


      • Real game has no substitute. .real life, real values, morals, a purpose, work hard
        Constantly move , strength of the body, the mind and the soul.

        I once got a number close at chipotle.
        I showed up exhausted after cutting down trees. I smelt of sweat, I looked tired, ragged but felt a glow inside
        Fresh air, physical work…
        As soon as she saw me she did a double take, she lit up and played with her hair
        I grunted my order and hardly said anything.

        Women in shitropolis are in desperation for masculine guys.


      • I’ll stick to Kung Fu.I don’t thing I like Jew Gypsu


      • a lot of people don’t like jiu jitsu…because it’s actually hard.

        kung fu is a lot easier as are any of a dozen fake martial arts that produce none of the effects that jiu jitsu produces

        most people quit BJJ after like a week. if they make blue belt, the dropout rate is pretty high there too. It’s just too hard and requires sustained dedication that most are incapable of these days. and people cannot stomach getting their ass beat regularly.

        the functional fitness you will receive from this sport is beyond anything you’ll get anywhere else


      • on February 5, 2019 at 8:24 am John Joel Glanton

        Do boxing if possible. Learned boxing as a teen and it served me well on many occasions against bigger, stronger, older foes in barfights. Sometimes several at once.

        Jiu-Jitsu is cool but it’s no good in a barfight because as soon as you stop moving or go to the ground you’re likely to get mobbed/knifed/bottled/kicked.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 8:46 am John Joel Glanton

        If you are in a barfight with 5 douchebros against just yourself, as soon as you take one down for the armbar 4 others will swarm you and kick your face into a bloody mess.

        With boxing you can stick and move until they are all KTFO. Every time they swing you can duck out of the way and break their face with a right straight or left hook.


      • It’s been my experience that grappling arts and strength are probably the best preps for fights in meat world. Boxing isn’t bad, but seldom do combatants remain “squared off” and erect.

        In the case of multiple attackers, good luck… the movies is the movies, and rare is any good fighter able to hold off three or more men, especially in confined areas. You may be able to get a good one in on one or two, but best to escape if you can.

        Mind you, ANY type of martial art training is better than none, and weight training for strength in all endeavors is best, because you’ll use it for regular tasks and, when folks are just “fooling around”, you can’t just haul off and use some damaging technique, whereas you can subdue them with your strength or use said strength to lift some inanimate object and dissuade your audience from any further ideas.

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      • Against multiple attckers: knock out the biggest one first to demoralize the others. Then hope they back off.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 9:48 am John Joel Glanton


        If you’re going for grappling, Judo is probably best. In my experience, rule no. 1 in a street fight is ALWAYS remain standing and rule no. 2 is NEVER stop moving around.

        300 lb bench press with boxing training is usually enough to handle several drunk muscle bros

        You don’t need to square off, just keep them all in front of you and don’t let them drag you to the floor or you’re fucked. And in my experience, street fights are never 1 vs 1. Only in middle school.


      • It’s harder than the movies make it look to actually knock out a person, especially if they’re already in a fighting stance or mentally committed to the fray. Best to find something/anything to use as a weapon and try to at least dissuade anyone from coming at you.

        As PA mentions, if you can clock the most aggressive of your opponents first and render him hors de combat, even temporarily, it will tend to dissuade his buddies.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 9:53 am John Joel Glanton

        Strength + boxing will enable you to really hurt MFers if need be


      • on February 5, 2019 at 9:57 am John Joel Glanton


        I have knocked out ~5 men in my life and it was always the same thing

        Wait for him to swing, duck/lean back, and clock him directly on the chin while his momentum is going forward

        You need to have some upper body strength and punch accuracy to do it though


      • on February 5, 2019 at 2:28 pm Belle Igerent

        Paging Vagina Dominator: fighting debate in aisle 3.


      • “game is shit where the rubber hits the road.”

        Rubbers are for millenial soyboys. Real men just stuff a sponge in her before banging :o)


      • Internet tough guys. Lol, all jokes aside, judo, boxing, codified street fighting, and systema I’ve had immense practical success with. BJJ is probably best for total conditioning, and is fucking hard, but still jujitsu at its core, and is an excuse for competitions and and an event at the Olympics. Of all of them, systema was the most fun.


      • Trav777, I actually got a green belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) (Jui Jitsu as it is called in Brazil) when I lived there as an American teen. They do not call it a “Gi”, they call it a Kimono, because BJJ is all based out of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu that incorporated Brazilian street violent techniques (striking, etc). BJJ is far better than Japanese one, no question about it.

        I agree that for friendship, joining a group activity is a great thing. Can be whatever you are into… even a bowling league will get you friends in that activity group.

        Physically, Jui Jitus will get you to lose weight, but will NOT get you that “cut look” if that is what you are going for. That would be Capoeira, a dance-fighting system.

        Physically-speaking, you will be better off weight-lifting than Jui Jitsu. A gym is not much of a place to make friends unless you are huge and other guys flock to you naturally, but not a place to hang out and make friends. Not even a good place to meet girls.

        I have done both Jui Jitsu and weight-lifting and still weight-lifting. I mean WHO wants to be grappling with a bunch of sweaty dudes on a smelly tatami and risk getting Hepatitis via sweat? 🙄 Jui-Jitsu is NOT a fun martial art at all. My .02 cents.


  2. Sounds like somebody needs to read Paul’s epistle to the Romans.

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  3. I’d add a fourth kind of male loneliness: the loneliness he feels for the man he has yet to become.

    Very nice. +1

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    • on February 4, 2019 at 1:14 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “the man he has yet to become”

      That Dark Place awaits you, muh boy.

      That Dark Place awaits you.


    • on February 4, 2019 at 2:52 pm | Reply DissesMYisland

      What about the following?

      Loneliness for family/blood? Would this be a subset of one of the 4 mentioned?

      I grew up in close proximity to a large-Ish extended family. 5 paternal uncles and A dozen cousins. That family has since splintered and scattered to the wind when the patriarch, my grandfather, died. I myself moved 1500 miles away to seek my fortune and have achieved some success. But even though I have many friends/bros, I have nobody closeby that I can share true bonds of kinship and brotherhood with. And it fukking hurts.

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      • M*a*r*r*y a chick with a big family. Knock her up.

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      • on February 4, 2019 at 5:17 pm Captain Obvious

        M*a*r*r*y a YOUNG chick FROM a big family.


      • ” I have nobody closeby that I can share true bonds of kinship and brotherhood with. And it fukking hurts.”

        It does man. It really does.

        How many of us live in the ‘cradle’ of our extended families — IE the geographical area where your ancestors are buried as far back as they were Americans?

        Not having that kinship makes us weaker as individuals and was part of the Frankfurt School plan all along.


      • Marry a 16yo and create your own big family :o)


  4. And that loneliness for (lack of) a lord has a name in Japanese history – Ronin.

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    • Today’s ronin are under-employed, over-entitled Gen-X equivalent twits who zoom down my street in their daddy’s BMW to avoid the (admittedly) annoying stop light. Weird dynamic because they’ll otherwise flaunt many hard-bound Japanese societal rules but make acknowledge the arbitrary system rules (they’ll take the long-ass way around to dodge a light). The higher-T twats in the rice rockets just don’t care and blow through the light at their whim.


  5. on February 4, 2019 at 1:28 pm | Reply William of Orange County

    I’m lonely for

    1) A 19 year old 9.5/10 who
    2) Wears French maid outfits and
    3) Does anal for
    4) My vocal affection and occasionally $50 gift cards to Nordstrom Rack

    What kind of loneliness is that? Does it have a name?

    [CH: boneliness]

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  6. I used game to ensorcel a woman, and resisted the temptation to continue constantly upgrading. The Chase is unquestionably satisfying, but not so much as maintaining a stable home for children. New women satisfies Lust. A stable home satisfies Life.

    Ironically, and I’ve mentioned it here before, but PUA lead to the Red Pill, which leads back to God. God demands of us honesty. Seeking Truth out of Lies leads to God. Demanding of oneself the denial of the Social Order due to a higher calling satisfies that need for a lord. The Lord Himself has given us the rules to live by, to live a good life. The greatest irony of my adult life is accepting that Pickup Artistry, and the rules of the Game, required a deeper understanding of humanity. Which has lead me back to God.

    All of which has made me determined to be a better man. The trick, now, is acknowledging that I cannot be a perfect man. I can be a good man. Learning how, what my faults are, what my strengths are, what other people love in me, is a source of humility. From that, with the Lord’s grace, I can see my own soul. Which is what God sees. Don’t be ashamed. Be merciful of God’s forgiveness. He knows me.

    The last one is the most difficult. Soul searching can be done with quiet contemplation. Being amongst Men requires physically gathering with Men of like mind, with no women or traitors present. Some of it is satisfied with these forums. But I still recognize the desire to do things with Men and no women present.

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    • on February 4, 2019 at 5:05 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      Verily, the Lord doth work in mysterious ways.


    • Once one has chased enough women, and satiated their base lusts, true men eventually grow and realize that there is more to life than carnal pleasures. Not that such things do not have their place, in measure. Lesser men do not grow, and great loneliness and depression can, and usually do, set in, usually satiated (or attempted to be satiated) by more risky sex, alcohol, drugs, and/or other risky behaviors.

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      • You can’t TELL a woman that, though. Then they know they have you.

        Better to make them NEARLY sure that’s the case, but refuse to ever state it.

        My two cents.


  7. Cuck Land USA wants to ban cheerleaders.

    Male cheerleaders debut in Super Bowl.

    Please, USA, stop bothering the rest of the world with your retardation

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    • college feetsball has male cheerleaders


      • on February 4, 2019 at 7:35 pm SteveRogers42

        The Rams have one who pretends to be a girl.


      • They wear different uniforms and hold up the chicks by the ass.

        And throw them around. I knew one from a big school famous for pretty cheerleaders. They bang them too.

        The college men don’t wear similar uniforms to the women and do line dances with them.

        In the Negro Felon League, they have faggots that dance WITH the women.

        Big difference IMO.


    • ” Cuck Land USA wants to ban cheerleaders. ”

      This would actually be a good development as most cheerleaders are white, while most of the players are dindus and other mystery meats. This is obviously done as a form of psychological conditioning against both white males and females. Additionally, why are you still wasting time on negroball ?

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      • Not american, don’t watch it, but i heard many times that is one of the most popular sport events in the US.


      • Agreed. This is a win. Fewer white girls prancing around like hookers? Win.

        Black knighitng with feminist tropes to get white girls back into some modesty and shame for dressing like hookers is something we should embrace.

        Next should be white boy protection services/squads for white girls going out in public so they don’t get raped, accosted, even hit-on by non-whites. All under the guise of protecting the snowflakes.

        Feminists won’t know what hit em. Demand it, and immediately attack the bluehairs that dare speak up, for they will be triggering and frightening all the new, modest-dressed snowflake white girls who now have armed squads paid for by daddy, or manned by male relatives, to get them to and from school, the store, etc.

        Maybe it will happen. Prob not.

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      • on February 4, 2019 at 5:46 pm baked georgia

        there was this video of a sorority in alabama. that was obviously called “racist” because there was no black girls there…. BUT THERE WAS A FCKING DINDU PLAYING BALL!!!

        the fact that even people from alabama and mississippi are hooked into afroball is insane


      • As your representative in Congress, I can assure you that my legislative agenda will not get blue-balled.


      • They banned the grid-girls from Formula 1, the Whitest of sports too.

        Not because men wanted to ban them.


    • Toning down the overt sexuality in ANY society is probably a good thing.

      If any of these lovelies were a sister or your own darling, would you be in favor of it? Especially if a bunch of n1ggers were in the audience?

      Do women this cute need to advertise their wares so brazenly in a healthy society?

      Can’t have it BOTH ways… can’t bemoan go-grrl sloots on one hand and celebrate ogling young flesh on the other.

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      • That’s what the feminists in the article say too. Maybe you should welcome them here in this site, you may find common ground?

        They already got rid of Miss America contestants wearing swimsuits, maybe you agree with that too?

        Btw we don’t have blacks in my country so this is not a problem.


      • @ Passerby

        Occasionally I find myself in agreement with my enemy, but for totally different reasons. For example, feminists want to ban pr0n because it’s “objectifying”. Lol. I want to ban pr0n because it physically weakens and psychologically enslaves my brethren.

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      • Can’t have it BOTH ways… can’t bemoan go-grrl sloots on one hand and celebrate ogling young flesh on the other.

        yep. no way around it.

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      • @PK
        Great comment.


      • That’s what the feminists in the article say too. Maybe you should welcome them here in this site, you may find common ground?

        Moreso than with your sorry one-dimensional hide… check out Griswold’s comment and get wise.

        They already got rid of Miss America contestants wearing swimsuits, maybe you agree with that too?

        That contest has been a joke since the first negro won it… if it were up to me I’d ban the whole nonsense altogether, it’s become a mystery meat farce and most of the time the talent is just some pop singing, invariably of the negrified kind.

        Btw we don’t have blacks in my country so this is not a problem.

        Immaterial… I’m glad there are no negros in your nation, but I don’t need no slobbering Slobovians ogling our women, neither.

        How about you address the question: is one of these gals was your sister or fiance`, would you be eager to have her prancing around like this? I think not, and if you say “no big deal”, you’re the kind of cuck that is the reason we lose.

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      • bullshit.

        there’s always a place for whores and sluts even in a prudent society.

        always has been. always will be.

        toning it down of course would be a wise thing…but that’s the PATRIARCHY.

        See, prostitution and porn objectify and demean women while at the same time being incredibly empowering. Like Shroedinger’s Cat! Both alive and dead at the same time!

        This is the power of the female mind!


      • Who said anything about whores, you ass?

        These are presumably “regular girls” of the next door type… they look clean enough anyway.

        Did I mention you were an ass?

        Fucking stick with the galloping gourmand routine. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • I have never, ever understood hose who advocate for blue balls.

        Sports are fun. Bitches dressed like hookers are sporting events add NOTHING to said sporting event except to annoy and distract the real men who go to actually watch or play the sport, and who like banging out women, not oogling them and being frustrated and annoyed by a boner and lustful thoughts for an extra hour or two of his life.

        It’s like guys who think they are manly for paying strippers to dick-tease them into a painful and uncomfortable, tortuous state of blue balls.

        So stupid. Retarded.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Blue balls is real, I’ve had them before, twice, back when I was a teenager.

        we need some legislation to protect our collective vulnerable sacks from the blue balls

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      • Well Greg, i don’t see cheerleaders in sport events as strippers in the nightclub. If my sister wanted to be a cheerleader when she was 20 (not for a career but for 1-2 years) then why not? Its sport activity too.

        I also have no problem with the various beauty pageants, provided there are mostly white women in them, when they are held in white countries.

        Maybe you want to go back to the 19-th century but i’m more modern kind of person.

        Btw slobovians are not interested in western women, they are known everywhere as the worst women in the world.

        P.K. Griswold

        Porn ok, but i have no problem with having cheerleaders in sport events or with beauty pageants.


      • CH, manage your guys, they want to ban cheerleaders and beauty peagents.

        It does not sound like manosphere site, more like White Sharia site or fat feminists site.

        I thought that White Sharia was a thing only at the Daily Stormer? 🙂


      • I dont get the cheerleading thing.
        Girls as young as 10 start training for it and I have been to local games with very young cheerleaders. That’s just wrong and its always the mom pushing it.
        Always think the alt r miss a trick with the Superbowl. It should be coed. #endgendersegregation

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      • Cheerleading is just slut-training… if youse yeggs don’t mind your girlfriends wriggling and undulating in front of crowds of men… celebrating mostly negro affletes from the high school level on up, that’s your cuck.

        A form of White Sharia is coming, one way or another… so muh dik away, assholes… this is why we lose.

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      • Well Greg

        Not my problem that you are so cucked that you took all the mud from the world and your sport teams/beauty pageants are full of mystery meat. Our sportists are white.


      • You should learn the meaning of “cuck”… anyone who wants other men to gawk at their overtly sexualized women is pretty much the epitome of cuckoldry.

        Keep losing and not understanding why.


      • Well Greg, i don’t see cheerleaders in sport events as strippers in the nightclub

        Then maybe you should check your premises.

        Got any videos of your sister, since you have no problem with it if she wants to cheerlead?

        Liked by 1 person


        you’re such a piece of shit, Gayg

        there will ALWAYS be a place for whores and sluts in ANY prudent society.

        AND SLUTS you motherfucking illiterate fuck.

        I really do hope to meet you someday Gayg, knock your old ass the fuck out


      • Hey, punk, I addressed one part of your inanity… all societies had their whores, and until recently it was kept on the other side of the street, and NOT accepted in polite society, but tolerated as long as it remained relatively sub rosa.

        As far as sluts go, NO, there is not a place in society for sluts… just because there were always women somewhat free with their favors, they likewise were shunned for the most part except by no-account profligates (such as yourself), but not considered fit company in the vast majority of situations. Hell, it wasn’t too long ago that teen girls who got pregnant were “sent away” due to the shame they brought upon themselves and family.

        Did I mention you were a loud-mouthed punk?


      • I don’t live in the 19th century Greg, and i don’t need to fear that my sister will be shacked by a nigger sport star. She can be a cheerleader if she wants, provided that she studies later for a better career, and get to marry some good white athlete.

        In the meantime:

        F-1 Grid Girls set to return in Russia in 2019

        Too bad for the murican feminist retards that tried to ban them.


      • I don’t live in the 19th century Greg, and i don’t need to fear that my sister will be shacked by a nigger sport star.

        We’ve already established there are no n1ggers in your country… and aside from all your diversionary bullshit, this isn’t about merely worrying about your sister.

        You’re a disingenuous ass if you’re trying to maintain that you wouldn’t mind a female relative or your own wìfe/girlfriend flaunting her sexuality and getting ogled by strange men.

        And if you truly don’t mind, well… I can’t help you… that makes you the type of cuck that has led to the current malaise.

        But let’s just keep losing. (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Wife is different than a sister, dumbo G. Why did you add the wife thing to the sister thing, which was your first word in the first comments of yours? A sister gets f.cked by her boyfriend for example. Which is normal. She independently goes to parties. She has her own life. And so on. A wife obviously can not be allowed to another man, go to night clubs alone or be a cheerleader.

        I see no problem with my sister being a cheerleader for a while, if thats what she wants. She can get an athlete boyfriend too, here they are not black like in your country.

        Here women show more flesh. This is how things are here.

        Losing? Who is losing? You are the one getting taken over by migrants, not us. Our women do not cause a problem for us, they vote right wing and they are not feminists. The fact that they are sexy does not cause us the accept migrants.


      • You’re going to regret letting your broads whore it up, Passerby. Mark my words.

        You’re swaggering in here, boasting that you can let female hypergamy have free rein because you’re currently all-White. Wait until your Liberated Princesses start getting bored with you local White boys — specifically because you DON’T control them, as they actually want — and start voting for parties that will let in dark-skinned subhumans who have the pimp hand they’ll take in preference to your “tolerant” weakness.

        Though I hate to quote popular culture, this exchange reminds me a little of something from the original Star Wars movies:

        Puke Skywalker: I’m not afraid.

        LIttle Green Asshole: You will be. You will be.

        Give it 20 years and your prancing sluts will be holding up “Refugees Welcome” signs in the airports, too.


      • And as for you, trav, your angry stamping and hooting about EVERYTHING is getting tiresome. Hell, I’m an angry asshole, and even I manage to post at least 50% stuff that isn’t just some contrarian snarling.

        Sure, there are always whores. Female losers, who have no other alternatives. They have a function in society as well, but they need to be kept limited.

        Things like this cheerleader idiocy are specifically designed to CELEBRATE female hypergamy and male thirst. The brawds are up there waggling their asses at a crowd of drooling betas, basically a ritual of female sexual power and male subservience to that power. The broads are sexualized but unobtainable; the masses of males are supposed to sit there hopelessly worshiping and slavering, sort of a spiritual harem for the women who are allowed to push all their instinctive buttons while offering nothing in return.

        Additionally, cheerleading is giving status to regular girls acting like sluts, FOR acting like sluts. You’re creating “role models” who are imitating low whores while at the same time underlining hypergamous power. The female leading a crowd of men by the dick while none of them are allowed to possess her.

        How this can be overlooked as destructive is beyond me.

        The whole point of patriarchy is to keep your regular women under control and keep them from letting the inner strumpet out. This cheerleading crap is the opposite of that. It’s a grotesque display of normalizing harlotry and beta orbiting.

        Fuck that noise.


      • Well-said, Ironsides… an especially good deconstruction on cheerleading as far more than a merely pleasant distraction.


      • And furthermore, trav, while you’re occasionally right about something, such as vaccines, your dumb ass is dumb most of the time.

        You’ve got to countersignal everything that Greg says because you’ve got a ridiculous hard-on for this pinheaded “muh Bewmers” shit.

        Your own story reveals that your generation — which is unfortunately also mine, even if it’s at opposite ends, and you’re at the old fart end of it — is blinded by their own gobbling, self-righteous, single-brain-celled narcissism as much or more than any other generation.

        You chip-on-the-shoulder in here about what a Superior Being it makes you that you spend $500 a meal at restaurants — of taxpayer money, no less, if I’m following your drivel correctly, which doesn’t interest me that much — and wearing $20,000 watches or shoes or whatever the fuck else.

        Then you come in here squalling like a pissy little nigger brat because your dad — who’s OMG heez an eeebil Bewmer!!!!11!!!!! — DARES to spend HIS money on a camper or whatever the fuck so he can enjoy driving around seeing shit before he dies. The absolute fucking GALL of this old guy, enjoying himself for a few years and using his money for what he enjoys, EXACTLY you brag about doing constantly.

        AND he takes care of one of your kids for you. So that you have more time to wander around fucking that sweet, sweet chimpanzee p00n.

        And omg, what a BEWWWMER loser, why doesn’t he just die already so that my ungrateful, family-hating, nigger-loving ass can inherit more money to blow on fancy restaurants and designer fucking shoes while preening about your self-abnegating virtue.

        Who’s the narcissist here, you pampered, entitled assclown?

        I sincerely hope that your father lives to 120 so that you don’t inherit a penny of his money. Failing that, that he leaves it all to a 20 year old bimbo that he’s fucking on the side, and you inherit exactly $5.

        Then you can REALLY sit there rocking and bawling about how mean the meanie meanhead Bewmers were to you, consoling yourself with a fat sheboon and a new $80,000 bling-tastic designer porkpie hat, or whatever the fuck.


      • Wife is different than a sister, dumbo G. Why did you add the wife thing to the sister thing, which was your first word in the first comments of yours

        From the very first post in this discussion I included female relatives and mentioned, in order, one’s “your sister or own darling”, next post “girlfriend”, then finally “wife/girlfriend”.

        Dumbo yourself, cuckmeister. Learn to read before you flap your vapid yap.


    • If I tried to bounce a quarter off those firm young asses, I wonder how many I could get in a row…
      Lord have mercy.


    • This type of thing is blatant tit-elation.

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    • Russians are superior humans.


    • Voyeurism is deeply beta….unless your an Alpha, and then your appreciating the female form. Who says you can’t have it both ways.


    • It depends. What % of attendance at these feetball games are female?


    • Capitalist dogs must sieze the means of reproduction.


  8. on February 4, 2019 at 1:43 pm | Reply John Joel Glanton

    Word of the day is:



  9. on February 4, 2019 at 1:50 pm | Reply Hackett To Bits

    Simple were the folk who lived
    Upon this frozen wave.
    So not surprising was their thought:
    “This is he, God’s chosen one,
    Who’s come to save us from
    All our oppressors.
    We shall be kings on this world!”


  10. I’d add a fourth kind of male loneliness: the loneliness he feels for the man he has yet to become.

    You could also call it the loneliness for true purpose. Not just any purpose (like a “career” or for “success” or something) but one that truly matters. I think that is why the sci-fi, historical fiction and mythology categories are so appealing. In fact, most of the sci-fi is not much more than Odysseus updated in one form or another.

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  11. “The component of male lived experience that is wholly unaccessible to women, more than any other, is the colossal and abyssal apathy of the universe towards you. Women cannot relate to this”

    This is a profound piece of wisdom buried in there along with some other nuggets but it really stood out to me.

    Reminds me of this… (h/t Cap’n O)

    Starts at 17, you get the idea…

    p.s. re: Dune, this is being rebooted in 2020 I’m hearing expect it to be utter dogshit like everything else Hollyweird makes. Instead of Paul bitch slapping the Bene Gesserit he will get his hand burned off for realz in the box and they will put a ball gag in his mouth so he can’t speak and make him a bitchboy. LOL

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    • dude…NEVER fuckin cite a loser sperg shit movie like Dune on here…ffs, man…

      that was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. only some gay nerd fanboys would even have a clue wtf was going on in it.

      the original was dogshit, so the remake will probably be dogshit on dogshit and the lead character will be a wamen


      • I always said Dune required an attention span to appreciate it.

        I bet you HATE HATE HATE M. Night’s movies as well?

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      • on February 4, 2019 at 4:46 pm Captain Obvious

        David Lynch’s 1984 “Dune” is an epic masterpiece of an examination of the female propensity for Passive Aggressive darkness & venom & poison within an aging & corrupt & decrepit old empire.

        Plus it has Virginia Madsen & Sean Young at their peaks, and Francesca Annis & Sian Phillips not far from their peaks – ugly chicks need not apply for roles in David Lynch movies.

        Dudes hate the movie because they’re too terrified to contemplate the pure unadulterated Evil which is the female propensity for Passive Aggression – women who are so wicked that they will intentionally drive their own sons to su!cide if their sons’ weaknesses disgust them.

        Again, it is an EPIC MASTERPIECE.

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      • on February 4, 2019 at 4:55 pm Captain Obvious

        Speaking of which, never misunderestimate the power of Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder in causing Male Loneliness.

        Wholesome, straightforward, honest, Nice Guys Who Always Finish Last are completely flummoxed when they’re accosted by PAPD.

        WTF are they supposed to do?

        How do you counteract PAPD with anything short of psychological napalm?

        If you throw the b!tch over your knee and spank the living daylights out of her, then you’ll either have a fe1ony assau1t on your record afterwards, or else you’ll forever be stuck with a batsh!t crazy BDSM stalker who will never leave you alone.

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      • on February 4, 2019 at 5:03 pm Captain Obvious

        BTW, I am convinced that the Frankfurt School’s three great Pillars of Evil – “Seinfeld” [1989 to 1998] & “Friends” [1994 to 2004] & “Sex and the City” [1998 to 2004] – were responsible for unleashing the torrent of snarky Passive Aggressive venom into everyday casual conversation in Bluetropolis.

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      • @CO

        Sex and the Skanky
        The Kartrashians

        The unholy trinity.

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      • While I like the Dune book (the first one only, basically), the movie is a real piece of steaming worm-casting, in my opinion.

        So I’m somewhere between trav and everyone else about it, seemingly. 😉


      • gayg, nobody gave a fuck what you always said

        stfu already, nobody gives a fuck now either.

        the movie sucked shit


      • Keep telling me how much you don’t give a fuck, punk.

        If you don’t want your lame artistic opinions smacked around in Cyberia, then put a cork ’em and stick with the pasta recipes… heavy on the eggplant.


    • Dune is an ‘acquired taste’ for certain. If you like David Lynch’s sort of offbeat style it is a bit more palpable.

      I would actually like to see a really awesome reboot personally but like I said with the way things are these days the chance is close to zero. I definitely did NOT like that movie the first time I saw it but I warmed up to it on re-watchings. This seems to be the case with most everyone.

      Another movie like this just to completely derail my original point, is the Big Lebowski. Supposedly you have to see this 2-3 times to ‘get it’ but for the life of me, I simply cannot see why people have turned that movie into a cult classic. It has some very funny parts but it is typical (((Coen))) brothers nihilistic in that nothing you can do affects the universe which is their general ethos in most of their films.


      • nothing you can do affects the universe

        That’s not nihilistic, it’s reality.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 5:00 am Gunslingergregi

        Lol benway how do u know
        I think whole world people hanging on the pubes of one mans choices or aliens Rip this bitch apart make room for someone else


      • on February 5, 2019 at 5:03 am Gunslingergregi

        Set off all nukes on planet under the biggest volcanoes on earth
        Changing trajectory of earth this affecting the universe
        U are wrong
        One man can change the universe


      • how would setting off relatively tiny explosives under massive volcanos change a fucking thing?

        get off the opioids man


  12. WWJD ?

    – Religious Leaders Bless Opening of New Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic, Call It “Sacred Work” –


  13. Chimney’s be racis and sheet …..

    – Mary Poppins branded racist by US academic in ‘blackface’ row over scene where she gets covered in soot –


  14. This was a refreshing read. The hard right/trad. right is going to have to embrace the one true Christian God, find solace and community in this faith, and be committed to raising cubs under this faith if we are to succeed against the scourge that is bolshevik globalism.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Why would you embrace some illiterate Galilean Guru? Or believe what Saul, the Jew tax collector wrote.
      God is your own alter Ego. Humans have the ability to sort of scrutinize themselves from the outside and this leads to the delusion that there must be something outside themselves eg. a god
      You can just as well follow Confucius as Jesus, at least he could write and read.Or you can even follow the Hebe god, Yahweh.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 4:45 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        The gospel was written by a Greek describing the hideousness of the Jews. Period. Jesus is a manual laborer who performed medical practice for free. He attacked bankers. Whoever wrote the bare bones of the story was a Greek antisemite.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 4:49 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Jesus is a doubly-Ironic literary construct satirising the Jews, and the story exposes Jewish machinations.

        The gospel writer was a brilliant witty Greek observing the Judeans.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 6:46 am John Joel Glanton

        Also looking at Turin shroud Jesus appears to have a Nordic phenotype. He would look out of place on CNN.


      • God is your own alter Ego. Humans have the ability to sort of scrutinize themselves from the outside

        Yaaaaaaawn… sophomoric solipsism as old as Mankind… how’s THAT been working out for us these past 6 millennia?

        Genesis 3
        4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

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      • how’s your stupid fucking church been working for the past couple hundred years, you pathetic cuck?

        let’s see here- abolition, prohibition, suffrage…now cucked Haiti help, immigrants, save the africans, oh and war for Israel.

        Just shut the fuck up and DIE already


      • Your Rooney rifle of squid ink needs focus… pick one catastrophe at a time, if you would actually like an answer.

        If what you’re trying to say is that men in general have fallen short of the glory of God, and even His so-called churches have dropped the ball in a big way and become tools of Satan, well… Scripture itself predicted that and tells us as much over and over again.

        What else you got? And try to THIS TIME make it something we don’t already know.

        And, on another note: don’t you EVER get tired of losing the battle of wits ’round chere, try-hard? You keep coming at me with nuthin’… it’s almost as if you get off reenacting the Dragline fight scene in Cool Hand Luke, except your nuthin’ AIN’T a real cool hand ever.


      • on February 5, 2019 at 10:23 am John Joel Glanton


        There’s just as many atheist cucks as Christians

        What do you suggest as an alternative to the Christian faith? Roman Paganism? It’s the same thing lol


      • Jesus was a popular guru and lived off the money he got from rich patrons.
        And we need bankers to finance different enterprises unless you think that people are going to let you use their money for free. Even farmers need money to finance their next crop and then pay it back when it is harvested.
        Now, I’m sure that Jesus was a clever guy and perhaps learned a bit of medicine. Most cases of blindness in these areas was temporary and caused by infections so he may have known about medicinal mud etc
        He was likely also a very good looking guy because no one who looks like Ron Jeremy is going to attract a lot of hot females and groupies.I’m pretty sure that Pilate in his report to the Emperor about what was going on even mentioned Jesus and what he looked like and you would really only do this if he was out of the ordinary. He also said that he had the kindest face he had even seen on a man. Even the Temple manager came out to interview Jesus and he wrote the same thing. When he came to see him again he couldn’t find him but spoke to Mary and Joe the carpenter, his step father. He mentions that Joe was a grumpy old guy who thought Jesus was a pussy and dreamer. I guess that’s why Jesus advised his followers to leave their parents.


  15. 5th: No bourbon


  16. Oblivious to the irony.

    – Boy Scouts organization inaugurates first all-girls troops –


  17. Congrats to Julien Edelman, the first white wide receiver to win Super Bowl MVP since Fred Biletnikoff in 1977. He a survivor of a false claim of “sexual assault”. There should be a lot more white wide receivers and teams like the Patriots in the NFL. Sports is a part of every society. We can’t stop it, but we can support for those who reflect a better example of what we want our country to be.


    • It’s always ghey to live vicariously through others.

      Turn that shit off.

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      • Nah, we are social creatures and were designed to care about more than our own being.

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      • ” Nah, we are social creatures and were designed to care about more than our own being.”

        And this is related to kneegroball how ?


      • @ l8

        “we are social creatures and were designed to care about more than our own being.”

        No doubt. But there’s a limit on altruism (despite what leftists would have you believe). There is a finite number of people for whom you can experience genuine empathy. That number’s lower than you think. It most certainly does not extend to some random entertainer living in a different city who doesn’t even know your name. (Someone wanna cite that guinea wop movie clip re:Mickey mantle?)

        If you insist on watching the negroball, watch it for the game itself, not the player.

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      • Niggerball is a weird, artificial substitute for nationalism and/or local “mannerbunds,” warbands, whatever you want to call them.

        Niggerball is to nationalism as masturbation is to siring 11 healthy sons with an Aryan maiden.

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      • that chimpanzee is the measure of all cultural wars lost in last 70+years

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      • She won’t be an Aryan maiden after 11 kids.


    • The (((first))) to win MVP.


      • on February 4, 2019 at 5:48 pm baked georgia

        they have more owners than players in the entire league! lol


      • Except he is setting a positive example, not working to destruct our culture.

        I think many are missing the greater point. People WILL watch football and cheer on their teams. Would you rather have men like Edelman, Gronkowski and Burkhead getting the ball or have all black athletes getting the ball?

        At one point even white tight ends were the minority. Now after several incredible ones like Gronkowski, Jason Witten and Dallas Clark…in recent years that majority of top TE’s are white.

        Now we are seeing white WR’s emerging, and Edelman winning MVP was a huge step forward.

        I have nothing against anyone who have no use for team sports, that’s your prerogative. But at least recognize it would be a good thing if there were more teams like the Patriots where white athletes routinely run and catch the ball.


      • I’m happy for you that one of your own got a bit of glory… add him to 3000 years of beautiful history, from Moses to Koufax.


    • I remember that ’77 Super Bowl. I was born/raised in Oakland (before it was totally nigger-fuxxated). That team had all of the ‘old’ and cool Raider players.
      I stopped watching monkey-ball many years ago. Did not watch the Stupid Bowl yesterday. Could care less. The Negro Felon League is just another jew and nigger-fuxxated American institution. Fucking kikes get their hands on something that is Heritage American and then they commoditize/financialize/commercialize/monetize it into jew hell (even though the Christ-killers do not believe in Hell).


      • on February 5, 2019 at 7:02 am John Joel Glanton

        Hell is terrifying. I believe in Hell. I had a revelation from Christ one night. There is no doubt in my mind of God’s existence and the reality of Hell for sinners.

        Hell is very real.


    • (((Edelman))) ffs

      Like the huge PR firm


    • on February 5, 2019 at 6:51 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

      And also Aryan overman Tom Brady has replaced dope-smoking dirty-dancing negro Michael Jordan as GOAT athlete.


      • did not find out what the outcome was of the negroball extravaganza until a day later. Thanks to the Chateau and its cohorts for setting me straight on that one.

        For the noobs, scanman’s famous quip:

        Why so hateful, goyim? Chillax. Watch some sportsball. Smoke some weed. Watch some porn. Have a few drinks. Watch a Jud Appatow movie…


  18. And here’s the crux of the problem. Millions of jobs are about to be eliminated, while the US keeps importing millions of barely literate workers. What can go wrong ?

    P.S. Our usefulness to the elites is waning. What do you think they have planned for us ?

    – Robots And AI: The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk –

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    • on February 4, 2019 at 3:48 pm | Reply Pretty Boy Looch

      You are the leader I long for, Mr. Off-topic News Aggregator

      Show me which way to go.


    • on February 4, 2019 at 5:50 pm | Reply Elmer T. Jones

      They will never automate SJW click-bait columns. It takes special human skills to string together cliches with topical references and hyperlinks.


  19. How about that Patriot’s battle cry: “We’re still here!” Though, I don’t think they’re referring to whites being down to 60-65% of the population.


  20. The Entitled Battlecunt (credit- CO)
    Part 2 of the Continuing Saga

    Out on Friday at a bar with a buddy. Afrobowl weekend. Not a whole lot of people out. Three chicks up at the bar (1 land whale and the other 2 I would rate no higher than a 6.) Late 20’s. Just rocked out of their minds drunk. Banging down shots.

    One of them looks at me as I’m ordering our drinks. I barely register it and head to a table with my buddy. We’re having fun just talking and drinking.

    Maybe an hour goes by. The three booze soaked skanks are now packing up for greener pastures. As they are at the door, one of the stops. She squares up to me and yells, “FUUUCK YOUUUU.”

    Then she staggers out the door. Her friends are not laughing. They don’t even look like they’re having a good time.

    Four fat dudes are at the bar and let out a collective Whooooaaa!!! What did you do to her, dude?!

    I just shrugged.

    This is becoming disturbingly frequent. Hit on a chick, and she doesn’t like you? Metoo. Bye bye. You’re going to the can.

    Don’t hit on a chick when she wants it? Be prepared for a scene previously reserved only for the sloppiest sheboons.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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    • Funny how the cooze can pick up on even a mere aura of rejection. 😉

      Liked by 3 people

      • on February 4, 2019 at 5:13 pm Captain Obvious

        I don’t think our male forebrains are capable of contemplating the intensity of the emotions created by the intuition lurking in the female hindbrain.

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      • on February 4, 2019 at 7:11 pm Captain Obvious

        Her hindbrain finally sensed “Alpha” and her 0varies were practically jumping out of her belly @ FE.


      • Female intuition? They make so many predictions, all of them vague, that some have to be right just by chance lol


    • Lol, you must have that MAGA look…

      HOW DARE YOU not go after my gold gilded gash!


    • Which one looked and which one yelled?


    • this was all part of the (((plan))), to pit white women and white men against each other so that they would stop breeding.

      so tell me, is their plan working?


      • Yes, it worked. (Past tense.)

        But it took (((them))) a century, working under the cover of darkness to subvert their unassuming prey.

        What happens now that the giant wakes? The past 10 years have been a whirlwind. The past 5 even more so.

        Everywhere I go, I meet more and more people who are red pill aware. From the coworker who tells me about homeschooling his kids because the schools are teaching trash, to the (female) bartender that watches a (((commercial))) and exclaims “that’s fuckin POZ’d”, to the CASUAL acquaintance who nonchalantly drops “cuck” in conversation, to the woman who asks me if it’s normal her teenage boy watches MAGA-related YouTube content.

        These are true stories that have all occurred within the last 18 months. And they’re occurring with increasing regularity.


    • did you get up and punch her in her fat mouth?

      follow her outside and be like you fucking fat bitch do not EVER speak to me like that again and spit in her face?

      what would a muslim man have done? A nigger?

      funny how women don’t pull that shit with them….


      • Funny how some worthless cooze cursing at you would cause you to lose your shit and wind up in the can.

        I’m not sure if you ever admitted your ethnicity here or not, but it’s posts like this that prove there’s a n1gger in the woodpile.


      • Nah. Didn’t react at all.
        Been to jail already. Wasn’t terrible, but I’m not sure I’d choose to stay at that particular establishment again.

        Naggers get a lot worse in my libtardtropolis (it’s wonderfully vibrant here.)

        I almost burst out laughing the other day while getting gas. A sheboon was shrieking at her nagger. Decibel level was ear shattering. He just stood there impassively, shaking his head saying, “You gon’ hurt mah ears. You gon’ hurt mah ears..”


    • This is a good series.

      Realistically though, maybe the protagonist is egging on the girls somehow, at least a little bit deliberately?


  21. This: “Women don’t want to know what men really feel and think. The knowledge would poison their hearts if it didn’t first scare them stiff.”

    They cannot wrap their heads around the inner life of men, and their hearts would not be able to handle the weight of that which men of depth handle, carry, and deal with.

    This is why they so easily fall for cheap emotionalism, romance novels, etc. it is soohomoric, so jejune and childish, so thin and shallow and simplistic that to a man it is laughable. It perplexes is how something so un-subtle, so grossly sensualized and carnal could ever be thought of as “good”, “deep”, or “intimate.”

    A mere taste of a man’s inner world is enough to consume a woman’s imagination, her shallower depths of intellect and heart, childlike depths, for weeks. And she will only feel it and get caught up emotionally, never really understand it.

    I have only recently begun honestly saying to myself, “I am glad my mother has not a clue as to the pain I have been through.” Because I now realize that of she knew it, it would crush her. And yet, she would go on as if nothing had happened, because what else can you do with something you cannot understand, but to leave it behind? Women don’t and cannot bear half the psycho-spiritual burdens they think they can, or do.

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  22. on February 4, 2019 at 5:46 pm | Reply Elmer T. Jones

    “I’d add a fourth kind of male loneliness: the loneliness he feels for the man he has yet to become.”

    Or worse, the man he could have been.

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    • Yeah that’s the other side of the coin isn’t it.

      Eventually your goose is cooked.

      Are you all the man you’ll ever be, right now?


    • Derbyshire included in some essay of his an aphorism, that any man who has never been to sea and nor to war, despises himself.

      Have you, as in whoever, been put to the test and risen to the challenge?

      I am not going to sea, at this point. We are at war, on the other hand, but it’s not the type where you are on a horse.


  23. Read some of the subthreads here. Now listen, fools. There is no substitute for winning, exercising, and maintaining sovereignty. With sovereignty men stop passive-aggressive female behavior and pushers of degenerate propaganda. With sovereignty there is no need to vicariously escape into metaphor. Oh, but I need a lord to take care of me, whaaaah. You fucks need to reflect on the violence marketplace that would a white culture patriarchy. There is no moral hazard when rank and file men are the enforces. This winner-take-all patronage playing to get the almighty state to do one’s bidding is the disease. It’s the bitches’ political home field, for Christ’s sake. Men who can stare into the abyss are the most qualified to use deadly force.


    • on February 5, 2019 at 4:53 am | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

      We need to actualize Neeson Squads.


    • Your anarchism is nice and all, Doug, but it’s kind of notable that it was White men organized according to the natural warrior hierarchy who conquered the entire fucking Earth, from pole to pole, and men who rejected that hierarchy who became pussy-whipped slaves of their own women, kowtowing to faggots, trannies, and niggers.

      Men with lords took the world, and men without lords lost it.

      You’ve got to have a banner, a focal point, a champion who can COORDINATE your efforts, or you’re just an isolated nobody who is steamrolled by even minimally organized inferiors.

      The Mexicans are contemptible idiots individually, low-IQ losers, lazy, ignorant, depraved, and low quality. Yet because they have the ability to stick together, they’re taking over the country of the “rugged individualists” who lie there in supine surrender, despite their massive arsenal, because they have no champion — no leader — no lord to rally them.

      The Trump election was the effort to name a king. People instinctively realize that you need a living banner to provide that coordination that turns a dispersed cloud of helpless individuals into a warband that drives out the enemy and holds their territory against all comers.

      The fact that Trump is very low quality material who happened to be an adroit liar capable of TALKING like a king, a lord, a leader, a Fuhrer doesn’t change the fact that mankind is a Warband Animal. Always has been, always will be. Our current individualistic atomization is a suicidal aberration from human nature, created by spergs.

      I realize that you’ve been deeply propagandized with the (((atomization))) b.s. Hell, I’m a solitary forest lurker myself, by nature. But I understand that a united front is the only thing that produces victory in this world, and that you need to have a general in order to have an army.


      • A general is not a king. I believe Western history starts with the Greeks and their democracy and philosophy. I am not an anarchist. I think my cooperation must be earned (and yours, I trust). I am a Keirsey Rational, an estimated 5% of (white) population. Others need the herd, for it is in the DNA of our past. I don’t presume what you are. I consider Rationals to be the genetic vanguard of humanity. Monarchism is older than democracy and sometimes it wins, but what is won for the majority by it? We simply need a new democracy, i.e. white patriarchy with no apologies.

        Men who cannot weigh the opportunity costs of their violence I look down upon. Men who do not successfully take the law into their own hands have no legitimate claim to their wives as property or to family or to live itself, IMO. Paint-by-numbers honor is for the non-philosophical mind. Imagine a democracy of kings, a return of kings.

        The greatness of the Dutch Republic and the early United States was interesting geopolitics–there was no available infrastructure for government control. Therefore, people had no choice but to settle their differences, rely on friends and family rather than government goodies, and produce for their welfare. That was geopolitical circumstances imposing on Germanic white people who were not those of the long-lived (and thus corrupt) European nobility (cf. Dalrock’s courtly love/chivalry). I conclude that Germanic white, though relatively great and the best humanity during modernity, is shy of fully self-derived greatness. Whites have some serious weakness that is highly exposed under the circumstances, but the collapse will rectify much of it, and evolution will happily make a U-turn without a care.

        With globalism I don’t see another tribal white waiting in the wings like German tribes when Rome fell. The Slavs are less able as producers. Genes matters. I don’t care for Mexican fruits of Mexican victory, and we know that world’s minorities are artificial winners at our expense. You may have heard about the sex trafficking from Mexico to NYC.

        A white man reset is necessary for return to the peak of modernity and to go higher. Living our lives in decline lends itself to a good-ole-days longing. We have not discovered the universally correct rules of sex or civics based on what works for us at present. Universal laws are blind and permissive of evolution in any direction. There is no universal morality. I reject monarchism. I think democracy is the best possible form of government, but that form is secondary to culture (which essentially is democracy among men and autocracy for women and young children).

        What I want does not matter. I am completely isolated in my thoughts, and there is no reason for me to believe that after half a century that will change. I hate being me in this context of who everyone else is, but that’s my evolutionary cross to bear.

        I argue my point of view not to win but to express myself socially. I think it’s catharsis. Video games and porn don’t appeal to me, except free porn rarely to remind myself what a semi-attractive female body looks like. If I had lotsa money, I’d be an old fart playboy, travel, and figure out the best poolside for my first home of my ownership.

        I think the next decade is gonna be SHTF in US. I wish the fix for Trump to win (((Howard Shultz))) were not in. I suspect the impeachment hunt is theatrical propaganda more to drain us emotionally than to confuse us intellectually, which propaganda has become generally. They know we know they are lying. Regardless, I’d rather have crazy Dem trigger the unregulated showdown already. White men not scum bureaucrats can only forget who they are and loose their independent agency more and more. Put the stove eye on high already and destroy any complacency the frog may yet have. I’m not getting any younger here. Putting my penis in a liberated woman is Russian roulette, until liberating CW, mwah ha haaa. I’d probably just die ingloriously with no confirmed kills, but I certainly will if this drags on another twenty years, which is I think how long it will take if executed successfully as planned.


      • One of our greatest weaknesses, and strengths, is the altruism gene. You simply do not find it, to such a great degree, in other races. It is great when directed towards our own people, but extremely deadly (suicidal) when directed towards the “other” in the extreme (e.g., open borders/immigration policies). That has to be brought under control, for sure. Just not sure how. Altruism towards “the other” does appear to be a ‘good times’ gene, for I do not see it surviving one or two generations of hard times in any significant numbers. Those types simply will not survive. It certainly was necessary in the old days as societies, tribes, and nations were formed. Somehow it got perverted and morphed along the way, and weaponized against our people.


      • IS, to read Livius, book 34, secs. 1-4 is to read about the power of a flesh husband vs. the power of state husbandry. Uriah the Hittite was an honorable cuck. Wifey can’t have two masters. Continuous absolute institutional power is the process of cultural decay. Dynastic falls are a reset. Entropy is supplied by nature every day. No man deserves to be free of its challenge once and for all. We are organic. Children are organic.


      • JR, I agree except that I prefer a granularity that is as small a possible for the situation. For example, white garbage must be culled or whites evolve culturally downward. I care about race only to the extent I care about culture, which I can best estimate by people’s fruits. Again it’s evident that I am socially isolated in my thoughts, and I can’t think differently in methodology. I think white patriarchy is necessary but not necessarily sufficient. At least all the digital evidence will let this collapse be a lesson to any white men of the future. Women can’t hide their lying eyes to history now.


      • “But I understand that a united front is the only thing that produces victory in this world, and that you need to have a general in order to have an army.”

        It occurs to me that Yin (women and (((them)))) wins by being a parasite. The parasites infiltrate at first individually. I think there is such a thing as Yin masculinity. Why can’t Sun Tzu strategy be applied by the individual? Why can’t inferiors be manipulated covertly? Game is essentially and usually and ultimately an individual performance. Why is that useful only for obtaining a sex partner? If we believe the Yin-Yang process model, half the time victory is won from the inside without an overt, hierarchical army.

        We can’t rush history or evolution and make Yang ascendant. There are existential facts that makes Yin strategies the correct type to consider right now. Pros and cons can be flipped by changing the context. Winning yang and hierarchy is the possession of Leviathan for the foreseeable future. This is our zeitgeist.


  24. Speaks for itself

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  25. Having Sperg Syndrome, I do not interact with lots of people and have only a couple of close friends (old Army buddies). People to me are energy vampires who sap my energy. Being retired with a good income, I do what I want and when I want to do it. Spend evening time on the Internets (don’t watch TelAviv-vision– hate fucking jew lies). If I get ‘lonely’, I grill some rib-eyes and wash them down with beer (for balanced nutrition). If I get ‘really lonely’, I load up my firearms and head to the range. I say ‘Hello’ to the range-master (that constitutes my conversation) and blast away. Then, head home and clean my weapons– caressing them all the while. It’s a living.

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    • What do you do if your kok gets lonely?


    • on February 5, 2019 at 8:59 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

      There’s no such thing as “Asperger’s Syndrome”. It’s a made-up Jewish lie.

      There is nothing wrong with you. Most of us feel the same way. Men are naturally in mortal competition with each other and the older you get, the more ruthless others become.

      Tinder and Faceberg have made things infinitely worse because now there is ~5% of men monopolizing 99% of the women so it is impossible to find a good woman to talk to.

      Again, there is nothing wrong with you. Get that idea out of your head. You sound perfectly normal.

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      • Thanks, Homey. Like one of the commenters here says, “Thanks for being a bro.” (Not the negro kind).


      • Yep aspies and ADHD are load of shit.
        I never heard of it until 10 years ago and now every second kid has it.

        Maybe ma’am if you reduced sugar/candy in your kids diet, stop him watching screens, get him outside in nature, read books, stop spoiling him etc I’m sure things will get better ffs


  26. Swoon.
    There are still honorable women who truly love real men, ya know. A tough sell here, but true.

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  27. Hahahahahahaha!!! Off-topic, but I posted some uh, er, ahem, cough, cough, slightly anti-jew comments at Bloomberg’s magazine blog. It was a Bloomberg opinion piece by some jewrnalist describing how many of The Holohoax ‘survivors’ went on to live very long lives. About a half-dozen of my comments were shoahed and in conversation with other ‘deniers’ such as myself. Bloomberg closed the comment section for that article. What a shame. There were many good comments from fellow evil Knotzee deniers like me. Actually, I was surprised that Bloomberg allowed open access to their comment page. Most blogs require you to sign in. Must have been an oversight.


    • Also off topic. While making my rounds today, Ibrolled up on a prospect’s house. He was outside loading a drag car into a trailer. I shook his hand and could tellnthisnguy was exceptionally strong. I asked about his grip. He said, “guess what I do for a living.” I thought bakc to the only other man I ever met with a grip like that, my uncle Larry, who is a logger (still, in his seventies).

      “Logger”, i gueesed. Which was the correct guess.

      When I see my uncle I always am amazed when I give him a hug. It’s like grabbing a horse. Nothing but rock har muscle.

      Anyway, the point is, work on your grip strength. All of the fruly baddass men I eber knew had massive grips.


      • got a jiu jitsu student runs a roofing company…he’s white collar now. this mfer has a 200lb hand squeezer grip thing. He’s the only one who can close the handles together. I’m 2nd best but probably 50lbs light of it. i have piano player hands, not structurally made for grips. but you do this sport for 18 years you’re gonna have stronger grips than anyone you know.

        logging tho killed half the people i went to HS…very dangerous work


      • Back in high school we were sitting around the (absent parents’) kitchen table, bs’ing and flexing.

        One of the guys, 6 foot 7 but skinny and a weird build, to make his point, with one hand grabbed by the bottom of one of its legs an old school style hardwood saddleback chair and raised it from the floor over his head, seemingly effortlessly.

        It would be a better story to say it was from one of the front legs, but I don’t remember. I could hardly have done it w/ two hands and wasn’t going to try. It was a lesson in how much size matters.


    • Holox survivors income gets a tax credit.
      One of the turbotax prompts today…


  28. I feel a tremendous loneliness for the spirits of our great ancestors, who accomplished amazing things, to whom I will never speak, unless such things are possible in the afterlife.

    “Bright were the castle buildings, many the bathing-halls,
    high the abundance of gables, great the noise of the multitude,
    many a meadhall full of festivity,
    until Fate the mighty changed that.
    Far and wide the slain perished, days of pestilence came,
    death took all the brave men away;
    their places of war became deserted places,
    the city decayed. The rebuilders perished,
    the armies to earth. And so these buildings grow desolate,
    and this red-curved roof parts from its tiles
    of the ceiling-vault. The ruin has fallen to the ground
    broken into mounds, where at one time many a warrior,
    joyous and ornamented with gold-bright splendour,
    proud and flushed with wine shone in war-trappings;
    looked at treasure, at silver, at precious stones,
    at wealth, at prosperity, at jewellery,
    at this bright castle of a broad kingdom.”

    (From, “The Ruin”, in the great Anglo-Saxon tome, the Exeter Book)

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    great text. I really agree that this is exactly what is happening.


  30. Anglin and Wranglerstar goin at the joe roganstein


  31. […] But it is also important to understand that the self is merely concerned with getting your own behavior patterns under control. Our modern society worships the individual self in a narcissistic push to cut men off from forming successful relationships, whether that be with women, with other men, or with God. […]


  32. Depraved femininity >>>>>>>> . . . >>>>>>>> toxic masculinity


  33. I’m interpreting that lord bit as a mentor. I had something of a mentor when I was early teens. The guy was pretty alpha by anyones standards but we had a falling out because you can’t have two bulls in the same field.


    • The missing component in your interpretation is fealty. One does not pledge fealty to a mentor. Also, fealty solves the problem of having two bulls.

      We have been conditioned since birth that individualism is the highest ideal. Thus, we can’t have two bulls. But what we are beginning to see is that indivualism undermines purpose.


  34. There’s a hint of mint in you.

    [CH: i picked up a chick once with just my fresh breath. i was leaning over her to order a beer, very close to her face (intended), and she said my breath smelled so minty. after that, it was standard operating procedure to close the deal. i hope you enjoyed this.]


  35. on February 5, 2019 at 3:17 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Well had my first adventure
    The traffic is literally insane here
    Crossing road with my wife busy as fuck
    I wave my arm to slow down Cars
    So they stop i think im home free
    Wife holding my arm on left side
    So Van
    And sure the fuck enough
    Just enough space for a motor scooter
    Then a 10 inchi high sidewalk
    I step into that space
    A dude on motor hitam me on right side
    This dude went like into a Van then like
    25 feet down road
    I was kind of froze for second
    Knee i got hit felt no pain
    Literally did not move my body
    Bent fucking space and fucking time
    There was no room for anything but me and motor
    Didnt feel shit till today arm maybe broke
    I went and school his hand
    Wife was like he didnt act angry or talk to much
    Yea he was cool lol
    What’s anyone gonna say lol other than just be on awe


    • on February 5, 2019 at 3:22 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Shoot his
      Be on Awe
      One tear came out i guess at the sheer number of Times fucking shit man
      At ludicrous level
      The problem is it is lonely as fuck when everyone lies


      • on February 5, 2019 at 3:35 am Gunslingergregi

        Shoot rofl
        His motor was on ground he was somewhat out of it
        It crossed my mind as i stood There that i killed the dude


      • on February 5, 2019 at 3:37 am Gunslingergregi

        I didnt want to look some dude in front of me looked me in eye then looked towards dude to my left
        I was thinking fuck did i just kill someone


      • on February 5, 2019 at 3:40 am Gunslingergregi

        They could use a bunch of road walkways
        Or maybe it males life exciting
        Constantly on Verge of death


    • on February 5, 2019 at 3:26 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      See when u think about what u gonna do on situations
      Your body can do shit your brain might not even fucking comprehend
      My wife not even a scratch
      U we equals u fucking God dam lying whores


  36. on February 5, 2019 at 3:21 am | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Liam Neeson should not apologise he should double down.

    “I had a good career as an actor and I’d like to apologise to my people for collaborating with Jewish directors like Spielberg and Weinstein as they subverted my people.”


  37. on February 5, 2019 at 6:18 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    All i got to say is i want asians to win
    But really prefer all human life on planet destroyed everyone lies
    Fuck the whole world
    Love everyone that much that if my choice id kill all of you


    • on February 5, 2019 at 6:36 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Recreation saya liiars not gonna make it then its not passing through eye of needle its just basically impossible
      So end the charade quite having new would born and end the Misty for all seems right thing to do


  38. I told you USA guys you are cucks

    Bridgewater’s FX Head Fired Over Office Romance

    Let all murican cucks get fired from their jobs for smiling or smirking at woman. After all, this is what cucks deserve.

    Just stop polutting the news with murican retardation.


    • Consensual office relationship…

      Male gets shamed and fired…

      Female gets $1M…

      Sounds about right


    • A guy who celebrates the women of his own country prancing around in skirts that are hardly bigger than a belt, and even passes around the video, shouldn’t be calling anyone else a cuck.

      Just sayin’.

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      • He might be a younger guy and not see the contradiction. Yes, displaying your women to other men is cucked.

        Women decide at 15 what they’re going to be: wife, nun, or prostitute. Pick one.

        European female beauty display: face, covered breasts, graceful movement. The pelvic area, covered or otherwise, is not meant for the public unless it’s a prostitute.

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      • He might be a younger guy and not see the contradiction.

        Then it’s time for meat in due season, wouldn’t you say?


      • “He might be a younger guy and not see the contradiction.”

        He moast certainly doesn’t. Up above he couldn’t suss out the logical connection between cheerleading, stripping, beauty pageants, and pornography.

        It’s all on the continuum of Money-4-Secks. Some frogs just can’t detect the subtle change in temperature.

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      • Some frogs just can’t detect the subtle change in temperature.

        Nicely put… and this is why we lose.

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      • CH, you should rename it to White Sharia site. 🙂

        Ban the cheerleaders, beauty pageants, the F-1 Grid Girls, and fire men for smiling at a woman at the office.

        Fat feminists will love you. 🙂


      • Try to think in three dimensions, for crying out loud.

        You argue like the selfsame feminists you decry, with that inane binary all-or-nothing low mentality debating tactic.


    • Okay kike


  39. “Thwarted passion, a decision to avoid a risky venture, procrastination…these things will deprive a man of the ideal he always strives toward…”

    When you read about America in the 19th and early 20th century (e.g. biography of John Browning, or “Little Britches” and “Little House” series) you are at once struck how entrepreneurial those people were. Nothing seemed to stop their progress for long.


  40. “[Administration] covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting; such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to be nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which government is the shepherd.”
    — Alexis de Tocqueville, “Democracy in America”

    [CH: tocqueville was a prophet. or just a very keen observer.]


  41. on February 5, 2019 at 3:26 pm | Reply thesegregationofdialogue

    Best post ever except for the very, very last paragraph. The stuff is universal, it’s not only for white people.


    • on February 5, 2019 at 3:45 pm | Reply Hitler is our pal

      I actually agree with you. Epic essay by CH. Maybe the best I’ve ever read on this site. But I disagree with your last line. Only White people have souls.

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  42. It’s not that women don’t want to be part of something larger. They just want it in a different way. Women crave crave crave to be part of a team. That’s why they value careers so much now that they’ve quit valuing family. Women don’t go Ted Kaczinki and live in a cabin.

    Women define themselves by the people closest to them, and their morality is entirely contextual. Men have to convince themselves they aren’t being hypocritical, but if you accuse a woman of being a hypocrite, she will not defend herself in the least. She doesn’t care about whether she is being a hypocrite. All she cares about is her context.


  43. […] Le Chateau hits it out of the park with this one […]


  44. “Severian. Name for me the seven principles of governance.”

    It was an effort for me to speak, but I managed (in my dream, if it was a dream) to say, “I do not recall that we have studied such a thing, Master.”

    “You were always the most careless of my boys,” he told me, and fell silent.

    A foreboding grew on me; I sensed that if I did not reply, some tragedy would occur. At last I began weakly, “Anarchy…”

    “That is not governance, but the lack of it. I taught you that it precedes all governance. Now list the seven sorts.”

    “Attachment to the person of the monarch. Attachment to a bloodline or other sequence of succession. Attachment to the royal state. Attachment to a code legitimizing the governing state. Attachment to the law only. Attachment to a greater or lesser board of electors, as framers of the law. Attachment to an abstraction conceived as including the body of electors, other bodies giving rise to them, and numerous other elements, largely ideal.”

    “Tolerable. Of these, which is the earliest form, and which the highest?”

    “The development is in the order given, Master,” I said. “But I do not recall that you ever asked before which was highest.”

    Master Malrubius leaned forward, his eyes burning brighter than the coals of the fire. “Which is highest, Severian?”

    “The last, Master?”

    “You mean attachment to an abstraction conceived as including the body of electors, other bodies giving rise to them, and numerous other elements, largely ideal?”

    “Yes, Master.”

    “Of what kind, Severian, is your own attachment to the Divine Entity?”

    I said nothing. It may have been that I was thinking; but if so, my mind was much too filled with sleep to be conscious of its thought. Instead, I became profoundly aware of my physical surroundings. The sky above my face in all its grandeur seemed to have been made solely for my benefit, and to be presented for my inspection now. I lay upon the ground as upon a woman, and the very air that surrounded me seemed a thing as admirable as crystal and as fluid as wine.

    “Answer me, Severian.”

    “The first, if I have any.”

    “To the person of the monarch?”

    “Yes, because there is no succession.”

    “The animal that rests beside you now would die for you. Of what kind is his attachment to you?”

    “The first?”

    There was no one there. I sat up. Malrubius and Triskele had vanished, yet my side felt faintly warm.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    (pp. 197-198, “The Shadow of the Torturer”, Gene Wolfe)


  45. You people have never been to Russia. Russia is dying, their women are being taken by the guys from the Stans, Korea and China. Hell, the Chinese are using Russian women for incubators for their kids and Russian women are marrying asians in increasing numbers. Demographics are shit, women are more materialistic, but more feminine, than the US and certainly prettier. And women run the homes, with patriarchy largely a myth, with men spoiled and weak except for bravado. Bottom line, ethnic Russians are dying out.

    Who was it who called the Russians “the White people who failed”. Russia produces next to nothing except Soviet era stuff, propaganda and everything needed is imported or stolen from the West, while China is gobbling up Siberia and the Russian East. Nevertheless, everyone should visit Russia as one gets the feeling of a lost era in America where family and friends still meant something, the women in their teens and twenties are thin and pretty, and there are no large numbers of blacks (except for ads for whores for the Russian guys).


  46. […] tip to Jay for this one: The Four Kinds Of Male Loneliness. The article refers to loneliness men feel […]


  47. […] great social blogger Heartiste did a post a week or so ago on the four types of loneliness. It was a take-off on a Twitter exchange on the […]