The Horror Show Known As Trannyfreakism

There was a show on TeeVee about a child getting a sex change operation, with the full support of parents and doctors, all of whom indoctrinated by the satanic “love wins” zeitgeist.

I’ll put the entire Twatter thread here. Read it, recoil at the horrors revealed, and realize we are much further down the path of culture death than you imagined.


Context. This person has been suffering under this fake ideology since a child. Was put on drugs. And didnt have enough “meat” to make a “normal” sex change happen. So they did experimental surgery. The childs first exclamation is how “deep” its vagina is


The surgeries are BRUTAL. Plastic surgeons do these but the reality is its mutilation. Its moving parts of the body to where they do not belong to create something that isnt real or functional. Complications are nightmarish and end in suicides often.


The strain it puts on a family unit is intense. Even if a father consents to it or “believes” in the ideology his whole life. Its is not normal and in this case both the father and the grandparents flee the scene despite knowing complications could occur.


nd just 36 hours later disaster strikes. Because this is not a normal surgery. Complications are often NORMAL. You are cutting off skin and re-attaching it other places. In this case , loss of bloodflow would cause necrosis. Skin death


The doctor knew ahead of time there would likely be complications. This isnt okay because a doctors job is to do no harm. This person is in serious danger of massive infection and cell death. And if they survive , suicide from failed transition/mutilation


But the ultimate truth is this is the parents fault. The doctors are only complicit. This person was indoctrinated since 7 years old that it was an appropriate life choice and the parents allowed it. Soon the government will step in if you interfere


Currently nobody is fighting this. The GOP has not fought this. Nobody has. We are marching towards a very sick world and nobody is speaking up. Contact your representatives and educate yourselves. Its going to get worse.


When a parent is unable to tell their little boy or little girl who they are because of political or even legal consequences. This country will be beyond saving. We have seen how the LGBT mafia operates. But they are now targeting your kids. Pick a side. Pick your childs side

The degeneracy is accelerating. We are exponentially approaching complete social collapse.



  1. Owen Benjamin stuck his neck out against tranny children just a few years ago and the Hollywood establishment pilloried him for it.

    He saw it coming, tried to warn us, and was Persona Non Grata’ed.

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      • ok here’s how you respond to this

        i do this shit all the time like this, bring up a subject so you can drop bombs. Bc i love to fuckin argue lol

        so you initiate the convo about trannies

        steer the conversation onto this Jazz person…or wait till someone asks about them

        here’s what you say- “fuckin I love it…I got Jazz in the dead pool, bitch gonna get me PAID.”

        they’ll ask you why what huh? “the post-op tranny suicide rate is 50%; this bitch about to come up with MAH MONEYYYY”

        just leave it there.

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    • Bruce Jenner as woman of the year…or whatever

      the post-op suicide rate is like 50%

      TV convinced people you could swap sexes. Reality says otherwise.

      And there is no surgery to create a “man” or whatever the FTMs want. They end up keeping their cunts and grow beards


      • You’re right. It’s been going on a long time.

        Back in 1978 when I was a boy of 10, there was a show called “Real People” that came on a national network.

        One night they featured a married couple: a man who became a woman married to a woman who became a man.

        I remember thinking about how fucked up that was, even at 10.

        But yes it’s been pushed for a long time. Too fucking long.

        We know (((who))) is behind this degeneracy.


      • It’s been going on for a long time.

        What’s also crazy is that there was a burst of it in the 1970s and early 1980s and doctors stopped doing it because the results were so bad. Johns Hopkins was the center of that wave, and they eventually got entirely out of the business. Our insane faction is incapable of learning from experience if it contradicts their core beliefs.

        There’s a website called 4thwavenow set up by parents of child victims of this cult. There’s some great stuff on there, in particular contributions from people who have “transitioned” attempting to be the other sex and have then “detransitioned”. Here’s a link to one such:

        Warning: quality read but quite long.


      • the side effects on women of the T are irreversible…lowered voice is forever

        clit hypertrophy is also…most women actually want a bigger clit tho, so there’s that goin for them


      • you could say the same for the surgery to create a ”woman” tbh. Most trannies keep their dicks, only 20% go for the operation, because all it does is split your penis and shove it back into a man-made hole that will always try to close itself. Because the inside is skin rather than mucosal tissue it’s a breeding ground for bacteria *and* grows hair unless they had laser hair removal, which is still only 80% effective for the fair-skinned dark haired combo. phew.


    • Hollywood is a j00ish cuckfest and must be demolished. Buy 0vens.

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  2. on January 30, 2019 at 7:41 pm Corinth Arkadin

    I cannot add to this.

    I spent time doing minor surgery. I am not an expert surgeon, but I know the side effects, good and ill.

    Anyone willing to do surgery on living flesh knows the practical and ethical contraindications. If they proceed despite ethical and physical contraindications, they are evil, full stop.

    Evil is everywhere.

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 7:45 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Evil is everywhere.”

      The Top Tier are all psych0paths now.

      And their seconds-in-command are ruthlessly Passive-Aggressive parasites.

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      • And you know more of the surgeons I met this days seem to be like sociopathic.

        There MUST to be some kind of detachement from normal human emotions to have the ability to be cutting people open,, but for sure there are good ones who are doing that job for the corect reason. Did you read about that case recent that a transplant surgeon branded his initials to a patients new liver? If that is not narcissism,, what is!

        The post just makes me want to cry. We should to be protecting innocent children but we are letting this things to happen.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 3:06 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Cutting something open to heal them is one thing, but cutting them open just to do it, to see what’s going on in there…well, that’s usually what we put people in jail for or sent them to the chair for.

        I can’t say I ever really enjoyed making people bleed. It was necessary to remove that toenail, or slice off callouses, or evacuate necrotic bites, but I always got a thrill in actually sewing people up or relieving their pain.

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    • Like my father often said, most doctors get into medicine solely for the money.

      Worship money and you become its slave.

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      • on January 30, 2019 at 10:29 pm Captain Obvious

        It didn’t used to be like that.

        But the moar the Frankfurt School removed Chr!stianity from the public sphere, the moar the medical skrewls became overrun with little psych0paths who looked at their patients as nothing moar than slabs of beef in a meatpacking factory.

        There are still some good doctors out there, but every day, moar & moar of them retire, and fewer & fewer of them are replaced by anything but psych0paths.


      • Ah, the good old days, when southron docs and interns would tell the nogs to come back and refill their eyeglass prescriptions.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 10:32 pm Captain Obvious

        PRO-TIP: Never go to an MD who is a j00 or a g00k or a streetsh!tter or a woman or a s0d0mite.

        Always seek out a White male Chr!stian family man for your MD.

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      • Pops said to me back in the early 90s that the streetshitter doctors in our small city were of a lower quality than the white doctors.


      • nahhhhh

        the docs are told they are doing great work…god’s work.

        helping fight the patriarchy and shit. they’re believers.

        nothing wrong with all this…give anorexics diet pills next.

        if someone identifies as blind, pour bleach in their eyes (someone actually did this).

        An argument over this is why i got put in jail as a matter of fact…that’s what triggered the snowflake to go to the police 2 days later.

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 8:43 am John Joel Glanton

        Well it’s even worse in Canada

        Doctors won’t even give you drugs like Adderall or Percocet because govt pays their bills. Drives down street price.


      • if someone identifies as blind, pour bleach in their eyes (someone actually did this).

        Lye, actually. But yeah, this really happened. IIRC, it was a psychologist, not an M.D.

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      • yes. Lye. Same shit. Blinded the “patient.” I bring this one up…doesn’t have that much traction with the tranny lovers. They’re too steeped in their narrative.

        There was also a case of someone who identified as an amputee and found someone to chop the limb off. It’s pretty fucked up. I use these examples but I’m not sure people even really believe or can process wtf is going on with this dysmorphia. We’re all equal and gender is a social construct, right?

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 3:08 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I always ALWAYS seek out former military medicine doctors if I can find them. Male and whyte. Sometimes you’ll get females, who are shit, but as long as they’re whyte you’ll doing a damm sight better than the streetshitters who all seem to be doctors these days.

        Where the phuck did they get their MD’s? Dog training school?

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    • on January 31, 2019 at 4:54 am Flyover Deplorable

      Nearly impossible to find a young or middle-aged White male doctor where I live, especially if you’re stuck in an HMO or Medicare. A typical group practice around here is run by a couple of senior male J–s whose MD underlings are East Asian females or Indian males.

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    • goes back as far as the 1990’s;


    • I can not say I had this experience because where I live there is no female OBGYN. BUT my sister and aunt said to me the woman ones are brutal and it pains more than a man doctor. I guess maybe because men do not have that parts they are more gentle and the woman ones are sadistic? Thanks to God my one is wonderfull. His wife is his nurse and she comforts you when he does the exam so it is not very frightening because his wife is right there with you.


  3. on January 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm Captain Obvious

    *bedroom door slam*
    ‏ @3DprintedAK47
    2h2 hours ago
    Replying to @wyattbased

    It’s like giving a person with anorexia liposuction until he/she is 0% bodyfat.

    You need to treat the mental problems, not try to alter reality to please the mental problems.

    “Oh you are paranoid, lets hire actors to actually follow you around so you really are followed!”

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 7:43 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Oh you are paranoid, lets hire actors to actually follow you around so you really are followed!”

      This is a PRO-KKK0MMENT.

      He’s starting to realize the depth and the purity of the Evil which is the Frankfurt School.

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    • use these lines all the time- memorize them.

      I say give anorexics diet pills. Help them realize their body identity…right?

      they really have no answer but they cannot buck the narrative.

      the script programming runs deep…just look at the cuckstains around here…theirs does too

      they keep pining for jebus and catholicism when their own pope is telling them to replace themselves with blacks and arabs


  4. I want all of you to go home, look at your child (or kid brother/sister/niece/nephew/cousin) and begin now to formulate your response to any suggestion by that child or its guardian that a surgery to alter sexual organs will do anything other than mutilate the child.

    It should begin with, “Why do you want to wreck your body…”

    Related: Circumcision is a Semite custom.

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 7:50 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Why do you want to wreck your body…”

      Betas ask questions.

      Alphas issue commands [or pronouncements].

      “If you even think about altering that child’s endocrine system, or his g0nads, then I will rip you limb from limb and bury your c0rpse so deep in the Meadowlands that Missing Persons will never find even so much as a smidgen of your DNA.”

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      • Q U E S T I O N S A R E R A C I S T

        the approach you advocate doesn’t work
        shitlibs initially cower, then just do what they do


      • the approach you advocate doesn’t work
        shitlibs initially cower, then just do what they do

        Exactly. If it’s not your kid and you make those threats and heck, follow through?

        Well by that time the kid has been done; someone is dead; and you are a fugitive.

        —–> not winning


      • Nice Jersey reference.


    • My response would be “so how much trap porn have you been watching?”

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    • Circumcision is a form of emasculation.

      Physical alterations mean everything. Can’t out-alpha xeroestrogens. If your boys drink enough of that soy-laced water, they will get soyhips and raisinettes.

      Biochemistry is God. Understand it, master it and use it.


    • on January 30, 2019 at 10:29 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Homeschooling is the best prevention.


    • Circumcision is a Semite custom.

      even some of the semites are starting to revolt:


  5. on January 30, 2019 at 7:47 pm Jonathan Castle

    Pick sides indeed. The cultural necrosis is advancing.

    We are divorced from our spiritual roots. Better find God fast for what’s coming.

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  6. Absolutely disgusting and degenerate. But unless I’m mistaken, there is at least one tiny positive here. That’s one less special person who will be reproducing.

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  7. on January 30, 2019 at 7:54 pm Pretty Boy Looch

    I wish my parents would’ve been more supportive of me as a transracial male


  8. Death by hanging is too lenient for these people. They need to be subjected to medieval sytle torture for the rest of their lives.

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  9. Thanks to the chans I have seen the webms of these surgeries. Can’t deny it: it’s a butcher job. And the end game is what?
    Back in the late 1980s I studied psych just down the road from Johns Hopkins where they used to do these surgeries – and eventually the guy in charge would say that 2/3rd of those surgeries should not have happened – some article a few years ago.
    Anyway, it’s a community of sorts, so the professors knew the people at Hopkins.
    Every one of them, on this topic (covered in Abnormal pysch and human sexuality ) all said the same thing: “These surgeries are not a good idea and I would not recommend them”.
    Imagine now: they would be drummed out of the faculty. Fired.
    And who would be behind the drumming?


    • And the end game is what?

      The end game is to make every normal person a criminal.
      Soon (perhaps in California, Australia or Canada) it will be a Hate crime for a Masculine Male to sexually reject a tranny.

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    • Yes the real horror of it is freely available if you wish to find it out there, bring some eye bleach.

      I’ll summarize- what is granted these people is not a pussy, not eve close. What it more closely resembles is if you were to go cut open a sausage, strip its casing and push it all up in a bunch on one end to create an approximation of a vag, then split the inner guts of the sausage in 2 and pull it backwards to create a cavity.

      The actual ‘genitals’ that result from this mutilation look about the same as the example above. It is ghoulish.


  10. Is the narrating doctor a tranny also?

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  11. The parents of these things live in a hell of their own making. So there is some justice. Nothing but pain behind the virtue smug shield.

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  12. I truly believe this is tragically creating a new caste of Modern Day Eunuchs.

    I breed dogs from time to time. It is amazing to me the number of women who after dealing with a Male dog for awhile will insist the pooch needs to be Neutered. The only explanation given is the Male is “too much to handle” and “not like the female dog they used to have”.

    It’s like a bad movie that keeps repeating. 40 year old woman will get a male for their kids. A year later they tell me they will be neutering rover because he’s too aggressive. Many times they will offhandedly say their mother or grandmother told them that is “how you deal with males who won’t behave”.

    Often times these 40 somethings are obviously struggling with disciplining the boys that are with them. Exclaiming that the boy is wild. While I’m only seeing a normal boy being a rambunctious boy.

    I would normally not care about these Eunuch makers, less competition with my offspring I suppose. But…

    Eunuchs were intimately tied to the downfall of many empires.

    You see, if you have a human who cares nothing for the future of a nation beyond their own lifetime, you have a very selfish very self involved citizen.

    Why worry about posterity if you had a 40something woman take away your future children?

    Maybe it’s fate for history to repeat? We have Alphas forming Harems. Is the female response to that creating Eunuchs?

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    • You see, if you have a human who cares nothing for the future of a nation beyond their own lifetime, you have a very selfish very self involved citizen.

      I can’t tell if your describing a eunich or a boomer.

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    • “I breed dogs from time to time. It is amazing to me the number of women who after dealing with a Male dog for awhile will insist the pooch needs to be Neutered. The only explanation given is the Male is “too much to handle” and “not like the female dog they used to have”.”

      This, applied to white men and their mothers who were given too much power inside and outside the home.

      They raised neutered men. All fear and solipsism, short time preferences, for the wimmenz. Always and forever, white, black, yellow, red, mozzie, christian, you name it. They cannot and do not raise men.

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      • bingo

        women want power

        they don’t care about consequences

        they aren’t self-aware or intelligent enough to know they shouldn’t be in power

        it’s like asking a drunk not to dive…they don’t even know how intoxicated they are. Most drunks will insist they’re fine. Almost all will, even fight over it.

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      • Another reason the single mom life should be ruthlessly shamed from birth to death. And I’m actually reconsidering WHITE polygamy simply to get Chad on the hook for his baby mommas instead of the government and absorb some of the excess hypergamy. It may screw white omegas, but the upside is a higher production of white alphas.

        It is corrosive in so many ways I can’t name them all, but let me try a few of the big ones:

        1) Single moms are by definition women either too ugly or too full of personality disorders to be allowed to reproduce and thus shouldn’t.

        2) They are usually too OLD to reproduce, meaning the eggs have deteriorated. This is intensified by the whore lifestyle drugs, cock contamination, mental illness-stress hormones, and most importantly BIRTH CONTROL hormones.

        3) Likely to be a blue city fag hag and surround her son with castrati orbiters and literal fags instead of men.

        4) They suck government funds for beta bux while alpha fux.

        5) They probably aborted their first couple pregnancies and compromised their womb for their 40 year old pregnancy.

        6) Usually have a lifetime of mental and emotional damage and brain erosion where they subconsciously take our their rage on their son and emasculate him to the point of homosexuality or being a total pussified doormat.

        7) Number 6 leads to school shootings or Dylan Roofs which stabs the white cause in the back by giving the shitlib media ammunition to de-legitimize the real right.

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      • Many divorcees turn themselves into ‘single moms’ even if the dad is still around. The father, who was likely saddled with his own beta-like issues, is often made even worse, and is less capable of providing a truly manful archtype for his sons, who are then not seeing him at all half the time.

        Those same divorcees will then often hit the wall and settle for another beta weakling, or the stronger stepfather will be incapable or unwilling to lead the fatherless sons.

        Vicious cycle. Divorce creates single-mommery. Typical hamster-talk tells the woman “oh, he still HAS a daddy. i’m not a SINGLE mother.” Wrong.


    • on January 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Yup. You and I, and whoever else is raising boys, need to make sure we raise the baddest alphas around.

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      • yep. just had this discussion with my wife. teacher at school is a leftist feminist. gonna meet with the principal about it. Also told my wife we have to take our kids side vs this f***ed up society while they are young. tell our kids real truths now before their mids have been corrupted. I want hetero kids, white grand kids, democrats are bad, etc….wife wouldn’t do this, but she follows my lead. a weak man wouldn’t care to take this on. i told her in the 1940s or 50s we wouldn’t have to do this…but times have changed. fight for your kids, because globohomo is.

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 8:00 am John Joel Glanton

        The crazy thing about Globohomo is that it doesn’t even have a brain. It’s just a gigantic, anti-God flying insect.

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 9:03 am BrachaBenedicta

        Pupton, I really suggest you you explore homeschooling. It’s much more doable than it sounds, initially. And you CAN have two working parents while homeschooling.

        Public schooling these days is really risky for so many reasons.


  13. Not cohencidental that (((Le Happy Merchants))) accused the evil knotzees of performing awful medical experiments on jew human subjects. Yet here today, every manner of degeneracy run rampant in America is championed/advocated by our Hebrew friends to include transsexualism. And, if any of us normies express horror and disgust, then the Christ-killers accuse us of being knotzee bigots/homophobes/transphobes and whatever other made-up pejoratives that cross their kike minds. I suggest a strong regimen of Muslim Roof-Therapy for all of the LBGTQWhatevers– the Coin Chasers too.

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  14. Best case scenario, you’ve got a kid that thinks they’re a tranny and is demanding a cock-pussy. But, you adamantly deny them their elective mutilation; what do you really win with a kid who’s that far down the road?

    “Oh, it was just a phase.”

    If a mudshark daughter is almost always beyond redemption, and a tranny daughter is beyond even the scantest glimmer of hope. A son who indentifies as a woman; at best he turns out gay – and still pretty fucked in the head, and still hates your guts.

    Probably just have to do what they did in 28 Weeks Later and let the Rage virus consume the host.

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 10:24 pm BrachaBenedicta

      There is therapy for that kind of mental illness. It’s very treatable if you have a minimum sense of parental judgment. You are not condemned to suffer through this grotesquerie.


    • this is easy- you kill them

      convert to islam now and it will be obvious


  15. Ban abortion and then see an explosion of the underclass. Genetics matter, not all infants will be productive members of society.

    [CH: vasectomies-for-welfare would accomplish the same thing much more efficiently and without the ick factor.]

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    • End welfare and the child support industrial complex then ban abortion and watch wimmin behave a wee bit better. Especially the stupider ones.

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      • Yeah, just like dumb women behave themselves in africa.

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      • Replying to Bigjohn

        Without 5 trillion or so of aid in the past several decades there would be a lot less baby Africans and a lot less mouths to feed.

        In times of hardship Whites invest in their children. Blacks never do no matter what is going on.

        Ending welfare will have a different impact on White mothers than black. If it’s black send it back!

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    • And we should support reparations to blacks.
      Except the checks are not valid until they leave the USA and renounce citizenship

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      • problem is the blacks are being replaced just like the whites….with streetshitters. been people and streetshitters are the new “voting base” for globohomo. the have no values they will put before a free meal, and they multiply like crazy.

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      • Reparations should be a free 1 way ticket to Liberia and $10000 paper USD, only redeemable in Lagos.

        Buh bye Tyrone and Shaniqua. Y’all don’t come back now ya hear.

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      • Oops. I meant Monrovia.


    • I have come to the opinion that Liberia was the answer, but most of us (and them) missed the boat (heh). Even Abe Lincoln was intrigued by it.

      The only peaceful method of dealing with the racial problems in our country is repatriation/colonization. The best way would be to bribe them.

      Pay West African countries to take blacks( the nations the slaves came from), offer blacks a guaranteed (high) lifetime income in U.S. dollars (lifetime welfare!) to move back to one of these countries in exchange for PERMANENTLY RENOUNCING THEIR U.S. CITIZENSHIP AND NEVER RETURNING, AND BY LAW BANNING THEIR CHILDREN FROM BECOMING U.S. CITIZENS.

      Then ship them home on “African Air” flights. Proof of citizenship renunciation before a single dollar in their bank.

      Yes, the short-term cost would be stupendous—-but the immediate gains would be worth it (50% drop in crime, massive real estate opens up, no more Al Sharpton hustlers, etc.). And the long-term gains to our nation—include the social welfare and medical costs—-, once the problem is removed, would be immeasurably grand.

      Would take a great advertising campaign to overcome the howls of the Left. But serious black nationalists would likely take it and organize for it; Louis Farrkahn could have his own little fiefdom.

      P.S. This would also be on the table for Hispanic—buy them off and send them back to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, etc. Of course, this is contingent on a Big Beautiful Wall as well.

      I’d eat that tax bill in a second.

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      • on January 30, 2019 at 10:22 pm BrachaBenedicta

        50 percent drop in crime? Try 85

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 4:45 am John Joel Glanton

        Imagine how the US would look 30-40 years after getting rid of every single non-white.


      • ^ This.

        Incentivised Repatriation


      • That’s sort of understandable for the groids, sure. After all, they were born on this territory, so to a certain extent they can’t help being here, excellent as it would be to get rid of them once and for all.

        For the spicaroos, I’m quite willing to be magnanimous. Since they invaded here deliberately with the intention of taking our land, our country, and our future, rather than being here by accident like the niggers, I propose the generous payment known as “leaving with a whole skin.”

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    • Half of abortions are muds. Currently the best way to kill them.

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      • on January 30, 2019 at 9:21 pm gunslingergregi

        since roe vs wade population of blacks doubled
        population of whites stayed around same


      • Indeed and forced sterilization had lots of ethical problems as well. Voluntary sterilization in exchange for welfare benefits would have no political support because that might extend into collecting benefits more broadly. I’m afraid the current system is the best option. Long term solution is to enforce existing laws aggressively and proactively while breaking the MSM.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 4:24 am baked georgia

        if not for roe v wade there will be additional 15 million blacks at least. white motners are less than a third of the abortions.

        and this may includes coalburners, since the research only consider the race of the mother


      • In the book Negroes in Negroland, a significant number of the White explorers noted that blacks seemed to lack compassion for each other and all other forms of life. That they tortured animals and other humans for fun.

        That in their estimation 3/4’s of Africans were enslaved by other Africans and it was continent wide.

        Very interesting book available for free. When you read it you start to recognize certain traits those men saw in our current African population.

        In fact it could just be a diary of a White man exploring Detroit almost.

        I am not shitting you lol.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 11:47 am Lord of the Gulf Stream

        I rcommend everyone read Negroes in Negroland


      • on January 31, 2019 at 12:06 pm John Joel Glanton

        Don’t have time to read it but I believe you. I was put in a jail cell with a Nigerian over a weekend once and it was absolutely fucking horrifying.

        Also, don’t be fooled, the natural condition of man is slavery. The Western cuck lifestyle is just a softer version for the 21st century.


    • on January 31, 2019 at 10:33 am John Joel Glanton

      Lots of Aryan poor folks. Lots of rich Pakis. It has to be race-based.


    • “[CH: vasectomies-for-welfare would accomplish the same thing much more efficiently and without the ick factor.]”

      Completely wrong, and you know better, CH. Imagine the power to sterilize in the hands of bureaucrats. I don’t trust the white men much less the other ones. Letting nature take its course is always better than big government. There is not fucking moral responsibility godammit. Ban welfare and see an explosion of cleanliness.


  16. May The Father have mercy upon us.

    This is 8th level of hell shit.

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 8:51 pm gunslingergregi

      yea when ya kind of wish God wasn’t just cause what gonna happen to the people killing babies


    • There will be no mercy for allowing these multiple plagues to consume our race. It’s too late. The white genocide system is firmly in place with no pushback, even in the most armed country in the world. If full term abortion and child transexualism aren’t enough for an armed revolution, then nothing is.

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 8:51 am gunslingergregi

        well if we get out to abortion clinics and steal the demons and the woman shit might change


      • on January 31, 2019 at 8:53 am gunslingergregi

        the civil war is humans vs demons like its a fucking anime lol


      • I agree. But the most common argument against action I hear is “it’s not my kid”. Or “my kids have good genes they will simply out-compete the foreigners or not fall prey to the gender/fag brainwashing”.

        That is the hallmark of a civnat individualist who cares nothing about his clansmen beyond his own tiny piece of America.

        Gentlemen we have been deliberately (as a people) stripped of our identity and completely atomized to the point where many of us view our fellow White man as nothing more than another replaceable economic unit that can be exchanged for africans, aztecs, or mohameddans. Or in many cases an ‘inferior human being who deserves every bit of it”.

        In my mind that is the central issue. A lack of organization and an unwillingness by Whites to defend their brothers for fear of being called some name or being doxxed and having their lives destroyed.

        We are going to have to wait until more White men, a lot more, have nothing left to lose.

        Or until we get a real leader who gives us permission to fight back.

        Keep talking to your blue pilled brothers.

        It’s the only way we’re ever going to achieve critical mass.

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 10:54 am gunslingergregi

        going to abortion clinics is ok


  17. When will we come to the point where we realize this is two separate religions—Christianity and Leftism–who cannot coexist?

    It began in the 19th Century with a bizarre Protestant heresy that suddenly emerged proclaiming that slavery was inherently immoral. That’s nonsense according to every society and major religion (include all previous forms of Christianity). The heretics cloaked it in Christian messaging, but it was heresy.

    Then came the 20th Century and the idea that segregation was inherently evil. Again, this is a non-Christian argument; separating people by race and ethnicity is perfectly acceptable in Christianity and all major religions, and was perfectly ok in all human societies. Yet somehow this was cloaked, again, in Christian messaging, but it, too, was heresy.

    As a result, we now have the further heresies that race doesn’t exist; you are born gay; all religions are equal; all cultures are equal; feminism is good; abortion is ok; trannyism is ok; etc.

    At this point, the Left’s religion has morphed into a bizarre anti-Christian religion that is fundamentally opposed to many truths of Christianity and also elevates non-sins (“racism”, segregation, slavery) to the level of the greatest sins imaginable. That’s not only heresy, that’s blasphemy—the greatest sin in Christianity is failing to worship God above all things.

    Thus, because it is fundamentally opposed to Christianity, Leftism and Christianity cannot co-exist in the same society. Leftism, once in charge, demands Christians believe in things fundamentally anti-Christian or non-Christian.

    We need to separate permanently.

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    • A couple points first off slavery was brought into Europe from the middle east and Egypt. However it didn’t exist since antiquity one of the great achievements of the middle ages which separated the past from the new era. There were many reasons for this some moral/spiritual but others practical/monetary such as slaves being inefficient and requiring too much money to watch. A new system of elite control was needed one where people would police themselves.

      Now during feudalism there were big estates and agricultural farms which required tight control and the labor associated with that was serfdom. It’s important to know what words mean because they shape our framework of understanding. Serfdom was not a big deal and the workday was basically five hours and unlike now people got to enjoy the company of friends/family. Very few people then and now could afford anything like this which was relegated to the domain of massive landowners.

      Historically being a conservative meant you supported the monarchy, supported the church, and were opposed to radical change. America by contrast is a child of the enlightenment and is one of the most radical, left wing, masonic countries in world history. However not all enlightenment was based on Locke but also Hobbes. The idea that basic rights should be awarded to all citizens and that all citizens deserve rights is indeed fatally flawed.


      • Yeah dude…early Europeans had slaves, same as everyone else.

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      • Yes and my point was there was no such thing as negro slavery only negro serfdom. Serfdom itself was not inherently a bad thing and segregation was designed to protect people from negro criminals.

        Presidential elections matter and there have been two major turning points in US history namely the presidential elections of 1860 and 1960. Lincoln was the first SJW president and in many ways the destruction of the old south was the first US regime change operation which transformed the wealthiest region of America into the poorest.

        Then in 1960 Kennedy stole the election from Nixon but no amount of GOP victories afterward would undo the damage of that era fully all they could do was mitigate the damage.

        2000 was another turning point in history and a stolen election albeit on a smaller scale. The massive decline of America since 2001 onward has been so bad that even apolitical normies have woken up.

        The presidential election of 2015/2016 was a major turning point in US history fully on par with 1860 and 1960 but this time the good guys won.


      • Every society, prior to farm mechanization and household electrification, had a class of people legally bound to drudge for their betters. Slavery. Serfdom. Bonded labour. Vagrancy laws. The world has always been divided into the people who don’t wash their own underwear and the people that do it for them.


    • You cannot clarify what “Christianity” really is outside of identifying Christianity with The Church, and not a gnosticized one without any visual buildings and official priesthood, official dogma and teachings, but a spiritual AND visible Church with bishops, priests, and apostolic succession and unchanged teachings, visible sacraments, etc.

      This is the Holy Apostolic and Catholic Orthodox Church. There is no other and no other form of Christianity. The rest are false gospels, half-truths, poor imitations, heresies, cults, sects, etc.

      There is no private interpretation of Scripture. (2 Peter 1.20) Public = The Orthodox Church’s interpretation. Scripture was born out of the word-of-mouth Tradition (Holy Tradition) of the Church. The Church existed and saved souls, taught the faithful, used liturgical worship, wrote iconography, named and anathematized heretics and their heresies, anointed priests, officially and publicly defined trinitarian theology through The Church and its hierarchy, saints, and visible councils… before The Bible existed.

      It’s that simple. The Church is Christ’s Body. It would survive and teach and save souls without The Bible, as it did for the first 3.5 centuries of The Church’s existence, teaching through word-of-mouth, icons, sacraments, hymnology, Tradition, fasting, prayer, and readings of epistles and Old Testament readings.

      Only one Church, the True Church, still does this and would still teach rightly and correctly even without The Bible. The Orthodox Church which birthed The Bible and holds the only proper interpretation of The Bible and the proper teachings of Christ, which are GREATER and more numerous than The Bible alone and which encompass the entire daily life, calendar life, cycle of feasts and fasts, other spiritually profitable books and canon, the lives of the saints, the hymnology, the Holy Tradition and Life of Holy Orthodoxy itself. Which is Christ’s Body, Christ Himself on earth.

      That’s it. The other sects sow confusion and division and weakness and evil and have done so for over 1000 years.

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      • Only one Church, the True Church, still does this and would still teach rightly and correctly even without The Bible.

        Sez Man.

        Here’s what God says, in just two places, and many more could be given… note the emphasized words:

        Proverbs 30
        5 “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.6 Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

        2 Timothy 3
        16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

        The Orthodox Church which birthed The Bible and holds the only proper interpretation of The Bible and the proper teachings of Christ, which are GREATER and more numerous than The Bible alone

        Excuse me, God’s word was not “birthed” by Man, nor the sole possession of any one organization. As far as “proper teachings of Christ where are greater and more numerous than the Bible alone”, well… as already noted, you can’t have it BOTH ways. If you add to the Bible, God gonna getcha. He couldn’t have made it plainer.

        Look, I probably love the Orthodox view of Christianity far more than any given Protestant sect, when it comes to the faith of the people and the eagerness therein.

        But Scripture is Scripture, and if you want to add some man-made additions to worship, they had better NOT contradict God’s word itself.

        Otherwise you’re no better than, say, a Protestant sect that allows women and gheys to preach.


      • Wow, where to start.

        How about the clear law of God, inspired by God Himself, The Holy Spirit, in 2 Peter 1.20?

        What part of ‘private’ do you not understand? All the arguments you use are NOT those of the public Church’s interpretation of those very verses you use. By that one verse alone, you break God’s Law. You have not humbly sought out the meaning of 2 Peter 1.20 itself. You run, off to the races, with a bunch of interpretations, with an entire christology and ecclesiology, that are incorrect.

        Because they are based on your own private interpretations, or the private (see: not of the very public, official Church) interpretations of Luther, Calvin, etc., who made the same prideful or ignorant mistake you are doing now.

        Do you understand that logic? Straightforward question, asking it in order that you step back and think of the logic contained in that one verse.

        That one verse is quite literally saying to you, Greg Eliot, that you cannot, are not allowed by God Himself, to even interpret… that very same verse you are reading. You are not allowed to interpret 2 Peter 1.20 itself without humbly going to your forefathers (Apostles and those taught by the Apostles, directly, with apostolic succession) what even that very verse, 2 Peter 1.20, means.

        Be simple, like a child. Do you know what ‘private’ means there? In the original Greek? As expounded upon and taught by Christ and the Apostles and confirmed in the historical documents and word-of-mouth traditions of the Church? A humble man who does not know the teachings of the 2000 Apostolic Church should say, “No, I am unsure about what that one verse is saying. And recognize that very verse is telling me to NOT be sure until I find out from others, my forefathers in the Faith, what the ‘public’ interpretation really is and what the very word ‘public’ even means.”

        Start there. If you’re not willing to start there, then it’s intellectual dishonesty, it is pride and not humility. And as a warning from God Himself, in 2 Peter 3.16, it can lead to your destruction.


      • Typical “Orthodox” nonsense.


      • Bicker over scripture while Jews destroy us. You believe in a God of destruction, not creation.


      • One does not “bicker” over the Word of God… that’s a poopytalk Alinsky shaming tactic coming from those who do not have faith, so any observation they may have over those that do are the equivalent of a puff of hot air in deep space.

        Nobody is destroying us… many will die before we again see the Light, but NOBODY, not some paltry kike coterie nor even Satan himself is going to destroy us.

        Get on the right side of things, while time remains.


      • There are many verses in the Bible that are obviously arcane, symbolic, and difficult to grasp without further study and corroborating/enlightenment from SCRIPTURE ITSELF… you may have heard the term scripture is explained by scripture, I’m sure… and many are the instances where a term not quite understood is made quite clear by referencing other related scriptures.

        And likewise, there are many verses in the Bible that are plain as day and require no “expert” to decipher so that the “regular folk” can understand them.

        The verses I quoted are plain enough, and your quoting of 2 Peter 1.20 is immaterial to that particular discussion. If you want to open yet another topic, that’s fine, but don’t try and muddy the waters by not addressing the Scriptures on the table at the time, which gainsay your precepts that there’s more man-made stuff that is required to understand and have faith in Christ, and the Bible is not enough.

        Not to mention the odd arrogance of saying any one church “birthed” the Bible and intimating that said church has sole rights to correct use and interpretation.


      • “Excuse me, God’s word was not “birthed” by Man, nor the sole possession of any one organization.”

        The created, human-collected, human-written Holy Canon of Scripture, as collected by real flesh-and-blood humans with a real history, a historical record, within time, inspired and guided BY God, The Holy Spirit, was most definitely ‘birthed’ by human hands and those humans were part of the Orthodox Church.

        Just like Jesus Christ incarnate was most definitely birthed by a flesh-and-blood virgin, Mother Mary.

        You conflate God the Word, The Logos, the second person of the Holy Trinity, the Logos-Word that existed at the beginning, before Time, with the written Word of God passed down to us through time, through word-of-mouth, through epistles, through human hands and writings, eventually collected into a real, created Holy Bible which did not exist in its full form until over 3 centuries after Jesus Christ dies on the Cross.

        God has His Traditions. Even Jesus Christ bowed to those and followed ALL the Laws and the Feasts. Those same ones which carried over to and are still celebrated and followed by the Holy Orthodox Church are not ‘traditions of men.’ They are Holy Tradition, traditions of God, as instituted by God, as celebrated and bowed down to by Christ Himself during His Life, and by His Body, The Church, now and unto Eternity.

        Nothing added, nor subtracted from God the Word. Which is His Church. Which most definitely ‘birthed’ the Holy Canon of Scripture, aka the written Word of God you now find in the Bible. Just as Mary birthed Jesus.

        All Truth is His. We are His Body, so we are His and Truth is our Inheritance.

        Even Scripture itself attests to the time-bound and earthly actions and words of God the Word, the Logos incarnate, as being too numerous for even all the books of the world to hold. John 21.25

        Truth, The Logos-Word, is most definitely bigger than The Bible, which is a limited account of Jesus’s incarnate life on earth, combined with the OT prophets and events. The Bible does not and cannot contain ‘all’ Truth, for Truth is a Person, the Word is a Person, and God is Infinite.

        The Bible is holy and to be revered as such. So are word-of-mouth traditions passed down by His Body, the Church, which are also holy and to be revered, obeyed, as they are the traditions of God. Jesus celebrated Passover, a Tradition of God. He worshipped with incense in the Temple, a tradition of God. Etc, etc.

        2 Thessalonians 2:15 – Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.

        Even all that The Church contains cannot contain all that God is. The Bible is one part of that never-ending Knowing of God, drawing closer to Him, forever.

        2 Peter 1:20-21
        James 1.5-8



      • That one verse is quite literally saying to you, Greg Eliot, that you cannot, are not allowed by God Himself, to even interpret… that very same verse you are reading. You are not allowed to interpret 2 Peter 1.20 itself without humbly going to your forefathers (Apostles and those taught by the Apostles, directly, with apostolic succession) what even that very verse, 2 Peter 1.20, means.

        Let’s look at the verse, since you deign to tell us what it says without actually quoting it:

        2 Peter 1
        20 Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. 21 For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

        This verse very plainly says that any prophesy in Scripture did not arise from the prophet’s own opinions or impressions or ANYTHING that could be considered human will… but directly from God, through His Holy Spirit.

        That you say this means we can only let OTHER MEN tell us what Scriptures mean (and in this case note it only mentions prophesies from prophets, which are but a subset of God’s Word) is actually quite ironic. Elders in the church, up to and including a pope, are not always prophets, obviously. In fact, they seldom are.

        So here’s a nice example of many keystrokes on both of our sides on a side topic unrelated to the original points of contention, and which actually contradicts YOUR OWN precepts.

        As so often happens ’round chere, if you’re going to make my points for me, better to save us both the time and trouble of the debate in the first place.


      • Yes, exactly, and the only true prophecy and interpretation and true Scripture comes from Christ also, and His Body is The Church. A flesh and blood visible body, a flesh-and-blood visible Church… as well as a spiritual church. It’s both, not one or the other. Otherwise you gnosticize the Church and eventually Christ Himself.


      • No, you let the Apostles, taught by Christ, and their legitimate successors, tell you. For they are part of the Body of Christ, and it is the Holy Spirit and Christ Himself speaking Truth to us. These ‘men’ are holy and official representatives of God and leaders of His Church, which is His Body on earth. Just as human prophets spoke words given to them by God, Our Church and its human leaders speak godly words given by God.

        No a contradiction at all. A continuation.


      • I’d gladly take it elsewhere for the space, and the time, but alas, here we are.


      • The created, human-collected, human-written Holy Canon of Scripture, as collected by real flesh-and-blood humans with a real history, a historical record, within time, inspired and guided BY God, The Holy Spirit, was most definitely ‘birthed’ by human hands and those humans were part of the Orthodox Church.

        You’re misusing the word “birthed” when you merely mean to give some men credit for being used by God as scribes. And if that’s the case, the Hebrews got to the table first on the lion’s share of God’s Word, so there’s that.

        “Birth” both denotes and connotes so much more than merely taking, what is in effect, dictation.

        And as I’ve already done in previous threads, there are a plethora of verses warning about the traditions of men distorting acceptable worship according to God’s Word, and warnings against such, so don’t make me go through all that again by mistaking the use of “tradition” in the verse you cite to mean anything other than the direct actions and practices by the original Apostles, not all the subsequent inventions and gyrations added over the next thousand years, much of which your Church admits were pagan compromises to cater to greater populations.


      • It is historical facts that Hebrew DID have God’s written Word and Law before others did.

        But you do not know which traditions are the ‘traditions of men’ and which are traditions of God. How do you know this? You can only know it by looking to your forefathers, by keeping the Faith of our forefathers.

        1 Corinthians 11.2
        Proverbs 23.22
        Proverbs 13.1
        Proverbs 28.9
        Prov 15.31-32
        Matt 7.26 – remember, not all Christ’s words are contained in the Bible, as stated by John 21.25. So, are you sure you are following ALL His words? Those other words you must follow can only be found in our Holy Tradition.


      • The Didache is a historical documents dating back to 75 AD. It speaks of many traditions of God that yes, the Apostles taught, preached, and followed. We follow them, do you? They do not contradict Scripture, but they are not all explicitly found in the Bible either.

        Nah, we admit nothing of the sort. Not the Holy Orthodox Church. The Catholic Church maybe, but they hold many heresies and are schismatics, not in union with The Church since the 11th century. Yes, they acquired many pagan rituals and rites. It’s foul.


      • Anyway, I gotta run. Godspeed, good talkin to ya.


      • And a hearty Godspeed to you, my friend.

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      • Watchu think about the feng shui of these deck chairs on the U.S.S. Christianity?


      • Nietzsche beat youse “God is daid” yeggs to the punch by 150 years.

        He daid, God still going strong.

        Get wise… repent your sophomoric thoughts and childish ways… time for meat in due season… get baptized in the name of Christ.


    • RG, the church has always held slavery to be inherently evil but tolerated it because it was a nut too big to crack, so they chipped away at it. Feudalism was a reform specifically to this end and instituted initially by Charlemagne, mostly on newly conquered lands. Before then, agriculture was on plantations worked by gangs of slaves and continued to be worked until that way well into the 11th century. This was especially true of Italy.


      • Feudalism wasn’t a Christian reform; it was invented by Diocletian, the Roman emperor who persecuted Christians. It was method of keeping people tied to jobs that were necessary but unprofitable.

        (n.b. Most of Jesus’s parables about “servants” can be translated as “slaves”, as the words were nearly interchangeable in his time and place.)

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      • Completely Wrong: “church has always held slavery to be inherently evil”

        St. Paul condones chattel slavery as just the way it is in NT. Christianity was orthodoxy of late Roman Empire, the one featuring grinding poverty, slavery, and social atomization that birthed the medieval period defined as the absence of high culture and economic activity prior to and following it. The Spanish conquistadors and the Southerns of the Bible Belt were exuberantly Christian. Only with the abolition movement in the 1800s did Christians of the Anglosphere reject chattel slavery. Debt slavery is what the politically elite Jews prefer. The cucks feels likewise in master-slave harmony.


    • The problem was literacy.

      people actually started learning to read and could actually get the bible in print and see for themselves what jesus said.

      and what did he say? don’t resist evil, turn the other cheek, assist your destructors in destroying you. Do unto others as you wish they would do unto you.

      Hope for the best, suffer and die, and help the people who are killing you. we are all equal under god.

      Hey, the greatest example he showed was carrying his own cross up a hill for them to nail him to.

      Df? Fuck You, nail me to this shit right here and YOU carry me up this fucking hill! Oh what, you’re gonna torture me? DF is gonna happen on top of the hill, chaps?

      The man committed suicide. The religious narrative is that he needed to die to redeem us all but I’m still not exactly sure how that works. God is all powerful, he could wave his hand and do that…df did someone need to die for?

      What people don’t remember or know is that for a good part of history, this religion WAS a doomsday cult.

      It morphed into a marxist thing, equalism, in the 1800s. As I said, abolitionist, prohibitionists, suffragists…all of them were churchy people, cucked protestants who loved ALL of god’s children.

      And the MORE you hurt YOURSELF to help them, the more godly you are according DIRECTLY to the sermon on the mount. Pray FOR your enemies.

      As I said this is contraevolutionary. But this NPC script is embedded now at the core of most western whites. it’s our ethos at this point.

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      • Yawn.

        You keep saying the same thing, no matter how many times you’ve been shown the truth of the matter.

        Stick with worldly matters… your take on the spiritual side of things, and ESPECIALLY Scripture, is no better than a rank tyro… and at least most beginners are there to try to learn.

        What makes you think you can approach correct truth from Scripture when you start out from a position of antagonism?

        You fairy.


      • You have a comic book perspective on Christianity


      • Comic books are at least amusing… what he has is a satanic shitlib man-centric idea of what’s right and wrong, and seems always to deride Christ, which is the Big Tell of any satanic effort.

        He may not know it, but he’s carrying heavy water the wrong type of being.


      • In the same manner that the Roman Empire persisted through history, other things last longer than people generally suspect.

        (Fuck it, I’m going to be modded anyway, might as well just type it normally.)

        The “warrior Christianity” people talk about was a FUSION of Christianity and Germanic paganism. There is nothing like it in the Bible. There is no basis for the culture of warrior honor that continued for many centuries in Christianized Europe.

        Was it Christianity? Certainly, a definite form of it . It had many features absent from the original paganism. But it was also, simultaneously, and almost seamlessly, a continuation of Germanic paganism. Both elements were very powerful in it.

        Paganism wasn’t destroyed when Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus published the Edict of Milan. Instead, it and Christianity flowed together and lived as a composite organism for, once again, more than a thousand years.

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      • Stupid mod, parts of this series of posts I’m making are showing and parts aren’t so it won’t make any sense at all.


      • When the Thirty Years War ended, the self-reflection it caused among both the P. and C. halves of utterly divided European Christianity led to reorganization that purged both of their pagan elements.

        Just the fact that the C.s got rid of many saints shows this, many of the “saints” were clearly repurposed pagan gods and goddesses — “patron saint of travelers and the sea” is functionally the same as a sea god.

        In the Enlightenment period and onward, Christianity swiftly lost the nationalism, warrior honor, acceptance of battle and strife against the outsider as being as glorious and necessary as peace, etc. which it had gained from its surviving pagan half.

        European paganism ended in 1648, not 312. “European Christianity” — of which surviving and repurposed paganism was a vital, intrinsic, indispensable part — ENDED SIMULTANEOUSLY.

        The Reformation and Wars of Religion hacked off half of the living religion that had arisen in Europe out of the fusion of early Christianity and Germanic paganism and let it wither and die.


      • That post simply vanished totally.

        Christianity became missionary.

        First saving souls, then saving bodies by giving away stuff, then giving away their own countries in the current, final phase, as the last act of universalist self-abnegation.

        A.H.’s boys — were they Christian or pagan? Answer is like a punchline: Yes. Attempt of old fusion to reassert itself in a new form.


      • And my conclusion is in mod, too.

        Short form: Byzantium shows that [email protected] C0vington may be right.

        Spiritual rebirth likely, with a fusion of what already exists with something new.


      • Really, fuck mod. It’s really pissing me off.

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      • @Iron

        I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. (I know that’s not what you’re suggesting). Bacause there is a lot of valuable shit in the bible.

        That being said, I think it needs a re-write. All that love thy neighbour shit only works in a homogeneous White society. The bible is essentially a manual for behaviour when you’re NOT at war.

        And speak plainly. We’re trying to reach the masses, not the ten pound brains here at the Chateau.

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      • The problem was Pride. Pride leads to literalism and not to Obedience.

        The Word is The Logos, a person. Prots conflate The Logos-Word with written words on pieces of paper. The Logos-Word, the Second Person of the Trinity, existed before Time and before the written Bible existed. A written, created book, no matter how holy, does not contain or even come close to containing the person of Christ, the Logos-Word, the God-Man.

        Pride, literalism (prideful stupidity), and not obedience. Same old same old.

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      • Sadly, there are no less than 4 long poasts in m0d on this little philosophical excursion I wandered into here.

        It would probably be less recondite if the whole thing were visible; you’re actually seeing only half of what I wrote. 😛


  18. [CH: and now a nationalist rises in spain. the fire spreads!]

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      • Ahhh. There are few things more beautiful than a young, pretty, olive-skinned Spanish girl.


      • First long-term abroad experience I ever had was in Spain at age fifteen. When I told my mother I didn’t want to return to the States, she laughed. She thought I was joking.

        I returned ‘home’. It was all downhill from there.

        Life made sense there, for a few short weeks. Life in America didn’t make any sense. After all these years, now I know why.

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      • man’s life is heavily influenced by memories of his formative years
        being young with no sense of one’s limitations is a force witch unique strength will diminish over years that to follow
        emotional attachments of that age will live forever protected by the shield of nostalgia and the unconscious longing for the age of innocence


    • The fire rises, brothers.

      I may have to consult my physician if this Roman salute lasts more than 4 hours, though. 😉

      By the way, cortesar, thanks for linking “Cara el Sol.” I forgot how energizing that is.

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      • al Sol. Fucking fat-fingered it without having fat fingers.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 8:56 am gunslingergregi

        I may have to consult my physician if this Roman salute lasts more than 4 hours, though. 😉””””””



      • I have heard of a dude who had 4+hours of Berlusconi salute after having taken certain blue pills
        Ended in a hospital making nurses giggling the rest of the day


    • “We wear the insults proudly, like medals on our chests.”

      I’ve always said that. 😉


  19. on January 30, 2019 at 9:52 pm Max Rockatansky

    Is there any reason I can’t post??


  20. on January 30, 2019 at 10:19 pm BrachaBenedicta

    This is only marginally worse than 10 year old boys prancing around in pink wigs, taking tips from Lactacia. Gosh I just want to erase the memory of ever seeing this stuff.


    • We’re going to need a lot of millstones and an environmental impact statement on all the trash we’re sending to the bottom of the sea.


    • Agreed about the memory wipe, Bracha.


    • let me predict the future-

      the US will lose a major war and that will be the end.

      it will happen rapidly. once the dollar falls, we become venezuela or 80s brazil.

      the nation is so in debt, we’re literally insanely bankrupt.

      at that point it will just be a 2nd world free for all. Vermont will soldier on bc it’s white people in the frozen north.

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  21. for those who are not familiar with casapound here is the video
    made by leftoid channel4 with a few lulz of which one is epic

    “it’s unclear whether Pamela died of an overdose, or was murdered”
    “a few weeks later her body was found dismembered”

    You have to be a (((special)))? kind of ashole to say something like this
    You remember luca traini
    Pamela is the girl after which Luca snapped and shoot a few savages
    Glory to Luca Traini

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    • on January 31, 2019 at 4:29 am baked georgia

      the british tv is really awful. the private channels are the same thing as bbc


      • Brit telly makes CNN look like a MurdochMurdoch vidya.
        O/T but bang on cue; Costa (warm milky drank shop for bored UMC ladies) has awarded the bestest book evah! prize to … yet another sixgorillion industry “fictionalised memoir”. Same deal as the one by Sandi Toxic mentioned a few threads back, this time by a professor of Shakespeare (yes really!).

        He was on the radio just now, and one of his first must-say bullet points was the “antisemitism is worse than I’ve ever known it” or similar. Wot? In Blighty?
        Must be them evil welsh people or summat innit. Not the blackies or mohammedans that the cosmopolitans yearn for more of, every day.


  22. on January 30, 2019 at 11:57 pm Captain Obvious

    Reading a meme over at Stormer.


    LOLing muh a$$ off.


  23. Perpetuating self-annihilation is, literally, the operating paradigm.


  24. Nothing will change until normal people start teaching the abnormal through violence.

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  25. on January 31, 2019 at 6:14 am Hackett To Bits

    A transvestite (Heliogabalus) once assumed the Roman imperial throne. That’s how low even the most powerful socitites can sink.

    He (and his mother) were lynched by a popular uprising and his body was pitched off a bridge…


  26. wondering for a friend if they have the ability to add an inch or three?


  27. Child sacrifices to the cruel God of Sex is a Social Construct.

    I bet the same people who mutilated the child feel enlightened and rational compared to those savages of yore who offered human sacrificies to the gods of rain or thunder or typhoons. Yet here they are, offering their children to be tortured by an insane deity who lives in their minds.


  28. on January 31, 2019 at 8:05 am Omnidempotent

    These mutilation surgeries always remind me of this scene from Silence of the Lambs. Truly demonic.


  29. on January 31, 2019 at 8:06 am Rob in Florida

    Maybe there’s no point in opposing all this lunacy… Because the more you fight it, the more they become entrenched and try to defend just to spite “those evil conservatives.” Just let the loons do it and let them wipe away their genetic inheritance. Darwinism will hopefully take its course…

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  30. I watched a video clip of “Desmond is Amazing” in full drag doing an interview while sitting next to Michael Alig, the former “club king” who murdered and dismembered a drug dealer some years ago.

    God, for whatever it’s worth, I’m sorry.


  31. I used to be big on “science” – like it was the last word on everything. Most people are like that today. The “Enlightenment” led to the lab coat replacing the soutane first as the “factual authority”, and soon after, the moral authority. They are now the high priests of our civilization and the masses follow them unquestioningly.

    The English Royal Academy started off as a bunch of alchemists. Read up on John Dee. They were heavily into kabbala and numerology. It was during this latter time-frame that (((they))) entered into it. Science in the Middle Ages was for the glory of God; with this new bunch, it became more and more for the glory of man.

    This is going to end like all things in the earthly city will end: in death and destruction. But eucatastrophe is real concept, and therein lies our hope.

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  32. Gender reassignment surgery is the new tramp stamp. Unfortunately you can’t just laser off your new genitalia.


  33. on January 31, 2019 at 9:07 am TruthLibertyMagnanimity

    Some great plastic surgeons out there doing reconstructive work for patients with cancer, deformity, etc. But the aesthetics side of it is all about the dollars, and it’s middle, to upper-middle-class white women that feed this beast.

    But the surgeon that did this goes well beyond greed, this is just freaking demonic.


  34. Yeah…tell ’em you’re a female trapped in a man’s body, and they gush all over you as a “transgender”.

    But tell ’em that you’re Napoleon Bonaparte…do they call you “trans-temporal”?

    Hell no.
    They call you “a fucking nut”!

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  35. A Dutch Protestant church which held round-the-clock services for 2,327 hours prevent a Armenian refugee family from being deported declared victory on Wednesday.
    suicide cult


    • on January 31, 2019 at 11:08 am John Joel Glanton

      Little family of Stalins

      Did you read about the Dutch doctor who gave to over 500 women babies from an autistic Indonesian man? Apparently the women thought they were getting viking seed until the kids came out brown and presumably retarded.


  36. on January 31, 2019 at 10:34 am Captain Obvious

    The underlying psychopathy of Hypergamy


    • I stopped listening after about two minutes… as per usual, no matter what he tries, he basically gives the enemy a change to spew their agitprop continuously and his questions, which are meant to be leading and make said foe admit their inanity and/or downright swinery, never seem to get the response.

      So the end result is invariably providing HIS megaphone to the opposition. I’ve NEVER seen this scenario fail to appear whenever he invites guests to debate.

      He should just stick with his monologues, which are powerful and the best part of him, when he doesn’t throw in too many bones to The Narrative, as conservatives with any sort of (((MSM))) megaphone invariably do.

      But this “guest” thing just never works out the way he intends it… maybe that’s why the Fox brass let it go on… there’s been more than enough evidence that Fox itself is only allowed opposition most of the time, and actual water-bearer for the Synathedral all-too-many times.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 10:50 am Captain Obvious

        GE, I think it’s outstanding that he gives them a podium.

        I don’t what could be better for the core of Heritage Amerikkka than to watch a millionairesse yenta w!tch smiling & almost giggling at the thought of Heritage Amerikkkan goyische babies being s1aughtered, and then vigorously & brutally maintaining her position despite all pleas for her to reconsider.

        These are the Great Darwinian Petri Dish [email protected]

        And the sooner the collective Heritage Amerikkkan Amygdala wakes up from its slumber, and realizes that the Evil Bacteria are he11-bent on eradicating the Good Bacteria [and that the Evil Bacteria take glee in the thought of eradicating the Good Bacteria], the better the outcome will be for Heritage Amerikkka.

        tl;dr == Freedom of Speech is a double edged sword, because it also includes the Freedom to LISTEN.


      • The problem is too many younger women hear the usual spiel and it becomes even more of an ingrained catechism to them.

        Heritage American has already made up it’s collective mind, and we’re dying a slow death through demographics such as this cooze in the video as an example of the BEST of the worst.


      • Okay, let’s play find the end-around run against ghey mod.

        The problem is too many younger women hear the usual spiel and it becomes even more of an ingråined cåtechism to them.

        Heritage American has already made up it’s cöllective mind, and we’re dyìng a slow deåth through demographics such as this cooze in the videö as an example of the BEST of the worst.


      • Total disagreement. Anyone who is part of the shitlib brigade will never change their stance.

        Giving her a platform where she continues to act like a fucking robot, a literal NPC is quite damning. It was a brilliant strategy and he was taking passive aggressive shots at her the whole time. “I know your smart, so can you just respond to the actual question instead of canned talking points”

        She was rolling her eyes because he continued to question her ability to be a thinking person vs. a regurgitating NPC. And she proved him right over and over and over and over… no matter how he phrased the question she had the same response-

        “Your party is trying to control women’s bodies!! RHEEEEEE”

        Tucker- “Once the baby is out of the mother, it has its own body, can you address that?”

        “Your party is trying to control women’s bodies!! RHEEEEEE”


      • WE can sit and applaud the proven inanity of his opponents…

        … but like someone said above, the ten-pound brains of the chateau don’t process these (ahem) victories in the same manner the “average ‘Murrican” does… especially the distaff side.

        Naw, giving your opponents your own megaphone only preaches to the choir about how stupid the enemy is… while THEY keep winning the Culture War.


    • on January 31, 2019 at 10:43 am Captain Obvious

      Granted, she’s Frankfurt School [and an obvious psych0path herself].

      And her schtick is being shoved down the throats of White [post-Chr!stian] shiksas – in fact, her job is to push the rhetoric which the NPC shiksa marionettes will then dutifuly regurgitate in all of their discourse.

      But the schtick wouldn’t stick unless the shiksas’ Hamsters knew instinctively that they wanted the option to murd3r the Beta’s ch!ldren.


  37. Next up: woke vivisection.


  38. “The Island of Lost Souls” was a short story, not an instruction manual.


  39. There is zero reason to be concerned about the alt-right being deplatformed now because there is no further reason for alt-right blogs of any kind. There is nothing left to say. There is no white population in the West to rouse to its own defense. All we can do is watch these fucking white bible squatters keep recalculating how they can be taken care of by daddy government, how they can live in peace with people of every kind. Talk radio is a joke. The white Christian herd gets the leadership is wants by patronage. The unChristian answer alludes them because some (((St. J00z)) said some god-son of J00zkind said winning at loosing is sanctified and obligatory. Burn this shit down. Trying to laugh now.

    I think Fuckberg might want us to get angry. That aborted fetus was white not black, just saying. Getting angry and doing nothing with that anger is training to lose. The fight-or-flight response is meant for useful action in a short period of time. We are conditioned to inaction all the time with the ‘safe’ hormonal and postural profile of the besieged. I hate white Christians. Sorry. I fucking do. They can’t be fodder for evil fast enough and all the while preach against evil to rape my mind and through suffering my body and my life. Jesus ‘Fucking’ Christ. Trying to laugh. If my best strategy is perseverance in a war of attrition, laughing is my best tactic.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

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    • Comedians have become our philosophers to your mind, and you swallow kike agitprop though the (((MSM))) hook, line, and sinker.

      My Christ against your comedians… we’ll see who wins that battle.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 12:06 pm Darth Caucasious

        Speaking of propaganda…

        Why is this acceptable now?


      • Ewe. That vid is cruel and unusual punishment, and certainly propaganda. Funny thing is that if this goes on another 5 years it will look tame, for having no prepubesent children or something. Did not watch the whole thing. Going to bleach my izzz now.


    • on January 31, 2019 at 11:24 am John Joel Glanton

      Yeah man I hate God too but I’m still afraid enough of Him to not violate his laws.


      • I guess that you are being cynical either about what you simply know to be true or about what you only subconsciously know to be true, in which case you are working on how to extend that belief into your conscious self. You nailed the power meme of Jew-engineered religion.


    • Carlin was a gateway for me back in my teen years. He went after PC culture and was spot on in 1990s, his cynical years. Cultural obsession with gadgets, soft parenting and pussification of America. His special “Life is Worth Losing” featured his most somber assessment of the order of society and the rulers. “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”. Astute observer of depraved human behavior but he lost me with his animosity towards God. He was a sad, miserable man in the end because he sold out for HBO millions and lost his soul. Sadly a man who fell away from the Church and never heard the love of Christ, although he occasionally gave mention to biblical lessons in the end.


      • I’d like to add that to my list of reasons I was left cold by Carlin—his hatred for the European race. I’d nod my head when he’d castrate liberal yuppies in their Volvo’s and the religion of global warming “the planet isn’t going anywhere, we are!”, then I’d turn the volume down and lose interest when he’d rant about whites, slavery, Indian removal, etc. This schizophrenic though process is indicative of the cocaine addled brain and/or a man pandering to his corporate lords.


      • I’d turn the volume down and lose interest when he’d rant about whites, slavery, Indian removal, etc. This schizophrenic though process is indicative of the cocaine addled brain and/or a man pandering to his corporate lords.

        But that’s the rub, it WASN’T a schizophrenic thought process, it was pure antiWhite… sure, Whites deserve a skewering for what was called the yuppie mentality, but it was just another door in the house of All Things White Need Ragged Upon… as you yourself admit, since he invariably always got around to the slavery and muh Native American stuff as well.

        Wha, you think he was railing about negro and hispanic yuppies and “corporate robber barons”?

        It was pure antiWhite POZ from the get-go, which is why he became the Philosopher Magi of his time, rewarded with the big HBO specials megaphone.

        It’s always amusing when a millionaire rants about society… especially White society… I don’t ever recall him talking about negro crime and other foibles of the other-coloreds… as if there’s NO edgy comedic value therein?

        His targets were ALWAYS the usual safe ones.


      • Greg – You’re right, but it wasn’t as obvious to me back in 1996 as it is to me now.

        Doug – All I got out of that was George Carlin wasn’t such a bad guy because he didn’t drug and rape dozens of women like Cosby. That’s a bar so low that not even ants could crawl beneath it.


      • Greg – You’re right but it was t as obvious to me in 1996 as it is now.

        Doug – All I got out your reply was that it was ok for Carlin to hammer on whites nonstop while turning a blind eye to blacks because he didn’t drug and rape dozens of women like Bill Cosby. That’s a bar so low that ants couldn’t even crawl beneath it.


    • I fucking love Carlin, this is one of his most scathing and memorable routines. He is a classic liberal, not this new “liberal” which is a commie.


      • Erm…

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      • Hahah, I should have clarified but D-FENS spelled it out “He was a sad, miserable man in the end because he sold out for HBO millions and lost his soul. ”

        He started off strong and went hugely off the rail at the end. He was never /ourguy/ but he had an almost Jim Goad type of misanthropy and would carve up and call out bullshit at a whim. I have a lot of respect for that even if he turned full retard later in his career.


      • It’s too easy to criticize George Carlin. Who would have done better? I think there is some (((Jebus))) projection, the beam in eye. He did not end up like Bill Cosby, who I think is in jail for being too truthful to not in the end his people. Why should he have done it any differently? He did something meaningful against TPTB. Everyone here is a Monday morning QB in love with a perfect man who never existed and wants you to give up all worldly possessions and die sooner rather than later. You cucks never really believe, but you expect me too. There’s no pleasing the unreasonable. Burn this all down.


      • He did something meaningful against TPTB

        Bullshit, it was just a grown-up version of the hippy-dippy Eat The Rich shtick.

        And if his work against the SAFE VERSIONS of TPTB was so meaningful, how has the Culture War been going since he did all of his alleged wrecking?

        As mentioned above, the only TPTB he skewered were the safe, White villain gumming/robber barons stereotypes.


  40. on January 31, 2019 at 10:59 am sahib mohammed mohammed moohhammmmid

    we saw the teenager get butt raped so hard she has to wear a colostomy bag for life. Now we have kids who are going to have inverted sex organs for life and all the bullshit that comes with that. Shaving inside your fake vagine, apparently you can’t control your pee. Pretty savage, stupid stuff.

    Needless to say, this tranny freak show as public policy isn’t America, it’s not even close. Shame on cowardly politicians for letting the few, the .003% dictate this shit.


    • on January 31, 2019 at 11:02 am sahib mohammed mohammed moohhammmmid

      but then again, the plastics may have made the millenials a true gay generation.


    • on January 31, 2019 at 11:21 am John Joel Glanton

      Goyim, you have to understand, farting anal orgasms are good for a woman’s mental health. Studies have shown that 20-25 year old women need up to 3 fartgasms a day from different men in order to stay healthy and productive.

      Do you have a problem with women, goy?


  41. Look at an ultrasound at 12 weeks. Arms, legs, heartbeat, and the baby will be moving around. These people are monsters.

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  42. Happy, happy, joy, joy.



    It’s sick out there and getting sicker:

    Here’s one of Karl Robe’s natural Republicans, pro-infanticidist Kathy Tran:

    Remember the good ol’ days when all we had to worry about was a nuclear holocaust?:


    • The first one is fucking hilarious, I thought it was a parody at first because it is so beyond surreal but then I remembered… clown world. And I simply laughed and smiled along because it is all clicking together now.

      Soon we can just fuck using medical instruments all together. We can go to the captive stun bolt gun they use on cows and what not to slaughter them. It is way cheaper that way and more convenient since you could likely do it right against the belly of the woman and still k!ll the f3tus. And if not, no biggie just do a partial birth until the head is visible in her cu_nt and then fire away!

      re”: Good old days, nuke holocaust— Would it be so bad if nuclear fire rained down on the entire West? I’m being serious, what would be lost?


    • on January 31, 2019 at 3:30 pm mudsharks are the greatest losers

      comments disabled. video universally despised. the first “kid” is a callout to their IT niggum trope (notice how the others dress normally). and of course, the abortionist couldn’t have been a vibrant woman.

      they’re either utterly clueless or can’t wait long enough for The Great Reckoning.


  44. Excellent social media troll is pretending to be a nig nationalist and telling shitlib whites and kikes they need to go back and the future is people of color…totally fucking floors them.


    • I’m saying all kinds and still not banned.

      Somalian mushlim woman running her mouth again on Ishrael and the amount of cock sucking goy jumping on her…disgusting


  45. Women only *want* to raise children when forced by a man. Either their masculine traditional husband, their alpha pump n dump ONS, or the imaginary male who lives in her head, who shes trying to one-up, proving she dont need no maaanz to raise her keeeyidzZ. Muh feminism

    It is all in response to Man.


  46. The twatter thread is no longer accessible.


  47. War, extreme hardship, and suffering are the only things that might save the nation.

    Either way, the wretched degenerate Left and their enablers need limiting.


  48. It’s interesting the fact that the doctors put on his arm, before the opperation a bracelet with letter M from ,, male”. The same doctors who told him all his life that he’s a girl.