And what of this ‘umble outpost of LoveTruth defying the Reign of Censor?


  1. Strike me down and I shall become more powerful?


    • Because bottling up these beliefs is good?



      [CH: you’re here. you care.]


      • Try not to not care at the top of your voice, Sambo.

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      • Laugh out loud…Humble is right. No one cares what involuntary celibates have to talk about here at the Chateau. No one here has balls!

        editors note: for a point of reference, “no one here has balls” may seem like a non sequitur to the logically inclined. However, it must be noted that the conclusion of a statement must always end with a reference to ‘muhdik’ in Bruhs vibrant community.

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      • on October 30, 2018 at 2:11 pm CulturalResilience from Mobile

        The chateau does not serve fried chicken and watermelon on a regular basis. Jog on.

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  2. Censorship invariably produces unpublic communication. Even the Soviet Union was unable to kill the Russian Orthodox Church.


  3. You guys are delusional.

    The future of America is People of Colir. Just look at how many white girls are beating Children of Color.

    People of Color want nothing to do with your hateful unscientific ideology.

    [CH: Tiny Meyer]


  4. […] And what of this ‘umble outpost of LoveTruth defying the Reign of Censor? […]


  5. Trump is moving the window. He will remove the anchor baby incentive.


  6. I don’t know, CH. I’m having a hard time seeing – assuming I’m making the right inference here – how striking you down will make you more powerful. “Well, they deplatformed us. Guess it’s time to get out the howitzers?”
    I mean, that’s how I’D react, but I can’t expect everyone else to be that clear thinking…

    About Gab. Torba disgusts me. The guy had connections to child porn and the SP, and was all around a general piece of mouldy excrement. Worse, Gab itself had followed the same vein, and we just recently found out – thanks to the message on the Gab homepage – that they were cooperating with the DOJ and the FBI. Not something I like to hear from a so-called ‘free speech’ platform.

    So I can’t stand them, and wouldn’t have used them anyway. However, as you’ve already pointed out, the deplatforming of Gab raises a lot of legal issues that could – finally – come to a head. This incident – if the DOJ could finally get off its collective ass – could finally bring the TI to its proverbial knees.

    Not that that will help them any. They bite.


    • I have read this blog, and almost every comment, for nearly five years. This is the second time I have ever commented. The first time I commented was in response to the question of CH being de-platformed. At the time I was worried. I don’t worry so much anymore.
      I am convinced that yes CH will arise even more powerful then ever before. He is a wordsmith of the finest caliber. When will he turn from writing these essays and move into the realm of publishing proper books? If he toned down his rhetoric (cut the serrate off his shiv, and honed it into a scalpel), he could truly write bestsellers.
      I cannot comprehend why this brilliant linguistic sorcerer hasn’t published his first book … but then maybe he has …

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  7. There’s something about the guy in the white tee shirt who is arguing with Candace that I just can’t put my finger on…

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  8. Chateau Honeypotiste?


  9. @trav77 and others

    The Soviet Union would most likely have collapsed under its own weight anyway, in another generation or two.
    BUT Reagan wanted faster results.
    So he hired the best to make it happen, such as Cap Weinberger and others.

    The plan had several components.

    1) Make oil cheap, this was the USSR:s primary export.
    Done by recruiting Saudi Arabia to flood the market.
    Method of persuasion: Explaining to the SAs how Muslims in the
    USSR were persecuted. The beauty of this is that it was true,
    (the USSR persecuted all religions).

    2) Seriously clamp down on high tech exports to the USSR.
    The main organization (which already existed but was given
    much stricter marching orders) was COCOM (NOT COMECON).
    One potential troublemaker was Sweden, not a NATO member
    and thus not a COCOM member, and Sweden had and has
    plenty of high tech (and is still the world leader in cutting edge
    technology, if you read it literally).
    So Cap W called in various captains of Swedish industry and explaind
    that they could do high tech business with the USSR OR the USA,
    but not both. Which worked as intended.

    3) Doing as much as possible to restrict Soviet natural gas exports
    to Western Europe, mainly Germany. This had limited success. however.

    4) Star Wars. It is not clear to me how much of this worked, or would have
    worked, but its main purpose was to entice the Soviets to try and keep
    up with this. This drained not only money but also put the cream of
    Soviet engineers etc. to work, at a HUGE opportunity cost.