Challenging Girls To Impress You

There’s no greater arousal trigger of women’s lust than a man who challenges them to be better women. Or more interesting women.

Women love love love the thought of having to work hard to meet a man’s standards because the challenge indicates the man has dating options (which is sexy) and women like to know they are alluring to men for reasons that go beyond their faces and bodies.

I was meeting a girl at a cafe for a date. This was one of those places that has wrought-iron two-seater tables, with just enough room for a tea cup and saucer, and a slyly presented mid-conversation condom. Pro-tip: those iron cafe tables are chick crack. Girls think they’re so romantic.

I wasn’t feeling great, very tired, sad! She arrived a bit after I did, and when she settled in, she began chatting up a storm. Under the weather, I could barely muster head nods and inquisitive grunts in reply. Sensing an imbalance in the force, she paused to ask with visible concern, “You don’t say much, do you?”

The laconic man is quite attractive to a woman primarily because his terseness induces a dread in her which has her wondering if he doesn’t feel motivated by her looks to bother impressing her with a fusillade of verbal prestidigitation. This wasn’t the situation here. I just didn’t have my stuff. Explaining myself, I answered ingenuously, “I dunno….I can be wordy when I’m inspired.”


She caught her breath, leaned back in her chair and then forward with theatrical relish, and said “Huh.”

When a girls says “huh”, you can assume there are a thousand other unspoken words attached to that utterance, and most of them are rationalizations for her growing intrigue with the pleasure of your company.

She added, after a lengthy beat, “Are you not feeling inspired now?”, and that was my cue to shift the gears into overdrive.

I don’t want any reader to get the idea that one throwaway line can take a first date from chat to hammerjack in an instant. That would be silly. But these little throwaway lines, each crafted meticulously or unintentionally as manifest indicators of a man’s sexyasfuck mate value, add up over the course of a courtship, and taken in aggregate produce the effect of lubing a girl’s mind to entertain and ultimately expect her akimbo surrender to his cylindrical timber.

That’s the power of offering a challenge to a woman, or of disqualifying a woman, implicit or otherwise. She can’t #resist the limbic bait. Few men do this. Those who do reap a girlwind. I hadn’t intended to encourage my date to question her worth to me, but that’s what my glib explanation for my lexical leanness did for her. And when a girl is questioning HER VALUE to YOURS, rather than the usual direction these intersexual on-the-fly assessments go, she is psychologically groomed to look up to you, which brings her halfway to relinquishing herself to a majestic boning.

“What can you bring into my life?”, is the attitude every great womanizer possesses. It’s the ultimate flipping of the script.

Self-regard is male T and A.

Communicating an adherence to standards is male shapeliness.

Assuming the sale is male swayback.

Asking more from women than what they are accustomed to giving is male eyelash batting.

And an impeccable sense of entitlement is male cleavage.

As we men respond autonomically with animal lust in our hearts to T and A, shapeliness, swayback, eyelash batting, and cleavage in women, so too do women respond autonomically with animal lust in their hearts to self-satisfaction, a fondness for conspicuous appraisal, and impertinence in men.

Game, in three words: INSPIRE ME, BABY


Some readers wondered how the rest of the convo played out. Paraphrasing, it went like this:

HER: Are you not feeling inspired now?

ME: I’m open to the possibility.

HER: Maybe you need to worry about inspiring me.

ME: Good news! If I’m inspired, my word count will hit twenty words per minute.

HER: Twenty words per minute? I’m a lucky girl!

ME: You’re already winning me over.

We parried this joke for a bit longer before I changed the subject. It turned out to be a great ice breaker/mood setter/tension releaser. The take-home lesson is that I didn’t shy away from my initial challenge to her; I upped the ante instead, but never without a cheeky self-awareness of what I was doing. When she tried to reflip the script to where she would have hand — by taunting me that I should worry about inspiring her — I didn’t take the bait, get defensive, or appease her. I throttled her offensive maneuver when I blurted out “good news”, and her attention was recentered back into my frame.


daysofgame says that he’s never picked up girl by being laconic. Maybe I was unclear…I agree with him. I don’t recommend terseness as a viable go-to seduction strategy. True to its definition, a little terseness goes a long way. There are windows during a pickup when fewer words can build sexual tension and reestablish a man’s higher value if it’s flagging from over-exposure, but most of the time I talk, and talk a lot, to stoke a girl’s interest. If anything, confining myself to few words is more mentally draining than letting my nimble tongue rip. A laconic man is attractive to a woman….after he’s said a lot of words to pique her curiosity.


  1. on December 5, 2017 at 4:42 pm Gregory Daniel Nikolic

    At a bar once, I was touching a girl on the chin firmly and she said “she felt uncomfortable” but she never moved. Later, I stopped doing so and let her take control . . . giving her her comfort-level back AND restoring her as the chaser.

    Wise Heartiste, we bow before your altar of burning black flowers.

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    • Turn yourself in to the Feds, you grotesque, pretentious, tedious weirdo.

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      • He showed up at Vox Populi a few days ago. VD gave him a smackdown, although he didn’t get called a gamma (yet).


    • on December 6, 2017 at 10:57 am Captain Obvious

      CH: “Challenging Girls To Impress You”

      You know, it wasn’t all that long ago that every ch!ck understood this – both subconsciously & consciously – that her job was to impress you.

      [At least every Chr!stian chick – back in the day, I knew at least one j00ess who was trying to flip the script.]

      But this mass role reversal is very recent, and marks a sudden & dramatic change in the history of the species.

      I’d say that it exploded circa the 2010-2012 timeframe, with the maturation of the iPhag and the explosion in Tinder/Snapchat/Instagram purposelessness.


    • Yeah… when you kino them and get the “I am uncomfortable” verbal response paired with the “please go ahead” body response, lol…

      it’s a funny moment.

      You escalate it, and they escalate to “Now I am very uncomfortable”, while still letting you do it.


  2. In my pre-RP days, I’ve had a few occasions of a girl going “huh”, but too much of a goober to know what to do with it. I had a mild sense that something was there, but the old paralysis-by-analysis took over and I was home alone.

    Glad you brought it up.


    • on December 5, 2017 at 7:41 pm baked georgia

      those memories are really something. I’ve often caught myself thinking like “oh man, I should have done THAT… if only I knew what her signs indicated”


  3. Once again, Sweden comes barreling to the lead in the glorious to the cuck.

    – Sweden Shelves Sexual Crimes Against Children for Lack of Police Resources –


    • Given that Trumpkinz is bowing to the kikes over Jerusalem, Sweden is almost as fuckrd as the US? Amirite?


  4. on December 5, 2017 at 4:45 pm Gregory Daniel Nikolic

    That also reminds me of a time I was staying with a girl in her dorm room on the U of BC campus, and she had been platonic with me for weeks. She was bringing me food because I was broke and all it took was a pair of beers for her to leap into making a kiss at me.

    I suppose the build-up of weeks of no-contact — without rushing from me — put the ball squarely in her court. She was also probably closely to her ovulation time. I didn’t notice her hiding tampons prior, but that’s no proof of O or no-O. Ovulation is Encouragement.


  5. >> The laconic man is quite attractive to a woman primarily because his terseness induces a dread in her which has her wondering if he doesn’t feel motivated by her looks to bother impressing her with a fusillade of verbal prestidigitation.

    I am fully onboard with this theory… but have just about never experienced it. In LTRs, definitely. In early dates/pickup… almost never.

    I assume, there are things I could do to be more of the STRONG SILENT TYPE. Again, fully onboard with disqualifying the girl, making her work, etc. I assume that must be true.

    But… this is also about knowing WHAT TYPE YOU ARE and WHAT TYPE SHE IS. That doesn’t preclude growth/improvement (mindsets, SMV, tactics, etc), but not all cohorts are identical here…

    The cohort that matters most is knowing which type you are as the player… and then finding tactics that suit you… to get the type of girl you want.

    I’ve been saying “different bait (=tactics) for different fish (=girls)” AND that certain patterns say a lot about the fisherman (=the player).

    EX: If you like INTROVERTED girls… I do not know that “strong silent” game is going to work, unless you plan on winning these girls from your social circle over time.

    If you are into cold approach… I don’t think “strong silent” is going to serve you. An occasion when it might… is if you have a lot of PASSIVE VALUE and she is EXTRAVERTED. That would work great. Or if you have a lot of passive value… and she’s LOW SELF ESTEEM… so she hustles to overcome her feelings of inadequacy.

    If you have uncertain passive value… and she is high self esteem… and you sit there, not doing much… she’s going to think you’re boring. Or if she is introverted… you’ll make her anxious. Not sexy.

    This is very much on my mind lately… and I have a feeling I’ll have a better sense for my own potential to run any kind of “strong silent” game in the next year.

    Right now… I assume that doesn’t work for my type. More experience might open my eyes. We’ll see.

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    • on December 5, 2017 at 5:11 pm Gregory Daniel Nikolic

      How are you viewing the girls? Are you seeing them as “prey to be picked up” or as “partners in a courtship dance” or as “those working for you”?

      Ego determines the one of the triad. My ego is huge. I think I’m sexy and great, and for me, if I were to pick up a girl today I’d have to keep myself from thinking I was better than her, hence that she had to impress ME.

      By the way, days, good to see you here again. I checked out your site and will do so again.

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  7. What’s the follow up here? “Maybe if you were showing a bit more leg?”

    This is an advanced idea that can make you feel like you painted yourself in a corner. Ending with her walking away and most men chasing her out of that cafe. I tend to just avoid these kind of things that seem like they lead to her doing a false take away.


    • on December 6, 2017 at 6:11 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      Generally, a coffee date isn’t the place to deploy those kinds of (sexual) lines. Skew towards coy during the coffee date (unless she initiates, then you’re looking at sdl scenarios).

      If you meet a girl in a bar, it’s midnight, you’re both three or four sheets to the wind, and there’s some banter going, then definitely use lines like that.

      Time and place.


      • Good advice. Though in my experience if I even get them out for something as mundane as a coffee date it normally ends in the lay. I come out aggressive from the start though.

        Differences in dating doctrine is why the game advice on here is confusing to me at times. I rarely find myself in the same situations.


  8. How did you answer her last question?


  9. sometimes it’s hard to act alpha when I feel like the world can see the pain in my eyes


  10. OT: potential singularity event in the PingPongening: Bryan Singer has gone missing.

    Where in the world is Bryan Singer?

    Hope he’s not in some kind of fix . . . .


  11. on December 5, 2017 at 6:49 pm safespaceplaypen

    I’m sure no one here’s been keeping up on the rsd Todd firing drama, but to summarize: Todd got fired from RSD this past august. There’s all sorts of lawsuits flying around. It has stuff to do with use of money and differing “visions” on the direction of RSD.

    It looks to me like Todd got sick of the mumbo-jumbo “good vibes” woo woo aspect of RSD and modern day “natural” pickup. Apparently he was one of the original pua guys, right there along side Mystery and Tyler. Just very recently he popped back up, now with his own company (i think). Here’s a video he posted today

    Are we going to see a return to routine game?

    Lol this sh!t all sounds cool to me because I just started using a scripted “mystery-method-esque” routine utilizing a bunch of funny sh!t, stories, C&F lines and stuff that I developed from my experiences so far. It makes a big difference lol. Preparation makes a big difference.

    So I’m curious what will happen if the pua community returns to the more “needs to be field tested before talked about” mindset.


    • Are we going to see a return to routine game?


      One thing the “pickup community” — however that’s defined — failed to explore about game was the endgame. They live in a bubble, an online circle-jerk of communication, unable to notice the growing incongruity between themselves and the rapidly changing culture around them.

      The reason CH remains relevant is because he recognized the limitations of turning game into a religion, and he shifted with the bleeding edge of culture, which is Reaction. “I used to read CH for the game posts, but then he got all raciss n stuff.” No, he always had a higher vantage point and knew when a string was played out. Plus, growing up is actually good for your (a man’s) game.

      Look at that guy in the video. He looks like Van Gogh’s retarded homeless uncle, a decade past a very mediocre prime.


      • Pro troll kiss-ass comment, King. Or maybe instead you’re a cover-story Xian ‘defending the faith’ against a safe soft target. If so, no incongruity between your Xianity and the reality of spreading Urabia. Hur-rah! Is there a real incongruity to identify or is that just libtard-esque projection?


  12. on December 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm Gunslingergregi

    Guess chicks were talking bout some chick was black boyfriend looking good
    Ex said he was ugly lol
    Says bitch was fucking with her ex wanted to fight her he he he
    That bitch lucky ex being good girl
    Ex Said the bitch got a beard rofl
    Kind of why I like ex I didn’t knock her out she good to have around in a what do you bring to the table situation
    All though guess she got cancer cells on pap
    Neg on hiv hep and such
    She might get to die after all I guess



    Of course he is. As the collective consciousness relegates the relentless shrill hysteria of shitlibs to the refrigerator buzz of our culture, the only sound left will be victory.


    • The ‘only 2% of the population’ has to be a myth surely? Maybe that is practicing Jews? In my work circle I knew about 50 of them. They do seem to be everywhere like rats in the movie The Eternal Jew


      • on December 6, 2017 at 8:49 pm SteveRogers42

        Depends upon your work circle. Farming, ranching, mining. commercial fishing, skilled trades, and the military would skew under 2%.


  14. on December 5, 2017 at 7:24 pm Diversity Is Good

    How many men have run DGAF game by accident when tired, sick, short on sleep, hung over, whatever? “What can you bring to me” mindset.

    Game, in three words: INSPIRE ME, BABY

    There it is. For the win.


  15. Top Ten material right here! And “Girlwind” – watta turn of phrase!
    CH once again breaks it down to basics – we lure them in with the Yang version of their Yin. Gold here for able miners.


  16. A Candid photo of one of the frequent ” Alpha ” posters on here. Care to guess who ?


  17. […] There’s no greater arousal trigger of women’s lust than a man who challenges them to be better women. Or more interesting women. […]


  18. on December 5, 2017 at 8:42 pm baked georgia

    “women like to know they are alluring to men for reasons that go beyond their faces and bodies.” that’s because, in a LTR, this may mean that if the man is only interessed in her looks, ignoring personality flaws, it’s because he had low standards


  19. I was sitting next to a girl at a table…chatted her up very briefly…mostly just ignored her…she had large tracts of land…I danced with several girls…I asked her to dance…she said, “I don’t know”…her husband and other friends were encouraging her to dance with me…”he’s a good dancer”…she was being a prima donna, making them work to get her to dance with me…sitting in her chair with her arms crossed…womanspreading…I said, “It’s Ok if we don’t dance” as I started to turn away…she hurriedly got off her ass and took my hand and then giggled a lot as we danced. Her prima donna act was all just a lot of shit tests, mostly of her husband and friends.


  20. Wha? This entire OP is the opposite of what you were arguing with Greg Eliot about three posts back regarding “dancing monkey antics”:

    CH: … men have to “monkey dance” for women if they want any action. that is the nature of the sexual market and the sexes.

    Or should they be “laconic”?

    The laconic man is quite attractive to a woman…

    Or is being laid back and, say, offering one word for every three of hers in some paradoxical way “busting a move”?

    Women are attracted to laconic men not because they keep her in suspense about whether she is worthy of being gabbed at like her girlfriend might (“a fusillade of verbal prestidigitation”). It’s more along the lines of “Close your mouth and be thought a fool rather than opening it and removing all doubt.” The woman fills in the blanks with either good or bad assumptions based on all the other surrounding, nonverbal cues the man has subtly provided. The key is providing those nonverbal cues — by appearance, gesture, body language, environment, activity — without looking like you’re providing them.

    And silence is the sign that one’s power is not contingent on “prestidigitation” but rather is inherent to one’s position: he speaks when he wants to, which is solely up to his own estimation, and is independent of outside (inferior) influences. Chatty Chuck doesn’t give off the air of aloof mastery.

    Soaking in the metrosexual ether too long can warp even the best men’s sense of the basics.

    [CH: the short answer to your riddle-me-this is that I don’t recommend terseness as a seduction technique. its use is of limited value. the shorter answer is that for a lot of men prone to blabbermouth syndrome, terseness IS hard work.]

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    • Terseness is the sign of self control, which enables command of the situation, which is a sign of power, which is attractive without having to plead one’s case in speech.

      Using many words to command the situation is many times more difficult, which makes the choice to be laconic the better percentage play: when in doubt, err on the side of brevity.

      Especially since people use chit-chat as a cover for their insecurities, believing silence is a sign of being empty headed.

      And especially since running your mouth is widely recognized as a feminine trait.

      Only in the silences can you hear the “still, small voice” of your conscience, which is why people fill their days with noise. Taking command of the silences is an expressway to the center of a person’s soul.


    • I know it’s been covered before, but it bears repeating…

      … there’s NOTHING a man can say that will spin a gal’s hamster faster than her own imagination… so never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut and let her go on the self-generated roller coaster ride about “what IS he thinking?”

      Of course, this is AFTER you’ve broken the ice and developed a bit of rapport or, dare I say, the start of a relationship.

      Strategic silence isn’t going to be a viable gambit until AFTER you’ve brought her into your sphere.

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  21. on December 5, 2017 at 9:40 pm gunslingergregi

    seeing as woman in states pretty much worthless to get with as they are like getting with a grenade with a rusty pin
    more on other countries to go to and the rules there he he he


  22. Being the one who speaks less is powerful if you ask the right questions.


  23. King:
    “Pain don’t hurt. Stop being a faggot.

    And if you can’t manage that, stop broadcasting your vulnerabilities around men. ….”

    The trick is…


    • Look at pictures of soldiers gazing a 1000 yard stare and you will find that many are alphas with unfathomably immense pain in their eyes.


  24. This clears up everything.


    • Looking at that black smudge on the picture, did somebody cover up her cross?

      Be fitting if so.


    • on December 6, 2017 at 9:11 am Captain Obvious

      She’s post-menopausal [i.e. she serves absolutely no useful function to society whatsoever], so there’s no reason she can’t be drawn & quartered.


    • Does this be one of them thar “single White women” lusting after dark meat well after Thanksgiving?


      • Read her bio..she sounds crazy. Unmarried with no kids and looks aged in other picturez.


      • on December 6, 2017 at 3:11 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        First off, damn, that was one hard-hitting and drive-a-stake-through-the-heart article by Marsden. The case she lays out is as tight as a drum.

        Second, I’ve been reading Marsden for years now and she is one of those high IQ women who are also unhinged but probably amazing in the sack. But you wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.


    • Read her bio..she sounds crazy plus looks aged in other pictures.
      43, kids.


    • Rachel Marsden? She’s from my home town of Vancouver, Canada. She’s batsh*t crazy. She was actually found guilty in court on a stalking charge, and she was far-left before she went Fox News-style conservative. Kevin Michael Grace used to have an amusing writeup about her on his old web site The Ambler.


  25. on December 6, 2017 at 11:03 am Les Saunders, Protestant

    Silence vs garrulousness. Talkative vs terseness. It’s always a question of what approach to take in an approach.

    When one talks a lot, there is strong potential that you’ll say too much about yourself, thereby removing any mystery and aloofness. Are sexy women interested in the man who’s too friendly, easily approachable, and whom they’ve got all figured out? I should think that would put you in the express lane to the friend zone.

    A sexy AF globalist girl intern in my orifice. 22, tight body, half English, half Moroccan. Wears her black jeans and tights high-waisted, with a big floppy Indiana Jones hat, loves to travel, small tattoos on her back peek out between an open seam on her blouse. All signs that she’s dtf.

    Naturally, a young woman who radiates this kind of sexuality is going to attract men, and it’s very interesting, if a bit predictable, to watch how the men interact with her.

    One faget, a long haired creature in his late 30s who does the running shoes with loose tie schtick, and whose face is eminently punchable, drops by her cubicle and attempts to flirt with her every so often. Invariably, this involves his lame attempts at humour, which is mostly self-deprecating jokes, which she does laugh at. I’m positive he’s going nowhere. Other (older) men engage her in boring conversation, which she steers by talking about where she wants to go to grad school or about her dumb unpaid internship in Paris last year.

    What do I do? I engage with her very little, and am usually my scowling, petulant but handsome self. I don’t take anything she says seriously. The other day she asked about some shoes under my desk (they were nice shoes) I gave her some sarcastic response and she started giggling and took a file folder to hide her face (perhaps she was nervous and embarrassed); I called her on that, and then she giggled some more and started hiding behind the cubicle wall.

    It’s not going to result in her asking me to come to her apartment after work, but it at least keeps you out of the neutered, beta male friend zone. You have to do some talking to get into a girl’z (yoga) pants, otherwise it’s not going to materialise. But one has to tightly control the talking. The best advice I can give is: be the storyteller. Don’t engage in the back and forth, and most certainly don’t let them steer the conversation. You are the master and they are there to learn from you. Tell them stories, scare them a little like a spooky story would scare a child and send them into your arms. Telling stories that have an esoteric/secret society feel to them can help build the right mood and tension between the two of you; hinting and vaguely alluding to a much more interesting life you lead.

    You might think that a globalist girl at the office might be off limits and too nice/serious for this stuff. Remember, their male contemporaries are weak millenial fagets. More importantly, as I’ve learned time and again, these girls can be incredibly depraved little slûts, who want nothing more than to get ploughed by an older, experienced man.

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  26. I try to be terse and vague when factual details would be an autistic tingle killer (particularly during the initial attraction phase), but once she warms up and expresses sincere interest that’s when I whip out the more specific DHVs. Just enough to stimulate her imagination so she makes unrealistically positive assumptions that I don’t have to address until after the sale’s been finalized.


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