The Myth Of The Proposition Nation

Those Who Can See has crafted a tour de force of a post exposing the lie behind the myth that America was founded as a “proposition nation”. The truth is that America was founded for and by Anglo-Saxons, and the propositions were meant for them because our Founders knew that the noble ideas endowing America were of them.

TWCS dismantles the belief that America is a nation born of universalist principles with a reminder that the “proposition nation” idea didn’t appear in the social consciousness until the mid-19th Century, when non-WASP immigration was rising,

The idea that the U.S. was meant to become a League of Nations avant l’heure dates back to the mid 19th century, when America’s first nativist party, the ‘Know-Nothings,’ agitated against Catholic immigrants (both Irish and German). They were  lambasted by people like George Julian, VP candidate:

‘Know Nothingism . . . tramples down the doctrine of human brotherhood. It judges men by the accidents of their condition, instead of striving to find a common lot for all, with a common access to the blessings of life.’ (1)

The proposition nation was an expedient rhetorical gambit for the nation’s 19th Century nascent oligarchs demanding cheap Southern and Eastern European labor.

The seed of race-blind national suicide was planted in America after the mass immigration of the late 19th Century:

By the 1912 presidential election, Woodrow Wilson was currying favor with his new electorate by trumpeting:

‘America has, so to say, opened its doors and extended its welcome to men who were Americans everywhere in the world. She has invited all the free forces of the modern civilized peoples to come to America where men can be free, and where all free forces can unite and forget all their differences of origins.’ […]

But even a ‘proposition nation’ man like Wilson wasn’t a true multiculturalist—he did not extend this welcome to Blacks or Asians:

‘The whole question is one of assimilation of diverse races. We cannot make a homogeneous population out of people who do not blend with the Caucasian race.’

These days, things have gone so far that we’re being told that not letting masses of Mexicans or Africans into our countries is the equivalent of turning away the Jews in 1940, or runaway slaves in 1840.

Skypists claiming that America easily absorbed previous waves of non-Anglo immigrants are full of schmaltz:

Open-borderists argue: ‘In the 19th century we absorbed enormous waves of immigrants with no problem at all. Why would we turn anyone away now?’

‘No problem at all’? Americans who lived through that era would find such a characterization surprising to say the least.

As a matter of fact, then as now, alien groups brought their character and governance styles with them. The result, as we shall see, was far from smooth sailing.

TWCS documents the enormously negative pecuniary and social toll mass Irish and Italian — and now mestizo — immigration levied and still levies on the American republic. To this day, we groan under the legacy of corrupt Irish machine politics and the Southern Italian mafia, though sustained interbreeding with Anglo Whites may have at last pacified the Outer Hajnal ethnic Whites and moved them closer to the Anglo norm for civic behavior and the “temperate love of liberty” that Thomas Jefferson considered essential to republicanism.

Ironically, 2017 America may have crossed a second rubicon in which our salvation will only come from incorporating more Outer Hajnal White blood into the Anglo-SJW swath of White America. We’ve reached a dangerous dissolution point of Extreme Diversity that requires a vaccination shot of Lesser Diversity to save our mortal nation.

The unprecedented waves of South / East European and Irish migration in the late 1800s rattled America deeply. They should have. The country’s founding stock were at that time threatened with eclipse.  Were these people assimilable?

Some say no–that this era marked the beginning of the end of our great Anglo-Protestant republican experiment.

Some say yes--that after turning off the tap in 1924, many of the foreign groups who weren’t already ‘marrying out’ were suddenly forced to do so.  This intermingling between higher- and lower-trust Euro groups led to a ‘leveling’ by which today, globally, American Whites are behaviorally and cognitively similar to modern NW Europeans.  Wiki:

An analysis of Census information and immigration records would suggest that 62% of White Americans today are of British Isles descent, and a total of 86% are of Northwestern European origins. Approximately 14% of U.S. whites are of southern and eastern European ancestry.

Since 1965, of course, our all-European ‘melting pot’ of yore has taken a decidedly different flavor:

The intermingling of ethnic Whites in America into a generic “White American” ethnicity, paradoxically, makes “White Nationalism” more salient here than it would be in European countries manifestly constituted to reflect the unique ethnicities of the people who reside in those nations and call the land their ancestral homes.

Humans are not interchangeable. The accidents of history, of our culture, and yes, even our genes have helped make us who we are and our societies what they are.  If we treasure the liberal democratic systems we’ve inherited, let us have the good common sense to think carefully about just who we allow into that ‘delicate fabric.’

TWCS echoes what I wrote here:

Culture does not spring up out of the ground unseeded, like a summoned monolith. Human genetic disposition seeds the ground and creates culture, unleashing a macro feedback loop where culture and genes interact in perpetuity. Those “cultural judgments” [the leftoids] recoil from are actually subconscious reinforcements of ancient biological truths.

The less Anglo-Saxon America becomes, the less American America becomes, unless you dilute the definition of “American” to encompass any cultural and political expression under the sun. There are certain people who work tirelessly to memory hole America’s founding and replace the vacuum with the rotting fruits of their Freakqualism worldview. We can’t let them do that. They must be stopped.


  1. and the myth of diversity ignores that these folks come from places that are very not diverse in their own ways. There is no “diverse” country on earth and the lefts’ quest to remake us into that unicorn is just smoke and mirrors.

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  2. The chart paradoxically showing LESS diversity in immigration in 2000 compared to 1960 crushes it.


  3. […] The Myth Of The Proposition Nation […]


  4. This or: “proposition nation” does not and can not mean whatever Richard Posner hits on the dart board. It means absolutely nothing unless it means militant Scalian strict constructionist reverence to the Constitution and its original Amendments. People who think that the right to bear arms or speak hate speech is open for discussion are not Americans.

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  5. the proposition nation has been tried

    I think it wuz called the soviet union

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  6. seems that Western Civ, out of Europe, was a Balto-Slavic, Celtic-Teutonic Greco-Roman creation. Poles are closer to us than Germans nowadays …. I do not see any great Germanic leaders that can equal Lech and Karl Wotyla.

    Give me any European before any creature from ME, or Reconquistadors, or Afreakans. Culture is a racial construct

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  7. I propose that increased immigration has given us great food.

    And increased rates of every f-ing disease we rid ourselves of over the past 100 years. Plus crime, female genital mutilation, and above average incidence of hobbits

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    • I agree with you 100%, if by great food you mean predominately white male chefs perfecting various ethnic cuisines.

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    • Not to mention lower IQ populations who think that it’s ok to resist arrest and that vaccines are bad and give Children Autism.


    • Oh absolutely! How could a boring place like Appleton, Wisconsin even go on without an Egyptian BBQ or a Schwarma restaurant??

      It’s not like they have tasty German traditional places or great pubs to enjoy with excellent cheese curds and local beer.

      They need poor quality meat that’s been over-spiced and over-salted to hide the fact that it’s spoiled.

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      • Best restaurant in Germantown Wisconsin when I was there was a Mixican restaurant. Awesome chimichanga. But the food isn’t worth the dieversity


  8. It’s certainly welcome that the two right wing parties now have a majority in the Austrian parliament, including the FPO, which was originally founded by a former SS officer.

    The Austrians must have just enough of that Hajnal blood to be more xenophobic.

    Which raises an interesting point — the Austrians, genetically, are pretty much a hybrid between Western European and Eastern European. Any offspring of western shitlords and EE women will therefore presumably be Austrian-like. That’s not too bad.

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  9. It could be argued the Scotch-Irish really haven’t assimilated that well.

    Sociology-Economically they still exist on the same level as African-Americans while at the same time being over represented among the presidents.

    [CH: cite.]

    Which is nice but it does go to show how just putting minorities in positions of power and having media representation won’t just make it so the rest do good or benefit them as a whole.

    Pretty sure lot of the Irish are still catholic, still drink, back when the IRA was more of a thing, many of them still sent money over seas to them even after being here generations.

    Not saying that was right or wrong, just showing they still had their sense of cultural identity.

    As for immigration; Heartiste did a post earlier where one of Trump’s shitlords pointed out that in pure numbers there isn’t exactly much of a difference between Trump, Obama or Clinton….if any.

    And now we know the diversity of immigration has actually dropped.

    SJW’s just keep on losing ground on foot after the other.

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    • I’m Scotch-Irish. Me and my kin have assimilated to the point of being hateful, racist, misogynist assholes. We’re also educated, productive, employed, etc. Which Scotch-Irish are you talking about?

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      • Same, although I had to quit drinking because I’m a drunk


      • Yeah, me and my Celtic homies sag our kilts so everyone can see our butt-cracks and do drive by shootings with bagpipe music blasting from our systems.

        Seriously though, I’m scratching my head at the idea that the Irish are unassimilated. The Northeast is crawling with Irish and it is as lefty and liberal as England herself (hence, New England). I’m directly descended from Irish slaves brought to the colonies before America was America. My mostly Irish family has been in New England for over 200 years.

        Assimilation is impossible as long as there is a revolving door to the old country. Once that door was shut in the 1920s the Irish assimilated very quickly. One might make an argument that Catholics made America less America, but claiming the Irish are genetically incompatible is just silly.

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      • on October 16, 2017 at 5:04 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        Italian-Americans have also become vocally conservative, to the point where Steve Sailer recently remarked on this. America works, in its way, when it includes some European heritage. Step outside that and it’s trouble.

        A good way to judge this is by the women. If the ethnic group in question has nice-looking women, you’re generally OK. Irish, Italians, and Germans all had ample hotties, which is one thing that makes looking back at films and TV shows of the ’50s and ’60s so great.

        No one is going to say the same thing about the, um, current crop of immigrant women. Yes, there are some hot outliers when it comes to the Third World-ers we’re importing. But it’s not like when the cities were teeming with slinky Irish redheads, towering German blondes, and curvaceous Italian brunettes.

        I’ve seen the old photos and those were the days. Close to 100 percent of the girls in my dad’s graduating class looked bangable. No sheets, dots, or dark-skinned porkers.


      • Quitter!

        I left out the part about my kin being a bunch of drunken wifebeaters.

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    • Want to say I read that in the book “Born Fighting”.


      • Looking it up I might actually be wrong about this one; according to Irish-Central anyways, Irish-Americans seem to make slightly more than the average, at least as of 2011.


    • Most of the White Trash/Redneck class are Scots-Irish. They are also the population that makes up poor Appalachia.

      If you look at immigration patterns, the Irish got here 1st and had 1st choice of land. Most choose poorly and chose moutainy highlands, rather than fertile, lowland farmland. A difference in income today exists between German and Irish descendants in Indiana because the Irish didn’t chose good agriculture land and the Germans who go there second did.

      Also, I’ve found that Germans and Irish drink about the same amount, but the Germans just handle themselves better. Take Wisconsin for example. They have several of the drunkest cities in the country, yet they are one of the most productive manufacturing States in the country and almost all German/Polish descent.


    • Yeah, Irish will always have a sense of their true identy.. That is that they will always be the bead fingering ignorant Fenian commie potato niggers that they are.

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      • FAGGOT!!I will hunt you down and beat you to death!! The last thing you will feel before your chimpanzee consciousness fades into nothingness will be my shillelagh pounding its way up yer bum!😇


      • Damn jOHN, that may have been the most hilarious insult I’ve ever heard. Salute.


  10. This is all certainly true, but I wouldn’t get too nostalgic for the Anglo-Protestants. When they ran things, they were in constant conflict with those other Anglo-Protestants in Britain who wanted them dead– to the point that the British paid Indian tribes to kill WASP Americans. So Anglo-Protestants have little unity after all. The rule of law thing is nice, I will grant you that.

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    • An Anglo-Protestant will demonize, humiliate and m$rder other Anglo-Protestant for his own selfish gains …all the way up to today’s white Anglo virtue signaling (“I’m a sophisticated multicultural city person while my kansas cousins are backward hicks”)

      The only time Anglo-Protestants display solidarity is when French/Italian Catholics or jews or chinks pose a threat to their power centers.

      The rule of law thing is nice, though.

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  11. I’m always amazed by migrants from countries whose infrastructure is a pile of rocks or or a steaming smouldering creator. Who come to America, Britain or Australia and then proceed to tell us how to live and that our culture is racist. Only to be applauded by women suffering from toxoplasmosis because of all of her Cats. I just wonder when first world countries are going to wake up to this bullshit. Trump is dead right. A lot of these foreign Countries are not sending their best. They’re not sending their Miranda Kerr’s and Hugh Jackman’s. They’re sending criminals with face tattoos that they (e.g. Mexico) don’t want. How is it that the dept of immigration let in 7.8 million mexicans. Thereby forcing the local population to learn and speak spanish? It’s like germany with their large Arab population that have Arabic writing on their shop windows and want Pork and Octoberfest banned because it is culturally insensitive.
    Our foreign ministries and Migrantion departments have a lot to answer for and i for one would like to see their feet held up to the fire and provide answers to the question. ‘What the hell were you thinking?’
    This world has been shaped by a handful of White sea explorers, inventors and thinkers. What will happen to us when these people disappear?

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    • “This world has been shaped by a handful of White sea explorers, inventors and thinkers. What will happen to us when these people disappear?”

      Somalia. Libya. The whole world will become a 3rd world sh*thole. That’s what.


  12. When immigrants from the 3rd world speak of the “American Dream,” they’re not speaking about Harlem, Compton, or Chinatown. They are, essentially, speaking about the culture created by White Americans. And it’s not just jobs they seek in the United States; They want to live in a country that does shit correct…a country that doesn’t have the basic problems that face their nations: i.e. sporadic electricity, piles of garbage in the street, undrinkable tap water, etc.

    Moreover, people from 2nd/3rd world countries hold each other in contempt; that’s why they rob, cheat and kill one another. Given the first opportunity, they would get the hell out of dodge and live in a lily White neighborhood in upstate Minnesota.

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  13. Later Americans are faux Americans, and some Americans (blacks) are not really Americans at all, as their right to be citizens was obtained by an illegal Constitutional amendment – one in which the South, clearly disproportionally affected by the result, was forced to concede through its post-Civil War puppet leadership.

    In 1867, the Radical Republicans in Congress imposed federal military rule over most of the South. This was the amped-up “Reconstruction” phase. More like the gulag phase.

    Under U.S. Army occupation, the former Confederate states wrote new state constitutions and were readmitted to the Union ONLY after ratifying the 14th Amendment.

    Each state could hold a constitutional convention, provided that male citizens over the age of 21, of any race, could vote. A majority of voters had to ratify each constitution. Then the state legislature HAD to ratify the 14th Amendment, and once that amendment became part of the Constitution the states would finally be entitled to congressional representation. The only other option was continued military occupation, like to Soviets did in Germany after WWII.

    Bend the knee or face the sword.

    America, the dream, died in 1861-65. Could not even make it 100 years. And look what the next 100 years brought us – involvement in two world wars, female suffrage, race riots and forced integration, and creeping zio-communism. We will not make it as a nation to 2065. That is a guarantee..

    Of course, the potential for the dream was poisoned from the start when they brought in black slaves (spreading the African pests all over North and South America, and literally devastating many islands), putting profits over the good of the Nation, with many urban dwellers seeing these rich lands, early on, as just a source of a quick buck. After the American Revolution, that could have been corrected, but money spoke louder than the common good. And…so…here we are.

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  14. The sole goal of the left is to enhance their inclusive fitness, at the expense of the inclusive fitness of white men, through parasitism.


  15. on October 17, 2017 at 6:56 am Sean Fielding

    It doesn’t matter much whether America was founded as a proposition nation, except as a tool to persuade normie conservatives. Universalism eventually gave rise to the Proposition Nation myth, and of the founders, the entire Massachusetts branch and the intellectual vanguard of the Virginia branch were solidly in the winning Universalist camp of the great 1500 year European Civil War of Universalism versus Clannism.

    The battle is with Universalism in its current, manic form underwritten by subversive clannish Jews, not Universalism as it was 250 years ago. Or 150 years ago, for that matter.

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  16. on October 17, 2017 at 7:12 am JohnnySixpack

    Sitting on Delta flight. Video safety briefing had only two brown humans. White stew, white pilot, White families.

    Perhaps it’s purposely jarring and unusual in an effort to make people watch it. Either way, it was kind of nice.


  17. “Freakqualism” is excellent. It will be a perfect rhetorical tool.


  18. Universal human rights race-mixing principles appealed to those Caucasians who had never seen a Negro in their life. Europeans who participated in colonization were very race-aware but, being a minority in their own countries, couldn’t organize coherent opposition to the race-mixers (either by naivety of method or infiltration of their movements) who used mass media and collective guilt-tripping to push their agendas.

    Once the Caucasians realized the extent of the cultural and racial incompatibility of the “others”, through proximity as Le Chateau has demonstrated countless times, do they protest and question the agenda, but by then, the culture war is basically lost.

    It will take massive efforts to counter the “one race” movement but alas too many Whites have turned to the dark side and prefer to stand up for minorities who secretly loather them rather than defend their heritage and culture.


  19. Fenian Irish receiving a traditional welcome from the Know-Nothings. Is this what they call being “blood-brothers”?


  20. Um, what exactly is the _proposition_? Everyone seems to think the proposition is the poem that someone taped to the Statue of Immigration, that is Lady GimmeeDat in NY Harbor.

    But that’s NOT the proposition. Maybe you all were sitting alongside the shitlibs in Zinn’s American History class, but the “proposition nation” is a reference to the Gettysburg Address describing the Declaration of Independence.

    Lincoln (1863): “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the PROPOSITION that all men are created equal [in the eyes of the law].”

    Jefferson & signers (1776): “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal [in the eyes of the law], that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    That’s the proposition folks. Freedom, limited government, rule of law, a democratic republic. It’s not unconstrained democracy, not socialism, fascism or any other flavor of collectivism, not that all people are the same, not open borders, not importing swarthy masses and not even the idea that race and culture don’t matter.


  21. The intermingling of ethnic Whites in America into a generic “White American” ethnicity, paradoxically, makes “White Nationalism” more salient here than it would be in European countries manifestly constituted to reflect the unique ethnicities of the people who reside in those nations and call the land their ancestral homes.

    White Nationalism doesn’t mean that though. It simply means that you are White and racialist. In Europe “nationalist” is enough for this, but in America that is too close to the Hollywood “patriotism” the boobs embrace where they swoon over every man and woman in uniform, be they white or black or yellow, and where the United States is nothing more than a constitution.

    So they put “White” before “Nationalism” to make a distinction. That’s it.

    It doesn’t mean you want to erase borders between white nations or that you want to mix all whites, or that you want to open the door for every white, even the lowliest Bosnian. It doesn’t mean you want one government for all whites – that’s “pan nationalism”. (Which incidentally is the domain only of Greeks and Romanians etc on Stormfront who want access to northern countries for their kind.) It doesn’t mean you oppose nationalism either in Europe or North America. It only means that you are white and racialist. That you believe in the Fourteen Words: We Must Preserve The Existence Of Our Race And A Future For White Children. Any American or European or Australian who believes that is a White Nationalist.


  22. Now you know why she hates it so:


  23. Although people were rightfully concerned about the wave of Irish-Southern-Eastern European immigrants from the 1850-1924 (look at what hell the Kennedy’s created for this country–especially the 1965 Immigration Act), the fundamental difference between those immigrants then and those today is that the immigrants in those days were still broadly European and members of Christendom (except for the Jews, of course). Despite the traditional, internecine hostility, a common, broader culture was shared among immigrants. They were all racially and genetically Indo-Europeans. They may have perhaps been developing their own societies and nations for thousands of years, but all those nations shared some sort of commonality, both linguistically, culturally and racially. Once immigration had been stopped in 1924, it was possible for all these groups to coalesce into a broader, white American culture and society.

    This will not happen today with the mass immigration from Third World countries which have no commonality with Western Civilization, and are even hostile to it.

    The great warfare of the twenty first century in the West will be genocidal ethnic conflict until all this gets sorted out. Either Europeans win or lose. Right now, given the pussification of Europe and America, the low birth rates of native whites and the high birth rates of the Third World mud people, I am not too confident about victory.


  24. Not skype, just kike.