Are Dissident Thinkers Targeted By The US Government As Enemies Of The State?

Every intimation is a conspiracy until reality proves otherwise. And reality is rapidly proving the existence of a government-corporate globohomo alliance conspiracy against dissident thinkers (aka the alt-right). whorefinder is on it (again),

Look, I am hesitant to bring this up, but I plan on shutting down my blog/disappearing the whorefinder moniker in the near future.

Why? I’ll explain in my final blog post when the time comes, but basically it comes down to two things: (1) Comey’s July 5th press conference refusing to recommend that Hillary be indicted and (2) I finally watched the documentary on Edward Snowden and read up on just what the U.S. government is currently doing to its own citizens via violating their Fourth Amendment rights.

I will expand upon it on my future final blog post, but understand that we–as in the Alt-Right—are under heavier surveillance than you can imagine. And it is the Alt-Right—-and not ISIS, Al-Queda, BLM, Black Panthers, immigrants, or dirty politicians—who are the targets. And that is truly frightening.

This slow-moving purge is just the start, especially if President Trump’s coronation is shut down by a coup or an assassination. Hillary foolishly named the Alt-Right as her enemy to the national public; she was hoping to polarize us into an enemy, but she gave us a head start.

Even if President Trump gets into office, this Deep State will hammer him in a way that will make Nixon’s takedown seem positively pleasant. And even if President Trump is successful at curbing immigration and clamping down a bit, the apparatus (as Snowden has shown) is still in place and will outlast him.

I’ll let you all know when the blog is disappearing. Watch your back brothers, and MAGA.

I predicted a crackdown of thought criminals by the social media companies would intensify one month before the election, and that is what appears to be happening. Trump is a threat to the global world order, but more importantly Trump’s rise and victory would be an utter invalidation of the leftoid HiveEgo. The human ego is the strongest force in the universe and to think it would cede mental territory without a fight to the metadeath is the height of naivete. Shiv artistes should be ready to upgrade to a scythe at a moment’s notice.


  1. Let the mofos bring it on.

    I’m ready.


    • on October 6, 2016 at 2:21 pm Colonel Hogan

      I say we overwhelm the apparatus with ‘info’. Even texts count. Text your friend that you are in Vegas or wherever, even though you both know you’re not. Text and post so much disinformation that they won’t be able to discern reality from ‘enhanced fiction’. One part of a larger strategy, of course. Plausible deniability goes ALL ways.

      [CH: this is a great point. sailer alluded to the same thing recently (that the ruling class leverages the “open” internet to spread disinformation that helps sustain their anti-white narrative). dissidents are free to exploit those same tactics used to such effectiveness by our globohomo overlords.]


      • on October 6, 2016 at 2:29 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        Been doing that for at least a decade.

        Craigslist, to name just one, is a great tool to use in this way.


      • on October 6, 2016 at 2:51 pm Canadian Friend

        Correct me if I am wrong but pretty much all cell phones can be located.

        If you say you are texting from Vegas but are in Vermont, the NSA or whomever is watching knows where you are texting or calling from.


      • I want to say you can turn off the locator function on the phone, but I’m sure that’s just for app accessibility, i.e. google maps, twitter

        If you’ve got an active signal, they’re know where you’re at.


      • In cryptography this strategy is called chaffing and winnowing. See here:


      • on October 6, 2016 at 3:56 pm Canadian Friend

        When your cell phone is off, it is still communicates with cell towers from time to time.

        They can know which cell tower received and sent signals and at what time.


      • burner phones, and don’t forget to take out the emergency battery on your main phone. This will ensure complete non-communication when you remove the main battery.


      • Pull the battery out of the little bastard for a bit, then, if you’re worried.
        I’m old enough not to care any more. Can’t even get a dog, because it’d likely outlive me.

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      • you don’t have to go too all that trouble. just get a few of these:

        Black Hole Faraday Bag –

        also, you know those auto-toll devices that allow you to sail through the bridge toll? they track those too. I read an article where a guy rigged it to beep whenever it was picked up, and it beeped all over town. and they’re reading license plates all over the place now too.

        so, whatever. if they want to waste their $500,000 drone missiles on me they’re welcome to. I hope they miss and hit my neighbor’s house because her dog keeps shitting in my yard.

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      • I love African-Americans and hate everyone here.
        And, by the way, same here Tam the Bam.


    • The 2nd Amendment comes after the 1st for a reason. It was not mere coincidence or happenstance that the one follows the other. The 2nd is meant to be insurance for the first, against government and the multitude of unelected abusers of our rights (big corporations, the MSM, etc. – which are basically nothing more than NGOs).


    • I use a VPN for all my alt-right internet posting. I recommend everyone do the same. Mine is called Private Internet Access. It never required any sort of registration, and I paid in bitcoin.

      [CH: yes vpns are a bare minimum to interact online for alt-righters. of course, the vpn itself still knows your real ip so you have to hope the gov doesn’t subpeona the vpn to release its data logs. the best system that is accessible to normies is a vpn run through the tor network (although lately i’ve heard that tor has become compromised by exit node saboteurs working for the state). for those with more advanced skills, the virtual OS tails is another layer of protection that practically makes one invisible to prying eyes.]

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      • You’re right about VPN subpoenas. That said, you can look for VPNs hosted in countries that are relatively immune to US government prying, like Switzerland (PIA is American, unfortunately). Also, if the VPN keeps no logs, there is nothing for the government to subpoena. Many VPNs advertise that they keep no logs, but that’s hard to verify so you’re kinda stuck with taking them at their word.

        I couldn’t get WordPress to work through TOR. I think it relies on scripts to run. Compromised exit nodes might be able to give you away occasionally if the government gets lucky, but even then it takes a lot of work on their part, especially if you’re using a VPN, so they would have to really, really want to take you down.

        In my understanding Tails doesn’t really make you invisible any more than a normal OS. But it does ensure that no spyware is running that could give you away, and it deletes all records of your activity every time you turn it off, so if the feds come after you, you have no incriminating evidence left on your computer. Definitely good things, just get too cocky using it. Overconfidence is good for game, not so much for staying out of jail.

        [CH: good info. do you have any recs for VPNs that don’t keep logs (free and pay)?]


  2. Your government is afraid of you, the NSA like all the other alphabet agencies exist to ensure the continuation of the status quo. They hate and despise you. What is it going to take for you gun owners to finally overthrow the tyrants? I’ve heard lots of talk but we all know what talk is.


  3. on October 6, 2016 at 2:16 pm Colonel Hogan

    Prepare to start handing out pampfletf. I’ve been saying this for awhile. Continue the concern trolling. Long live Sam Hyde.


  4. on October 6, 2016 at 2:21 pm Wrong Side of History

    Richard Spencer will sabotage the movement.


  5. […] Are Dissident Thinkers Targeted By The US Government As Enemies Of The State? […]


  6. Chateau heartiste,

    I don’t know who you are but I stumbled onto your blog and my God you changed my life. I’ve banged a different hot blonde every night this week after reading your writings.

    I thought there was something wrong with me and I was planning on moving to Poland or something but after reading this, I’m staying put in LA….I’m in awe at how easy things are now. Thank you good sir, only downside is I’m losing male friends because I keep showing them the pics of the girls I’ve banged but to be honest, I’m not complaining.

    Thank you good sir,


    [CH: hmmmmm…..suspicious.]


  7. UNZ Review has had technical problems all day, and was down for a while earlier in the week.

    Sailer, Derb, Razib…

    Just sayin.


  8. Shit sandwich. My philosophy has been that you might as well speak the truth online, because as soon as they start coming for thought criminals, it’s all over anyway. There is nothing left at that point but civil war, or defeat. If we have gone from the most free country on earth to Soviet Gulag system, then it’s a country I no longer want to live in. Might as well be one of the first to be martyred. But in reality, I’m hoping these fagg0ts keep everything above board and don’t start using Stasi tactics. We live in some precarious times.

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  9. I think we’re holding most of the cards here. TPTB can’t afford to lose credibility as “advocates of the people”. if they clamp down hard on a loosely affiliated amorphous group such as the alt-right they’re at great risk of alienating their own shrinking base of misfits. many of those misfits, lgbts for example, are already getting nervous over elites’ support for intolerant regimes. the more intolerant the globo homo elite become, the more liberal and progressive Trump becomes by comparison.

    they can’t clamp down too hard on the data networks either because, again, they’ll lose their base.

    so they don’t have enough power to completely say f.u. to the people, nor do they have support of the people. they’ve painted themselves into a corner. their only tricks for “winning” the PR war involve their own discrediting and destruction. not looking good for them.


    • It has that quality that if they do succeed in their clamping down, it would be a Pyrrhic victory that would undo them completely.


      • on October 6, 2016 at 4:02 pm ConantheContrarian

        Mendo, I am not faulting you for your and plumpjack’s opinions, but perhaps I am more cynical than you. The Bolsheviks clamped down and kept clamping down right from the beginning in 1917 and continued right up to the end, and they were not undone from clamping down. I hope that I am wrong, I hope that there is enough opposition to the NWO/open-borders-advocates/globalists/diversity mongers/multiculturalists to win, but I doubt it. I don’t think that enough Americans are red-pilled yet.


      • @Conan

        One thing that Western European observers noted about Russians at the time of the Revolution is how fatalistic they were. (This was from a Steve Sailer post a few years ago, actually.) The much more driven (((Bolsheviks))) ran right over them, even with the White side putting up a fight for a few years.

        In addition, there’s a crucial difference between the Bolsheviks and other such revolutionaries then, and what we have now: the most masculine, aggressive men are heavily slanted toward the anti-revolutionary side. Back then, you could find plenty on both sides. Masculine men, especially the most intelligent and competent white men, are rapidly vanishing from the prog ranks, and this does not bode well for the progs’ chances if masculine men ever decide to go all-out against them.


      • “The Bolsheviks clamped down and kept clamping down right from the beginning in 1917 and continued right up to the end, and they were not undone from clamping down. “
        And the end, when it came, was definitely a whimper. Because they ran out of other people’s money. Swing the lead, wrench in the works, gone fishin’, bootlegging, etc.


  10. I recommend everyone purchase an old cheap typewriter while they’re still both easy to find and cheap.


  11. on October 6, 2016 at 3:45 pm Wrong Side of History

    Richard Spencer says that the AR is open to you know whos



    • on October 6, 2016 at 3:47 pm Wrong Side of History

      The AR won’t be silenced.

      It will be neutered and turned into a soft-boiled nationalist movement like UKIP.


    • Very annoying and yes suspicious how Spencer thought re-tweeting an enemy Jew was the right thing to do as soon as Jews banned Ricky (and it was Jews not Twitter), as if to suggest while everyone was outraged “hey everybody look they’re not all bad.”


  12. The Jews are behind this not the US Deep State. Eric Striker’s work is a good start.


  13. It is indeed the human ego which leads men to believe that it is the most powerful force in the universe.

    [CH: heh. i’m glad someone caught that.]


  14. OT: the new Secretary General of the UN is the guy who headed the UN Refugee Agency for 10 years… From the BBC:

    “He said he would serve the “victims of conflicts, of terrorism, rights violations, poverty and injustices of this world”.

    Mr Guterres was unanimously nominated by the UN Security Council on Thursday.”

    Quelle-fucking-surprise. By ‘victims of terrorism’ of course he means native whites living in hitherto safe, civilised countries.


  15. Is Hillary evil?


  16. Check this out people. Take a look at the comments! Maybe some are starting to wake up to the evil.There may be hope yet!–abc-news-topstories.html


  17. >Shiv artistes should be ready to upgrade to a scythe at a moment’s notice.

    I think you might be overstating the ability of AltRight to act on its rage.

    [CH: that’s what everyone says before the shooting starts.]

    AltRight has relied on tech platforms to organize; you’ve relied on them looking the other way as you built your movement; spreading your disease

    [you misspelled swole love.]

    as you thumbed your nose at about half the people that work there.

    [half? more like 99%.]

    The problem inherent to AltRight is that it’s a movement led by keyboard jockeys;

    [today’s “keyboard jockey” = yesterday’s rousing orator.]

    the people least likely to “upgrade to a scythe”.

    [oh i dunno about that. if words can be molded into scythes the alt-right has the rest of the punditocracy under its blade.]

    You don’t see AltRighters marching to confront Black Lives Matter in the street;

    [why should we? it’s far more productive triggering googles and their cuck sponsors online. don’t worry, if things get bad enough the primitive rabble will be put to heel.]

    you see them, raging on Twitter, or if in the vicinity, dialing the police to confront BLM for them.

    [you write like a butthurt GLMer.]

    What this means is when Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube are done doing what they’re about to, there’s no credible next step you can take.

    [false. it would be an inconvenience, but alternative free speech platforms are being created at a lightning pace.]

    Or if you do take that step, you will have acronym agencies crawling all over you.

    [you write that as if it’s the american thing to do, instead of what it is: government tyranny over its subjects.]

    There’s a limit to Internet tough-guy bravado;

    [the bravado is getting under your skin.]

    the fact that the movement is all up in arms about one guy based on an 80’s movies character banned from a site like Twitter means this is a movement that just didn’t think ahead.

    [no, it means this is a movement too agile for shitlibs like yourself to contain.]


    • Faggot Jew: We will beat your cock sucking ass.




    • Don’t take the bait, goys. Let the little kikes squirm.


    • Get a load of this clown and his attempts to shame.

      “You guys are keyboard jockeys who won’t take to the streets (i.e., do things like confront BLM”.


      “If you did, acronym agencies will be crawling all over you.”

      Well, DUH, Schlomo…. you countered your own neener-neener… and here I thought (((you people))) were supposed to be smart?

      There’s been the ongoing maxim that we live in awkward times… too late to vote our way out of this mess, too early to start shooting.

      Well, Synathedral stooges, you just keep telling us how we’re all keyboard jockeys, and return with your smug satisfaction to your loved Egyptian night. And be happy that there’s still 130 channels on the dish and a McD’s on every street corner.

      And when the grid finally does go down, or your henchmen (be it a BLM style gang or one of your vaunted acronym agencies) finally does fuck with the wrong people, we’ll see who jockey’s for position then.


      • Good comment Greg. Personally I always have the feeling that these types of commenters are agent provocateurs, trying to bait someone into getting pissed off enough to make an actionable threat online. I hope we are too smart to fall for that.


      • “Personally I always have the feeling that these types of commenters are agent provocateurs, trying to bait someone into getting pissed off enough to make an actionable threat online.”



  18. Essentially, at the end of the day, all whites are targeted.


  19. What was it that Steven Crowder tweeted the other day?

    ah yes:

    “Less talk; more gas.”


  20. on October 6, 2016 at 8:39 pm Quicksilver75

    Have read this blog since 2012 or so, and this is by far the most important post yet. We didn’t become a quasi Stalinist police state overnight, and one of the biggest failures of the Dissenting Right is that it didn’t sound the alarm 10, 15 even 20 yrs ago when SJWs were spring-boarding from the media-education complex into all manner of corporations. The spectre before us now was becoming obvious when so many multinationals signed up with amicus briefs to support discrimination against whites such as in the Grutter v Bollinger case (over a decade ago). It was only a few steps further for them to infect communication companies to censor dissent from the right in general.


    • Well, to be fair, they’ve been sounding the alarm since the late sixties…

      … but they were dismissed as NAH-ZEEs by all and sundry, INCLUDING the alleged Dissenting Right… who, as we have seen so clearly this year, were fellow travelers all along, conserving only the slow decay brought about by the Left.


  21. slightly OT but was talking to a young woman tonight who’s undertaking a career in physical therapy. asked her what courses she’s taking.

    “Intro to kinesiology”, she says.
    how’s the class?
    “it’s okay. right now we’re talking about gender and racial equality in sports.”
    is the instructor going to start talking about kinesiology at some point?
    “I hope so.”

    no joke. so in order to teach kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movements) we first need to discuss cultural marxism? ok, got it.

    [CH: everywhere one looks nowadays there are signs big and small of america’s impending collapse barring a trumpening course correction.]

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  22. it is the Alt-Right—-and not ISIS, Al-Queda, BLM, Black Panthers, immigrants, or dirty politicians—who are the targets.

    That’s because the Alt-Right is more dangerous to the establishment than all the terrorists in the world put together.


  23. Glenn Cuck talking about martial law and warning you about it should tell you something. Monkey boy can’t do it. He would if he could, and Lyin Ryan wouldn’t bat a gay eyelash if he did. He doesn’t have the troops. I hear talk about UN troops and arming lazy paper pushing bureaucrats at Federal Agencies like EPA. Too bad, so sad. I guess the talk about combat soldiers leaving the fabulous ghey army are true.
    We have a huge Air Force, but this War is a Drone War. Lots of crashes happening in the news of fairly new aircraft. Either they have bad mechanics, or diversity in the cockpits. Good news either way.
    You can see a lot of countries aren’t afraid of the USA anymore. Best Korea and bad haircut boy Kim Chee is lobbing missiles and very little blowback. We have a paper tiger here. The budget is huge, but I see nothing happening. No rocket launches at NASA. No new Military R&D programs.
    African dictator is dumber than I thought. Bombhatta has screwed the pooch. We don’t win anymore, Trump says. There’s no me in that we. This country went word salad sophist in the 90s. I don’t want any part of that.
    Nations are blood and soil. Budgets are guns and butter. Leaders put people first and their people always comes first. Anything else is bullshit with smoke and mirrors to hide the source of the stink. Empires can be multi-racial, but countries are either homogeneous or unstable. There are no exceptions to this rule. You either rule or misrule, there ain’t nothing in between.


    • on October 7, 2016 at 5:25 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      Drone operators have families, too, and are just as vulnerable.


      • You’ll know the time has come when those who shoot and kill from afar a mother holding her child in the hinterlands of ‘Murrica no longer draw breath.

        Until then, the shame is on us.


      • Shame on us all, Greg —
        Dammit I can’t paste in that heartbreaking photo of Vicki Weaver, the American pieta one. But you know what I mean, and maybe someone else can.


      • Like

      • Nice, Greg.
        But I was thinking of the one taken of Vicky after her son had been murdered, but before she was killed. The long distance one, where she is in white, pensively walking in a field.


  24. No surprise here. Of course the government monitors everything and of course they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

    You know what bothers me more? The number of men I see out there supporting Hillary. If you’re a grown ass man hashtagging “#ImWithHer” you should be ashamed of yourself. Forget the alt-right and all that, with Trump we have an opportunity for probably the first time in our lives to really actually change some things. And instead I see a bunch of guys crying like bitches cause he said things that hurt their fragile feelings.

    I haven’t seen it in awhile, but there was a meme floating around awhile ago that had a guy telling his friend not to vote for Hillary because with Trump it was the first chance in a quarter century to strike a blow to the two party system, and it ended with him asking, “HOW ARE YOU SO FUCKING BASIC?!” Exactly.

    Sorry to go off topic. This has been bothering me the last few days though. Maybe I just need different friends, lol.


    • They say they are tired of typical politicians.
      They say they are tired of big money in elections.
      They say they are tired of partisan gridlock.
      They are tired of the status quo.
      They wish an outsider would come and shake things up.
      Trying any new ideas would be better than repeating the same mistakes.
      On and on.

      And then, when that very man appears…the one man in a billion who could actually tick all those boxes…

      They shriek and cry and run back to hide behind Momma Hillary’s skirt.
      They cling to the warm and familiar..they just want to have their fun bellyaching too.

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      • Well said!

        “they just want to have their fun bellyaching too.”

        I really do think that Facebook has ruined an entire generation.


      • Well-put… that’s the irony… and the disingenuous hypocrisy… of every SJW warrior generation going all the way back to the sixties.


  25. […] Are Dissident Thinkers Targeted By The US Government As Enemies Of The State? […]


  26. If they tried to completely censor the net, it would be a disaster for them. Every alt-righter and his uncle would be going to public meetups as a result and we would have white men actually organizing in the streets.


  27. on October 7, 2016 at 9:26 am Experienced Father


    Gatewaypundit is reporting the “shadowban” of 32 Trump tweets and the delation of one.


  28. Can we please stop referring to SJ crybullies as “warriors”?

    Talk about definitions altered to fit the agenda… Shheeeeshez!

    And max kudos to Joshua Sinistar above for one hell of a fine comment. The whole thing but the money graf is worthy of repeating here, and everywhere:

    “Nations are blood and soil. Budgets are guns and butter. Leaders put people first and their people always comes first. Anything else is bullshit with smoke and mirrors to hide the source of the stink. Empires can be multi-racial, but countries are either homogeneous or unstable. There are no exceptions to this rule. You either rule or misrule, there ain’t nothing in between.”