Reframe Of The Day: Fear Of A White America

The usual suspects love to belittle their enemies by casting them as fearful and threatened of change. They say, through a girlish giggle, “Trump supporters fear the browning of America tee hee”.

It’s pointless to answer a charge like this. These anti-White genocidal maniacs are immune to logic, reason, and principles.

Better reply is to reframe the entire premise so that the scumbags are, for once, on the defense.

“Shitlibs like yourself fear a White America. Why do you fear a majority White America? Do White people scare you?”

If Donald Trump Jr is reading today (I know he reads occasionally), can you post this to your Instawhore and Twatter feed and get a “national conversation” rolling?

Hope this helps,



    • step 1. Stop letting the enemy cow you live up to your own book of rules (especially your book of rules as interpreted by your enemy)

      step 2. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules

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      • CH this reframing is weak.

        YES they fear a white america and for good reason, bc of rayciss holocaust patriarchy [insert bullshit here]

        reflecting “rayciss” back on them NEVER WORKS. Stop it. Fucking quit acceding to THEIR frame. This word only has power if you give it some.

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      • Liberals lack disgust reflex, so they can’t conceptualize that we don’t “fear” a brown America, but are simply repulsed by the thought.

        I don’t “fear” browns and blacks. I mean, yes, I am cautious in areas where they predominate because I’m not trying to get killed by a pack of feral nogs because I stared them down too long or something. My life is not cheap enough to get snuck like that, so I just don’t stir the pot in their part of town.

        The right hates the idea of a brown America because they KNOW FOR A FACT it will turn the country to sh!t. It already has. And demographics are destiny, especially in a democracy.

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 2:33 pm Carlos Danger

        Coons are generally stupid, ugly and uncivilized. For me the challenge to depopulating Africa is how do we protect the flora and fauna there while eliminating the darkies? I do fear the world becoming like that but not them per se. Nothing blood and iron can’t take care of.

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      • “don’t bother redecorating during the house fire.”


      • In fact I would actually go further than my previous statement and suggest the following:

        White society is too functional for liberal tastes. Liberals are addicted to their own stress hormones, and derive pleasure from their own anxiousness. They have adapted so long to being locker stuffing that they don’t know what to do in low-stress environments. This is why they entertain ridiculous notions that are completely out of touch with reality: it burns up that neurotic brainpower and keeps the cortisol sky high.

        Liberals love modern art because it’s grating, disorganized nature gives them a cortisol kick. Remember the people that completely replace real food with Soylent? It gets them high to be weird and they love the feeling they get when they deny themselves the satisfaction of a meal that actually tastes good.

        The same goes politically. They have lived their entire lives in cognitive dissonance, so their brains accept it as normal and they get withdrawals when the dissonance is resolved.

        And finally, by extension, they support all sorts of masochistic policies for their own nations because they need that stress hormone high. It helps them “keep their edge” = stay in an eternal state of brain-eroding, amygdala-shringing, testicle-reducing stress.

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      • You know, I’m gonna flesh out that theory some more.

        Here are some examples of liberal behavior that are all consistent with my theory.

        Veganism/Vegetarianism/Etc. = Some actually think it’s healthier, but 90% like being edgy and “different” and the self-denial is cortisol heroin

        Homos = Addicted to their own emasculation and degradation. Contrived discrimination complex induces stress hormone high.

        Trannies = Once again, the desire to escape a less stressful, normal existence. The controversy and degradation of being an outcast gets the stress hormone response they crave.

        Excessive academic pursuit = Is there any lifestyle more grating, stressful and autistic than pursuing a PhD in computer science and working 80 hour weeks in the Bay area? Constant stressful blue light firing off that cortisol, supporting foreign imports to drive down your wage so you can be even more stressed, social isolation and regret tearing your brain apart? Sounds like a stress orgy right there.

        Weird art genres = Grating music, feeling different than normies, liberals purposefully watching terrible films just because they’re terrible (this is a real thing), modern art as mentioned before.

        Anti-white media consumption = Guilt trip gets stress hormone way up, so they feel guilty at everything on purpose even if they did nothing to cause it. Ties into collective guilt. Uses brainpower.

        I’m sure there are many more examples. They are just understimulated by a normal life so they have to be freaks.

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      • Le,

        Art is the barometer of a culture.

        It’s no coincidence, that, along with worldwide political shift to the Right, traditional ateliers are enjoying a resurgence.

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      • The enemies of wS are not racists, properly-speaking. The enemies of wS are anti-racists at “home” and fleeing the “fatherland” from abroad. With both instances, the “symbiotic regression” is a perpetuating self-annihilation and a real mutual hatred for all things fatherly, necessarily including one’s own father, grand to greatest, plus fatherhood and fatherland. Of course, within this milieu of self-annihilating anti-racists are REAL racists with imperial intent. These racists are known as “white supremacists” and the Jews. Yet, Jew qua Jew is not a real racist, rather, he is really an anti-racist and thus a perpetuating self-annihilator.

        The top stop, psychologically-peeking, is up for gabs..


    • Fan-fucking-tabulous.

      I’d be like— YUP! That is me. I banged out 5 who-ahs that night and did you SEE the asses on them? I mean… I can’t even. Like, wow… just wow. 🙂

      Fuck these people and the horses they rode in on. Losers pretending to be puritans because they are unfuckable unlovable nobodies.

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  1. […] Reframe Of The Day: Fear Of A White America […]


  2. they actually will admit to this because “white men” are the real terrorists. So it’s good to get them to say it openly, but they wont be discomfited by this at all. so to awaken normies is what this does.

    they are pretty open about their hatred of white men because they think they cant be stopped.

    if white men were really the monsters they describe they would quiver in the presence of them. perhaps someday they will.


  3. That’s a layup for them. Homo Negro Don Lemon just yesterday said the greatest threat to the country was white men (except Don must like danger, since he’s got a white boyfriend). The Left continuously paints white-dominated things as evil/racist/oppressive. They say this all the time.

    I think that re-frame doesn’t work.


    • It does for many white women and men with white chillins, especially wtih white sons. The cognitive dissonance will become so great that they break and are forced to openly and honestly, or sheepishly and quietly get back on Team Whitey. Either of those is a ‘win’ for our side.

      The others will be forced into incoherent ramblings about muh immigration and equality or will jump the gun and Don Lemon themselves into admitting they crave a massive white genocide and Brown Supremacy of the world.

      Have your phones on, recording, when you confront and encounter. Even at Thanksgiving. ‘Wow sis, that rant against white men, would be a damn shame for all the men at your workplace to hear this… your sons to hear this in 10 years when they wonder why you mind-fucked them so bad whilst daddy was crying in a corner somewhere.’

      I’ve done this with emails, with family. They… heel.

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    • Lemon is clearly the bottom. I bet they play master and slave.

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    • on October 31, 2018 at 2:27 pm Carlos Danger

      My attitude is give them something to fear and belittle them for being lesser beings who dream of evolving beyond rock troll status. They know they are ugly. But CH has a politically feasible and still powerful point with this reframe.


      • If they truly feared whites, they’d never mention it in public.

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      • They’re are either petting the rattlesnake; or, the more likely that whites in America have become opiated by comfort and the narcotic of counter intuative socioeconomic engineering.

        But take what we have now: How in the hell did we go from having /ourguy/ in the WH, a based Congress and a questionable “loaded in our favor” scotus … To be in the position where trump NEEDS to do 11 ralies in 8 days?

        Say we win, whos gonna be speaker? Who is going to set the tempo? Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the chair of the Republican steering committee. That is which to say… When Romney’s daughter needs an agenda to mary with the bottomless war chest filled with the wants and interests of AIPAC and the nation of Israel, Kevin McCarthy tells her how to spend it.

        The American Identity that was once an ocean, is rapidly drying up. Leaving the individual hold outs like you, me, rep. King, etc, marooned on islands of requisites underpinnings.

        Trump hasn’t just abandoned white identity, white nationalism and now, the American people. If he stands with the tribe… He stands with #openborders.


      • on October 31, 2018 at 2:50 pm Carlos Danger

        It’s because we have allowed it to be so.

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      • The do fear whytes.

        Whytes have all the knowledge. Knowledge is power.

        No matter what they achieve, they will never be whyte. They know this and hate it, and that is why they fear.

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      • Not enough, or we could always make them suffer more. I prefer the latter.


      • It works. Usually the people who hate on Trump and Whites are not White themselves, or hate their own race.

        It’s easy to call them out on it and tell point out how much they hate White people. I don’t use yiddish words in those conversations, so I just point out their hatred for my people: Heritage Americans. And even ask them why they hate us so much.

        It either drives them batshit right then to where they admit their hatred for all to hear/read, or they STFU, especially if they’re in the minority.

        Fun Fact: The majority of White Americans support Donald Trump.

        That statement throws a monkey wrench into their gears because it is true. And it completely contradicts their programming, IE the mainstream media narrative about ‘everybody hates Trump’ and ‘only poor redneck uneducated inbred methhead white trash voted for him’.

        Kicks the cogdis into high gear.


    • I agree, I think it won’t work, it’s just a great setup for them to spew their Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky talking points.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 8:28 pm Reinald Vallejo

      They do seem to enjoy cages.


  4. This. Followed by: “I know we’re smarter than brown people. What, you’re not sure you’re smarter? Then maybe you aren’t. Can’t wait for you and your kids to be living in chaotic shitholes while me and mine live in civilized places.”

    Le Shiv.

    This they hate, for they secretly believe they ARE smarter than all of us, brown and white. And it’s only a secret to them, and some of their brownie virtue-snacks.


  5. Slavery, colonialism, racism, homophobia, war….

    Can’t imagine why anyone would fear a majority white community….



  6. That reframe doesn’t really work.

    Racism is implicit in the fear of browning America. The subtext is white being superior should not fear browns. Its a little like the male shaming “afraid to compete against a girl?”

    The brown/shitlib/(((leftist))) answer will be an honest “yes, very.”

    They would be right.

    [CH: shtilibs don’t like to think they’re fearful. this reframe assumes just that, so it will drive them nuts.]


    • Yes, this reframe works, in part because it opens up other RealTalk shivs along the lines of outgroupping them from Civilization.

      Are you scared of White People? Are you scared of Order? Beauty? Clean streets?

      This will induce shrieking from their inner core which has created a fantasyland where they are the great purveyors and defenders of Progress which they mistakenly associate w reason, civilization, and higher culture. This will gnaw at them until they change or double-down and get pushed to the edge more quickly, becoming anxiety-ridden babbling fools that no one wants to emulate. Both good outcomes for our side.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 7:49 pm Alex the Goon

      It works because it’s true. They fear White America, because they know if the roles were reversed (Bizarro Universe – First World high-trust brown society, with Tird World useless white scavengers invading and looting), they would temporarily shut down their auto industry to build machines designed only to dig mass [email protected]
      Saxon Hate is real, and they know it. They just think they have enough shitlibs and echoes on their side, to ride it out this time.


    • CH is wrong again- shitlibs are ALL ABOUT FEAR and base emotional reflexes. They have total fear of whites and a white america.

      [CH: but they don’t like it when you point that out to them. their entire self-conception revolves around being smarter and more open to new experiences than right wing whites. so i’m right: perception matters, and this reframe attacks the shitlibs’ most cherished perception of themselves.]

      They do not want to hear that they HATE whites and HATE white america because they are checkmated by hate. This is really the truth, hate and fear is what motivates them bc they are fucking rats being prodded by the MSM.

      [CH: shitlibs call themselves tolerant and open-minded. reframe every argument to attack them as hateful and fearful, and you have won a front line victory.]


  7. The verbal vomit emanating from thunderlip Libs is like witchcraft; it only affects you if you let it…

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    • They can’t win with brevity. Or subtlty. They throw numbers at you, all the foot soldiers and shock troops that they can, all at once. They’ll even, in typically femme fashion, go for the jugular, all too soon, too quickly, with too much gusto, as soon as they feel threatened. It betrays their fear and perpetual anxieties. Worse, it wreaks of try-hard.

      When you learn to accept and see the shameless gaslighting, you see the flurry of activity is nothing more than that, and you are facing a paper tiger. Often a poorly drawn one at that. Incoherent, rambling, probably fat. Always desperate.


  8. OT but related. This made my morning..

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    • on October 31, 2018 at 2:51 pm Carlos Danger

      An armored battalion- cool


    • on October 31, 2018 at 3:05 pm posts only tweets

      I gotta change pants now. . .



    • We gonna have our own Tiananmen square moment… brave squat brown women, one child in hand, another baby on breast, facing down a tank?

      I can’t eat no more popcorn.

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    • Makes the blood sing.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 5:00 pm Corinth Arkadin



    • on October 31, 2018 at 7:57 pm Reinald Vallejo

      Been waiting for this day since 1996. The year I woke up.

      Both Marxism and unchecked capitalism are Satanic inventions. In turn, the rich exploits the poor and the poor steals from the rich. Both want to kill each other off. There is no middle ground as there is no Middle-class.

      Nationalism accepts the “social” with the “nation”. A love for the people and everyone works to build up the nation. Marxism and all forms of (((internationalisms))) (globalism) not only, divorces the nation from the socialist government, but also represents them as contradictions.

      Everything of human value has never came from internationalisms. It flows from the “soul” of a single undivided people. When The People lose their creative lifeblood, they become internationalists. One Will equals one nation.


  9. Shouldn’t the correct response be Agree & Amplify?

    Shitlib:” tee hee What are you scared of the browning of America?”

    Answer, “I sure am, that’s why I joined the WVA”* (*make up any 3 letters – stands for nothing but will keep a NPC awake at night.

    Answer; “HELL YES I’M SCARED, That’s why I’m stockpiling guns and ammo!!”

    or “DAMN RIGHT I’M SCARED.. these illegal aliens are spreading the bubonic plague!”

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  10. The best reply is, no I’m absolutely not scared of the Browning ( of America. And you shouldn’t be either.


  11. “Fear of White Survival”

    Why do you fear white survival?


  12. FYI, on this very topic, please support Steve King who is now under attack. My understanding is that donor info on less than $200 per year does not get reported to FEC.

    See here for some background from CH:

    Plus he’s been an immigration champion for a long time – about as good as we have:


  13. Do it Trump Jr.

    Do it.


  14. I mentioned downstream a shitlib girl whom I’m friendly with. Got another text from her yesterday.

    Her: In Southern Alabama. Bunch of toothless hick gunslingers. Your type of people : )

    Me: You’re a racist with nice tits.

    Her: Yes I am. I would ever date blacks or Hispanics. Or Arabs. And you’ve never seen my tits!
    (I have).

    Me: Only sturdy white cock for you. Nazi.


    The level of cogdis these people toil under…


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    • on October 31, 2018 at 3:28 pm Carlos Danger

      Why is she in LA? Everyone has teeth there BTW, Tell her to head further down to Florida and she can have all the meth she can snort.


  15. Nothing terrifies these people more than the idea of monolithic white voting bloc.


  16. OT:

    justice. bitch went to prison for a year and now she and the school are getting sued for false rape.

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  17. CNN host: ‘The biggest terror threat in this country is white men’ | Fox News

    Hmmmmmm, another #gaymulatto® — who can barely contain his envious malice, and avaricious hatred toward Heritage American Men (and ‘his’ (lol) emotional incontinence — even part africans can be soy-boys too, I guess)


  18. At least he’s not gay❗

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  19. on October 31, 2018 at 4:45 pm Ogie Oglethorpe

    Asked a smegucated shitlib friend of mine over drinks the other day that if me being a nationalist who happens to be white makes me a white nationalist. The pause was gold.


  20. on October 31, 2018 at 5:12 pm Vigilantichrist

    I don’t “fear” stepping in dogshit, but I try to avoid it.

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    • on October 31, 2018 at 5:33 pm Vigilantichrist

      Clarification: I mean anything they stick “phobe” on the back of. I can hate something without being afraid of it, as Tropical Trump said in that interview with the ankle grabber.


    • The connotation is that the offender is a coward, hence it’s an Alinsky shaming gambit.

      Although maybe in the connotation of the ancient Greek word, it meant more than simple ‘fear’… I’m sure the word “xenophobia” did not simply mean being afraid of foreigners, per se… it meant far more, like not wanting to have anything to do with them as neighbors and/or, heaven forfend, masters.


    • on November 1, 2018 at 9:29 am Corinth Arkadin

      “I don’t “fear” stepping in dogshit, but I try to avoid it.”

      WHAT THE…??! Oh, I thought I smelled something.


      One of the best parts of leaving the inner city is not having to dodge massive fly-covered turds and sloppy messes of dogsh!t on the sidewalks.

      Of course, living in the sticks comes with the awesome sight of waking up to see a deer dropping a deuce in your backyard whilst drinking your coffee.


      • One of the best parts of leaving the inner city is not having to dodge massive fly-covered turds and sloppy messes of dogsh!t on the sidewalks.

        At least, one HOPES it’s from a canine, amirite? 😉

        Of course, living in the sticks comes with the awesome sight of waking up to see a deer dropping a deuce in your backyard whilst drinking your coffee.

        For as large a mammal as they are, it resembles more the result of live action pachinko.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:05 am Corinth Arkadin

        Well, the consistency of dogsh!t is well known to me by now. And I didn’t live in ‘Frisco, which might as well be built out of piles of human feces at his point.

        Speaking of which, ‘Frisco is and always has been a mecca for fags. Why is ANYONE taken aback of the organic movement (heh) of severe, unrepentant ass-phucking leading to literal sh!t in the streets?

        It’s a natural progression.

        IF YOU’RE STICKING YOUR DICK IN AN ASSH*LE, obviously the smell and sight and texture of sh!t does not bother you and, in fact, turns you on.


  21. And when asking why they fear Whites, you might try asking the Usual Suspects: “What did White people ever do to you?”.

    This forces the issue of their personal hatred of Whites into public discussion. They want to talk about how bad White people are without having the camera point back at them and their frothing rage.


  22. It is a much more palpable truth to say that shitlibs fear “white supremacy” because they recognize its inherently violent, racist disposition. The cuck move for at least the last good fifteen years has been for the white man, good to bad, liberal to conservative, new right to old right, hard right to far left, TO DENY this violent, racist disposition (in defense of self and that which is worthy). And because this denial is so clear, resolute and unanimous, it is taken as truth AROUND THE GLOBE. Yet, such redundant denial is a “truth” never held onto with any real conviction (except in the case of fellow “white” shitlib males). And so the script reveals itself. One side cries “white supremacy” while the other side screams its denial and everything moves left. Over and over again. White man is being assimilated into a perpetuating self-annihilation ALL BECAUSE he will not admit to being a “white supremacist” (and in possession of a violent, racist disposition).


  23. To the accusation of phobe (homophobe, islamaphobe etc) my usual response is, in as calm and reasonable a tone as possible:
    “calling me a (x)phobe implies I’m scared. Has it occurred to you that maybe I just don’t like them?”

    Don’t know if it achieves anything but it’s fun to say


  24. One should fear self-annihilators the way one fears a raging contagion.


  25. on October 31, 2018 at 9:03 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Let them fear.

    Fck em.


  26. CNN host: ‘The biggest terror threat in this country is white men’ | Fox News

    Hmmmmmm, another #gaymulatto® — who can barely contain ‘his’ envious malice, and avaricious hatred toward Heritage American Men (…and ‘his’ (lol) emotional incontinence — even part africans can be soy-boys too, I guess)


  27. Until comparatively recent times, this country was mostly white.Genetically superior white men – the same kind who created Western civilisation – made it great. The politicians – in spite of the will of the people – destroyed it. We are now living on the mouldy remnants of that greatness.


  28. I’ll believe Protestants are white the second they begin acting like it.


    • We’ll get right on that, alt-R ally.


    • on November 1, 2018 at 9:20 am Corinth Arkadin

      GE, several poasters been hammering this point quite successfully for the last few articles (Trav doesn’t count).

      Don’t confuse faith in Christ with belief in organized Christian religion in the current format.

      Sh!t, I’m a (nominal) Catholic and I don’t trust the current Pope and I dislike the ruling of Vatican II.

      Protestants churches as a whole have abandoned Christ for Feminist Vitue Signaling.

      Come on man.


      • I didn’t realize that was the point… all I heard was APALT.

        You may have noticed I myself have often spoke of false Christianity and churches found wanting, indeed, Scripture itself has a lot to say on the subject.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 9:45 am Corinth Arkadin

        I’m just saying. I haven’t seen your posts on that topic…I usually have to scroll down becasue they are indicative of Trav’s belligerent sniping at you and I just want to stay on topic.

        Faith and religion is a private matter to me so I don’t wade into that territory too often. I don’t give a crap if people believe in Dianetics or LDS or a cat playing a theremin as long as their business doesn’t interfere with me or mine.


      • Just so long as we all believe in the same God. 😉


  29. The authoritarian and corrupt import as many as they can from authoritarian and corrupt shitholes so they can rule supreme.


  30. This guy (not goy) has a solution for the White America problem.

    “Steven Clifford, author and former CEO of the King Broadcasting Company and National Mobile Television, told PJM that the federal government should “prohibit straight white males from voting” in U.S. elections as a way to “save” democracy.

    “I think it’s the only hope for democracy in America and I will be leading a great movement to prohibit straight white males, who I believe supported Donald Trump by about 85 percent, from exercising the franchise and I think that will save our democracy,”


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:02 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      And it’s not hyperbole either.


    • on November 1, 2018 at 12:10 pm UndertheDRADIS

      So he believes in limiting the franchise. It’s a start. I think it should be limited to individuals carried on the tax rolls as owning a free-standing dwelling.


  31. “I like working plumbing and not being surrounded by cannibal savages.”


  32. SJW NEW RULES UPDATE: American weather man (we assume not “Weatherman” but who is to know) Al Roker, a SJW of recent minting, addressing the outcry to his choice of Halloween costume, a white male character from an 80’s movie:

    “I’m going to say this one last time, but the folks who get it, understand and the ones who DON’T, won’t,” Roker tweeted to explain why his ‘80s-themed costume was not an example of whiteface.

    “I can be Doc Brown, and I wear the outfit and wig and not change my skin color if you’re white, you can be President Obama if you want. Just don’t color your skin!”

    ALL SJW PLEASE BE ADVISED effective immediately, the term “Cultural Appropriation” will be amended by the 1.1275 section addition, “just don’t color your skin.” Also, amending the amendment, with the addition of 1.1275 ‘g’, deemed ‘g1.1’, replacing ‘g1.0’, Cultural Appropriation is still considered the offense, without the Exception created via 1.1275, amended, if the person thinks, including but not limited to sleeping and waking hours (to include dreams; daydreams; nightmares; fantasies) they are the race (aka “skin color”) of the person whom they are impersonating on/after October 31, and/or any future date the religious holiday known as “Halloween” shall take place. Further to this SJW AMENDMENT and its Exceptions, the term “RACE” and “SKIN COLOR” shall be deemed to be equivalent.

    [CH: wasn’t there a stupid movie not too long ago which starred two nigras in whiteface pretending to be white valley girls? where were all these kvetching nigras and sjws then?]


    • Damn… pretty soon Whitey won’t even be allowed to tan.

      Roker, on the recent Megan Kelley tempest in a teapot, said something along the lines of “she owes a bigger apology to ALL persons of color.”

      Just once I”d like to hear someone on those talking haids panels say, and immediately “HA! Bullshit.”


    • Exactly… the movie was even called White Girls.

      Nobody said shit then, go figger. Meghan Kelly should have brought that up and told Roker to “STFU, boy.”

      Wouldn’t THAT have been a hoot?


    • on November 1, 2018 at 9:38 am Corinth Arkadin

      [CH: wasn’t there a stupid movie not too long ago which starred two nigras in whiteface pretending to be white valley girls? where were all these kvetching nigras and sjws then?]

      Yes, from the ’90’s called “White Chicks”. I think it was in cinemas for a week. Should have gone straight 2 video, but where else are they gonna meet employment quotas for 1,256 Waayans Bros., other than the WB or UPN?

      BTW, the actual whyte chicks in the movie were fugly as hell (hard 3’s on the scale) which is why they were able to successfully (heh heh) pull off impersonating them.

      PS: 90’s UPN network: “Under Paid Niggahs” or “Unflattering Portrayal of Negoes” depending who you ask.

      I did enjoy the show “Homeboys From Outer Space”.


    • OK stop bleaching or colouring your hair wool then.
      Why would anyone even do that? We don’t have to, like most good things it comes to us naturally.


  33. And now to address the original topic. You are at your first middle school dance, glued to the wall. You say to yourself afterwards, “never gonna be glued to that wall ever again.”

    You never are and enjoy a great rapport with the opposite sex. Your alpha-ness, acquired via conscious thought, transfers to other parts of your life, business success, etc.

    Is this Beta > Alpha transition? The rising of a latent Alpha? The trajectory of all Alphas?


    • (((Presbyterian))) woman minister (read the Bible, grrl… y’all supposed to stay silent in church) shouting about “our neighborhood” and how folks are trying to “sit shiva”, go figger.

      With all those “No Place For Hate” signs, whoever was taking the video should have asked her why she hates Trump.


    • “Our neighborhood”, the Presby reverend shouts, go figger.


  34. on November 1, 2018 at 9:05 am Martin Crossed

    The fact is blacks hate hate hate other blacks they just don’t want whites to know that. They also have a need to always be accepted by other blacks so a huge number of them vote the same, think the same and have the same values which always is the appearance of having money whether they do or not.

    The white lefties know how irrelevant and incompetent they are and they know they cannot compete with heritage whites that is why they turn on their own along with the constant pounding by the elitist Jew run media they get everyday reinforcing the complete inverse of reality. They are so dumb and incompetent they they repeat word for word everything they are told by MSLSD and CNN.

    We have gotten to this point because Republicans have been folding every time a lefty calls them a name. Now we finally have a fighter in the WH that does not take that shit and it drives them nuts. After 8 years of the gay Magic Negro it is so refreshing to see a real man leading the way!


    • on November 1, 2018 at 9:23 am Corinth Arkadin

      The light skin brothas/sistas have issues with dark skinned brothas/sistas, and vice versa.

      African d00ds dislike American Blacs and vice versa.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 12:14 pm UndertheDRADIS

        No kidding there. If you ever want an interesting interlude, ask an African what he things of American blacks and shut the hell up.


    • Well DUH… nonWhites don’t get along with each other.

      Think of the various warring Injun tribes… but when there’s a White man around, it quickly turns to “Whad’dya mean ‘we’, Paleface?”


  35. On yudetube colored people like to point out that whites geno-cide the most, so I just ask them why do they continue to mess with us if you know we snap and kill everything in sight?

    I’ve yet to get a response that isnt caps lock name calling.

    I use my real name on the internet to name the yudes and call colored mean names.


  36. I lost another wyat middle class friend to heroine today. That’s 2 in 4 months.


    • on November 1, 2018 at 9:55 am Corinth Arkadin

      Despair has taken hold in the whyte population, and this explains the uptick in addiction, esp. to heroin.

      A beloved family member went out to sticking that junk up his veins. His mother was the proto-typical bitch we all know about who divorced his father and ruined everything because she wasn’t haaaaaaaaapy.

      His mother is hugely responsible for her son’s mental problems, addiction and death. His father is somewhat responsible in a roundabout way because he didn’t practice Game and couldn’t reel his wayward wife in.

      Their son is responsible for his own despair and addiction and death, but there were the above mitigating circumstances.

      I tried to help him, but I also bear some responsibility even though I tried to mitigate and assist, I didn’t do enough.

      I failed and it’s not a joke. I tried to save him and I lost.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:03 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Heroin is the lowest form of love.

        It is the drug you take when you are not getting the real thing.


      • Once they go down that path, no one can help them. The addiction is that strong. So please don’t carry the burden of failure on your shoulders. You cared and that’s more than most.

        They can go through rehab, get filled with anti-opiods like metha-done and go through periods of being clean, putting on weight, but they are always one relapse away from being a junkie again.

        #1 was 26, educated and had a great life ahead of him
        #2 was 38, educated and has left behind a wife, a 2 y.o. and a 4 y.o.

        Fentanyl laced her-oine


      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:10 am Corinth Arkadin


        Heroin is most invasive of pretty much of all drugs. You have to stick a metal spike in your arm with a tourniquet to get high.

        Self-destruction in it’s severest form.

        Teach our young men to learn Game. Team them to box, to hit the gym, to run. Even as Hunter S. Thompson wrote, it’s better to get high without drugs than with them.