Election Eve Open Thread

Is my prediction of a +2 gain for Rs in the Senate and a House too close to call but leaning toward a bare D majority verified?

What does it mean for Trump and the MAGA agenda? Biggest loser: 19th Amendment?


  1. Guess I called FL too soon. DeSantis beat the house negro.

    Cruz seems to keep his spot.

    It’ll be a close one.

    And. . .Fox News has already called the House for the Dems. What is it they know that the rest of the country doesn’t? Or is this further cucking on their part?

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    • Don’t believe those a holes


      • on November 6, 2018 at 8:41 pm Captain Obvious


        It’s all lies.

        Lies upon lies upon lies.

        No true Scotsman would ever look like a (((Murdoch))).

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      • No kidding. Fox should be dismissed just as CNN is.

        Fox and CNN are different faces of the same (((coin))), just like islam and jude.

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      • Cap,

        Field report under fat girl post.


      • on November 6, 2018 at 8:57 pm Captain Obvious

        Speaking of Psychological Warfare Campaigns, every time that

        {GOP vote} + {Libertardian vote} > {DEM vote},

        but the DEM ends up winning the race, Alisa Zinovyevna “Ayn Rand” Rosenbaum guffaws at us from her Special Place in he11.


      • Yes, it’s so wrong to reject the system when we can put the GOP over the top by eliminating the 3rd-party libtard vote. The tards are who think the status quo can somehow work for the heartland. Trump is our Indian summer and an Overton Window repatriation, nothing more. Sure, I want the GOP to win tonight, but where was Trump when, now get this CO, Trump could have endorsed a grassroots conservative in every GOP primary, concentrate his minions, AND GET A FAUCKING CONGRESS THAT WILL HELP HIM AND SERVE US! 5% GNP is not hard for decent people with decent government. GOP is playing theatre to give trinkets. GOP is an undead party in last throes on Trump electricity, the way Terri Schiavo had that cute smile. Believe what you yeggs beweev. What an investment. Game says build an emotional wall and always invest in yourself.


      • on November 6, 2018 at 9:46 pm Captain Obvious

        Are you trying to say that Ayn Rand strapped on a dildo and gave you the ride of your life?


      • Brilliant defense. Are u democrap? If men are men, how does your lover matter? Yes, (((she))) is charming on geopolitics for them, but again, false binary choice. Try to think outside the Hegelian dildoelectric, dear boy.


      • on November 6, 2018 at 10:09 pm Captain Obvious

        RD, I can’t understand a word you’re saying.

        You been drinking?

        Anyone White man who votes for a turd party is a Race Traitor.

        It’s the Trumpenkrieg or bust, muh brutha.


      • on November 6, 2018 at 10:39 pm Libertarian_Pill



      • on November 6, 2018 at 10:41 pm Libertarian_Pill

        I am openly libertarian, but the last few months were a bit too much for me. I had to vote for the straight Republican ticket and hope for change from within – as hard as it is to believe that a party dominated by lawyers will turn against petty legalism to save the country.


    • Hopefully fake news


    • on November 6, 2018 at 8:56 pm baked georgia

      florida restore the right to vote to felons.

      worst decision of all times. usually we expect ((( courts ))) to give them the right not voters


    • Hailing from Florida, mendo. I was proudly a part of keeping my state from becoming north Venezuela.

      You’re welcome.

      P.S. Thanks to all the Texas road warriors who helped zodiac Ted neutralize Betorito. That goofy j-cash fed fvcktard can now crawl into whatever hole they dump scams like Jon Ossoff into when they don’t work out.

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    • fuck neo Cohen fox news.

      to call the fucking house race so early and discourage west voters.

      this was no slight mistake. this was planned and some serious (((phagotry)))

      literally a Paul Ryan move.


    • I’m not a gamer but apparently this latest video dopamine program has a feminist NPC in it and players have been killing it en masse

      this is hilarious


  2. I hate election time. Makes me more nervous than a dope fiend tweaking about cops.

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    • I know the feeling. Tomorrow’s gonna be headphone city for me to avoid any lingering talk

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      • We were never going to vote our way out of this
        I like going back poolside/ underground
        I dont want every dude knowing game

        Trump was a patch up job on a dying out car. The car needs to die and it will be entertaining to watch.

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      • Salient point, Lichthof and great analogy


      • You’ve got that right, Lichthof. TINVOWOOT.

        The 2016 election was, to quote Fraser’s “Flashman and the Redskins” again, “the last kick of a dying buffalo.”

        The time has come for the United States Empire, like all other empires before it, to pass away like a wind in the grass.

        I don’t know about “entertaining to watch,” though. The end of one’s culture is never a pleasant spectacle, no matter how motheaten and battered it has become.

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      • ” The car needs to die and it will be entertaining to watch.”

        Maybe, but once the demographic tipping point is reached the USA is inevitably slated to become Brasil del norte. As Argentina showed, severe and irreversible economic decline can happen very quickly. Factor in the end of the petrodollar and maybe your celebrations should be muted.


      • Entertaining as in the shitlibs turning on themselves…more Omar Marteens


      • on November 7, 2018 at 6:22 am John Joel Glanton

        Yeah Lichthof I believe the same thing. Trump is a heroic individual but these midterms have proven that even in America we are demographically screwed. Anglo-Teutons had our time in the sun. The world likely belongs to China and Russia now, unless they catch the sickness as well. Not being pessimistic or defeatist. Just realistic.

        It will be possible for the next generation or two to live enjoyable lives on an individual level, but after that the west will look something like South Africa or Brazil. Holed up in gated communities with armed guards etc.

        The idea that that you can vote your way out of planned global demographic destruction, is laughable. You vote to decide whether to replace the sewer pipe or pave a new road. The immigration and feminism question was never up for debate. Unlimited democracy in and of itself is flawed. If the constitution does not establish what demographic is to be given the right to vote, it’s already a losing battle. Only land-owning males of European descent should be allowed to vote and serve in office.


      • If we’re not voting our way out, we’re sure as shit not going to ‘poolside’ our way out.

        Poolside = cowardice.
        Encouraging others to go poolside = treasonous

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      • What bright ideas do you have PK?

        I said on here in 2016 that the win was too soon.
        Shitlibism was really starting to unravel in Obongos second term with Omar Marteen, Ferguson, the Paris attacks, Merkel opening her borders etc.
        Another few years of that and it would have been destroyed completely.
        Ironically Trump by destroying ISIS and shaming the Euro politicians has saved their ass temporarily.

        No let the shitlibs collapse things and they will. John Glubb said Empires can unravel in as little as 20 years.
        Let them eat each other. ..Mexican v Central Americans …tribe v mushlim, mushlim v gay, nigs v white shitlibs
        Front row entertainment .

        And if a war happens. .good. Half the white race needs to be culled including all celebs.

        And this site was all about poolside pre 2016

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      • “What bright ideas do you have PK?”

        I wish I had a bright idea but I don’t; I’m just another idiot in the kkkoment section.

        But here’s what I do know: It’s not my sole responsibility to come up with a plan, it’s our collective responsibility to come up with a plan. And encouraging everyone to go poolside is not a plan—it’s an anti-plan. It’s where plans go to die and bright ideas go to get aborted.

        NB: I define “poolside” as social apathy, (i.e. “I dgaf what happens to my country, I’m just gonna scrounge up as much free snatch as I can before the consequences of my actions come a knockin’.) Am I off base here?


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  4. CH, are you done with Gab? I don’t see your posts when I go to your page.


  5. Mod check


  6. Someone told that psycho bitch to tone it down. That crazy is still lurking though

    [CH: her flaring nostrils really bug me]

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    • She does not like [email protected] so they will have to get to her


    • Remember that first time that you were anti-proud of your (((country)))? It was so novel that first time. For me, it was my prolonged gut reaction to Ma Bell’s comment, which did not sink BO’s campaign. Lo, all those bitches vote. Men never had to agree to it and make their heirs incels. Let me out of whatever this is. Where’s my Jesus easy button?


    • Why, yes! Boiled rabbit *is* one of my favorite dishes!


    • on November 6, 2018 at 9:48 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “flaring nostrils”

      That’s usually a sign of past rhinoplasty.

      Especially in j00esses, who get their schnozzes whacked off so that they can try to pass as shiksas.


    • Is it wrong to say she’s got a nice body? Cause she’s got a nice body.


      • You’re a normal man.

        Yes, most of us would love to mercilessly fuck her few remaining shreds of brains out and enjoy hearing her bellowing like a mule with her hair twisted in our fists.

        And she’d love every minute of it. Especially from a rich white capitalist.

        She doesn’t touch herself to sleep at night thinking of a 5 foot 4 illegal sheetrock monkey.

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 5:34 am Alea Iacta Est

        Yes. thank you. Ever since she entered the scene I thought she was hot as fuck. There. I said it.


      • “illegal sheetrock monkey”


        illegal spackle spider


      • on November 7, 2018 at 8:36 am Corinth Arkadin

        Mendo is making an observation.

        Est is a closet shill for the most part.


      • would bang…doggystyle


      • I think she’s nice looking too except for her schnoz. She needs to be taking care of a couple of bambinos instead of talking too much.


    • on November 6, 2018 at 11:06 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      One good thing is that these radical brown people see Israel as a white colony.

      But they will soon learn not to cross the yids.


      • those people prefer letting all palestines into usa than accuse israel of something.

        by the way, palestine is, yet, the most famous case of a country that was subverted by foreign invasion. they’re like 1% jewish in 1900. but they began arriving until reaching a third of the population and them throw the coup that made the fake israel “state”


      • “Palestine the most famous case of a country that was subverted by foreign invasion”

        What about the USA? Much bigger country, same invaders….


      • Now do Lebanon and what happened there after 1948. After (((something))) happened in 1948.


    • OMFG What were people thinking voting for her. It’s one thing to be a lying spin doctor like Juan Williams and Van Jones. But this woman is dumber than a box of rocks. She knows nothing about politics and economics. She is completely clueless about Communism vs Capitalism. She’s like a female Derrick Zoolander in the House of Reps. SMH.

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      • That’s why they elected her. She’s just like them.

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      • Go pull up her district in New York City. It’s been completely enriched. Any remaining whites are elderly or young shitlibs there for cheap rents. Her 85 IQ mud constituents just checked the mud box.

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      • low IQ
        feels, impulsivity and immediate gratification through high fructose corn syrup, govt gibs and talmudavision

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      • Tribe is all that matters now. The non-White tribes never forgot this.

        Our tribe has not only forgotten, they’ve even been forced to say it’s bad.

        The awakening is just beginning and the high verbal IQ tribe senses it and is getting reckless as a result.

        Tribe is all that matters. The D’s have made sure of it.


  7. This shit has gotten me halfway into a bottle of rum. I’m singing to Conan’s “Riders of Steel” in Latin and waving a real hand-forged sword too.


  8. Beto won.

    Abrams beat the racists in Georgia

    Blue Wave confirmed.


  9. Well, the Red Senate got bumped up a bit, but it looks like the House is gonna be Blue.

    I guess the (((MSM))) and/or the rising tide of color have enough of an effect to make it plain that ‘Murrica is fighting a holding action, at best…

    … and with all the mischief a Blue House can conjure up, I’ll let wiser haids than mine predict what the next two years will hold… but I’m guessing it’s not gonna be any big MAGA effort, nor any of the Real Soon Now bombshells we’d been hoping for in re righting past wrongs.


    • While I want the left to be crushed, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentation of their women (as they learn to act like women – but we’ll feed the fatties to the war dogs), a bit of gridlock tends to be a good thing.
      It’ll be good for Trump in 2020. The leftist congress is going to play some serious games, but without much power, for the left has given up congressional power at the feet of Obama, and now the leftists are going to be all for congressional power once more, in their usual form of double standards.
      Trump will eat them alive in 2020.

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      • Trump is going to lose in 2020. By then, the demographic transition, aided by gridlock which will prevent even the feeblest effort to defend the border, will swing Florida and other key states permanently blue. Quite possibly including

        Trump had one chance, and he blew it kissing Israeli ass, Tweeting ineffectively like a clown, putting through tax cuts for the (((fat cats))) while failing to deliver on any of his campaign promises, and licking the assholes of niggers and spics while ignoring his White base.

        The buffoon lost these elections for a party that could have won easily if they hadn’t been useless do-nothing scum and idiots, and he will lose in 2020. And he fucking deserves it. Not that he’ll care.


      • Ironsides, the Dem brand will be ruined by extremist clowns like Oscazio-Cortez and the like, and a dem house also gives Trump a great scapegoat for 2020 if things don’t get done.

        The democrats won a perfectly expected victory that happened for the party not holding the presidency basically every midterm since, like… 1982? Yes, the Democrats have a victory. A pyrrhic victory.

        In my opinion, their biggest players lost: Beto, Abrams, Gillum, and hopefully more once everything is “counted”.

        I do agree that pandering to nogs, spics, and faggots is fruitless as we’ve seen again and again and again.

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      • Trump will eat them alive in 2020.

        If the next two years are like the past two years, the only thing Trump is going to be eating is more McD’s from the comfort of his limo on his way back to wherever it is he resided before the White House.

        I’m not quite as cynical as Iron-man, but these midterms have shown that either White folks aren’t going to wake up in time to stop the rising tide of color, or said tide has just reached the tipping point.

        How the FUCK can anyone White vote Dem anymore? 😡

        After that Kav circus, there should have been a White bloc vote that made BOTH Houses run deep red.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • IronSoy

        you’re such a pussy.

        I put the blame on the neo Cohen traitors. namely Paul Ryan, John McTumor and Mitch McTurtle.

        These faggot limp wristed traitors have been punching holes in the ship to slow things down since even before Trump go the nod.

        And for fucks sake, SCOTUS victory, de-regs, tax cuts have been big wins.

        it’s not so bad the the shitlibs have the house. because what is they’re messaging? same shit. theyll be the scapegoat I’d economic conditions dim.

        If there is one man that can 4D chess and give them enough rope to hang themselves, its Lord Trumpenreich


      • How did the Dems win? What platform did they have?
        It’s all about demographics and Texas and Florida will flip blue.
        When the National Review the cucks had pops at Corey Stewart…what hope is there?
        Let’s go poolside and watch the shitlibs destroy each other
        White women will be pushed aside
        More omar marteens will happen
        More molly tibbets

        Let them suffer as white man has checked out
        Cortez attacked ICE in her speech …I hope ms 13 are back so her ilk will suffer


    • on November 6, 2018 at 10:58 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      It clears up the pointlessness of pandering to Nogs and Browns.

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      • That’s been known for decades, yet with sublime retardation, the Republicans continue to kiss nigger ass while losing no opportunity to void their bowels on the White working class that is their natural base, then wonder why they lose and “conserve” nothing.

        This is as true of that useless fucking loser clown Trump with his whore wife and his kike family, as of any of these other useless vermin.

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      • Clears up the pointlessness?

        Was there EVER any question about it being a fool’s errand, ever since the OJ trial, to anyone with a realpolitik IQ greater than 90?


      • “This is as true of that useless fucking loser clown Trump with his whore wife and his kike family, as of any of these other useless vermin.”

        Time for you to go ironsoy. You reek of weakness and treachery.

        You’re worse than a fat yenta belching on about white patriarchy. we shall burn your screename at the ascii alter of ye chateau.


      • This is as true of that useless fucking loser clown Trump with his whore wife and his kike family, as of any of these other useless vermin.

        Take it easy, Iron… your rage has unbalanced you.

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 7:41 am Corinth Arkadin

        Well, it does lead the way to Hot Civil War II. So there’s that.


      • Ironsides reminds me of the very first neon-nazi i’ve ever met. Has no clue how anger and rage is owning him. The passions, and all that. Lots of tough words, virtually all copied from movies, other aspie alt-retards, wanna-be cop and military terminology, chest-thumping, all while ranting like a little bitch online about how everyone else is a little bitch online and HE knows, knows, knows how to make it all right and when the SHTF he’ll be … ARRRRGGGHHHH.

        “Alt-aspie” fits these people. They need to take a break, for a long time.


      • Yeah lets stay calm and erm vote…its worked well since 1965


      • on November 7, 2018 at 12:57 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I ain’t talkin’ about voting, though.


  10. Biggest disappointment for me today was seeing the image of Bolsonaro’s sons wearing [email protected] t shirts
    So two nahzees Trump and Bolsonaro are surrounded by them …they get in everywhere

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    • Bolsonaro and Trump are not “Nahzees.” They’re not nationalists. They’re willing kike collaborators who know how to talk a good fight to appeal to desperate people, while sticking it to ’em in action for the sake of their (((masters))).


    • if most american conservatives dont know the semite elephant in the room, imagine brazillians that dont know english and dont have freedom of speech (no literature on the issue, etc)?

      they just hype israel because they dont wanna be seem as “nazis”.

      but trump he KNOWS about them. i’m pretty sure.

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    • on November 7, 2018 at 5:15 am Rant Casey - BR

      Bolsonaro is a longtime philosemite.

      And understandably so. Brazil is not America. Not the same jews either. Our sepharadic are mostly right wing and conservative, and civil nationalists. Many who as ashkenazi of origin don’t even know they are of jewish origin, and at least 90% of them profess christianity.

      Brazil is not America. Don’t make this confusion.


      • brazil’s most famous joo is silvio santos. a guy that everybody loves (leftists dont count as people). even using now “brazil, love it or leave it” ads. which is a great phrase from the military government.

        but look for who run quebrando o tabu, catraca livre and you’ll se more typical “usa-style socialists”. also the civitas (grupo abril) arent real italians


      • on November 8, 2018 at 6:40 am Rant Casey - BR

        @baked georgia

        I sometimes think that identity politics and american progressive ideas in general got adopted by these middle class Brazilians because many of them are black, brown, or women, etc. And the old paradigm of the knuckle dragging left of class warfare made all these too well paid public serviants guys without any opressed status to claim.

        It just suits their interests. Now you can be a university professor who is paid beautifully but *also* claim to be a marginalized minority. No blue collar hassles required.

        They love it.


      • on November 8, 2018 at 7:46 pm baked georgia

        usually brazillian left in the past followed mostly french ideas, really communist. but since 2002 we certainly moved to more similar american background:

        some people say that the change in the number of whites between 2000 and 2010 was not really a demographic change but rather “people re-thinking about their roots” which is newspeak for: now that there’s quotas I’m gonna pretend that I’m super-brown and black.

        the most liberal people that I know are all rich. they dont really, using their language, “check their privilege”. they always blame rich whites when they’re, in fact, rich whites


  11. CH please check this out. It says women aren’t the only ones with a biological clock. “Men should start a family before they turn 35 to avoid their children having birth defects or being born prematurely”


    [CH: this is crap science that has already been debunked on this blog. this same “news” story seems to come out every year now, and the GIGO factor never gets better. fact: mutating sperm aren’t a real issue unless the man is very old OR he’s older and trying to kncok up an equally older broad. If you keep in shape, eat well, and bang younger women, you can have healthy kids well into later middle age (and sometimes beyond). women, otoh, are shit out of luck once their well of eggs runs dry, which for most of them is late 30s-early 40s.]

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    • that’s feminist propaganda, my friend

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    • if that’s the case, then I’m done.
      I’ll take point…


      • Loose pants, and underwear, cut chemicals from nutrition, lots of walking, minimize sitting, sleep in nightgown, manspread

        Confucius’s dad was 70, if memory serves


      • Sleep in nightgown without undies, so your sperm can mature properly at the 34C designed for them.


    • My kids are both healthy as horses and very smart. My daughter is 4 and already spells and reads several words. I would be even further along if her attention span would allow it. She is also doing simple arithmetic. She speaks two languages as well. They boy is moving along similarly at 15 months. I conceived the girl at age 52 and the boy at age 55.

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 6:30 am John Joel Glanton

        Family member did something similar.

        Both kids are a-ok.


      • Go Carlos. What age is the mother?


      • She turns 40 at the end of the month. I turn 57 about a week later. She said the other day she wants more. I do too. She has not gained any weight either. She has a nice body, a pretty face and good skin. She is the league with prettiest German women here. The rich old grannies here admire her and she still turns the heads of young men. I realize more and more how well I did because she is also one of the best mothers I have ever seen. She is very devoted to her children and spends all day teaching them things. I hit the jackpot.


    • The open misandry in the comments section of the Daily Mail article you link to is eye-opening. And DM is supposedly a Right wing paper. The “conservative” women in its comments section are as fucked up as rabid Leftist feminazis.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 6:28 am John Joel Glanton

      My Dad was late 30’s. I came out strong and healthy. Other male family members waited past 40 and even 50 and spawned ubermenschen. As you’re eating healthy and not jerking your best sperm away men can produce good kids all the way up to 60.


    • Propaganda to get older beta men who would normally finally be finding their attractiveness to give up instead.

      They couldn’t try it in previous generations because there were too many big families around where Dad sired several kids when in his 40s.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 8:56 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Propaganda to get older beta men who would normally finally be finding their attractiveness to give up instead.”

        Thread winner.



  12. It’s a democracy. If a bunch of socialists come in, eventually you’ll be living in a socialist utopia (utopia for the elite that is). If you bring in a bunch of dirt worlders, eventually policies will start to resemble those of the dirt world. Most people underestimate how fast demographics have changed in a lot of districts. It doesn’t take too many politically active new comers to flip mid term and other smaller elections, when general turnout is low. Shame that Americans who actually built this country are too divided over issues such as abortion or fag rights, leaving the borders totally unchecked. In a few generations, it won’t matter. The newcomers with their numerous offspring will have their own priorities.


    • You’ve got that right. And “in a few generations” is optimistic. This place is done right now. Bought, sold, and in the process of transfer to its new owners.

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    • It won’t take “a few generations”. Just one. The only solution is mass repatriation of illegals and that won’t happen.


    • RE: Brown-flood

      didn’t non-Putridans first start flooding in 1830 (the Popish Oyrish mass importation)? we’re talking 2 century old policy, then.

      But what’s the method to the madnees?!? Well, if the franchise stays small, how it is gon’ spread CHAOS(™) across the Globe? How you gon’ cow Europe and dispatch the “inbred” Habsburg (and Romanov, and Hohenzollern) with a 40 million-man coastal country? 150 million strong, industrialized to the hilt courtesy of City of London, now you’re talking some power

      this here nowadays conundrum is but more of the same. franchise need be extended (and the Putridan banks he gon’ keep the process under control) or it collapses as a overinflated soufflé.

      pity the huwhyte cucks who don’t get that they’ve been






      led astray

      we’re just pawns in the House of Massa Putridans

      P.S. anyone notices how “pocahontas” sailed with her re’election.


      that charge is for zhyds and papists, not for Massa types.


    • Immigration is THE issue now. All others are secondary.

      This election is just another example of the demographics is destiny bit. (((Kristol))) even outright admitted it last night.

      (((their))) knives are coming out and they are crying out in pain as they strike us.

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  13. on November 6, 2018 at 10:04 pm CulturalResilience from Mobile

    Does the blue house mean that all the great stuff will stop happening now? Will thecunt never face justice? Will impeachment happen? Serious questions. Is a blue house and a Red Senate as ineffective as a coalition government from a hung parliament?

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    • it’s going to be 2 years of campaigning for 2020


    • That’s exactly what it means. All the committees in the House will change leadership. All funding originates in the House. Two more years ( at least ) of more Trump Colluded With Russia. More ominous portends on the horizon. It appears we were not as great as we thought we were. I was totally convinced that President Trump would have both chambers of Congress to finish his first term agenda. Boy was I wrong. Florida BARELY holds on against a total socialist governor. Cruz BARELY holds on against a total faggot. This country is fucking doomed. The gains in the senate are practically meaningless in the long term viability of One Nation Under God. California is now totally gone. It might as well be fucking Mexico. By 2020 Florida, Arizona, and Texas will be Democrat states. President Trump will lose all three states in 2020 as well as Pennsylvania and Michigan just to name five.

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      • on November 6, 2018 at 10:50 pm Libertarian_Pill

        I really don’t get it. The economy is doing really well. And it’s bringing everyone up. The country is not fighting actively in various wars, or doing shenanigans in a volatile region of the planet. The bloodshed has slowed down significantly. There should be a general sense of optimism, yet we are fed scenarios of doom every day by the news. Still, any person should understand that a strong economy (after so many wasted years) and less bloodshed is a good thing which far outbalances any mean things the POTUS may say. I don’t understand the raging hatred of the masses, when times are good. I really don’t get it.


      • I don’t understand the raging hatred of the masses, when times are good. I really don’t get it
        that is why you are a LOLbertarian lolz


      • on November 6, 2018 at 10:58 pm Captain Obvious

        Jesus H Christ, you really are a Libertardian, aren’t you?

        Dude, you need an Insula-ectomy.

        Rediscover your friggin Amygdala.


      • on November 6, 2018 at 11:04 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Libertarian, Democracy is a mere racial head count.


      • Libertardian, the Whites in this country knew that their country was being taken from them in 2016.

        They were promised a nationalist-populist revival by Trump.

        Instead, they got LESS deportations than under that worm Obama, a long string of broken promises, some Tweets, and endless hordes of Mexicans. And no Wall.

        Fuck over your base on the basic survival as a people, a culture, and a nation, and they will stop supporting you. Either because they’re understandably angry, or because they’ve understandably given up and are sick of a farce that only legitimizes their dispossession and the triumph of the alien.


      • JFC what kind of fucking idiot thinks these elections reflect the actual voter base. No offense.

        How many times does Project Veritas have to film these Democrats bragging about illegal voting and election fraud before you stop trying to rationalize election results??


        The ghetto pavement monkeys don’t vote. They couldn’t give less of a fugg. The millennials are far too busy with inane bullshit to sit in traffic or a line for an hour (as a whole) to seriously invest in their government. You think Prozac, benzo, and wine addled soccer moms are getting off Facebook to go fill in a fucking ballot??


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      • Yep


      • Libertarian, Democracy is a mere racial head count.

        Unless, of course, one is White.

        There… NOW it’s COTW. 😉



        Illegal voting, you say? FUCKING DUH!

        What’s your point? Those elected, legitimately or not, will be taking their seats come January.


      • I don’t understand the raging hatred of the masses, when times are good. I really don’t get it.

        The masses have a collective IQ of 85. Toss in the “educated but idiots” and there’s your majority.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 7:45 am Corinth Arkadin

        Libertarian_Pill, you don’t get it becasue you probably haven’t been exposed, directly or indirectly, to the base nature of these animals. They only see color, their IQ is very very low, and they hate the Man who gave them this bounty.


      • It’s their biological envy of Whites. When the superior is dominant, he enslaves the inferior in either iron or velvet chains.

        When the inferior is dominant, he destroys the superior.

        The stronger the muds feel, the hotter their anticipation.


    • Impeachment proceedings will start in earnest. They will backfire spectacularly just in time for 2020.

      That’s when the real fun begins.

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      • Every day that passes sees X nonWhites born or entering this country to replace X-n Whites… don’t know exactly what X and n are, but I know for a fact X > 3n


    • The Red Senate means that Trump will get his judge’s without interference from Murkowski and Collins. Trump may have leeway now to appoint somebody to replace Sessions.

      The Blue House means the Mueller investigation continues, a bunch of new investigations start, and nothing gets done. Impeachment Happens if Nancy Pelosi thinks it energizes the base.

      Legislatively, maybe Trump gets his infrastructure bill. Lindsay Graham is peddling his amnesty for the wall compromise, which I think the Democrats reject.


  14. on November 6, 2018 at 10:12 pm Captain Obvious

    Foxconn cheats by moving CHINESE workers to Wisconsin, USA http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3703563/posts


    • who’d expect that after the beautiful cake


      • on November 6, 2018 at 10:59 pm Captain Obvious

        Ant j00z.

        They cheat just like real j00z.


      • It’ll be fun and games when they both start competing to fill the same ecological niche. At least the celestials won’t ban bacon.

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      • The celestial takeover will make Holodomor look like a minor nuisance in comparison

        (see Xianjian, ~5000 years Before Christ)


      • on November 7, 2018 at 7:48 am Corinth Arkadin

        Celestials vs. Somalis

        Who will win?

        My money’s on the people you can blindfold with dental floss.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 8:12 am gunslingergregi

        on November 7, 2018 at 4:19 am
        The celestial takeover will make Holodomor look like a minor nuisance in comparison
        (see Xianjian, ~5000 years Before Christ)””””””

        1.5 billion abortions makes all wars look like pocket change the pennies


      • “1.5 billion abortions makes all wars look like pocket change the pennies”

        Satan laughing spreads his wings.


  15. re Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Here’s our German version, every bit as cringeworthy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfVV8UQaaMo


    • Sawsan Chebli from Palestine, twelve siblings, father illiterate, he doesn’t speak German, raised kids on welfare. She even looks like Ocasio-Cortez. Always insecure, highly strung, and peevish.


      • They probably have an army of clones somewhere at Area 51.

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      • Those faces on Siegfried next to her. Priceless.
        It’ll have to become my new “disdain for plebs” reaction image.

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      • TWELVE siblings??? Germany doomed.


      • palestinians and rohingya people are the scum of the world


      • on November 7, 2018 at 5:41 am Alea Iacta Est

        ok but she looks kinda hot. just sayin’…..


      • Nothing like oogling the waitstaff as the Titanic is listing, eh?

        You fucking “but she’s hot/I’d do her” muh-dik-for-bråins clowns are why we lose.

        I’m disgusted with the lot of ya. 😡


      • on November 7, 2018 at 7:51 am Corinth Arkadin

        Siegfried’s facepalm speaks volumes.

        Not Yet, Kamaraden, Not Yet!

        And hot she is not. The thirst is real with you, Est.

        Get with it or Stawp Poasting.


      • Palis breed like mad as they are literally fighting for their future


      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:37 am mudsharks are the greatest losers

        i shat turds that were less ugly than her


      • CH: How would you game this smokin’-hot babe? The Cindy Crawford-ish mole is an added turn-on. Since it appears we are now actually on the Titanic, why not enjoy the final few minutes? I prefer your witty lust to Greg Eliot’s disgust.


      • I prefer your witty lust to Greg Eliot’s disgust.

        One can always go back to poolside gaming… if that’s one’s proclivity.


      • Aren’t Palis just the Hebrew plebs who got thrown under the bus by the high-caste, autistic, priestly merchant-type Chosenites after Titus fucked their shit up?
        Not Special enough, left to the tender mercies of the Wackbar crew, convert or .. , well OK we’ll convert.
        So now they have an extra dose of dune-coon bedu in there as well. Not that there’s a ball-hair’s worth of difference to start with. Lebanese Canaanite aboriginals they ain’t.
        Do not breed.


  16. this statistic tells you pretty much everything
    that clown cruz is latRino himself yet 2/3 voted for beta rurke
    jeez these based black I heard they 40 per cent for trump since kartrashian dick intervened and suggested building prototypes


    • This
      needs to be addressed.
      Every time I see those headlines: “Hispanic/Black unemployment at lowest levels since Dinosaurs roamed the earth” I feel a sense of cuckery.
      These people do not give a shit. They are incapable of seeing their own gain. How can we know this? Well, how long have they failed to see their own loss from voting letfocrat all those years?
      So they are not capable of even thinking “hey, the present status quo has been good to me!”
      Nope. They never managed to realize “hey, voting for white liberals and their racial bets has not ever been good for me”. So why, in this hell or the next, are they going to see it the other way? Why? I want to know? Anybody? I thought so.
      So this is war. We are dealing with “enemy people” It’s time to realize that. We just dodged a bullet to the head in Florida. I feel the same as I did nearly 10 years ago when an actual bullet passed in front of my nose 3″.
      We need to come to terms now, before 2020, and stop deluding ourselves.

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      • you mean this


      • on November 6, 2018 at 11:02 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        It’s got to dawn on these conservatives that Femocrscy is just a racial headcount.


      • It won’t be addressed.

        The importation of foreign scabs gives the Dems cheap votes, and the Republicans cheap labor. Neither of them cares about anything beyond their next fat paycheck.

        Expecting either party to try to change anything is absurd.

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      • on November 6, 2018 at 11:35 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Expecting either party to try to change anything is absurd.”

        Ironsides, this election was largely lost by Cuck Ryan & Juan McAmnesty & the RINOs.

        Apparently in the toss-up districts, the DEMs ran hard on “the failed healthcare system”, which remains failed because the RINOs wheeled McAmnesty out of the neurosurgery ICU in order to vote against his promise to vote against Obamacare.

        Ergo we got another two [soon to be four] more years of Obamacare.

        The good news is that Cuck Ryan will soon be gone, about 40-some RINOs refused to run for re-election [and will be joining Cuck Ryan], and McAmnesty is of course burning in he11 for all eternity.

        One of the most interesting stories in the next couple of months will be whether Kevin McCarthy can hold on as minority leader, or whether he gets replaced by an actual Heritage Amerikkkan patriot in anticipation of the 2020 elections.


      • Make up your mind, Jeep… up above you were telling us how Trump was going to crush it in 2020.


    • if those numbers are real (they’re just pool voters), that means that 16% of black males voting for ted (rather than like 5% of the typical election) gave him the victory. lol.

      28% of white males in texas voting for beto rourke is insane. californians moving to texas?


      • Houston, Austin, and Dallas are full of manginas and fruits from other parts of the country

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      • I think it’s more that the US Census uses stupidly loose definitions of “white” that don’t correspond to reality. America-hating Moroccans, Egyptians, Afghans, Saudis, Turks, central Asians like that terrorist truck driver in New York, heck even many Sudanese were idiotically classed as “white” at least until recently when they obviously don’t identify as white. Heck, the 9/11 hijackers would all have been classed as white!

        And Texas unfortunately is filled with these ME immigrants and refugees, biggest recipient AFAIK, so a lot of the “white male” vote for Beta was probably these fake whites who in reality are among the most virulently anti-American groups out there. It’s basically our government trying to mollify our worries and get us complacent by hiding the true extent of the replacement-Americans agenda and making it seem like it’s less far along than it actually is, even though the official numbers– majority 3rd world in US classrooms– are scary enough. Of course, once the real US white population is safely below 50%, then the curtain comes down on the massaged data. Right before the knives come out of course.


      • Some old saying about Texas, steers, and queers. LOL


      • on November 7, 2018 at 5:42 pm baked georgia

        in 2016, whites voted for trump in every country except the one with austin. but in those two years I’m pretty sure arrived plenty of cucks from other states. one thing that I’ve noticed is the difference between the vote for ted cruz vs vote for greg abbott

        same thing in arizona. cuckservatives pro immigration or dumb non-whites that dont know what a governor is?


    • Great post, cort… that simple graphic pretty much tells the ENTIRE story of ‘Murrican realpolitik.

      Any yeggs comes ’round chere again talking about based nonWhites, kick him in the teeth.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 7:56 am Corinth Arkadin

      Let’s everyone calm down here. Some of us are raging about and are doubting the g0d-Emperor. You trouble me like women.

      It was never going to be easy. Even in 2016, we knew that.

      The path is clear, and clearer now. It will go hot at some point. There will be blood.

      You knew this.

      Prepare accordingly. Plan for all contingencies. Don’t despair.


      • Correct, CA. . .don’t despair.

        I came to that realization last night. In fact, I was lifting all during the election counts and what not.

        Like someone said earlier, game’s all about self-improvement so that’s my end game.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:02 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I was lifting all during the election counts and what not.”

        This is the kkk0rrect attitude.


      • It pumped me up seeing the election results on TV at the gym


    • If you have to reach out to minorities the only ones should be S Korean/ Jap.
      They are conservative, intelligent, hardworking etc and were the only non whites I saw at the Trump rallies.
      Spoke to a few and they are appalled as we are at the US going down the toilet.
      Fuck these nigs and spicks


      • Which brings me to my next point. .went to a S Korean restaurant the other week.
        I dont find their faces attractive at all but their women sure knew how to dress stylishly and in a feminine conservative way
        Soon enough Brittney and her friends show up with their iphags, tattoos, tits hanging out in a sneering macho f u tone


      • On the whole, I find Japs prettier than K-dogs. I have met one or two K-dog with trim figures and pleasant faces.


      • My experience as well (Japanese). They are – quite literally – unable to understand why the West is letting itself get flooded by what they see as m*nk*ys. Obviously they’re not familiar with the Tribe and its machinations.

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 2:08 pm Carlos Danger

        Were you in Annandale?


      • on November 7, 2018 at 2:10 pm Carlos Danger

        Obviously they’re not familiar with the Tribe and its machinations.

        Of course not. They would boil them alive like the Waco Pirates.


  17. Looks like 5-10 seats for the Dems in the House. That is nothing to brag about in a midterm when the media has been cranking out fake news for the last 2 years. Probably a gain of 1-2 in the Senate which is HUUUGE (as Trump would say). Kanvaugh backfired on the libs and now they are paying the price. Had they just rubber stamped him with the usual partisan resistance it might had been much different. State races are what are to be expected with actual less blue in-roads then predicted.

    Results are annoying Pelosi face on TV for the next two years. Libs thinking they actually “made a difference” and the “bragging ” I will hear from liberal colleagues tomorrow (funny how when the other side wins you can’t brag without HR showing up at your office).

    The “blue wave” was more like a passing thunder storm. Just a hissy fit from a left that is losing power day by day.

    Wish the Reps would have kept the House but now Trump can just beat up Pelosi for the next two years and I will enjoy those Tweets.

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    • The Caravan-Kavanaugh run-up to this election has made it crystal clear to anyone who cares to be objective and honest: The Democrat and liberal strategy and desire it to abjectly attack, oppress, and bury, if possible, Whitey, to brainwash, rape, or make barren Whitey’s women, and to fill our lands with Democrat-voting darkies as fast as possible.

      Replace and/or enslave Whitey, Christian male Whitey. With an unabashed vengeance. That is their entire platform for any who care to see. The last 4 months has made that crystal clear, and I think that despite their ‘win’ yesterday, they not only solidified Trump’s core base (made them even more based), but the images of a innocent, completely subservient White Man still getting the third degree despite a lifetime of cuckoldry towards his Republocrat masters, and the unabashed, unapologetic desire to swing open every single gate and door to our nation, including the doors to the loins of our daughters and women to the most savage of peoples, even previously convicted cop-killers, jihadis, and black-magic practitioners, with photo-ops of the brown hordes quite literally storming our gates… and Dems have convinced a few more fence-sitters to come our way.

      Push Dems to the brink, demand they have only brown and female leaders, and their organization will fall apart. They’ll make huge mistakes that can put them in jail. More people will wake up.


  18. on November 6, 2018 at 10:44 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    The GOP is naturally going to be even more Trumpian and hopefully, far more White Nationalist going forward.

    There will be huge internal battles in the Democratic Party between White Hipsters and Nogs.

    GOP will realize they can’t pander to Blacks any more.

    What’s not to like?

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    • The GOP is naturally going to be even more Trumpian and hopefully, far more White Nationalist going forward
      you mean like faux news refusing to air the commercial
      jeez at this day and age to hold such a belief that cucks all of sudden will become white nationalists, I can’t even


      • on November 6, 2018 at 11:00 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA


        The demographic reality must be dawning in these stupid people now.

        Literally losing races because of racial compositions of constituencies.


      • they have been loosing them for some time
        remember commifornia was a republican stronghold in so not distant past
        how did they respond
        latrinos are natural conservatives
        these are cowards and conformists, they are born such that they will die cucking


      • “you mean like faux news refusing to air the commercial”

        if we aren’t even going to get a right wing fox, then Trump should re-introduce the fairness doctrine with the FCC.


    • Captain, quit hiding your head in the sand in desperation.

      There is zero chance that the GOP will become more “Trumpian” or “WN.”

      They are the “good cop” of the Uniparty “good cop, bad cop” routine. Or the bad cop. Whatever. They are the FOIL of the Dems.

      They divert, disperse, and tie up the energy of the actual American people by giving periodic hope, which is always false. They are the clever juggler who keeps the rubes gawking while the pickpocket plunders them of their nation.

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 6:41 am John Joel Glanton

        Have a drink, or a smoke. It’s been over for us, on a macro level, since 1945. Those millions of young men did not die for no reason. The international cabal will not under any circumstances relinquish power no matter who gets voted in. They are prepared to use force if necessary.

        It’s a tearjerking truth, but a truth nonetheless.


      • Yeah people need to stop the optimism
        Trump once said we will find out who did 9/11….well who did it?
        Hillary was going to jail
        He criticizes Sessions etc yet he appointed him and he is the President
        No arrests only Manafort and hes ours

        Dems gained despite having no platform
        2020 will be far worse

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    • This.

      No blue wave on a year when we’ve had a president who was more slandered than any in basically the history of our country is extremely hopeful.

      Everyone knows the Democrats are getting ripped apart internally and theyre just trying to hold it together and not get split into two or three factions, none of whom could compete against a united GOP/Trumpian party. Hipster Socialists vs. Coloreds vs. Jewish Elite Wall Streeters.

      I’m iffy on the GOP not pandering to blacks though. They haven’t figured it out in the last sixty years, there’s little hope that they’ll figure it out now. If some key Cuckservatives get ousted and replaced with White Nationalists though, we might be able to help push the cucks toward reality.


    • 1. “What’s not to like?” is that Trump cannot fund the hypothetical Wall without the House agreeing to fund it. It looks at though it will never be built now. Can’t wait to read Ann Coulter’s next column. I expect the fury of a woman betrayed.

      2. Never start a sentence with the phrase “GOP will realize”.

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  19. on November 6, 2018 at 10:50 pm Libertarian_Pill

    I really don’t get it. The economy is doing really well. And it’s bringing everyone up. The country is not fighting actively in various wars, or doing shenanigans in a volatile region of the planet. The bloodshed has slowed down significantly. There should be a general sense of optimism, yet we are fed scenarios of doom every day by the news. Still, any person should understand that a strong economy (after so many wasted years) and less bloodshed is a good thing which far outbalances any mean things the POTUS may say. I don’t understand the raging hatred of the masses, when times are good. I really don’t get it.

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    • on November 6, 2018 at 11:11 pm Libertarian_Pill

      On a different note, I was really against the protectionist language of the trumpist movement. But when thinking about it deeper, I realized that propping up manufacturing at the expense of more lucrative industries may be a form of creating a more sexually polarized country. I think Trump is more of a creature of instinct than deep thinking, and he must have sensed the danger to the nation’s existence if everyone were to work in an office, leading a sedentary lifestyle – especially detrimental to men. Manufacturing work gives guys much more sense of accomplishment than data entry. Maybe in the big picture of things, sacrificing some economic growth may be worth it, if it saves souls and increases fertility.


      • on November 6, 2018 at 11:20 pm Captain Obvious

        Jesus H Christ, no wonder you idiots are like silly putty in the hands of an enchantress such as Rosenbaum.

        It’s not even fair – you’re at such a profound evolutionary disadvantage to them.

        You’re playing Tic-Tac-Toe while they’re playing 28-dimensional chess all over the graves your ancestors.

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      • on November 6, 2018 at 11:23 pm Captain Obvious

        the graves OF your ancestors


      • you are going to further confuse him
        p.s the word “enchantress” does not exist in the LOLberterian dictionary

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      • What useless, puerile sperged-out dipshits libertarians are.

        Sitting there hypnotized by “muh money” while the rest of the world gets on with the serious business, from time immemorial, of blood and soil.


      • Instinct IS a type of deep thinking. For the super-smart it all just flashes before their eyes, if at all, and its clicks, they act and move. They can unpack it later if they have to or want to. And even then, if they’re too busy, or realize they need to give a short explanation, they’ll explain it in simple terms, with metaphor or parable. With warmth and charm, knowing the common man’s explanation better encapsulates it all, including the emotion, than any pedantic economic treatise. They speak to the deeper intelligence of the other person’s instinct. Which often includes the heart. Which economists basically ignore.

        They know it would do little good, for anyone, to spell out and belabor all the details, define terms, and on and on, blah, blah, blah. They don’t have to sit around and think in circles endlessly to realize men like doing, moving, making and breaking physical stuff, designing and creating, not sedentary paper-pushing. No need to think deeply. It’s the ivory tower libtardians that overthink it all… unto the incorrect conclusions.

        Trump is far smarter than the ivory tower types of both sides think or realize. They don’t want to admit that this man, Orange Man, knows better than they and learned it all while making millions and banging hot chicks while they labored as dorks for years to not even get where he is in life, or in intellect.


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      • on November 7, 2018 at 12:05 am Libertarian_Pill

        I have nothing to do with objectivist theory, which (like the other scientific materialist side of the coin, Marxism) was meant destroy Christianity down. So I am not sure how I am enchanted by that exquisite beauty you keep on bringing up.
        Maybe you get worked up due to the word libertarian, but the essence is diminishing legalism, which is creating many problems in America, and replacing it with a less regulated, law-bound society where cultural mores and social exclusion influence interactions. Most people are probably not as depraved as those in Washington, so I’m not sure why you think fewer laws and less intrusion into people’s lives by the swamp creatures is such a bad thing.


      • Legalisms are the only thing (barely) holding this country together. That’s why you have to have a nation, or a group united by physical, mental and emotional unity: so that people have an idea that not everyone is trying to fuck them all the time so they can let their guards down, be themselves and truly flourish. It’s been nearly a century since any White person could do so.

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      • Cuck Odious

        Nu mor caii cand vor cainii.

        If we’re with Christ, what bad thing can befall us? Did you learn nuffin in that dark place of yours?


      • on November 7, 2018 at 6:52 am John Joel Glanton

        The economy?

        OK. Let me explain this to you. The economy is a ploy designed to distract you from what’s REALLY going on. They manipulate it using artificial money that they conjure out of thin air and make wild conjectures about the hypothetical causes of miniscule fluctuations, as if they matter to anyone.

        An Austrian corporal already proved that the whole science of economics is a sham. You build what you need in country. You take what you need from other countries, by force if necessary. That’s all there is to it. Everything else comes out in the wash.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 8:33 am Corinth Arkadin

        “Sitting there hypnotized by “muh money” while the rest of the world gets on with the serious business, from time immemorial, of blood and soil.”

        Ironsides, you’re pissing me off. You talk about blood and soil when you already given way to every bloodthirsty demand by abandoning the fight.

        Acting like a weak-willed, lily-livered, yellow-shirt wearin’ bitch. What the phuck is wrong with you?

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:15 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “replacing it with a less regulated, law-bound society where cultural mores and social exclusion influence interactions”

        Okay, serious questions: What produces the Nature of the regulations which are regulated? What produces the Nature of the laws which are legalized? What produces the Nature of the culture?

        Furthermore, what produces a willingness to abide by the regulations? To abide by the laws? To partake of & participate in the culture?

        And what in the world do you mean by “Social Exclusion”?

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      • on November 10, 2018 at 12:03 am Libertarian_Pill

        Pelayo, someone said something along the lines of “female intuition is the evolutionary result of thousands of years of not thinking”. Are you saying male intuition is different?


      • on November 10, 2018 at 12:15 am Libertarian_Pill

        Captain, to answer your questions:
        A sense of kinship, of community induces people to abide by social customs.

        As well as social exclusion, or shunning or public shaming for when they act up. Now it’s illegal in the West to not rent a room to a person because of X discriminatory factor, but I don’t think that’s healthy. Public accommodation laws and anti discriminatory laws in essence take away the ability to disassociate freely.

        This kinship could be tribal (we are all Irish), or even ideological (we are all Muslim). But the ideological kinship is likely to fall apart outside of a small very dedicated group (see Muslims slaughtering each other merrily for the pettiest of reasons).

        You ask: what produces the Nature of the regulations which are regulated? What produces the Nature of the laws which are legalized? What produces the Nature of the culture?
        I am not sure about the answer. But it’s pretty apparent that those who set the rules and laws and regulations today are dead set against the population and don’t reflect the views of the community. It’s simply a ploy to siphon the wealth off from the hardworking people to those connected in Washington.
        Most laws place obstacles in people’s lives today rather than follow the nature of the people. I’m not asking for anarchy, just a reduction in this con game perpetuated by lawyers against the population.


    • That sounds like nationalism… can’t have that… read culture of critique


    • We are not homo economicus. The foundation of this created world is spiritual. Get that, and you’ll start to ‘get it.’


    • on November 6, 2018 at 11:51 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Democracy is a racial head count with added Female backstabbing added for flavor.

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    • Many whites have been brainwashed, or they’re going along with the herd to keep from getting thrown out of the herd. Women especially, but many men too.

      The other thing is that soft times create soft people but not happy people. Women especially, you can give them everything they want and they will still despise you and cheat on you. And I will admit that when I finally got a lot of the things I wanted in life like money and women, I went poolside and got soft and lazy until hard times hit again.

      Add endless mud immigration, and we lose.

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    • “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

      Lee Kuan Yew, first Prime Minister of Singapore.

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      • Singapore…I think they lead now in aviation
        They had a white (sic) paper in 2013 to address their low birth rates and immigration was proposed AND rejected.
        They have very strict racial based quotas.
        No one calls them racist. Their women dont seem to sluts.
        I’ve never been but people I know rave about it.


    • “The country is not…doing shenanigans in a volatile region of the planet.”

      Did I read that right?


    • on November 7, 2018 at 2:29 pm Samuel Skinner

      Simple. Evolution is true. Thus the overriding concern is to get a mate. Women are attracted to powerful men. Thus men want to be powerful. You demonstrate power by inflicting pain on others. Therefore whenever people get into groups their overriding goal will be to crush other groups.

      I know, it is hard to comprehend, but many people are willing to see the world burn as long as others suffer more. It is the reason why it took so long for humanity to advance- hard to do so if anything you build gets smashed by someone else angry that you’d be placing yourself ahead of them.





  21. CH, various jews in the mainstream media feel there is antisemitism on both the left and the right… obviously they will continue to promote globalism, but do you see any changes in their approach on the horizon?


  22. This is what comes of delusion of “4D underwater backwards chess” and “Qanon is going to save us with white rabbits” or “Christ the Lord will save us!”

    Trump is either a complete sellout, or he done fucked up bigtime.

    Despite the voluminous mewling of that fucking useless Cuckstian queer “Queen” or “Kang” or whatever that long-shoed clown is, one thing counts in this world.


    Trump did not deliver RESULTS. He farted around Tweeting feebly and gluing his lips to the rectum of Israel, instead of doing his fucking job.

    One does not rally an overwhelming tidal wave of support on the basis of “patiently accumulating some kind of vague undescribed power that will save the situation at some unspecified point in the future, and if you don’t just sit and wait for 99 years taking total inaction on faith, you’re just emotionally incontinent.”

    One does so with RESULTS.

    Trump and the Republicans did jack shit of what was promised. It doesn’t matter in the fucking least whether this was or was not Trump’s fault, even. He is visibly delivering absolutely nothing of what he promised. The Swamp is undrained. Hillary and others are unarrested. The Mexican flood hasn’t been stopped. The Wall is a fantasy that was never worked on and now, with the Dems probably achieving final victory in the House due to demographics, it never will be worked on.

    So his base is discouraged. It’s moot what he would have done 4 years from now if only we’d elected a Republican supermajority and had blind faith in the invisible saviordom of Trump.

    Trump promised a product, he failed to deliver it, and the customers refused to extend more credit after 2 years of dicking around futility.

    That’s it. Period. End of story. End of nation.


  23. Holy shit the fat boon in Georgia is giving her concession speech with FUCKING TELEPROMPTERS.

    She’s so stupid she keeps looking at them sideways like cue cards because she doesn’t realize that fancy white man technology is designed to allow her to to look THROUGH it so she doesn’t look like she’s reading cue cards.

    Seriously turn this shit on and watch her eyes (mute the audio). She’s worse than the gay niBBer president.


    • It pleases me that the good white folks in GA and FLA kept the two members of the Ton Ton Macout that were running for Governor out of office,

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  24. My last comment is in m0d, wherein I tear the Trump cheerleaders a new one.

    Last election for me. Fuck this farce. I’m out. Going to live my life while ignoring everything outside as best as I can, and maybe enjoy life a little without stressing out over this bullshit.

    Done. Fuck ’em all. I no longer care. To hell with the entire piece and play of this “republic” imbecility.

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    • Bye. We’ll call you when other people stay in the fucking trenches and give you the magic country you’re hoping your kids can live in.

      Have a drink, read some Patrick Henry, get a good night’s sleep. When you get up…..fix your bayonet and hit the parade ground again with the rest of us.



      How glorious fall the valiant, sword in hand,
      In front of battle for their native land!
      But oh! what ills await the wretch that yields,
      A recreant outcast from his country’s fields!
      The mother whom he loves shall quit her home,
      An aged father at his side shall roam;
      His little ones shall weeping with him go,
      And a young wife participate his woe;
      While scorned and scowled upon by every face,
      They pine for food, and beg from place to place.

      Stain of his breed! dishonoring manhood’s form,
      All ills shall cleave to him: affliction’s storm
      Shall blind him wandering in the vale of years,
      Till, lost to all but ignominious fears,
      He shall not blush to leave a recreant’s name,
      And children, like himself, inured to shame.
      But we will combat for our fathers’ land,
      And we will drain the life-blood where we stand,
      To save our children.—Fight ye side by side,
      And serried close, ye men of youthful pride,
      Disdaining fear, and deeming light the cost
      Of life itself in glorious battle lost.

      Leave not our sires to stem the unequal fight,
      Whose limbs are nerved no more with buoyant might;
      Nor, lagging backward, let the younger breast
      Permit the man of age (a sight unblest)
      To welter in the combat’s foremost thrust,
      His hoary head dishevelled in the dust,
      And venerable bosom bleeding bare.
      But youth’s fair form, though fallen, is ever fair,
      And beautiful in death the boy appears,
      The hero boy, that dies in blooming years:
      In man’s regret he lives, and woman’s tears;
      More sacred than in life, and lovelier far,
      For having perished in the front of war.

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    • then get out bitch. having a gooddamn fit like a hysteric. we don’t want you fighting beside us


      • Keep lying to yourself about the useless fucking Republicans, loser. You’re not “fighting” anything, you’re just making yourself ridiculous.


    • ironsoy, good. GTFO

      we dont need weak traitors among the ranks. one little bruise and you give up. later’


    • Goodbye, fair weather friend.


    • Libs arent quite seeing us crushed and driven before them, but they sure do hear the lamentations of our Ironsides.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 8:01 am Corinth Arkadin

      Ironsides, where the phuck you gonna go?

      If you stay, pull with us. Otherwise you’re dead weight.

      You let a stumbling block phuck you up? Crawl into a hole and die? Come on, man. You know you won’t let that happen.


      • he is the first republican president to name and repudiate globalism, to speak to the distinct values of the nation and its citizens,

        Actually Reagan and Nixon beat him to punch there, but onward.

        to begin to fix our horrible trade deals that have bled middle america dry, and to speak out and attempt to address the demographic replacement of heritage americans. before him not a single republican candidate even dared to question any of those things

        Sure, in this generation… but thus far, all it has been is talk, and a bit of boasting about how nonWhite unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been.

        What else you got?

        . doing all this subjected him and his family to the slings and arrows of outrageous fiction and torment that will follow them the rest of their lives. he could have easily gone “poolside” and banged playboy bunnys but he choose not to.

        You sound like me when I defended him back in 2016 on those very points, so we’re in violent agreement there. But much was promised, and thus far it’s not been the thunder and lightning needed.

        And with a gridlocked congress now, I don’t foresee much progress over the next two years, while our demographic doomsday clock continues to tick evermore loudly.


    • chug more blackpills than loser. Trump did the best he could with with a Congress full of cucks, Chamber of Commerce traitors, and globalists.


      • Actually, no he didn’t… He left an AWFUL LOT of ammo on the table he could have used, he kissed nonWhite and Israeli ass more than he had to, and aside from a few “gotcha” tweets and rousing rallies, he was pretty much indistinguishable from many former Republican presidents.

        Yeah, we LIKE the SCOTUS stuff, but even that remains to be seen how it works out for Whites and ‘Murrica.


      • he is the first republican president to name and repudiate globalism, to speak to the distinct values of the nation and its citizens, to begin to fix our horrible trade deals that have bled middle america dry, and to speak out and attempt to address the demographic replacement of heritage americans. before him not a single republican candidate even dared to question any of those things. doing all this subjected him and his family to the slings and arrows of outrageous fiction and torment that will follow them the rest of their lives. he could have easily gone “poolside” and banged playboy bunnys but he choose not to.

        as i said before, he is the president of a constitutional republic that places constraints on his powers. he cant just snap his fingers and build the wall and leave NAFTA. 60 votes to pass a bill in the senate is impossible + a house full of cucks and traitors. the reason he speaks about minority unemployment is that if we are going to have a legitimate realignment, we are going to have to take a chunk of the black vote with us. no, it won’t be a lot, but just enough to steal victories, like in texas. people ARE NOT ready for racial realism. not even close. even die-hard trump supporters cringe if I even hint at it.


      • Racial realism is here whether some faggots are ready or not.


    • Drink some Scotch. Get some rest. Things will look different in the morning.
      I don’t like losing allies, and you are a true one.


  25. In 2008, everything looked like it was over. Maybe it was, in a way.

    Keep in mind the things we have dealt with before – the fall of Rome, the black death, the Andalusian caliphate. Look at the legions of mewling soyboys and know they will get what they deserve. Genetic hygiene comes in waves.

    Hard times create strong men. We’re all going to the cosmic gym and the Lord has requested our presence at the squat rack.

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  26. on November 6, 2018 at 11:48 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Invade Mexico, create a DMZ on their side of the border with mines and bobby traps. Demographic problem solved.

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    • Yeah, way too much land creep on this side of the border. Our ranchers shouldn’t have to pay because Mexico is a toilet.

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    • Funny, I said just that to my New Yorker expat co worker who is quite liberal. My reasoning though is that Mexico is so corrupt and that it is essentially a Narco state and a forieign power more hostile than Russia. If Eisenhower or Reagan had to deal with Mexico back then the way it is right now, I’m sure the boarder would be shut and invasion into Mexico would be underway. You can’t have a foreign government handing over its citizens into your country. To sell drugs and then repatriate billions of dollars into its treasury via welfare payments. Killing your youth with what is effectively bio-weapon and turning the light users into zombies. But the democratics and the indoctrinated masses in the blue bubbles have yet to realise what is going on.

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  27. Will Trump be able to beat Oprah in 2020?


  28. The states where Whites vote Democrat are the ones that are either overwhelmingly White (VT, WI, MN), where there are lots of minorities but Whites are able to separate themselves (NY), or where Whites suckle at the federal teet (MD, VA).

    In states that are vibrant, and where there’s no escaping the Horde, our people vote overwhelmingly Republican (see South, the).

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    • This fact cannot be overstated.

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    • This falls in line with the saying that those who are for diversity and multiculturalism are those who are utterly unexperienced with living in other cultures and nations. They are so simplistic and naive that they equate diversity with having a thai place on the corner, and how is that bad?! Pure projection play for them to then call anti-diversity deplorables ‘rubes’ and ‘uncultured’. Again, it is just their subconscious hamsters frantically trying to protect their fragile ego-personas they’ve tried so hard to craft and be liked by everyone for.

      The only ex-pats I know that are pro-diversity are those who have only lived in Europe or S America around other whites, women, or lame ass men who married non-white women and have skin in the game. Even some who have married Asian will at least admit that non-East Asian immigration is the pits and undesirable.

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  29. on November 7, 2018 at 3:57 am Patrick Brehon

    Trump will now proceed to make the Dems his bitches as he did with the GOP.

    Watch the Maestro – of course he has a plan to win already.

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  30. Correction. Abrams over 48% in Georgia.

    This country is fucked.

    Even now whites are 65% of the population.

    So how can communists retake the House?

    The answer is gerrymandering and Jewish activism.

    Literally should be at least 60% control of both houses if things were done fairly. This is the same electorate that elected Trump in a landslide.
    Yeah electoral college.
    But still. If things were done fairly there is no way commies can compete. 80% of tax payers are woke.
    We are enslaved.

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    • on November 7, 2018 at 5:14 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Donning my conspiratorial cap this result allows trump a free hand in foreign policy but shackles his budgets. Senate increase, Representative Decrease.

      War with Iran?


  31. FAILER Taylor Swift opened her mouth only to insert her foot in a big loss for Dems and a big win for GOP in TN.


    • White men barely beat openly anti white Africans in Florida and Georgia. In Georgia the candidate was the female 400 pound 80 IQ variety with no bone in the upper nose, just nostrils visible from straight on, like apes in the zoo. You see them working at the DMV and all other gibs AA government jobs. And at McDonald’s (which used to be a job for white teenagers).

      In Florida the commie is a mulatto who probably cracks 98 IQ, just enough to be stupid enough to take bribes while mayor.

      Governor Scott barely beat NPC Bill Nelson for senate, but he’s a cuck RINO anyway.

      We are screwed. No way a white man can win after about 2024.


      • Just keep redpilling. Not all of our people will survive what’s coming, nor do they all deserve to. The ones worth saving will eventually listen, and the genetic dead ends will never learn. Every day make a little act of resistance again you know who. Deny them another sale, a promotion, a little favor, another family full of tickets sold to one of their dreadful movies. Every day, push the envelope, push the normies to look a little bit closer at their predicament, at who seems to always be pulling the strings. Every day you will fight. Every day.

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 8:05 am Corinth Arkadin

        Stock up on ammo.

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      • I do both of those things.

        And my wife doesn’t get it. Not easy.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 2:44 pm Carlos Danger

        She just balks at the cost of $750 a month for cases of .308.


  32. This, of course, is the problem with lying.

    Trump lied about building the Wall.

    Trump lied about draining the Swamp.

    Trump lied about protecting free speech.

    Trump lied about stopping/getting rid of illegals.

    Trump lied about “winning until we’re sick of winning.”

    And CH lied, over and over again, about how the left is on their last legs, about how Trump has everything so tied up it’s basically just the mop-up, how any second now the Deep State is going to be purged, etc. etc.

    After you’ve lied outrageously enough times, promising victory only for reality to deal out defeat, people eventually stop lying to themselves and cease to believe the next useless whopper that you come out trumpeting and grinning and hooting about. You can only whip up enthusiasm over the mirage of victory so many times when it inevitably gives place to one crushing defeat after another.

    Disgusting. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. it’s more demoralizing to be worked up over and over with fake enthusiasm than to just be confronted with the grim reality of defeat and get over it.

    I no longer believe Trump. I no longer believe you. You people have been living on an infinite line of confidence credit. Well, the credit’s dried up. You’re con men who have delivered nothing and will deliver nothing except futile hot air.


    • Democracy is not the answer.

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    • The problem lies in demographics


    • And the ‘Guantanamo something will happen ‘reminded me of Carlos Danger’s watch this space before the 2016 election…

      Trump plays the long game. …we all knew he’d get 2 years minimum …some weird appointments in Sessions, Haley etc


      • on November 7, 2018 at 2:45 pm Carlos Danger

        None of that is off the table, not even close. I can’t control the timing but the money was being spent for some reason.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 8:13 am Corinth Arkadin

      Time for Prozac then, Ironsides. You’re letting despair get the better of you. You don’t seem to have a tremendous amount of life experience. How many times have you won against the odds?

      You’re reminding me of a fellow officer’s candidate in USMC OCS. He refused to follow my orders to surmount a seemingly impossible obstacle. I relieved him, then showed him how to do it.

      He was a graduate of the Citadel. I am of Philadelphia inner city birth and former enlisted man.

      I told him later, “If you don’t have cover, you make cover.”

      Obstacles are meant to be conquered. Mountains are there to be climbed.

      This is the essence of leadership. Inspire the fight in others.

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    • youre an idiot.

      Trump is not a KING, he is the President of a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC with SEVERE constraints on his power. He cant just BUILD DA WALL with a pen-stroke. He could have EASILY gotten impeached if he acted too far too soon. Most of the republicans in congress LOATH him. Trump in office is still a GAZILLION times better than having Hillary in office.

      go menstruate somewhere else cucklord.


      • Trump in office is still a GAZILLION times better than having Hillary in office.

        We keep hearing this, but it begs the question.

        Nobody is advocating for what the alternative would have been.

        But to me, Trump’s biggest failure is not using the bully pulpit power of his position for anything more than tweets about the dweebs who try to neener-neener him over stupid shitlib talking points, or boasting about how good he’s been to nonWhites and jews.

        And he didn’t say he’s TRY to build a wall, but look folks, there’s only so much I can do.

        He said he’d build it, and even had the balls to say Mexico would pay for it (which they very well could if he just slapped a tax on all the money being sent back into that country from the legals and millions of illegals who are currently in this country..

        Braggadocio and empty promises we can get from our own alt-R echo chambers, thank you very much.


    • Someone expects life to be easy? That’s a typical life approach of the folks who voted us into this mess.

      Game cheat: Keep digging until you find the answer. Hint: They are all in one collection of books. And, once you realize the Truth, all of this will not only make sense, getting through it will be much easier on your soul. Besides, we already know what is in store for us and for the nation.

      “But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get weary; they will walk and not grow weak.”– Isaiah 41:10

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    • CH Smoke this fool already.


    • Sorry but Trump is not going to solve our problems for us. We have always had to fight tooth and nail for every scrap of cultural and political ground that we can get – and Trump isn’t going to change that. He isn’t a saviour, he’s a force of nature. He has torn a blazing trail through the cultural and political establishment, but we can’t rely on him for everything. It’s up to the men with their feet on the ground to lay claim to the territory in the wake of his destruction. We still have to fight tooth and nail for every scrap: but now those scraps are bigger, more meaningful.

      The point is, we can’t rely on Trump, but we can utilize him. And be grateful, we’ve come a long way in a very short time. The overton window is further right than it has been in a very long time. WN talking points are mainstream. Nationalism is an actual threat to be reckoned with rather than a hypothetical bogey-man. We’ve got it easy compared to men like Enoch Powell and William Pierce and we’re doing much less with the opportunities we’ve been given. We’re gaining ground, slowly now, but steadily, we just have to keep pushing.


  33. Let’s see what happens next. The caravan is still going north.


  34. Pretty run of the mill midterm. Incumbent party loses House seats, favorable map lets them gain in Senate. Nothing too wacky.

    And that is pretty awful. The fact that Democrats have turned into a party of complete lunatics and still remain competitve proves that democracy is not the way out of this mess. Democrats can run on mandatory castration and they’d still get the same amount of votes. NPCs and gibs,


    • on November 7, 2018 at 7:36 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      The brains of Nog men must be mush.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 8:21 am gunslingergregi

      Democrats can run on mandatory castration and they’d still get the same amount of votes. ””””’

      holy lolzzzzzzz

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    • The fact that Democrats have turned into a party of complete lunatics and still remain competitve proves that democracy is not the way out of this mess.

      Emphasis noted.

      Not that we ACTUALLY thought democracy was, mind you.

      On a side note, where’s our Gitmo surprise? :duckface

      Did it get put into the unicorn fodder with all the October surprises we were promised?

      And it wasn’t too long ago, we were promised arrest of Pelosi for selling missile secrets to North Korea.

      Now she’s Speaker of the House.

      Good call, Q dweebs… go join the clowns over at ZH and freerepublic and cook up your next batch of diversionary bullshit.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  35. Repubs ignored skyrocketing health care costs and it cost them unnecessary losses. Defending the border was popular, but wasn’t enough to carry the day. Repubs were out of touch. Too much 1960s traditional republican schlock and not enough populism. Not much was mentioned about increasing wages either. Repubs should have had a red wave, but they were stupid.


    • I agree that healthcare costs R house seats. For whatever reason, they are incapable of putting together a cost-lowering bill. The Dem solution is that White people and men should pay for minorities who eat themselves into comas and women. This wins them votes. Rs need a real health care proposal to counter this.


      • There is no way to do this. All these welfare programs are massive wealth transfers from whites to blacks.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:28 am Captain Obvious

        theasdgamer: “Repubs ignored skyrocketing health care costs and it cost them unnecessary losses.”

        williamk: “I agree that healthcare costs R house seats.”


    • Absolutely, “carrying the day” is the name of the game.


    • Defending the border was popular, but wasn’t enough to carry the day.

      Was our border defended? What did I miss?


    • Dems played the shell game with health care, promising that preexisting conditions would be covered but failing to mention the substantial increase in premiums to cover their promise. Republican plans should reduce the cost of regulation (reduce regulation overkill) and incentivize having kids and marriage tax breaks. They should also expose the dems’ health care shell game with a clever ad. But repub strategists aren’t known for being clever and creative.


      • Good point… in the pol ads this season, all I heard was health care and pre-existing conditions, as if the Dems were going to wave a magic wand and everyone gets free health care, no matter how diseased and crippled.


      • Greg, people (especially young people) are incentivized to not get health insurance if they can be guaranteed insurance if they eventually discover that they have preexisting conditions. The Dem plan encourages freeloading.


    • I self insure and healthcare is eating my lunch. Premiums have tripled in three year. Deductible was $500, this year $1,750. High out of pocket maximums, higher copays. And I get top tier healthcare.

      Also, it now takes me about 3 months to get an appoint with my main doctor. Used to take about 2 weeks if I wanted flexibility in schedule.

      I guess I should take comfort knowing the new diversitys reflected in the waiting room area are getting everything I everything that I pay for…for free.

      Last March was in the waiting room, Hispanic grandma ma, daughter and kid are talking perfectly good English next to me. Grandma tried to pass a fake or fraudulent healthcare card. When the front office lady came out to talk to her about it being registered to a different person, all the sudden not a one could speak English…all no se, no se, no se. The admin lady caved and said “we’ll figure something out, you can keep your appointment”

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  36. I saw on Breitbart that Yoder lost. He sold out American workers, especially IT workers. Glad he’s gone.

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  37. Boy, nothing like a little bad news to bring out the worst in people.

    And here I was thinking the men of the Chateau were thick skinned and resolute. Turns out many among us are just little boys acting Real Tough Online.

    You think this election changes anything? Are you not still a man? Do you not still have your balls? Grow the fuck up.

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    • Diversity fatigue


    • on November 7, 2018 at 7:39 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Might have been a good thing in terms of ridding the house of a variety of out and out traitors.

      a list of 40 racist contenders needs to be compiled for 2020.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 8:28 am Corinth Arkadin


      The final numbers aren’t even tallied and people are crying. So the phuck what? A bunch of phucking faggots!

      It’s ok to despair. Just do it in private.


    • You chest-pounders are working out of your own dictionaries yet again I see.

      Anger and disgust are not despair.

      That the Dems were even competitive, let alone gaining seats, rings a pretty pathetic bell about this country…

      Added to the fact that getting giddy over presidential neener-neener tweets while the border is still open and our own God Emperor seems to be most proud of nonWhite unemployment while he shucks and jives with rappers shows that the rah-rah boys had better be a bit more introspective before calling names to those of us with enough eyes and bile left to call a spade a spade.

      Most important, we’re still badly losing the culture war, the (((MSM))) is still solidly in the hands of those who would see us dead, and third worlders are emboldened to head this way by the tens of thousands.

      We’ve got an AG who could star in a remake of The Invisible Man, an assistance AG who speaks open treason against the president, and an entire gummint still writing blank checks to Israel.

      And we can’t even get a little Gitmo surprise, go figger.

      So while I agree that the sky hasn’t fallen merely because the House done gone Blue, it’s not a big macht’s nichts either… it means two more years of (((MSM))) bullshit about muh Russia, muh refugees, muh impeachment, and whatever else the Dems can cock up.

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      • Agree with brother Greg.

        I realize those who came before us saw much worse, but I’m not exactly excited about spending the rest of my life fighting an uphill battle against the globohomo-mud army with both hands tied behind my back.

        I don’t have a family yet. If I do I have no idea what I’ll do to protect them from a culture set up to corrupt and destroy them. And I’m in a part of the country where young white women are on the decline both in number and quality.

        I think I still have my balls. What I don’t have are a plan and real life allies (as much as I like my internet autistic alt-right bros).


      • “What I don’t have are a plan …”

        Glad you said that.

        Have a plan. Above all, have a plan. And make the execution of the plan your sole priority.

        I achieved two huge successes in life because I committed every ounce of my attention and energy to my plan, and against extremely discouraging odds.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 10:07 am Corinth Arkadin

        {Chest pounders”

        GE, perhaps you ought to consult a thesaurus, read the comments poasted, and report back to me with refresher in the English language.

        I’m working from an element that you have no degree in; i.e. skills, knowledge and power. I’m wondering why you think you have big balls when you constantly get them busted here by LCDs.

        Put your trust in Christ, rightfully.

        Weighed, Numbered, and Divided. You are found lacking.


      • Corinth, your self-congratulatory claptrap noted… you made more sense when you pounding your chest, rather than patting yourself on the back.

        Try not to hurt your shoulder.


      • PA, thanks for your comment.

        It’s one thing my father would always impress upon me–devising a plan and seeing it through.

        I’ll say that last night gave me more resolve to get my fplan underway, but in earnest as opposed to just saying it.

        I’ve detailed it enough–wasting time doing it–so now I’m finally going to see it through.

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      • read the comments poasted, and report back to me

        Just in this subthread alone I see two agreeing with me, and the venerable PA giving general advice of a sound variety to the man who agreed with me the loudest.

        What was your point again?


      • “That the Dems were even competitive, let alone gaining seats, rings a pretty pathetic bell about this country…”

        The Republicans put ZERO effort into this election. They were so pathetic they didn’t even phone it in, because that would have required that they pick up a phone.

        Their candidates were, almost universally, awful. A guy named Guy was about the best of them here in PA, and he won. John James put forth a great effort, but fell short. There was an R flip in MN who put up a great fight.

        DeSantis and the Senate candidate in FL won, despite barely, “running” for anything; Scott Wagner and Lou Barletta here in PA merely had their names on ballots.

        The Democrats didn’t win based on demographics, they won based on voter apathy and pretending to be, “moderates”. And they fought. A R-to-D flip in VA was campaigning since summer and her opponent was entirely MIA.

        The RNC did almost nothing to help any of the losing R candidates, including holding back a great deal of money.

        Despite claims of above-average turnout, voters – particularly Rs in PA, WI and MI – seemed to sit this one out, and rightly so given how pathetic the R candidates were and the fact that they put forth no effort in their campaigns.

        The Ds won a small majority; there was no blue wave, and the margins in many of their victories were small. Had more R voters turned out, this could have easily gone the other way. Of course, the Rs would have had to have given the people a reason to vote for them, and that’s hard when they don’t actually run a campaign as opposed to just putting their names on the ballot and saying, “vote for us”.

        On that voter apathy point, one site I monitor claims that only 3,000,000 people voted in CA. If I remember correctly there were 8,500,000 votes cast in the 2016 Presidential Election.

        Demographics are a long-term problem, but don’t attribute to demographics what is properly attributed to inexcusable levels of apathy, a spate of terrible R candidates, zero effort and zero energy on the part of said candidates and zero support by the RNC.

        The Senate and Governorship wins last night were due SOLELY to Lord Trump’s efforts.

        [CH: just because quality of candidate and voter enthusiasm matter doesn’t mean demographics don’t matter. that’s a common confusion i hear from GOP apologists. Dems ARE winning on a demographic sea change; it’s just that the winning is happening over a longer time scale than one election.]


      • on November 7, 2018 at 11:01 am Corinth Arkadin

        Greg, I bet your one of those Protestant Missionaries, aren’t you.

        BTW, my challenge still stands. Lace up the Everlasts any time with me. You live close.

        Put your money where your mouth is, faggot.


      • Oy, internet tough guy is tough… if you can’t beat me in a battle of wits in Cyberia, what makes you think you’re not going to embarrass yourself even further in meat world?


      • The Republicans put ZERO effort into this election. They were so pathetic they didn’t even phone it in, because that would have required that they pick up a phone.

        Well, assuming that’s true (I can’t really know), as more than one yegg ’round chere pointed out, even in traditional red states some real weird blue candidates almost won.

        I really think these elections show how ‘Murrica is pretty much at a demographic crossroads that we’ve all dreaded. Shitlib+shitskin coalition, before they eat their own, spell bad news for Heritage America.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 12:46 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Signal your acceptance of the bout via CH here:


        Include your e-mail address. CH has mine already.

        We will then continue on to Phase II, which will include communications between ourselves, set-ups of the training period, setting up escrow, then scheduling the big Duke-A-Roo.

        If you’re giggling through your nose, I am deadly serious. I said before, Bring Back Dueling. This is a duel, and a challenge and I expect you to meet it.

        Or STFU and GTFO.

        THAT is my point.

        Make it so.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 12:48 pm Corinth Arkadin

        My last comment caught in mod. I notice you didn’t accept the challenge, faggot.

        Signal your acceptance of the bout via CH.

        Include your e-mail address. CH has mine already.

        We will then continue on to Phase II, which will include communications between ourselves, set-ups of the training period, setting up escrow, then scheduling the big Duke-A-Roo.

        If you’re giggling through your nose, I am deadly serious. I said before, Bring Back Dueling. This is a duel, and a challenge and I expect you to meet it.

        Or STFU and GTFO.

        THAT is my point.


      • Wha, you think I’m going to give my contact info to a stranger in Cyberia, ESPECIALLY on a forum full of fed and JIDF shills… and, like yourself, somewhat unbalanced?

        If disagreeing with you and then making you look foolish for trying to neener-neener me is cause for you to put up your dukes, then go work off your frustrations in the gym… I have no time for that sort of puerility…

        ,,, and remember that Code Duello requires a meeting of equals, with your slurs against Christ and general South Park “faggot” snark, you don’t qualify.


      • always said this “Corinth Aradkin” personae wasn’t all that…


  38. on November 7, 2018 at 7:34 am shitpost mcpoop

    Congratulations – today is day 1 of our campaign to 2020. First, let’s start with a victory song:

    Today we take a dispassionate look at the campaigns that won, and the ones that failed.

    Today we start compiling the list of PACS and other action groups (Moms Demand Action), look at their tactics, and find ways to their own tactics against them.

    Today we start vetting our 2020 candidates. Vetting the fuck out of them.

    Today point out to our disappointed boomers the ugly truths about the election and start moving their enfeebled craniums in the direction we need them to go in.

    Today we start preparing for the battles we’re going to face in the next war.

    Those of you crying about the futility of it all and declaring how ‘over it’ you are should be summarily shot on sight. Whining is for liberals, sore losers, and poosies. We need men standing up to fight, not sitting down on the potty.



    • on November 7, 2018 at 8:44 am shitpost mcpoop

      Gab is okay for free speech, but who are activating on our side to protect our interests? Who is running the White People ADL? Where is the wiki collecting everything anyone has ever said regarding hating white people? Who is calling them out and demanding that they are held accountable for this? Wouldn’t that be a good start?


      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:43 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        I’ve got a feeling that they are going to have a romance.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:49 am Captain Obvious

        ^^^^^A Force of Nature.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:54 am Captain Obvious


      • Cute; that was a “here, let me hold your coat while you and him fight”.
        I think Trump wanted this outcome for his re-election. For two years he had an anti-Trump Congress that was still pining for Jeb and didn’t accomplish anything of significance except a tax cut no one was asking for. If he has a House that isn’t giving him the bills he wants, then it might as well be under the control of the opposition party so he can unload on them.
        He probably regards two years of spectacles like Maxine Waters as Banking Committee Chair and all the other craziness to come as something he can sink his teeth into, complete turning the Republicans into the Trump party and mobilize for 2020. Who knows if the Donks will even do something stupid like have an internal fight over an impeachment attempt.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 9:56 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I’ve got a feeling that they are going to have a romance.”

        I’ve been trying to get that idea through M0d since last night, but no luck so far.

        Also, look for Don Jr to make a move on Ocasio-Cortez.


    • As the rising tide of color displaces Whites, which nonWhites, exactly, are going to be impressed by these efforts?

      Which White women are suddenly going to say “Ah, NOW I see” when we show them all the antiWhite speech that the (((MSM))) has been broadcasting 24/7 past them for the prior several years?

      Time to start building private armies faster than private schools.

      Nobody is persuaded anymore by sound logic and rational debate.


      • Greg Eliot. Great comments as usual. I don’t post here, as l am busy fucking up anyone and anybody from deep behind enemy lines in philadelphia


    • on November 7, 2018 at 10:01 am Flyover Hayseed

      “Today point out to our disappointed boomers the ugly truths about the election and start moving their enfeebled craniums in the direction we need them to go in.”

      Your generation wasn’t even disappointed. Their craniums are full of mush.


  39. CH, did you catch that clip of Don Lemon talking about white men?


  40. Something that kind of gets old is how Libertarians exist, and how they sit there playing Pretend World at the expense of the remaining good people in this country. They’re weaklings with a weakling outlook, and all it would take for them to get their head out of their ass and straighten-up would be a good beat-down, reminiscent of their high school days. Maybe stick a few heads in a few toilets. If that got in the news, all the better. It should be a National Holiday, “Haze a Libertarian Day.” Even better, go after their presidential nominees and film the bullying. Hilarious fun and an easy victory.

    Rule no. 1, there can be no conservative third party.


  41. If all white men had 6 or seven white kids with their white wife we wouldn’t have a demographic nightmare. Especially if we had secure borders and ports. Some don’t want to get married in America and thats understandably a valid point. If one wants to have kids then atleast be the head of the house and have a wife that believes traditional roles are normal.
    White men need to fight with their cocks. Get it wet and spread your seed.


  42. on November 7, 2018 at 8:35 am Proud Non-Reader

    lol the libs i know are back to screeching “fuck white pipo” and lamenting how stupid and hateful rural whites are, and how great it’d be if they didn’t exist.

    so i’m guessing the result wasn’t as good for them as the eeyores on the right are making out


  43. on November 7, 2018 at 8:41 am Corinth Arkadin

    BTW, I get all my relevant news from CH; this includes links. I boot up my ‘puter, I come right here.

    I don’t know if this blog is a part-time gig, but I want MOAR.
    Everything else is simply dust in my teeth.

    To steal from Fast Eddie, glad you’re all my bros, even the ones that seem to have lost the fire in their belly somewhat overnight.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. Eeking out wins over complete nutjobs in historically Republican strongholds does not inspire confidence in the future. Oy vey.


    • But remember:

      Things always look darkest before they go TOTALLY black. 😉

      The situation is hopeless, but not serious.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 10:10 am Corinth Arkadin

        “Hopeless but not serious”

        Is English your first language? Methinks you better hit the textbooks again, tiger.



      • Alas, yet another jest fallen flat!

        Or did it just fly over yo’ haid?

        It’s a wry expression from an older wry proverb.


        The most recent use, if memory serves, was in a book titled The Pursuit of Unhappiness.


      • “Uh, duh, gee, Mr. Eliot… I was wrong to try and neener-neener you… I just didn’t get the reference.”

        That’s okay, kid… apology accepted. I didn’t know shit when I was your age either.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 11:05 am Corinth Arkadin

        Yes, It did, as many of your statements do. Keyboard warrior.

        Lace up. Let’s DO IT, faggot. I’ve been waitin’ to beat the dogsh!t outta you in person, you whiny Jesus bitch.

        You phuckin’ ‘lil woman. I’ll even DONATE to your church.


      • IMO, this is not how we win


      • IMO, this is not how we win

        Gallows humor is more useful than despair.


      • Yes, It did, as many of your statements do.

        Well, then, don’t try to snow the snowman.

        Here’s another reference which even YOU should get:

        Keyboard warrior.

        Lace up. Let’s DO IT, faggot. I’ve been waitin’ to beat the dogsh!t outta you in person, you whiny Jesus bitch.

        You phuckin’ ‘lil woman. I’ll even DONATE to your church.

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! Keyboard warrior, eh? When I fight, ain’t no laces in the equation, Spartacus.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Bros before Is-ros


      • on November 7, 2018 at 12:52 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Still typing. Answer the challenge. YES or NO.

        Stop trying to cloud everything with your faggotry and wiki-links. No one cares.



  45. The foul mouthed shitlib female traitorous cunts on twitter come out with the usual cliches
    White man is responsible for:
    Stealing Native land (even though Beta Bob has given them land and tax exemptions and white female shitlib cunts are still happy to live on stolen land)
    Slavery (even though Beta Bob fought to free the nigs)
    The Holox (even though Beta Bob stormer the beaches of Normandy)
    And a new one
    White men are terrorists

    These are our women stabbing us …we can blame the Frankfurt School etc but no one is holding a gun to these cunts heads
    They need to be dealt with and not tolerated by thirsty betas
    That’s the main problem there

    And these fucking white alphas…the 20% getting the 80%….while you fuck some skank your fucking nation is going down the toilet


    • on November 7, 2018 at 10:11 am Corinth Arkadin

      We stole American Indian’s land, but they cheer for Israel.

      Cue Le Happy Merchant.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 10:59 am Tatless & Beardless

      Indeed Lichtof, very important for men in a position of authority (higher SMV) to try and keep females on side and not use them, unless of course they are complete thots. The FF school is entirely to blame for all of this, but then you could argue that it was up to men to adhere to Chritstian values when all this BS came out after the 50s and maintain some discipline which would have been immune to this whole BS ideology.

      I feel your pain.


  46. Surprisingly the best commentary I heard came from a fat blackie on CNN, “This was a split decision in terms of the seats available. In boxing, when you have a split decision it goes to the reigning champion- and that is Donald Trump.”

    Libtards- all you have is one half of one branch of government. We expanding the majority in the senate. Trump can pick the next SCOTUS as someone just barely left of Uncle Adolf, and he will be confirmed.

    All of their little star players lost: Gillum and Beta especially.

    Retaining the house was always unlikely. I see this as the second best possible outcome.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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    • Aptly put, and your synopsis is pretty much the best that one can take away from the midterms… which isn’t cause for much cheer, regardless.

      So now we start the Big Dick Around sequel, the Real Soon Now anticipations, and the Neener-Neener “Not Tired Of Winning!” Tweets for the next two years and see what 2020 brings.


      • I’m with ya, GE. I get tired of the sanguine proclamations of “any day now” just as much as the next guy. The only corrective actions we can take at this point are extreme:
        Build the wall
        Deport illegals (and their beanlets)
        Repeal the 19th
        Roll back Loving v. Virginia
        Start a White Family Planning Program (or at least coerce hollyweird into making movies that showcase White families as a status marker rather than an encumbrance to the go girl career-shrike.)

        All of these things would have to be implemented immediately to see real change. I don’t see any of those things as being likely in the immediate future. So I’ve adjusted my expectations. We fight the decline with the best weapon we’ve got- and that’s Trump.

        Everywhere Trump threw his weight, we came out on top. Missouri, Tennessee (fuck you Taylor Swift) and Florida.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 9:44 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      1/2 of 1/3


    • Hot take, very hot.


    • + Senate majority expanded
      + God willing, we get one and maybe two more SCOTUS pics before 2020, and they’ll be harder to obstruct
      + Hopefully we also get a functioning AG
      + The more obnoxious moonbats lost, except for ones like the socialist bartender who were safely ensconced in places that would happily elect Joe Stalin anyway *

      – Given shitlibs had to defend 10 red-state Senate seats, we should have done far better
      – Shitlibs will call this a win and believe it
      – 1.4M felons given vote in FL, an obvious ploy to steal the state in 2020
      – Might be harder to go after Big Tech now, and they’ll be embolden to turn up the propaganda and censorship even more in 2020
      – Expect more Kavanaughing and general leftist t3rrorism

      In conclusion, we had a chance to delay Civil War 2 by a few years, and blew it.

      * Campaign slogan: “Maybe We Won’t Have Your Whole F4mily Shot”


      • Damn, are there really THAT many felons in FL alone?

        Geez, Louise… there’s a black pill to swallow, especially since it probably will start the ball rolling for like legislation throughout the other states.

        Mene mene tekel upharsin, youse yeggs.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 11:07 am Corinth Arkadin

        “Mene mene tekel upharsi”

        You can’t even be original in your quotes, man. You gotta steal mine AGAIN.



      • As “Public Citizen” (first initial: N) put it: ‘Florida just passed Amendment 4, restoring voting rights to 1.4 million people with a past felony conviction. Not only does this repeal one of the country’s worst Jim Crow laws, it’s also the largest expansion in voting rights since the Voting Rights Act.’

        Got that, bigot? If you oppose violent animals voting, we have a free Klan robe for you.


      • As “Public Citizen” (first initial: N) put it: ‘Florida just passed Amendment 4, restoring voting rights to 1.4 million people with a past f3lony conviction. Not only does this repeal one of the country’s worst J1m Cr0w laws, it’s also the largest expansion in voting rights since the Voting Rights Act.’

        Got that, b1got? If you oppose violent 4nimals voting, we have a free Kl4n robe for you.


      • ou can’t even be original in your quotes, man. You gotta steal mine AGAIN.


        WTF are you on about now?

        I was quoting that handwriting on the wall phrase from Scripture years ago ’round chere. Go back over the archives, if you don’t believe me.

        How much deeper in a hole are you going to get before you stop digging?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Look at the number of votes…the Dems killed it
        Two more years of immigrants getting registered (the ballots in Virginia are in Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean) and young shitlibs being able to vote …I expect Trump to lose in 2020.
        Florida, Texas and Arizona will turn blue.
        That’s not being a pussy etc that is probably a reality .
        Pretty lies perish on here after all

        And Kamala Harris said the caravan should be welcomed so how many future caravans will there be?

        [CH: not that i disagree with your essential premise, but the popular vote tally you see in the fake news is misleading because it includes a huge democrat pool of voters in CA where two Dems squared off (there was no R opponent)]


      • A new trend by me is bumper stickers saying ‘the future is women of color’
        No fucking all inclusive love there or ‘we are all one race…brothers and sisters ‘
        The amount of women of color getting elected as someone said above…the US will turn into the DMV


      • Sessions fired.


    • on November 8, 2018 at 8:45 pm Libertarian_Pill

      The Democrats have the bureaucracy as well, which must count for something.


    • on November 8, 2018 at 8:45 pm Libertarian_Pill

      The Democrats have the bureaucracy as well, which must count for something.


  47. on November 7, 2018 at 9:44 am Captain Obvious

    MASSIVE LOSER: Cuck Ryan [unless you consider that Cuck the Passive Aggressive Sociopath got precisely what he wanted last night]

    YUGE WINNER: B!tch McConnell – wins Gorsuch, wins Tax Cuts, wins Kavanaugh, wins Midterms

    PAST TRAITOR: Juan McAmnesty’s vote to preserve Obamacare probably cost the GOP 20 or 30 House seats.

    FUTURE TRAITOR: C1it Romney is gonna be a constant thorn in the G0d Emperor’s side for the next six years.

    BIG QUESTION #1: Will Kevin McCarthy be voted Minority Leader, or will Heritage Amerikkkanz unseat him?

    BIG QUESTION #2: Will the G0d Emperor develop a “Special Relationship” with Nancy Pelosi?

    BIG QUESTION #3: Will the G0d Emperor – or more like the newly free Don Jr – develop a “Special Relationship” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?


  48. on November 7, 2018 at 10:14 am Enfant Terrible

    Democracy + Jews = Chaos and destruction.

    The moment the WASP rulers of the US allowed the Jews access to the halls of power, they seeded the seeds of their own destruction.

    To have a western civilization, one needs to be ruled by westerners, not Jews, which are hostile aliens to western people’s civilization.

    Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, are not the problem. Those people, under the guiding hand of the white men will work to integrate themselves. The Jews on the other hand, will work to undermine the white man’s culture, religion, civilization, which they see as an enemy of their own.

    The US is doomed, unless it radically departs from where it’s at. The culture of the US is corrupt and degenerate. The US is a hollowed shell of a country where people define themselves through consumer choices, and bs political associations. It’s pretty sad.


    • As you said the WASPs allowed or abdicated as Trav said
      Shitlibs love to talk about defeating the nahzees but the US of 1945 and of white men is dead.
      As I point out much to their chagrin.
      The US of the 1980s is dead.

      The tribe gots the cash and every man has a price.
      Even Trumpenfuhrer is surrounded by them.
      Bolsonaro’s sons vacation in [email protected] wearing [email protected] t shirts


    • on November 7, 2018 at 2:48 pm Samuel Skinner

      “The moment the WASP rulers of the US allowed the Jews access to the halls of power, they seeded the seeds of their own destruction. ”

      The WASPs were already dying. It isn’t like “Jews are bad” is a message never uttered in history. The problem was the WASPs fought among and back stabbed themselves and embraced feminism to give them cover to fuck each other over. Feminism leads to low birth rates among the elite which leads to importing hostile foreigners to rule.

      “Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, are not the problem. Those people, under the guiding hand of the white men will work to integrate themselves.”

      Blacks have a had a separate culture for 4 centuries. They aren’t going to integrate. Stop trying to make it happen.

      “The Jews on the other hand, will work to undermine the white man’s culture, religion, civilization, which they see as an enemy of their own. ”

      Jews are thermite, but all minorities are hostile to mainstream culture. Immigration inevitably destroys civilizations and democracy inevitably leads to immigration in order to import voters.

      “The US is doomed, unless it radically departs from where it’s at.”

      There is no ethnic group in the United States that has above replacement birth rates- Hispanics are only boosted by immigrants (drops below in two generations).

      Leaving aside the atrocities, the insanity, the crimes… the US is devouring the human capital that took millennia to create. The sooner it breaks, the better otherwise it will not just destroy the white population, but end up drawing in and devouring intelligent people world wide.


  49. If only youse yeggs could have seen what I imagined…

    … attack ships off the coast of Honduras… cat ladies chasing laser pointer beams outside the Supreme Court…

    … all those votes, lost in time, like shitlib tears in acid rain.

    Time to lift.


  50. on November 7, 2018 at 11:20 am Alea Iacta Est

    lookin’ exit poll reports. gawd I want to repeal the 19th amendment. Glad I voted in Florida, but from now on I’m telling every woman except my conservative daughter that they shouldn’t vote…


  51. As they say, past is prologue. Can’t fucking believe that I may have to hear the phrase “Speaker Pelosi” twice in my lifetime. I live in Pa, and the forced redrawing of the districts to favor the democrats was the major factor in so many dem pickups here.

    When white, democrat blue-collar workers voted for Trump in 2016, they were sold on Trump being the better deal than Hillary, but the favoring of the President in the midterms has little bearing on how they feel about the House or Senate member running. Reagan won a 49 and 48 state landslide in 1980 and 1984 respectively, and even then he never had a majority in the House and only 2 of the 8 years with a Senate majority. Simply too many Republicans were vulnerable, there was no getting around it. Historically things could have been a lot worse, considering that Blackie-McDarkstein lost 63 seats in the House in 2010.


  52. The exit poll is out


    White men 60:39
    White women 49:49 clearly divided

    Gender Gap 21% (+21 +0)

    Its actually worse than the 2016 election, where the majority of white women voted Trump.

    Republicans were annihilated mostly among white college educated women, where the result is worse than the 2016 election 59D 39R

    No generation Zyklon among whites, young people are the most left wing group among whites.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 11:59 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      It’s worse than I thought with women.

      One can only hope that the Pelosi House is constructive in some way.

      White women went 50:50? What the fuck.


      • My theory is that all the Me Too and sex assault noise triggered them into feminist/man hating mode.

        But there were early signs about this and i already commented about this here, before one month. There are record female donations for the Dem party and a record number of women are being elected, almost all of them Democrats.

        Lib media is proud of it and calls it the “year of the woman”.


      • What do you make of this?

        “By 2040, most of the nation’s voters – including most liberals – will live in 15 of our 50 states. That means Democrats will solidly control only 30 Senate seats, even if they dominate in the House.

        That leaves 70 Senate seats belonging to states filled with mostly rural, conservative and older voters. In other words, the GOP’s rock-solid base.”

        “The message for Democrats is bleak: any hope of a Senate majority runs through conservative red states like Missouri, Indiana and North Dakota. All states that Democrats just lost handily.

        This wipeout of moderates has been a long time coming, of course. The Democratic Party has abandoned pragmatic politicians in favor of more extreme ideologues. (So has the Republican Party for that matter.)”

        “For liberals, that has equaled a wicked embrace of “progressive” activists who are demanding open borders, impossibly expensive healthcare programs, and a socialist takeover of the economy.

        So let Pelosi and her fellow Democrats celebrate their House victory. Their joy will almost certainly be short-lived. Trump and Senate Republicans will soon return to the upper chamber and continue to shape the judiciary – and with it, the very fabric of American life.”



      • @RikF

        This is total ignorance. Only white people are voting right and white people are declining in all states, more whites are also dying than being born. With every year 1 million non-white immigrants are taken in. All other groups are even more partisan than whites, the big news from this election is that asians (previously seen by some as white allies) are becoming extremely left wing and became more pro-democrat than even latinos.

        There is no getting away from that. Dems will make sure that more immigrants and “refugees” are housed in every white state.

        There will be a one party state at some point if all immigration is not stopped and white birth rate is not inreased.


    • This is why Kavanaugh.

      This is why Feinstein did it. It’s treason simply put.


    • so 39% of white men voted shitlib. Fuck me.


  53. Jews are taking over Congress


  54. on November 7, 2018 at 12:27 pm Nighardly Pozzitron

    Grande is doing weak poz. That’s weak poz. This’ll put a pair of breasts on your chest and a fusion powered buttplug right up the ass.

    *Sips wine cooler*


  55. on November 7, 2018 at 6:13 pm Hitler is our pal

    Here’s my voting story. I go to a nearby church. Not very crowded. Two in line in front of me. A nig who is missing a bunch of teeth, and an elderly White lady. Nig says that it’s the first time he ever voted. He never knew how to before. Cue the clapping. In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t clap.