The Rapidly Dwindling Pussyhat Population

One million man-hating cunts turned out for the inaugural 2017 putrid pussy march.

Two years later, 10,000 man-hating cunts showed up for the 2019 putrid pussy march this past weekend.

The cunts who went to this much smaller cunt march are the triple distilled, oak barrel aged cunts. That’s level 99 cuntery you’re looking at.


A reader,

Let’s also be real, with no money or media from [special people], we’re looking at numbers not [special peopled] up by free wealth and publicity.

But props to the attempt at having real principles on the part of mystery meat loaf.

Hope you learn principles aren’t needed or wanted in the american left.

Broads are lazy. Live by the feelz, fade away when the feelz crash. If you want to know what an incorrigible cunt sounds like, talk to the one cunt who will show up at next year’s roast beef pussy march. That will be one dedicated cunt!


  1. Long time reader here. I live in Northern Kentucky just 10 minutes from Covington Catholic High School and I’m very proud of the boys who stood up against the colored heathens. As a member of the Diocese of Covington I felt compelled to message them directly and tell them how pissed it makes me that they immediately sided with the Leftist media narrative before the facts were laid out. It surprised me as our Bishop did ban a cross dressing valedictorian from giving a Leftist speech at a graduation ceremony last year and caught heat for it but stood by the decision. If I see Nick Sandmann around town I’ll be sure to send him to the Chateau!

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    • those boys will have their lives absolutely destroyed by the jewfeminist media


    • on January 22, 2019 at 5:51 am baked georgia

      not just the ones in the video, but like all the 500 students in the school itself. even though the school did cuck immeediatly

      the school is expensive? I didnt know that was that many catholics in kentucky


    • Good to see you man, didn’t know you were a lurker here. I normally see you posting on SBPDL. I would most def email or call the Diocese and light them on fire. At a MINIMUM they need to issue a full throated public apology.


      • on January 22, 2019 at 10:04 am Captain Obvious

        JnDC, it won’t do any good.

        The Roman church is DEAD.

        You’ve got a ch!ld-m0lesting argentinian s0d0mite, with papal infallibility, who is re-writing The Lord’s Prayer.

        You either burn the ab0mination to the ground and rebuild it from scratch, or else you start making pilgramages to Constantinople [in order to gnaw on Jesus’s flesh & suck on His bl00d].

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      • CO. better they utilize that bottom level infrastructure than detonate the whole shebang.


      • Captain, the Roman Catholic Church was flooded with Modernists at the Vatican II Council and a Jewish “priest” named Gregory Baum that served as a peritus (theological expert). He hid his homosexuality from fellow clergy because it would have compromised his influence as an active advisor to the assembly of the aforementioned conciliar document (the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions).

        This document radically changed the way the Catholic Church evangelized to non-believers–like the heathens that hassled the Cov Cath boys, for example. I hear you, but I’m a Catholic, and I’m against those things and I know others who think just like me. The Church is the Church, no matter how man denying Peter’s, Doubting Thomas’ and Judas’ we currently have in it. The Church will survive as it has for 2,000 years, but we must wait until the sodomites and Liberals are purged from their ranks. The Jews have never been more powerful in the Western world because the Church has never been weaker, but it will be cleansed when the Lord wills it. I’m not going to abandon Her. I’m rooting in and I’m going to fight the Modernists.

        In our Diocese we have reason for hope because I know priests ordained in recent years are younger and are more traditional and conservative. It’s amusing to see the Boomers watch priests in their thirties wear priestly vestments from the pre-VII era. The tide will turn. It will have to because if it doesn’t it means we’re coming to an end of the Church age of converting the Jews and pagans, and we all know what comes next.

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      • on January 22, 2019 at 11:20 am Captain Obvious

        DF, you’re gonna hafta draw & quarter the 80% to 95% who are Velvet Mafia, and burn their remains, and scatter their ashes to the four corners of the Earth.

        And the other 5% to 20%, who weren’t Velvet Mafia, will have to be horsewhipped and defrocked, as the cowards they were [for failing to have opposed the Velvet Mafia in the first place].

        Which leaves you with precisely 0% of your existing clerisy to form the legalistic backbone of your church.


      • on January 22, 2019 at 11:21 am Captain Obvious

        And you’re gonna hafta renounce Papal Infallibility in order to undo Vatican II.


      • I have faith in the next generation and the Lord, who will make necessary changes when He’s ready and I’m fine with that. Bring on the mockery. What you propose isn’t out of the realm of possibility. If it comes to Inqusition for the heretics, so be it. Saint Pope Pius V, pray for us.


      • CO, the number is nothing like 80 to 90%. 3% are pedophiles, Maybe 10 to 15% are modernists. The rot is mostly at the very top. Papal infallibility is overstated as well. It is limited to certain religious subjects and is widely ignored as it is. Good comments D-Fens.


      • “And you’re gonna hafta renounce Papal Infallibility in order to undo Vatican II.”

        Or declare John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis to be antipopes.

        It’s not like there haven’t been antipopes before.

        In fact, without papal infallibility, it would be much harder to demonstrate they all are Fake Popes.


    • on January 22, 2019 at 10:22 am kentuckyjerard

      If you think there isa safe email or address to send him his propes.. let us here at the CH know. BTW … why does he appear in the video to be sign-languaging a friend (If u know)?


    • Tell that lad he is a hero. I could not imagine going through something like that when I was his age.
      The shitlibs are still trying to burn him at the stake and they are even focusing their attention on any so called sins the school and alumni have committed in the past.


    • lynch the bishop


  2. on January 21, 2019 at 11:40 pm California Caucasian

    What was their original complaint?
    That they lost?
    That they already had hotel rooms for Hillary’s inauguration?
    That their plane tickets were non refundable?


    • I supported the Women’s March in 2017 and 2018, but couldn’t attend due to other obligations. I did attend this past weekend in my city (not the main D.C. march). The purpose as I saw it was to demonstrate that Trump doesn’t have a mandate, that there is an extremely motivated opposition, and that huge swathes of women in particular do not want to turn the clock back to some past era of imagined greatness that actually wasn’t that great for us. In addition, the march not only demonstrated opposition but also inspired opposition. It was wildly successful in both respects!

      [CH: american women are unhappier now than they have ever been. turning back the clock might do you some good.]


      • Does your pussy smell like cheddar cheese?


      • CH, No civil rights movement other than feminism gets charged with the ridiculously tall order of providing its constituents with personal happiness. My take: personal happiness is a matter of personal responsibility and really no one else’s business but the individual involved. But the enormous gains in women’s rights over the past many decades in the United States has given us American women the opportunity to pursue happiness, and I am enormously grateful.


      • Pursuit of individual happiness is laden with traps.

        Women are fulfilled when they submit to their Motherhood Destiny — the younger the better!

        The other path is roadside wrecks of aging women’s lives.


      • Trump will never have a mandate because a mandate is impossible in a diverse empire.

        The great goal is to reforge a traditional, Christian, mostly-white America. All white liberals will get on board once they see MAGA as the strong horse because you are followers (nothing wrong with that, you’ve just been following bad leaders for over the past three gemerations.)


      • PA, Thank you for explaining to me and other women how we are best able to achieve fulfillment! And what our destinies are! I am very grateful for your concern for us childless women and our happiness.


      • “Trump will never have a mandate because a mandate is impossible in a diverse empire.”

        Agreed! Less so on the goal of a traditional, Christian America. I don’t see us going back.


      • No one cares what feminists think except solipsistic women. They are a ridiculous nuisance and do nothing but limit human progress. You are nothing more than spoiled children. The oldest teenagers in the house demanding unlimited privileges with no accountability.


      • But the enormous gains in women’s rights over the past many decades in the United States has given us American women the opportunity to pursue happiness, and I am enormously grateful.

        And what have ‘Murrican women done with said opportunity?

        There were women artists, scientists, writêrs, etc., etc., etc. well-before any so-called “enormous gains in rights”.

        All we have now is a tremendous dumbing down of all things in society in order to get those (ahem) “rights” for a gaggle of geese unworthy of said rights because they did nothing to earn them, they were GIVEN, and when the masses of women still couldn’t cut the ice, standards had to be lowered in order to make most of you gals cheap versions of men.

        And what did you gals do with the extra RESPONSIBILITIES that came with said rights? Did you tighten the morality of your own kind and keep the building block of a nation intact, namely the nuclear family?

        Naw, you became slatterns celebrating your new-found liberties that were actually license to “do what I want, when I want”… with the commensurate cultural decline leaving said families… especially the children you gals tout to allegedly care about… far behind in any semblance of a society that would truly make people better and solidly within the realm of reverent and pleasing to God and Man.

        In short, bitch please…

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      • Greg Eliot,

        “Bitch, please!” Ha ha, I like you already, despite your noxious views. Anyone who wants to gay it up for fun is a friend of mine.

        I wouldn’t say rights were exactly “GIVEN” to women in some magnanimous fashion by our lords and masters. It is true we didn’t fight a physical war for them. But in this country, we fought in other ways, for decades, through protests, civil disobedience, and most of all, relentless intellectual persuasion, to change the consensus just to get the right to vote. Other fights followed.

        This idea that women should have to EARN their rights is an odd one that is certainly out of step with everything that it means to be American. The Declaration of Independence, a foundation expression of our principles, states that all men are CREATED equal and endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Certainly, MEN at the inception of our country were not expected to earn or prove themselves worthy of their rights, but rather were considered to have them automatically. Women have simply asked for and won the same status.

        That said, I certainly believe that we all (male and female) have an obligation to work hard, live responsibly, and contribute to our society. I am sure we will disagree about what that looks like. I didn’t follow your other comments about standards being lowered (where?) and women becoming cheap versions of men (how?).


      • Anyone who wants to gay it up for fun is a friend of mine.

        I stopped reading after that weak sister attempt at SNL shtick. You seem to have the same style as that (ahem) comedy writêr cooze who offered blow jobs to anyone who would punch the Covington kid in the face.

        Tend to your kitchen, woman. The chateau ain’t no co-ed sophomore study hall.

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      • Greg,

        Zuh? How is my comment similar to offering a blow job for punching someone in the face?!? And I wasn’t making a joke. I really think, “Bitch, please!” is cute! (And a little gay. Which I view as a good thing.)

        As for your comment, I am not treating this as a co-ed sophomore study hall.
        Rather, “I’m under the weather and bored and am wondering what these weirdos will have to say if I poke them.” Too bad you don’t want to play. 😦


      • Guys, we gave the idiot the truth, in simple and in nuanced terms. She’s not taking it. No need to tell her anything else. Assuming it’s a ‘she’ in the first place. I see one huge red flag on that count.


      • PA,

        No, you are not going to persuade me of your truth (nor I you), but don’t you have any interest in chatting with your opposition?

        Maybe, just maybe, if you actually engaged, you might be able to see women as human beings who aren’t all that different from you. I suspect that perhaps my comments are having that effect – which is why you now think I must be a man.


      • Rather, “I’m under the weather and bored and am wondering what these weirdos will have to say if I poke them.”

        Ah, a self-admitted trolling effort, go figger.

        And after such heartfelt questions as if you came here to learn something, toots? I’m shocked… shocked at such disingenuousness!

        Gentlemen, Exhibit 1488 in the ever-mounting evidence of what ‘Murrican ladies have accomplished with their freedoms… after their hard-fought battle for equal rights in the pursuit of haaaaapy-ness.

        You go, grrl!

        No, really… just go.


      • on January 23, 2019 at 1:57 pm gunslingergregi

        this shit is same shit treat all the woman who want to be equal to men exactly the same as men
        white men
        same fucking rules
        if they cry at work cause stressed out send home


    • Greg,

      Yes, if I weren’t sick I would probably find better things to do. But I am here to learn, tho not in the sense that I expect to be persuaded by you or anyone else here. That said, I would absolutely be up for it if anyone were interested in a good faith discussion.

      As for your demand that I just leave, my response is no, I won’t. I won’t leave until I feel like it or the owner of the site asks me to leave.

      I am genuinely fascinated by you guys and have been for a while. I think my biggest curiosity is what it would be like to be you. How would it feel to have contempt for one half of the human race yet also be strongly sexually attracted to us? And how do your intimate relationships with wives and girlfriends work if you look down on them? What is your experience of love? Do you only have love for your male friends? If so, isn’t it miserable to live cheek by jowl with someone you don’t love or respect? Or if you do feel love for your wives and/or girlfriends, what is that like? Kind of like the way you feel about your dog? Inquiring minds want to know!


    • Oh no. I actually do have to go! For now. 🙂 A beautiful man with big, perfectly sculpted biceps is coming over to kiss me and rub my body to help me feel better since I’ve been sick.

      It is SO hard being an ugly, wall-hitting, pussy-hat-wearing feminist. What is it PA said? Ah yes, the failure to achieve motherhood destiny has wrecked this aging woman’s life!

      (NOTE: Yes, I know this comment is a bit trollish, but c’mon, you’ve all been trolling me as well. Who can blame a girl for gloating on a site that is all about gloating? I will check in tomorrow and if anyone does want to engage, I will respond. Meanwhile, toodle-ooh!)


  3. on January 21, 2019 at 11:48 pm gunslingergregi

    our woman will save us
    shit i was gonna let the absess kill me lol
    ex ex was all hell fuck no


    • on January 21, 2019 at 11:50 pm gunslingergregi

      so maybe my woman will save me
      dont know about all woman
      but i have found powerful ones if not consistant


    • on January 21, 2019 at 11:51 pm gunslingergregi

      she told me she was my captain save a ho couple years ago
      after i played captain save a ho with her
      guess she didnt lie about that


    • Dont let an absess fester dude Get some antibiotics and live to spew literary madness another day.


      • Second the motion.

        Get thee to a physician, gunslinger!


      • on January 22, 2019 at 6:02 pm gunslingergregi

        yea ex ex said she never leaving me alone again
        yea went with her she held my hand
        i cried like a bitch remembering my iraq shit
        but held my side still through it


      • on January 22, 2019 at 6:10 pm gunslingergregi

        had to kick her out house when came back and shit gone for time to figure it out but f it i guess might not of been her


      • on January 22, 2019 at 8:13 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I was in bad shape around Christmas, but now I’m making jokes and killing it.

        Ride again, Gregi.

        Who Was That Masked Man?


    • I have seen my share of fellows who started to get sick or have an issue and did nothing about it because it was their ticket out of their hell life. Yeah, they all had big fat clip-haired pants-wearing cunts for wives.

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  4. they’re still doxxing red pillers, they haven’t lost yet


  5. Women that have been impregnated via rape must be forced to have the child as a reminder that men will always be more powerful and decide what kind if life women live in.

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  6. I remember reading somewhere that the original numbers for the women’s march were so high because all the planning was done in anticipation of Hillary winning the presidency. Then when she lost they quickly changed it to a protest march.


  7. Clip this OP for Best of Chateau. Hilarious poetry.

    I would’ve gone with “99-proof” to continue the whiskey metaphor, but still.



    • +1 The triple aged barrel paragraph was lulzy as phuck had me grinning like that MAGA shitlord kid.


      • on January 22, 2019 at 8:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I LOL’ed for real at work too, dawg.

        The Ethiopians around me were clicking and popping in their termite shit language trying to figure me out.


  8. The Womans March dwindled down because the majority of the women (white and jewish suburban housewives) have been “dismissed” (at least for now) by the Womans March Leadership

    Those white and jewish housewives were only welcomed in 2 years ago to mold their brains “DemoKKKrat” for the 2018 Midterms

    Which according to statistics those very same women did indeed vote DemoKKKrat

    Hopefully the Housewives of Suburbia have learned a very valuable lesson

    Perhaps their Husbands voting recommendations wouldn’t have been so bad…after all


  9. on January 22, 2019 at 8:36 am kentuckyjerard

    OT: Look at the odiferous parade of buttpirates and battlecunts “offered” to us by the helpful WordPress editors this morning on Even the non-political “STOW-reees” are pathetically self-absorbed. Q: Is CH really safe with these overlords?


  10. Correction: that’ll be one desiccated cunt


  11. The rest of them have been employed in the Trumpeconomy so had to go to work. Just another victory for POTUS.


  12. on January 22, 2019 at 1:15 pm clarence boddiker

    The pussy hate 2017 mob was from chicks who pre-registered to be at the mall for hillary to be inaugurated. The 10K chicks are the horrible women who live in the dc area and up for whatever.


  13. “Broads are lazy” should be a CH maxim.


  14. Pelosi has officially dethroned Hillary as THE cunt. You cant get much more cunty than her.