“Pussygrab” Hysteria Shows Beta Male Inexperience With Women Writ Large

The betaboys lining up to denounce Trump for his high T heterosexual male pussyhound shit talk unwittingly reveal how inexperienced they are with women.

Look at the reactions of men and women. Except for the bitterbitch feminists, urban yentas, and fatties, most women don’t care. They may not like hearing this stuff from the source (after all, most men don’t tell women their true feelings about the pussy grabbing high life), but they understand that “boys will be boys”, so they have reacted by dismissing Trump’s comments as irrelevant to the election.

Uncucked men are barely moved by this “””scandal”””. If anything, it has probably solidified male support for Trump, who are validated in believing Trump is “one of them” and most importantly “not a closeted gay like obama or tim kaine”.

The everyday cucks — the ones who aren’t maneuvering for political advantage — are the hopeless supplicating beta males and m’lady omega male white knights of the sexual market. They come to the rescue of the fair maidens with such alacrity you’d think they were born of a white steed (minus the horse cock).

These deluded suck-up betas think that random women should be “championed and revered” and that Trump’s raunchy locker room talk has horribly tarnished the pussy pedestals upon which betas tenderly place their unsullied objects of incel adoration.

Real women, naturally, are creeped out by this lickspittle beta male posturing when it goes into overdrive. Sure, women won’t actively fight the occasional white knighting (why should they? it’s free inconsequential flattery that makes no demands of them) but they sure aren’t feeling any tingles for men who anoint them with royal titles. Appeasing white knights are anhedonic in every way. Totally unsexy. They may as well be eunuchs for all the impression they make on women’s hindbrains.

Meanwhile, big bad charming jerkboy alpha males like Trump who speak their minds and gleefully kick the legs out from under pussy pedestals can’t keep the women away with a stick. And years later, those women he loved have nothing but good things to say about him. Five minutes of alpha and all that…

The beta cuck is so pig-ignorant of female sexual nature that he can’t comprehend why Trump men score all the time and “virtuous” white knights like himself are stuck in a sexless purgatory getting patted on the head for being a “good friend to women” while begging for meager pity fuck scraps.

There’s no getting through to hapless white knight betas. Some manlets you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here this weekend, cringeworthy pussy polishing by asexual pastor cucks. I don’t like it any more than you men, but it won’t matter. Women like it even less.


  1. That last paragraph….BON!


  2. […] “Pussygrab” Hysteria Shows Beta Male Inexperience With Women Writ Large […]


  3. on October 9, 2016 at 3:26 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    The reaction to this has baffled me. Men talk like this behind closed doors. BFD.

    while begging for meager pity fuck scraps.

    Slaves to the pussy crumb.


  4. Honestly I was shocked that this story is considered shocking. This made me really sad – I thought people “got it” about Trump. I’m projecting my own comfortability regarding these topics onto the nation at large, that’s my mistake.

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    • So am I. It is no longer a mistake, if done with memes and properly. Trump has opened many doors, we have to take advantage of it.


    • I had 100 arguments about this on facebook (waste of time, I know). And every single male (the term “man” seems inappropriate here) claiming that Trump’s statement was an admission of sexual assault was a fat slob who looked like he hadn’t emerged for sunlight from his grandma’s basement in months.

      Sometimes I just reply with the omega’s picture and the caption “physiognomy is real”.


    • One girl I’m seeing is Brazilian, and a full-fledged socialist (Ann Coulter is right: they have no concept of freedom and are determined to bring their third world banana republic policies over here), and she just thought Trump’s comments were funny. Women who aren’t warpig feminists are fine with it.


  5. on October 9, 2016 at 3:37 pm Enfant Terrible

    I don’t know how in the age of porn everywhere, any man can put pussy on a pedestal (insofar as far as thinking women are prudish little things that need to be spared hearing dirty talk).

    Because the truth is, apart from the religious girls (and even those), nowadays most women, have just about zero inhibitions about doing whatever in the bedroom. If they can go all slut, they will, and grabbing their pussy is exactly what they want and expect from a man.


  6. white knights truly are a scourge. problem is
    women have a hard time letting go of their white knight habit also. who’s gonna fix the leaky sink when her badboy plumber is down at the corner store chatting up the new cashier? and who’s going to keep her company for the second two thirds of her life, when the alpha bad boys no longer notice her any more than a fence post?

    if white knights were final-solutioned then women would realize, a) that they need to have more kids if they want someone to fix things and play scrabble with them when they’re past 40, and b) that they have to be a lot nicer and more appreciative of a solid man if they want him to give up his options and keep her withered self company while he’s still relatively young and virile. women won’t do that as long as armies of white knights insist on rescuing them from the consequences of their short-sighted behavior.


  7. @ Mob Barley

    Here, here. This whole controversy is about as absurd as the blowup over Phil Robertson’s remarks on homosexuals.

    Just put aside for a moment the merits of what they said. Is anyone genuinely surprised they said it?

    What did people honestly expect to find out when it comes to how Trump talks about women? Did they think the audio recording would have him conveying a chivalrous attitude and concern for maintaining “a fair maiden’s honor.” Do they think he refers to Melina as “milady” behind closed doors?

    How many presidents have fooled around with women? Just in the 20th Century you had Harding, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Clinton….and those are just a few that come to mind.

    Infidelity and politics go together like bacon and eggs. If you don’t like that, it’s one thing. But don’t gasp in horror when someone has bacon with their eggs.

    The only thing more ridiculous than this would be people talking to a war veteran and then be shocked – shocked, I tell you – to discover that he engaged in “violent” behavior while fighting for his life on the front lines.

    The people of this country are in total denial about reality on so many life truths – this is just one example.


  8. I don’t get how they can’t get it. When I was younger I had some of the “why don’t they like me, I’m so nice” feelings, but then I started to notice patterns; then I came across Roger Devlin’s “Sexual Power in Utopia,” which led me to hypergamy to Rollo to here. I became 95% woke in less than a month by simply observing, reevaluating, reading, and accepting the logic and the reality of the situation. It doesn’t require an Omega Society IQ to put it together. You don’t have to be Thufir Hawat. It’s basic and obvious.

    They can’t NOT get it if they’re over 30. They’re lying to themselves and everyone else.


  9. Hopefully, this brouhaha will be forgotten by November, like a shoving match during an NFL game. It depends on how he handles it in a few hours. Another apology is not the way to go. It will be a good test for him.


    • Shouldn’t have apologized. A smirk and a snort would’ve locked him in. He needs to take a few lessons from Burlesconi, Putin.


      • His apology wasn’t bad, one of the big rags even called it a non apology inadvertently doing Trump a favor. Remember this current outrage is all fake, no cities are burning. Just journalists and cucks bleating like goats in Afghanistan. Real America doesn’t care and the press are further discrediting themselves. The press are so bad the might as well be throwing redpills down to the unseeing.


      • Actually, Trump’s opponents have every reason to believe this would destroy him. In the past, sex scandals ended campaigns and careers over night. But Trump is different.

        His appeal comes from being anti establishment. Elites from both parties and the media are against him. He is effectively the 3rd party candidate America has been dreaming about. An alpha male reality TV star. He is about as republican as Cuckryan and the Kenyan nigger are straight. The political pundits still don’t get this.

        Nobody really wants another sold at auction democrat or republican.


  10. “U.S. intelligence community officially accuses Russia of DNC hacks”

    Anyone see the CIA propaganda in this recent story? They took something which was damaging to Hillary in a material way and turned it into a Russia/Trump issue. Look what Russia did and guess who praises Russia/Putin.
    Obviously the real issue was Hillary’s deep corruption and thwarting democracy to be the Democratic nominee. This this re-framing is deadly effective.

    What Trump needs to do is STOP wasting time defending himself and go on the re frame offensive. When she redirects a topic like disrespect for women then Trump needs to say something to the effect of…”The last person on the planet who should judge me regarding the treatment women is you Hillary. Enabling a husband who has raped multiple women. You attacked these women when they are looking for help. It sickens me that you have no compassion for women who are raped particularly the ones raped by your husband. I am no saint and never claimed to be but when you stoop to such low levels I have to speak out.”

    Then keep it going with the wars…..”all the women and children you have directly and indirectly killed in Syria, Libya, etc with your dysfunctional foreign policy. And now you want a war with Russia. I don’t want you anywhere near the code for our nuclear missiles. The American people need someone who is touch with reality and not asleep at the wheel of passed out on pharmaceutical drugs.”

    On and on it goes.

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    • To keep it simple just have Trump memorize 3 lines and inject them somehow in every response. Here are 3 good ones.

      1.. Hillary and Bill need to take personal responsibility for those rapes.

      2. Hillary wants a war with Russia. I will get us out of the cold war which Hillary helped create.

      3. Hillary thwarted democracy with the DNC and the Bernie voters know what I am talking about. I will work to bring democracy back to our country and ask the disenfranchised Bernie voters to join me.

      Get this to Trump now!


      • it would be the stake in the heart of Hillary. She would deflect the rapes and Trump could say “see, this is what I am talking about folks. She will never take personal responsibility. This is her mode of operandi. She will go through this whole debate and deflect any personal responsibility for her and Bill regarding the rapes and verbal attacks afterward. She enabled this behavior and it is shameful. It is a slap in the face to any women who has been raped. To any women period.


      • I like #1 and #3. Add in Immigration. Honestly don’t think anyone gives a shit about Russia.

        Just no goddamn apologizing. And I’d love to hear some kind of nod towards White Nationalism wrt immigration, but I’m not holding my breath.


  11. Since Trump told the truth about the brown (aka “Muslim”) problem 15 month ago, there have been about 25 “terrorist” attacks by browns.

    In a sane world, the left would be lining up to apologize and say “you were right” to Mr. Trump and the rest of us on the right who predicted what has happened.

    Instead (((they))) have… well, you know.


  12. lolozozoz at the last paragraph.


  13. It’s amazing how Hillary released this information on the exact same day Wikileaks exposed her through another round of emails as (1) being totally in favor of open borders; and (2) admitting her political positions in public are different from those in private.

    Simply amazing. So helpful to distract. Like bread and circuses.

    Watch what she’s distracting you from /avoid her frame rape


  14. ABC cuck radio news was saying that the ‘entire’ GOPe is denouncing Trump after tonight and putting pressure on Ryan and Reibus to revoke endorsement and pushing Pence to stand down as well.

    I don’t buy it.

    Too forced. I knew it’d get this desperate. They’ve gone from subtle lies to straight cold hard lying and coordinated manipulation en masse. They’re that afraid.

    Hey traitors- we know what you’re doing.

    My gut feel is that Trump has outperforming the polls for months now. And they can only oversample and manipulate so much. And republican registration is up.

    The (((lie manufacture machine))) is over heating.

    Brace yourselves gentlemen, this will get worse.


    • Yep. One thing I learned from the housing bubble is that the spinning and denial coming from a cornered criminal is the very loudest at the very end.


      • And yet the fed is engeneering the largest bubble in financial history. Sort of like the Hillary bubble – it might kill us before it bursts.


      • And yet the fed is engeneering the largest bubble in financial history. Sort of like the Hillary bubble – it might kill us before it bursts.

        And guess who knows about it and intends to help the country through the fallout? The Trumpening.


      • Yep. When this one bursts it’ll make 2008 look like the good old days.


  15. It’s funny to me that these a-hole senators like McCain, Portman and Toomey think abandoning Trump helps them politically. In these close races they just gave Trump supporters a reason to leave the senate races blank. Pathetic. They’re signing their political death warrants.


    • McCain needs to be removed at all costs. I don’t know who is running against him. I don’t care if it’s the love child of Fidel Castro and Barbara Spectre running against him. McCain needs to be removed.


    • I tried to explain to a cucked acquaintance of mine that these cuckservatives distancing themselves from Trump doesn’t make people think more highly of them, but rather think of them as cowardly and traitorous.


      • the latest poll said 70% of the public distrusts the media. Seventy. Percent. that means only 30% of the public will buy this story at full price. the republicucks are casting their lot with that 30%, which means they must be looking at certain death and/or prison time if Trump is elected and shines a light on all the shadows where they’re used to hiding.


  16. The more I think about the more im convinced tonights debate is going to be a massive hit job on Trump.

    Its been planned. Leak the tape, media and GOPe attack, then final blow at the debate.

    Stay strong Mr Trump. Re direct every non issue related question or loaded attack question.


    • yes. pray to kek that hillary has a seizure, and that Trump is able to access all the testosterone, grit, and savagery he has in order to put this bitch and her followers down. this is the real deal. it has to be all offense from here on out. these creeps deserve no quarter.

      long live King Trump!


    • That’s one of the reason I’m not looking forward to the debate.

      It’s bad enough to have to tolerate thecunt and her grating voice, but to have to see Pooper attacking Trump, along with that other Acorn-cover-up broad, tag teaming against Trump…it’ll be just too much.

      I might tune in here and there when he’s talking, but this one’s gonna get ugly fast.


    • I hope he’s ready for absolutely anything, right up to and including baldly fabricated evidence of him saying the n word or calling for another h word.

      Trying to answer whatever bullshit charge they throw at him is a mistake, he needs to keep reframing it as a desperate attempt to distract from their own limitless corruption and incompetence.

      I just g’d the word “debate” to see what time it was, and you should see the spin they managed to cram into the first page of results. These people are pure evil and whichever way the election goes, they have to go.


    • Giuliani was probably right. Trump should have just skipped the last two debates. Say he was treated unfairly (which he was, indisputably) and stick with the rallies.

      Oh well, too late– here goes nothing. He’ll have to debate like he’s John Wick in a gunfight.


  17. Trump’s exact words were that women “let” you grab them by the pussy when you’re a star. It can’t be more clear that this is voluntary behavior on the part of would-be star-fuckers.

    [CH: good point. but this is the lefotid media shilling for thecunt we’re talking about. expecting nuance or context from them — basically expecting them to adhere to the traditional journalistic ethical code — is a fool’s errand.]


  18. I was over at The Atlantic defending muh boy Trump today. You could almost smell the whiff of dry vag over there as the scores of White Knights gushed to be the Fairest Of Them All.

    Gimme a fucken bucket.

    Needless to say, I piqued the curiosity of some of the dry-by-Knight girls. Plough on gentlemen. Grab her by the pussy. You’ll be rewarded.


  19. It is very difficult to digest the constant lies, especially when you’re banging several women a week who are flat-out asking to be choked, spanked, tied up, punished, subjugated, have your name written on their ass etc etc.

    (You can all thank me later for the ideas).

    I’m not complaining, but it makes watching anything like this on mainstream news laughably impossible, and it puts men like Paul Ryan beneath your contempt, because where would you even start with someone like that?


    • “especially when you’re banging several women a week who are flat-out asking to be choked, spanked, tied up, punished, subjugated, have your name written on their ass etc etc.”

      Come on lets be honest. Are these what, 5’s, 6’s?


  20. Real Alpha, Chuck Norris, supports Trump. Chuck Norris does not run for office; offices run from Chuck Norris.



  21. on October 9, 2016 at 6:38 pm average chump

    Trump’s success November 8th is fundamental both to the success of conservative/right-wing principles, the success of the United States of America, and to the overall peace and prosperity of our World for the years to come. The Republican party leaders simply do not get his relevance – they don’t understand the ideas he represents or the people who follow him, or they simply do not care.

    It’s sickening how easily they are willing to turn their backs for a single comment that any man would be willing to say in private. What’s more sickening is that these pussy-weight faggots are the ones altering the culture, economy and future of this nation and there is nothing any of us can do at the moment but vote for Trump. If you are a man who is for traditional values or who wants to end the reign of ridiculous ideas caused by feminism, liberalism, and so on, then Trump is your only guy. There’s no one else and there likely won’t be anyone else equal to or better than his caliber for the next 100 years or so. Politicians and businessmen in this day in age are simply too steeped into liberalism or have too much to lose by rebelling against it.
    I’ve seen too many conservatives and even alt-righters and far-righters saying faggot shit like “things are too far gone! Trumps gonna lose anyway! Lets just let Hillary have it so that more tension builds!! That’s when we’ll have our grand conservative/nationalist revolution!! lololollol!” – which is just as sickening and gay as what establishment republicans have been doing to Trump these past few days. While Heartiste and other members of the Alt-right / Manosphere have been influential, Trump’s campaign is what is leading this thing. If he loses the crack downs on the alt-right-sphere and every other possible traditional (i.e sane) values-sphere will be swift.

    Let’s be frank here, assuming Trump loses (which is a possibility, although I think he’s gonna crush it in November) whose going to be our guy eight years from now? I’ve been trying to think about it, someone who can do what Trump did, but I cannot think of anyone. It will likely be an establishment chump, someone like Jeb. By then, eight years from now, there will be more change similar to what Obama has done these past eight years. This implies that establishment Republicans will be coated with a breed of liberalism we haven’t even seen yet, which means that “our guy” eight years from now will be twice as gay and weak as Jeb!!! We’ll be fucked!!


  22. “Donald Trump holds pre-debate event with Bill Clinton accusers”

    Has anyone seen this? LMAO!! The sexual victims lined up. One went after the press better than Donald could. It was a beautiful thing.


  23. on October 9, 2016 at 6:54 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    This is it, men.


  24. The first major international intervention involving TheCunt as Secretary of State (up until this time, she was kept out of most major decisions by Obama and his inner core of advisors), was the illegal toppling of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya in 2011 (her idea) and his murder and subsequent chaos (to this day) that quickly enveloped that nation. Of course, then we had the Benghazi incident (which, cohen-cidentally occurred on 9/11…2012), which resulted in the murder of, among others, our ambassador (who clearly knew too much about weapons shipments through Libya to ISIS to fight in Syria), where American troops were told to stand down and let it unfold. Blaming a cartoon afterwards.

    That was TheCunt first dip in the pond. Elect her President, and see the world catch on fire.


  25. That was a Negan-style execution. Oh shit what a beautiful mess.

    Trump 2016.


  26. on October 10, 2016 at 12:33 am Peter Akuleyev

    The problem with the tape is that Trump comes across as a Beta, just making shit up. He is clearly just trying to impress Bush, and he sounds pathetic, like Steve Carrell in “40 Year Old Virgin”. This isn’t as damaging to Trump as him telling Stern that Diane Sawyer was on his top 10 list of fuckable women, but it does add evidence to the rumors that Trump is an asexual germophobe.


    • Man, “asexual” would be a welcome charge for someone to level against Trump right now lolololozlzlzozllzozlzlzoz … make the shitlib heads spin.


  27. Like

  28. I don’t like Trump, but, frankly I don’t see what the problem is with what he said. Nancy O’dell has probably had an army of old Jew peckers invade her like the Gaza Strip. There couldn’t possibly be a single woman in Hollywood or the entertainment business who hasn’t had a seat on the casting couch at least once. Take Alison Brie for instance, she plays a “good girl” quite convincingly, but, one would be well advised to double bag it lest their dick falls off.


    I’m a nobody and my drunk game has gotten me a restaurant under-the-table handjob. Trump had better be grabbing pussy!