Do Women Prefer A Man With Money Or Looks?

If we artificially constrict the sexual market to include only money and looks as variables, we can get a pretty good idea of the emphasis that women (and men) place on both as criteria in opposite sex mates by using heavily filtered dating website data. (h/t chris)

Really what we want to do is observe people’s choices directly which is why dating websites are so useful to us. Here’s an example. What if I have a hypothesis that when choosing a mate, men care more about their potential partner’s appearance than her income and women care more about her potential partner’s income than his appearance. Imagine the following experiment. A woman/man can choose between communicating with two people. One earns $60,000 a year and is more attractive than 9 out of 10 people on the market. The other earns X dollars per year and is less attractive than 9 out of 10 people on the market. Every other observable characteristic about these two people is identical. We can use the information that tells us who individuals choose to communicate with to determine what X would have to be in order to make a woman/man prefer the less attractive person.

Researchers have done this* and find that for men there is no amount of income that the woman in the bottom ten percent in terms of appearance can earn to make men prefer her over women in the top 10 percent. That is, looks really matter to men relative to income. For women though, if the man in the bottom ten percent in terms of looks earns more than $248,500, they will prefer him over the more attractive guy earning $60,000. My students often interpret this result as saying that women really care about money, but that is not what it says at all—$186,000 is a huge difference in income. If women didn’t care about looks and only cared about money, the figure would be much, much lower. This says that despite the impression that on the marriage market women really care about income, the evidence suggest that they also care about looks. They just care about income too.

Men are the reproductively expendable sex (sperm is cheap and plentiful and has no expiration date) so it is no surprise that men’s attractiveness qualifications for a woman are so much less complex than the attractiveness criteria that women have for a man. What men want is a hot bod, a cute face, and a lot of residual reproduction value (aka youth). Anything more than that is gravy.

What women want is a far more extensive list of attractive male traits, because a woman can less afford to submit her rare and depleting resource of eggs to the inquisitive probings of subpar sperm.

The results of this study align with the real world observations of anyone who’s spent a day in his life outside the home interacting with women in human settings:

Women value money *and* looks.

Men value looks.

On paper, this means a very ugly man’s ugliness carries a $186,000 per year premium to access the same hotties that a good-looking man can get. Which also means that it is possible for an ugly man to buy his way into prime pussy. In practice, an ugly man can fake the appearance of wealth to cheat his way into prime pussy (while a good-looking man who is poor will have trouble getting past the first date if his Game is weak).

On paper and in practice, no amount of money will make an ugly woman attractive to men. So ladies it’s time to ditch those PhD in patriarchal deconstruction degrees for a gym membership and an MRS.

This is yet another study (as if one was needed) that repudiates the ONLY LOOKS MATTER queefiing chorus of quisling cuntboys. The bigger picture is even more unfriendly to the looks crü. When we examine the sexual market as it functions in reality — that is when all metrics and multivariate attractiveness traits are thrown together in the search for a lover — we discover (and science confirms) that men’s attractiveness to women is greatly influenced by nonphysical factors.

Men are visual.
Women are holistic.
The rest is commentary.


  1. Summary:

    Women are binary. Hot or not to the opposite sex. Think of it as an equalizer with only volume control, louder being hotter.

    Men are multifaceted. Rich or not, hot or not, alpha or not, famous or not, socially adept or not, etc. to the opposite sex. Now you add the bass, treble, midrange, and reverb to the mixer along with volume control.

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  2. There is a time element. The younger the women is, the more she values looks. Said another way, the older she is, the more she wants to be taken care of.

    [CH: i think you’re right. teen girls don’t care a whit for money. (they do care a lot for jerkboy charm.) as women age they tend to (proactively) value looks and jerkboy charms less. the former because they have no choice but to alter their mate acquisition algorithm and the latter because they subconsciously know the jerkboy is less likely to want to commit to their aging eggs.]


    • True.

      This is verifiable by not only younger, high SMV women, but also by older higher SMV cougars. The looks/money scale leans further and further to the money side the older they get, and continues unabashedly until there is no regard for looks at all for an LTR. Only money.

      Think Donald (((Tokowitz))) Sterling. Old crapping his pants billionaire with a transvestite looking mistress. Surely she wasn’t attracted to his (((charm))).

      [CH: poor aging broads don’t seem to realize that their fading looks make acquisition of rich men much more difficult.]


    • Said another way:

      The women who matter most value looks.

      [CH: uh no. more precisely, the women who are sexually valuable value men who seem like they are used to the company of sexually valuable women.]


    • “teen girls don’t care a whit for money.”

      I’d also add that it’s not totally they don’t care about money, they care about ‘perception of money’ in some limited relative quality, but they don’t yet have the real life money sniffing cuntesque intelligence yet.

      For example, a late teens/early 20s not yet calibrated to the corporate feminocracy of asset gathering: home, car, 401(k) savings etc etc doesn’t quite know what to look for.

      Around the mid 20s and up, as her SMV has peaked and plateaued is just about the same time her intelligence gathering qualities increase in sniffing out the financial value of a mate.

      And it’s funny the amount of monetary-centered attacks I’ve received from ex-bangs/ex-GFs around the late 20s and up when I’ve broken things off. They all of a sudden know ‘exactly’ where to try and strike. “I’m dating a millionaire now blah blah.” etc etc. lolz.

      Another data point confirming the meat of this post. I’m going to see if I can find that TXT thread. It’s damn funny.


      • I think that teens and young women care about money, just not in the sense that most of us see it as…money in the bank and/or earning potential. The girls and young women ARE impressed by money (or the appearance of money) in other ways…by the material possessions that money buys that are symbols of status (and, ergo, garner them attention…which they crave, crave, crave). So, nice wheels, flashy clothes, cool watch, cool beach house, nice dining locations are all important to a woman, more than the actual money they represent. A nice looking millionaire who is not flashy, still may not get the ladies; whereas, a nice looking fellow who make $200,000, but spends like he has a $1 million, will drown in clams.


  3. “On paper and in practice, no amount of money will make an ugly woman attractive to men.”

    I would amend that to add that gay men are willing to trade looks (and sexual preference) for money and security. Hence, all the Stellas who got their groove back.


  4. on October 6, 2016 at 12:53 pm Wrong Side of History



  5. Interesting to bring this up. Several nights ago after watching Masters of Sex on Showtime with a woman, she said she did not understand that episode because the women were not picking the men she thought they would (paraphrasing). I told her that it was not about their looks or their money but about their power. Men of power attract women regardless of the external situation. visa vis, the more dangerous the situation, the more powerful of a man a woman seeks. Cologne is an example of the absence of male power and was a powerful lesson for German fems. Not if, but when…it is a matter of time until that happens in the US and personal power will become premiere once again. Personal power built civilization.


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  7. Women are “holistic”, pardon there, rephrase: “women are scum”. I’ve been saying that for years. If you delve further, you’ll also see that older or the oldest of women care more about their mate looks [than younger ones]. Surprise ?

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  8. Even with money (and decent-good looks), women despise beta. It boils in them over time until it’s cooked into perfect hatred and spills out. True story:

    My millionaire uncle found out that his wife just filed for D (two weeks ago!). Surprise, surprise, Fucked over by the only woman that he’s been fucking for 40 yrs. Apparantly she reunited with her old high school boyfriend on fuckbook and has been having an affair for about a year now. Yea those trips to Houston every other weekend weren’t for visiting family after all, who knew!?

    Now the irony is the (soon to be ex) wife has lost like 60 lbs in the last 6 months or so – really got her milf back. And here I was, actually proud of my uncle for what I thought was his doing. Nope – obviously her old boyfriend was the great motivator.

    To add insult to injury, she dumps this on him right after he bought her a brand new car to go with the body.

    He hasn’t handled it well. The inner beta has taken the helm and gunned the throttle, with predictably embarassing results. Alcohol-enabled bouts of begging, pleading, and downright pitiful prostrating have all fallen on her cold deaf ears, with him leaving the house in a shameful stupor. That’s right, he’s been kicked out of his mansion too, it’s just her new car parked in the drive. More insult to injury! No wonder he’s now checked into one of those mental-health rehab outfits, after contemplating suicide due to all this. Fucking betas!

    If he weren’t so damn weak, I’d offer to solve all his problems with her for a small six-figure sum; presenting him a menu of choices. Accidents can, after all, be arranged. People disappear all the time. And, unfortunately murders are both common and commonly unsolved.

    But alas, helping a beta just isn’t me… they primarily exist to be used (and do they do that job well or what!) by those further up on the hierarchy. And, evidently their wives, too.


    • If you’ve got money then you must offshore it… like any corporation if their money is out of reach of uncle sam, then the court can do nothing to get it from you. A second passport helps too


  9. Heartiste, It is I THE ONE TRUE SORCERYGOD!!!!

    While you compose ODES to graceless politician TRUMP I stand completely ignored by you.

    Here I exist — your whole FUCKIN FUTURE — A SHIMMERING *GOD* and you BLITHELY gaze over the One who’ll make you #2 in his MEGACORPORATION. How dare you?!!!

    Your MELLOW MYOPIA is as !MADDENING! as your MARKED inability to escape MEGAMONTHS — of — MONEYLESS — MAELSTROM!!

    *vanishing in a bitter rage*


  10. If you’re a man and your fat, ugly and poor, hit the gym, diet, exercise and get some overtime in at work. If you’re a woman and your fat ugly and poor, hit the gym, diet, and exercise.


  11. On paper and in practice, no amount of money will make an ugly woman attractive to men.

    Got a few of these types of career grrls here at work. And they are dogs. (Dogs with fleas, as Gekko would say)

    And I’m reminded of the one guy that posted one of his tinder convos and the girl was saying she was normal because she drove a BMW, had her own house and business.

    This stood out because during my brief time with online dating (during my blue pills days) I saw how many women would put shit like that in their profile. Thank goodness I can now see it for what it’s not, as I was one of the duped masses of beta bastards that lapped that shit up.

    To that note, one of the match (dot) com ads shows a guy looking through a girls profile and seeing that she’s “well traveled.”


  12. the bleaker, elephant-sized caveat in the room to these studies is birth c-o-n-t-r-o-l. SHE gets to decide whose seed carry to term, if at all. ergo, there’s no downside to women pursuing a man with money regardless of his fitness/attractiveness genetics because she can always pursue that need of hers on the side, or after the divorce settlement. our current social climate has ensured that she enjoy the best of all possible worlds, and easily separate the biological needs from the security needs, without consequences (or guilt).

    as a previous commenter said, the ultimate catch is the elusive alpha provider. and how many of those are around? not many. most women will have to settle for a mix-and-match.


  13. Commander’s Briefing : How C&C Clinton and Secretary if Defense Sandberg are Mandating Gender Equality for Transforming Our Military and What it Means for Your Career


    • on October 6, 2016 at 11:32 pm Carlos Danger

      How much of that bellicose speech General Milley gave the other day is based on just this? I know it makes the real men’s skin crawl, but Generals are generally prostitutes for their careers.


  14. on October 6, 2016 at 1:39 pm Wrong Side of History

    I’m on campus and seeing fat girls everywhere.

    How upsetting


  15. I believe that the money and looks dynamic is all about 30. Before 30 it’s looks but post 30 it’s money that comes to the fore.

    I have seen many 30something frivorcers basically take on a beta ATM to further her lifestyle post 30. She may even have a kid or two with beta ATM (but only if she Already has at least one kid from her alpha cad ex).

    Females want that Alpha. They want it so bad they will even hold out well into their 30s if there is even a whiff of having a alpha kid.


    • Past 35 yo they are just being delusional, but many think that they still have ‘it’. Does anyone here go to a gym that has a dancercise class, sometimes filled with 35-50 year old fat women in too-tight clothing trying to dance a Latin-style dance, swaying their big fat hips, butts and shoulders around, believing that people who can see them in the windows are saying, “Oh yeah, you’re making my plump up baby. Yeah!” It makes me puke in my mouth a little when I have my gym timing wrong and walk out of the locker to behold.


      • “Latin-style dance, swaying their big fat hips, butts and shoulders around, believing that….”

        bahahaha! we must go to the same gym. lolz


  16. Here’s the difference: With the rich guy they want the money, with the hot guy they want the cock.

    [CH: no. this is pure male psychological projection. women are aroused by powerful men. aroused to the point where women want the cock of a powerful wealthy man more than they want the cock of a powerless pretty boy.]


    • aroused to the point where women want the cock of a powerful wealthy man more than they want the cock of a powerless pretty boy.]

      How does that explain Zuckersperg? Undeniably powerful and wealthy, but can’t pull anything higher than an Asian 4.

      [CH: this phenomenon was discussed in the classic CH post “defining the alpha male”. short answer: extreme wealth is no substitute for a boring beta personality, low self-confidence, and debilitating social awkwardness in the company of hot women.]


      • CH is spot on. Zuckerfag could have easily pulled in a 9 or 10, without trying much, with all his power and money, but was too weak to do it. There had to be thousands of gold-diggers lining up to let that faggot Skype shoot code all over their Facebooks.


  17. One big problem with this study: The use of $60,000 as a benchmark income. Once a good looking man reaches a certain threshold of income, it’s going to take a lot more income for an ugly man to compete with him. $60k is already decent money, hence the need for an ugly man to pull an additional $186k.

    I’d have used a lower benchmark than $60k, which is already above average. Plus, US income stats usually go by household income, which includes both spouses’ income. On top of that, the best looking men would tend to be younger; younger men make much less than older men, whose incomes skew the national average. Therefore, $60k is already far above average income for a single man, and certainly far above the average of a younger man.

    Suppose they had used $40k for their benchmark instead? Or $30k, or even lower? I suspect the income advantage needed by the ugly man shrinks exponentially.

    [CH: fair objection.]


    • Agree. I’d add that the income quantity is relative to the socio-economic status of the woman and demographic area.

      But no need to turn the point into a sociological data drenched study.


  18. I wonder if the money amount changes as the guys looks go up the scale, or if its a straight 186000 unless the man is in the top 20 percent in looks. I suspect the later.

    The amount equals power an average guy in looks at 120000 not so much.


    • This makes me think of Tom Brady.

      He’s a good looking chap, but was practically a nobody coming out of college. Even as Bledsoe’s backup, he wasn’t given much thought. But, after winning the Super Bowl, suddenly every girl wants him. And not just for the bank he was about to make, but he’s now a Super Bowl winning quarterback, but at the core, still the same Tom Brady that was drafted #199.

      This is more of a fame factor than anything else, but from a 30,000ft POV, he became a star overnight.

      That he’s become one of the best QBs ever, has only solidified this.


      • Fame = Cameras, crowds, onlookers = Attention (for him, and the girls with him) = wet panties for attention whore women. Again…it’s more about the attention and lifestyle that power and money can afford women, not the power and money in and of themselves. It is a subtle, but important, difference. At least that’s the way I see it.


  19. This experiment leaves out (I know, that’s the point) the fact that ugly men have to have EXPONENTIALLY better game than good looking men. If you are in the top 30% of looks AND you’re broke, women will be sort of lenient with some of your game missteps or social awkwardness. If you’re flat out ugly, you may need not only the $168,000 premium, but also near perfect game.

    Example: Mark Zuckerberg has 55 billion dollars. Zero (and I do mean zero) women lust after mark zuckerberg. Look at his wife. She’s a 3. Bill Gates, 81 billion. No woman has ever said she wanted to fuck bill gates. Women don’t even know who Jeff bezos is.

    We now live in a different time. The richest men in the world are rich because they’re on the spectrum and they came up with a new program or a new website. When our grandfathers were young, rich men amassed their fortunes by wheeling and dealing. Negotiating. Doing business. APPLYING CHARISMA, BEING ALPHA.

    In the old huWhite America, you got rich by being alpha. In Weimerica, you get rich by being an awkward shut in who resents the jock that bullied him.

    Women are always going to love money, but in a society that permits them to ride the carousel with impunity, money isn’t as special as it used to be.


    • “…money isn’t as special as it used to be.”

      beauty isn’t as special as it used to be either. fake tits, high tech makeup, IUDs, porn, etc… Helen of Troy today would likely have had 20 partners before settling down to get [email protected] wait, scratch that. settling down into serial monogamy.


    • “Mark Zuckerberg has 55 billion dollars. Zero (and I do mean zero) women lust after mark zuckerberg. Look at his wife. She’s a 3”

      LOL! She’s a 3. Zuckerslime is a (((1))). lolz…

      Damn I hate Fuckerberg. This guy needs to be beaten. Watch the last few seconds of this video starting at 2:00. This guy would let a pack of Ferguson BLM google run a train on his ching pang wife…and he’d thank them for it.

      [CH: cuckersperg is rich enough to get a harem of 10s if he had the balls and the social savvy to handle them. but he doesn’t. his pile of gold shields a scared little betaboy who still gets the shakes talking to women hotter than an asian 5.]

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      • “Asian 5″…for some reason, that sounds like a good title for a SciFi book or movie.


      • You know, it does make for a good scifi book or movie.

        I read a tweet that said “Wall Street Wars” and that’d make for a cool Die Hard-esque type film.


    • “We now live in a different time. The richest men in the world are rich because they’re on the spectrum…”

      This. Captains of Industry used to be shitlords. Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefeller. Even Edison, a technical genius, was still a first class prick- that’s how he beat the sperg Tesla. They were a force to be reckoned with, an alternative locus of power that implicitly challenged the primacy of the TPTB. Only with such loci is tyranny prevented.

      Today’s “Captains” (does that term even make sense, in the current context?) are cucky handmaidens to the Deep State. Apple is a glorified toy company. Facebook is a gossip site (its only genius is that it finally got girls to use computers). Google is a data mine disguised as a search engine (…the abyss also looks into you). All serve the Hivemind., Hell, they ARE the Hivemind.


  20. Dr.Fug’s gonna need a whole LOTTA cash to beat Pretty Boy.
    Based on my 5 decades of life experience in dozens of countries on 3 different continents (which are getting less and less different as we speak), the first thing women care about is HEIGHT.
    (Screams of pain and shouts of ‘Fetishist!!’ from the choir, as usual..)
    LOOKS would be no.2 (more pain in the peanut gallery), YOUTH comes next.
    Women generally wouldn’t mind if most men would just off themselves upon reaching 30.
    MONEY and STATUS are the wild cards, depending on just how much moolah, fame or influence the dude has, he *might*, just might be able to offset the advantages of Soapstud McCollege.
    All other qualities women always claim to want are window dressing at best.
    Men, on the other hand, are usually pretty happy if she’s hot and her personality doesn’t stink up the joint.


  21. In other news, water is still wet.


  22. Great topic!!


  23. The same website has an article on race such that a black man needs to earn $154000 more than a white man in order for a white woman to prefer him over the white man.

    Since, a man in the bottom decile of looks would need to earn an extra $188500 income in order for a woman to prefer him over a man in the top decile of looks.

    Thus, in other words, being black is comparable to being in the bottom decile of looks for white women..

    [CH: a most vicious shiv twist.]

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    • A bunch of usual media hogwash… asking White women about “preferring” a negro over a White man if the money is right just plays into a vague “what if” scenario that most know will never be their choice, but the Synathedral lurvs planting those kind of ideas in the Real Housewives audience.

      And there are still plenty of good White women, the vast majority I say, that wouldn’t “prefer” a n1gger over a White man, no matter how much money the shitskin had.

      Conversely, the White women that would consider a negro as a partner would probably not care about money all that much… you know, the trashy landwhales or the dimwitted SJW Calais refugee jungle types… the ones for which there are tens of thousands for every Mai Britt or Heidi Klum.


    • on October 7, 2016 at 3:58 am Dub Be Good 2 Me

      Do the black men you see with white women like they $154000 more than the average white man?


    • You gonna see a white woman and a black woman happily close to each other in the newxt Amazon/Yahoo/… ad anyway.


  24. The majority of women can’t afford to value looks a little if at all. There are hot women still having trouble keeping an attractive man. I doubt the plain janes will hit the jackpot. At my job, my boss and her husband look like they were in the special Ed class together in their younger years. I can’t help thinking if they’re happy or not. He always seems miserable. She cries a lot. I’m about a 5 if I don’t smile, 3 if I do and I’d rather be single forever than deal with that.


  25. This is why scamming sugar babies is such a lucrative option


  26. @No Prisoners: Holy shit! What a post. I wish you were in my life. Or, maybe not.