The CH Life Cycle Theory Of Western White Nations

Pre-modernity: “Nation is race”
Modernity: “Don’t ask, don’t tell”
Post-modernity: “Nation is race-less”
Post-apocalypse: “Nation is tribe”


    • … and my 9 yo wants a pony.

      What, y’all wux gonna screw everybody over and it wuz not gonna come around?


      • … but the most hilarious one is where y’all are going “i dindu nuffin/yids made me do it”

        Charlie “the Mediteranean air gave me nu’monia” Habsburg sends his regards


      • btw Massa Mosby regrets nuffin


      • on November 7, 2017 at 5:26 am The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

        nobody signed on for neocohen invade the world invite the worldism


      • on November 7, 2017 at 5:28 am The Looch (Mr. Peruvian Huwhite)

        heritage america has been scammed into supporting bullshit wars sold with “noble” intentions


      • Oh, Massa GDub the Founder OG warned his cohorts about foreign entanglements.

        But imperial enforcer Smedley B wisely said:
        “the dollar … gets restless”

        … and when commercial interest align with purridan jihad, Lord have Mercy on us all.

        blaming the ((frontrunners)) tho, an affront to common sense. Cathcux deserve credit too!


  1. My roommate’s friend was just visiting and I told her about some of my plans to move and we got to talking about small towns, not unlike that city-data post from awhile back.

    She could see from where I was coming and even said, “…your own tribe…”

    I told her exactly.

    Funnily enough, she lives in London and was pissed about Brexit.


    • Oh don´t be, the britbongs are even more brainwashed into craving the globalist super-bolshevik-nanny state than the average german.

      Monkey not see, monkey can do..

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      • after long contemplation i have come to a conclusion that british are curse upon europe and some nation tragedy is needed to destroy these scots,anglos from earth


  2. […] The CH Life Cycle Theory Of Western White Nations […]


  3. John Glubb The Fate Of Empires…saw it recommended on here. A good read.
    The PDF is online…only 26 pages.

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  4. on November 7, 2017 at 9:11 am Marcus Aurelius

    Sadly, civilized man lost the war over a century ago to the deadly disease called Zionism.

    My enthusiasm has been severely curbed as a result of my extensive research. I used to dismiss CO and the rest here when they mentioned the ZOG. Fun little conspiracy memes, I thought.

    Alas, it was all true. And the real picture is far more dire than most realize.

    Trump’s largest donor is Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire Zionist. They have purchased both sides of the debate. No matter the outcome, they win. Every conservative movement in the US has been co-opted at its roots. Breitbart and Bannon are compromised. Fox is compromised. Rebel Media is compromised.

    Any criticism of Zionist policy is called anti-Semitism. The many anti-Zionist jews, like Finklestein, are marginalized and hounded much like their gentile counterparts. David Irving was bankrupted and jailed for asking too many questions about the forensic details behind WW2.

    US foreign policy since the end of the Cold War has been Israeli foreign policy. The middle east campaigns have had devastating negative consequences for America, but have served Israel quite well. When top government officials speak out about this, they are ruthlessly slandered and silenced by the all powerful MSM.


    Ever since the Balfour Declaration, the Zionists have left the shadows and operate proudly in the open. Subverting gentile civilization with a smile on their face, and boasting about it at every opportunity.

    Weinstein and his ilk are looting the banks, the backs, and the wombs of gentiles throughout the west. And we are too meek to admit the obvious truth:


    • Marcus Aurelius – the main thing for people to get is this: The jews are not God’s chosen people. Never were, never will be. That ‘chosen people’ thing is completely bogus – a gigantic ruse, a con game writ-large.

      Now, if we can all collectively be a whole lot less wishy washy about slapping down this idiotic ‘chosen people’ thing, and mocking it mercilessly – well, we might just get somewhere, and the jews are ultimately gonna be helped by having this shit shoved back in their faces.


    • But oink has told us the truth, and many times at that.

      The Zionists are merely lackey middlemen, doing the bidding of their masters, the Puritans.



  5. Pre-modernity: “Nation is race, because: mindset”

    Modernity: “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. Wtf? It’s now let’s not talk about mindset? That’s verboten?

    Post-modernity: “Nation is race-less” Yeah right – because nation is mindless. Idiots.

    Post-apocalypse: Start all over again – “Nation is tribe, because: mindset”


  6. you omitted ORION as possible development. maybe you find it wishful thinking.

    not that i blame you. still, we’re not beaten.

    ethnic rivalries between White Nations are cancer. they serve the kikes. 8%. we need to stick together. it’s the only way. i’ve come to this conclusion in spite of being in the Balkans. and we truly hate each-others guts around here.


    • I see ww2 mainly as the great white Holocaust….


    • not just ww2. we’ve been methodically culled for at least the last 1000 years. mainly by “lets you and him fight”.


    • on November 7, 2017 at 3:25 pm Marcus Aurelius

      I am of the opinion that the great wars in Europe were brother’s wars, much like the Civil War, and were demonstrably caused and inflamed by treasonous agents. The Balfour Declaration was masterminded by German, British and American Zionists in order to draw the US into the war in exchange for the creation of Israel. When the Germans realized what had transpired, they were rightfully enraged at the Zionists. The treaty of Versailles and the resulting Wiemar Republic was one of the most depraved, degenerate and dysfunctional societies known to mankind.

      This is all documented, uncontroversial history.

      Churchill’s blunders as Lord of the Admiralty lead to the downfall of Lloyd George. Guess who serendipitously stepped in to fill the void? Why, Churchill himself! How very convenient.

      Churchill was an alcoholic war monger, who was looking for any pretext to declare war on Germany. The war guarantee with Poland over Danzig can only in hindsight be described as ludicrous. Churchill’s close friend was one of the most notorious traitors of the past century: Victor Rothschild.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you pull at one strand, the entire narrative falls apart. It is nothing short of incredible that the ZOG has been able to suppress the truth for so long. Until recently, I was on the fence about these issues, but the onslaught of evidence has been overwhelming.

      May history forgive us for what we did to our German brothers. Let us resolve to never again fight a brother’s war.

      Trust no politician with financial ties to Zionists. Sadly, this includes Trump. He is a step in the right direction, but is at best administering band aids upon our numerous axe wounds.

      We have yet to even begin.

      For those interested in a devastatingly accurate prophecy from the past, look no further than Alfred Rosenberg’s “Myth of the 20th Century”. Start with Chapter II of Book Three: The State and The Sexes.

      Hail Victory.

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