One of the many character traits I love about Trump is his preternatural ability to steal headlines from under his enemies’ concorde-tipped noses.

It could have been wall to wall BLUE RIPPLE gloating today from the media, but now instead they have to dilute their bullshit with news about Sessions resigning.

From Z-Man,

Given the timing, I would assume this has been the works for a while. Whether Sessions knew or not is hard to know, but Trump has certainly been plotting this for a while. Presumably, the move is to have the new AG take over the Mueller problem from Rosenstein. That solves one problem.

The larger problem is how to go about investigating the corruption in the FBI once the loons take over the House. That may be part of the plan here too. A new AG who does not have to recuse himself can also run a second special prosecutor charged with handling the sedition case.

It is a shame that it has come to this. Sessions is a patriot, but he allowed the perfidious Rosenstein to maneuver him into a corner, from which he could not escape. The next guy needs to fumigate the offices to rid the place of guys like Rosenstein.

I personally like Sessions — he has done a lot to loosen the grip of Globohomo on America’s immigration policies — but he made a critical error when he recused himself from the Russia Hoax rolling coup. Sessions forgot that America stopped rewarding principled patriots a while ago; it’s destroy or be destroyed now. When fighting for one’s life, principles are a handicap. But you can die knowing that a tiny coterie of historically erased allies-in-defeat remember your Inherent Goodness and celebrate it from their own forgotten resting places.

The important point mentioned by Z-Man is that a new AG in the thick of the fight can continue investigating and exposing the DOJ/FBI/DNC/OBAMACLINTON attempted coup against an opposition party candidate for president. That’s not nothing. In fact, next to building the Wall and kicking out the illegals, it’s everything. WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND PUT THESE DEEP STATE TRAITORS BEFORE TRIBUNALS.

This is what “principled conservatism” gets you in a roil of demographic violence and ruling class malice:

54% isn’t gonna cut it anymore. The Trump Party needs to get that White number up above 60% to have a chance at saving America from the darkness of Mordor.

Good men like Sessions don’t have the stones for the fight. The bloodletting arena has changed, leaving behind niceguys like him. The time of Hard Men has returned.

This is the fighter we need now:

If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!
[email protected]

From J.R.,

it’s gonna be a super stressful two years
it’s gonna be Investigation after Investigation

Democrats will be looking for a knockout blow, Trump is gonna bait them into over-extending themselves like the GOP did to Clinton

Democrats aren’t gonna want to impeach Trump, but their base is gonna demand it

that will be a good wedge to play

as long as the House Dems don’t find a real smoking gun that is so obviously illegal that Trump is forced to step down, this will only benefit Trump

he now has an excuse for why there will be no wall in 2020 when he runs for re-election – and he will be able to accurately portray the Dems as simply a crazed mob trying to destroy him

As of now, this is looking like a replay of the second half of Bill Clinton’s second term. Clinton was impeached in ’98 by a Republican House and then went on to retire with the highest end-of-term approval ratings of any President since WW2. Good omen for Trump’s 2020 bid.

I consider the next two years to be a moment of clarification for Heritage America. They gave one last shot to the Dems, now they will see what a bunch of useless anti-White pricks they all are.

There are so many big issues confronting us, but two of the biggest are demographic displacement and deep state perfidy. I don’t see either problem getting sufficiently addressed now that the Lunatic Party owns the House, but with Sessions out there is at least the possibility of a stone cold killer as AG who won’t give up rooting out the rats in the FBI, DOJ, and elsewhere that gaymullato/clinton lackeys lurk.


From williamk,

You’re not a wartime consligiere, Jeff. Things may get rough with the move we’re trying.


  1. Completely agree with you on ]Sessions[. I think he was just too used to dealing with people from the Senate, and didn’t realize what a bunch of cutthroat scumbags .gov had become.

    Looks like TRUMP also putting RR in a box finally too: This is one slimy rat I would pay admission to see ..

    “BREAKING: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will no longer oversee the Mueller investigation; Acting Attorney General Whitaker will take over in his place – NBC News”


  2. Kobach is the form of the destroyer. Trump hinted at it when asked if Kobach could lose the KS governor race.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 3:27 pm Captain Obvious

      How the he11 did Kobach lose to that hideous old dyke?

      In the most heavily GOP state in the nation?

      Kobach must have been an HORRIBLE candidate.

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      • on November 7, 2018 at 3:43 pm Captain Obvious

        The dyke who beat Kris Kobach…


      • Kansas is chock full of uppity goodwhites who IMO have issues with flyover inferiority. But truly, I didn’t expect this.


      • The Kansas economy is weak and Governor Brownback’s libertardian starve the beast shit fucked everything up worse. And if you look at the demographics it hasn’t seen much enrichment (yet). Kobach ran the wrong campaign in the wrong place at the wrong time.


      • Is she really a dyke, or just of the “Boston marriage” demeanor?


      • Kobach is a real right-winger…Kansas is a “republican” state but is very cucked “centrist”…his type of right-wing politics always scares the cucks

        [CH: most of the plains states are like that. nebraska, oklahoma. filled with nice-cucks who frighten easily in the presence of radical candor.]


      • Exactly right…Just moved back to KS after 7 years in Oklahoma…your description is spot on


  3. Its not so bad with the shitlibs and their mince meat lead in the house. Any economic downturn can be redirected at them. Trump will beat and blundgeon them just a little more than they do him.

    None of their faggot GloboHomo, Inc resolutions will pass the senate.


  4. Look at CNN Panel today

    Can we start discussing this “Jewish Privilege”

    2% of population. Most of media.

    Today’s Panel was enlightening
    John King
    David Challot
    Gloria Borger
    Wolf Blitzer
    Jake Tapper
    (Black woman guest)
    David Gregory
    Dana Bash

    All Jewish …Not one gentile.

    Is asking about Jewish Privilege in Media anti-semitic?
    Is asking about White Privilege.. anytime… anti European?

    [CH: it’s a real problem that jews don’t want discussed]

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  6. Matt Whitaker looks promising.
    Tight End for Iowa in college.
    225lbs Power Clean a year ago.

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  7. on November 7, 2018 at 2:49 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Democracy a racial headcount garnished by back stabby shiksas supervised by gloating Jews.


  8. on November 7, 2018 at 2:52 pm Elmer T. Jones

    I don’t get the 77% Asians going Democrat. They are generally entrepreneurial and self-reliant. Trump needs to peel away some of this demographic.

    [CH: lol oh so innocent. it’s not about the money. it’s about knocking whitey off his perch. D+P=W]

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  9. Trump said 2020 starts now. And he means it.

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  10. This is about as articulate as it gets.

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  11. Jeff Sessions was no doubt scared to deal with the big Department of Justice Office of Inspector General filing against Special Counsel Robert Mueller on 25 October, copied to Sessions and Trump counsel, regarding Mueller when he was FBI director, Mueller charged with helping British crooks in the bribery of two USA federal judges & helping Mueller’s law firms defraud millions of client funds

    The filing says Mueller got a share of what he helped his law firm defraud out of a mentally-disturbed Hillary friend … how core anti-Trump media NY Times etc took bribes in the same scheme … how extraditions to the USA are being blocked because other governments have the Mueller crime file, despite Goog hiding data from search results … Jeff Sessions no doubt overwhelmed to confront this, as no topic is more forbidden than USA judge-lawyer bribery … DOJ file is here:

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  12. Haven’t you heard? White self-determination is white supremacy.


  13. on November 7, 2018 at 3:37 pm Captain Obvious

    So is this also the post mortem for Q-Anon?

    Wasn’t Q telling us to “TRUST SESSIONS”?

    [CH: the first four lines of this post can be read that way]


    • Q is a hoax. Sorry Carlos.

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      • Not sorry.


      • The Q larp was a successful mission.

        Too many drank the kool aid and theyre attention was diverted. Whether it was (((them))) or a smart troll doesn’t matter.

        It does reaffirm 1 thing most of us already know: Trust Trump. What he does. What he says… not so much. What he says is mostly bait and shiny objects to throw the leftards off and keep the masstards in suspense. Just like game, keep them guessing.

        His actionable track history is good.

        Despite the left’s NPCs and the (((left’s))) resources, censorship and deep ghey state reach, the true blockage to the Trumpian agenda has been the NeoCohen republicucks.

        McTumor, McTurtle, Faggot Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham v1.0. These 4 men are 90% responsible for no wall funding, Obamacare still being alive, not cutting taxes sooner and allowing the leftards get away with their vile attacks against Trump.

        Paul Ryan needs to burn at the stake. McTurtle needs to be replaced. And Lindsay Graham v2.0 better not roll back the changes.

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      • Exactly Ripp…

        Spent the day saying “so what has a GOP majority in both branches got us?”

        Well target acquisition aside… 4 seat majority in the House is no big deal.


      • Is the final count on both Senate and House available… I keep seeing 17 seats uncalled in the House and 3 in the Senate.


      • Yep. So much for 6D chess.


    • Some good ol’ yegg awhile back said Q and other alt-R echo chambers were just shills throwing out happy pills and dog treats to make the alt-R mollified (and kept in Cyberia) that things were going to happen Real Soon Now, and to keep us distracted and chasing our own tails, not to mention making us look like gullible fools.

      I think there’s more than a little truth to that observation.


      • agreed


      • With those confusing stories, call ’em scrambled yeggs


      • That’s what happens when you get yolked with unbelievers.







      • altR has always been skeptical of Q. Q was for the boomers


      • altR has always been skeptical of Q. Q was for the boomers

        Seriously? Epic fail, then… boomers, though the favorite bete noire of subsequent generations, were the most skeptical, and the hardcore alt-R true Kool Aid drinkers were Q’s proponents, woe be to any doubters, who likewise would then be neener-neenered with that insipid “boomer” Alinskyism..

        Or are you just perpetuating the muh boomers myth?


      • the altR type figureheads on Twitter, TRS, MPC, Dailystormer, etc were never on board w/ Q, never even really engaged w/ it, wasn’t a topic of discussion. I will refrain from more Boomer smack, but Q was in the same wheelhouse as guys like Bill Mitchell, StealthJeff, Wictor, etc and /pol/ who were presumably engaging w/ it ironically. That’s how I saw the whole thing. altR is a pretty nebulous group admittedly

        [CH: i think your taxonomy of the Q phenom is accurate.]


      • on November 7, 2018 at 8:14 pm Martel/Tepes2020!

        I am not sure about anything Q related, but it seemed strange to me that every website that was Q-related did not function in Tor Browser and always required Javascript turned on. All seemed like some sort of Honeypot operation to me.


      • Nebulous indeed… but it seems every time I saw a Q T-shirt, it was on someone in the 20 to 40 year old range.


    • Just noticed the Q’s and finally put T&A together to get CH’s jest.


  14. on November 7, 2018 at 3:45 pm Reinald Vallejo

    I always like to tell Democrats that they hate Trump, because Republicans finally have their own version of Bill Clinton.


  15. I have a funny feeling that this is theater. Everything about Sessions said “placeholder”. I’ve seen Trump operate like this before.


  16. Ann Coulter for AG.


  17. Sessions may be a nice guy personally – I have no idea. But right at the outset, when he was appointed (or maybe when questioned by the Senate), it turned out he really is fond of asset forfeiture. This is one nasty trick, against which most people have no recourse.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 4:53 pm Flyover Hayseed

      Caught my attention too. Confiscation of property – whether cash, guns, vehicles etc – is now rampant among feral LEO’s at all levels federal and local. No probable cause, no warrant, no due process, not even bothering to press charges against the owner himself…as though money itself can be guilty of a crime, but not the person. And I heard Sessions say how proud he was that he would expand the use of this law enforcement “tool” to go after marijuana sellers and users FFS.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 5:32 pm Captain Obvious

        Did you max out your campaign contributions to your local county Sheriff?


      • on November 7, 2018 at 7:24 pm Flyover Hayseed

        CO, don’t know what the max is, but, if I read you right, becoming a regular campaign contributor would be a good step forward toward exerting a pro-White influence on local law enforcement in particular and the local political scene in general.


      • You’re right that’s a huge issue and a result of the war on (some) drugs.

        What’s even funnier is now the left is going to ‘protest in 900 cities’ about Sessions being fired.

        The guy they protested being hired in the first place.

        It just keeps getting better and better.


    • Agree. I like sessions, for whatever reason he just wasnt the guy. From the initial physiognomical assesment he looked to me like hed love to string up a few of em’ coons and give em lashes. ol’ alabama shit and all.

      But the attack on marijuana, civil forefeiture and complete inaction of the lefts high crimes is unacceptable.

      Move on to the shadows Mr. Sessions, and when you gone. Just be gone.


    • And to think shitlibs when in hysterics when Sessions was appointed…


  18. on November 7, 2018 at 4:21 pm Patrick Brehon

    Sessions getting sacked this afternoon changed the subject completely from losing the House to…what Trump wanted to talk about.

    Trump decides what we talk about.

    Right now in high drama we’re talking about TRUMP investigation again…
    and if Whitaker can actually supervise Rosenstein vs Mueller..

    and Drudge Reports in Red Bold letters ROSENSTEIN SUMMONED TO WHITE HOUSE…

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    • And the (((MSM))) is already screeching about “protests planned if (((RR))) dismissed”… even ol’ Bernie Sanders is warning that it would be “an impeachable offense” i.e., obvious interference with muh Russia probe.


      Looks like we’re headed for some VERY interesting times, in the best Chinese sense of the word.


  19. ‘Sessions forgot that America stopped rewarding principled patriots a while ago; it’s destroy or be destroyed now.’

    The 2016 campaign really should have tipped him off.


  20. on November 7, 2018 at 6:21 pm baked georgia

    54% is a very low number for whites. even 59% in 2016 was too low for me.
    reagan despite everything reach 66%. I prefer trump over reagan, of course


    • on November 7, 2018 at 7:23 pm baked georgia

      some of the seats that flipped are in relative wealthy suburbs like philly and detroit. this was pretty apparent even in 2016, checking county by county data that the margins are tighter than romney and even mccain. wisconsin, for example, the suburbs voted less trump than romney, but the poor areas all flipped blue then.

      in the other hand, in kansas trump was more popular than the “traditional freedom caucus conservatives” that run for governor and senator there


  21. “[Trump] now has an excuse for why there will be no wall in 2020 when he runs for re-election – and he will be able to accurately portray the Dems as simply a crazed mob trying to destroy him”

    It’s also an excuse for radical changes in the deployment of troops.

    ***Welp, the Dems won’t fund the wall, guess I gotta move some troops around… hmm where are some troops that could be redeployed?… somewhere less strategically vital to the long term future of the USA… that my voters would agree with….***

    Trump can now order the pullouts that Obama might have ordered on his first day, the orders Obama was elected to issue, the orders that would have, at a stroke (heh), guaranteed Obama a far higher spot on historian’s rankings of presidents: home from that graveyard of empires, Afghanistan, and various other Middle East and trashcanistan bases. Maybe cut a deal with Russia and China for that; a concession for something we’re gonna do anyway.


  22. There is beauty in the dems getting the house, it is the perfect amount of rope for them to hang themselves.


  23. 3/24/17 @Chateau “monsters vs losers”

    “Jeff Sessions as AG. That alone makes Trump’s election worth it.”

    Hopefully, THIS TIME, AG is (((ourguy)))
    Jus sayin…..


  24. This development clarifies a concept I’d played with, namely that Trump and Sessions were doing the good cop/bad cop routine, what with the thousands of sealed indictments and all. Seems things were very much as they appeared.


  25. I enjoy the blog immensely, of course, so take this quibble in the intended spirit. You said, “When fighting for one’s life, principles are a handicap.” It’s something I hear a lot amongst Alt-Righters, and it always disappoints me, because it seems to indicate that we are too lazy to think clearly about first principles… perhaps even accepting the Leftist propaganda (obviously not something sincere on their part, judging by their actions) that severity towards enemies is usually or always unprincipled.

    On the contrary! When the Men of the West have been most terrible to their foes, when their indignation has gleamed most incandescently, it is BECAUSE it was righteous, BECAUSE it was principled. I am a very well educated, theologically trained Catholic. I am glad, proud, humbled and grateful to God that I can say without the slightest hesitation: neither in the Perrenial Wisdom Tradition refined in our Civilization by the light of Natural Reason from Thales, Socrates, Aristotle, etc., on to St Thomas (and others), nor in the Holy Tradition given by Revelation and entrusted to the Church by the Apostles, nor in the glorious, systematic exposition of absolute Truth produced by their marriage, is there any principle which would impede our dreadfully efficient self-defense, thereby tempting us to “chuck it” in an unprincipled fight for survival. Rather, it is this system of principles, which we inherit from our God-shielded ancestors, which gives us ampler courage, focus, determination, efficiency and glee when laying waste to the impious hordes, whose mouths reek of lies, blasphemies and HPV. We have every right and principle on our side to cleanse them with fire. So, let’s quit the talk of having to forget our principles in order to survive and talk rather about studying them more carefully, so that we may make all the merrier before the throne of God, with the smoke of our enemies’ eternal torment in our noses, forever and ever, amen. (cf. Apocalypse 14:10-11)

    And a final thought: it goes without saying that we must repent individually, first; those who grasp impenitently at the hilt of the Divine Vindex perish miserably. Heaven gives victory to the worthy, and our people fail because we continue to pursue purely material means and ends in fighting to survive. A glory of European man is his historic acknowledgement that our greatness is not sui generis, but is participated from the celestial hierarchies and their Monarch, the All-Father – a first principle of all Philosophy, even amongst the Pagan sages of yore, and hence not a Trojan Horse of Semitic “slave morality.” Dare to bow once more the neck and knee to Christ the King – Who, for all His glory, did not hesitate to show us how even the spectre of weakness, defeat and rebellion could be forced to serve Him as His choicest tool – and see if you may not once more stand atop the globe entire.

    [CH: well i’m gonna be honest i boned out reading this comment]


    • on November 8, 2018 at 2:33 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      I’ve seen many people flunk Motorcycle exams because they did not listen to the objectives given by the instructor.

      Mostly people worried about looking good instead of completing the objective.


  26. Sessions shows how and why the Confederacy lost the Civil War. Always the Cavalier, the Gentleman, standing tall and fighting with honor

    on the other side the Yankees. Who may look fat and lazy now and then, until they decide to fight. South Carolina in 1865, Germany in 1945, Vietnam 70s, when the Yankee fights, when he decides to fight, there are no rules anymore.


  27. You are missing some Trumpian tactics. He is using Saul Alinsky like he invented it. The Russia story is bad enough for the left to hate him(thus press) and flimsy enough for the right to dismiss it. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The Russia topic targets voter fraud and corruption. Fully personal..the left hates him with a vengence. Polarized..left goes left, right goes right. 2 movies on one screen.