Me Me Me Too

A heartwarming story for the holidays.

Tales of woe and perfidy like this one abound. The sexual and marital markets are two way streets. It takes two to tango. If our culture and society degrade or flourish, it will be because men AND women contributed in their particular ways.

Ignore this lesson to polish the pussy pedestal, and you are complicit in whatever social dissolution follows.


  1. thingsthatneverhappenedunderislam.txt

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  2. This sounds like something worthy of an Everclear song. Father of Mine 2.0 if you will.


  3. I read that earlier. That’s some unforgiving bullshit right there.


    • on December 19, 2017 at 1:50 pm Captain Obvious

      If this 4chan is 4-Real [not a fake], then it’s maybe the biggest gut check in the histoire du Chateau.

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      • on December 19, 2017 at 1:53 pm Captain Obvious

        The last time I got chocked up au Chateau was reading about what Elliot Rodger’s father had done to him [“Elliot Rodger, Sexual Entitlement, Father Abandonment, And The Anti-Boy Therapy Culture”, May 29, 2014, by CH].

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      • on December 19, 2017 at 2:07 pm Captain Obvious

        choked up


      • on December 19, 2017 at 2:12 pm Captain Obvious

        Re-reading it, because part of it didn’t make sense the first time, and I noticed something I had missed:

        “she told me he broke up with her, got another woman and a kid… later went to dads flat to take things and stuff, there was no fucking other family…”

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      • The kicker is that dad still had a photo of the family.

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      • on December 19, 2017 at 4:37 pm Captain Obvious

        “The kicker is that dad still had a photo of the family.”

        Right – I got that part the first time around.

        But then I was like – wait, what about the mistress and the half-sibling, what happened to them? – and so I reread it and realized that there were no mistresses or half-siblings and that un-M0m made it all up.

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      • Without the Pater Familias and legal Coverture, a K-selected family unit cannot maintain its stability and thus civilization cannot blossom.

        This has been proved time and again by history, both ancient and modern.

        We must reestablish these principles, or perish to the negroid hordes.

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      • If this 4chan is 4-Real [not a fake]

        Of course it’s fake. It’s total BS. quote:

        one day, my aunt called me saying my dad was about to die of cancer

        Where the fuck was this aunt at the time the dude got kicked out? Did it ever occur to her to say, “Hey, did you get all those letters your dad sent you? Here’s his address, if you want to write to him. By the way, there is no other family, and he’s wondering why he hasn’t heard from you.”

        Where the fuck were all the other relatives, on both sides of the family? The grandparents, especially the paternal ones? Note the reference to “everybody crying”, at the hospital. Where the fuck were all these people, up until then? If they cared enough about the dude to show up at the hospital and cry when he died, wouldn’t they have had just the tiniest smidgeon of a problem with two children being deprived of all contact with their father, FOREVER, on the basis of a TOTAL FUCKING LIE? Wouldn’t somebody have just slightly mentioned that fact?

        Even if there were fake DV threats made, wouldn’t there have been some police or court process around that, that even a child would have been aware of? And if there weren’t, wouldn’t the dude have suspected that his letters to his kids were being intercepted, and attempted to contact them in some other way, or had ANY ONE OF HIS FRIENDS OR RELATIVES pass some message for him? There obviously couldn’t have been any kind of no-contact order, or he would have been thrown in jail just for sending these letters.

        Total bullshit, from start to finish. Everything on 4chan is bullshit — isn’t that the whole point? It’s hardly a secret. And then they complain about how the identity-politics assholes are always fabricating bullshit propaganda. Hypocrisy, much?

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      • You a triggered (((commie)))? Your handle means Jewison. Fits well.


      • Of course it’s fake, dug… think of it as a (((Hollyvood))) treatment, like a n1gger Valkyrie, fer instance.

        Like some (((Weasel))) once said: “If it isn’t true, it should be.”


      • Yeah I don’t think this is real. The dad, at a minimum would have contacted the kid once they were an adult and explained the situation, or at least tried. It is an emotional story and a good (albeit fictional) example of the destructive potential of hypergamy.


      • “If it isn’t true, it should be.”

        Just coincidentally, that’s exactly what the radical feminists said about the UVA Rape Hoax. It had just the right feel of Truthiness about it.

        What’s real, and what’s bullshit propaganda? Who can tell, anymore? If you’re sufficiently skilled at Reality Control, you’ll never need to ask.


  4. i’m lucky in a way because i never got to have a relationship with my blood father

    to this day, I’ve only gotten vague explanations why he left

    reading this shit makes me want to cry for the kid

    what kinda evil selfish cunt would do this

    and what kinda fucking society allows this to happen

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    • >i never got to have a relationship with my blood father
      We know.

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    • It took marked restraint not to say “quelle surprise” before this… and the better angels of my nature lost.


    • Luciano…..your behaviour here shows the impact your upbringing had on your social development.

      Tough lesson, but use this knowledge to change for the better.


    • Kick a man when he’s down


    • on December 20, 2017 at 9:15 am Captain Obvious

      How in he11 can you guys sniff out a fake from 4-Chan, but you can’t sniff out a JIDF fake with a PhD in Behavioral Psych from Brandeis?


      • co

        meet me anywhere u want

        i’m ready to beat the living shit out of u


      • Luciano go take your MAOA 2R and 3R alleles back to the mystery meat squalor shit pit that you came from.

        Going around making idle threats on the internet will get you in trouble one day, because some day you’ll run into that one nightmare who ensures that every situation he enters into in daily life, he is always justified before the law.

        Fist fights are a young man’s game. You go around running your suckhole like that, and you make the incorrect movements toward someone (or correct depending on which party), you will find several sucking chest wounds in your front side before you can say fried chicken.


      • dude

        i’ve popped off and had a 230 lbs ex-con rip off the gloves during sparring and work me over so fucking bad all i could do was shell up on the floor like a bitch

        my stupidity will probably get me killed someday and tbqh i’m beyond the point of caring


      • Getting your ass handed to you in a fight is all part of growing up. Apparently you didn’t learn the lesson.


  5. Evaluate:

    Use complete nullification of parental rights/contact with children/ you only get a check upon frivorce as dread game consequences to deter divorce thought processes.


    Co-operate in current split parent/support legal system

    It’s hard to evaluate which would be the better way to bring home the consequences of frivorce to a woman, especially with the rationalization hamster in play to absolve them of any guilt and where co-operation enables the FI to play its hypergamy games.


    • on December 19, 2017 at 1:57 pm Captain Obvious


      Disappear. Get your hands on your ch!ldren and walk away, never to be heard from again. Go into the cash economy. Become Walter White. If necessary k!ll their m0ther and dump her filthy stinking b0dy in the friggin Meadowlands. Or the Pine Barrens. Or where the phuck ever.

      No one but no one but no one takes your ch!llunzzzezes away from you.

      NO ONE.

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      • on December 19, 2017 at 2:03 pm Captain Obvious

        BTW, as a sh!tlord, you need to make this sh!znat abundantly clear to the stoopid b!tch before you get her off the b!rth control: “Honey, if you ever even dream of taking my ch!ldren away from me, then I will rip you limb from limb and dump the remnants of your corpse in a swamp where Missing Persons will never find the slightest trace of your DNA. By the way, did you ever see ‘Dexter’ on Showtime? Well ‘Dexter’ was a [email protected] amateur compared to me. I eat c*nts like ‘Dexter’ for breakfast.”


      • This is one of the cases where the wife and the Judge should ‘run off’ together and end up 6 feet under. Maybe her lawyer too. This is way beyond normal divorce theft.

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      • everybodyhatesscott This happens a lot and parental alienation is a real problem. If you’re bored one day and want to take a potent angry pill. Watch Divorce Corp. Total eye opener, even for the cynical. This crap won’t stop until Courts of equity are completely and utterly dissolved around the world.

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      • “This happens a lot and parental alienation is a real problem.”

        EXTREMELY common


      • No death is too easy for these skanks. Acid attacks because it steals a skanks main asset in life, their looks. Imagine going through life having to look like a real life zombie.


      • It works better in a calm and measured tone of voice coupled with occasional indicators that you will carry it out because that’s the kind of guy you are. You don’t need to be a criminal to think like one.


      • I think that attitude would be off-putting and counterproductive with a woman. Threatening her with physical retaliation for leaving is the exact opposite of game and would leave a sticky smelly aura of desperate betatude on your status relative to hers for a long time.

        That is a recipe for her to lose interest in you quickly, then levy the power of the state against you to fuck you in ways you never imagined possible.

        A dominant alpha attitude and internalized game should leave her in a near constant state of dread that if you had a mind to you could leave her and the kids and go bang a younger hotter tighter woman at any time. She should be the one making desperate empty threats, not the man.

        If that is the situation, you’ll never have to worry about her running away with your kids.


      • on December 20, 2017 at 9:19 am Captain Obvious

        “She should be the one making desperate empty threats, not the man.”

        LOL’ed @ “empty” threats.

        Still chuckling.

        DNFW muh ch!llunzzzezes.




      • If it gets to the point where she is trying to take the kids it is already too late. Trying to negotiate the terms of her leaving you before you have kids is setting yourself up for failure. Not only will it cause her to second guess having kids with you, but it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy as you are transferring control of your state to her. She should never be able to have that kind of control over your emotional state. If you tip your hand and she realizes she can use your kids as leverage she will. Even though you love them more than anything in the world, you have to give the appearance that if your women does not live up to your expectations, you will leave them all to fend for themselves. That will create an attraction stronger than any physical or emotional threat possibly could.


      • on December 20, 2017 at 9:38 am Captain Obvious



        This is not empty rhetoric.

        Some ho tries to take muh ch!llunzzzezes away from me, and she won’t l!ve to see sundown.

        And I pity da Family Court jurist who signs any sort of order against me.


      • It doesn’t matter if the threat is empty or not. Threats are made by people in a position of weakness, vulnerability, and desperation. Don’t be that guy.


      • u don’t have the balls to do anything extralegal, let alone kill somebody

        u pussy

        i doubt u have to worry about anybodyever taking ur chillenzzzzeszes away u fucking geriatric incel


      • I’m not doubting the Cap’n’s balls. Just saying preemptively threatening a woman regarding your existing or prospective children is a really bad idea. Not to mention if you were going to abscond with the kids or something you would need the element of total suprise. Telegraphing it in advance is not a good strategy at all, and one likely to cause more problems than it prevents.


    • You say – Use complete nullification of parental rights/contact with children/ you only get a check upon frivorce as dread game consequences to deter divorce thought processes.-

      But this is something that will never and can never happen under the present system. It is not a matter of simply awakening our fellow men. Under a democracy, such reforms will NEVER be voted for and you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. The same goes for many reforms/changes that I see other men blue-skying in these forums.

      The solution, the ONLY solution, is the complete and radical destruction of our present society and its reformation by the surviving strong. I am talking about widespread disenfranchisement after revolution.

      Otherwise, we continue our Byzantium-like slide into a thousand years of decadence and degeneracy before some other force breaches the walls and puts everyone to death.

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      • I agree with this. I mention it to some but few seem to want to get their heads around it. Women can not have a direct say in how things are managed generally. We will need to limit the franchise to a strict set of criteria. I think m**riage, children, a rigorous citizenship test, military service and property ownership need to be in the mix.


      • Joab,

        In this I mean sign away all your parental rights, no visitation, no shared parenting, send her a monthly check for child support. That’s it. That makes her a truly single mom without any enabling from you to lessen the time burden.

        I also think Captain Obvious is channeling GBFM a bit here, but while the “burn it all and commit glorious seppuku” makes for nice rhetoric, it’s a very poor life strategy. Enter the cash economy with kidlets? Have fun avoiding that Amber Alert. Not to mention you are FFL. Sending those kiddies to college? Serve in the military? Schooling?

        This is easy to say, but not to do. This is why the “zero support but the monthly check” might be the only way to go for most men.

        Sure, if everyone in this position burned it all down we’d have a patriarch’s utopia. But we don’t. We still have the swamp.

        It will be the way of Byzantium.


  6. This makes my heart ache. Women who selfishly nuke their families like that will burn in hell.

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  7. that situation is the case more often than not. all we hear is stories of deadbeat dads and the poor women who are left to raise the kids alone. single moms are so strong and brave!

    but from what i’ve seen, bad dad/good mom is the exception to the rule

    most of the time, mom is a selfish bitch who sabotages the kids relationship with their father.

    she made sure she got full custody instead of a 50/50 arrangement. so kids hardly ever see dad and the bond is broken. eventually they don’t even want to see the man who seems like a stranger to them.

    she’ll move far away, get a new man to replace dad, badmouth him to the kids, and whine about how hard it is to raise them on their own.

    all of that destroys any chance they had at having a healthy relationship with their dad and it ruins the kids overall. in the mind of a child, they are part him. so if he’s a loser, and he doesn’t even want them, what does that make them?

    some women are truly cruel


    • on December 19, 2017 at 2:16 pm Captain Obvious

      Cracker, you gotta seize control of the situation.

      Grab the kids & disappear into the cash economy.

      [BTW, as above, in this day and age, all of us have to warn the b!tches about the dire consequences of f*cking with our ch!llunzzzezes BEFORE we knock them up. The cash economy advice is for dudes who were blue-p!lled when they got [email protected], and never thought to warn the b!tch.]

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      • These Amber Alerts that we’re pestered with on the regular (“missing or endangered children”) — nine times out of ten are simply the result of a Dad taking his own kids. It’s usually not some Tim Kaine creepy clown in a van. It’s Dad. With his kids.


      • Before starting a ltr with a woman, demand that she take at least the following tests: IQ, Myers-Briggs personality type, and Dark Triad inventory. Additionally, devise real situations whereby you can assess the worthiness of her responses to the seemingly (to her) real challenges.


      • on December 20, 2017 at 9:23 am Captain Obvious

        “Additionally, devise real situations whereby you can assess the worthiness of her responses to the seemingly (to her) real challenges.”

        OJ, that’s the key.

        You’ve got to be scrutinizing her CONSTANTLY.

        PRO-TIP: See if you can surreptitiously observe how she treats commoners whom her Hamster perceives to be “beneath” her. If she’s cruel to clerks, secretaries, maids, checkout register gals at the grocery store, etc etc etc, then she’s only good for ana1.


    • The fact that there hasn’t been a rash of killings of family court judges is a testament to the good natured restraint white American men still possess.

      … for now, fuckers. For now.

      Don’t think I don’t keep a short list for the first ten days of the collapse.

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    • I am fucking living it right this minute. I will shortly be going to court to get my children back. She’s shacked up with an IQ 88 loser Who Wasn’t Man Enough to have his own children, Wasn’t Man Enough to be married himself, Wasn’t Man Enough to own his own property. So like the hermit crab he is, he’s living in the Shell of my former life. And alienation of my children is essentially relentless. I will be making some moves shortly to rectify this situation.


    • I recently heard about an American white mother who walked out on her Hispanic husband and 4 kids (12, 5 and two 2 year old twins).
      And one girl in my social circle was giving me the “why did I marry him” spiel about her husband who i know. He works 2 jobs to give her and their infant a good life.
      She has given me clear come on signs.

      Let women run the world….let them destroy it…and then ensure it never happens again.


  8. Obviously the mother was very wrong for not giving her son the letters, but I do think the father could have made more of an effort. He should have gone to the house.


    • Yeah working under the assumption this is real; the father could have done more.

      Even if the wife lied to him as well; told him she gave the kid all the letters but he just didn’t want to reply or see him.

      It was still his responsibility to make himself a part of their lives.

      Especially since there doesn’t seem to have been any court rulings or such things.

      Don’t get me wrong here; the mom was clearly a bit on the evil side of things here.

      But that doesn’t abdicate the father of his weakness or failure in fulfilling his duty.


      • Dude, all she has to do is threaten DV and it’s over. Nothing a normal guy can do against that other than just fuck-off out of there.

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      • on December 19, 2017 at 4:45 pm Obstinatus Ludificator

        “Don’t get me wrong here; the mom was clearly a bit on the evil side of things here.

        But that doesn’t abdicate the father of his weakness or failure in fulfilling his duty.”

        Even with this story, we get equivocating (“a bit of on the evil side”? Really, only a bit?) and “well, he’s still a loser cuz I would have been seein’ muh kid every day no matter what she done!”

        “Especially since there doesn’t seem to have been any court rulings or such things”

        How could you possibly know that?

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      • “Yeah working under the assumption this is real; the father could have done more.”

        Spoken like a man who’s never been through the family court meat grinder.

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    • Lara: “He should have gone to the house.”

      Bzzzzt, restraining order based on false allegation of abuse, or false allegation of child molestation.

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    • Obviously the mother was very wrong for not giving her son the letters, but I do think the father could have made more of an effort. He should have gone to the house.

      Dumb cooze… dividing blame to take heat off her gender?

      This is why we lose.

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      • Usually agree with you but wtf? This story makes zero sense. He never sees his dad again? Complete bullshit. How could his dad not talk to him in any way. Are you all this gullible?


      • Some of us here already admitted it was most probably fake.

        The point on this current task at hand is, suspending disbelief for a moment and accepting the microcosm presented, some gal chimes in to take heat off her gender, go figger, when it’s a TOTAL screw job on the man.

        Go sit in the corner for awhile, we’ll tell you when to come out.


    • Fuck that. My ex orchestrated her mother and her friends to call children and youth services on me. Then, on the basis of all the calls to Children and Youth Services, got an order of protection that barred me from going to the house. My lawyer protested that all of these were spurious, all investigated and all dismissed, and the mangina judge said ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ and imposed the order of protection.

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      • on December 20, 2017 at 9:30 am Captain Obvious

        “mangina judge”

        Dude. Grow some g0nads.


      • @Captain Obvious, I have a good friend, Max. Max was a lieutenant of infantry in Afghanistan. Max is a frightening human being.

        Some years ago, I was bemoaning my situation to Max. This was the wisdom he gave me:

        You got to learn how to fight like a Jew.

        You see, if I got physical with anyone, no matter how much they deserved it, I would never see my children until well after they were adults. I would have no chance to influence or to guide them as they grew. Short-term gratification, but I would have taken my eyes off the prize.

        So I am fighting like a Jew. Instead of channeling my Sicilian, I am resorting to lawyers and the courts so I have unimpeded access to my children. So I will be a force for good in their lives.

        Now, on my youngest daughter’s 18th birthday…. well, just keep an eye open.

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      • Oh, and if you’re curious, I do not possess a drop of Semitic blood, which was confirmed by DNA testing.

        In fact, genetically I’m apparently English, which makes sense given that I am descended from blonde, blue-eyed Sicilians through my paternal line.


      • “You got to learn how to fight like a Jew.”

        this is the message I’ve been pushing. the goyims’ immediate-gratification tendency of choosing violent solutions first, before they even know who they’re fighting, is our Achilles’s heel. as was proven out in the last two centuries, we’re usually walking right into a trap designed for us to kill each other.

        the Jews conquered the West without firing a shot. they did it through stealth, subterfuge, and controlling the flow of information so that people only had access to a narrative that supports THEIR agenda. that’s powerful stuff, and yes, we need to fight like that.

        we should be fighting tooth and nail to have our own news networks and movie studios BEFORE we rush off to spill blood and make our names on the battlefield. yes it’s more fun…AT FIRST… but it’s basically a suicide-death cult.

        how can we possibly hold the moral high ground with our women, and pressure them to value life and legacy over hedonism, if we ourselves are so quick to throw away life and limb for some ribbon and a few ounces of bronze?

        if we’re serious about saving the white race, we have to stop being hypocrites about the value of our lives. honor is NOT always the highest value. yes it’s important, but it’s an unaffordable luxury when you’re well on your way to losing forever.

        see the movie Act of Valor for a nauseating example of how the death cult of the US military celebrates the idea of going off to die a “beautiful death” fighting for the Jews, while leaving behind a pregnant w1fe and young daughter. starring ACTUAL Navy Seals.

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  9. Yea all you people thinking it’s fake

    I remember the days back on the MGTOW boards in WordPress when they were just getting started, and reading hundreds of stories just like this one.

    So, even if this “particular” one is faked for drama purposes, there are thousands of similar real stories.

    Hell I can tell a whole bunch myself, some of the shit my friends went through, fucking unreal. Normal guys squashed like bugs, never seen it coming.

    Luckily my Frivorce was “clean” since I didn’t have kids.

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  10. Family is racist.


  11. Good for him for punching his mom. Not he needs to exile her from his family. 100% no contact.

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  12. That was the saddest thing that I have ever read here – sad but also chilling from the evil that caused it to happen.


  13. on December 19, 2017 at 5:51 pm traitors first

    “hit mom in face and stuff”
    He should have arranged their “reunion”


  14. on December 19, 2017 at 5:53 pm traitors first

    Until men actually start standing together to end this kinda shiznatz it will continue, stories like this make me think there may be something to the whole white sharia idea which I’m not totally on board with


  15. […] Source: Heartiste […]


  16. on December 19, 2017 at 6:36 pm safespaceplaypen

    The punch to her face will be the only justice that occurs against this [email protected] She won’t go to jail; she won’t get fined anything.

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  17. This shit is completely real. I’m going through it right now. Got a lawyer cued up to go after my ex-cunt and her retarded live-in ‘fiance’.

    But you want to read a true story that’s exactly the same thing as this? Here:

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    • This was an immensely fascinating read. Thanks for the link.

      Highlight of the story for CH:

      “He proposed marriage, but ultimately, he was far too compliant and mild, and I was disconcerted by his willingness to acquiesce to what I wanted, even though I never wanted anything bad. I could trust him to treat me with the utmost kindness and care, but I could not lean on him. That was impossible. I declined his proposal and moved on.”

      The verbal distillation of the female reptilian subconscious.

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    • I also recognized JB’s story. Her parents were nutters, and her mom was evil, but at least she got to reconcile with her dad while he was still alive.

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    • And even here Chateau wisdom reflected…

      “He proposed marriage, but ultimately, he was far too compliant and mild, and I was disconcerted by his willingness to acquiesce to what I wanted, even though I never wanted anything bad. I could trust him to treat me with the utmost kindness and care, but I could not lean on him. That was impossible. I declined his proposal and moved on.”

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  18. Makes me wonder why no victim fights back.

    Guess the same personality trait that makes them agree with the System until it happens to them keeps them passive after.

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    • They do fight back, reference all the amber alerts mentioned earlier. There is no fighting back through the law, so it is grab the kids and run or shoot n shovel.
      Want another fun emotional ride? Story of a lovely lady, gets knocked up, murders the father, runs to Canada. Canada coddles her. Kid’s grandparents from the fathers side follow to protect the kid. Woman eventually kills herself and kid. At the end you hear the grandfather lament that he should have killed her, gone to prison, and left his wife to raise their grandchild.

      It’s OK to hate.

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  19. The sad part is, how common this story is. Men don’t treat women so viciously after a divorce, SHE INITIATES… But most women, the knives come out and they do all they can to destroy the ex husband in the eyes of the kids. Ten bucks says she had a restraining order against him, the son never knew about.

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  20. I think CH’s insight in this anecdote is important; at the end of the story the lesson is not that women are evil but that it takes two to tango.

    Game is so much more important than just getting guys laid. Game can be the difference between children growing up with a dad they love and respect or a step-dad who resents them or no dad at all. Game can be the difference between a childless career woman or a stay-at-home mom with 5 kids. Game can make the difference between Western Civilization decaying or flourishing.

    There is a synergy that is created with a traditional family unit whereby men and women work together with differentiated roles and a specialization of labor. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. But the cohesion of the family unit and by consequence the whole of society is dependent upon Game for its perpetuation.

    That’s not excusing what the woman in the story did or blaming the victim. Just offering the solution. The system in the West no longer reinforces the traditional gender and family norms that are necessary for healthy intersexual relationships. Trying to rehabilitate that system will be a challenge, and may not even be possible. In the meantime it is not overly dramatic to say that Game is the only thing that can save Western Civilization.


    • Game is good. But I disagree that game is the answer to civilization. What makes societies great is bullying for the boys and social shame for the girls. Boys have to man up, and girls have to conceal or limit their depravity. Social accountability to a healthy norm, ie bullying and shame.


      • Bullying doesn’t make boys into good men. If a kid gets bullied and grows up to be normal it is in spite of the bullying, not because of it.

        Women will never limit their “depravity” unless disirable men (with game) require it of them. Granted, a society with some built in cultural and/or legal limitations on women’s hypergamous tendencies would be great. But we don’t have that.


  21. This story made me drop a tear. It’s hard not to sympathize with that poor kid. And the dad!