Your Daily Definitions

The definition of short-sightedness:

[Specials] fearing another [GOODBYEFELLOWWHITE] attempting to make themselves more secure by aggressively censoring criticism of [specials] and aggressively demonetizing those who criticize [specials].


The definition of a strong constitution:

The ability to remain good-natured and of good humor despite embracing an astringent worldview and unforgiving discussions following thereof which frightens weaker souls.


  1. It looks like the entire establishment basically wants white people to be extinct.


  2. Why would they use a White boy?

    Maybe because the US is still a White country and that’s the norm?
    Or that most of their readers are White?


  3. Anyone else getting throttled back via mOdz?


    • Yes, every single post goes to mod and some make it through


      • same here brother

        it also forgets my screen name and email every time. Figured that out today. Wasted a bunch of posts yesterday not knowing my ‘details’ were zero’d out. Though CH banned me for a minute..


  4. Sounds like something Bierce would write.

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  5. on February 12, 2019 at 9:20 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    String constitution””””

    I like it
    He he he