Study: Diversity Is Our Misery

Diversity™ heaps limitless miseries upon the host nation. You don’t need social science studies to tell you that, (you can just go to a diverse part of town and experience the joylessness, tension, annoyances, stress, and general aesthetic dreariness for yourself), but when the ¡SCIENCE! is available it sure is fun to rub it in libfruit faces.

Happiness in modern society: Why intelligence and ethnic composition matter


Recent developments in evolutionary psychology suggest that living among others of the same ethnicity might make individuals happier and further that such an effect of the ethnic composition on life satisfaction may be stronger among less intelligent individuals. Data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health showed that White Americans had significantly greater life satisfaction than all other ethnic groups in the US and this was largely due to the fact that they were the majority ethnic group; minority Americans who lived in counties where they were the numerical majority had just as much life satisfaction as White Americans did. Further, the association between ethnic composition and life satisfaction was significantly stronger among less intelligent individuals. The results suggest two important factors underlying life satisfaction and highlight the utility of integrating happiness research and evolutionary psychology.

LIE: Diversity™ is our strength.
TRUTH: Diversity™ is our sadness.

Happiness (for White people) is a paler shade of settlement.

Multiethnic societies make everyone unhappier, but the clash of tribes hits the downscale hardest, who lack the excess cognitive chops to rationalize their unhappiness as the sweet price to pay for moral posturing and crappy ethnic food that gives you the shits for weeks.

Modern multitribalism may not pose the same threat to the survival and reproduction of individuals as it would have in the ancestral environment when encirclement by another tribe usually meant you were about to be killed or raped, but that doesn’t mean modern multiracial stews like the US don’t threaten the Darwinian fitness of individuals dealing with the consequences of the diversity. Bloody tribal warfare and pillaging still exist, but in a domesticated form; instinctive tribal nepotism, out-group aggression, and low trust are proxies for open war, and these interactional conditions pose incremental risks to the social and economic statuses, as well as the psychological health, of members within the multitribal society. One example would be, for instance, the nepotistic domination of the Ivies by one tribe and its affirmative actioned pawns which has pushed out the historical representation of the heritage tribe.

Or, Diversity + Proximity = War (by any means).


In related ¡SCIENCE! news, shitlibs are just as prone to science denialism as are cuckservatives.

Liberals and Conservatives Are Similarly Motivated to Deny Attitude-Inconsistent Science

We tested whether conservatives and liberals are similarly or differentially likely to deny scientific claims that conflict with their preferred conclusions. Participants were randomly assigned to read about a study with correct results that were either consistent or inconsistent with their attitude about one of several issues (e.g., carbon emissions). Participants were asked to interpret numerical results and decide what the study concluded. After being informed of the correct interpretation, participants rated how much they agreed with, found knowledgeable, and trusted the researchers’ correct interpretation. Both liberals and conservatives engaged in motivated interpretation of study results and denied the correct interpretation of those results when that interpretation conflicted with their attitudes. Our study suggests that the same motivational processes underlie differences in the political priorities of those on the left and the right.

I would love to know which test studies the researchers used to determine how much libs and cons engaged in motivated interpretation, besides the one mentioned in the abstract (“carbon emissions”). I’d bet that libs more intensely deny or spin the science of race and sex differences than cons deny the science of global warming. My observation is that cons aren’t as egotistically and emotionally invested in denying global warming as libs are in denying innate sex-based psychological differences and racial disparities in average IQ.


A commenter reminded me of a relevant 2014 CH post about a study of spiders and diversity, which found that tribal homogeneity, contra conventional shitlib wisdom, increases individual diversity.

Summarizing, a lack of inter-group diversity…actually increases individual diversity, through the mechanism of amplifying preexisting personality differences among same-group members. In contrast, a lot of inter-group diversity (say, moving to a SWPL hipster enclave in a minority white city soaked in vibrancy that makes daily living an adventure in survival) produces a uniformity of thought and, CH will note, uniformity of aesthetic within groups, which is why we see SWPL hoods in nearly every major American city converging on the same farm-to-table Obama-loving liberal hypocrite norm.

Paradoxically, group cohesiveness creates more individual diversity, while inter-group diversity creates more intra-group uniformity. Diversity + proximity = conformity.

In other words, the diversity that really matters — diversity of thought and personality — flourishes in less racially diverse environs.

Diversity is our within-group sameness.


PS I’ve added the study findings discussed in this post to the Diversity + Proximity = War reference list at the top of the front page of this blog.


  1. I’m stuck in permanent mod, but I just want to say….beaaahaaahaaaa


    • on October 3, 2017 at 5:41 pm Captain Obvious

      I’ve been travelling in Redneck Flyover Country for the last few days, crossing paths with lots of hot young HB6 to HB8 Redneck P00ntang, aged roughly 17yo to 27yo, working in various commercial Redneck establishments, and uniformly they are cheerful, friendly, cute, and totally DTF.

      You dudes who are trapped in Bluetropolis Sh!tlib Diversitopias, trying to hit on raging hypergamous femcunt snarky up-talking cat-ladies-in-training, need to bust yourselves the hell outta prison & escape off into G0d’s Country & start spreading your seed amongst some Real Live Grateful & Thankful & Eager White Femalezzzezes for a change.

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 5:48 pm Muerte aka Luciano

        no bunz

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 6:22 pm Captain Obvious

        wrong ovenzzzezes


      • What areas do you recommend?


      • on October 3, 2017 at 9:38 pm Captain Obvious

        Just get in your car and drive the hell outta Bluetropolis and into the countryside.

        From NYC, head up the Hudson & into the Catskills.

        From Philly, head west past Germantown & out into farm country.

        From Baltimore, head east & south down into the farmland of southern Delaware [the soil there is black as night].

        From DC, head south to the general vicinity of Lynchburg or Roanoke.

        You’re looking for events like County Fairs & Harvest Festivals & Pumpkin-Tossing contests [featuring cannons & trebuchets] & 4H contests & Sons of the Confederacy Turkey Shoots & whatnot.

        Poke your head into Grain Stores & Tractor Stores & Hardware Stores and chat up all the cutie-pie redneck chicks who work the cash registers.

        Eat at family-owned restaurants, not at Globohomo Corn-Soy-Industrial-Complex franchises, and chat up the waitresses.

        At night, if you don’t have a date already, then hit the Cowboy Honky-Tonks and dance the Redneck 2-Step like ASDGamer.

        And on Sunday morning, dress to the nines and go pillage the hell outta the largest Evangelical Church with teh hawtest White p00ntang.

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 9:43 pm Captain Obvious

        And learn to say, “Y’all.”

        As in: “Y’all look like y’all’s some D-Cups under that blouse.”

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      • on October 4, 2017 at 5:46 am Muerte aka Luciano

        why is captain obvious still childless after a decade of telling white men to get their act together & spread thy seed?


        closet fagget?


        lets talk about it bruh

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      • You blue state blue city boys need to stay the hell out of the countryside. You built the city life, you can wallow in it.


      • People who flee pozzed places for traditional ones destroy their place of refuge, even if they are not liberals individually. That’s how several Red states are flipping Blue.

        Day 1: traditional place takes in fleeing conservatives from a cosmopolitan place.

        Day 2: conservative refugees are bitching about the backward townies and pushing for “reasonable” changes.

        This is even more pronounced when there are cultural and language differences between refugees and hosts. The takeaway: humane accommodation of allied foreign civilians (intra-US or otherwise) would take the form of locked-down Displaced Persons Camps.

        A “city boy” shouldn’t feel free to run around farmin’ country chatting up the local girls without the fear of getting his throat cut.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 11:11 am Captain Obvious


        Both Russ & PA know that I’m speaking the G0d’s Honest Truth.

        Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan’s Island, Mayberry RFD, The Waltons – get outta Bluetropolis & start spreading dat seed.


      • Californians fleeing the reincarnation of the Empire of Mexico in their state are trying to make my state blue in the way PA explains.

        I’d advocate that interstate immigrants be not permitted to vote on local elections for 15 years or longer. This is in order to build roots in the community and have so called skin in the game.

        Nothing makes a nationalist like becoming part of a tribe.

        That’s why we’re not allowed to have one.


        Not evangelical but church game is legit.

        [CH: that’s actually a really good idea.]

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      • on October 4, 2017 at 12:36 pm CalvinDecline

        I guess the grass is always greener, because as someone who grew up and still lives in flyover country… I’m looking to get out in search of new poon.

        Like you said… many flyover gals are cheerful, friendly, cute and seemingly DTF… but they also tend to have more than a few tattoos, a muffin top, one or two halfricans that need babysitting, and an inescapable propensity to want to marry anything that moves.

        Sure there are the smoke shows (you know, the hot blonde girls in cut off jean shorts and boots holding up a MAGA sign) that we all picture when we think of “flyover country hottie”, but most of those girls were married at 21 and already have kids. My only reprieve are the college bars around here… and even then, you still meet country hotties who are all the time admitting “yeah I don’t even know why I’m going to college, I’m just going to get married and become a mom when I graduate”.

        Maybe it’s just the place I work… but I’d say nearly half the people also have a spouse that works in the same building or one department over. I don’t know if that’s just a form of mate guarding haha, but I’ve never seen so many married couples in the same work place. I don’t see how they do it.

        [CH: becoming a shitlibopolis itinerant is a proven method for expanding one’s mate options.]


      • Californians fleeing the reincarnation of the Empire of Mexico in their state are trying to make my state blue in the way PA explains.

        I’d advocate that interstate immigrants be not permitted to vote on local elections for 15 years or longer. This is in order to build roots in the community and have so called skin in the game: #kidsnotcats

        Nothing makes a nationalist like becoming part of a tribe. That’s why we’re not allowed to have one.


        CO is correct. Church game is legit. If you can red pill them, keep them though.

        BTW, tried using Tor to access blog and comment but no luck.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 1:45 pm DissesMYisland

        Gentlemen, My apologies for the overlong post. I feel I have something truly valuable to contribute here.

        Responding to:

        “Day 2: conservative refugees are b1tch1ng about the backward townies and pushing for “reasonable…

        And @anon
        “I’d advocate that interstate immigrants be not permitted to vote on local elections for 15 years or longer. This is in order to build roots in the community and have so called skin in the game.
        Nothing makes a nationalist like becoming part of a tribe.”
        I can attest to the veracity of both of these statements, as I have personally been on BOTH sides of this coin…allow me to explain.

        I’m born and raised (white American and German descent) in Los Angeles. Deeply blue pilled and mostly beta until 2015. I was not liberal by any means, but still completely plugged in/brainwashed and race unaware.

        Moved to oilfield country a few years back to open a business. Very small town in a farming community with extremely close ties. (Everybody knows EVERYBODY…same last names, etc).

        Noticed locals complaining about all the “oilfield trash” (transient, out of state workers who work oilfield jobs). These types have no roots in the communities they are part of, and thus no fear of social shame and ostracism. So they tend to behave themselves rather poorly.

        Furthermore, locals didn’t like the skyrocketing housing costs and general cost of living increases caused by a massive influx of guest laborers. Old folks on fixed incomes often had to leave their apartments and could no longer stay part of a community that they’d lived in for 70, 80 yrs.

        Being the good little ayn rand “objectivist” that I was, my response was always “But look at all the extra money everyvody is making…every business in town is selling more and every piece property has doubled or tripled in value. Isn’t that worth a few more headaches?”. (Of course this line of reasoning also excused my own carpet bagging a$$)

        When the debate inevitably hit an impasse, I always resorted to “well, you can’t stop progress”

        Oilfield booms create massive disruptions in the local economy. The “haves” (land owners whose property values skyrocket, bar owners who gain a lot of new business with $$$ to spend, and men like myself with the wherewithal to open a business to capitalize on the easy $$$ of the boom) benefit greatly, whereas poor/old/unskilled locals who were just getting by are now priced out of their own homes, and pushed out of their own jobs by competition from generally more skilled laborers.

        When the boom busts, the local market is completely out of whack. Wages which rose dramatically during the boom now have to come back down. Local folks get laid off. Folks who bought cars/houses based on their new higher wages lose said cars and houses. It’s a mess.

        (Let’s not even get into the sex market disruptions caused by 10s of thousands of men and NO WOMEN moving into a sparsely populated area. Another post?)

        Fast forward 4 years and I’m fully game/race aware, woke, and red pilled and I identify COMPLETELY with the small town folk who graciously (albeit begrudgingly) Allowed me into their community and still frequent my place of business.

        Still, I don’t feel like I’ll ever truly be “one of them”. Maybe my kids will someday, if I’m lucky enough to find a worthy oven to put those buns into. That’ll be good enough for me.

        Unfortunately I feel like I’m probably the exception that proves the rule. Smaller communities just don’t have the carrying capacity to take in the loads of white refugees (millions?) who’ll be fleeing CA when the SHTF. ESPECIALLY all at once. I don’t care how well meaning and conservative you are, if you wait till judgement day it’ll be too damn late. You WILL be shut out (unless you’re a woman, lol). Just Being White won’t be a free pass into a red state, but it will most certainly be a death sentence in LA/SF etc.

        My two cents?…sell all your crap and leave your blue state NOW. Take a pay cut and move to a red state with a lower cost of living. It’ll take a few years for you to be an accepted member of your new host community anyway. But at least you’ll survive. (And bring plenty of women with you. We’re going to need them)


      • You guys are on fire this is my island yea small town perspective nice
        And yea that’s why I went and got my own island and went through initiation lol now I got my hometown too he he he think both be ok shit hit the fan on my island and they are fine.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 5:49 pm Vagina dominator

      Have you tried to change something? I often find I can post successfully at one internet cafe but not at another. Maybe you could connect to the site through a proxy. Or use a different browser.

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    • Trying Brave from iPad, let’s see


    • Nope, I think ch just doesn’t want my comments. Safari, Brave, Chrome (will no longer use), nothing. Perma mod. I’ll peace out.


  2. on October 3, 2017 at 12:05 pm Oliver Elkington

    In England where i live it is always, always the least diverse areas that are the happiest, there was a report done that showed Islington in central London to be the most miserable area in the country and Craven in the Yorkshire countryside to be the happiest, one diverse, the other 95% English.

    This is not surprising, undiverse areas have friendlier trusting people who have also probably lived in the area for several generations and possibly even longer. When you live in an area where there are actually people you know, people you grew up with, people you work with, the community is going to make you feel happier, isn’t it? Most richer liberal areas on the other hand are seldom known for their friendly outgoing inhabitants.

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    • When I emigrated to the US as a kid my first port of call was a 98% white area. My first call home to my Dad was ” I can see why they don’t have wars like’s really homogeneous and white”

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  3. Cocooning, retro, nostalgia, they’ve all become a theme amongst the late Boomer/early X-er set. Hold tight to everything you held dear, because it’s the last you’ll see of it. Pics of dads, moms, uncles, aunts, holding tight their 20-something kids, like they don’t want to lose them. Early GenX dads wear superhero tees to be “cool” because cool has become synonymous with cartoons, not real life.

    Already, grandkids are being born into a mystery meat existence. People are desperately clinging to something they don’t even realize they’re losing, nor why.

    And everyone wants say science! Like a magic word. Turn it on them, though…I have qualms with Rowling but she did see how people reacted to having a dose of their own medicine. It wasn’t pretty


    • As an X’er, I find the trend of middle aged & younger men wearing superhero t-shirts quite annoying, and gay. We had those when we were little kids, they were called Underoos.

      I purposely f*ck with these guys at the gym, and yet they never fight back, some superheros.

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      • I have one graphic tee, of Baymax from Big Hero Six. It says “I am not fast.” Like the fluffy robot. My kids love it so I wear it when we go play or run. Otherwise I dress like a grownup.

        I’m tired of this eternal infancy in which everyone wants to remain. Dress for your job, certainly. Pajamas are for sleeping, and once your past two years of age, max, footie pajamas just shout ‘retard’.


      • I might have to say “nice underoos” to the next person I see wearing a superhero anything.

        Halloween is no excuse.


      • yeah, it’s pathetic.

        whether it’s super heroes, actors, musicians, or athletes, worshipping/idolizing them is equally bad.

        not something grown men and women should be doing or encouraging their kids to do.

        nothing wrong with liking characters in a movie or show or liking a certain musician but treating performers like heroes is wrong.

        some of that is natural with young children but it’s always a parents job to guide them in looking up to actual humans who have earned their adoration. like parents, other family members, the local small business owner who is a huge asset to his community, etc.

        no one over the age of 10 should be getting overly excited about performers

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      • That’s because we’re no longer “allowed” to look up to our heroes. Unless they were Saints of Liberalism and Diversity, and not men, they are not “permitted” to be heroes any longer.

        In a way, it makes you understand why Manichean thinking was considered a heresy. If one creates a situation where only the utterly pure (by some warped definition, to boot) can be looked up to, then you have condemned every human automatically by setting up too grand a comparison that none of them can ever or will ever live up to.

        Whereas, if you accept all human relations as fundamentally tragic, you gain more understanding of humanity between “worshipping the impossible ideal” and “hating everyone else.” You come to appreciate that someone can be a noble defender of his people AND something of bastard, and in that space you discover that you can have cultural heroes of your own kind.

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      • They’ve detonated our culture to the point that the only shared symbols we have any more are the ones that come from pop culture.

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      • cynthia. This weighs on me heavily, how we are losing culture and therefore connection and roots. I needn’t belabor the point here. Good comment


    • It’s blackpilling … and yet, humanity developed the myth of the phoenix for a reason.

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      • yes. someone, somewhere is going to eventually stand up and say “fuck this. let’s fix this shit.” why not start with ourselves?

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      • whites don’t seem to have a unifying narrative of their own at the moment beyond “it’s ours because we built it” or “rahowa!”, both of which acknowledge that we’re losing, and even imply that death is preferable to continuing to lose. so what happens after we take it back? what’s the new narrative so that we don’t fuck it up again?

        this is where I think DJT is onto something with his “Winning!” narrative. it cuts through all the defeatist and entitlement narratives and gives people, especially demoralized whites, something to focus on besides bickering with each other. it shifts the overton window from “if we try really hard we’ll probably still lose everything, but maybe we’ll slow it down a little” to “I don’t have time for losing because I’ve got a plan!”

        that seems as good a narrative as any, absent some kind of existential threat coming along like an alien invasion where we have to come together to battle giant, time traveling cephalopods, or something. though success is actually a much better way to get people off their asses than existential threats because it selects for the kind of people we WANT: people who invest in their homes for the long term, not bloodthirsty, just-survive-to-live-another day, psychopaths.

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      • PJ, I hadn’t thought of the “winning” precept along the lines with which you explained, but it does have merit in that regard.

        And in the adage of positive thinking, it’s one of those attributes that someone can repeat over time to reap the rewards.


      • I’ve often thought that whites require a “mission.” They were always explorers and adventurers. Whether it was venturing onto the ancient, unknown seas in longships, or driving railways across the prairie to create a mighty nation where none had been before.

        Right now they have no mission, and are on the defensive.

        The mission, in my opinion, should be moving out into the solar system. (That was started in the 1960s but was aborted by the Shrivel Rights Movement.) Looking at terraforming Mars. Immensely increasing our material resources with asteroids.

        But how to convey that fire into the hearts of men to warm them?


      • I’ve had the same thought about mission, didn’t think of that word though. I guess I thought the word “purpose,” which is really the same thing. It seems to me Goodwhites have a mission: eradicate racism, sexism, that shit. It’s us Badwhites that don’t seem to have an identifiable mission. We’re just all the time defending what little we have left, which isn’t moving toward something at all.

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      • it seems axiomatic that whites are “mission dependent”. our enemies have studied this aspect of ourselves and used it to great effect in keeping us muddle-headed and chasing our own tail with fools errands like di-versatay. that is, when we’re not volunteering to get butchered in some third world hellhole to save a few kids.

        there’s something life-affirming about a good mission. we need to be mindful of that going forward, and use it to OUR OWN advantage.

        fuck being on the defensive. to the stars!


      • What’s the point of a grand mission, When anything that the white man discovers, or invents, gets immediately co-opted by the “others” ? Dont you think the PTB wont start shipping googles, and empowered women, to Mars once the white man did all the heavy lifting.

        We cant run away from the fundamental problems facing us. The true mission is to confront them, and defeat them utterly.


      • to the stars!

        why aim so low? we have enough female sheboon brainpower to take us past the edge of the universe.

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      • “We cant run away from the fundamental problems facing us. The true mission is to confront them, and defeat them utterly.”

        great idea. you first. go out and start rounding people up. would love to see pics of your progress.


      • “The true mission is to confront them, and defeat them utterly.”

        confront who? who will you be confronting, brave guy?

        and defeat them how? ideologically? with violence?

        your life is so horrible that you’re ready to go to war, eh? do you have some sort of battle plan? do you have a plan to protect your loved ones, or are you dragging then into battle also?

        what about infrastructure? does that all get destroyed while you “defeat them utterly?” schools, hospitals, daycare centers? what if they’re harboring the enemy? destroy them also?

        are innocents fair game? what if they capture your girlfriend and skin her alive in order to find your whereabouts? or just for fun? are you ready for that kind of win-at-all costs scenario? are you winning to do the same?

        do you really want war that badly, because your life is so unbearable, or were you just fantasizing about OTHER people going to war on your behalf?


      • I think plumpjack is on to something and is one reason I don’t much care for the Make America Great Again motto. America being great was exactly what lead us to our current predicament. I don’t know who it was but they used an analogy it is like rewinding a movie and expecting a different ending. So what if we could go back to the demographic mix of 1950, with the traditional values and everything. We’d be right back here before you know it.

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      • The answer has got to be something different. America isn’t it. America didn’t work.


      • humanity developed the myth of the phoenix for a reason

        Yet it is the GloboHomo elite Banker Oligarchy who has made the most use of the “destruction” and rising from the ashes idea. Perpetual Revolution and Overthrow. You’re barking up exactly the wrong tree.


      • Crucifiction will unite us and all be redeemed and Resurrected and feel part of the team.


      • Crucifiction will unite us and all be redeemed and Resurrected and feel part of the team.
        And if u want to immigrate here u got to do the same thing boom


      • Biggest gang in the world I volunteer to go first. Always wanted to know what Jesus felt like.


      • If ya believe humanity really killed the son of God there is your attonememt.


      • I have hit or exceeded every note of Jesus life except the crucifiction but I do expect doctors to bring me back after I die.


    • Admiration would be better directed to historical personages, like Daniel Morgan or Bedford Forrest, whose feats were real. That is, if one must wear personified t-shirts.


  4. Is it that less intelligent people don’t want to inform themselves much, so they’re less susceptible to media manipulation? I guess so. Why the lack of commentary?


  5. […] Study: Diversity Is Our Misery […]


  6. it is funny that when they say they want diversity, they just mean another ethnicity. There’s no “diverse” nation that fits their model. They just want to chase a mirage.


    • What they want via diversity is the reduction or elimination of a population’s White cohort. Somalia or Nigeria would be seen as diverse whereas Croatia would not.

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      • but they’re not diverse either. I think ann coulter made that point on a talk show and it made the anchor’s head go splodey.


      • That’s my point GB. They are not diverse in the true sense but are accorded that appellation because there are few if any Whites there.

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      • I don’t think liberals have the slightest clue what diversity means, or the logic that would necrssarily follow it being determined to be a good thing.

        If diversity in the human race is a desirable thing and a worthy persuit of government, then we should be taking steps to preserve it. That would mean strict anti-miscegenation laws and government enforced segregation.

        What liberals want is the opposite of diversity. They want everyone to mix together until all our differences are lost. It is mind boggling how so many people can unironically say they value diversity while simultaneously denying any differences exist and aggressively promoting a “melting pot” which effectively destroys they diversity they profess to love.

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    • on October 3, 2017 at 2:30 pm Oliver Elkington

      By saying they want diversity they are implying that people and culture of their own ethnicity are boring, they find others like themselves boring, that is very very shallow.

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 6:18 pm Vagina dominator

        The nuns used to tell us “Only the boring are bored”. I thought that idea had some merit even as a little kid and have lived by it since. Or as my m0m used to say, “read a book” or “go outside and play”.

        They never said, “then I’d better ferry you back and forth from karate and music classes, art and drawing and dance, my dear little crippled and unimaginative pumpkin.”

        Depending on external factors and other people for amusement, entertainment or distraction…that’s just moral weakness. These people never grew into self-repsonsible adults.

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      • great comment Vagina dominator


    • on October 3, 2017 at 7:51 pm baked georgia

      they want a mix of mexico and south africa


    • on October 3, 2017 at 10:33 pm Oleaginous Outrager

      Like the former First Monkey blathering today, they always couch it as “creating a diversity of viewpoints”, but because they’re none too clever, their statement invariably clearly state that what they’re really after is “Nepotism for Nigs and Other Failed Species”.


  7. I was mulling this over on the weekend. I live in a so-so neighborhood, but one that’s full of diversity. (The so-so means that families are around, but it’s not idyllic.)

    I got peligrino neighbors, whose front yard looks like a war zone & the house
    has been redesigned to allow about four different residences.

    Behind me are some messicans and on occasion, they’ll have their shit music on, live no less and loud as f–k. It hasn’t been as often as before and my only hope is that some of the bastards have been deported. It started up again this weekend, so maybe they got some new recruits.

    All the places to eat are of a Latin America type and only good old In-N-Out reminds me I’m still in some USA territory.

    I’m the odd man out in that area and even in my office–my department in particular. I know today I’m letting it bug me more than usual, but it’s a pisser when you can’t shoot the shit with your fellow colleagues because there isn’t any connection of any kind.

    Sure for them, it’s okay, since most of them are not only minorities, but weren’t even born here. They all clan together.

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    • during obama, and now during merkel et al, you see the rush is on to just get anyone, from anywhere, here in the west to do God knows what. Lie about who they are, what they want, and even lie about their age and act sanctimonious that we’re hurting children or whatever.

      Well, we know. The left wants voters, racial strife, and welfare state participants.

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    • on October 3, 2017 at 4:27 pm DissesMYisland

      Panorama city? Definitely SFV

      mendo I feel your pain man. My dad grew up in the valley and I grew up hearing his stories about being more or less surrounded by orchards….in Van Nuys!

      We’ve fallen so far. SAD!


    • on October 3, 2017 at 6:32 pm Vagina dominator

      Loud music is very hard to understand or explain. Here is what I am guessing is going on in their heads/hormones.

      – In teenagers, they are identifying with some identity and are using the music to overwhelm and push out other identities OR they are riding a hormonal wave being pumped up by the music

      – in adults, they may be thinking other people are also enjoying the music

      – in adults, the existence of other people and basic consideration for them does not exist. This indicates a very low IQ. See Flips, teenmagers, the Cll to Prayer blasted at 150 decibels at 4 am and sundown.

      – in adults, believing anyone who might object is trying to bully you

      – in adults anyone who objects must hate music and fun

      – it is territorial and bullying behavior (like 5 minutes of revving your car at 4 am). How is this remotely necessary?

      Anyway, it is low iq, poorly socialized, hostile, immature behavior and is indulged in by as much as 90% of the population whereveer you go on the non-white world. Although, auch as I am not a fan of chinks, they don’t do this.

      And by the way, I do not regard Greeks, Turks, or Southern Italians as white. They do this selfish and inconsiderate shit with the music as much as anyone, especially when young.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 6:53 pm Captain Obvious

      Will you PUH-LEEZE get your sorry White @ss over to Pasadena/San-Marino, and hit on the White chicks at the Huntington & the Rose Bowl Swap Meet & the Farmer’s Market?

      G0d [email protected] it you are throwing away so many opportunities.


      • Are they “hot young HB6 to HB8 Redneck P00ntang, aged roughly 17yo to 27yo?”


      • on October 3, 2017 at 8:23 pm Captain Obvious

        That would be the Rose Bowl Swap Meet.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 8:47 pm Captain Obvious

        Also check out Santa Anita.

        I don’t know how easy it is for an “outsider” to work his way “backstage” and start meeting the horsey chicks up close and personal [back in the stalls with the horses], but if you can get within a country mile of those farm girlzzzezes, then they will f*ck your ballzzz right out of your ears.

        And as a general rule of thumb, Horses + Chardonnay = Very, very horny beey0tches.

        Also, you might look for some of the more overtly Red Neck events at Santa Anita, such as the “Road Kings of Burbank Car Show”, this Sunday [October 8th]:

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    • I thought “a pisser” is used to describe a good thing


      • on October 4, 2017 at 4:36 am Vagina dominator

        It is one of those confusing ones, like “lucked out”. It used to mean “bad luck”, then meant “good luck”, now it just means the speaker has no ear for the language.


      • I’ve always associated “a pisser” as a down moment; something bad.


  8. on October 3, 2017 at 12:27 pm Enfant Terrible

    Jews are the perfect example of an unhappy minority living among a majority they fear, and despise, even though they have lots of power over that majority.

    I bet Jews are happiest when they’re in Israel, among their own, but outside of that, they feel a niggling negative sensation that they can’t quite explain. A sensation that only seems to go away when they are around other Jews.

    Fvcked up world we’re living in.

    But then again, maybe not. The Middle-East has been a cultural bazaar for God knows how long. A crossroads of cultures invading, and killing, and colonizing, and enslaving each other for centuries and centuries, and Jews have been at the center of that forever, so they must be comfortable being in the midst of a bunch of tribes.


    • If God loved your ethnic group the most of all the peoples of the world, wouldn’t you be happy? If you had comparably more money and power than any other ethnic group in the world, wouldn’t you be happy?

      What then is wrong with these terminally miserable fucks? What could it possibly be?


      • I have a sneaking suspicion that they know they’d be miserable in Israel, surrounded on all sides by their own kind. Same with Googles, but it’s weirder, since Skypes are generally successful and can blend in. Honest Googles admit they can’t stand being around their own kind, for obvious reasons. Skypes, for different reasons, gotta be the same way.

        Like Porter says, people say one thing with their mouths, and another with their feet.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 4:58 pm Captain Obvious

        “What then is wrong with these terminally miserable fucks?”

        The jews are genetic psychopaths.

        Just like psychopath Stephen Paddock & his psychopath FBI-most-wanted-List father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock.

        Evil is yugely inheritable & familial & TRIBAL in nature.

        Which of course the Frankfurt School will never allow to be mentioned in the MSM [or on any college campus] from now until the end of time.


      • Read the free book Culture of Critique by Kevin McDonald regarding (((them))) There is a free PDF floating around online.


      • Actually isn’t the Jewish population in Europe significantly dropping because many of them “are” leaving to be with their own kind in Israel?


    • Nah, jews would be miserable in isolation. They are a parasite who need to survive off the blood of a host. Israel cannot exist without massive “aid” from every white country, cash and military help. That’s not even to mention all they rob and pillage in the west and bring back to Israel.

      Jews, left to their own devices, would wither and starve. Dead serious.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 6:39 pm Vagina dominator

      They need to live off some other group but it can’t be other Jews since mostly they are awake to each other.

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 7:20 pm The Philosopher

        Yeah VD and CO have it right. Psychopathic races of or tribes like to live among dupes rather than sleep with 1 eye open among their own. Its obvious.


    • You know this has been discussed again and again, but I would honestly like to know for certain what the hell our ancestors were thinking in letting them ride roughshod over our entire civilization like that.
      I look at history from the 19th century back to the Roman era, and so many voices told the truth, and there were governments, monarchs, and churchmen who stood up and threw the bastards out. Hell, the Russians were going hard against them at the same time we were allowing them to become rich in America. Yes they succumbed to them but long afterwards but there’s a good argument to be made that (((American))) money was responsible for the triumph of the Bolsheviks.


  9. on October 3, 2017 at 12:34 pm Muerte aka Luciano

    I wasn’t allowed to play outside sometimes because we would have crack deals and shit going down in front of my house

    never went out at night

    my gym is in swpl central and I marvel out how these ppl feel safe keeping their shit in unlocked lockers. my shit never leaves 5 ft of my reach

    like damn

    it must be nice not to feel vigilant all the time

    living with the riff raff gives u a permanent mean mug. I can be having yhe time of my life and ppl still wonder why i look ready to kill someone

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    • on October 3, 2017 at 2:54 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      This is Deviant Slag of Kike/Wrong Side of history, correct?


    • Ignorance is bliss man, until it isn’t.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 4:36 pm DissesMYisland

      The 24 hr fitness in Inglewood Ca (Iniggglewood? Heh) (a nice new-Ish facility BTW) has at least 1/3 of the lockers broken into, or showing signs of attempted break ins…..hmmmmmmm I wonder why

      PS…can someone PLEEEEEASe start us that permanent “FVkcing N1663R$!!!” Thread? Thx (Messikans/ayrabs/and ant ppl will be welcome as well).


  10. I would love to know which test studies the researchers used to determine how much libs and cons engaged in motivated interpretation, besides the one mentioned in the abstract (“carbon emissions”). I’d bet that libs more intensely deny or spin the science of race and sex differences than cons deny the science of global warming.


    There’s something here that dumb people who think they’re smart glom on to.

    I watched a vague mythbustery show with some fey fop hosting it. And one of his things he ruined was the idea of ruining other people’s ideas. Apparently, get this, if you conclusively “prove” something to a person, they still deny it. Which to translate means that people may tend to disagree with you and defend their position, even if you think you’re right.

    So, in simpler terms, your basic lib mom posts an article on faceborg that eviscerates trump and she’s like “why are you anti-science if you don’t rescind your support now”? It’s still normal for folks to say, no your proof is shit and you didn’t convince me.

    So, on one hand, the person who thinks he has an incontrovertible fact and is wrong meets someone who knows that facts shit and vice versa. So if a lib think he’s dropped a bomb on me on global warming but I know his facts are shit bc it doesn’t exist, it still means that I defend my idea and he’ll defend his idea. Or the benefits of diversity.

    I guess we’re fucked.

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    • Sad fact, people rarely use reason to find the truth, they use it to advance their agenda.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 5:05 pm Captain Obvious

        “people rarely use reason to find the truth, they use it to advance their agenda”

        TRUTH-SEEKING, for the sake of Truth and Truth alone, appears to be a quality unique to White Europeans amongst all the peoples of recorded history.

        Which is one of the primary reasons that Chr!stianity was rejected by the jews, and why Chr!stianity had to go off in search of a new people more receptive to Its Gospel.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 8:17 pm tryintogetthrumod

        Guys. Curt Doolittle. I’m telling you.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 4:53 am Muerte aka Luciano

        no dickhead

        christianity was forced on europeans

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      • History shows us that whatever is forced invariably won’t stick.

        “If our ways are wrong, they will perish soon enough.”

        You (ahem) historians hear about a king or an emperor declaring Christianity as the religion of the land… and some 4000 Saxons gettin’ they haids chopped off… and you think the only reason Christianity stuck is because it was “forced”, eh?

        Fuckwads, one and all… especially since you keep repeating this canard on every other fucking thread, whether it applies to the topic at hand or not.

        This is why we lose.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 9:06 am Muerte aka Luciano

        n plz

        christ had to be odinized

        the european soul is pagan

        ur semitic monotheistic cults function as counter-religions meant to suppress the organic spirituality of a ppl so power can be centralized in the hands of a small elite

        u uncle tom


      • Lord, how did we ever rule over 80% of the world being such weak slaves?

        Bible and rifle “bitterly clutched” in hand, prayers in school, Scripture part of every educated person’s curriculum, we spread from sea to shining sea, conquer indigenous peoples, and rule the world.

        No prayers in school, Bible laughed at by ‘intellectuals’, morality declared relative, women considered as capable leaders, violent video games and music and films are “relax, it’s only a game/song/movie”, the West declines.

        Fuck you pagans… go dance naked in your sacred groves, and watch your hammer amulets don’t swing up and chip a tooth… your Gaia against my Christ… we’ll see who wins that one.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on October 4, 2017 at 2:50 pm Muerte aka Luciano

        what’s this “we” shit bruh?

        a very small handful of whites ruled over the world.


    • on October 4, 2017 at 2:48 pm Muerte aka Luciano

      >”Lord, how did we ever rule over 80% of the world being such weak slaves?”

      what’s this “we” shit bruh?

      a very small incestuous handful of whites ruled over the world.


  11. I think for some reason that modern designers and architects have some sort of resentment for beautiful things. It is associated with heritage. Churches and old buildings are often the nicest and most charming. New buildings are strictly utilitarian and take great measure to prevent originality from showing. I noticed that there is a tendency on the left to tear down old heritage buildings in order to replace them with new government administrative buildings or council homes for the diverse members of the society. there are a lot of examples from history I won’t go in to. I am not quite sure how it connects to diversity but I think it does. Also, I remember reading about migrants in Sweden burning down some old house they were put in.

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    • on October 3, 2017 at 2:04 pm meistergedanken

      “I think for some reason that modern designers and architects have some sort of resentment for beautiful things.”

      They have a resentment against them because as post-modernists they really believe that there is no hierarchy of quality – everything is as good as everything else. (listen to Jordan Peterson!) So favoring something as beautiful in effect becomes a bias. Conversely and perversely, however, hating on something is not frowned upon, but embraced as the only way remaining to show discernment, which critics and “experts” are required to display to be considered as such. So logically (to them), it makes sense to decry the things that were acclaimed by pervious generations. It is rational in a very grotesque way.

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    • on October 3, 2017 at 2:59 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      The destruction of heritage buildings and replacing them with piles of concrete is a longtime plot of (((international socialism))). Along with flooding society with pronography, pushing gün control, or erasing our history, it’s just another arrow in the quiver.

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      • Also the replacement of true Art with shapeless meaningless abstraction. Modern art is an affront.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 6:50 pm Vagina dominator

        It is also the case that they make their money out of “change”. They can’t make any money putting up a new building unless an old and functional one is first pulled down.

        And then the building that is put up is a piece of planned obsolescence, highly dependent on high-energy inputs like concrete, glass, steel, air conditioning that can be relied upon only at this teetering peak of techno-history.

        Compare that with cathedrals where oak forests were planted nearby at the same time that the cathdral went up bcs it was known that in 400 years parts of the timber architecture would need to be replaced. And of course the catherdals were also centuries-lonmg projects.

        The is why Obama’s slogan was :”change you can believe in”. But what we need is not more change but less. Hail Franco!

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      • Wow


    • on October 3, 2017 at 4:32 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

      It’s just the jew program. SHEKELS over everything. The cheapest thing to build is a SQUARE BOX. Any cornices, turrets, gargoyles, arches, anything departing from square box is taking away PROFIT.

      This is why all modern architecture looks like shit. Maximum shekel return on minimum investment is the name of the game.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 4:44 pm DissesMYisland

        This and…

        Heritage buildings generally don’t house as many ppl per sq foot as a newly designed “efficient” structure. A lot of it has to do with overpopulation (aka (((open borders))). Los Angeles is a perfect example. Gorgeous old hollywood houses from the 20s and even earlier routinely get torn down to put up multi unit boxes. It really is all about the (((profit))). (Guess (((who))) provides all the (((financing))) for the loans to demolish the old and build the

        The architects and designers have gotten really really good at making multi unit buildings attractive. But at the end of the day a cube is still a Cube.

        Who wants to spend their life living in a sardine can!!!?


      • on October 3, 2017 at 4:47 pm DissesMYisland


        Modern construction supply industry has made everything “out of the box”, and, by definition, cheap and disposable.

        The skilled trades are dying.

        InAnother thread I read about 100 year old American made machinery still working great, while Chinese crap falls apart immediately..

        Well, this is what has happened to our housing stock as well.


      • Word the whole new us housing market is totally undefendable shit


    • on October 3, 2017 at 5:01 pm Charlesz Martel

      Look up “LeCorbusier”- the architect who started this trend. If you wish to read a great analysis of him, look up Theodore Dalrymple and read what he thinks of him.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 5:28 pm Charlesz Martel

      Look up “LeCorbusier”- the architect that started this trend. He actually proposed that the canals of Venice should be filled and turned into roads so trucks could move goods around the city more efficiently. The phrase “A house is a machine for living in” was his.
      Also look up Theodore Dalrymple on Le Corbusier. Well worth your time getting acquainted with his work.
      This is my second attempt at commenting on this post. I seem to go to comment purgatory nowadays. Which is why I rarely post anymore.


    • just today theresa may announced a new effort to build more council homes that will probably be occupied primarily by immigrants after saying the house market was broken. I imagine the homes will be ugly and an affront to the nation’s history. Definitely lowers the overall quality of life when you see these things. and before you say I am complaining too much, these people didn’t have to come here only to shape the nations architecture.


  12. “My observation is that cons aren’t as egotistically and emotionally invested in denying global warming as libs are in denying innate sex-based psychological differences and racial disparities in average IQ.”

    Yeah, plus “global warming” is total bullshit. 😉

    The study was probably rigged with “fake news” to paint conservatives as “just as unscientific as” liberals. In other words, who actually got to decide what the “correct interpretation” of a given study was?


  13. on October 3, 2017 at 12:59 pm Muerte aka Luciano

    I went to a “diverse” school

    shit was more like prison. teachers just there to referee

    a white kid can’t blossom in that environment.

    ppl like me r the truly left behind. no fucking leftist joo crying for me


    • on October 3, 2017 at 1:03 pm Oliver Elkington

      I know how you feel, you are given stick every time you stand out from the rest, every time you do something interesting or different you are shunned by the rest of the class for acting white.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 7:03 pm Vagina dominator

      I entered primary school under the White Australia policy, just as it was ending. My class was full of Evans, MacDonald, Cassidy, Cole, and Shields.

      Then the Mediterraneans started to appear in class. I suppose I was just five or six years old but I was very aware of the differences. K1ds from Malta and southern Italy and from Greece.

      I immediately saw that they had different personalities from my own and others with Anglo-Irish-Scottish names. They seemed to get angry quickly, and over nothing. I wasn’t scared of them. This was a time when boys fought all the time. But they seemed to be obsessed with their mothers, and their cousins. And money, money, money, and what clothes someone was wearing or some other possession they had or one day planned to have. They just bored the shit out of me. There was nothing abstract or spiritual or theoretical about them.

      And it wasn’t possible to have a speculative conversation with them. Yes, I was a smart little boy but it was common among the anglos to at least say (childish equivalent of) “Let’s say your m*ther was a whore…” and then we’d laugh and make some stupid speculation. It was just mental play, teasing and saying outrageous and impossible things.

      But the wogs, they couldn’t do that. A joke like that would mean fighting to the death. Everything was personal. No thought could be held at a distance and examined for itself.

      Racial personalities exist.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 8:10 pm Captain Obvious

        “There was nothing abstract or spiritual or theoretical about them.”

        Everything which we took for granted – everything which we foolishly assumed to be Universal Principles aspired to by all of mankind – was utterly unique to us, and to us alone, and remains completely foreign to all the other Tribes of the world.

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  14. I suspect something similar is involved in procreation. Whites (and East Asians most likely) tend to m4rry mates they’ve known for a few years, which requires a modicum of social trust and a lack of churn. Dumber r-selected races fvck at the drop of a hat, and don’t require high-trust societies to procreate. Hence, whites are at a demographic disadvantage whenever there is a high level of Divershitty, and the m4rriage rate is driven down.

    (Fortunately for our prospects, NAMs are using birth control much more than they used to, and they m4rry each other less than whites do, so maybe things will get better in the future, as NAMs start to resemble sh!tlib whites in their mating/m4rriage patterns.)

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  15. I’m sick of dealing with people with shit English, different cultures (our Indian customers haggle on everything) and the general confusion involved.
    I noticed a severe decline in customer service over the last 5 years particularly with customer support. People barely able to assist.
    Even our office cleaners don’t understand any English. One day I asked them to close the window….using arm thing the two of them are on a ladder fucking cleaning it!


    • That last bit is actually quite funny. 😉


    • You and me both, Lichthof


    • I went to New York City a few years back, transiting through, and ended up stuck at a hotel when they fouled up my flights totally.

      At the hotel, there were about five cleaning and maintenance crews, each made up of a different kind of brown.Most of them spoke very little English except a front man or woman whom the hotel management seemed to talk to when orders needed to be issued, none of them spoke to the other groups. They moved in their own little bands, each jabbering away in their own lingo and ignoring everyone except their compatriots and the people paying them.

      The guy at the desk remarked to me “You look like you come from a more peaceful world, sir.” If I had been at the level of shitlordery I’m at right now, I probably would have replied, “Yes, otherwise known as America.”


    • on October 3, 2017 at 2:07 pm meistergedanken

      I dream of being in an office with operable windows!

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      • on October 4, 2017 at 4:49 am Vagina dominator

        For hot climates, one of the most beautiful and human-proportional architectures is British Colonial period, with big floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, slat blinds, verandahs and colonnades and awnings and heavy cool stone.

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      • Same here! I hate having to enter a modern office building on a beautiful day and having to breathe processed air while gazing wistfully out a window at the beautiful world outside, while wishing that I could just open that window and smell the fresh outdoor air and hear the birds chirping. Office buildings are soul-crushing.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 3:10 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      Amen. Pardon my French, but I’m getting fucking sick and tired of it, too.

      Try to explain to a drycleaner or tailor what you want done, impossible due to language barrier. In your own country. Last week I called a hotel in Australia to make a reservation. On the prerecorded greeting, it’s some Aussie girl whose accent makes you think of a leggy, busty redhead. I call three different times and each goddamn time the live person who eventually answers is some fûckin forreigner who speaks broken English. A few bindis and another of indeterminate origin. That little vignette sums up our times: there’s what our countries are supposed to be and then there’s the insidious invasion taking place, that most of our contemporaries are sleeping through. And I had to call three times because the customer service was garbage – natch.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 4:55 pm DissesMYisland

        I HAAAAATE it when I have to deal with customer service for any large corporation because…

        1. I have to talk to somebody (the 17 step circular g0d darned menu almost never solves my problem)

        2. That somebody is either SE asian or Hindu (it’s very easy to spot. It’s like they all go to the same ESL language school so they all sound identical)

        3. The person is invariably less helpful than the menu. It’s really frustrating trying to explain even a simple problem to them. They just don’t get it. (But they’re sooooo polite! I guess polite and useless is what customer service is these days)

        I always immediately ask to speak to someone in the US. It usually works.

        Skrew these big corps for offloading our jobs to ppl who can’t even do them…just to raise their share price a tenth of a point.

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      • I always immediately ask to speak to someone in the US. It usually works

        I do business with a certain Canadian company occasionally. After calling customer service for the first time, I was astonished. Judging by the accents, it was actual Canadians answering the phone.

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    • It’s sad that I feel lucky living in a county & town that’s half black. At least they speak English. Mostly.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 4:35 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        I actually have more in common with American niggers than with Mexicans. Man, that makes my brain hurt.


      • It is a form of English. You dig?


      • To expand on my story about the NYC hotel, I went to a nearby print shop to get some airline documents printed for my fouled-up flight (to try to get my baggage back).

        The print shop was being overseen by a skinny groid with one of those little beards they have and a big afro (I kid you not). Some sort of mud was in there jabbering at him in some bizarre lingo. The groid just looked at him and said,

        “I tell you ‘gain, man, you want anyfin’ done he’e, you gotta speak English. No English, no print.”

        That was probably the closest I’ve ever come to feeling a tiny flicker of fellowship with a dindu.

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      • Word, homie! (Got to be down with the Ebonics sometimes.)


  16. BTW I’m no Carlos Danger but the Obama marriage is a sham. I have that on good authority from a WH member of staff I know (who is a shitlib).
    It was widely known in the WH.
    Not heard any gay rumors but there is a rumor mulatto banged Beyonce.
    Also heard Dubya was banging Condi Rice.


    • There is no way a hard charging real woman (TM) like Michelle would be attracted to a gracile feminine halfsie like Barack.

      Likewise, no way a limpy SWPL like Barack is attracted to a full bodied ram like Michelle.

      He married her for politics, she married him because beta bucks + charming enough. But both think they’re settling in the realm of physical attraction.

      Scene: The Obama bedroom. Eyes closed, lights off. Michelle, thinking of Lebron. Barack, thinking of a White chick (or a guy. Don’t know. Could go either way (heh)).


  17. mod rape


    • If given a choice between living in a mostly Mexican neighborhood or one chock full o Groids its no contest. Hola Amigo, como esta? Mexicans hate the Googles with a white hot passion


      • on October 3, 2017 at 5:45 pm Muerte aka Luciano

        u haven’t dealt with mexicans


      • I’ve done both. I agree with Blastmaster. The mexicans are easier to get along with than the dindus.

        And now I live in a poor, but majority White area.

        Even the poorest least educated Whites make better neighbors than the highest class nogs or beans. Period.

        I’ve lived in a majority black area, majority hispanic area, and majority White.

        When I talk to shitlibs, I just say I prefer to live and work around White people. They will often acknowledge that they feel that way too — in a low voice out of earshot of other shitlibs, of course. The fact that most shitlibs do live in majority White areas proves this — Like Rollo says “The medium is the message”.

        I don’t find that blacks or browns add any real value to our country, they only cost and take. Then blame and complain. And the more we add, the worse it gets.

        Intelligent people are waking up to this but it’s going to take some time for the lifetime of (((brainwashing))) to start to wear off.

        We’d all be better off if they just got the fuck out of our country and went and lived with their own kind.



      • I remember reading that Nat Cole had some snarky thing to say when he tried to move his family into a white neighborhood.

        They didn’t allow it because they didn’t want anyone “unpleasant” there. And he said some shitlib thing like “I’ll see to it that no one unpleasant moves here”.

        Minorities don’t see themselves as unpleasant and never will. On the contrary, they are stupid enough to think they’re “adding” to white society.


    • Try again
      I know a white.. house staff member who is a shitlib
      Everyone knew obongo marriage is a sham
      No fag tales but tales obongo did beyonce..
      Also dubya..banged …Rice


  18. Diversity’s (((proponents))) never feel the need to actually spell out the manifold strengths they claim for it. Given the opportunity I ask how exactly NASA could have benefited via the replacement of White scientists with sundry Nigerians, Somalis and transgenders. Cue point and splutter.

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  19. Every time I hear diversity is strength, I can’t help but think about that emasculated dolt Justine Trudeau. Sad that most of Canada laps his dumb shit up in the name of virtue signaling. Most rural Canadians don’t think twice about it because it hasn’t infected their small towns yet. When it does, it will be too late. Hard to watch the decline.


  20. on October 3, 2017 at 1:47 pm Handsome Horse

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  21. I am convinced that the leftists believe they are on the right side of history by promulagating diversity. This is not what (((the elite))) believe, but they need useful idiots to vote and appear opposed to something. They believe that miscegenation is inevitable and that eventually the masses will all resemble India. Why fight inevitability? Why, inevitability is God’s will, even though there is no such thing as God to most leftists. And history has shown that miscegenation always occurs, whether in East Asia, South Asia, the Mid East, and Europe. Take Greece or Turkey, for instance. Still whitish, but not as White as Periclean Athens or under Alexander, if we examine the statues and art. Unfortunately, leftists never bother to question if this is a positive occurrence. They also don’t recognize that devolving into a brown/grey mass is the most non-diverse future that could possibly occur.

    As the Gorilla Pundit pointed out,

    “40% of the population is black, 30% is homosexual, 25% have some form of gender dysphoria, and no member of these groups ever commit any crimes. All crimes are committed by white guys, and one 120 lb. woman can usually win a fight against several professionally-trained, 235 lb. men. This is what I’ve learned from watching prime-time TV.”

    What I have also learned by watching TV and movies is that interracial marriage and sex is as natural as rain. Why anyone that believes otherwise is a “racist” and a “hater”! I started binging The Walking Dead on Netflix because I has run out of things to watch. You cannot help but notice the promotion of miscegenation. Whether someone believes it is natural is one thing. What those that believe it should ask is, “Why is it necessary to promote it?” Especially since it destroys both races, which decreases “diversity”, which is our strength.


  22. “Multiethnic societies make everyone unhappier, but the clash of tribes hits the downscale hardest, who lack the excess cognitive chops to rationalize their unhappiness as the sweet price to pay for moral posturing and crappy ethnic food that gives you the shits for weeks.”

    But for many within the cognitive elite, it may not be a matter (at all) of rationalizing unhappiness in order to obtain some feelz over virtue-signalling.

    For some people, too much homogeneity provides for a dearth of new ideas, new perspectives, new frames of reference, additional data to synthesize upon etc. etc.. Too much homogeneity for some people is like a cognitive desert, and begins to feel like isolation by way of the cognitive coercion of group tyranny.

    CH – this is a very real thing for some people. Curiosity thirst so great, …. it isn’t just a want, but an existential need. The west has got alot of these folk. The west always have had alot of folk that always sought new frontiers. Now in pre-history times, what kind of mindset would drive a person to risk body and soul to do that? A great big huge curiosity thirst that will not be denied.


    • Clarifying a bit here – such a person is obviously gonna see that demographics and group perspectives go together. Such a person is not gonna want to sell-out their native brethern for the sake of slaking the curiosity thirst (but will probably think that some small amount of diversity, in homelands, might not be a bad thing on the whole, and should be tolerated for curiosity-thirst-sake). Such a person is more-so prone to venture off themselves. And the west has a long history of that venturing.

      Just saying it takes all kinds, and there are people who don’t freak out quite as much about a modicum of diversity in their homelands, …. and who don’t think that way because of leftoid ideas, like what is coming out of the antifita movement. People that clearly see how moronic radical individualism is, as an idea, but are extremely interested nevertheless, about the etiology of that belief system.

      Look – in the west, we can’t ignore our roots, and the kind of people I am pointing out here, are clearly a very important and influential component of said roots, that have very much-so helped shape western history.


      • Glad you clarified.

        1) Homogeneity generally means 90% or greater, so there’s a little diversity. It’s been said here before, the right amount of spice for the soup, too much and it’s ruined.

        2) People like you described, they used to be the world travelers, and there was a good market that catered to people like that.


    • Maybe the more precise formula is:

      Diversity population value/dominant population value x demographic divergence across populations x Proximity = War probability (by any means)

      …… which would mean, it probably would be a fruitful exercise to attempt to zero in on the diversity ratio and the demographic divergence ratios and the proximity variables that result in unacceptable war risk.

      I’m as fucking mad as anybody here that this exercise is being blocked, mainly by the Jewish Retards. But they probably got this all figured out already … for Israel.


    • CH had a study a while back where a small colony of spiders, part of the same species, each acted out his own individual personality in the way they spinned their webs.

      When a spider from a different species was introduced in the colony, the former homogenous spiders renounced expressing their individuality in the spinning of the web and they all started having the same design on the web.

      Therefore, apparently, homogeinity breeds a diversity of ideas and personality. When ethnic/species diversity is a factor in a society, members start acting according to a unified vision of their tribe.

      [CH: i forgot about that post. good catch. multiracial diversity is a lie all around. real diversity of thought occurs in homogeneous paradises.]

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      • Now that is food for thought. As if the spiders, with the more limited processing power available within their nervous system, switch from a more robust species-level search by way of a more nuanced exploration of the resource-exploitation-space, when competition within the resource exploitation space is lower (homogeneous colony), but default or converge back towards less nuanced and narrower explorations of the resource-exploitation-space (individual default towards the more primordial ‘species-collective-nervous-system-script-trust’), as have been shaped by primordial selection pressures, with said narrower exploration parameter programmed for, by way of environmental signals for increased competition within the resource-exploitation-space (less homogeneous colony), with said program algorithm in turn shaped by primordial selection pressures, thus implying a multi-variable recursivity function operating by way of selection pressures, … resulting in the two set points.

        If this interpretation of said spider colony data bears-out, then perhaps the “Proximity” term of the above mentioned diversity formula:

        Diversity population value/dominant population value x demographic divergence across populations x Proximity = War probability (by any means)

        ….. should be understood as:

        Proximity = the combination of the various competition-signal-strengths, of the constellation of all resource-exploitation-spaces the populations are subject to (i.e – proximity, perhaps, is a stand-in placeholder concept, that actually represents the underlying idea of the totality of competition pressure signal strengths).

        It is best that we, humanity, (and the west in particular), get to the bottom of examining the intricacies of the operation of this formula. The survival of the human juggernaut itself, may now depend on this.

        On you comment – “Therefore, apparently, homogeinity breeds a diversity of ideas and personality. When ethnic/species diversity is a factor in a society, members start acting according to a unified vision of their tribe.”

        Well, it is always gonna be a little more complicated than that. Because, if you completely remove all competition pressures from all the resource-exploitation-spaces, I am quite sure that the system will tend to migrate towards stagnation (i.e. – less diversity of ideas and personality). So it is probably more a matter of ….. ‘a bit is more, more is less, none is none’, with respect to the ‘competition-strength/diversity-of-competitive-strategies’ dynamic.

        Now one more very pertinent point I would like to make here ……. and that is that the above-mentioned diversity formula needs to be understood within the perspective of the way in which the dynamic of the ‘individual/species’ operates.

        To get the sense of what I mean by this, here is a quote from a comment I left a few months ago on another site:

        “In the Darwinian sense, culture is contingent upon (as in “arising out of”) the collective of individual organisms. But at the same time, in this Darwinian sense, culture can be seen as the emergent property that arises out of the Darwinian dynamic of a species’ search of the available genetic combinatorial space, as said combinatorial space interfaces with ever-changing environmental conditions, with said search as biased towards adaptability (due to the specific variabilities of the search parameters – namely mutation, as well as the variability inherent to the various varieties of sexual and asexual selection). As such, in the Darwinian sense, the converse ordering is also implied (i.e. – the converse idea that – individual organisms are each contingent upon, as is in “arising out of”, the cultural collective …. which is this emergent property). It really is the “which came first – the chicken or the egg?” problem at it’s root. And since (science-wise) we don’t know enough yet about the nature of emergent properties – we still cannot answer the question and must consider that perhaps there truly is no accurate answer, because perhaps the assumption built into the question (that there truly is a primordial ordering in this respect) is flawed. Hence the mystery implied by the question “where does the impetus towards self-preservation, that seeks environmental control, or dominance, as conditioned by the logic of ‘self’ and ‘other’, reside? In the “self’ or the ‘other’? (or by way of the Darwinian sense – does it reside in the organism or species?)”

        What I am implying here is that the dynamic of the ‘individual/species’ is actually a polarity. As such, the ‘diversity population value’ term in the diversity formula, must be understood as a multivariant term (i.e. – implying both individuals, and collectives of individuals, and collectives of collectives of individuals etc. – as such a multivariant nesting). In pragmatic terms what I am implying here is that the normatives of complied individual trait differences between diverse population cohorts, are probably recursively emphasized at group level, and group of groups level, and as such …… things get plenty murky with respect to outcomes for variation around forms of hybrid groups of individuals. Complicated. As such, the diversity formula:

        Diversity population value/dominant population value x demographic divergence across populations x Proximity (i.e. – totality of competition pressure signal strengths) = War probability (by any means)

        ….. must be understood as the interaction of a multitude of said formulas, each varying by way of variance around the ‘diversity population value’ term with respect to formulaic representations of the various nexus points forming around recursive feedbacks along the individual/species polar-dynamic continuum. What I am saying here is that this diversity formula implies an interaction among a myriad of multli-level recursivity functions. Extremely complicated, but probably within the powers of our computational technologies to get a handle on, using an information-systems approach. Develop predictions that way, and test the predictions within hyper-focused experimentation (varying one parameter at a time, and building the results of that experimentation into the design of the next level experiment, in step-wise fashion, varying one parameter upon each experiment-iteration). I am talking about experiments akin to the type that Stanley Milgram was doing in the 1960’s, but much more extensively iterated. If this is done correctly we can slowly fine-tune (by way of this step-wise iterated-experimentation), the predictions arising by way of the raw number crunching horsepower applied to the problem by way of the information systems approach, by way of tweaking the algorithmic parameters. This problem-solving method calls for an information systems approach working in tandem with a strict step-wise single parameter but iterated experimentation approach, each approach shaping further iterations of the other.

        I am of the mind this we need to get on with this, in order to better understand the limit-parameters of our species, to better understand human nature, so we can manage towards a path away from self-annihilation (and I believe like many here, that preservation of some of the key elements of the western perspective is absolutely key to this endeavor). Furthermore, if we are extremely lucky, this approach might provide a window into a deep hidden ordering that may help us finally shed light on the very mysterious phenomenon of strong emergence, and if so, this would probably be tantamount to a re-ordering of metaphysics as now understood.

        Look – I have been very hard on the jewish tribe (as many have been here) with respect to my analysis about the state of the overall human juggernaut. But given what I have said here in this comment, the stakes are so extremely high imo, that in my view, anything playing interference on the obvious way forward is akin to criminality of the highest order. Now not all jews fall into this category. Stanley Milgram was jewish after all. He started his experiments because he was looking for a hidden psychic deficiency within the German cohort (beyond just speculation) that would shed more light on root cause for the holocaust. He didn’t find any – and to his credit this intrigued him very much … and so he continued exploring some of the deep hidden stuff about human nature via his experiments. But this type of experimentation pretty much stopped after him. Why? There is a jewish cohort that obfuscates anything that does not further their interests (and they don’t see ‘truth’ for truth-sake, as one of those interests). This cohort has amassed a lot of power. It’s the Jewish Retards we have all talked so much about here. There is no reason why we can’t demand resources be diverted towards answering some of these pressing questions. Fuck these guys. They are not that smart. They are dumb (too dumb probably to wonder the way Stanley Milgram further wondered, to see the value in truth for truth-sake).


    • Yea interesting why the fuck we willing to die to see something new I guess if ya really believe I’m god it doesn’t matter u can do anything


    • Yea interesting why the fuck we willing to die to see something new I guess if ya really believe I’m god it doesn’t matter u can do anything


  23. would multitribal/multiethnic societies have the same issues if corrected for the same socioeconomic status?

    [CH: yes. read the entire paper. there’s a section on that.]


  24. on October 3, 2017 at 4:22 pm Muerte aka Luciano


    • on October 3, 2017 at 4:28 pm Muerte aka Luciano

      varg my favorite snow nigga


      • Varg is a church burnin’ heathen welfare suckin’ faggot, a certified wierdo just like you like you, froot. You would like him.
        Fuck that moron.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 4:41 am Muerte aka Luciano

        fuck u


      • on October 4, 2017 at 5:08 am Vagina dominator

        Checked out the video. The so-called problems he is talking about will never occur, at least not in the ways or time-frames he is suggesting. Global warming is one part scam, one part distraction.

        You want to worry about and prepare for the future? Get out of the city. Go to a rural area. Make friends. Learn to fish, sail, spearfish, net, grow some food, keep goats, ride or raise horses. Make more friends. Try to get a defendable location.

        If you don’t care if you live or die, stay right where you are. Why do I say all of this? Because I can do basic fucking math. The numbers and facts are a there for anyone who wants to look. They can’t even raise interest rates any more. They used to define interest rates as “the price of money”. Well, apparently now the price of money is negative. Jews are printing it and then spending it as fast as they can to get claims on as many things as possible while they still can.

        This is going to work out soooo well. I wonder if they’ll attack North Korea to cover up for it.


      • This Varg Vikernes fellow is very interesting but very eccentric and quite frankly I think he is most probably psychopathic, and crazy, but genius nevertheless, on par with Charles Manson, and probably cut of the same cloth – a man that represents the promise of some of the best virtues but the actuality of some of the worst failings of the Nordic man. John Mosby is right that this guy promoted (and was perhaps involved in the actual arson) of the burning of some very old norse style churches in Norway and this doesn’t sit right with me (Norse is part of my own heritage and I think it is terrible that anybody would destroy some of that heritage, no less by a man that apparently promotes Nordic virtue – what a mixed up dude). He is also murderer as well (a bandmate). He was into Nordic death metal during the time when these tribulations occurred.

        Anyway his take on Christianity is probably partially true and quite insightful. Personally, I don’t think it can be stressed enough that Christianity is a European construct. Europeans saw the value in the story of the Passion Of Christ, as a roadmap for their own existential discoveries, a narrative by which these discoveries could be coalesced around, and Christianity would have remained an arcane and inconsequential judaic backwater sect if it was not adopted in this way by European minds.

        What this means is that Christianity is actually not contingent upon the old testament (except metaphorically). It is not contingent upon judaism (except metaphorically). That part of the institutional Christian heritage is probably subversion by way of Jewish Retards (these types have been around for a very long time). I am speculating that this is what Varg Vikernes is trying to point out in this vid.

        Christianity is actually very simple. Deep thinker Rene Girard has well spelled out what Christianity actually is. It is actually mankind’s best effort so far with respect to attempting to resolve the scapegoating dynamic which we so easily fall prey to (which is so glaringly apparent in the social scene right now). In fact all religion has been centered around the scapegoating dynamic forever and ever, probably since the very inception of the religious life of humans. We are a species that are especially prone to mimetic desire, which is both a boon and a bane for us. This has allowed the extreme abstract nature of the human juggernaut to flourish – this mimetic desire – thus arising the propensity for abstract language in turn begetting the wondrous human culture. All because humans are deeply, hopelessly addicted to each other. But that comes at great cost. Since we borrow our desire from each other, by way of our deep love,…… rivalries over objects of desire are inevitable. Warfare can result. But ….. if the animosity can be converged upon a scapegoat, well then, the animosity can be spent and therefore alleviated for some time, by way of the release of the hot rush of orgasmic vindictiveness having it’s day ….. within the holy consummation ……. sacrifice of the scapegoat! This eventually begetting institutional human sacrifice. This eventually replaced by animal sacrifice (the judaic way). But the story of the Passion Of Christ? Ahhh …. now here all the elements of this quandary are presented in the most sublime way. Because Christ was a guiltless scapegoat. What does this mean – this Christian message (borne of European minds)? It means we must manage ourselves. We must know these facts about ourselves and achieve the maturity necessary to conduct ourselves without kneejerking towards scapegoating. We are still trying to understand – even after almost 2,000 years. This story of the Passion of Christ is a western concept. It is the west. The west is Fairness.

        And – the jews are not God’s chosen people. As long as the jews are afflicted by that idea they cannot understand fairness. They cannot understand the west. This is the current quandary that is now coming to a head.


  25. On the busy Vegas Strip, lyin’ lazy in the sand,
    There’s a country band a-playin’, an’ there’s lot of fans at hand;
    Well, we said it was Sin City, as the TV ads all say:
    There’s more sin than you’d imagined ‘neath the Bay of Mandalay!
    Now all day, it’s Mandalay,
    An’ the media all pray:
    “O, let’s trash the Second ‘mendment, ’cause it’s surely had its day!”
    On the road from Mandalay,
    Where the whores ‘n’ gamblers play,
    An’ the blood-dimmed tide’s a-risin’, ‘neath the Bay of Mandalay!


  26. Lastly, the recent announcement of colonization of Mars by Spacex is the Whitest of Flights.


    • Ya space X they use whiteys technology, they will bring the ladies and spooks along then lock the cabin door on your white ass. Procreate a new race of caramels. Then degenerates will take over, rinse repeat


  27. on October 3, 2017 at 5:09 pm waffleironmarch

    But wouldn’t this indicate that more intelligent people can cope better with diversity than stupid people, and this imply that diversity is more tenable among higher IQ people of all ethnicities?

    [CH: no. it would indicate higher IQ whites can better regulate their emotions. they still feel unhappy, but use their brains to rationalize their negative feelings as positives and conform to social expectations. even a high IQ haven from reality will succumb in time to dystopian levels of distrust and animus, it just may take longer and require bigger doses of diversity.]


  28. triple lolz


  29. Like

  30. on October 3, 2017 at 6:46 pm Captain Obvious



  31. on October 3, 2017 at 6:47 pm Captain Obvious



    • on October 3, 2017 at 6:49 pm Captain Obvious


      • on October 3, 2017 at 7:14 pm Vagina dominator

        Is there anything lower and more stupid in a human being than the desire to display wealth in the belief that I cannot look past clothes and cars and jewellery at the person behind it?

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 7:17 pm Vagina dominator

        What a worthless, non-contributive, grasping, selfish groid. Cleanse the mental palate. Here is something that truly deserves respect, something civilizational.

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 7:35 pm Captain Obvious

        Even before I became Woke [& HBD Aware], it was deeply disturbing to me that all the g00ks were obviously coming to the USA not to escape Communism & embrace Freedom, but rather for the opportunity to get their grubby little paws on as much bling as possible.

        Whites are the only race which evolved to the point that they could embrace Universal Principles and experience emotions like empathy & sympathy & pity & a sense of burden [as in “White Man’s”].

        All the other races are tribal psychopaths.

        With great big dull black dead fish eyes as windows into that empty meaningless dull black void where their souls are supposed to be.

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 7:45 pm The Philosopher

        I don’t think east and south east asians are psychopathic. Especially second generation ones. This woman probably grew up in a slum. You would see the same kind of peacocking from council estate guys where I grew up.

        If anything east asians are very modest in being flashy with cash.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 8:03 pm Captain Obvious


        You need to spend some time amongst the Rice Rockets & the Streetwalking Hoz in the City of Industry/El Monte/Arcadia corridor.

        100% psychopath.

        0% pro-Chr!stian anti-Communist.

        It’s all about dat Bling, bout dat Bling, bout dat Bling, no troublezzzezes.

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      • on October 3, 2017 at 8:05 pm Captain Obvious

        Never Forget: Chinese chicks have Cash Registers for Souls.

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      • dat luee vutto’

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      • ^^^You can spend all the money in the world to try and upgrade this Asian nog, but you can’t turn a Ford Fiesta into a Mercedes-Benz GLK (or even an A-class), no matter how much time, effort and money you throw at it.

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      • The Capitalist system is tailor made for Asians and Asian mentality.


      • What gets me is; even for asians, Filipino’s are cheap.

        What the hell was a multi-millionaire doing wasting his time on a chick like this?

        Beta-rage for the tell.


    • on October 3, 2017 at 7:57 pm traitors first

      @ Captain Obvious …………… have you are any of the guys here really heard about Nov. 4th …………. @[email protected]


    • @The Philosopher


      • wretched people

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      • That’s a bunch of slopes for you.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 8:07 am Muerte aka Luciano


        that’s fucking crazy

        the number of ppl walking by and not even noticing the kid is what really tripped me out


      • on October 4, 2017 at 8:12 am Muerte aka Luciano

        these chinks r fucking robots

        oriental despotism has bred for ppl with no moral sensibilities or obligation to each other because the state controls all


      • on October 4, 2017 at 8:13 am Muerte aka Luciano

        this fucked up my morning


      • Mainland Chinese have had decades of ruthless suppression of Buddhism and Confucianism, the moral backbone of their culture.

        To be fair, something like this would probably never happen in the ROC.


      • You have to understand the logic behind this action.

        In China, if I hurt someone with my car, I become liable for their medical bills, possibly for years.

        If I kill someone, then I can pay a small death fee and be done with it.

        You can find many videos of drivers running over someone, then doing it again several times to ensure they are dead.

        Of course, NACALT, but more than enough are.


      • Jesus H Christ Almighty!!! That is almost unbelievable. I’m shaken, and that’s a fact.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 10:10 am RecoveringBeta

        My God. CO is right. Fvcking psychopaths. 1488.


      • F*cking G_d All Mighty.
        Life is awe-fully cheap for the children of Darkness.


      • “Life is awe-fully cheap for the children of Darkness.”

        good thing our ladies don’t sink to that level:


      • Women cannot physically logic whatsoever. Their brains simply cannot complete such a task.

        At least men in the past knew to hand-wave this kind of nonsense.

        I think pregnancy hormones are necessary to female brain function. They function as coolant to their brain circuitry. Cut off the supply for too many years and they burn out and go way off course.


      • Now that is zero fucks given


      • Yea pro choice bitches need put in check change the abortion Mills to any woman that really goes back to kill an unborn baby goes straight to jail.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 2:31 pm Muerte aka Luciano


        QT on the left tho

        damn shame


      • That pro choice shit kills me cause killing babies is one of only things they allowed to do and work like wtf


  32. When I was a child, someone gave me an ant farm as a gift.

    I decided to put other bugs inside to see what would happen.

    The insect-diversity infusion ruined the ant farm.

    My 8-year old self thought: that was stupid.

    Now, I realize—if only for a moment— that I was one of the chosen.


  33. This Drexel Gay Professor is looming for a rral kicking. Can someone please oblige?
    Again feminine/ gay behavior to arouse the alpha


  34. on October 3, 2017 at 7:28 pm The Philosopher

    Very good thread. Good discussions.


  35. on October 3, 2017 at 7:58 pm traitors first

    Anyone reading anything about events planned for the fourth of november


  36. on October 3, 2017 at 8:00 pm baked georgia

    this is why the ((( left ))) want to implement metropolitan taxes on suburbans or any commuting worker. the ((( ny times ))) is pushing it.

    the thing about big cities, either you’re very rich and live in a good neighborhood or you live (actually they wouldnt accepted you there) in a non-white neighborhood and become a foreign in your own country


  37. on October 3, 2017 at 8:08 pm tryintogetthrumod

    As Curt Doolittle observed, most political opinion is nothing more than an expression of individual reproductive/evolutionary strategy and Big 5 personality traits embedded within group reproductive/evolutionary strategy.


  38. Vegas shooter:

    Did he mastermind this all by himself? Did he do the shooting? Was he a left-wing wacko, or just a desperate debt-ridden, gambling addicted patsy willing to do a few “innocent” things for some mysterious people to have his debt erased (just to end up an involuntary suicide)? We may never know.


    • Like

    • Like

    • What are the chances he was simply murdered and set up to take the blame? Could be that a professional did the job and executed him before fleeing..


    • those look like 223 rounds, fwiw.

      right side entry wound. looks like the casings were there before the blood pooled, which doesn’t help my theory that he was a lacky who was framed, but he could have been iced later, just before police entered.

      it still seems too weird. people who are this competent with firearms and tactics are generally law-abiding conservatives, which is why it reeks to high hell of a setup.


      • apparently he had cameras set up at the door peephole, and on a food cart in front of the door, to monitor police. bunch of firearms, bunch of ammo.

        just from a logistical standpoint, try to imagine doing all that by yourself. now add in being mentally unstable and wanting to fuck over a bunch of innocent people who look like you.

        it just doesn’t add up. when you your ever, EVER met a sleepy, nicewhyte boomer with this kind of energy and ruthlessness?

        although it looks like he hasn’t shaved for about three days so maybe he was quite busy. (sarc)


      • when *have you ever…

        one day I’m going to have to get an actual computer, with an actual keyboard.


  39. on October 3, 2017 at 8:25 pm The Philosopher

    One thing I always enjoy is reading mind controlled people explain, or sexplain, why people in the past held thoughtcrime views.

    For example, when Nietsche writes about how jews like to invert social customs and morality and don’t actually believe in any morality in the abstract, you can be guaranteed a scholar can’t sit with the idea a brilliant man could ‘let himself down with anti Semitic remarks’ and will try to jump on select quotes of Nietsche kind of praising jews for being bull minded relentless strivers.

    Its the same with Lincoln. If you read Lincolns personal letters about blacks, you would have to be very deluded to contrive he had an opinion any more positive than a kind of paternalism for wayward miscreants. And he was part of numerous efforts to send and fund ships to take blacks back to Africa. (Culminating in Liberia being founded to take back black slaves).

    My favourite example is Gandhi. Because Gandhi is not white and ‘fought white oppression’. If you read what he said about blacks especially his pleading about why whites should not treat indians as bad as the ‘savage kuffars’, you would have to be truly deluded he wasn’t a race-ist in the sense whites were.

    I would put money on 1 person out of every 500 on the street being aware of Lincoln funding black slave repatriation or Gandhi lamenting living with blacks in South Africa.


    • on October 4, 2017 at 3:52 am Vagina dominator

      Want some fun? Ask these “intelligentsia” their opinion on the division of labor and specialization and perhaps to speculate where we would be today without it or how or at what cost it might have been sidestepped.

      For bonus points, ask them to explain how society has come to be specialized as it is today.

      Ask them what they think is driving these changes.

      It quickly becomes clear how very *stupid* and what uninformed ignoramuses they actually are.

      They all really believe the equivalent of milk originating from the cool section of the supermarket.

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      • Right on man. I live in a rural farming community. Oh we have big towns being resettled by muzzies and stuff but outside of that it’s farms and cows and horses and locally grown produce for miles (I detest that the legacy is being handed to muzzies).

        And yet I still meet people who don’t understand a thing about where food comes from, how it’s grown. That you can grow carrots and potatoes easily, but they don’t know they grow in the ground! I’m dead serious.

        I was making pickles and jam and fruit leather one day. The neighbor kid said she didn’t know you could do that at home. All food comes from the store, like magic. I should have let her watch my chickens laying eggs she’d have had a conniption.


      • I have to play a bit of devil’s advocate though here.

        There are literally millions of interesting/valuable things to know how to do in this life, but you can’t learn them all.

        As a “city person”, I don’t know the minutae of how exactly leather is made, or how exactly to put a seed into the ground to make it grow. It’s not because the answer isn’t on the internet somewhere, or that I’m not intelligent enough to figure it out. It’s that it has zero relevance to my everyday life because for my money and time, I’d rather just buy a pair of leather boots or pick up a carton of eggs.

        Meanwhile though, I do know a considerable amount of “ivory tower” engineering/science. All of this stuff is pointless inanity to 99% of people because they have to cut their losses and be selective about what to learn and what not to.

        The problem with our economy is not specialization, but instead the fact that millions of people aren’t experts in ANYTHING. And all the people who are driven in their particular field have to subsidize this class of paper-pushers so the government can maintain the illusion that our economy is solvent.


  40. on October 3, 2017 at 8:30 pm Captain Obvious

    Psychiatrist Warns of ‘Time Bomb’ in Germany: ‘Today’s Migrants Are Not Integrable’


    • on October 3, 2017 at 8:31 pm Captain Obvious

      …“This is a time bomb,” Christian Peter Dogs said of the decision to open Germany’s borders, in an appearance on the Peter Hahne talkshow on ZDF last month, explaining that psychiatry has found people’s temperament and personality are usually fixed by the age of 12.

      Stating that migrants “can’t just ‘be taught’ to understand our values”, he said that classes on how to behave in Germany were unlikely to have much effect, adding: “You have to accept that.”

      “There are people who have crazy potential for aggression because they have grown up surrounded by war. They have learned to fight and don’t even know the meaning of living harmoniously,” said Dogs…


      • Well; that and Germany doesn’t exactly have a lot of jobs to even give them.

        They are barely literate in their own language, none the less speaking ze dutch.

        They have notably different philosophies, religious values and so forth.

        Fantastically more prone to terrorism, in-breeding you name it.

        They have an honest to god legitimate “Rape Culture” but if you were to say that about them instead of oh say “The West” for a change you would get called a racist or a bigot.

        Most of them are essentially extremely traumatized, uneducated, inbreed hill people with severe psychological disorders and god knows how many diseases going through their bodies.

        And the fact that they think they can be taught and reprogrammed like children speaks a lot towards their own honest bigotry and racism for their own part.


    • Reached for comment, Captain Obvious minced few words:

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  41. on October 3, 2017 at 8:34 pm The Philosopher

    The other corollary is listening to very intelligent public intellectuals today talking about HBD, or the possibility of it.

    In this video, Hitches, Dawkins, Dennet and Harris bring up the subject of taboos that the athiests don’t like discussing.

    Harris mentions the idea that different races of man have different IQs.

    Notice the way Dawkins and Dennet go quiet and let Hitchens and Harris talk. Here it is Hitchens pretending HBD is nonsense and Harris, the jew, actually proposing it to his credit.

    My hunch is that dawkins and dennet both agree its true but rather like Nixon said about black IQs in his tapes, “its a truth best not said”.

    Except, its a truth that should be said otherwise, people with higher IQs than whites will fill in the gap for your children! Hahahahaha. Irony!


    • on October 3, 2017 at 8:44 pm The Philosopher

      This video is a good example why universities contribute nothing to the West anymore. They are pozzed by jew uni commissars and people are afraid to mention anything interesting.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 4:05 am Vagina dominator

        Ideologies aside (if that is possible) we don’t need any of the tech they are producing anyway. All of their techno science became as anti-human and blind to consequences as their social sciences at least 70 years ago.

        “Breakthrough! Researchers announce ability to make 90% of all paid human work unnecessary inside ten years.”

        “Breakthrough! Researchers announce a new generation of tech more complex, alienating and energy hungry than the previous ten generations of tech put together!”

        “Breakthrough! Researchers announce first production batch of squads of self-perpetuating robot cannibals able to chase down and consume more than 3 tonnes of human flesh per day. Funded by the departments of Immigration and Social Services, these killer machines, known as “Nogs”, should be of great assistance in mitigating recent problems with costly, excess “feral” humans.

        Show me a scientist who wouldn’t sign on to work on such a project.

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    • on October 4, 2017 at 4:20 am Vagina dominator

      “Public intellectuals”. For a public that couldn’t distinguish between an intellectual and a pin-headed retard as long as both wore tweed with leather elbow patches or had a high voice and a prominent Adam’s apple.

      Christopher Hitchens, a paunchy, logrolling Marxist on the make. Cancer was too good for him. I would have punched him in the throat on his death bed.

      And these other tossers. All so low in testosterone they appear to be mid-transitioning while their fascia has permanently hardened, fixing them forevermore into the shape of an office chair.

      Their lack of T makes it impossible to have cogitated successfully on any matter to the benefit of the White tribe that has paid their bills for so long.

      Garrotte! Next!


      • Hitchens was an insufferable Troskyite, particularly in his younger days, and he had a hard-on for religion because his (((mother))) had an affair with Anglican priest which broke up their family. However, the fall of the Soviet Union seemed to have chastened him a bit. He was woke to the Clintons (I recommend his book “No One Left to Lie to”) and Islam (after 911), and he was pretty red-pilled about women. His Vanity Fair article “Why Women Aren’t Funny” should be required reading in the manosphere.

        He was a great writer, an excellent debater, and a good guy to drink scotch with (until he got drunk). RIP.


  42. Just throw the liberal soinbitrs back at them…

    When they bring up gun control

    “More people die of obesity every year…more people die in road accidents”


  43. on October 3, 2017 at 9:05 pm Captain Obvious

    Fourth Woman Accuses (((Roman Polanski))) Of Rape


    • on October 3, 2017 at 9:06 pm Captain Obvious

      German actress Renate Langer is now 61-years-old but she claims Roman Polanski raped her twice in 1972 when she was a 15-year-old student.


      • on October 3, 2017 at 9:09 pm Captain Obvious

        Talk about a race of genetic psychopaths…


      • “Oy Vey, he ‘dirndl’ do nothing to that German, goy.”


      • Most of it can be found in his film Tess
        Young Nastassja Kinski asTess
        He had talent though


      • on October 4, 2017 at 4:09 am Vagina dominator

        Another vindictive German bringing up news that was old a long, long time ago. Can’t they ever just let go and move on?

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      • They don’t say anything at the time because they still want careers… but fifty years later, all the tears come out.

        Polanski was obviously a miscreant jew who used his hollyvood clout to fuck shicksas, including underage ones and (mostly) against their will. DUH! Every fucking jew and ghey stooge availed themselves of THAT casting couch gambit.

        This is not news… and his case of going into exile in France (was it?) to avoid prosecution, then being welcomed back with open arms years later by all of the “strong wymyn” feminist actresses and the entire (((hollyvood))) establishment is one of the most obvious and egregious examples of the filth and hypocrisy of the whole system.


      • Another vindictive German bringing up news that was old a long, long time ago. Can’t they ever just let go and move on?

        Most droll.

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      • Nastassja Kinski was a dead ringer for my first girlfriend. The resemblance was even stronger in “Cat People”.

        What was that above about Late Boomer/Early Xer nostalgia?


  44. Every. Fucking. Time.

    Professor blames Las Vegas massacre on ‘Trumpism,’ ‘narrative of white victimization’


    • The US now consists of two irreconcilably different segments of white people: 1) Heritage America — God, guns, guts, honest labor etc.; and 2) GHA (globohomo america) — Ted talks, abortion, usury, sodomy, sanctuary cities, etc.

      The idea that these two very different groups of people should be ruled by the same government is preposterous. There is no longer any common ethic uniting us. An economic zone is the only thing we share and in truth, only enmity exists between these two groups now. Enmity and nothing more.

      This situation is not going to get better. Secession is the only peaceful solution but the GH controlled government can never allow that because they would be drowning in their own sewage and starving to death within weeks. GH America needs Heritage America completely prostrate or gone. That’s the ONLY way they survive, and believe me they intend to survive.

      I’m a tedious broken record but every time I hear someone like Chris Murphy speak, it becomes more clear to me where this is headed.

      Make sure you are not isolated. Have a core group of like minded people you can really trust. Even if you’re caught totally unprepared (you shouldn’t be), or you lose everything, you can work out from there.


    • My son’s name. If only I’d known 30 years ago….


  45. on October 4, 2017 at 1:52 am The Wobbly Guy

    I find it interesting the second author of the research article is from Singapore Management University. Our government has a strong interest in learning how to maintain racial relations in our multi-ethnic city state.


  46. on October 4, 2017 at 4:51 am Carlos Danger


  47. on October 4, 2017 at 4:53 am Carlos Danger

    FF to 5 minutes to see the 4th floor flash from the Mandalay Bay.


  48. on October 4, 2017 at 4:56 am Carlos Danger


    • on October 4, 2017 at 4:59 am Carlos Danger

      Notice the rifles. You can’t use a bumpfire device with a bipod. You also don’t really need the device to make it shoot full auto like that. You just bend your trigger finger at a 90′ angle and keep it stiff. Practice that until you get a full auto burst. 30 round magazines laying about too. Another tell.


  49. O/T but in every office across the land right now and throughout the day a beta/omega male will be helping fix a computer issue for an attractive female.
    Why are they in our workforce again? Just to look at?
    I always laugh when some company want my business and they send some hot clueless bitch. ADP are one of many companies who do this.


  50. on October 4, 2017 at 8:44 am Ralph Stanley

    One of the worst things we’ve done is allowed the pseudo-social science theory of “white privilege” to gain traction. I see this term parroted on Faceberg a few times a week, often by white guys.

    Don’t they see that once someone acknowledges they have “privilege”, it’s merely a precursor to being treated as a second class citizen (or worse)? If you acknowledge having privilege the accusing party will subsequently seek to strip you of whatever status or wealth you have (but don’t “deserve”).

    We need a good response.


    • “Privilege” is used to replace the word “achievement”

      Lib: you have Privilege!
      Me imitating Inigo Montoya: you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. I think you mean :achievement”…


    • Privilege? You mean the result of thousands of years of effort and progress by my ancestors?

      Or you could say that it only matters for as long as PoC want to live around white people.

      If they don’t, they never have to interact or deal with this “privilege” and white people end up only competing against “other” white people.

      Could also point out the iffy-ness of statistics or studies, how you can basically get them to say anything you want.

      Or how progressives will only look at it from the most unforgiving perspective towards whites and not vice-a-versa.


  51. I generally have enough aggravation in life to avoid the Mainscream Media in order to dodge more irritation .. so can any of you gents confirm whether Trump has officially thrown his cap in on the side of gun control, as I heard?


  52. on October 4, 2017 at 9:44 am Captain Obvious

    Interesting Info Regarding A Plane Once Registered To Stephen Paddock


    • on October 4, 2017 at 9:44 am Captain Obvious

      …If you look at the website and search a tail number, in this case N5343M, you will see the N number belongs to a SR20 that at one time was registered to Stephen C. Paddock of Mesquite, Texas and Henderson, Nevada (Our Shooter). You will also see that it is currently registered to a company out of Roanoke, Virginia named VOLANT LLC. A company that works with the “Defense/Intelligence” community per their website…


      • on October 4, 2017 at 9:46 am Captain Obvious

        …Flightware pulls their data directly from the FAA registration database, so it should be accurate correct? Now the interesting part. If you go to and put the same tail number into their search engine (N5343M), you will find that the FAA says that the N number is inactive. The last registration was to a Cessna 152 (a different aircraft) to some guy in San Diego, California. There is no mention of the current registration by VOLANT LLC or Stephen Paddock.

        The FAA database is updated everyday business at midnight. So, it looks like someone either scrubbed the FAA database and forgot or didn’t know that Flightware posted the same info. Maybe someone at Flightware is playing a big trick on everyone and putting false info in their database….


      • there was an msm segment recently that discussed something along the lines of how the FAA aircraft registration rules haven’t been updated since it created in the seventies, and it’s easy for aircraft to go off record because the rules are so loose around ownership transfer. they also said something about it still costing only $5 to transfer an aircraft title.

        of course when I caught this segment during one of the rare times I actually watch msm I couldn’t help but wonder why they were devoting valuable propaganda time to such a seemingly obscure topic…


  53. Greg Morelli, one of the owners of Max’s Deli, a Jewish-specialist deli, tweeted that he was glad to hear about a white man killing other whites. An insight into how so many of them really think.


  54. Moreso than overall unhappiness, I get physical nausea around minorities, specifically blacks.

    I honestly get a headache hearing their raspy voices shouting ebonics. I wear headphones when I know I’ll have to walk by a bunch. Stench is vomit inducing as well.

    And their music? It’s like psychological warfare to hear that shit on the radio. Feels like I’m putting my ear drums in a food processor.


  55. Mod rape..try again

    Obongo…and monkey wife…sham
    Rumor he banged Beyonce..
    Dubya love Condi


  56. Colbert last night basked in the thought of a white minority ..
    Shitlibs are the weak of our society. Simply they can’t handle the responsibilities and leading roles that whites play so they want to abscond from this role and live amongst non whites and be parasites and let someone else lead.
    White Fed and state employees all vote Democrat from what I can see. Military might be different but cube workers are all about handouts.
    White shitlibs women are the same. They gave been pushed into an unnatural role of having to lead and take responsibility for their lives.
    They want a patriarchy…and a patriarchal system (in this case the government) to provide contraceptions, single parent checks and paid abortions.
    And since the white man has given them this new found freedom, leadership opportunities and responsibility…they hate it.
    The women’s march was a protest against this.
    And since white msn will not lead them..mohamed and his patriarchy they desire.

    Also lots is written about white women wanting open borders from their point of view..but let’s not forget alog of Western Alphas have rejected Western Women.
    We don’t want to put up with their shit…not to mention their physical faults.
    All my circle of dudes have gone East European.
    DJT..of course.

    White western women in.many cases who are looking for open borders are the alpha rejects.


  57. Kike retardation meter broken.

    Every. Fucking. Time.

    Rex Tillerson Is Running the State Department Into the Ground – POLITICO


  58. on October 4, 2017 at 12:43 pm Carlos Danger


  59. on October 4, 2017 at 1:37 pm Carlos Danger


  60. “I would love to know which test studies the researchers used to determine how much libs and cons engaged in motivated interpretation…”

    Yeah. Like the case of the collapse of WT Bldg 7 on 9/11? I think you would find the Libtards absolutely convinced of the truth of the MSM /establishment narrative. Not capable of thinking for themselves. Nanny-staters.


  61. […] – Data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health showed that multiethnic diversity decreases happiness among all groups, and most markedly for the downscale and economically dispossessed. Link. (in-house discussion link.) […]