The Thotarchy Theory Of Asshole Game

From Girl Next Door to Sassy Slut, knowing what kind of girl you’re dealing with is the first step to tailoring your Game for a proper fit. Hawk explains what to say to a girl in your room late at night, who has demurred (a bit late in the hour) that she has a boyfriend,

Know your audience.

If she’s willing to be in your rooms alone despite the boyfriend she’s already decided that you might be worthy of her…seriously if her instinct was put into words out loud it would sound like that.

Verbal witty responses work differently depending on the girl.

“No you don’t ” is teasing the kid sister response. Funny, but not mean. Best used on the girl next door type.

“Really? Don’t see him here though.” More edgy, best used on the proto-THOT.

“Does the chastity belt chafe much?” A-hole response to the entitled HB7 plus.

“Not anymore you don’t” with a caress to her face, laser eye, is for the girl you’re interested in keeping around.

Your goal is to make her want to please you by forgetting about the boyfriend. Betas acknowledge the girl’s charms prior to her acting to please, alphas do so afterwards.

Hawk’s advice is similar to the Chateau’s recommendations on the use and suitability of Asshole Game. Age and innocence affect how well, or badly, a woman will respond to jerkboy charm. With some chicks, you gotta finesse it. With others, you gotta swing a whetting warhammer into her pussy.

Younger women are riper targets for asshole allure. Older women who have lost some of the sheen on their SMVeen will feel alienated and even rejected by a man giving them too much outcome independent jerkitude.

Age isn’t the only determinant of female receptiveness to male assholery. As Hawk wrote, sluttier, sassier girls will need more evidence of a man’s guttural disregard for her. She has seen things you betas wouldn’t believe…attack chads grinding on her posterior…she watched cum beads glitter in the dark near her cockhouser gate…all those cummings will be lost in time…like aborted fetuses in pain.

But the girl next door — a rare creature, worth yeoman seduction effort to despoil — might recoil at being assumed a sassy lass. Your assholery may make you seem unattainable to her, and cause her despair when she believes you are only toying with her. She likes a self-assured man but she hasn’t the constitution nor the sexual experience to handle your jerktruth. Proceed gracefully, accepting that her soft innerspace is sensitive to impudent cock shocks.

Where a girl resides on the Thot Spectrum — a Thotarchy if you will — that runs on the left from the preserved innocence of the nicest of virgin Amish coquettes, all the way to the right where you’ll find the bluest of blue-haired, bull ring-pierced aggrosluts, will give a hint to her need for a mental dicking. It stands to reason you as a man of taste of wealth must attune your assholery to the receptiveness of the woman in your hosshairs. This isn’t a green light to go Retard Beta and turn yourself into an asexual piece of furniture. It’s just a warning that your alpha attitude can and should be communicated in a fashion to suit the listening habits of your target audience.


  1. as with all others, this is great post CH


  2. “She has seen things you betas wouldn’t believe…attack chads grinding on her posterior…she watched cum beads glitter in the dark near her cockhouser gate…all those cummings will be lost in time…like aborted fetuses in pain.”

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    • “She has seen things you betas wouldn’t believe”

      Chick I was bantering with the other day told me she went to a bachelorette party last weekend. Said she had penises all around her.

      It was a fairly loud venue, so I said, “Sounds like you said you went to a bachelor party.”

      “I am not a stripper, sirrr!”


      • Female sexuality is simply feral. Women always have multiple men on rotation and the more base you are, the better you do.

        My game these days is just telling her within the first minute of conversation that I think she looks sexy in whatever she’s wearing, then grabbing her butt at the earliest acceptable opportunity. The rest just takes care of itself.

        I went the first 19 years of life without getting laid, now going 19 days without is an unacceptable insult to my manhood.


    • I’m with LeS. I’m an arrogant asshole, always have been, and my interactions with females (even professionally) are seen through that filter. They can take it or leave it.

      And the better looking the woman, the funnier it is (at least to me). They are so used to getting everything they want.

      It’s amazing (not really) how compliant they become when you don’t take any bullshit (ie take command). The younger guys look at me with that “did you really just say/do that to her” wonder in their eyes. It’s all situational, though.

      Now it’s just zfg, really, and in all these years I’ve had precisely ONE HR type problem (female in question was a MP), and in THAT situation I hadn’t done a single thing “wrong”. I’m thinking looking back on it that was maybe the problem…

      I wouldn’t want to be a young guy starting out now though, with (((them)) having taken the white man’s natural right to act as he wishes away from him. Must be a nightmare, professionally. In private though, a man IS his own castle, and (((they))) can go pound sand.

      Just hold frame. The gals can smell fear (or uncertainty) a mile away, if YOU don’t truly believe in what you are doing, why should they?


  3. on October 26, 2017 at 1:49 pm meistergedanken

    “She has seen things you betas wouldn’t believe…attack chads grinding on her posterior…she watched cum beads glitter in the dark near her cockhouser gate…all those cummings will be lost in time…like aborted fetuses in pain.”

    Whoo-hoo, Blade Runner reference!!!


  4. […] The Thotarchy Theory Of Asshole Game […]


  5. Holy S–t!

    Got quoted by CH!

    That’s like the God Emperor shaking your hand and telling you that you are going to work on his “They Have to Back” 2020 re-election campaign…

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  6. Best article in a long time.


  7. More confirmation of Chateau wisdom:

    Favorite (really least favorite) quote: ” By contrast, female (mice) behavior became increasingly aggressive: they would attack males, throw their offspring out of the nest too young, attack their young, and actively avoid sex.”

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    • That quote describes most modern marriages.

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    • Feminist mice. lzozlozlzoz

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      • on October 26, 2017 at 4:55 pm earlthomas786

        And effeminate male mice. Talk about stupidity when it comes to this social experiment being put on us.


      • Yup… when humans decide that it’s better to think with their emotions, they act just like animals.

        Including mice, our euarchontoglire relatives. Shocking, eh?


    • on October 26, 2017 at 7:29 pm Oleaginous Outrager

      If they really wanted to model the current world, around day 400, they should’ve dropped a big ol’ buttload of brown rats fresh from the docks in their “Mouse Utopia”.

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      • And see if the feminist mice take a strong liking to them…


      • on October 26, 2017 at 9:07 pm Captain Obvious

        I don’t think I’ve ever spoken of this before, but I have long wondered whether Red State Whites’ proximity to Chimpanzees & Armadillos might actually serve to INCREASE our Total Fertility Rates, whereas Blue State Whites’ safety in their Whiteopias allows them to lazily succumb to the ennui & meaninglessness & purposelessness of modernity, which in turn leads their TFRs to tank.

        I’ve also wondered the same thing about Israeli J00z’ proximity to the muslims – whether that proximity is giving a great big socio-cultural kick in the seat of the pants to Israeli J00ish TFRs.


      • I would say probably yes. Just stay in Connecticut for a couple of months to prove this, then move to California to witness the inverse.


      • Cappy, that’s a strong thought. The sciency talk going around now is that in Mouse Utopia, there was no selective pressure, which lead to mutations not getting weeded out of the gene pool (the going theory in the 70’s is that they died from overcrowding, but that doesn’t make much sense. If that was the case, why didn’t they start breeding again once the population decreased to a certain number?) From there, they’re concluding that mutations that cause behavioral disorders in the mice not only affect the mutated mice, but also the non-mutated mice, which set off a spiral of behavioral disorders on all of them.

        So, if one considers closer proximity to chimps and armadillos (that’s a funny line, btw) as selective pressure, then according to the current theory about Mice Utopia, you’d be correct. Unfit whites would be eliminated from the gene pool before reproducing, and the fit would reproduce more. I think this is true, but the unfit being weeded out of reproduction happens in more complex ways than the mice, obviously.

        The spiritual take on this for me is that with affluence, ease, and without identity or purpose in a hierarchy, you’re in a culture of death


    • So we can blame Globalism almost entirely on weak males/feminism.


  8. on October 26, 2017 at 2:38 pm javier_mendoza

    Years ago I was hooking up with a girl from out of town on her 21st birthday. She basically lured me back to her hotel room threw herself at me. While we were making out, blurted out she had a boyfriend.

    My response was to stop, say nothing, and after a minute or two, resume kissing. She never said anything about him again.


  9. What this post touched on was something that I’m sure has been brought up before but something that sprung to mind earlier: you gotta ‘read’ the girl to know which form of game to use.

    I had a clever blurb to call this but right now the only thing coming to mind is “encycluntpedia.”

    But, it’s more like a Choose Your Own Adventure and if you select incorrectly, then it’s Lonesome Roads time.

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    • yeah, too many guys on here think game is a one size fits all deal. that’s not the case at all.

      better for newbies to err on the side of being an asshole than to be too beta and get cucked.

      but you really do have to manage girls differently depending on who they are. treat them all the same and you’ll end up breaking the hearts of girls who deserve better or getting stuck with a bitch you’ll be miserable with. sadly i’ve done both and wouldn’t want to repeat it


      • Totally agree.

        Ruining the rare pretty girl next door type is wrong, call it a sin, for it breaks down the civilization ultimately.

        Treating the THOT the way she deserves to be treated though has a name: patriarchy AKA misogyny to the feminists.

        With great Game comes great responsibility….

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      • “Ruining the rare pretty girl next door type is wrong, call it a sin, for it breaks down the civilization ultimately.”

        it’s a special kind of person who gets off on defiling the wombs that are meant to carry the next generation:

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      • on October 26, 2017 at 8:44 pm Sean Fielding

        It takes an entire patriarchal society to preserve the innocence of the girl next door types and it’s pointless to pretend isolated acts of white knighting can do anything about the problem. It’s literally the case that if you don’t bang them, someone to the far side of Jeremy Meeks on the badboy scale, will.

        If this society was capable of protecting the girl next door, guys wouldn’t even get to meet her without her father, brothers and uncles standing guard. Banging her without consequences wouldn’t be in that moral universe.


      • on October 26, 2017 at 9:33 pm Captain Obvious

        SF, the problem isn’t with you banging her per se.

        The problem is the Pump-n-Dump.

        If you hang around afterwards and put plenty of White Bunz -> White Oven, then moar power to ya.

        But there’s a special circle of He11 for Playaz who Pump-n-Dump a nice girl like that.

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      • But there’s a special circle of He11 for Playaz who Pump-n-Dump a nice girl like that.
        Fielding is right, if you don’t, somebody worse (usually much worse) will. She’s up for it, quite deliberately, and it ought to be a Peak Experience, so don’t refuse.
        Actually, the “don’t P&D the Good Girls” knightery is a very reasonable argument for polygamy. Could work, and yields guaranteed White children, if you’re not a total degenerate omnivore. Expensive bloody hobby, though. All modern western-located poligs get the taxpayers to fund it, like they were tiny kings or something. I doubt any of them work in any meaningful way.


      • on October 27, 2017 at 5:39 am earlthomas786

        Ah yes, the ‘if I don’t do it, someone worse will’ rationalization. Guys say that so they can use those more innocent women to get their pleasure and ruin her for the next guy. It even makes them feel virtuous in their vice. It’s never about protecting her from being defiled by a hypothetical worse chad out there. If that was the case, they’d wife her up.

        I agree in a more patriarchal society, those women would have more protection…doesn’t give you the excuse to be one of those men who would get shot or hung in a more patriarchal society.

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      • “Fielding is right, if you don’t, somebody worse (usually much worse) will.”

        Nirvana Fallacy. “well if I didn’t destroy something beautiful somebody less deserving would have. might as well be me.”

        as if ‘destroying’ or ‘not destroying’ were the only two options.

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      • correction:

        as if destroyed by you/destroyed by somebody else were the only two options.


      • Patriarchy in microcosmic form is the family. The girl next door type is never in my experience the result of broken families, single moms etc. The GND will have family that look at you with suspicion, and rightly so, for they are guarding our own Civilization and its future. If you are lucky enough to find the GND, approach only with matrimonial intentions, and as Captain O says: bunz->ovenz.

        The argument that you have to ruin her before someon else does is simply beta thirst rationalized. There are plenty of THOTs for the thirst, rather than the GND.

        Or, put simply:
        Wh0res are ONLY for recreation. Wives are for recreation AND procreation.

        Don’t mix the two up.

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      • I was an incel, but then I started going to the gym. And I approached a very sweet PJ6(without make up) who seems like a “girl next door” type. Seeing as I’m still pretty beta and have no experience, I wouldn’t really be able to gauge her slut tells too accurately though; so I’m wondering what I should do to find out if she’s gonna sleep around with alpha chads if we enter into an LTR. She’s definitely LTR material, but her (single) mom is a wreck which makes me uneasy about bunz–>ovens

        -new at this (been lurking on here since roughly the time of Brexit)
        -trying to get better

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      • @Eggplantzzz.

        Search for “slut tells” here at the CH.

        Lots of posts about the topic.

        Good luck.

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    • Treat a 7 like a 9 and a 9 like a 7


      • i’ve seen this comment before and used to think it made sense. not anymore.

        in my experience, it’s the 6s and 7s who are the worst of the bitchy sloots and the 8s and 9s are sweeter and easier to get along with.

        bitchy sloots deserve worse treatment than sweet loyal girls. every time. you treat an undeserving girl too well and she will become an entitled nightmare who makes your life a living hell. treat a sweet girl badly and you will destroy her chances for ever being happy after you.

        treatment depends on personality. reward good behavior, punish bad.

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      • *depends on personality and behavior


      • Cracker,
        There is a dual etiology for this discordance that you have noted.

        One, noted by CH is that 6-7s get approached more often than not, while HB8s-plus do not. This is due to 6-7s being “in most men’s league” or so they think. This builds familiarity and thus contempt.

        HB8s-plus do not get this type of attention as most men, being Betas, lack the testicular fortitude to approach them. Therefore, when approached they act sweeter.

        The other reason for the discordance is that 6-7s get treated by society sort of like men, nothing special and ultimately expendable. HB8s-plus spend their lives surrounded by people who treat them with care and a degree of reverence due to their rarity.

        Don’t believe me? Find a girl who’s lost a ton of weight or had good plastic surgery to fix a flaw and had changed from a 6 to a 9 or so. The world treats them better and they respond to it positively.

        Beautiful girls essentially live in a world that wants to bake them cookies.

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  10. “…lost some of the sheen on their SMVeen…”
    I come here for this cut of jib. 😀


  11. R.Don Steele advises something to the effect that “does he know you are off the leash?”.

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  12. on October 26, 2017 at 3:28 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    Finely calibrated assholery, with scores of gradations, an important seduction component.

    I found myself in the orifice kitchen today; just me and a female colleague whom I barely know. About 28, She’s got a cute face, bangs, a huge ass and tits, and probably is a few pounds overweight but everything is shapely and she’s nicely dressed, so she does tend to give semi-hard-on. (Maybe with Oliver Klozoff I’d sing a different tune, but packaging can certainly make a product look nice).

    She’s pouring some hot chocolate she found in the cupboard and asks me if it’s ok, or does it belong to someone else. Now, every moderin beta male and bugman on the floor would say, “oh gosh, pleaf help yourthelf, can I get you some marfmellows.” I told her she was in big trouble, she started squealing and blushing, then I said, “but if it’s your first offense, it’s just a written reprimand,” then finally amping it up with “but it’ll be permanently on your record.”

    She was loving it. Truth be told, she’s a nice looking girl with a beautiful rack, but being a few pounds overweight, she’s not used to handsome Devils like me winding her up. But the point here is that she’s a nice girl who’s ego isn’t fortified by a size zero waist so I was light on the assholery.

    And no, for a variety of reasons I likely won’t bang her.


  13. OT- But too good not to bring to your attention CH.

    Two Hawaii dykes get rescued from being lost at sea for months with their dogs. Expected to see them thin in pics, nope! They had a year’s supply of pasta, oatmeal, & rice. Clueless to fix engine, use sail, and navigate properly.

    The Rhyme of the Ancient Muff Munchers

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  14. I’ve a question. What’s the deal with people here being preoccupied with the matter of race & IQ? I assume that most readers would consider themselves on the political right and yet lionising intelligence would seem to be a trait of the left. I don’t know why IQ is deemed so important. Especially given what I’ve read on the topic. Surely what matters is conduct? Not raw intelligence. And what evidence is there to suggest that one is reliant upon the other? Look st my own country of England. The average IQ has risen over the past century and yet the country has undergone a huge regression in civility. Here’s one example: Between 1927 and 1995 the number of recorded street robberies rose 52,000%. My question isn’t a defence of leftism. I’m interested to know why IQ differences are so important when it seems adequate to me to oppose something like mass-immigration purely on cultural differences alone.

    [CH: kind of a concern trollish question, but i’ll bite. iq and behavior are inextricably linked. there’s no getting around the fact that higher iq societies are generally nicer places than lower IQ societies. that doesn’t mean iq is the be all end all of social health. it means it’s an important component and driver of culture. ps how much of the recent rise in england’s crime is attributable to the increase in their nonwhite immigrant population?]


    • Think of IQ as comfort with complexity. The social and technical interactions necessary for a 1st world society are highly complex and a byproduct of the group IQ that created the society. Indoor plumbing, both creating it and knowing how to use it requires a baseline of IQ.

      Low group IQ means less complexity of the society that group creates. Knowing that the neighbor is a witch that you get to necklace is less complex thinking than understanding that she has schizophrenia and has need for medical treatment.

      It’s skyscrapers VS huts. Choose.

      Inviting low complexity society into high complexity society therefore leads to trouble.


      • solid but you are missing a major point. High complexity cannot indefinitely be sustained even if low complexity people are kept out

        Immigration sped up the problems created by technology but it didn’t cause them

        The Theory of Catabolic Collapse

        Fundamentally even if we’d had zero immigration, pretty much every single piece of technology we’ve built will lead to disorder in the longer term


      • Actually, quite advanced powers of reasoning are required to answer the question, “how do you know she’s a witch” …


      • A.B. Prosper,
        Tyvm for the link.

        My take is it’s sort of the 2nd law of thermodynamics applied to society. Complexity leads to entropy, therefore IQ-related societal advances are likely finite, per group.


    • agreeableness =/= iq

      this actually a decent question

      iq fetishism just feeds this cuck idea that economy is everything


      • on October 26, 2017 at 7:13 pm Oleaginous Outrager

        When the JIT system we’re living in starts to fall apart because a horde of low-IQ bumblefucks can’t read a shipping label, you’ll find out that the economy is everything.


      • AH said intelligence is important but not everything. You don’t want to be too intelligent and be socially odd or too autistic.
        (((They))) are smart but weak in physical strength, moral strength and character strength.
        A man who can hit the heights or close in all is supreme.


      • If we had an all white high IQ…high trust nation with typical high white values of ingenuity, integrity, discipline, tradition, family values and hard work…we would be untouchable and (((they))) would try and jump onto our golden coattails.
        Even today these super futuristic cities in the Emirates employ German engineering companies.

        We are not allowed to have that nation.
        And liberal whites who favor open borders and protest against white supremacy are probably the biggest idiots in the history of the world.
        Has there been ever any tribe of people who protest against themselves and their advancement and wish to be swallowed up?
        It’s a voluntary culling.


    • it’s important because it’s an intellectual-sounding way of saying ‘we don’t like ni66ers’.

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    • CH answered your question. Importing lots of lower IQ people like Albanians and Africans has lead to a steady drop in UK IQ and a very noticeable increase in violent crime.

      Import the 3rd World, get the 3rd World life.


      • They were still stringing up men and women now and again when I was a kid, in all four countries of the UK. And Borstal was exactly one burglary, razoring or robbery away, for the neds and chavs.
        When I were a lad .. no joke, any adult male walking the streets of the suburbs during working hours, if not obviously delivering coal or emptying the bins, would be pulled up by a bobby and interrogated fairly rigorously. Mainly because of the risk of the legendary travelling salesman/milkman getting in among the housewives, who constantly spied and “informed” on each other. Because they weren’t getting any.

        All that cast a long shadow over the native population, having survived as a crude selective mechanism since, what, mediaeval times, then the Bloody Code, the panopticon, Van Diemen’s Land and all that.

        These recent invaders have literally no conception of how hard and precisely-regulated life was for the commoners, less than a hundred years ago. They think it’s always been a welfare state free-for-all, with no consequences for just about anything. Of course they’re going to take the mick. Legalise hemp!


    • For God’s sake,look at niggers and all the problems they entail. Look at the thousands of people employed in the cockamamie Negro equality industry.


    • I want to know how importing huge numbers of people from countries where the average IQ is ~85 is raising England’s cumulative IQ as you suggest?

      The numbers don’t add up.

      If England were so high IQ as you say, why is Mohammed the most popular name for young boys there? Acid attacks? London?

      No sir. The cumulative IQ of England/UK has suffered a catastrophic drop and the effects are being demonstrated daily now.

      Whatever is in your water over there, we don’t want it.


      • on October 27, 2017 at 8:29 am CBR600RR_Rider

        dont forget about regression to the mean: even if the smartest escaped from a country with avg. IQ of 70, their children will have lower IQ, the grand children even less so. explains why 2nd and 3rd generation muzzies in UK are more radicalized :/


      • why is Mohammed the most popular name for young boys there I suppose because the Durka-durka-heim lot daren’t call their sons anything else, by and large. Whereas the English use a great variety of names, both biblical and regal. Next I’ll be told that the most popular colour for womens’ fashions is black, with more black, and the commonest food is curry. Same reason. Fools seldom differ, while the natives are enormously varied in their tastes, often quite deliberately.


  15. “…that runs on the left from the preserved innocence of the nicest of virgin Amish coquettes, all the way to the right where you’ll find the bluest of blue-haired, bull ring-pierced aggrosluts…”

    Heh. Got left and right backwards here, methinks.

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    • i chatted up a multicolored hair girl not too long ago

      she was surprisingly cute and pleasant

      she told me she spent $200 on her hair and i had to fight the urge to ask why u would spend that much to give the appearance to men of being damaged as fuck


  16. on October 26, 2017 at 4:59 pm earlthomas786

    The best advice I can give…use ignore game for the thots. And I wouldn’t use it to get their attention…I’d use it because I really don’t care for their nonsense or diseases.

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    • If you are looking at her lip and asking yourself if it’s just a cold sore, it’s probably not.

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    • This can’t be stated enough.


    • If you whip off her bloomers and the snatch is grinning at you like the maw from hell do not through sheer force of mental concentration force your pecker to get hard and plunge it in or you will most certainly rue the day.


      • Lol. One night I took waaaay too much cocaine/mj/liquor and was in the bedroom naked with a woman who wanted my dick inside her right then. My dick wasn’t responding as most of my senses were nuked and I was a babbling lunatic. But my senses kicked in for a moment and I just turned her around and spanked her ass for a good half an hour until she came. She’s been texting me since. I stopped responding though.


      • You’re right though. Those are the ones you can pimp out.


  17. Boyfriend? You ain’t here with him now– bend over!


  18. on October 26, 2017 at 8:15 pm Ralph Stanley

    Many years ago, a girl was in the audience watching me play a gig at a dive bar. She was a stunning Latina who worked in media and I was introduced to her by my friends. A total bitch (waaay out of my league; aloof). Had a fiancee too. I had a gf, who left early

    After the show, we drank and hung out and chatted etc.. I offered to walk her back to public transit. “Hey, this is my apartment, do you want to come up?” In my dark, shitty apartment, we made out almost immediately.

    The best advice a guy ever gave me: “You can’t talk forever”. That has given me the courage to make many a move.

    Epilogue: We did the deed etc., the next day she sent a frantic email filled with regret about her fiancee.


    • Do musicians even need “game”? That’s the main reason men adopt the minstrel persona. Like shootin’ feesh in a barl.


      • on October 27, 2017 at 9:31 am Ralph Stanley

        I’d say music gives you an obvious leg up. The rest is definitely game: learning to find the right target and the art od making your move. Also, avoid female musicians at all costs because they are accustomed to getting tons of beta attention and, being musicians already, they are largely immune to talent.

        The type of music matters too. I mean, a dorky jazz saxophonist, however good he is, is not going to have much success (unless he tours Japan?).


  19. on October 26, 2017 at 8:50 pm Captain Obvious

    /NOT SATIRE: Plague that’s killed scores is blamed on dances with corpses (madagascar)


  20. IHAB game by the Joker (jack nicholson) in the first Batman:

    Joker: Stop the press…who’s that?
    Bob: Thats Vicki Vale boss..shes a reporter..shes dating Bruce Wayne.
    Joker: Shes about to trade up.

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  21. on October 26, 2017 at 11:51 pm CulturalResilience from Mobile

    Do the things the guys you want to be like do.


  22. on October 27, 2017 at 12:55 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    When a man goes fishing, to increase the likelihood of catching fish, he needs the right bait, fishing line, hooks, a fishing rod, fishing reel and so on.

    When the vast majority of modern women go fishing for a man for a long term relationship nowadays, all they rely on is the bait.

    The bait being how they look.

    What is often neglected or sorely missing is:

    1) The hook is a shitty hook; lets call this her personality.

    1) Suitable fishing line; lets call this her character.

    2) The rod; is nearly always a shitty rod. Lets call this her history.

    3) The reel is faulty. Lets call this her ability to trust and be trusted.

    Men might take the bait but will not get hooked on, let alone “landed” by her.

    Then they wonder why they can’t get a man to commit.

    (So this might not be the most elegant of analogies but I think most will understand what I am getting at.)

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    • on October 27, 2017 at 1:33 am earlthomas786

      The only things they rely on is looks and putting out, hoping it dupes the man into overlooking whats in heart. Sadly some men will fall for it because they look at their thirst over her character.

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      • on October 27, 2017 at 8:37 am CBR600RR_Rider

        beta bait; alphas will test before bunz -> oven. worthy GND type will be married up quick and her womb put to good use 😉 oh and no fucking daycare; she stays home!


    • Fishing is a great analogy and I use it in the search for work.

      Avoid the herd.
      Look for off-the-path spots where money might be concentrated.
      Bait your line well, in your analogy refine the whole system up to the creel.
      Be prepared for the unexpected strike.
      Enjoy just fishing.

      and many other points we could enumerate.


    • (So this might not be the most elegant of analogies but I think most will understand what I am getting at.)

      Don’t know about elegance, but it netted my interest.


  23. OT (or OTT?), but my sides simply gave way.
    Coalition of the Flakey experiences some attempted internal purging.
    Typical, didn’t report the actual result. Straight KO, or on points?


  24. “We ain’t that far yet, sugartits.”


  25. calibrate for your target and situation.

    this is partly why ‘neg’ application is often misused and misapplied.


  26. This may be the first use of ((they)) found in the wild… 1963


  27. I know this comment is going to be buried but please take heed on just one simple warning I have for the lesser experienced. It’s challenging and fun to figure out how to bang a girl with a boyfriend. But for the love of god beware that when you do this, you become a target for a rape accusation. It’s their first line of defense the morning after when the booze and seduction have worn off. So guard yourself any way you can. Here’s an actual text message I saved from a girl whom i DID NOT EVEN BANG because I knew she had a screw loose. She had a long distance bf but absolutely wanted to fuck me. Best we ever got to was a few handjobs bc I knew banging her would cause me way more trouble than it was worth. For months afterwards she kept saying I raped her, told her bc and friends I raped her. I knew this wasn’t true but I also knew I had no way to prove it. So I had to be nice enough to her until I got an opening to scram without facing charges.

    Snippet from Her note from November 2008. Once I read the middle part I knew I could finally cut loose from this maniac.
    “I’ve tried sending you texts and called you to make sure I had the right number, which I did, and you still can’t bother to answer. Maybe you can at least take 5 minutes of your time to read this……blah blah blah…I know I was a bitch to you because of certain things that happened between us but I wasn’t ever going to turn you in for something you didn’t do, no matter how many people were telling me to. I’m not that type of person…blah blah blah… pretty sure you can find it in your heart to forgive me and move forward so that we can be friends, talk once in awhile and be happy for each other.”

    Actually thinks we could be friends after admitting she was threatening to turn me in for something I didn’t do. All this before pretended to get raped was fashionable.


    • A woman (HB9) once accused me of rape over text. So I just met up with her the next day and we got day drunk at the bar. I fucked her in my SUV and walked her back into the bar then told her to fuck off. HB 10 was sitting at the end of the bar. Feminist bitch bartender (UB 4, seriously the ugliest bartender I ever saw) didn’t even want to serve me but finally did. I walked out with the HB 10. Actually she followed me out and followed me around the rest of the day like a lost puppy dog. Weird week that was.


    • lol. “…blah blah blah… ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?…blah blah blah… ”

      Another downside is the boyfriend himself who may be enraged enough to assault you. I have had several delectable women approach me in front of their boyfriends to instigate jealousy. Was wise enough to brush them off.

      Friend of mine brought a chick home to his apartment and her boyfriend showed up banging on the door and making a loud scene. It often ends far worse than that.

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      • ^i’m a jealous, hot-headed dude but i never understood this shit

        unless it’s one of ur boys going behind ur back and stuffing ur bitch, why risk jail time fucking up some poor dude just trying to get some pussy


      • on October 27, 2017 at 8:42 pm SteveRogers42

        “Let’s you and him fight”.


    • on October 27, 2017 at 8:44 am CBR600RR_Rider

      on vacation few years ago; wif3 and i are at a beach bar; a couple joins us; they look nice enough so we hang out; BF goes to bathroom; she starts hitting on me in-front of my wif3. i ignore it. BF comes back and she tells him “this motherfucker was hitting on me babe!” wif3 and i look at eachother puzzled; BF looks puzzled but knows what’s up and that his GF is a whore. wif3 and i bail and agree to never hang out with strangers in bars again 😛 could have ended much worse.

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      • “BF looks puzzled but knows what’s up and that his GF is a whore”

        sad how often i see this scenario. the guy knows who she is but stays with her anyway. i was that guy for a short time with the ex who cheated but can’t imagine being one of those guys who puts up with it for years and years.

        i see this type of couple pretty often too. she flirts with everyone in the room anytime you’re in mixed company, posts cleavage pics on social media whenever she has the chance, flirts with men who aren’t the bf/hubby, etc, also then claims she has stalkers or tells many stories of men hitting on her, even your own friends.

        it’s usually a pile of lies though or the men were only receptive because she was sending messages that she’s available.

        this is the same type of girl we all see telling stories of being sexually harassed right now. in reality, women who carry themselves well and don’t send off slut signals rarely or never experience men making unwelcome or offensive advances toward them. in general, when you act like a lady, men will treat you like one. act like a sloot, you get something else.

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      • on October 29, 2017 at 12:07 am Oleaginous Outrager

        This is the opposite of Shit That Never Happened, it’s Shit People Always Say Never Happens, and that I’m just an paranoid gimboid for thinking that “stranger danger” is often worse for adults than it is for kids, and “casual acquaintances” are the sketchiest motherfuckers around.

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    • Part of me (1%) feels for you can clearly tell he’s getting fuckrd over.
      That bitch this,week who accused him.if rape in her hotel room…how did he know what hotel and room you were in…because you told him!


    • GOOD

      dumb cunt

      the best possible argument against feminism will be a generation of dead eyed spinsters

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    • Anglin’s writing has improved over the time he’s been dealing with all this site shutdown mumbo jumbo. Glad to see he’s only getting better throughout all the rigmarole.


    • Yes, thepersecution has sort of forced Anglin into becoming a more professional shiv-wielder, with occasional slight hints of leadership.


      • the persecution* … why does autocorrect overlook actual errors like that, and foul up perfectly lucid sentences?


  28. on October 27, 2017 at 9:09 am Captain Obvious

    PHYSIOGNOMY QUIZ: Guess the personality.


  29. I dont know..but ive been told
    I dont know..but ive been told
    (((Eskimo))) pussy is mighty cold..


  30. OT–a special edition of “Y-Magazin”, the stars & stripes of the German Bundeswehr, on love, diversity, STDs etc pp. Prepare to be disgusted.


    • on October 27, 2017 at 9:56 am Captain Obvious

      It seems to me that discipline & restraint & propriety in licentious matters would have to be at the heart of military Esprit de Corps & combat readiness.

      An army that lies around all day smoking weed & chasing tail strikes me as an army which is about to get its ass handed to it on a platter.


      • No Sacred Band Of Thebes, they… amirite?


      • The Sacred Band was queer. This being a man and woman it’s a bit better. Men can have some time off to chase tail but not within the unit. Camp followers is probably the best route for that. Woman in the ranks have complicated and ruined all those things. Our Army will get it’s ass kicked badly too if it comes up against a worthy 1st world opponent.


    • From a quick glance, I thought it was two broads, and figured it to be more ghey agenda…

      … ah stands corrected.


  31. It really is true that in the rare case in today’s society that a girl has been raised to be marriage minded and chaste (and not just raised this but internalized it) then a strong approach will (should) trigger her anti-player reflex. Such a girls family likewise would (should) chase off a guy presenting this way. It’s good advice to tailor your game to the individual girl, even if overall the principles apply to all. Good girls can always be converted to a guys lifelong personal sex slave in time! Lol.

    As a mom raising her two girls to be marriage and family minded, I appreciate the sentiment here for guys to support their non corruption. Someone has to have and mother the next generation of respectable deplorables! 🙂

    A personal anecdote, a manospherian approached me very aggressively initially which landed him in the “oh hell no, my life is complicated enough” bucket. Over time I have come to see he is a good decent man but unfortunately the initial approach did not give me that impression. I have always been very skeptical of player cues, and if I see them the guy is an automatic “no.” Perhaps that’s unfair but it’s how I was raised! Granted I am a dinosaur, but I think it was a good way to be raised vs. “go gurrrrl! Explore yourself!” Lol


  32. on October 27, 2017 at 11:07 am Captain Obvious



    Some chick just called the Rush Limbaugh show [shortly before 1:00PM Eastern time], and she was actually reading a book [thecunt’s “What Happened”], and she wanted to point out to Rush some instances where thecunt referred to the “Russian Dossier” on Trump, and then at the end of the call, Rush offered her a free iPhag, but she refused, because she didn’t use a smart phone and had no interest in one.

    Holy cow.

    Reads books?!?!?

    Has no iPhag?!?!?!?

    Someone has got to hunt her down and sow the seeds of multiple WHITE BUNZZZezes -> dat WHITE OVEN.

    That’s One-in-a-friggin-Million right there.