Remove Boot, Break Narrative

A great comment from Davy Holmes, on why creating a parallel information network that competes with Globohomo is so difficult, and on why Trump is hated so much by the elite (answer: he exposed their cowardice).

Wealth for the last hundred years or so must not only be earned, it must be given. As we have seen, time and time again, it will only be allowed to flow into the coffers of those who have been deemed sufficiently submissive or controlled. As an excellent example, look at Trump.

He supported liberal policies, he gave millions of dollars to the democratic machine, he married his daughter off to the son of one of the most filthy [special people] you can find on the east coast, and he has been a constant and vocal supporter of blacks, here in America.

He was, in a word, bought. The problem with Trump – for them – is that he didn’t stay bought.

There have been more than a few others who attempted to buck the yoke, one way or the other, and wound up recanting. I think of Rand Paul, who refused to clap during the visit from NetanYAHOO during the Obama years – and then spent the next three months on an apology tour of Israel. Or Winston Churchill who warned the entire nation against getting involved in World War II, only to plunge headlong into it when exterior pressure was brought to bear.

Men with money in today’s world – and I mean BIG money – are too invested in the machine to buck the system, and even if they did, it wouldn’t do them any good.

There have been a number of alternative platforms that have been started, and were viable alternatives. Guess what happened to them. They were defunded, banks pulled out of the deal, VISA and MC refused to work with them at all, contracts were illegally broken, and the courts refused to give satisfaction – the list goes on and on and on. In a nation that held the rule of law to be paramount, these kind of things wouldn’t be possible, but we haven’t lived in that nation for a VERY long time, if ever. In the nation we live in, laws are only sticks used to cudgel a very specific group of the masses back into submission, and are easily and readily broken whenever the opportunity arises.

I’ve spoken a lot about going after certain people legally, although perhaps not here. Yes, I think we should do that, but not because I think it’s going to do any good. I think we should do that so that the ‘normies’ who are left can continue to be given concrete, substantive proof that there are no – and I mean NO – viable alternatives to what is coming. That, and to simply irritate the [SP]MC’s ([Special People] in My Country). They really don’t like it when you question their authority.

[Special People], clawing for power: “Question authority!”
[Special People], in power: “Don’t question authority!”

There won’t be any alternative platforms, not real ones. They won’t allow it. As soon as there IS a platform that could truly challenge their ability to control the flow of information, it WILL be shut down. Or probably something sneakier, like ensuring that users searching for the platform are redirected to a different, more sinister, site. The SPMC’s, after all, don’t particularly care for confrontation. With the exception of when God has clearly stated that He was on their side, they’ve lost.

Somehow, I don’t think He’s got their back on this one.

The theme of Davy’s comment dovetails with a snipe by commenter BRUH, who works for the benefit of masters s/he may have no conception of but masters whose skypistry is mirrored in BRUH’s words,


Nah just righteous anger. I don’t envy my lessers. The truth is pretty much the opposite of BRUH’s hackneyed drive-bys. I have it on good authority that leftoids and cucks employed by these illicitly-funded rags read this humble blog and seethe with envy at the talent and insight and freedom of thought expressed here FOR FREE that they can’t muster WITH BILLIONS THROWN AT THEM. That’s gotta sting.


  1. How could we be envious of sad, ugly, fat, misshapen, mentally deranged freaks? My tall, slim wife makes me coffee every morning and my three champions for sons crack the bats , sink hoops, read college level English grammar and are stinking cute as all get out.

    Rule #3: SJW’s Always Project

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    • Lib kids are always little ugmo’s that suck at sports, and mostly whiny.


    • Don’t get your kids any smartphones to play with. Those are really alien surveillance drones you know. There’s even an old commercial about one of those phones that could actually fly. I think it was called a ‘Razr’. Seriously they’re surveillance drones if you think about it. What’s the first course of action in any military operation? Send in surveillance drones of course. There you have it. I read on a ET site where one astronomer or physicist was speculating that the first contact mankind would have with ET intelligence would be with one of their robots . . err (smartphones could it be)??


  2. Macron “nationalism is treason”
    Horrible statement and he uses a 100 year anniversary as a political platform.
    Was the war with it goyim?

    They really are clueless Macron and Merkel and I hope France in particular feels the full depravity of the third world invasion

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    • Treason to what? Would be my follow up.


      • (Faggy French accent) “treason to morals and values ”

        The Africans / Muslims will kill them but hey at least they will go their early graves with their morals and values.
        Weird suicide cult

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      • They have been paid a lot of money to be globalist lickspittles. Life will get sporty for them if they betray their masters.


    • on November 11, 2018 at 11:16 am John Joel Glanton

      Yeah if it was just France England Germany and a few other Nordic countries plus no immigration there’s nothing wrong with that. Just to prevent brother wars and such. Of course the left would never entertain that idea.


    • on November 11, 2018 at 11:45 am Casual Observer

      Nationalism constantly gets brought up as a cause for World War I.

      Somebody want to enlighten me about what’s nationalistic about sending American boys to France to fight Germans over the shooting of an Austrian duke?


    • I wish you burgers would stop bagging on our eternal and mortal enemies, the French. That’s our bailiwick. The number of insanely brave guys they lost in WWI in particular is sickening to contemplate. Again, like us, imbecile cav. officers bumped up to fieldmarshal in charge of “tactics” and (le smirk) “strategy”.

      Just been to see King Hobbit’s technical wizardry in They Shall Not Grow Old. OK it was all about the muddy bit, from an english viewpoint, but that’s the material available to him. The weird bit was not the mountains of dead Germans & Brits, it was the way the French and their absolutely horrific casualty rates, on home ground, have been almost expunged from history. By everyone. No wonder the poor sods didn’t fancy the return leg of the draw.

      btw I pinned a white pigeon feather (instead of Bloody Haig’s poppy) to my trenchcoat for the outing, but didn’t manage to offend any suffragettes or feminists. They were all quite young, and probably just thought “what a dirty old man, he’s got bird stuff on him and doesn’t care”


  3. on November 11, 2018 at 11:08 am John Joel Glanton

    I read somewhere (don’t ask me for a source) that Trump had a copy of Mein Lamp on his nightstand in 1991. So he probably just played along until he was too powerful for them to destroy.


  4. Shitlib I know “you should watch Big Mouth. Its pretty funny. Oh no wait I think they have a server in it whose tribe”
    “Dude the show was created by 4 tribe”

    Every fucking time. Entertainment is their play thing.


  5. My New Order not MK and the source was Ivanka.
    Might be BS similar to Bannon’s w1fe hanging him.
    Though I reckon Fred and Don are woke.
    You cant help it once you work with them.
    Ivanka mar..ying fag boy was the ultimate f u dad.


  6. We forget George Patton, who came to the conclusion that we shot the wrong people and wanted to finish of Russia.
    They made his assassination look like an accident.


  7. JayinDC has touched on this in prior threads. Direct confrontation doesn’t work, especially if you align yourself with symbols that are easy for the MSM to identify and vilify (swastikas and the like.) When a Bowers does act, it’s just used against us to further poz normies.

    Direct competition (muh free market) doesn’t work either. Why don’t you go build your own platform? OK. We do. And then boom- shut it down.

    The Right has adopted some strategies that used to be libtard owned- doxxing and mocking. It’s working.

    With pantifa’s home invasion tantrum on Tucker and his latest dust-up with a brownie in a bar, we could actually get our first radicalized mainstream mouthpiece.

    This is where I’m gonna lose some of the guys on this board. In an ideal world, you can sell virtues to strong men. I’d love it if a campaign for White Family creation could be marketed to good White men and loyal White women.

    Unfortunately vices are far easier to sell, more prevalent, more appealing.

    That’s the last lesson we have to learn from the libtard- infiltrate and subvert. We should fight poz with poz. Create our own brand. Entertaining youtube channels (libtards are quickly suffocating comedy.) Instagram accounts showing Bilzerian style globe trotting and harem keeping but with a new symbol for #nomudsharks.

    Make WN cool, materialistic, hedonistic, fun. Most importantly, make it an exclusive club broads have to work to get access to. And use their channels to spread it.

    As always, open to suggestions, criticism and outright trolls.

    Glad you’re all my bros.


  8. Trump should invest in a social media company. He could bring it up in a matter of months and it would be worth at least $50 billion leaving aside its contribution to fixing the US.


    • on November 11, 2018 at 12:44 pm Captain Obvious

      Before he does that, we need patriots in the DNS Domain Name Registrar system.

      I’ve heard that it can cost $500,000 or moar to get a seat at the table with ICANN.


      • Buying a seat at ICANN buys you nothing. They can kick you out just as easily as faceborg or gaypal or ykwoogle-ads can. The entire web needs to be reborn as a darkweb with no controlling authorities (possibly what Berners-Lee is attempting to do).


    • About three months into his presidency, the CT yeggs ’round chere were boasting about news that he was going to “start his own news network”, the intimation being on national TV… of course, upon further reading, it was just going to be in Cyberia…

      … I think what we wound up getting was Don & Son tweets.

      Not bad, mind you, so far as it goes… but it weren’t no network… just another of those alt-R echo chamber fake news promises.


  9. And THAT is why the crypto currency movement is such a new and powerful force of resistance.

    It actually REMOVES (((their))) control over the most important tool of suppression.
    The moneylender´s synagogue of Satan HATES it and tried to undermine the Blockchain with the usual tricks first (copy, slander, fraud), but this time they cannot go for the red destruction button.
    As they´ve driven their old babyloonian debt-money system so close to the cliff, it´s demise is a mathematical inevitability.

    With EVERY month that they kick the fiat-can down the street, the crash will become that much more dramatic and deadly.
    And der Jude has no stomach for deadly, they like cowardly.


  10. We’re going back to a time when the only people willing to speak truth are those with no investment in anything but God because you will end up paying with your life. Really we’re almost there.

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    • No a bad analogy and summation… of course, Scripture always told us this:

      Revelation 11 (“The Two Witnesses”)

      7 Now when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the Abyss will attack them, and overpower and kill them. 8 Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city—which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt—where also their Lord was crucified. 9 For three and a half days some from every people, tribe, language and nation will gaze on their bodies and refuse them burial. 10 The inhabitants of the earth will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts, because these two prophets had tormented those who live on the earth.


    • Make that “NOT a bad analogy and summation”.


  11. I agree 100%, but let’s not get too depressed. In the pre-internet days the special people had similar power. They are trying to get back to that now. Alarming and evil, yes. But we won’t have to go back to direct mail (the only route open to shitlords in the old days). They can’t scrub every server everywhere.

    Keep fighting though.


  12. I’ve had conversations with many men in the 100 mil range. For the most part they are self made dudes who vote R and raise their kids right. Alphas every red blooded one of them. They are active politically and are concerned for a country they love because their grandkids will grow up in it.

    I’ve talked with many more in the 10 mil range who are a mixed bag. Most of them are offer services to the 100 mil dudes – lawyers, financial advisors, pilots – or they are high level corporate types. Mostly vote D and these guys kids are out of control. Nearly every kid is a horror show of psych issues where depression is the mildest of symptoms. These dudes are betas mostly, with trophy wives that pretty much tell the guys how to care about politics. Very insulated, very virtue signaling, very lib talkie all day long. A fair number had their daughters marry into diversity, but not the sons.

    I’ve had candid political conversations with two guys with 3 commas. They refer to politics as something their parents or siblings care about. If they have a political view it’s mostly something that they never ever talk about. They also never ever talk about their kids or grandkids. You hear rumors about these guys paying around a million to keep something about a grandkid and drugs quiet and the like. But you never hear anything about the family tree. I have come to think about this as a security precaution to prevent details from leaking to would be kidnappers, and that they don’t tend to get along with their kids. This is why Soros and Trump are such anomalies. Most ultra wealthy just don’t care about politics. Sure they donate a bit, sure they host some fundraising. But outside of having a person to call if a government issue comes up, they don’t really give a flip. R or D don’t really change things in their world.

    That was where Trump originated. He didn’t care. Then for some reason, probably due to some diversity windbag insulting him, he decided to give it a go and really run for President. Just as Soros really decided to hijack democracy by making sure every Individual State, Secretaries of State would be an elected D that would allow any number of so called provisional ballots to be counted for the Soros approved election outcome. Soros’ meddling in politics is so bad that Hungary passed a Stop Soros law!

    CH hit on why the Never Trump political class is so pissed. They see their gravy train getting hit. They are the 10 mil virtue signalers that want the diversity status quo to continue.

    But it’s not the really really wealthy that keep the lib political class afloat. It’s really the 10 mil virtue signalers that do it. McCain, Obama? same deal about 10-30 mil and care because the status quo is being rocked. I’ve often wondered why the low millionaires always sway D. I’ve come to think it’s because of the kids. When the kids go full crazy it indicates there is no firm male hand guiding the family ship. If your kids have their crap together, typically it’s an Alpha with his steady hand on the Wheel.



    [CH: it’s what happens when millions stops being aspirational]


    • Merely writing “ook” and “eek” would lend itself more to economy…

      … whilst conveying the entirety of your message nonetheless.


  14. “that leftoids and cucks employed by these illicitly-funded rags read this humble blog and seethe with envy at the talent and insight and freedom of thought expressed here FOR FREE that they can’t muster WITH BILLIONS THROWN AT THEM. That’s gotta sting.”

    Amen, CH.


  15. Man for All Seasons (2018 version)

    TM: And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? . . . .

    Roper: The laws are placed by the Devil to bind me, and do not bind him. When he turns ’round on me, the laws all being flat, it will be a flat field – neither the one helped, nor the other hindered. We will see each other clearly.

    TM: Hand me an axe.


  16. I think we should begin our own divestment campaign from these companies. Actual coordinated campaigns. And we should couple that with attacking them from the side in a way they don’t expect. If their business is built on data analytics, what is stopping us from creating fake accounts and pretending to be liberals. Parroting their lines, etc. These companies sell the bullshit, but since the data is bunk, their customers want blood. This will hurt their business more than anything else