The Eternal Solipsism Of The Female Mind

From This is a sobriquet,

Democrats [women] cheered harder for themselves getting into congress than for war heroes, criminal justice reform, child cancer survivors, preventing sex trafficking, lowest unemployment among black/hispanics in history, job growth, and a guy who landed on the moon.

It’s the Congressional LOOKATME caucus. The price of admission is to have a vagina and a perpetually curled snarl.

From Rabbi High Comma,

Occasio-Cortez couldn’t even look sincere clapping for a child with brain cancer. She will do our work for us. She could have gone into porn, or provided vagina for a black running back, but instead her destiny is to red pill millions of Whites who weren’t paying attention. God bless you La Raza Chan.

I know these chicks. The only face barmaidens like Attentionwhore Of-Color can sincerely express is snark&sass, the female counterpoint to the male agree&amplify.

PS Since we’re on the subject of false pride….


  1. Let’s not interrupt our enemies while they’re making a mistake. Better yet, let’s goad then into doing it on national TV with tens of millions watching.

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  2. AOC’s got the hoop earrings on. Big hoops, too. Or are those her nostrils flaring?

    Every since the correlation between hoop earrings and women was brought to my attention, I’m always on the lookout for them. More so to avoid.

    HPV, and all

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  3. We live in an age that calls good evil and evil good.

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  4. on February 6, 2019 at 1:42 pm | Reply William of Orange County

    These chicks are all secret Tracy Flicks. They’ve desperately wanted someone, anyone to pick them all their lives. They don’t care about policy, or morality, or what’s right or wrong. They only care that they ‘made it’ and how they stay there. It’s the heart of #metoo as in #METOO!

    They’re all secret pocket hitlers, with fashionably coordinated white pockets.

    The 19th amendment was a mistake.

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    • We could Repeal the Nineteenth Amendment today.

      Think of the REEEEING, and thus, instant red-pilling.

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    • on February 6, 2019 at 2:44 pm | Reply TerryThePirate

      ALL politicians crave power and status. Nobody gets very far in politics without that kind of drive. That’s why the world is the way it is.


    • on February 8, 2019 at 1:37 am | Reply California Caucasian

      Hahaha, had to think about that reference to remember it, but I’m glad I did, it is spot on!

      Occasio is the quintessential Flick… using all her bartender Puerto Rican power, she was able to unseat a 20 year incumbent of her own party for whst, her excellent adventure? The PRs apparently didn’t care he could actually write legislation and as the fourth ranking Dem could be expected to bring home some pork… now they got someone who might be able to author legislation to change some post office building names…. a la Mad Maxine.

      But she’s from the right island, amirite?


  5. The SOTU applause was an amazing display to Normie America the contempt with which rabid Shitlibs hold basic American ideals. The Memes started flowing mid-speech and haven’t shown any sign of slowly, and have only accelerated as Boomer Conservatives were invigorated enough to join in.

    I wasn’t a fan of all the Holocaustianity proselytizing from GEOTUS, but in order for the speech to have it’s intended impact on the Normies, it had to be done. The main reason that Normie America still clings to the Holocaustianity is because it is the ONLY thing a Normie White American is culturally permitted to feel any pride in by the Left, so that needs to be included as a sort sugar to get them to accept Red Pilled truths.

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    • Trump knows his audience. It isn’t us.

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    • Yup. That was the overall gist I took from the speech.

      It was more a Rorschach than anything else.


    • The SOTU applause was an amazing display to Normie America the contempt with which rabid Shitlibs hold basic American ideals.

      And since it was so very effective on waking up the normies, he’ll get around to all that tedious swamp draining Real Soon Now, amirite?

      The man is solidly within the civnat-leaning-to-shitlib Narrative, and the rising tide of color which will make White voting obviated in another ten years or so was cheering and dancing right along with the Harpies Bizarre cooze patrol.

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      • That’s true. But Trump has the potential to set us up for further success from what is to come in the following decades. Trump is solidly a Civ-Nat, but DTJR is very likely /ourguy/, so we will have leadership for what is to come.

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      • One can only hope, but I don’t think America is going to be White enough by the time Don Jr gets his chance.

        We can always let him be president of whatever Republic Whites manage to carve off of the rotting corpse that will be America shortly.

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      • Based on historical example, Whites are always outnumbered. And yet White people have always won the war.


      • White people have always won the war

        And lost the peace.

        The one war you DON’T win when outnumbered is the one in the voting booth… the only reason Trump scraped through in 2016 was because he concentrated on the Electoral vote and caught the Dems with their pants down.

        Ain’t gonna happen a second time.

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      • Focused on the electoral vote? ffs Greg that is how elections are WON…

        “Ain’t gonna happen a second time.”

        Insert “Happy Merchant” gif???

        Nice touch “ally”…

        No FOXHOLE for You!!!


    • on February 6, 2019 at 5:30 pm | Reply r1verboatgambler

      The speech was written by Stephen Miller, the (((references))) were not cohencidental. Not the hill for us to die on though, agreed.


    • Truimp did a magnificent job of pimp-slapping those Congress-hos. Their narcissism and childish, passive-aggressive petulance was on full display — not to mention their pretentious and juvenile idiocy with the white garb. (What was the white for, anyway? I thought it was supposed to signify a virgin bride — haaaa).

      Uncle Donnie was pure magic. The only question that remains is this: are there enough voters in America stupid enough to give these cunts total power in 2020, and by doing so end America as we have known it?


      • Yeah pure magic talking about the ‘liberation of Europe ‘


      • Limbaugh a fat deaf druggie is an Israeli first traitor who pushed dole Gingrich mc cain both bushes romney and EVERY POS rhino that came down the pike and never liked Pat Buchanan a real patriot that brought up the issues that trump won on 30 years ago and the best thing Pat believed in was to get rid of jew influence and pissrael. that is why fatso never liked Pat. trump should learn from Salvini of Italy who talked tough and has NEVER backed down and has been tested numerous times. trump talked shit to get elected and has done nothing but follow orders from satanyahu and kosher kushner


      • on February 7, 2019 at 8:59 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Nothing of the sort. He is Judah’s Slave.


      • “But why did that garner so much support? I’ve heard so many people, so many people have asked me, “Rush, do they not realize how bad it looked applauding themselves? Why would they do this?” And, look, I don’t mean to sound arrogant myself here. But I understand what animates the left today. I understand what their objective is. I understand what they hate. I understand what they oppose and what they’re trying to change. And there is one overall thing that has a lot of offshoots to it.

        They simply hate the fact that this country was founded by a white male patriarchy, and everything descends from that. Because of that, America’s racist. Because of that, America’s still a slave state. Because of that, everybody else who is not white male has always been discriminated against, has never gotten a fair shot at anything, has always been downtrodden, beat down, ignored, laughed at, whatever. And these women feel the same way.”


      • on February 8, 2019 at 12:52 am California Caucasian

        If by “white garb” you mean that horrendous mismatch of creams, white, light grey and dingy… I’m glad they did it though… easy to point to the ones wearing “white” – a sad collection of broads who certainly cannot author legislation on their own… or dress in matching “white”…


  6. Buzz Aldrin:

    – graduated from West Point
    – shot down two MiG jets in Korea
    – earned a doctorate from MIT
    – landed on the Moon
    – performed a short religious service on the Moon
    – ran the USAF test pilot school
    – visited Antarctica in his 80s

    The guy is a legend. AOC can’t even get past page five of her “Economics for Dummies” coloring book. BUT MUH WYMMYN!

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    • Didn’t he duke some reporter that kept bugging him, just asking to be clocked?


      • on February 6, 2019 at 1:59 pm Carlos Danger

        Yes, it was a couple of years ago


      • Some guy was up in his grill about the moon landing being fake and Aldrin decked him. There is video of the incident available. Search for Aldrin Sibrel punch and you’ll get the story.


    • “landed on the Moon”


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      • I love the Big Bear. He’s legend and a man who is proud to wear a mustache.

        But we landed on the Moon. From an Engineering perspective, it is completely doable and was doable at the time.


      • From an engineering perspective, Buzz and Neil didn’t walk on the moon.

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      • Your basis for Moon landing denial is entirely Rhetorical. None of the people being cited in arguments against the Moon landing use any Dialectic to do so.
        Obama? Rhetoric.
        NASA guy who says we “don’t have capability”? Rhetoric.
        Van Allen Belts danger? Rhetoric.
        Those who deny the claim can’t pick apart the Engineering nor the tech that went in to the event.

        If you have the ability to build a Saturn V rocket that doesn’t explode on the launchpad, which we did, you can land a human on the Moon.

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      • Yeah, we might not have had the super computers of today back then, but we did have some octo-orcs in the back room crunching our numbers for us.

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      • The Computer ladies were there to check against the work of the Silicon/tube computers. There were dozens of these women. They are barely mentioned by any significant member of the space program in any of their memoirs. They were labor behind the scenes, just like the Welders and other artisans who built everything.


      • Oh and the negro computer lady narrative is as true as them having an African Lancelot in a King Arthur story. Pure propaganda and White appropriation.

        Are you going to deny the astounding achievements of Herr Wernher Von Braun?
        The Moon Landing confirms for all of history what we already know. That Western man is the most technologically advanced human to ever grace this planet.


      • It was possible, thus it is so.


      • We not only didn’t land on the moon, we went back and didn’t land again…

        … though SOMEBODY left a lot of scrap material up there, go figger.

        Maybe it was them aliens whose computers apparently ran the Apple OS.


      • Why go to the moon when we have plenty of their crickets right here in my city.

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      • Most droll, FE


      • ar10308 — JFK. Was it Oswald?

        Were the WTC brought down by planes, or demolition?


      • Don’t know enough about JFK situation. Probably Deep State.

        9-11 was planes. Heat that hot would weaken steel to the point of malleability. And then it can’t hold up a building anymore. That’s how hammer forges work. Heat steel, then smash red hot steel with hammer and move steel.


      • The moon landing may have been staged.

        Lies of that scale are perpetrated, in the course of human events. See for instance famous things from World War II.

        Whether or not the engineering was possible, that doesn’t indicate it happened. There was motivation to hoax it. There was means. And there is a history of making up stories and prevailing upon the public.

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      • Moon Landing could have been staged or they saw something that couldn’t be explained or told to the public. The government narrative is most certainly not 100% exactly as they’ve told it.


      • I’m not surprised that someone who doubts the moon landing would also be a JFK and 9/11 CT aficionado.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Greg Eliot,

        Whatever happened on 9/11, it wasn’t the official story. That’s for damn sure.

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 6:39 pm Belle Igerent

        A rat done bit my sister Nell


      • jesus fucking CHRIST you people are idiots

        there are MIRRORS ON THE MOON THAT WERE LEFT THERE BY APOLLO that they bounce motherfucking lasers off of to this day

        you goddamned motherfucking IDIOTS

        does it EVER occur to you how FUCKING STUPID you are?

        subsequent missions by the chinks have SPOTTED THE SHIT LEFT THERE

        Repeal the 19th? Repeal YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE WITH IT

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      • Whatever happened on 9/11, it wasn’t the official story. That’s for damn sure.

        I’m sure there’s always more to the story along tangential lines, but the fact remains that planes flew into the buildings, piloted by jihadists who pretty much pulled off the boldest and most successful guerilla attack in military history.

        And any CT aficionados should get together and get their stories straight, because they contradict each other more than any official narrative.

        And Exhibit A on CT inanity is ALWAYS going to be any dope who mentions the moon landings were faked.


      • Well, we know they’ve lied about 6 million other things.

        But they would never, NEVER, lie about that. /s

        Nevermind the fact that NASA lost all the telemetry tapes from the Apollo missions and there were no backups. The lost proof of the most important scientific achievement in the history of mankind. We could possibly attribute that failure to affirmative action I suppose.

        And while we’re on the subject of government using stories to motivate the US population for some cause or other:

        Remember the Maine!
        A day that will live… in INFAMY!
        The Gulf of Tonkin
        WMDs in Iraq

        Having some sort of religious attachment to any ‘official story’ is weak IMO. We have people ready to get violent if anyone questions their Holy Truth.

        Come to think of it there’s another (((story))) we can never question. A (((story))) that demands that there be more museums dedicated to that (((story))) than to WWII, an event that killed 250,000+ Heritage Americans.

        This is all so tiresome.

        The truth is out there but looking to any government to provide it is a mistake.

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      • If you’re going to use the exaggerations of muh Holocaust (btw, there WERE KZs and a bunch of jews DID actually die… methods and numbers obviously toyed with for agitprop purposes, but still…) as proof that we never landed on the moon, well… more’s the pity for us, ’cause THIS… IS… WHY… WE… LOSE.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • And any CT aficionados should get together and get their stories straight, because they contradict each other more than any official narrative.

        The reason their theories are not the same, is because they’re not working from the same script. And that’s not to mention those “conspiracy theories” who operate in bad faith.

        Are you really suggesting, Greg, that consensus is determinative in evaluating historical questions? It’s not.

        If consensus is determinative, then all our questions have been answered, in the form of one blue pill.

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      • And Exhibit A on CT inanity is ALWAYS going to be any dope who mentions the moon landings were faked.

        My non-expert opinion on the moon landing, tends toward we did land on the moon. If there are man-made mirrors up there that would be dispositive, that they were placed there.

        But the larger point remains: scientific consensus is political and misrepresented; historical consensus is who / whom and delusional. Neither is the final say. And certainly not about things that happened in the 20th century.

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      • Are you really suggesting, Greg, that consensus is determinative in evaluating historical questions? It’s not.

        Nice try, Alinksy… or should I say Chomsky?

        Consensus connotes opinion… nobody is talking about mere opinion when it comes to events that leave behind hard facts, with further evidence uncovered upon post mortem investigation.

        Are YOU suggesting every half-assed opinion, misrepresentation, and general loose-cannon speculation should be taken into serious consideration?

        ESPECIALLY when the proponents of the above can’t even agree with each other… they only know that muh gummint is not to be trusted, hence throw all sorts of squid ink around, hoping that something/anything sticks?

        All the while ignoring or outright misrepresenting facts that are indisputable according to every standard of the law’s proverbial reasonable doubt?

        The questions above are rhetorical… it’s been long-acknowledged that these CT debates convince no one of what they already want to believe as truth… but when the ol’ fake moon landing canard once again reared it’s pointy haid, some countermanding (((shakin’ o’ de haid))) was merited.


      • My non-expert opinion on the moon landing, tends toward we did land on the moon.

        Mighty White of you to “tend” towards the facts… although you began this discussion with the inanity of “it may have been staged”.

        BTW, your “opinion” on the matter of hard facts in re the moon landing is immaterial, although I have no doubt you lurv to hear your own voice in these instances.

        If there are man-made mirrors up there that would be dispositive, that they were placed there.

        Well, DUH! And there are more than mirrors up there… the least little effort of honest investigation on your part would have told you that long ago.

        But not knowing such things, though they be easily learned, never stopped most yeggs from having an “opinion”… and yet we here at the chateau never cease to upbraid the distaff side for their solipsism, go figger.

        Let’s just keep losing, boys.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Consensus connotes opinion… nobody is talking about mere opinion when it comes to events that leave behind hard facts, with further evidence uncovered upon post mortem investigation.

        Yes it does connote opinion, you blockhead.

        Which is why your initial suggestion that “conspiracy theorists” get their stories together was disingenuous. How are consensual going to make any difference? They won’t — so why do you suggest that them having the same story, will?

        You are the one with the squid ink. I can’t understand your so-called rhetoric. You make personal awful quick. And your mind is made up, which you acknowledge. I on the other hand stated clearly that the moon landing, is something I don’t know, and MAY have been staged. You on the other hand are so CERTAIN about things like JFK and September 11.

        Talk about solipsism. You criticize others for your own faults. You give the boomer meme legs that it never even thought possible.

        You call me Alinsky and Chomsky and then say Might White of you? Fuck off, Greg.

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      • BTW, your “opinion” on the matter of hard facts in re the moon landing is immaterial, although I have no doubt you lurv to hear your own voice in these instances.

        Yeah. And that’s why it’s acknowledged as a non-expert opinion right up front. Was that too subtle a point for medium intellect?

        I don’t think anyone on this comment thread is arguing from authority. I was clearly making the point that it IS an opinion. Your opinions are worth something more, for some reason?

        If we are talking opinions, let us appeal to majority. How many here feel that Greg’s opinions on Sept 11 and JFK are worth a dime?

        You got blinders on. You are given the benefit of the doubt for being old school, but that may be a mistake. Your jokes are medium funny at best, on a good day. And that’s charitable.


      • Greg, I don’t know you that well, but henceforth you are known as Tarbaby.

        Capitalized out of respect. Honest to god. If my prior reply wasn’t 100 per cent clear, it’s because your criticism is indecipherable in its quibbling.

        Your criticism was something like: If there’s NOT consensus, then that’s a weakness. But if there IS consensus, then it’s mere opinion? Is that what you were trying to say?

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      • Which is why your initial suggestion that “conspiracy theorists” get their stories together was disingenuous. How are consensual going to make any difference? They won’t — so why do you suggest that them having the same story, will?

        No it wasn’t disingenuous, it was quite straightforward. When I mentioned CTers should get their stories straight, I was speaking about things like one says “it wasn’t planes, it was missiles” and another says “the planes were controlled remotely”, for one example.

        When their so-called facts don’t jibe, that means one (or even both) can be dismissed from the get-go.

        Now, if BOTH agreed that planes hit the buildings, and they were piloted by the known miscreants, but then diverge on other aspects, THAT would at least be a better start to credibility.

        Blockhead yourself, that this has to be spelled out in such tedious detail… but then again, that’s a famous tactic of the squid inkers and distractors… get endless questions and verbiage over the simplest of words.


      • I on the other hand stated clearly that the moon landing, is something I don’t know, and MAY have been staged. You on the other hand are so CERTAIN about things like JFK and September 11.

        That’s what I’m talking about… anyone who doubts the moon landing AT ALL is someone whose opinion on just about every other factual event is to be suspect, let alone every thinking process. There is no doubt that the event took place, and anyone denying it either has a screw loose or is just a fan of hearing squid ink.

        And yes, I’m CERTAIN LHO fired three shots, two of which hit JFK… it’s been proven 100% from analysis of the Zapruder film.

        And yes, I’m CERTAIN that two planes hit the Twin Towers, piloted by jihadists who had planned and been in training for the mission.

        Again, ALL of which has been proven beyond ANY reasonable doubt.

        As far as other aspects of the 1001 sidebars related to each of the events, most of which are just rank speculation, I have no great interest in delving further, because over the years I’ve spent a lot of time running down rabbit holes from liars about JFK, and from the bit of digging I’ve done on 9/11, I see the same disingenuous bullshit.


      • And for the record, PA, liking every nonsensical post merely because it favors CT shows that your thinking could use a bit of a tune-up as well.

        If you can recognize Rules For Radicals Cyberian debate tactics by this time, then I can’t help you.

        Actually, it’s more that you la-la-la with fingers in your ears to them, merely because it happens to tickle your CT bias… well-done, alt-R ally.

        Please tell me you’re not another headcase and/or sophomoric “I HAS MUH OPINION” asshole who thinks the moon landing(s) “may have been staged”.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • on February 7, 2019 at 12:57 pm | Reply David MacDougall

      And punched a moon landing denier who claimed he was lying and a cowar…d!


  7. I don’t think it matters how bad the optics are, leftists will just “DRUMPF” and move on. They will call themselves a critical thinker and a liberal in the same breath. We’re talking about women and men that try to imitate women. The never ending crusade to have their cake and eat it too.

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    • Which is why mainstream entertainment which satirises cultural idiosyncrasies is so important – it forces people to think critically. For example: two highly mainstream and ‘normie’ sitcoms, the US Office and the Simpsons, were throwing in very risqué/offensive jokes about homosexuals as recently as 2010. The salient point being, however, is that normie culture of less than a decade ago was exponentially more edgy and satirical than it is now, in a post-censure inclusotopia.
      In one Office episode, the gay character was being asked to list all the sexual encounters he’s had in public bathrooms, park benches, etc, and yes, they said it, Democratic primaries. The joke of course was how such unsophisticated and ‘unwoke’ stereotypes could prevail in a modern workplace. But the joke within the joke was that, yes, homos are promiscuous as all hell and do indeed congregate at these places/events. The writers and actors, who happen to feature on both shows mentioned above, were boomers and gen X comedians of every nationality, and they truly DGAF about anything but the gag.
      Fast forward a few short years and introduce PC culture on steroids, and the Office probably couldn’t be made nowadays, and the Simpsons had to bow to pressure to remove Apu. Thus is the power of censure, wielded in the hands of attention deficit virtue signallers.


  8. I didn’t watch it, but at this point I would have to assume that chief sh!tting bull was an honorary audience member.


    • Chief Pitching Bull was the main speaker.


      • The re-erection thirst is real, sadly


      • The sad part is that he thinks he’s going to win over enough… in fact, ANY… of the people who DIDN’T vote for him last time, by his Narrative spiels…

        … and he’s going to lose quite of few of those who did… many are just gonna (((shake they haids))) and stay home.

        As of right now, I predict he hasn’t a chinaman’s chance of getting a second term… unless, of course, he pulls some rabbits out of his hat over the next year… and I mean BIGLY.

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      • The re-erection thirst is real, sadly
        only a blue pill could re-erect the soft dick


      • Harris checks all the boxes


  9. As soon as the Kamala Harris wing of Globohomo Inc. has the POC votes they need, they will throw their white female adherents under the bus. If you point this out to white women, they will lash out at you, because they know it’s true.

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  10. Don’t spew when you watch the slingTV ad, the keep pushing the Kalergi Plan


  11. “Occasio-Cortez couldn’t even look sincere clapping for a child with brain cancer. ”

    Yes but she won’t do the work for us. A limited number of white men will see that and it will register but it won’t with young and middle aged women. They will just take all the self involved women wearing white as a symbol of status and wish they were among them. It will help move women more to the left. White women understand that if they want status they need to be a victim who fights the White man and signals their solidarity to their replacements.


  12. Most of the Democratic women would benefit from wearing a full burqa. Who hell wants to look at that anyway?


  13. Let us be monsters then.


  14. the state of union


  15. It’s amazing how stupid these females are to actually believe they have some power. There are 435 seats which means they represent 1/4 of 1% of the pop.
    Each district has about 3/4m people. In Occasios district more than 1/2 are illegals who can’t even vote. She won with 110k votes lol The republican never gets more than 5k votes in the city.
    Females are obviously a herd animal sitting together and dressed alike, like sheep.


  16. And just in case you have any doubt about Alexandria Opposicion Controllado compare and contrast her pinned tweet to Trump’s motivation speech. The tactics are as Scott Adams would say to first pace, then lead.

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    • JayinDC’s been saying it about AOC: she’ll blow up once she hits her 30s

      Her mother’s showing it however, AOC probably only eats Accessible Overpriced-Carbohyrates. Y’know, like pasta! Therefore, being the F Street roaming whore she’ll become, she’ll stuff her face with all manner of delicatessen and creme freche that she’ll blow up like an overpriced sex doll


      • I dunno where you guys get F street from…there’s not really much on F street. The significant street here is K street. that’s where all the lawyers and lobbyists are


      • F Street used to have some good Chinese restaurants. I thought that was odd too. Lobbyists are all on K,L, and M streets. K being the main one.


      • on February 7, 2019 at 9:04 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Hey Trav, can you quit it with the

        “You guys” schtick.

        Refer to a specific poster you disagree with and leave it at that.


      • lol

        i’ve never been to dc

        just like saying f-street. . . damn you Cappy!


    • Absolutely no comparison between the two.


  17. Another ‘sexual fantasy’ of women.


  18. And yet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right to troll dumb white muricans for being such cucks.

    Trump ‘Trolled Himself’ With State of the Union Shout-Out to Female Reps

    “Then the president declared that America has “more women serving in Congress than at any time before,” Ocasio-Cortez said she and her fellow women in the Democratic caucus couldn’t help but “laugh” because “almost all the women are on the Democratic side so I don’t think he realized the irony of what he was saying”

    Poor cuck Trump does not uderstand that having more women in politics will push things further to the Lib/Left.

    Keep celebrating having more women in Congress, lol.

    Everybody understands how indentity politics work. Only white muricans do not.


    • on February 7, 2019 at 9:05 am | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

      He could have had everyone in there arrested tbh.

      Got all the bastards in one place at one time.


    • “Everybody understands how indentity politics work. ”

      Well you clearly don’t…


      • “Did you ever think that you would see House Democrat feminazis standing up and giving a standing ovation to Donald Trump? I know what you’re saying. “They weren’t giving Trump a standing ovation.” Yes, they were! Remember how this looks to people watching on television! We all know what was going on. They were applauding themselves.

        I have no doubt that that was part of the calculation here. But, man, folks, the two areas where he just killed it — and there were some Never Trumpers tweeting thorough last night and they were mad because he was killing it. They begrudgingly today are having to talk about what great retail politics that was last night. So we start out with the president in one of these great examples. We’ve got audio sound bites to back all this up, but I just want to set the table. Here’s the president talking about the need for or his support of federal paid paternity leave.

        Family leave, paid.

        Now, this happens to be a pet project of the first daughter, Ivanka Trump.

        And she has been trying to get this going for… Well, since the president began his campaign and was eventually inaugurated. Last night, it made its appearance — and, of course, what happens? The left, the Democrats… They can’t help it! They have to stand up! They have to roar! They have to applaud! It’s a prolonged standing ovation! Here are the Democrats supporting, endorsing, standing ovation-ing the concept of a mother being allowed to stay at home with her infant baby to bond with the baby at the earliest stages of life for the health of the child, the health of the mother, the health of the family.

        And then in the midst of that standing ovation, in the midst of that applause, Donald Trump pivots immediately to (impression) “Ralph Northam in Virginia who wants to kill those same babies after they had done been born.” And then he pivots to the New York state legislature who passed a law doing the same thing. All of these Democrat women who were on their feet and applauding the concept of paid family leave so that newborn children could stay at home with their stay-at-home moms being paid by the federal government to bond families, they immediately had to sit down. They were caught.

        Donald Trump exposed the Democrat Party with a simple pivot. Paid family leave so mom can stay home — and he said “mom,” by the way. Stay home with the infant for a long period of time to bond with the infant and get family life started. “Yay! Yaaaaay!” And then he pivots immediately to those same people advocating for the right to perform post-birth abortions and calls out New York State and Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia. I’m telling you, I was sitting there, I was watching, and I was marveling.

        That was just pure genius in every which way you examine this. Politically, emotionally, psychologically, illustratively, it could not have been better. And he did it another time on another issue. He did the exact same pivot, and they fell for it both times. They go from wildly applauding the whole concept of birth and a mom at home raising the baby to sitting on their fannies when Trump acknowledges that killing babies after they’ve been born is wrong. They couldn’t stand up and applaud that.”


      • Important public figures celebrating the need for more women here and there is not 3D chess. It is massive retardation. They instill in society the view that this is a good thing.

        And this is why women in Congress are laughing at Trump. They know very well where the whole “muh we need more women” leads.

        The poor retard (Trump) cried how he will be the first to hire a woman as a chief of the CIA. This thing – Gina Haspel, is known to have man issues, constantly crying how there are too many men in the CIA.

        Do you know what it did when it became a CIA director? It started hiring only women at top positions at the CIA. These are college educated women, and such creatures are one of the most anti-republican, pro-democrat people in the US.

        The thing started to push for “Diversity and Inclusion” and “anti-discrimination” at the CIA. Do you have any fucking idea what diversity at the CIA means? It means that it will become a massive anti-white cesspool, not to mention minorities are going to get owned by the chinese.

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      • “It means that it will become a massive anti-white cesspool”

        What do you mean “will”?

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      • Trump is like me. We know that there will only be a small % of females in Congress so why not look like Mr Nice Guy for the dumb proles.
        If females wanted other females in office they could do that now and since they are the majority of voters they could have an all female Congress. Do you see that?


      • on February 8, 2019 at 1:27 am California Caucasian

        Yeah, maybe this dog just caught the dog whistle… but as I was watching g I noticed he just as easily coulda said “look at these hoes over here! Do we have the best hoes folks or what?”

        He got these broads to whoop it up in their mismatched, mistinted white suits like a bunch of State U fans that just got a shout-out… kinda brilliant.


      • Sent

        It will become way worse than it is, dumbo. You are going to get it good and hard.


      • benway

        Oh, this is going to be only the beginning for western cucks like you. It is a step by step process. You are going to move the way of Sweden, Canada and Scandinavia. There will be quotas for women everywhere, including in Political parties, in Government and in Corporations. White males need not apply.

        After dems take over they will remove the due process for sexual assault accusations in your Unis too, and will chase away the white male cucks from the Universities.

        Then they will move to isolate and ban your whiny manosphere sites from various Net and Payment platforms.

        Then they will start firing those of you who haven’t learned your place. And judging by the situtation in California, Canada or Sweden, you are going to take it up your arse without too much whining.


  19. lolz


  20. […] A keen observer notes, “Democrats [women] cheered harder for themselves getting into congress than for war heroes, criminal justice reform, child cancer survivors, preventing sex trafficking, lowest unemployment among black/hispanics in history, job growth, and a guy who landed on the moon” — The Eternal Solipsism Of The Female Mind. […]


    • It’s funny because the demographic the artist is attempting to appeal to is too fucking broke to buy the shit she is selling. They all look like really expensive cat box liners.


  21. ““We believe it is a business owner’s responsibility to create a safe and supportive working environment for their employees,” the letter said. “Invalidating assault survivors throws into question the safety of Ristretto Roasters as a workplace and has the potential to create a demoralizing and hostile environment for employees and customers alike. This cannot be tolerated.””


  22. The great majority of ‘normies’ are so out touch they may as well be living in another galaxy. My mother and sister are normies par excellence and consider Trump to be little short of evil incarnate my mother loved Obama he is the black Jesus as far as she is concerned.

    Mother:’Why is President Trump so full of hate? With his money he should love everyone! His time could be better spent setting up charitable foundations. Why does anyone need billions?! At his age all he needs are a couple of million. He should give his money to the poor blecks and other disadvantaged groups.’

    Sister:’ Aaargh that man!!!! He is a beer hall rabble rouser! Why can’t his simple minded hate filled supporters see this?!! Don’t his supporters know that Islam is the religion of peace and that diversity is our strength?!’

    Sometimes I think that I must have been adopted as my political opinions are polar opposite of my family’s.

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  23. […] The only time they cheered was when Trump said we now have more Congresswomen than ever.  These self-important twats think America exists to cater to their narcissism and entitlement […]