Tim Wise: Hysterical, Emotionally Incontinent, Pudgeball Manlet

Tim Wise proves that bullying has a place in the social order, (namely, cleansing society of degenerate filth).

If you’re not familiar with Tim Wise and his oeuvre, a primer: He’s a hateful little pansy who spews noxious anti-White vitriol on his Twatter and at colleges where he’s paid by leftoid faculty to give speeches to a handful of sympatico human dregs. Oh, and his last place of residence was in a neighborhood that is 97% White. (He claims he has since moved to a more diverse neighborhood, but mysteriously no record of his new address exists.)

Now that you know about Tim Wise and his contributions to humanity, enjoy this meltdown he experienced after he was bullied to tears on Twatter by Shitgoyim. (via)


“steroids and 4chan” Yeah, not getting the insult. A swoke bullycider is better than being a flabby leprechaun with a face made for taking spermloads from his wife’s bull.

“dude bros” Do these goony nancyboys all write from the same Spunk & Anti-White stylebook? John Scalzied loves that term as well. He ejaculates it every time a shitlord points out his effeminacy.

One thing you never miss in an anti-White’s rantings is the psychological projection. “Sociopath” describes Timmy Wise pretty well; he makes his money preaching the evils of Whiteness while he makes damn sure he’s surrounded by Whiteness in his daily life.

Then there’s the cowardly skirt-clutching appeals to the AUTHORITAAAAAAHS to “take down” his Twatter tormentors. He has all your IPs! And connections!

But you meet this shitstain IRL and I bet he runs like the yellow-bellied cur he is.

Related: Video of the German Parliament voting down a proposal to “ensure the continuation of the German people”.

Doubleplusrelated: Video from Germany of the aftermath of a mass brawl involving syrian refugees that coated an apartment hallway in blood.


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    • We can confirm Tim Wise as a Gamma.

      This Twatter rant is pure Gamma, identifiable by the threats to call down the authorities on his enemies. And his heavy use of “dudebro” makes him sound like a meaner version of John Scalzi.

      Also, Tim Wise has a black wife. Black women are the newest, trendiest go-to wife material for Gammas… and consider that Wise has been hooked up with this broad since 1998, far longer than the trend has been in place.

      [CH: a black wife! now that does add a wrinkle. yep fits the profile perfectly. has he always been an anti-white agitator, or did that come after he hitched himself to the chocolate labe?]


      • “has he always been an anti-white agitator, or did that come after he hitched himself to the chocolate labe?]”

        Looks like he’s always been that way. He was involved in anti-apartheid protests back in the ’80s.


      • a black wife! now that does add a wrinkle

        Why do you think the neighborhoods he lives in are only 97% white.

        Ok, it’s a bad math joke.


    • on October 12, 2016 at 3:52 pm Captain Obvious

      (((Timothy Jacob “Tim” Wise)))


  2. on October 12, 2016 at 12:44 pm WereallPalestinians now

    ….Dude Bro…
    (((Tim Wise))) know your enemy people. I’m sure he has never been called “Dude” or “bro” with any sincerity by anyone in his life. That is why he considers it a shiv, but it is nothing of the sort. Its just a compliment he has never heard before, so to him, it must be bad. I would also take what he said in his rant as a threat…and proceed accordingly.

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  3. The fear in their words is all the evidence we need.

    We’re going to win.

    Victory is coming rape!

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    • Amen to that, good sir!


    • I wonder if Whorefinder would risk jail time if he was promised the primest, SWEETEST 16-yr-old ass he ever saw in high heels and a Lolita pair of sunglasses . . .

      *chortling* Sorcerygod Bait Rape of Whorefinder!


    • Made me think of that scene in Broadcast News where Albert Brook’s character as a child tells a bully “you can beat me up but you’ll never make more than $30,000 a year…” and then gets decked and the bully says “$30,000 a year? Not bad. Hahaha. Typical skype.

      These two ethnicities are just talking past each other at this point. There can be no common ground when (((they))) want you subjugated and eventually gone.

      Cry havoc !….

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      • Cry havoc !….

        … and let slip the frogs of war.

        We’re gonna win, folks. Can’t wait for November 8 when Tim Wise and his ilk slink away in defeat.


  4. on October 12, 2016 at 12:49 pm WereallPalestinians now

    He also has that classic Cuck look. Is there a term coined for that yet? It could be considered the Thousand Cuck Stare no? While he continues to hide in the safe and cozy white hoods for safety and civility. Eventually his neighbors will learn what he stands for, the welcome with cool and he will know that only he is to blame for his own misfortune. Don’t bite the hand that has protected you for so long..


  5. […] Tim Wise: Hysterical, Emotionally Incontinent, Pudgeball Manlet […]


  6. on October 12, 2016 at 12:53 pm WereallPalestinians now

    WF I hope you stick around here. I’ve always liked your stuff, been a lurker for years, this bread and circus election has finally knocked me off the fence and into the arena. Don’t go away!! We are winning.

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  7. on October 12, 2016 at 12:57 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    There won’t be anudder shoah

    We got ur ips this time


  8. So Germans have literally voted to abolish themselves. Oy.


    • “Euroweenieland”


      • Old German proverb:- “those who will not hear, must be made to feel”
        Old German mayor’s saying :- “Ve mussen haven mehr gimmegrants in Schleswig. Ow! Fuck! was that a 4×2 upside ma haid??!!”


  9. on October 12, 2016 at 1:02 pm WereallPalestinians now

    Exactly Uh! How deep, thorough, and long-term the brainwashing must be for them to do that. Once the proudest and most accomplished of the world to be reduced to eagerly be seeking their own demise. Really a sad state of affairs.


  10. on October 12, 2016 at 1:06 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Tim Wise is a typical


  11. on October 12, 2016 at 1:11 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    Got the new address.

    Zip code: 37209 (61% White)

    Note: Tim has been forced to adopt a different name.

    SJWs like to boast that they have LE on their side–but so do we. We have sympathetic Nationalist elements embedded throughout the country, including in goverment, LE, and the security forces.

    [CH: looks like his new nabe is more vibrant….or is the nowhite fraction all asian? btw what website did you use to find demo data by zip code? and what’s LE?]


    • LE = law enforcement.


    • Makes one wonder if (((Time Wise))) bought a second home with enhanced vibrancy just to signal to hit shitlib friends after being shamed about his 97% White neighborhood.

      [CH: i wouldn’t put it past the little weasel. here’s to hoping he gets a taste of his newfound vibrancy good and hard.]


    • btw what website did you use to find demo data by zip code?

      The Census Bureau has it available. factfinder2.census.gov

      Zip code 37209 is in western Nashville Tenn., and is 57.7% white, 27.8% black, 7.8% Hispanic, and 4.6% Asian.

      Note: Tim has been forced to adopt a different name.

      Why’s that, if the authoritaahs are all-powerful? Heh.

      [CH: ok. one thing that should be mentioned in these discussions of nabe demos is the granularity of the data. that is, a zip code encompassing a very large geographic area that has lots of MUH DIVERSITY might, upon zoomed-in examination, be heavily segregated by race. a lot of hip neighborhoods in the blue cities work this way. a zip code could be 60% black, but the whites who live within that zip all cluster along two or three streets where no blacks live because it isn’t affordable. i wonder if that’s what’s going in timmy wise’s new neighborhood?]


      • I like using this map. It’s a racial dot map. One dot = one person.


        Have fun, everyone.

        I’m using it to find a place to live when I leave this God-forsaken state.

        Also, check out http://www.city-data.com/. That’ll break things down my zip and then by neighborhood.

        [CH: looking at that city-data map for wise’s zip code it’s very easy to see that the white and black sectors of the region are distinct and separate, with the whites clustering in the south and west and the blacks in the east and north. in fact, the barbell shape of the zip code area is gerrymandered in such a way as to make it ideal for shitlib virtue signalers like tim wise to claim they live in a diverse neighborhood while actually living in an area of the zip code that is predominantly white.]


      • First post got modded….

        Check out demographics.coopercenter (dot) org/DotMap/

        Check out city-data (dot) com. Breaks down demo’s by zip and then neighborhood.


      • on October 12, 2016 at 2:06 pm Finallygotthrumod

        Mendo I used that dot map to find my new neighborhood. It’s great. Highly recommended for anyone who has to find a new place to live, moves for work, etc


    • on October 12, 2016 at 1:31 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      CH, I don’t want to reveal too much info here, for obvious reasons, even though the info is public and legally searchable. The property is in the name of a separate entity, and Tim now goes by another name. The house and neighborhood look okay; not somewhere I’d live, but okay for someone like Tim.

      LE = Law Enforcement

      Wise has been threatening and instigating violence against White Americans for years. We need to help them understand that this behavior can not be sustained without effect forever.


  12. Obama, Clinton, Colin K, CNN, Tim Wise, and the rest of the good ole gang of useful idiots that CH has mentioned many-a-time here, are all race baiters (among other things) – which qualifies them as racists, but I still can’t figure out if they are idiots cognitive-aptitude-wise, or idiots in the sense of being self-knowingly two-faced hypocrites (which is idiocy of a different form nevertheless, because ti is extremely stupid to waste one’s life away by way of avoiding personal integrity).

    You don’t need to look far to see how utterly pragmatically easy it is to see the truth in the paragraph above:

    Look here:

    If we actually had thought police that were in any way beneficial to the populace, well this Colin Flaherty youtube channel would be daily required daily viewing by all under such regime. But …… the actual thought police want to fashion a horde of idiots ….. but why or why is the big question?

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  13. This guy’s existence and the fact that he has a platform makes the case for many, many adults needing to be shoved into a locker once in awhile just to keep order.


  14. If Hillary is found of voter fraud this election there will be a civil war, believe me.


  15. (((Timmay!))) (((Living a lie!)))


  16. I keep seeing this “All 2016 US Nobel Prize Winners Are Immigrants” meme on facebook. On a crazy hunch I checked, and of course they’re all from the UK or Finland.


    SHITLIB: harhar ur fucked! immigrants won all the nobel prizes!
    SHITLORD: they’re all white.
    SHITLIB: d’oh!

    this is the problem with being against “immigration” per se without the race-based nuance informing one’s views. shitlibs have an opening to crow like fools when some white immigrant achieves something admirable.
    ofc nations have a right to shut down immigration whenever and from wherever they see fit, but it should also be noted that the race of immigrants matter just as much as the fact that immigrants are being let in at all. this recognition will short-circuit the shitlib’s sophistic maneuvering to invite nonwhites by the millions into the US just because a few white immigrants won the nobel.]


  17. re (((German Parliament))) etc etc.
    It’s hard to fathom the degree of hatred.
    In 1943 EXACT replicas of German civilian housing was painstakingly built in a Utah desert in order to practice firebombing and to ensure the killing of the absolute maximum number of women & children.


    That level of loxism has never gone away…it’s become more refined.


  18. The last time I heard “Imma find your IP then yull be sorry” was 1997


  19. Civil wars by definition mean authority has broken down or there are multiple levels of authority facing off in a legitimacy power play leading to a stalemate. WTF is this guy smoking? He’s so over the top a disinterested observer could suspect he’s an agent provocateur.


  20. Fun and hilarious IRL ways to bullycide Tim wise that I would like to hear happened:
    – Order him over 9,000 pizzas
    – Order him black male prostitutes
    – Burn a cross in his yard
    – Throw dead animals at his front door

    The first two can probably safely be done via a burner phone. I don’t know how to get a hold of black bull prostitutes, you’ll have to ask your SWPL friend’s wife about that one. Maybe Craigslist?

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    • on October 12, 2016 at 6:09 pm Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

      Careful when you call those black rent-boys, they may respond,
      “Massah Timmy, calling again so soon? Will it be the usual procedure?”


    • on October 12, 2016 at 7:50 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      I can get a list of the homeowners on his street. Maybe do a mailer.


  21. Damn…was writing about the twit wise and my phone goes off and to update. Oh well…

    Anyways before I triggered whoever at sploogle I was saying that the diversity that spunk hole is use to is probably where all the things calling themselves men prancing around like daises while drinking there spergbucks with extra heaping of cream live. No matter which race…. I got a dare for him… If this bitch wants some diversity in the raw I dare him to move to where I was raised. Memphis and more specifically Fraisier….Cupcake wouldn’t last no time…. Haven’t lived there since the mid 90s but went last year, looks better each time I visit, ha.


  22. on October 12, 2016 at 4:11 pm Preston Brooks

    What a whiny bitch.

    This buffoon contradicts himself so badly it’s embarrassing for the freaking reader. This rabid little Ewok has done this before. In 2012 he went nuts and started threatening whites in Spanish because of the Republican victories that year. In 2013 he actually lost a lot of his support by ranting against black activists critical of his approach. That’s particularly notable because this rant was filled to the brim with elitism, something he claims to rail against.

    He’s emotional as hell. I love the projection he displays, calling people sociopaths. I also love how he just admits he doesn’t care about free speech.
    The Ewok has no principles. Just hate of European-descended people. he’s got to be nervous right now. That’s probably why he is fussing about his having power; he’s trying to reassure his cowardly inner-self that things will be ok and Big Jim the farmboy/mechanic won’t take the nation the same way he did his lunch money and layer on, his high school crush.
    The fool can bleat on about the power of “entrenched and systemic white supremacy,” and then gloat about his entrenched and systemic power in the same breath. Lot me, it’s just amazing how SJWs can do this. Damn, I’d love to be his psychiatrist. Who knows what monstrosities fill up his subconscious?

    Anyway, thank God for this blog.


  23. Move to 38127 wise… Triple dog dare…


  24. It’s the phony “y’all” salutation that marks him as an imposter and race-profiteer.


  25. Footnote: Any time a girl calls you “dude,” run. Odds on she’s a feminist shitlib Buzzfeed-reading cunt.

    Feminine women do not address men like that.

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  26. Lol, I think tim is reading this thread, he just bitched on twitter about Jews in ovens memes.

    It doesn’t make sense to refer to Tim Wise as a “cuck.” A cuck is a member of one group who eschews his own group’s interests in favor of another group. Tim Wise is decidedly not part of our group. Look here.

    Can the race realists here who are reluctant to discuss the Jewish question see a little bit of what we are saying? How many vile, white-hating Jews like Wise would we have to stack up in front of you before you would say something like, “You know, you guys may have a point here…A significant portion of this group of people have been instrumental in every subversive set of ideas from the last two hundred years at least, from Marx to the present day”?

    After you look at someone like Wise and so many of the rest of his people, what would be the basis for disagreeing with the Great One’s comment at dinner during the Second World War that “the Jew is the agent of social decomposition”?

    What about Himmler’s statement at Posen that “We had the moral right, we had the duty to our people, to destroy this people which wanted to destroy us”? Does anyone here doubt that Tim Wise would physically destroy whites if he could do so? He glories constantly in talk about the demographic decline and disappearance of whites in the United States and Europe. It wasn’t a coincidence that Baruch Goldstein chose Purim as the day for his massacre, or that Goldstein’s grave calling him a martyr with clean hands is still there in Hebron.

    Fortunately, it looks as though there is somewhat of an awakening happening, at least among a certain number on the Internet, on this issue. Great things have small beginnings.

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  27. on October 12, 2016 at 5:52 pm The Baddest Lt

    What a punchable, shitlib face!


    • on October 13, 2016 at 4:03 am Carlos Danger

      The only downside is spelling the word Guerilla as Gorilla. It lets weenies like him get an undeserved neener neener in before the kill shot.


  28. Wise’s kids are dindus because he’s been oil-drilling. No surprise he’s on the anti-White bandwagon full force, even for a kayak. Fuck him.


  29. on October 13, 2016 at 3:55 am Matthew Thomas

    Whats with all the made up words in these posts, getting too difficult to actually read.


  30. The real story in this post is what’s happening in Germany. It’s sick, it’s fucking sick. They aren’t just killing off their own people, culture, and civilization, but they are waging war against anyone who even raises their hand to say there’s a problem with that.

    I guess the truth of the matter is that nature always wins. Nature is correcting its imbalance by eradicating white populations. Like previous species, those that fail to adapt and react are the ones that bite the dust. If organisms don’t fight for their survival then they don’t survive. Our own weakness, is receiving no mercy from nature and we are witnessing the reckoning of that ineptitude to fight. Is what is happening to white populations so different from what happened to the Neanderthals? I don’t think so. History repeats itself, and perhaps we are witnessing that repetition now. The irony is the most advanced organism on earth is now obsolete by choice. What a paradox white civilization has created.


  31. JewDar on Tim Wise.

    Tim Wise is a noxious sadistic gas lighter. The problem is that you Goyim fall sucker to this game and get all gas chambery. Which, of course, makes you look crazy. Provocateur Saul Alinsky loved provoking WASP beta white male conservative butthurt outrage into statements of over-reaction that freak out the normies.

    Don’t think “Wise” (appropriately named) doesn’t get his jollies from your over-reaction to his abusive gaslight crap. Poor little Jew Tim Wise is now the helpless victim of the big bad goy!

    Know that cretins like Wise and Yglesius lack you WASPy sense of fair play and intellectual curiosity. They are in this game because they get a trip out of outrageously provoking you into madness, and in your idealistic yet angry souls they’ve found the perfect victims.

    [CH: I dunno man, tim wise doesn’t sound like he’s getting his jollies here. he sounds afraid. which he should be.]