Magid Magid’s Gloryhole Face Cuckboy Fan Club & A Hate Poll

Magid Magid, for those just arriving, is the newly elected lord mayor of Sheffield, England. He is idiocracy personified, and serves as a totem to self-abasing cucked Whites who stupidly cheer on the destruction of their homelands and, now, proudly wear Magid’s retailed raiments.

I don’t know which group I hate more. The ingrate invaders. The smug virtue signalers. The slavish cucks. The snarky soyboys. The seditious globalists. The perfidious special people. The screechy pussyhatters.

I’ll put the question to you readers. Which group do you hate most?

Introducing the Chateau’s inaugural Primary Hate Poll:

Primary Hate: Which group do you hate most?


PS Happy Talloween!

PPS Parents’ fault.

To: Disingenuous Shitlibs

If you don’t want to fake cry over tired toddlers, blame the parents for taking Soros bucks and forcing their kids to go on a thousand mile trek across Central America.



PPPS One has to marvel that the great deliberative bodies of Western societies and the weighty matters of State have devolved into decisions based on maudlin photos of crying tots posted to social media. This is the logical conclusion of the 19th Amendment and Mass Moshe Migration.


  1. All of the above?

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    • Yeah, that is what I wanted to choose. This one was tough. It really called for prioritizing.


    • I’d pick the cucks, any day of the week. At least the others want to make you fight them. The cucks try to make you not fight, like the poz/AIDS on an immune system.


    • Virtue signalers. Invader’s gonna invade, globohomo’s gonna homo, feminazi’s gonna screech, etc. All these are basic to their nature.

      It’s all only made possible by the virtue signalers.

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  2. Mayunnnn I can’t choose ! Literally, I cannot choose.

    Infact t when I read the choices my blood boiled hotter the further down the list.


  3. Here’s a poll:

    Who gave cuckboy the bruises on his arm?

    A) His wife
    B) Habib Habib

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  4. Do they follow the politics in Mongolia that closely? Probably too little to virtue signal about. Oh well, maybe next year.


  5. How does one choose from all the refuse in the dumpster?


    • For me the tie-breaker would have to be “Which group can I backhand the hardest without having the police come to the door?”

      All seriousness aside, I guess the invaders would have to take first priority, they’re the immediate aggravation that one wouldn’t want as a permanent fixture in one’s country.

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    • lol’ed


  6. I’m with you on all of those, but for some reason I have to go with Hindu H1-B’s. I don’t work in IT or tech, but these stinky dirty bastards just get under my skin. I guess technically, they’d fall under the ingrate invader category.

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  7. It starts with the virtue signalers. There would be no ingrate invaders if not for trying to signal virtue by letting them in. Cucks have to pander to the electorate full of these signalers and of course wish to signal their own virtue.

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    • on November 2, 2018 at 11:15 am Corinth Arkadin

      There’s a Venn diagram for many of these fine candidates to choose from, so a vote for one would actually count for several, since the’re all NPCs anyway.

      A snarky soiboi would also actually be 25% SJW, 75% male pussyhatter.


  8. on November 2, 2018 at 10:53 am Deter Naturalist

    How many Virtue Signalers would exist if the slavish cucks were absent? Without men, virtue signaling wmmyn would be 100% fat/ugly/shrill and if the slavish cucks were *actual* men (instead of the cargo-cult veneer), the chorus of male jeers would drown the pussy-hatters and virtue-signalers combined under a deluge of derision.


  9. I would have left out the invaders, but only because that’s exactly what they are. It’s easy to hate the barbarians at the gate.

    But everyone else on the list? Traitors and sell-outs. They’re what gave the invaders the idea in the first place.


  10. Most of them fall under the same definition: traitors. And yes I hate traitors more than foreign invaders including jews. I chose seditious globalists, since people like them where the ones sharing our precious technology and science with non-whites once of our worst errors ever. Thanks to them some bunch of insectoids are stockpiling nukes and biological weapons while genetically engineering themselves to post-White perfection

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  11. Lot of overlap between cuck, soy boy, and virtue snivelers.

    Cure the cuck. Solve the problem.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

    A Somali delivered something that wasn’t HIV?…

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    • on November 2, 2018 at 11:25 am Corinth Arkadin

      I would say cure the special people, cure the problem.

      Cut the head off the snake the body will die.

      But is it a snake or a hydra?

      BTW, I don’t say HIV any more. I say the accurate medical moniker GRIDS. That was the name before it got scrubbed.

      Though Another Infected Dick Sucker works well.


  12. That list needs to be much longer.


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  14. […] Magid Magid’s Gloryhole Face Cuckboy Fan Club & A Hate Poll […]


  15. on November 2, 2018 at 11:02 am clarence boddiker

    in the end, I just had to go with the Invaders themselves. They’re the ones moving here and raping and voting and welfare lifing.


  16. Being a traditionalist and Catholic, I’d have to say The Special People. They have a much, much longer history of subversion and destruction of nations.

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    • They got my vote to.

      When you see the camel’s nose under the wall of the tent shoot it off.

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    • on November 2, 2018 at 11:11 am clarence boddiker

      remember, the Church once spread about most of the world known to Rome and these muslims destroyed 2/3 of that empire. Yeah, egypt and all those other middle east hellholes used to be Christian paradise. and then think sadly to the Europe of just 40 years ago after before they self-cucked into dhim muslim colonies.


  17. Your list of choices is missing the hot women who welcome the invaders, the only females there are “screechy pussyhatters”. Is it that they aren’t worthy of hating because they don’t have enough agency, or because you forgot? If no hot white women would ever grant the kind of personal access immigrants seek, so that their only choices were fuglies and rape, most of them wouldn’t bother.


    • on November 2, 2018 at 11:20 am clarence boddiker

      the pussy hat girls…uh matrons…are the most NPC like. They can’t even discuss things coherently, the shopkeeper from Baldur’s Gate had more dialog.


    • on November 2, 2018 at 8:04 pm SteveRogers42

      Immivaders are not picky. They are perfectly willing to bang animals, small boys, and ripe fruit. Any white wahmen is a step up. ANY…


  18. Donald Trump’s Game of Thrones parody post on Twitter about Iran sanctions is absolutely hilarious. That show is a religion to leftoid bugmen, the screeching is worse than his usual tweets in the comments. They are PISSED. LMAO.

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  19. But Timm Cleasby is MASCULINE because he has a beard.

    Bet he can’t bench press the 15 lb bar.

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  20. All of them.

    However, the traitors deserve more contempt than the enemies. The invaders and the special people would have no power over us if it wasn’t given to them by the weasels in our midst.

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  21. on November 2, 2018 at 11:10 am Corinth Arkadin

    I can’t vote of all of the above, but the soibois are my greatest hate right now. I may reverse myself in the next hour, or may take a opposite opinion in the next few hours, but right now that face…that face…phuck punching.

    I want to kick that guys face in. I want that fag to take the full brunt of leg day.

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  22. Easy choice. Traitors first, enemies last.

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  23. The virtue signallers are the worst…the globalists actually impliment the evil…the invading kebabs are their army.


    • on November 2, 2018 at 11:19 am Corinth Arkadin

      The foot soldiers have their own agenda separate and distinct from what their globalist masters want, but the enemy of their enemy…

      The virtue signalers are completely clueless. They remind me of the unwitting party-goers on the rooftops in Independence Day celebrating their own coming oblivion.

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  24. if you only have one bullet and have to pick between a traitor and an enemy, you shoot the traitor.

    several of those groups are just enemies, but some of the men are traitors


  25. While I don’t want the invaders here, I can’t truly fault them for coming here. If I lived in a squalid hellhole and heard that there was a country just giving shit away for free, I’d totally consider going.

    The pussyhatters are already lost. They can be ignored, no one really listens to them or respects them anymore, and once American men find their balls, the Mad-Hatters may yet be convinced to step away from the crazy tea party and rejoin the proper Tea Party.

    The soyboyim are a laughing stock as well.

    Most of the special people are just trying to get by. Yeah they’ve got a leg up when you consider the higher-ups are batting for them, but that’s like the invaders: would you turn down free stuff if it wasn’t a potential threat to take it? Nepotism is what we Whites are proposing here anyway, can’t fault them for doing it.

    My vote was a tossup between the cucks and the globalists. I voted globalist, although there is that old saying about shooting traitors before enemies that gave me pause.

    I decided that if you got rid of the globalists, the cucks wouldn’t have anyone to cuck out to. Or, rather, they’re gonna cuck anyway, may as well make them cuck for us, right?

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    • if someone left their front door open, would you go in? that’s the invaders’ mentality, which is why they need to be dealt with first and foremost.


  26. I put cucks and libtard virtue signallers into one group, traitors to their people. It’s just a difference of degrees. They are the worst, because at least dindu invaders are being honest, and with no traitors we could have already dealt with this problem or prevented it altogether.

    After dealing with libtards and cucks, who can blame the invaders for having no respect for their hosts?

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  27. You can’t blame the “ingrate invaders,” really. They’re just gaming the system to get out of Third World shitholes and line their pockets with white taxpayers’ money in the process. I’d do the same if I were one of them.

    No, you have to blame the virtue-signaling, narcissistic, arrogant white shitlibs. Without their complicity, there would be no brown invaders in white countries. In 1954 Eisenhower implemented “Operation Wetback” and deported a million beaners. Did you see Elvis or Marilyn Monroe or Joe DiMaggio carrying on about it? Did (((Hollywood))) script episodes of “Leave it to Beaver” in which Ward Cleaver encouraged bringing Mexican children into his white neighborhood??

    Of course not.

    The white virtue-signalers are allowing their countries to be invaded by brown hordes this solely to be able to shit on their fellow white “deplorables.”

    It’s mentally sick, when you get right down to it.

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    • anyone who deigns to take advantage of someone’s hospitality is scum and fully accountable for their choices. proceed accordingly.


  28. Somewhat on topic, the (((MSM))) and shitlib twatter agitprop has begun in earnest, with the usual “think of the children” playbook:


    • Every time they want to emotionally blackmail and sentimentally manipulate the white goyim, they use the image of a brown toddler. Aylan Kurdi, the drowned Syrian boy, started the #refugeeswelcome madness and the mass-invasion of Europe. Than the “howling beanlet” Guatemalan girl started the “children in cages” and “abolish ICE” insanity.

      It seems they prepare the field for another “humanitarian” fake crisis with this photo, to shame again the white goyim to accept another “caravan” of invaders.

      I’m so sick of this strategy.

      [CH: i coined it “the great bawlin’ beanlet hoax of 2018”: ]

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      • As some have noted below, the clothes and shoes look pretty pristine for having “trekked unto exhaustion”.


      • on November 2, 2018 at 12:14 pm Corinth Arkadin

        It looks more like a spoiled kid who didn’t get any of her favorite candy for Halloween.

        It’s a nicely paved road FFS!!!!

        Has anyone actually BEEN to Central America? Paved roads without wear, tear and potholes are like snowballs in Kalgoorlie.


      • CA:
        My thoughts exactly, never seen a second or third world street so pristinely paved.


      • on November 2, 2018 at 2:29 pm Hitler is our pal

        Probably not even from the caravan. Not that it would matter if it was.

        This reminds me of the holocaust films they used to make us watch in school. Emaciated, dirty people, and stacks of bodies. But no context. Probably really films of postwar concentration camps for Germans.


      • on November 2, 2018 at 8:18 pm SteveRogers42

        Remember the dust-covered Syrian kid who was used as a pretext for intervention in Aleppo?

        Gary Johnson does.


    • Who walks thousands of miles in hot pink patent leather ballet flats?


    • I’m pretty sure that would be the result of making any child that age walk more than what half a mile or maybe three quarters for the tougher ones or if there is ice cream or something at the end? You can probably go to any shopping place and see this several times a day.


  29. It was hard to choose, but I ultimately voted for the seditious globalists because their money enables many of the other groups.

    @TLM, I agree with you dislike for the H1-Bs.


  30. on November 2, 2018 at 11:49 am Corinth Arkadin

    Re: crying kid pic.

    That’s some brand spakin’ new looking Target gear she’s got on there. Nary a sweat stain or dust from all the trekkin’ across the jungle and desert! Fresh off the 50% rack?

    Clean face too, no dust or soot at all. Very clear to see all the fresh tears.

    BTW, no kid sinks to their knees from exhaustion. They pass out on their feet and fall the hell out.

    That staged pic is some prime time movie-of-the-week drama right there.

    [CH: yup. is anyone else sick of this gaslighting shit? apparently not women and jews!]


    • I think it has jumped the shark

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      • Plenty of comments on twatter falling for the usual schmaltz.

        Not that that really means anything… (((they))) have their own echo chambers too.

        [CH: i read through the comment thread partway. i should have had a vomit bag at the ready. are women really this gullible and manipulable? YES]

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    • She looks pretty well-fed too. Look at those chubby arms.

      [CH: another factotum shitlibs purposefully forget: wee swarths grow up to be adult swarths no different than any other swarth. if neoteny is gonna define national border policy, at least pick a target of sympathy that will never grow into an adult size, like, say, toy poodles.]

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    • And mom’s shoes got a nice sheen on ’em too… don’t look too walked in.

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      • on November 2, 2018 at 12:07 pm Corinth Arkadin

        The pose is reminiscent of Willem DaFoe in Platoon. Very dramatic!


      • Poor choice of footwear for ‘trekking’ across central America…and horrible taste to boot…

        Seriously though, that pic was taken outside some Target/Wallmart parking lot in the US while the kid was throwing a tantrum. I’de bet next weeks paycheck that was taken anywhere but in the caravan


      • on November 2, 2018 at 12:23 pm Corinth Arkadin

        “These [shoes] were Italian.”

        “Now they’re practical.”

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    • Yeah, they could find better agitprop photos. Is this supposed to look like a long-suffering, exhausted child who walked half a continent crossing mountains and valleys? She seems more like a girl throwing a tantrum at the toy store because her mother didn’t want to buy her all the dolls on the shelf.

      Hey, Chaimstream Media, if you are permanently in propaganda mood, at least do it intelligently. You are not even trying anymore.


    • To paraphrase Count Ignatieff in those glorious Flashman books by Fraser:

      “If you think you have something to cry about, brat, then I congratulate you on your ignorance.”

      All this drama over the horror of having to walk a little way in order to suckle for a lifetime on the money of ridiculously submissive cucks while tearing apart their culture and society to replace it with your own. Oh, the unendurable MISERY of it all!

      They’re just lucky I ain’t in a position to give ’em reason for genuine lamentations, the phony, future-destroying, nation-thieving swine.


    • I think that pic was taken in a Target parking lot in San Antonio.

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  32. I voted for the seditious globalists for two reasons. First I am not wholly convinced that the Hebrews want to rule the world argument. As for the other choices they wouldn’t exist if not for the seditious globalists.



    I like the one with the kid from Allepo using little Mohammed as a beach blanket.


  34. The virtue signallers. The immivaders – who can blame them?
    When free stuff is offered, some people will avail themselves.

    There is something deep about virtue signalers.
    This goes back to a method of thought control that
    is often used.

    I call this method GUIDED PEER PRESSURE.
    This in itself is a tool, intrinsically neither good nor bad,
    it depends on what it is used for. Like a hammer.

    The most flamboyant example was the North Korean psyops against
    Allied POWs back in the 50s. Sortof group therapy targeted to
    love the captors. Adumbrations of what later came to be called
    the Stockholm syndrome.

    But there are milder versions, some of them beneficial.

    If attending AA meetings help some alcoholics stay off the sauce,
    that is a good thing.

    The classical experiment was having a group competing among
    themselves as to who had the juiciest memory of meeting Bugs Bunny
    in Disneyland. Google for
    bugs bunny psychology experiment

    This was a great success and it worked especially well because
    the researchers had the luxury of selecting the – as the story
    developed – most gullible subjects.

    A lot actually.
    We have here a peer group (with internet, the members can be
    geographically dispersed).

    And the virtue signaling does the rest. The “guided” part of
    “guided peer pressure” is MSM poobahs. But once the process
    has reached a certain point, it is self-sustaining.


  35. Disappointed in the results of this poll. People are focused on the effects and not the cause. Yes smug soy cucks are enraging but they are merely a consequence of the seditious globalists. One doesn’t exist whiteout the other.

    Follow the money.

    Focus your hatred on the big players. Ignore their minions.

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  36. The special people.

    The rest fall under “mop-up.”


    • on November 2, 2018 at 12:36 pm Corinth Arkadin

      They tried to roast Dan.

      It DID NOT go as planned.

      There was a vid called “Daniel Carver owns at his own roast” but it’s been scrubbed.

      And he did own. Professional comedians, mind you.


      • Man, howard stern is a vulgar creature.


      • on November 2, 2018 at 12:47 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Oh yes, he is.

        And he got worse.


      • If Howard Stern is only HALF kike, like he claims, can you IMAGINE the depths of depravity, had he gotten a full measure?

        It boggles the mind.

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      • on November 2, 2018 at 3:16 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I listend to Stern from the 80’s, when I was pretty young. He was always a full-blown Hebrew (even his mother would get on him for denying it). He used to do shit that was pretty funny and edgy, but the mask slipped around 2000 or so, and that was that.

        Interestingly enough, fans would cheer and clap for Daniel Carver ‘The KKK Gentleman”. He actually dropped some red-pills way back when in 1989-1990. I actually have some backup digital files of his voice messages somewhere around ’93:

        “…He’ll [Bill Clinton] probably pick a female n!gger, [Supreme Court], he might as well put a monkey on the high court.”


      • whif he got the worst of both worlds?

        Isadore Duncan and Anatole France were discussing eugenics.

        The chitchat came to a sudden stop when Isadore said: “Imagine a child with my beauty and your brains!” and Anatole responded: “Yes, but imagine a child with my beauty and your brains


    • That’s pretty offensive – to comedy.


  37. I’m pleased for gay Father Christmas, his choice of mayor, and his warm acceptance of diversity:


  38. The cucks make it all possible so they are to be despised the most.


  39. Why couldn’t you have a “all of the above option”? Haven’t you heard of equality?

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  40. on November 2, 2018 at 2:57 pm Hitler is our pal

    I chose cucks. They’re enemies that should be allies.

    What is a lord mayor? What does a lord mayor do? What kind of name is Magid Magid? Was mammy’s scrabble game missing all but those five letters? If you just heard it pronounced without knowing the actual spelling, would you think it was Maggot Maggot? Is this what passes for the talented tenth nowadays? Reminds me of that hideous wildebeest that’s running for governor of Georgia. That’s the best they got?


  41. one group missing in your list, Maitre.

    surprising blind spot bigness

    until that group is named, program will continue as scheduled


  42. The thing is Heartiste… Jew don’t want to be forced into wS when it is ALWAYS the last “radical” step for those who aren’t suicidal.

    On the other hand, so many individuals desire Final Liberation.

    The inevitability is cast for all but a choosing few.


  43. on November 2, 2018 at 5:44 pm Andrew Jarbocka

    This would be like the US not ending wwii because some islander Pacific cargo cultist parent parentuse their kids at the loss of GI rations


  44. White cucks/shitlibs/virtue signalers (just call em cucks they’re all one and the same) are “not even traitors.” They’re worse. A traitor at least acts in his own perceived self interest. While despicable, there is some logic to it as the betrayal typically is designed to lead to some personal advantage to the traitor. He opens the city gates because either he thinks all is lost anyway and this is the only way to save himself, or he expects to be elevated by the conquering enemy for his services.

    The cuck on the other hand is a total subhuman. He betrays not only his people but himself as well. He does not expect any reward for cuckolding himself to the invaders but instead it is the very act of worshiping and elevating the “other” that is the reward. It is the opposite of human nature. To be human is to thirst for victory and domination, white cucks are the opposite of this and thirst to be conquered and dominated. They are literal subhumans and they deserve to be enslaved or wiped out like dogs.

    My hate list from least to most:

    Globalists (enemy, but clever)<third world invaders (enemy, stupid)<<<<<<<<white cucks (subhuman filth)


  45. What was England’s population during the maunder minimum? About four million maybe. Now I think it’s about 60 million as we head into the eddy minimum. That island is toast except there isn’t going to be any toast or anything else to feed that sorry doomed island. It’s going to be annihilation in a very few years.


  46. I recently discovered that my middle nephew has a pussy hate. He has been disinherited. That will be one very expensive pussy had for him the day I die.


  47. It’s the pussy hatters that ultimately enabled and gave rise to all the rest.


  48. The halloween video reminded me of documentaries showing animals in the savanna going to water at dusk. You know, the mighty hippo mama feeding her offspring, while the cunning hienas scheme to steal a scrap of rotten meat.
    Instead of promoting a universal basic income, we could just leave food outdoors, to feed roaming herds of untermensh.
    As a father, watching kids enjoying petty larceny as a family outing, and fattening their future bulbous asses, makes me angry. Those hippos are ruining people.


  49. Re: poll

    Each and every one is despicable. Why quibble over the ranking? Mock them all.


  50. How to choose.
    Guests turned Traitor

    All of the groups are behaving exactly how you would expect them to act, excepting the traitors. Traitors always act with deception and lies. The Guests are the biggest problem, as they’re speaking pretty words of guests-good normal-bad.

    The real problem is that Normals have chosen to believe the Guests, despite Millenia of evidence that the Guests are liars.


  51. To the virtue signallers I would give the benefit of the doubt – that they know not really what they do and generally go along with whatever direction the wind is blowing.

    All the others are adversaries thus must be brought to heel, except ..

    The cucks – they are the traitors and thus deserve no mercy.

    No brainer.


  52. on November 5, 2018 at 7:21 am Alea Iacta Est

    C’mon. THE SEDITIOUS GLOBALISTS. They are the root cause. The other players are merely acting in their own interests, weaponized groups, useful idiots, and underrestrained females. They all do what they do because of the long game played by the seditious globalists over decades.


  53. Hard call, but the slavish cucks are the worst because they’re the most passive. The snarky soyboys and virtue signallers at least pretend to have courage. The cucks don’t even try.

    I don’t blame the invaders for invading. I’d do the same thing if I were from Central America or the Mideast. These are the flies on a dying civilization, not the cause of the decay.

    The pussyhatters are just mildly annoying. They’re having a hissy fit because no one loves them. I feel more pity than anything, like Frodo looking at Gollum.

    The Jews and globalists only get their way because the people who should be leaders (cucks and soyboys) refuse to step up.


  54. OK, I’m new to the alt-right, I’ll need some help here. I’ll fill in what I know.. check my work..

    The ingrate invaders… that would be UK muslim preachers who preach hate while receiving welfare for their 8 kids.

    The smug virtue signalers. That’s people saying “I am a privileged, cisgender..” this or that.

    The slavish cucks. That’s men violently protesting against showings of The Red Pill.

    The snarky soyboys. ?

    . The seditious globalists. Here, the alt-right is off. The Swiss, for example, are globalist while being firmly no-bullshit, no pandering. What’s wrong with that?

    The perfidious special people. ?

    The screechy pussyhatters. ?


    • on November 7, 2018 at 7:21 pm Andrew Jarbocka

      Yes, come to the Chad side…

      Snarky soy boys are easily identified by their pudgy yet feminine features, mouth agape in a sallow mockery of a normal smile. The pussy hatter’s are older white women who f gather with the same to wear clothing items in unison, notably the pink pussy hat.