Comment Of The Week: Jesus Found A People

COTW winner Captain Obvious reflects on the possibility that the NW European White man’s unique idolization of truth-seeking preconfigured his relationship with Christianity.

‘“Truth” is a concept that is held as important to one demographic across all of the Earth: Northwestern European White Men.’

——— I have long felt that Christianity was an idea which went off in search of a people, and finally found them in Northwest Europe [Christianity being founded upon a Trinity of L0ve, Logos, and TRUTH].

plumpjack adds a coda that could double as a shiv,

I agree with this 100%. the basic tenets of Christianity were already encoded in our DNA, placed there through the rigorous natural selection of living in harsh climates, where survival requires absolute honesty and efficiency. Truth is simply the most efficient way to live.

i suppose one could say that rap music was an idea that went in search of a people also. and Islam. etc…

Religions are as likely to emerge from (or seek out) the genetic substrate of a people as a people are to be changed by the moral code and tenets of their new religion. Mutually reinforcing feedback loops intensify the attraction between a race and a religion.

So what happened now that Christianity is fading as a force in the lives of NW European Whites? Briefly, Whites abandoned virtue seeking for virtue signaling. The coin of this realm is the Pretty Lie, and Christianity became a hindrance to achieving the perfect sophistic signal, so it was discarded.


  1. It’s true. Beowulf for example is about the futility of pagan values and earthly glory- Beowulf protects his society with godlike strength and wisdom, then dies, leaving his people to be destroyed by their enemies. A thousand years before, an anonymous Anglo-Saxon refutes Nietzsche’s will-to-power and recognizes the need for transcendent greatness that surpasses the man.

    NW Europe adopted Christ so readily because contact with the Roman Empire had jumpstarted their society and they recognized their Wyrd-fatalism as a dead end.

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    • » implying that christcuckoldry gives an answer to the eternal race war that is life

      » implying that it is desirable to end the eternal war of genes and peoples

      » implying that it is possible to live without working for the family and fighting for the people

      » implying that the very concept of heaven isn’t the sweet release of death to a dead second world of communism

      » implying that he who would not fight deserves life, much less pussy i.e. the right to reproduce

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      • Either you’re a plant, or you’re so far up your own ass that you’re a liability to the cause.

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      • For the millionth time… “christcuckoldry” is not Christianity. It’s a pathetic form of ultimately secular humanitarianism that steals the Christian name.

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      • christcuckoldry = virtue signaling

        Christianity = virtue seeking

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      • on October 25, 2016 at 9:51 am average chump

        “Only an American ignorant of what he is talking about uses that phrase. ”

        lol we’ve prolly got ourselves a European tough guy here. One of these…

        If not then we’ve almost definitely got someone who doesn’t understand how ethics or moral principles work. Here he goes complaining about Christianity, then bitches about how the Jew controls anything.

        Have you ever stopped and wondered, in the absence of Christianity, what law of nature says that a given species or race (i.e. the white race) ought to continue surviving or existing? – From what I understand there is none, and no, the “will to survive” is not a law of nature but an instinct. It says nothing about how things ought to be, only how things are. There is no law of nature that says that white people should be in control or should exist, and there is no law of nature that says it is wrong for Jews to control everything.

        Either accept Christianity and help fight the onslaught, or accept being a moral nihilist and kill yourself – there is no middle ground. This has been understood for a very long time.

        “If God does not exist, everything is permissible.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky


      • Either you’re a plant, or you’re so far up your own ass that you’re a liability to the cause.

        Sometimes what passes for a head is merely the ass opening a branch office.


      • Who be this “peppermint” noob?

        Not hiring today, chum. We only take yeggs what’s been to college, here at the chateau.

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      • on October 25, 2016 at 1:48 pm Sean Fielding

        Peppermint is solid: long-term valuable commenter at Jim’s Blog, home of patriarchy.

        I can’t speak to every point he makes here, and he will do that, or not, for himself, but if CH really does value evolutionary psychology, one of his truths is obvious: Christianity, and everything else human, is but part of an eternal genetic tug-of-war.

        On Beowulf, for example – yes, it was written down by an Anglo whose people had recently Christianized, and retained their pagan oral traditions. Yes, the Anglos and Franks were the first Germanic people to understand that the way of the clan led simply to endless warfare, without even long-term redemption in ‘undying fame.’

        But this led to genetic out-breeding, fostered by the early Medieval Church, which led to a great civilization, but eventually to Sweden and Canada: cucky male populations, deficient in warrior genes, bitchy women, low sexual dimorphism, etc. Thus did Beowulf’s Geats (Goths, though academics bicker) become Vikings become welcomers of rapefugees in only some hundreds of years.

        Now, it’s time for the great cycle of Aryan civilization to turn again, and just as in the last great turn, when the Goths overran Rome, the older religion will not triumph. A new synthesis is at hand. A people gets the religion their genes deserve.

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      • on October 25, 2016 at 6:21 pm peppermint7889

        » long-term redemption in ‘undying fame.’

        no, the victory of the warrior is the victory of the race. Which is why the christcuck crusades were so stupid, they threw away White blood on trying to convert Middle Eastern peoples to christcuckoldry instead of colonizing those lands with Whites or leaving them alone. Today we are wasting less blood and treasure on trying to convert them to post-christcuckoldry.

        The race war is all that there is, and races that will not fight is a self-correcting problem.

        Oh, but this doesn’t have an ought to it? There is no ought, just simple, indisputable biological facts. Oughts without a will to will them don’t exist. The greatest will is WOTAN, the will of the Aryan nation, if only it can be awoken.

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      • Fighting is necessary but not sufficient.
        Heaven is a hierarchical kingdom.
        Christianity being cucked is a fairly recent phenomenon. For 1500 years it was interpreted as a war against evil and the brutal suppression of those who were antithetical to the proper functioning of society.


  2. One of the most self-destructive traits of whites is the tendency to project this love of truth on to other races to whom the concept is alien.

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    • Pathological altruism

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    • One of the most self-destructive traits of whites is the tendency to project this love of truth on to other races to whom the concept is alien.

      This. Exactly this.

      It’s funny that, subtly and unconsciously, lefties believe “Vibrants should be more like whites.” They project White values as the correct values.

      I realized this recently when read an article about how GoodWhites(TM) in Minnesota are just in a tizzy that vibrants do not use parks or nature areas at anywhere near the rates that Whites do. They are figuring out how to legislate away this disparate impact (God help us).

      Oh my God, not behaving like Whites? There must be racism!

      Because it *never* occurs to GoodWhites that maybe vibrants are, ahem, different then Whites. No, no, that will never do. Any behavioral aberration from Stuff White People Life simple MUST BE racism.

      The huge error they are making is the assumption that Somalis/Afghans/whatever are “Just Like Us”.

      It would be even funnier if it weren’t so tragic.

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  3. I think it was planned and deliberate from the start.


  4. It’s fun to see how CH’s thinking adapts in his old days when “Yahweh” is his company instead of a wife and children. Disappearance of religion leads to mass immigration? Funny. The Catholic Church is one of the primary forces for mass immigration in the U.S. – somehow I doubt they lack religion. The German Reich, where Hitler sought to trump religion with nationalism though avoiding a direct confrontation, was somewhat more racialist and anti-Marxist than the good ol’ Church, wasn’t it? (For those who’ll object and bring in their own wishful thinking through some Hitler quote, Hitler initially had flattering words to say about the religionuts. A few years in power and he said they sought to undermine the nationalist nation-building and were disgusting creatures. Xtianity was “the biggest plague to befall Europe,” he correctly noted.)

    No, propaganda in Jew-controlled media and Hollywood leads to mass immigration, that’s it. And those who wisely brought in less Blacks in the past – like in Utah – will be more susceptible to the propaganda while Black-surrounded Southerners are not. So CH’s theories on this can be thrown out the window.

    Natural religions spring from a people’s observation of the world, which are mirrored by imaginary creatures. These become symbols and a way both to express the people and what is around them. That is what we had in Nordic, Roman and Celtic mythology – an expression of the people. The Jew religion, tellingly, sees the world as something to discard in favor of “paradise”, and the focus is only on the Jewish race, the only thing that matters in the religion. Xtianity simply applies this to all humans, “brothers in Christ,” which was the sales pitch to capture the minds of the slaves and servants in the Roman Empire. The nature spirits of the natural Celtic and Greco-Roman religion were twisted into “demons”. It is no wonder the demons were always pictured with animal traits, like Pan. An attack on the people’s nature, by attacking their natural religion.

    Todays Xtian churches have truly found their right position in promoting mass immigration, in accordance with “There is neither Greek nor Jew, neither free nor slave, for all are brothers in Christ!” Conservatives who are Christian rub their hands in surprise and say, “But you were supposed to be conservative!” The churches were conservative when Whites were conservative, buddy. Now they adapt to the Left’s victimology and they do it with relieved gusto. Finally they don’t have to explain away the paradox of supporting White-colonized lands while being Xtians. Now the “Brotherhood of Man” gets its full expression.

    Xtianity brought victimology to Europe. First as a sneaky way to win over the slaves and servants, who were eager to hear that “the first shall be the last and the last the first,” and “blessed are the meek for they’ll get all the rich people’s stuff,” while their Roman masters would be tortured forever in hell. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to enter heaven,” etc. Strength and conquest were evil – that’s what the low wanted to hear. Of course later, once the priest class was getting fat from power, they struck an alliance with those in power. Who were then allowed to ignore the “You shall not kill!” nonsense, so that White people could survive and expand. Actually following the Xtian religion to the letter would have meant suicide, and the priests knew that too.Religious fanaticism may have claimed that the earth was just a testing ground to see if you’d be rewarded or tortured forever, but people instinctively felt the earth and the survival of their people may have mattered more than that. As natural religions had once said. And the priests needed the White nations as a vehicle for their own expansion – for the time being.

    But the victimology always remained, set in stone in the “Bible”. “If someone wants your coat, you must give him your shirt as well!” The weak were automatically good, the strong were automatically bad, as the “Sermon on the Mount” had claimed. The victimology was always ready to be used whenever Xtian priests were in a lower position. The victimology was used among black and brown peoples, the conquest of which the priests only supported as long as they got their hands on these people and could turn them to useful believers. When later Jews took up the victimology of the earlier Jews, but did it in a political ideology called Marxism, there was therefore no reply. They successfully used the victimology against the European empires, saying it was evil for them to conquer.

    Thanks to Xtianity Whites could never be open about conquest. We could not say it was good because it was good that our peoples became stronger. We had to say we were “uplifting” the non-Whites, by teaching them how to live above the Stone Age. And of course, giving them “Xtianity” to please the church leaders. When that was done? Then there was no excuse to keep the colonies. The Marxists pointed this out and they were right – there was no defense for the empires and White expansion in the Jew-derived Xtian religion. People had tried to ignore that, but they couldn’t anymore.

    And by then the priests already had spread everywhere by using White empires. It was more convenient to spit at the empires and side with the locals. Like they did with fervor in South Africa, just as one example. Racialist Whites could not understand why the good ol’ ministers in the church turned against them and brainwashed other Whites with guilt. “Weren’t you supposed to be on our side? We brought you here!”

    So Whites were filled with guilt for conquest, colonization and slavery. Thanks to Xtian victimology. As Hitler noted, Europe was already in a proto-Marxist state because of Xtianity.

    “But Marxism is atheist!” tries the Xtian. Those who opposed the Jews in Rome had sometimes dressed it in that reasoning, “the Jews killed Jesus, the bibble says so.” It was pretty smart, using the Jew religion against them. That was just one way of opposing the Jews though, and it was a failure. Jews were allowed to live all over Xtian nations. Sometimes they were thrown out, but they came back, as the Xtian ideology didn’t allow a people to be excluded. “All are god’s children! Forgive! Convert! Turn the other cheek!” And the Jews who wanted to convert were always allowed to do so.

    In fact, non-Whites were the first Xtians, and throughout its existence Xtianity has allowed non-Whites, and sought to expand to non-Whites. Evey single year, throughout. Today Xtians celebrate that the Catholic Church is majority non-White. Religion before race.

    “But, Slavic countries are more religious and have less immigration!” The Xtian religion has always been eager to attach itself to whatever culture is dominant – adapting for the moment. But always preserving its victimology, what Polish-German Nietzsche called the slave morality. Saving it for the future when it can be given full expression again. The reason East European countries have less immigration is not religion, but the fact that they were slaves to communism for generations. There was no need to use anti-White messages in Jew-run media to weaken conservatism, import voters and win elections. They were already captured. And after that they have remained poor, and poor countries don’t import mass immigration. Despite Jews capturing media in Poland and elsewhere they have to bide their time. It’s coming though, as you see in Jew-controlled media in Poland, the Baltics, etc.

    But CH loves to praise Slavs as superior because he, the non-White Roosh and others can use “game” best on low-wage peoples in Eastern Europe, South America and the Philippines. Slavic countries have no particular resistance to propaganda though – no people does. They were communist captives for decade after decade for one thing, praising the Jews who remained in high positions. And they kept the Gypsies all this time, millions of them. As well as Turk-mixed peoples like Albanians, and allying with non-Whites in Asia, Africa and elsewhere. While killing tens of millions of Whites. Where’s the racialism? Now Slavic immigrants, those supposedly superior Christians, move into Western Europe, aiding the EU-Jewish plan, and everywhere they go they vote for mass-immigration, pro-EU parties. If it benefits their own at the expense of Germanics that’s all that matters, and they have no problem allying with Black, Arab, Turk and Paki voters to do so. Where’s the racialism?

    Another thing. CH? Look up “Germanics.” Anglo-Saxons, Franks, Germans, Swedes, Dutch, Danish etc are Germanics, not “NW Europeans.” Only an American ignorant of what he is talking about uses that phrase. If you are so set on using a geographic word for some strange reason, it’s North Europeans. You don’t say “South-East Americans” for the South, do you?

    But I know, once you’re set on something you’ll never change. Like talking about “man jaws are caused by feminism increasing testosterone,” when it’s actually the Irish jaw, a phenomenon that exists only in Britain and the U.S. and other places where the Irish spread. You seem stuck with comforting theories by now. At least you started mentioning Jew-controlled media somewhat before the inertia set in – after others had fought to raise that issue for many years while you kept silent.

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    • Another goon unmasks himself.

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    • Lighten up, Francis.

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    • I don’t agree with all of your words but you’re one of the most interesting commenters here.

      Btw without the RCC, “whites” would be inbred savages who are only longer term thinking. So your analysis is incomplete.

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      • Lolz. Sand google ho trying to take a jab at whites.

        ‘without the RCC, “whites” would be inbred savages’

        Too bad us whites weren’t converted to Islam then. We could have been inbred child molesting r selected waste like your kind.

        Let me ask you something straight up, are you okay with your terrorist ilk blowing up and terrorizing white nations?

        Because I think you are. At very least you are passively supportive.


      • I am strongly against it. I hate their guts. I only CH commenters when they speak ill of Muslims overly generally…well who wouldn’t in my position, lol.

        You judging me to be a terrorist supporter is insulting but also reveals hilariously bad judgment too.

        Terrorist attacks ruin my week more than they do yours. If I supported it I wouldnt read alt right sites, support Trump and vote for AfD. Get real.


      • Plenty family members of mine are agnostic and we support Ataturk. We dont do Sharia iykwim.


      • on October 25, 2016 at 11:54 pm Vagina dominator

        “ho” said “Btw without the RCC, “whites” would be inbred savages who are only longer term thinking.”

        Which implies that the way to avoid savagery is to avoid inbreeding by “outbreeding?”

        Is that your argument? I am pretty sure you are at the wrong site.


      • Outbreeding IS the way to avoid innteefing. Duh.

        CH also supports outbreeding (to an extent).


      • It’s well known by educated people that Ataturk was a skype. Likely a Sabbatean.


    • Get to the point. Seriously.


    • Re manjaws. I’ve seen plenty of non-irish women with manjaws.

      And the other tells of narrow hips, broad shoulders coupled with effeminate men is something to be taken into account.

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    • on October 25, 2016 at 6:46 am Divine Son of Kek

      Stick around, Arbiter.


    • You reek of gamma.

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    • Arbiter often makes the right noises about most things… but he has this glaring blindspot in re Christianity, and that alone can upend all else, when not tempered with an understanding of things spiritual and a true love for one’s fellow kind.

      Let’s face it, with allies like ho and (ahem) Divine Kek, well… those who praise you are often better tells than those who rebuke you.

      In Arbiter’s defense, I’m sure there was a time when most of us went through that phase… when our minds were still filled with this system of things as the sole arbiter of reality.

      I say he’s still one of ours.

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    • White men have enough to deal with right now without intercine fights about the pros and cons of Christianity.

      Having been raised in the Church but unable to honestly call myself a true believer, I can see both sides of the issue. Christianity has had both positive and negatives influences for Whites at various times.

      Like it or not, it’s the overwhelmingly dominant religion of Whites (to the extent they express religious beliefs) and railing against it and LARPing about what might have been if Christianity hadn’t spread throughout Europe isn’t productive at this point—Whites may continue to become less expressly religious but they aren’t going to adopt any new religion wholesale (absent forced conversions).

      That said, any christcucks and godspoke men siding with the anti-Whites are my enemy, plain and simple—I don’t give a damn what they think their book says.


    • the bible was almost right about one thing -“The life of man upon earth is a warfare”. Except it’s race warfare and White’s have yet to wake up to the fact.


  5. All systems break down after achieving materialistic success. The current system is no exception. Then a new concept rises up. The advantage of the current era is that because of the near instantaneous information distribution model, the next system will be adopted very fast.

    Especially if we manage to avoid nuking the planet.


  6. I like how its implied that truthtelling is unique to Christianity. Islam is pretty similar. As are a variety of other religions. (In b4 “MUH TAQIYYA”)

    Its possible that Europeans are more honest, but Europe isn’t exactly Christian right now.

    Latin America is much more Christian but far less honest. I doubt its related to religion.


    • No one implied truth telling is unique to Christianity. Christianity is unique to the service of truth telling.

      “Every one who is of the truth hears my voice” (John 18:37). There are plenty of righteous truth tellers who do not know truth by his proper name. But because they do not know his name they mistake the importance of truth, as your demonic false god does, i.e., if Allah wills 2 plus 2 to equal 5, so shall it be. Hence, “No one shall come to the father except through me.”

      Not, Everyone who hears my voice knows the truth, but Everyone who knows the truth hears my voice. Meditate on the difference next time you stick your ass in the air for Mahomet.

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      • You’re an obnoxious creature.

        Btw: Allah = Yahweh. Muslims are not worshipping another God. JP2 said as much.

        Pompous git.


  7. Christianity was imposed on the Barbaric Nordics from their kings because otherwise they were ungovernable warriors. Blue eyes come from a man 8000 years ago in Denmark…So you see how far and wide they reached. I tend to think of the Russians as their torch bearer today. Their harsh conditions and lack of arable land made them glorify war and a man who wanted anything would often travel far maybe kill a few sissy christian facescrapers in England and steal a wife and a castle or some land to make himself a future. If you want an ultra alpha book read the longships, a fiction based on the historical facts of the North. In other news the third project Veritas dropped. Hillary had direct control over what the superpac was doing violating campaign finance law(what else is new).


    • “Blue eyes come from a man 8000 years ago in Denmark”. That would be nice. Unfortunately neither the “man” bit nor the “Denmark” bit is true. Try “Chr. 15” (either parent), and “Iberian mesolithic” (ca. 7000 BP) or “Luxemburg” (7500 BP) or even “south Caspian area”.
      About the dago geezer, incidentally “his Y-chromosome belonged to the European-specific, but extremely rare, haplogroup C6 (aka. C-V20), and mtDNA to haplogroup U5b2c1, which again is a European-specific marker.” And he was as brown as a dealer’s boot, as was the Luxembourgeois dude.
      There’s a possibility that some Scandinavian foragers of similar antiquity were “white-eyes” too. And even ginger ., unfortunately they were annihilated by the (swarthy) early farmers who rolled up the Danube and along the Med.
      Proper White White Whitety-White Folks arrived later, on horseback with bows, and in wagons, possibly along with a peculiar groundhog disease from the steppe, Yersinia pestis. from a huge area centred basically on the Volga.
      And wiped the fuckers out. Well the men, anyhow. You know how it is.


  8. Skepticism is an underrated concept. Living in a system of laws is acceptable AS LONG AS our leaders agree to verification and transparency. When these are discarded, Christians have no obligation to do anything more than the bare minimum.

    Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and all that.


  9. Gotta give respect where it’s due and concerning the search for truth and the love of logos, the ancient greeks are the ones.

    The whole western view of science roots in ancient greece, logical deduction, observing something, thinking about the matters involved and comig up with a rule, that is greek philosophy (at that time encompassing everything we call the sciences today)

    The young roman empire conquered the greek city states and encorporated its scientific world view. Which then spread with the empire into all of europe.
    And later further east and north (the germanic tribes of scandinavia and todays germany and poland)


  10. You hate Jews but you worship a dead Jew 😂


    • God hated the Sanhedrin and Pharisees, but sent His only begotten Son in the form of one of their own, in the hope that they would repent, and truly become a “light unto the nations”.

      But the stiff-necked self-worshipers turned out to be sons of Satan, and so God found another people.

      Christ is no “Jew”, no more than God Himself is a “Jew”.

      And Christ is not dead.

      You, however, are just another modern-day self-worshiping sophomore, wise in his own eyes, but nowhere else.

      And a fairy.

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      • We killed Jeebus and banged Mary she had a tight pussy


      • Adding “muh dik” to your arsenal of kike agitprop is just digging the hole you’re already in deeper…

        … and here, I thought you hebes were supposed to be smart.

        Keep tap dancing on the land mine, Schlomo. If you’re gonna play the n1gger, keep in mind that yo’ arms too short to box wid God.

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    • (((You yourself))) should know as well as anyone here that Jesus Christ was not a Jew.


    • on October 25, 2016 at 10:52 am Divine Son of Kek

      Looks like somebody missed out on that Ashkenazi IQ.

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  11. on October 25, 2016 at 7:29 am CBR600RR_Rider


  12. I say that blindly following a unifying symbol takes precedence over Truth. The Christian road is the hard road. Which is why Islam speeads to quickly and easily. It’s simpler, stupider, relies.more heavily on tradition, habit and allows no space for intellectualization. Judaism is heavy on habit and tradition but is too convoluted for the average idiot. Also it’s tribal.

    Islam leaves so little room for rigorous scrutiny that Muslims don’t even realize their own damn book leads them down the logical path torwatds the worship and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

    The light, love and intolerant quest for Truth is what will lead men to Christ. It is not easy. It is hard work. If Christianity made slaves there wouldnt be ao many denominations. Islam is slavery.

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    • The Christian road is the hard road. Which is why Islam spreads so quickly and easily.

      Also why Christianity found purchase and its ultimate expression chiefly in white stock: we are not just best shaped to handle the burdens of liberty (uncertainty, constant flux, consequence, and the pain of hard truths) but also best prepared to understand the delicate calculus between free will, discipline, and truth.

      If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. … Truly, truly, I say to you, every one who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not continue in the house for ever; the son continues for ever. So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

      — John 8

      The oriental races are good, if not superior, in the obedience and discipline required by liberty. But this is achieved from without in the form of group rules and traditions and harsh punishment for deviation. Unfortunately, that collective mentality precludes them from complete liberty of will since it eventually must encroach on the self (“blindly following a unifying symbol”).

      Freedom is not mere individual choice but rather the disciplining of desire to make the achievement of the good, first possible, then effortless (Aquinas via Robert Barron), the way a heavily practiced concert pianist is free to play the most rigorous and complicated and beautiful pieces.


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      • … i.e., the orientals will still play the masterworks perfectly (if not passionately), but they can never compose them.

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      • One thing that I’ve noticed over the years, is that the true master musicians, especially the more formally-trained, are seldom composers… no matter the genre.

        And the ones who are composers are seldom very, very good ones… barring any gifted prodigies in the realm beyond technical playing ability..

        I always thought that THEY, if anyone, would have a leg up on the whole spiel, whether heavy composition or even just “regular” songwriting.

        But it seems the fair-to-midling musicians with little formal training but much self-discipline of the right kind are the ones writing the memorable stuff.


      • Oriental races are hard-working fucks. I will be the first to admit it. If whites are lost, I hope the orientals inherit the earth.


  13. Christianity became successful because it latched itself onto White European genes.

    Kind of like how “Capitalism” became successful in the US because of same.

    So it is not the ideology that is successful, but the genetics.

    Before it was infested by the Poz, Sweden was the closest thing to a successful socialist country.


    • Whites could not make Mahometism successful. And we only made Judaism successful by God himself first transfiguring it out of the literally holy mess the Jews had made of it.

      “Law! Law! Law!” said Moses. “Grace and truth,” said The Word made flesh (John 1:17).


    • ^this.

      the innate curiosity and problem-solving traits of white northern Europeans made them uniquely well-adapted to build the spiritual and philosophical framework for the modern age. (the runaway empathy thing is a bit of a hangup, but we’ll sort that out.)

      innate curiosity is a big factor as to why Christianity and science co-evolved in the same group of people. science and religious philosophy are the tools of the innately curious, of people who seek answers about their place in the universe.

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      • science and religion used to shape and inform one another. in the 70s, it seemed religion still had a strong enough voice to create a public debate about science.

        something’s changed since then, where it seems the debate was settled and science was given a blank check and the big churches just settled for helping dumb brown people. I’m not sure what caused the change and where. possibly having total access to information…?

        maybe some of you older wiser fellas can elaborate on this.

        thanks for the shout-out CH!


      • Start with the “Enlightenment,” where subversives and parasites living off the great storehouses of the Western Church began driving a wedge between faith and reason in order to pronounce the former superstitious. The great irony of course is that the Church, which invented the university and the scientific method, was the first (and only) institution to make rational discourse possible in light of the eternal, ineffable mysteries and paradoxes of the human condition. They did this through scholasticism, which the Enlightenment eventually corrupted into the free-floating relativism that plagues the knowledge project to this very day.

        End with Cultural Marxism, which took the slowly metastasizing trend of death-haunted materialism (the final product of Enlightenment/Protestant relativism) and accelerated it through the institutions of civilization that were the only bulwark against naturally occurring deviancy and savagery within the soul. It then became possible for the very institutions designed to protect us now to advocate the perversion and eventual destruction of the atom of civilization: the family. No institution has been untouched. Most have been effaced.

        In other words, pitting faith against reason (or “religion” against “science”) was a deliberate act of sabotage. In the history of ideas such a proposition would have been rejected as nonsensical on its face if the saboteurs hadn’t spent centuries replacing our collective understanding of history with fabrications designed for us to hate who we are and where we came from. Beginning with Rousseau.


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      • When hearing others praise the ramblings of the non- and antiChristians as “interesting” and “stick around”…

        … yet cricketing the posts of true depth and wisdom… well…

        I jes’ gots ta (((shake mah haid))).


    • ” Sweden was the closest thing to a successful socialist country.” mainly because like most very wealthy small-ish countries in Europe (and to some extent the Asia-Pacific region), it didn’t have to pay for its own defence for at least a lifetime.
      TBH I’m not fussed if The Donald doesn’t build a Wall (we have a 22-mile wide moat, and that’s not working at the mo., due to 5th columnists, in and out of government), but if he knocks the America – World Police crap on the head and lets, say, the Krauts, Japs and Persians, and yes, even the Svens have their own ICBMs, he’ll have done more for the world than Sweden ever did.


      • Sweden paid for its own defense all through WW2 and the Cold War. For several years it had the fourth largest air force in the world, all Swedish-made airplanes. Not bad for a nation of about 8 million (at the time). They also had a huge army with extremely good and plentiful equipment, most of it develop in the country. The navy was comparatively small, but the coastal artillery was extremely well built out with forts all along the coast.
        The doctrine was to make an invasion of Sweden if not impossible, then so costly for the Soviet Union that Moscow would hesitate to pull the trigger and would go around instead.
        Sweden used to be an extremely successful country. Now they’re on the brink of collapse, just 26 years after the Cold War ended. But the suicide process was well under way before that.


    • i know from first hand experience that life in Sweden during the “golden” years, the 70’s / 80’s, before the Poz, Swedish economy thrived on the cash-taxfree-economy , not the strangled high-tax official economy

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    • To expand on my point, I was thinking of the pissing contests that usually occur between liberals and cuckservatives on the internet where the cucks point out the fate of Detroit and blame it squarely on the unions and disingenuous liberals point out Somalia as an example of extreme libertarian governance (ie: as in no functioning government). Both groups are completely wrong because they ignore race and genetics altogether.

      I like to remind the cucks that Black Detroit was largely created as a result of Henry Ford preferring to hire black migrants from the South in order to bust the unions. And of course to the liberals I can simply state that Somalia is hell on earth largely because it is populated by Somalians.

      I am largely agnostic on economic matters (I yawn whenever a GOPe politico starts yammering about not taxing the wealth creators while ignoring the elephant in the room that is of most paramount importance–nation, race and genetics). I like to tell cucks that I would gladly vote for a 94% top marginal tax rate that existed in 1950s Eisenhower America if that meant that I got to live in 1950s Eisenhower (ie: white) America. And to those liberals who desire a European social welfare state I remind them that if they want that, they need a country that is largely made up of white Europeans.

      Back to the topic of religion, when I visited the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris I was in awe of the genius and the grandiosity of this great temple displaying the genius of white Europe. It was deeply spiritual for me on a genetic level to be witness to it.


  14. Africans love that song and dance choir shit. That’s the only aspect of Christianity that they understand.


    • There’s an interesting red-pill kind of pastor, one Gino Jennings, who has a spot on Sunday at 10:00pm on one of the obscure low-numbered stations one gets on DirecTV or cable.

      They stopped carrying his show for awhile after he had a few scathing episodes about queers, but I noticed awhile ago he’s back on. First Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, I believe.

      Anyway, for a negro, he rails against his own… up to and including Nation of Islam… and his fire-n-brimstone approach is quite amusing at times.

      That said, he does occasionally bring up the old slavery stereotypes, but at least when you throw him that bone, you know it won’t end up in his nose.


    • But, look what Christianity inspired in the West:


  15. Truth: In the ancient tongue, Arta.

    Christianity has Eastern Aryan (Greek) and Western Aryan (Zoroastrian) antecedents, which is probably why many cannot let it go.


  16. This guy is my kind of Christian pastor

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  17. on October 25, 2016 at 11:21 am Enfant Terrible

    Christianity has elevated the white race in every aspect of what makes a civilization a great force. All other races have their own religions and culture, and technological abilities, etc, but the white race surpassed them all, and it was only able to do this once it become Christian.

    And now that the white race has lets its Christian root become rotten, it has become decadent, weak, disgusting, making all the other races seem stronger than they really are.


    • The OT is filled with warnings and instances of how God allows even His own people to fall into the hands and be at the mercy of their enemies, when they abandon Him.

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      • Greg, are you a Catholic, Protestant, or Russian Orthodox?


      • I just consider myself a Christian who never found a brick-n-mortar church…

        … ‘though if pressed I guess I’d be considered a Protestant.


      • on October 25, 2016 at 12:13 pm Enfant Terrible

        @Greg Eliot

        There is a chain of events that influences the course of history, and we can believe that that is just something that happens randomly or, we can also believe that some of these happenings that place due to a divine purpose.

        To me, one clear indication of how influential Christianity was in shaping western European thinking, was the Reconquista. Expelling the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula was a great civilization achievement. It took centuries, but it was done, and it was a great victory. It filled the European consciousness with self-confidence and desire for success, and it lead to a whole bunch of things that eventually sent us on the path to build the modern world.

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      • After the Reconquista, the Age of Exploration was ushered in by the Portuguese continuing the fight against the Moors in Northern Africa. The fight against Islam was first and foremost in the mind of “Henry the Navigator” when he sponsored those early sea voyages along the African coast.

        They were also seeking a sea-route to India to open up trade with Asia and bypass the Muslims who were controlling and profiting from trade between Europe and Asia; and they were searching for Christian allies that were rumored to exist on the other side of the Islamic-controlled lands (rumors that probably were based on a Christian king of Ethiopia, who turned out to be an underwhelming Christian ruler).

        That whole business introduced the rest of Europe to the game of global exploration, conquest, and colonization.

        Everyone knows all about Christopher Columbus, but Vasco da Gama was the real deal.


  18. Christianity is universally appealing, but its serious practitioners around the world have different emphases.

    So while Thomas Aquinas couldn’t have come from anywhere but medieval Europe, there are some brilliant and serious priests and philosophers in places like Ghana and China.

    This doesn’t change that Europeans and Americans are robbing the world of their potential qualities by abandoning Christianity, but does give me hope that Christians elsewhere in the world can evangelize here and revitalize the faith someday.


  19. Fuckin’ profound. I’ve always sort of belived that, but the part about a religion searching for people makes a lot of sense.


  20. What Americans don’t seem to understand is that Christianity in Europe,Britain especially is moribund and has been since the end of WWI. Church attendance is very low and confined to the elderly for the most part. Soon Jesus will go the way of Zeus and Apollo. You cannot force a belief in a religion that people abandoned a long time ago.


  21. on October 25, 2016 at 12:27 pm Divine Son of Kek

    The pagans of ancient Greece were the most superior beings to ever exist. There isn’t another Solon, Lycurgus or Plato alive today.

    The west doesn’t need a Christian revival. It needs eugenics.


    • fuck the pagans. bunch of goddamned queers.


      • on October 25, 2016 at 12:47 pm Enfant Terrible

        Lol, I was about to post the same.

        The Greeks produced great thinkers, but they shared many of the vices of the Eastern races, with pederasty being the biggest one. Western European tribes were all nations of warriors, and being a faggot was not a virtue in any of them.

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    • As to needing eugenics, our genes are fine. Whats needed is a revitalization of our bell curve’s left half — working class, laborers, and even criminals.

      [CH: an active, even if voluntary, eugenics program is creepy. a healthy nation that abides the Founding Virtues (gods of the copybook headings) and protects its heritage, both cultural and racial, will as a natural consequence limit the potential for dysgenic breeding.]

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    • The West needs JESUS fool! Amen!

      The whole WORLD needs JESUS!

      YOU need JESUS. I need JESUS.


      ~Bro. Jed


  22. “So what happened now that Christianity is fading as a force in the lives of NW European Whites? Briefly, Whites abandoned virtue seeking for virtue signaling. The coin of this realm is the Pretty Lie, and Christianity became a hindrance to achieving the perfect sophistic signal, so it was discarded.”


    Got it, CH?

    Come ye to the Lord ye *SINNERS* lol:


    ~Bro. Jed


  23. Heartiste,

    Watch this:


    • I’d like to see Somalis go in and fuck all the women in Israel, and breed them out of existence. Not sure that I would have said that 15 years ago. So, now I finally understand why (((they))) feel that way (as they have for many, many years) about our people. One must start thinking like the enemy!

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    • Individual men and by extension entire societies get the women they deserve.


  24. “So what happened now that Christianity is fading as a force in the lives of NW European Whites?”

    CH, in answer to your question, I guess it could be said that NW Europeans have abandoned their desire to seek out Truth, and live honorably, and therefore Christianity is no longer applicable in their lives. In other words, maybe it isn’t that the people are abandoning Christianity and becoming bad, but instead that the people have become bad, with rotten souls, and therefore are abandoning a religion that (even in its modern, twisted, progressive form) tells them they are degenerate, and on the path to damnation. True Christianity is too uncomfortable for them, and that is why the pews are emptying.


  25. So much many mirrors. Those who seek the truth with the most passion and commitment are probably those who steuggle with it the most.

    Virtue Signalling is Hypocrisy, Narcissism, Forked Tongue or Pick-Up Artistry by another name. NW European Whites have always had an attraction to deceit as a way of getting what it wants. Take the British in India, for example. The Brits came in professing faith in a Christ they barely understood then acted in ways that were fundamentally contradictory to His precepts. India is a profoundly and deeply spiritual nation and was ready willing and able to step into Christianity (and still is) if it wasn’t for the Anglocentric Globalization ambitions and Virtue Signalling of the Raj. The taint will be felt in India for a good while yet, as it regains nationhood after booting the self-loving white monkeys out.

    The taint of NW European virtue-signaling can still be seen in every part of the colonial residue. Nations stripped of resources, culture and self-respect, in exchange for infrastructure built by the colonials for their own sake and unsuited to the local way of life. This is the same problem the Alt-Right has with immigrant invasion. Anglocentric globalism has always been the reason India holds so firmly to Hinduism despite its fatal theological flaw.

    Virtue signalling is the fatal flaw of the NW European White tribes. This the way of making ideas sound great for other tribes but that always always always have themselves in the driver’s seat. The goal is to siphon off the praise and gratitude and hero-worship so the Globalism that advances will be Anglocentric. This is the nature of the White White West. “Civilization” is defined by SWPL. Everything else is discarded as savagery.

    Globalization is the denouement of the White White West. It’s corrupt because the white man is as corrupt and sinful as any other, yet insists power corrupts others but not itself. The essential problem is not so much that other races have a problem with this blatant hypocrisy, it’s that NW European Whites generally don’t. A distillation of the character of the Alt-Right reveals this still to be the case. The Clinton-Trump election is all about whose hypocrisy can wag the dog the most.

    For Virtue-Signaling to end, NW European narcissism and hypocrisy must end. What is absolutely clear is that no-one is buying the snake-oil any more. NW European Whites have a place at the table with everyone else, or they can return all the treasures that were siphoned out behind the Virtue Signalling mask and go back home. The North Polar Ice cap is melting – why not Virtue Signal up there?

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    • somebody missed class on human biodiversity day…

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    • Rebbe say whut?

      Aryan peoples have indeed fallen short of the glory of God…

      … but compared to the rest of the world, we are and remain the closest to his image in both physical and spiritual beauty.

      The shitskins of the world have and continue to prove themselves lesser races… the Orientals a nice try, but no cigar.

      And don’t even start me on the perfidy of you (((sons of Satan))), Schlomo.


  26. Yep, that some ugly ass jew-face right there. Yikes.


  27. North European resisted longest before having been subjugated by lunatic Semitic sect
    There was not more unnatural place for the slave religion to plant its roots
    than among warriors of the highest order
    Today we witness the full consequence of this travesty

    “It is the noble races that have left behind them the concept ‘barbarian’ wherever they have gone; even their highest culture betrays a consciousness of it and even a pride in it (for example, when Pericles says to the Athenians in his famous funeral oration ‘our boldness has gained access to every land and sea, everywhere raising imperishable monuments to its goodness and wickedness”). This ‘boldness’ of noble races, mad, absurd, and sudden in its expression, the incalculability, even incredibility of their undertakings—Pericles specially commends the rhathymia of the Athenians—their indifference to and contempt for security, body, life, comfort, their hair-raising cheerfulness and profound joy in all destruction, in all the voluptuousness of victory and cruelty—all this came together, in the minds of those who suffered from it, in the image of the ‘barbarian,’ the ‘evil enemy,’ perhaps as the ‘Goths,’ the ‘Vandals.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals/Ecce Homo


  28. Let me tell you, and know what I say is true, what passes for Christian Today is more Odin and Roman than Mesopotamia. The valor of standing for Truth, and the belief in self-sacrifice died quicker than Jesus did on the Cross in the sands of the lonesome desert. Those sand people rolled over like lapdogs to any swordsman who could wield a blade. It wasn’t until these old forgotten scrolls reached Europe and were printed in books that the Word was ever lived and not simply parroted. The inner strength and courage of the Aryan Spirit carried those long forgotten ideals to the Real World where they actually changed lives and meant something. Even Today, the desert sands blow stronger with the wind than any words from God.
    If you doubt me than know this. Christmas is not a holiday about some old forgotten Saint in Eastern Europe. Santa Claus is a Myth based on the Legend of Odin, who every Winter Solstice would ride his mighty chariot of six legged horses to give gifts to the Faithful. The Christmas Tree comes from Norsemen who would celebrate Odin by decorating an Evergreen. Today you celebrate Jesus arriving with the Celebration of Odin bringing gifts to the Faithful.
    Easter is actually a Roman Holiday. In order to increase births when Rome started becoming decadent and women strong-willed, the Emperor of Rome declared a Festival of Spring. A Fertility Festival where men dressed as Rabbits, known for their fecundity of reproduction, would use a “magic egg” to rub the bellies of eager women who wanted to have children. The Easter Bunny is from that Fertility Festival that Today helps celebrate the rebirth of Life during Springtime with Christ’s Resurrection.
    Know your culture White Man. Its the basis for what we call Christian Today.