What Produces Female Beauty?

Surplus women.
Male paternal investment.
Female dependency.

williamK explains,

You’re missing an ingredient.

A boner favorable female to male ratio is a necessary but not sufficient ingredient for female beauty.

Due to the outsized spermatazoa-to-ovum ratio and the longer sexual market viability of men, you can never truly skew the female-male ratio enough. There will always be men who will give the less good looking women a throw occasionally.

Its not that given the choice of women, men only choose the most beautiful. No. Given the choice of women, men will choose all of them.

Even the ugly, fat woman was 18 and do-able once. (Especially in the evolutionary environment we’re talking with lower obesity rates). And that’s all it takes. She’ll get knocked up and pass on those genes.

What you need is an environment where women are dependent on men. This is most effectively imagined by food. If an African knocks up 50 women, its good for him. The women can gather food for her and the babies. He doesn’t have to see them ever again. An ancient Scandinavian does this, and all 50 women die on the frozen tundra with their fetuses and his genes die. They NEED him to win food for them because they can’t hunt or fish reliably and there’s no gathering to be done. (Now parlay this thought to racial differences in approach anxiety).

It is good ratio, but also male parental investment and female dependence that creates beauty.

Drearily for lovers of Truth&Beauty, the modern Western sexual market may select against the production of exquisite female beauty.

Surplus women?

Nope. If anything, there’s a surplus of men in the West. Infant mortality rates have dropped, technology has brought immense comforts, wars of attrition are largely one-sided affairs now, and there’s been an effective elimination of male-skewed early deaths from hunting and disease.

Male paternal investment?

Retreating. Presumably it’s still an innate disposition in White Western men, but shocks to the functioning of the sexual market have incentivized a gradual shift to caddishness and delayed family formation, especially at the margins where there are men who could go either way (towards a dad or cad lifestyle).

Female dependence?

Nope. This is the big one. As I’ve argued here before, female economic self-sufficiency like we have now in the West creates massive negative feedback loops in the Male Commitment-Female Commitment Worthiness relationship. And as williamK notes, female independence (in which women can feed, house, and clothe themselves) not only pushes women to emphasize fulfillment of their desire for sexy cads, but it pushes men to DE-EMPHASIZE their beta provider skills. Men don’t feel inspired to wife up self-sufficient women; men DO feel inspired to provide for and protect vulnerable women. And in en environment of female dependence, men will be careful to choose the prettiest women they can get, because they will be investing a lot in her. In contrast, an environment of female independence encourages men to spread their seed indiscriminately, because the pressure to provide for careergirl yaass queen shrikes has diminished.

Executive summary: The West is currently selecting against the efflorescence of female Beauty and selecting FOR the effluvia of female Ugliness.

Literally feminism means more ugly women and fewer beautiful women. Feminism is the ideology of Ugliness.

PS I have to disagree with one point williamK makes about men being willing to fuck anything that moves. It isn’t true. Like I’ve said before, I wouldn’t get carried away with this glib smear of male looseness. Eurasian men do have standards, which they exercise even when the have effectively limitless options in mate choice. Fat, ugly, and older women really do suffer a romantic and even sexual penalty in the modern dating market. So I’d amend williamK’s comment to say that a sex skew favoring men CAN be sufficient to move sexual selection toward producing more beautiful women, but that for maximum effect the emergence of widespread female beauty requires all three preconditions — female sex skew, male paternal investment, and female dependence.


  1. on September 8, 2017 at 10:44 am Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Check out the rapid evolution of ideal images of women over recent years to the contemporary notion of the Lean-In, Go-Getter, Go-Girl, Power Girl, Conqueror of Summits and the World!

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    • I don’t care what their bullshit research shows…

      … nobody want to see THOSE pictures.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 11:01 am Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

        That’s exactly the point.

        Look how what media & Madison Avenue are shoving down our throats has been changing.

        It’s contrived & artificial but not without consequences…

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      • yep

        right in the article this line states that the photos are chosen by marketers and media. that means NOT by normal feminine women and men

        “In 2017, based on the Getty photos most chosen by marketers and the media, to be a woman is to be on your own, physically active and undeterred by either sweat or circuit boards.”


      • on September 8, 2017 at 5:28 pm Captain Obvious

        the photos are chosen by (((marketers and media)))

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      • Yes, and I am tired of seeing women doing lame yoga poses in exotic/remote places, as if that somehow gives their barren lives meaning.

        And White women are only to able to run around on hillside, the beach, the woods, etc. by themselves because White men made stable, safe societies for them to live in. Of course, the women want to invite in vibrancy to destroy all that, but are too stupid to make the connection.

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    • The fitness industry has seen a yuuge swing towards the masculinized female. Strong (i.e. ripped, super lean, well muscled, huge delts and glutes) is the new $exy. It’s good to be strong, but is 13% body fat really a good look on a woman? Apparently, yes, if you look at any athletic apparel catalog or ads for races, classes, and other general fitness events.

      Once you get into Spartan races, etc., you’re considerably more immersed in Go Grrl.

      There is also an annoying sub theme of female super hero culture, all around us. I am Wonder Woman and you can too! Ya know.

      What this tends to do is set women up to fail precisely because They. Are. Not. Men. Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, women will fail over and over as their nature is thwarted and oerverted by (((someone’s))) social engineering project. So women and girls who are “empowered ” by the Gritty Woman images are only so temporarily and unhappily,

      More soft population control. Well played, (((xirs))).

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      • Yeah, it’s better than fat girls but there’s a fine line for women between being fit and looking like boys. I went on a date with a fit girl who was relatively pretty but I couldn’t get past the fact that she had shoulders like a linebacker. Also, visible abs on women. yeck.

        [CH: best woman: thin and soft. worst woman: fat and whatever. icky woman: thin, hard and chiseled. maybe you’d bang the icky woman, but you won’t dreamily fantasize about her.]

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      • on September 8, 2017 at 4:40 pm Tes tos Tyrone

        Generally agree, jacked chicas are beh, but Goolag “Zuzka Light” sometime. Former Czech soft core Pr0n model who became a successful fitness model. Smokeshow.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 7:42 pm Vagina dominator

        Woke up this morning. Girlfriend was looking at me. She put her little forearm next to mine and laughed. Mine is four or five times thicker.

        The contrast delighted her.

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      • on September 8, 2017 at 7:46 pm Vagina dominator

        Smokeshow? To each his own but…to me, really, really unattractive. Looks mentally ill, like a butch dyke. But (((someone))) is telling her to do this.

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      • on September 8, 2017 at 7:48 pm Vagina dominator

        I think my hindbrain is registering her as a man, because I am getting messages that I am being challenged and must destroy her.

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      • no offense Tes tos Tyrone but i agree with Vagina dominator.

        she’s gross

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      • Yep, distinct abs on a girl, gross.

        And VD, that Zuzka Light is the on the feminine side of the fitness chick craze. Some of them are genuinely repulsive. As in they evoke the same reaction as Tacotoad.

        Those interested can goolag on their own, I’d advise against it. Goolag Miranda Kerr instead.

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      • Agreed that the Czech fitness model evokes a negative testosterone based response. The pose she’s struck in the photo would be coquettish if her body displayed fat levels suggestive of fertility. The breasts may be fake but suggest nurturing while the abs by being so prominent suggest a lacking ovulation cycle common to marathon running women. Furthermore, the abs by being fortress-like, imply that a man will never succeed in wifing her into motherhood.

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      • on September 9, 2017 at 8:28 am Captain Obvious

        “Woke up this morning. Girlfriend was looking at me.”


      • was at the beach recently watching the sunset with the GF, who’s very soft, cute/bouncy, petite, feminine, has a shape that makes an hourglass jealous, and is excited around her man, like a puppy.

        this gogrrl shows up as the sun was setting, a-l-o-n-e, tattoos, ripped body, minimalist bikini, nice-ish body but ass and hips-lacking. hard face. she puts her stuff down about 30 feet away and jumps in the water, then proceeds to put on the most ridiculous, look-at-me show. stretching, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the beautiful setting, taking photos of the water. she pulls out a 20oz beer and starts chugging it. over the top attention whoring. except no one was buying it. it was like she expected her 2,000 Instagram followers to show up at the beach any second, and rave about how amazing she was. they must have gotten stuck in traffic.

        my girl never noticed her. she was too busy playing in the water, having fun, watching the seals play in the water, being attentive to me. basically just being a cute, normal girl.

        meanwhile demon spawn spartan girl down the beach was writhing and twisting in her involuntary solitude in every possible outlandish manner, trying to get my attention, or anyone’s. she DID get my attention, though… I had this overwhelming urge to go over there and beat some sense into her.

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      • Fitness is attractive. But like any positive quality, its extreme becomes a grotesque parody of itself, e.g., being slender vs. anorexic. Virtue is the golden mean between two extremes:

        bad / good / spoiled
        vicious / virtuous / exaggerated
        cowardice / courage / rashness
        fat / fit / musclebound
        ugly / beautiful / clownish
        tyranny / liberty / license

        Or, more broadly:

        Fideism / Science / Scientism
        Islam / Christianity / Materialism
        Monotheism / Trinity / Atheism
        Puritanism / The Church / Paganism
        Allah / Christ / Moloch

        Zuzka is a manifestation of the ideological imperative: take one idea that you know is good and emphasize it at the expense of all other considerations. The tendency of ideology to create obsessive-compulsion explains most political and cultural conflict in the modern first world — where conflict has ceased to exist naturally, where therefore we must conjure unser Kampf artificially to feel alive. See Will to Power.


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      • Yeah all those fit girls everywhere, all over the place in America. Working out, getting fit and jacked. Herds of them on the streets, jogging and stretching and working out in the tens of thousands…..Sure.

        Fitness models in the USA might as well be comic book heroes for how often they are mimicked by normies….almost never. Let them keep pushing that ideal though. At least more girls would try to get under a buck sixty.


      • Reaching over a woman from behind and feeling a soft smooth belly is dead sexy. It almost screams, “put an bun in this oven”. Abs…not so much.

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      • One of the fattest lefty wackjob women that I ever knew went into advertising.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:22 am Captain Obvious

        “The tendency of ideology to create obsessive-compulsion explains most political and cultural conflict in the modern first world…”

        CORRECTION: The knowledge of the existence of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder [which we know as Anal-Retentiveness] allows us to design Psychological Warfare campaigns [marxism, anarchism, bolshevism, feminism, objectivism, racial-grievance-ism, deconstructionism, GLBT-ism, narcotics decriminalization-ism, etc etc etc] which allow us to manipulate our at-risk OCPD Shkotzim students into doing our bidding for us.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:22 am Captain Obvious

        BTW, this is largely why the midwestern German stock kept voting for Lyin’ Ted until the bitter end, and resisted the G0d Emperor throughout the primaries – the Germanic mind is highly programmable & formulaic, and will Obsessively-Compulsively stick to its childhood programming no matter how much contrarian Empirical evidence Mother Nature tries to slap upside its head.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:23 am Captain Obvious

        tl;dr == To control the German people [who encompass e.g. the Scandinavians*], you need only control their childhood indoctrination.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:24 am Captain Obvious

        *Although, curiously, the Poles & the Finnish & even the Danes seem doggedly resistant to The Poz.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:40 am Captain Obvious

        Getting back to the Psychological Warfare Campaign of the You-Go-Grrrlizzzm Anorexia-Bulemia Fitness Industrial Complex, when a Shiksa drops beneath a certain body fat percentage, she stops menstruating.

        And no White girl menstruation => no White girl ovulation => NO WHITE [email protected]!!!

        Of course, with the possible exception of Amy Winehouse, you won’t see any of us Chosen girls starving ourselves to death.


      • Although I don’t always agree with you Cap, I do agree about the German mind thing. The rigid mind is what makes NW Europeans so good at scientific innovation, mathematics, etc. But it comes at a cost.

        The current f*cked up state of affairs can all be boiled down to one Central tenet: Whites believe it is immoral to identify as a group and set morals aside to fight for their own.

        Jews win because they stay together. Whites feel bad if they give the job to another white who is better qualified than some buck nig, Jews don’t. Actually, they’ll preferentially hire each other shamelessly regardless of credentials. White people feel bad when some ape from the horn of Africa doesn’t feel as “American” as they do. Jews, on the other hand, see Israel as unambiguously Jewish and actively stave off any sort of demographic replacement crap and call it for what it is.

        If Whites got to run America the way Jews run Israel, without shame, I would be completely satisfied with the state of America

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      • on September 10, 2017 at 12:53 pm Captain Obvious

        The Germanic mind will fight Empiricism & Common Sense to the bitter end, in order to remain obedient to its formative deductivist indoctrination.

        Which I guess is fine, as long as the deductivism is designed to help better the Germanic people, but which is catastrophically su!cidal if (((The Deductivism))) is designed to destroy the Germanic people.

        And this rigid, doctrinaire obedience to formative deductivist indocrination overlaps strongly with the Obsessive-Compulsions [which MK is describing way up above here], as well being yyuuugely manipulable by (((Bad Actors))) [as I’m pointing out].


      • on September 10, 2017 at 1:02 pm Captain Obvious

        BTW, the Mother of All Psychological Warfare Campaigns designed to manipulate the Obsessive-Compulsive Shkotzim – the Whore of Babylon of Semitic Hypnotism – is of course Political Correctness.

        If The Frankfurt School is allowed to introduce formal indoctrination in Political Correctness to the dutifully obedient Obsessive-Compulsive mind, especially at a sufficiently early age, then Empiricism & Common Sense don’t stand a chance, because Political Correctness controls the language, and the language controls THOUGHT.

        At that point, your only hope with these dutifully PC sh!tlib marionettes is either to trigger visceral instinctual responses from their hindbrains [responses that bypass the stranglehold which Political Correctness of Thought has on their forebrains], or else to go to war with them.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 1:19 pm Captain Obvious

        You know, there might also be a role played here by Pride [& Vanity & Arrogance].

        It takes an enormous amount of humility to swallow the Red Pill, whereas I suspect that the prideful will always swallow the Blue Pill.

        And the Germanic character tends to be supremely prideful.

        Proud & Obsessive-Compulsive, when combined with formative deductivist indoctrination by (((Bad Actors))), is a recipe for extinction.

        OTOH, the psychological analysis is a little more difficult, because Obsessive-Compulsive lives in Cluster-C, where as Narcissism lives in Cluster-B.

        Maybe the Clusters are all screwed up…


      • I think it is bullshit that everyone keeps harping on the Germans like Germans are some sort of spiritless robots. The only reason the POZ is so much stronger in Germany is because of the total domination of the media and political discourse by the (((Left))), and, of course, the muhHolocaust hanging over them like a toxic fog. The Jews did not think all their bullshit would work as great as it did, especially on their bitter enemies – the Nordic Aryans. If the did, they would have invented more “death camps” and placed them in Italy, Greece, and other places to squeeze the most juice out of that Big Lie. Even without the Holy Hoax being pushed in Italy, they are not putting up much of an actual fight against the Mediterranean Taxi Service from North Africa to their coasts. And France and England are the same, too. So, please stop the German hate. This is a disease throughout all Western Culture.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 11:55 pm Captain Obvious

        All of the Scots-Irish states in the USA voted for the G0d-Emperor in the primaries.

        Whereas the German [& Mormon] states voted for Lyin’ Ted.

        In England, the Brits just voted for Brexit.

        In France, at least the rural [i.e. FRENCH French] districts voted for Le Pen.

        In Austria, they ALMOST got a sh!tlord into office.

        But you don’t see even a hint of resistance anywhere in Germany or Sweden.

        They are all dutifully obeying their formative indoctrination by the Frankfurt School, like the good little germanic Lutherans & germanic Papish that they are.

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    • on September 8, 2017 at 2:52 pm Oleaginous Outrager

      “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

      So not only does someone else have to do everything first, but it needs to be mass marketed and advertised before they can even believe it’s possible?


      • on September 8, 2017 at 7:54 pm Vagina dominator

        Humans are hugely mirroring animals. You see it in crazy situations. In MMA, one guy throws a back turning kick, a few seconds later his opponent does the same, for no good reason, just “because”.

        It’ll be weird once the tvs go off. People won’t know how to behave and will be looking for behaviors to mimic. Could be nasty.

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      • on September 8, 2017 at 8:26 pm Oleaginous Outrager

        “Humans are hugely mirroring animals.”

        So much so that experts on the subject have shown that most shooting victims immediately fall down not because of their injuries, but because that’s what they’ve been led to believe happens: you get shot, you fall down.

        Apes gonna ape, I guess.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 6:02 am Lord of the Gulf Stream

        Not at all. When you get shot, you get blown twenty feet backwards, preferably through a window. Those who just drop and die are faking it.


      • “Humans are hugely mirroring animals.”

        which is why the war for for hearts and minds is the only war that matters.

        the masses can be programmed to do a
        pretty much anything, and the ongoing war for power is necessarily a perpetual war over who controls the programming.

        MAD (mutually assured destruction) is an interesting twist in the history of the programming wars. suddenly pushing one’s programming with the threat of force isn’t so appealing. everyone has to back off the throttle just when things are about to get serious…


      • …which is why artificial intelligence is the next phase, as Putin and others have noted in recent months.

        imagine being able to do an end-run around all your en3mies in the blink of an eye, without having to bl0w up the entire planet. it’s the ultimate auth0ritarian [email protected] f0rce multiplier.

        i’m having hard time imagining how the globalist anti-white SJW misfit alliance will have the imagination to put AI to good use. their whole mission is based on the decept1ve, suic1dal destructi0n of their h0st societies. how would AI be a useful tool in deception wars? are they going to program the AI to be suic1dal? suicidal artificial intelligence. is that even possible??

        my head hurts…


    • Quick side note regarding that above picture of the empowered female hiker. That is Peyto Lake, Alberta in the background…in the heart of the Canadian Rockies off the icefields parkway. Glacier made ‘rock flour’ suspended in the water is why it has that beautiful emerald hue.
      That woman is just up from a very popular park viewpoint always full of tourists. Usually chalk full of asians, always making sure they are in the middle of every pic. Once, years ago when i worked up there, i asked a couple of millenial rangers if they were going to expand the viewpoint structure…they looked at me like i had 2 heads and said they would never do that.

      That area is grizzly country. Earlier this year in Fort Macmurray, Alberta a woman oil worker was ripped apart by a very hungry black bear as she was coming out of a company portapotty…she was on her period..bears can smell things 7 times better than a dog can.
      Also, notice that pic, and all the best in that article were taken by men.


  2. Sure glad I am old enough to have experienced the 70s first-hand. You kids don’t know what you missed.

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      • Used to be very common. How far we have fallen. She reminds me of Christa Gass from my Psychology class.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 8:30 am Captain Obvious

        You can remember the names of chicks from college?


        That’s gotta be many standard deviations above average.


    • I remember when most women were thin and butch chicks got ostracized.


      • Delevingne and Swift are just the latest shiksa ingenues to enter the final phase of their planned degeneration. I thought Swift could possibly avoid the downward trajectory like Mandy Moore did, but her latest video is past the point of no return. If she stayed in the pop-country genre, she would’ve had a fifty-year career. Swift got too big too fast to avoid the temptation.

        Just like Britney Spears continued to assert her virginity until she was nearly 20, Swift refused to publicly expose her midriff until recently. These are red lines drawn by the girls themselves in order to demonstrate agency, but their Jewish handlers take them as personal challenges to convince them to transgress. Very soon we will see Swift cutting off her hair, then come tats/piercings, nude paparazzi shots. Like clockwork.

        The advancing degeneracy of the starlet could probably be broken down into discrete stages that they all pass through at varying paces. Examples off the top of my head: Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lindsey Lohan, Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, etc.

        That said, Delevingne is a dead ringer for a HS gf of mine with those trademark eyebrows, so she gets more latitude from me out of nostalgia. God protect you on your journey through hell, Cara.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 5:04 pm The Philosopher

        Delevigne has upper class parents. She was sleeping with the same black guy that Lady Rothschild had an affair with.


        I find this very funny. Hahaha.

        One of the things we never consider is how jewish children are effected by the mind control stuff.

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      • Cara Delivigne sucks. Women decided that she is how a female model should look, not men. Boy-faced. Not butchy boy-faced but she has the same facial lines as a teen boy band heartthrob type. She sucks.

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      • BMX, that WAS me back in the day. Even the same checked shirt and hair as the kid in the middle. Was it really that long ago? Another thing (((they))) have taken from us.

        But I feel I missed out though – I never had the chance to be a whigger like the youth of today.


    • on September 8, 2017 at 11:33 am Days of Broken Arrows

      I second that! ’70s women were seriously hot. A good way to judge is by the quality of Playboy centerfolds. They peaked in the mid-’70s with Janet Lupo and Laura Misch.

      After that, it was a gradual downhill shift. We got silicon, botox, ’50-year-old women like Nancy Sinatra, and a passel of odd-looking women being passed of as beautiful.

      Speaking of which…why is Cara Delevinge being pushed as some sort of beauty? Not only does she look weird, but she’s apparently a tattooed, angry dyke-by-choice. In short, everything men should avoid. The girl who rings up my groceries is hotter.


    • The ’70s was when the baby boomer women were at their peak nobility.


    • on September 8, 2017 at 8:01 pm Vagina dominator

      1970s high school. You may remember the fashion of jeans (in various colors) so tight that the underpants were almost on the outside. Visible Panty Line like the San Andreas Fault.

      The pudendas! The camel toes were incredible. The tightness on the vagina must have been painful as it almost cut them in half.

      And the short little school uniforms that they hitched up even higher. Five minutes into the school day you could assign a panty color to almost every girl in the school. And if there was a catfight, uniforms went straight up to the shoulders.

      Some of them, maybe 13 or 14 years old, would walk out of school and jump into someone’s burnt orange panel van/shaggin’ wagon and zoom off.

      And some of those girls I still clearly remember – genuinely supermodel hot.


    • on September 9, 2017 at 6:03 am Lord of the Gulf Stream

      This was an average chick in my high school.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 8:40 am Captain Obvious

        You shoulda seen the flute section in my high skrewl band*.

        You had to be a minimum HB7 just to play third-chair flute.

        First-chair flutes were getting up around HB9.

        *Greatest High Skrewl Band evah.


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  3. […] What Produces Female Beauty? […]


  4. Its not that given the choice of women, men only choose the most beautiful. No. Given the choice of women, men will choose all of them.

    “You mean just because a woman is pretty you want to sleep with her?”

    “Naw, we pretty much want to nail the ugly ones too.”

    [CH: like i’ve said before, i wouldn’t get carried away with this glib smear of male looseness. eurasian men do have standards, which they exercise even when the have effectively limitless options in mate choice. fat chicks really do suffer a romantic and even sexual penalty in the modern dating market.]


    • on September 8, 2017 at 11:25 am vaguely human slav

      where do you think the mulatto tight ends and QB’s in the NFL come from?

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    • I’m pretty picky.


    • While certain sub-species are discerning in their mate selection, others…

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    • on September 8, 2017 at 11:40 am Days of Broken Arrows

      That line about wanting to “nail the ugly ones too” is from “When Harry Met Sally.” Billy Crystal says it. Since the movie was so popular, it’s moved into the cultural vernacular.

      But …that movie was written by Nora Ephron. A woman. So, it’s actually a woman’s view of what men are like, not men themselves.

      In college I can’t tell you how many unattractive women I passed up. They responded with either anger or insinuating I was “gay” (always the first response of a scorned woman).

      Looking back, theses women weren’t really so bad, but I wanted the hot ones. I’ll bet guys who were taller and more successful passed up dozens more. It’s an ugly woman’s fantasy that we “want to nail the ugly ones too.” We don’t.

      [CH: i’ve outright rejected three women in my life who directly approached me and solicited me for sex. they weren’t butt ugly either, just kinda plain and chubby. sexual market theory has to account for the reality of male choosiness.]


      • Reminds me of a few girls I remember from high school and on in particular.

        Years ago I leafed through my yearbooks cause she had popped into my head and looking back on it I was like “hmm, she wasn’t so bad” but had focused on the few hotter gals at our school.

        Funnily enough, a few of the ones I thought were hot really weren’t.

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      • on September 8, 2017 at 2:50 pm Oleaginous Outrager

        “Men will fuck anything” is quite good feminist agitprop, because it allows them to feel morally superior, justify their own slutitudenesss cravings, and, probably most reassuring to the garbage-level hamsters, rationalize not making any effort to appeal to men, ’cause they’ll eventually fuck everything anyway, right?

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      • on September 8, 2017 at 2:59 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Ephron, eh?

        I don’t use quotes or “lines” from movies as guideposts (a dying baby boomer obsession) not least ones written by someone named Ephron.


      • “written by Nora Ephron. A woman”

        A coalburning Jewess in fact

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      • –at least I’m 95% sure about the coalburning. I believe she banged Stanley Crouch while she was his student.


      • The classic movie Marty exactly nails the male dynamic. AFC beta nice guy takes pity on a crying woman at a club. She’s a solid HB5: not ugly, not pretty. He ends up having a good time with her. His loser friends tell him to cut her, and deride her as a dog. They’ve got no women in their lives, but they’re incels who’d rather stay that way than settle.


    • A couple qualifiers that I have to emphasize:

      One: A female only has to be attractive for one simmering moment in time in order to pass on her genes. At 16-20 years old, the average (non-fat) female is good enough to drop a load in.

      Two: Forget fat. We’re talking effective evolutionary environment here. Chicks weren’t fat.

      9000 years ago, 90% of females fit this criteria for fucking. Survival was more the problem.

      Now in regards to bone-structure genetic level ugliness, yeah that would be selected out if men have any kind of option at all.

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      • CH’s points also buttress my mention of racial differences in approach anxiety.

        White men are choosier and have more approach anxiety BECAUSE OF what I describe: spreading too much seed wasn’t beneficial, your knocked up women died on the scandanavian steppe, etc. Your genes die. Better to have inhibitions and find food for your kids.

        Black men are less choosy and “holla” at pretty much anything because they weren’t subjected to these same evolutionary pressures. Baby mamas could pick enough berries to get their kids to reproductive age.

        [CH: the theory i’ve always heard is that approach anxiety is caused by fear of getting pummeled by an irate jealous lover or overprotective father, but your theory makes sense as well: AA in eurasians is an evolved disposition against squandering time and effort on low investment females.]


      • That might help explain things for some men, at least… I have the most approach anxiety for the plain janes and least for the hotties. But I always thought most men were the reverse. The “she’s out of my league!” effect.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 1:14 pm vaguely human slav

        “squandering time and effort on low investment females.]”


        there definitely is and was a lizard part of my brain that made talking to g-g-g-g-girls something that required courage. Is it because they were trash or hot or just girls, I don’t know…but low investment sounds silly.


      • Ergo, the aborigines.


      • Williamk is correct. The anxiety is generated by thinking a step or ten down the road. It is not generated by rejection or immediate threat. It’s what will choosing this woman result in. Anxiety comes from thinking about the future and if one has no forward time preference there is no anxiety.

        This is why the modern form of state enforced feminism is so bad for the men that would be the best for advancing human civilization. A person who is future oriented becomes burdened, even crippled with the potential problems and challenges as he’s trying to game them out in his head. The game has become infinitely complex while is options as or more limited than ever. The women meanwhile with the state there to take from prudent men no longer need concern themselves so much with the future.


    • fat chicks really do suffer a romantic and even sexual penalty in the modern dating market.

      The only penalty less-than-desirable chicks suffer these days is not getting the men they want or think they deserve…

      … but they invariably find somebody/anybody that will bed them, and yes, even marry.

      We’ve seen it time and again both in Cyberia and in meatworld.

      The beta thirst has caused more than one haid to shake… and why the current malaise of feminism will continue until the economy worsens to the point that women are no longer independent of a man’s support.

      [CH: this is simply not true. I have posted links to studies which have found fat chicks have less sex and fewer sexual partners than thin chicks. and keep in mind for women getting laid isn’t fulfilling to them on a deep primal level. getting commitment from a quality man is what fulfills them.]

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      • [CH: this is simply not true. I have posted links to studies which have found fat chicks have less sex and fewer sexual partners than thin chicks. and keep in mind for women getting laid isn’t fulfilling to them on a deep primal level. getting commitment from a quality man is what fulfills them.]

        You seem to be making my point for me… ‘though you say “not true”.

        I already said they may not get the men they want or think they deserve, but they ARE still having sex… that the sex is less than more desirable females, well DUH! But the point is,they’re still finding men that will have them and yes, even m-a-r-r-y them.

        Nobody was talking about fulfillment on a “deep primal level”… as if that could honestly be measured anyway… they’ll rationalize any answer to a pollster to save face.

        Hell man… just look at some of the stuff that’s been posted right here at the chateau, let alone what our own lying eyes tell us in meat world. Everywhere you go you see men with chubsters, and some quality-looking men at that, ‘though their choice betrays their betatude.

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      • And it’s not only the chubsters… there are a lot of less-than-quality females out there… mousey, no personality to speak of, let alone bitchy, no body to speak of… yet they all find their beta orbiters from whom they choose their man-in-tow… ideal dreamboat though he ain’t.

        It’s the old story about the 4 who goes to a Star Trek convention and becomes a 9.


      • Men trade intimacy for sex. Women trade sex for intimacy.

        I.e. her desire for post-coital cuddling is an instinctual need to be protected by the male while his seed fertilizes her egg and if done correctly, her vulnerabilities will invoke a longer period of intimacy also known as commitment.


      • was at the local grocery store this morning

        aside from one or two, every couple i saw was a good looking well dressed man with a dumpy plain or fat woman. and i’m talking about at least 6 or 7 couples that i saw before i stopped counting. only two couples were a good looking girl with an average to good looking guy.

        sure, most of the women were not obese but many were overweight, dressed in dumpy t-shirts and jeans, or athletic clothes and shoes.

        no dresses or heels, very little or no makeup, hair up in those buns that they all do when they are too lazy or uninterested in making an effort to look good for their man.

        in the past you would never see this. even a low average looking man would have a woman who made an effort to look good for him and you’d see many couples where the girl was a lot hotter than the man. some of the elderly couples i saw were still that way. even though the woman was old, she still made an effort. had her hair done nicely, had on feminine colors, earrings, etc.

        today i saw at least half a dozen men who looked like they could get much better women than they had. they also all looked miserable.

        this is just one example. i see couples like this everywhere i go. and there’s no way these guys have side girls or plan to leave. you can see it in their eyes. they put up with these crappy women who are totally dropping the ball in the girlfriend/wife department but feel too guilty to go out and find someone better. pretty sad that there are so many men who have given up on life like that.


      • Can’t be true… yo’ eyes musta been lying. ;-).

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  5. The fruit of my loins


  6. on September 8, 2017 at 11:01 am everlastingphelps

    r/k reproductive strategy strikes again.

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    • K selection + Monogamy = Beauty + Intelligence + Cooperation

      r selection + Polygamy = violence + ugliness + stupidity

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      • I saw ‘male paternal investment’ and ‘female dependency’ and though = monogamy, and there’s the only preceding comment to use the word. I don’t think the men must be sexually limited to a single wife as a requirement like women being limited to a single husband. And a wife is not a concubine even if the concubine may only have sex with one man. I think the distinction is net female economic utility, which is never positive if she does not have a personal masculine authority to manage her. A sultan and lord of the castle does not exactly use women to improve GDP. The indirect effects are important. A helpmate multiplies a man’s economic output. The man is central, again. If women don’t get personalized attention, then they are not multiplying masculine output, so I can see that monogamy has it’s benefit, but I think if the ratio of female:male is at least double 1:1 then I think it would be wasteful to not have up to two wives. But then it’s the elimination that makes for beauty. So maximizing economic output and maximizing female beauty part ways just a little. So I guess monogamy is the key to female beauty. The requirements of monogamy, like men being kings of their castle and have economic means, are no less requirements, but in a word monogamy seems to be important.

        So obviously, one would look online at maps of polygamy vs. monogamy and see if there is anything to female beauty. Though there is polygamy in black Africa, also in Arabia, where I believe women are regarded as beautiful. The economic results correlate better.


  7. Plus, betas are breeding more. It is cliche cubed in big blue cities… 20 something careeegrrrls ride the carousel for a decade and have nothing to show for it. Then suddenly they get terrified around age 29-31 and marry the boring beta who will never stray. Then she has a kid or two with that loser and their beta babies are indoctrinated with gender sensitivity training while the offspring of our swarming enemies are taught to hate and kill our delicate little flowers. Even with advanced weaponry, Western pansies won’t have the stones to pull the trigger.

    [CH: i do believe when the time comes a tragically high percentage of whites will essentially commit suicide because they’re constitutionally averse from a combination of genes, brainwashing, and decadence to act in self-defense if their attackers are nonwhite.]


    • They’ll commit suicide as a final act of their toxic virtue signaling. Probably plan that shit in advance, make a party out of it. Some odd ritualistic ceremony that social media will make all the rage.

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    • on September 8, 2017 at 3:08 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      They’ll commit suicide, but not by putting a gun to their head. They’ll go into FEMA camps where they’ll be terrorized by predatory minorities, they’ll give up resources to invaders (as they’re doing now with refugees only even more) to their own detriment, or they’ll otherwise either away when the government collapses.

      Many could die through poisoning though, either voluntarily as an easy way out of the misery, or surreptitiously through their rations by FEMA guards.


    • on September 8, 2017 at 8:05 pm Vagina dominator

      @ CH

      That is one reason why white men have to form groups and practise and understand violence now. The group will give a man the psychological permission to do what needs to be done. The group will approve him.


      • Yeah one thing i noticed straight up in the US is that young white dudes don’t have gangs. Western Europe still sort of has it with soccer.


    • Not me. One of my favorite films is Zulu!


  8. Demonstrated once again, Beauty is Truth.


  9. “What you need is an environment where women are dependent on men. This is most effectively imagined by food. If an African knocks up 50 women, its good for him. The women can gather food for her and the babies. He doesn’t have to see them ever again. An ancient Scandinavian does this, and all 50 women die on the frozen tundra with their fetuses and his genes die. They NEED him to win food for them because they can’t hunt or fish reliably and there’s no gathering to be done. (Now parlay this thought to racial differences in approach anxiety).”

    Conversely, men need to be able to provide said resource, be it food all the way up to money depending on the technical level of the environment.

    Hence the efforts of Title 9 and affirmative action. The idea is to pick winners and losers and of course who gets picked is going to be based in their social(ist) engineering goals. This is why the urban mulatto type is going to get the scholarship and job in the city but Bubba from the small town gets a choice of working in the mine (if there is even that) and marry his cousin or join the Army and end up married to a hambeast.

    We should also note how, for example, there is a drop-off in the return from resource acquisition-provision capability and how big the reward in reproduction that is depending on civilization.

    As pointed out on this website in the past, a kind of “sexual socialism” may have been ideal for western civilization because almost every man and almost every woman “had a shot” at reproduction. But perhaps this worked the other way around: when everybody has a shot, they have “skin in the game” and a vested interest in the survival of the system. All this electricity, running water, sewers, and infrastructure may have been a side-effect for what is at the most base of base, reproductive strategy.

    Take that all away and you have men more interested in playing video games and watching trap porn.(And traps are gay)

    Ultimately, when there is no more civilization, or the approach to civilization is entirely opposing everybody having a “shot”, what do we end up with?

    Harems. When it’s down to “that one warlord” who can be the guy that has apex access to resources, what ends up happening is he’ll have a harem too. Women are wired for this reproductive strategy. This is why it’s rather hilarious that leftist women are pushing “Handmaid’s Tale” as some kind of for-the-resistance move when in fact a handmaid has a successful reproductive strategy. The post-modern “free woman” might see a harem woman and think “oppression!!!” but the joke is really on her.

    For men it’s no better. The man who is not the alpha warlord/king gets to be a cog, cannon fodder, slave, etc. A loveless, hapless, “brutal and short” life. Battlefields and unmarked graves are full of these men and most of them never reproduced. Rape was always a feature of invasion because what other chance did they have?

    A good example of the “spectrum” comes, of all places, from the Mad Max genre. Notice how in the first Mad Max the two main bad guys, Toecutter and Johnny the Boy, are degenerates. Toecutter even had one eye with a trimmed eyebrow and makeup (that says a lot, no?). The protagonists are a dad (Max) and a cad (Jim Goose).
    By the end of that tale, the cad is burned beyond recognition and the dad is “mad” because the degenerates destroyed his family (hint hint).

    Now get to “Fury Road”. What do we have? We have a warlord with a harem. The entire chase is over pretty girls while the fat ugly ones are getting milked like cows. It illustrates well the genius of George Miller to lay all of this out for us while at the same time allowing his film to get nick-named “Feminist Road”. That move had the Sarkeesians and related harridan-hordes going into “looking for the feminism” and not finding it, but not noticing what was really being laid out for the viewer, which would have had them doing the standard SJW-hunt for Miller’s head.

    But in the end we can see how this system works. My point ultimately is that the robbing (certain) men from “resources” in the realm of reproductive strategy is the greatest social(ist) engineering operating ever, and it’s deliberate. The only thing that will save us from it is by purging the fake cuckservatives who pretend that the left “simply does not know what they are doing and needs to be educated” or something. Oh no. They know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it on purpose.

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    • On the topic of Furiosa Road, this guy puts together an interesting take on the film and simplifies what the film should be about, given how it starts and in doing so, he winds up wondering if it was all done on purpose:

      Someone from here had posted the video he did of Farce Awakens, which I thought was excellent. He equally eviscerates Rogue One as well. I wish he had more videos. He does a good job.

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      • Damn that guy is boring as fuck. I enjoyed fury road. Not as good as Road warrior but I liked better than the og mad max movie simply for the visuals. Yeah Yeah, i get the propaganda aspect, grrrrlpwr etc, but fuck, if i can see past all that, i’m not worried about it. The media has a giant megaphone and they use it effectively despite being minority opinion. Things are changing tho.


      • Excellent series — which I’m sure will be shoahed in short order. Watch while you can!

        It’s like Plinkett from Red Letter Media, whose reviews are better than the movies themselves. Except E;R sprinkles almost subliminal realtalk into his presentation (e.g., his use of “gems” and echoes on the modified webpages he cites), and that has an excellent effect in this world of relentless poz. Even Plinkett, for all his attempted subversiveness, doesn’t dare go where E;R does, and artfully.


  10. on September 8, 2017 at 11:26 am vaguely human slav

    all that’s left is that some groups have a certain striver status when it comes to spitting out kids. Right? Smart guys and girls still strive for what the feminists would deride as trophy spouses.


  11. On the flipside to all of this; these people who have it easy right now are naturally incompetent and wholly dependent upon the machinery of the world the betas have made for them. When they die, there will literally be no one left alive who knows how to fix anything. At which point the machines stop working and life gets hard again. Very, very hard.

    Of course that’s not perfectly accurate. There will be Men who understand.The ones who’ve rejected their own pathological altruism. If anything gets bred out, it will be that. Those guys will be prepared and, unlike their niceguy neighbors, won’t allow the parasite to survive anywhere near them.


  12. This post explains the famous great beauty of Eskimo women.

    [CH: small sample size? not being glib, the small population numbers means the men don’t have much leeway to discriminate in their mate choices.]


    • Its also a long way to the next village

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    • I always thought Eskimos look like Koreans, and there are a lot of good-looking Korean women.


    • There is no point in being choosy for the approaching winter if winter is eternal where you live.


    • For hundreds of thousands of years Australian aborigines survived in a harsh desert environment. Their populations have always been small because of the difficulty of the majority of their environment.

      Yet their women….


    • Or what about the women of Mongolia ( Gobi desert ) or Tibet/Bhutan (harsh mountains)?


    • It is a FACT that Inuit women cross bred with Vikings — centuries ago.

      The said Vikings were universally nominated as Giants by the Inuit.

      The Viking lodges — the remnants — still exist in the high Arctic.

      Leonard Nimoy narrated the documentary detailing all of this… but it’s heck to find on imdb.

      And the Vikings // Norseman migrated all the way down to Milwaukee — which, itself, is a Norse word. Indeed, Wisconsin is loaded with Norse place names.

      This Viking transit occurred in the eleventh century.

      Native American traditions are VERY explicit about this. And the residual DNA is within them.

      It’s stunning how much Norse DNA is spread in the Inuit. You’d expect to find virtually nothing.

      Further south, many tribes show astounding European DNA — right across the nation.

      For example, the Yakima tribe has blood quantums as high as 25%. These were not recently acquired.

      BTW, harsh climate brutalizes everyone — and it really shows with chicks…

      Check out the before and after for that Nat Geo chick from Afghanistan.

      She was a HB10 at 16 and a ’50 year-old hag’ twelve years later.


  13. williamK gets this precisely right about what sets the ancestral roots of the European peoples apart. And these precise ancestral roots eventually produced European (i.e. – western) culture – that is epitomized by the deep emotional (perhaps even spiritual) sentiment harkened by something like this:

    Western culture is a treasure. Most beautiful (i.e – the beauty of it all lays not just within the countenance, shape, and spirit of beautiful western women). There are many expressions of this rarefied beauty.

    The way I see this – perhaps it is happenstance within the overall humankind juggernaut that had the Europeans bring forth these rarefied fruits. Some humility around this is called for (and said humility is another rarefied gift of the European spirit). But nevertheless, …… to ensure that this, the most beautiful, does not wither, the west MUST SEE TO IT THAT IT IS SHARED. And that is an extremely tough row to hoe – but …… I believe …. the west, the true-Christian-west, is up for it. We need a strategy first, then the tactics can be better sorted out.


    • It seems that my strategy to promote the Chateau as world-wide-central hub for classical music was successful. Welcome on board, Wild Man.


      • Yes, Bach, Mozart are special. And it’s not just the genius of these men, it is the fact that, by the 1700’s, the culture had risen to the point that an appreciation of such genius was codified – you can’t make music like this without very skilled choirs, very skilled musicians, stupendous pipe organs and magnificent churches built to heighten the resonance. And the music Bach produced in particular …. calls out a deep understanding of, an appreciation for, and a proclivity with, the many many elements of western culture that fit together to produce such rarefied norms, by this time in history. To me ear, Bach’s music in particular is representative of all this.

        I have come to an appreciation of classical music later in life. A couple of years ago I spent a year in a classical choir, learning what it takes to sing arrangements like this (I sing bass). It isn’t easy to get it right – to have everyone do their part and no more, never to overwhelm – but to harmonically contribute ….. to beauty. The west …… a commitment to beauty borne of a passionate heart tempered by forbearance and magnanimity.

        Heinrich – I tend to judge people more-so on their individual character first, and their tribal affiliations second, but, there is no denying ….. the west is something truly special. There is no shame whatsoever in valuing one’s western heritage.

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      • What I simply can’t understand is why people who listen to classical music nowadays are overwhelmingly shitlibs.


      • “What I simply can’t understand is why people who listen to classical music nowadays are overwhelmingly shitlibs.”

        It’s actually quite simple. Classical music was not-so-subtly propagandized as ‘elite’, in conjunction with the elimination of music appreciation from the “normal” college educational path. Coupled with it’s reduced usage in movies and shows (other than period pieces), most people simply don’t get exposed enough to enjoy it… there was a brief resurgence with Baby/Little Einstein productions but even those aren’t rendered in the full glory of the originals.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 8:01 pm The Philosopher


      • Handel and Haydn get short shrift these days, but are the great masters for me.


      • @ Carlos

        Extra points for costumes and youth. Cameraman correctly identified transverse flute in black dress as gem (at 4min.).


    • Western music is the pinnacle of civilization, agreed.

      Yes, the Leftist lunatics have made it seem elitist and denied it to the young generations, see NPR.

      I’ve wondered if it might be fun to troll NPR by calling the local station with a score of your friends and requesting that they play some Wagner…with German accents of course.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 5:17 pm The Philosopher

        Classical music is very broad. I never really like the germans or the baroques like Bach, Beethoven and that. Fairly boring to me. But the romantic composers like Chopin and neo-romantics like Debussy are great stuff.


  14. on September 8, 2017 at 11:42 am Wrong Side of History

    If men were willing to fuck anything, there’d be no incels.


  15. “I have to disagree with one point williamK makes about men being willing to fuck anything that moves

    The real answer to this question is, as so many things are, split on race.

    Black men will rut with anything that moves. So will echo men. But white men will not.

    Most, indeed nearly all, of those incel white betas around today (or deltas, or omegas, or however one wishes to dub them) could be with ugly women, if they had no standards and were, in fact, willing to rut with anything. But they aren’t. Given a choice between ugly women and nothing, most take nothing. And understandably so.


    • …and yet, 4 out of every 5 divorces are initiated by women. Seems to me they’re the ones bailing out haha.


  16. I always assumed that it was because, in colder environments, women’s bodies will be more covered up, so evolution put more emphasis on facial beauty/fertility cues than it did in warmer climates.

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  17. This is why Great War, and the resulting marginal reduction of male-female ratio in the population, is the answer to many of our current problems in the SMP. I also have a hunch that war is a biological necessity for maintenance of stable human societies, as excess men reduce the already low comparative value of sperm, and generate misandry in the culture.


  18. If she’s fat, I’d rather fap it than tap it. Although I have let a few chubby chicks with cute faces give me head.


  19. ROFL visited the side of family with jobs loot and it’s kind hilarious the welfare mom with three kids to eat better than the middle class he he he
    Got the house and car bills not much left I guess


  20. To make that 90k working 7 days a fucking week with overtime then taxes off that to pay for someone else but yea that’s cool I guess and listening to the rule don’t have lot kids and can’t afford it


    • on September 8, 2017 at 5:52 pm Captain Obvious

      Gunslinger, the other viciously evil aspect of it is that, relatively speaking, only the Working Stiffs themselves pay these taxes [which are levied against EMPLOYMENT].

      Whereas (((The Elites))) pay themselves in Krapital Gainzzzezes, which are taxed at a half to a third of what Employment [i.e. Wage Slavery] is taxed at.


  21. Added bonus u don’t eat as good to pay for someone else to grow up to rape Rob and fuck with your people at a high rate of speed yea maybe whites are to dumb for own good


    • The whole game for the norms is just retarded then they gone Workin all the dam time no time to spend with family rofl
      But smart in way baby boom robots less kids don’t need as many people but then import extra peeps fuck up the process a bit


  22. Selection pressure in the west is strongly against female beauty. Beautiful women are disproportionately smart and from well to do families. They effectively use birth control and delay their child-bearing years until well into their 30s as they go to college, start careers, etc.

    Ugly women are disproportionately dumb and poor. They don’t attract a lot of men but they don’t need to. They don’t use birth control effectively and they are surrounded by people (including their own family members) who will have sex with them and are also dumb and irresponsible.

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  23. Need more time to crunch in brain but I am dumbfounded at this point but get the role of banks in equation of houses to high but yea and living in house his prob wouldn’t approve hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh
    Loved talking to my family though
    Nice yard peaceful spot


  24. surplus women/female dependency-signaling, 1980s style:

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  25. Maybe a surplus? There is definitely one amongst breeding age people in the United States.

    18-30 year old men outnumber 18-30 year old women by over 1,000,000. Significantly so. Considering that men can healthily father children for 15 years past that window, reality is even worse than the numbers suggest. So for hundreds of thousands of men they either need to either pursue women much, much younger(thus kicking the can down the road for their peer’s children), get sufficiently good at game to increase his smv/mmv (essentially swapping spots with another man), or die.


    • H1B visas drive that. Sort by race and it will be closer. I see a shortage of decent men. Millennial women make goo goo eyes at me often, especially if I am with my kid. Millennial men do not project much masculinity and are being shorted on jobs. That is the root of the problem in my eyes.


    • I think it was Jordan Peterson that said:

      “There is nothing LESS valuable to society than a man younger than 30. There is nothing MORE valuable to society than a women younger than 30….. and vice-versa.


      • ” “There is nothing LESS valuable to society than a man younger than 30. ”

        Cant agree with this. Give me men of fighting age 16 – 60 and I’ll build empires. What are you going to to do with the women, besides offer them up to my men when we invade ?


      • Jordan Peterson is de rigueur atm, some good ideas and obviously on the “right” side in a lot of areas, but also overrated imho.

        Also, his stance on the JQ:

        Plenty of other stuff on the JQ from him available. Disappointing, but it was never going to be any different.


    • More women now graduate college than men so finding a man with perceived higher smv..is more difficult.
      Women.may have to ‘settle’ for physically attractive lower paid men but when women earn more in a household than men it never works well.
      This post reminds me of my trip to Flagstaff, AZ. A college town that is 60% female (they had ads looking for male prom dates) and my buddies and I were treated like royalty.
      We picked up on a different vibe straight away upon arriving.


  26. Feminism is the intrasexual war waged by ugly women upon beautiful women so as to limit their mating options with high value men.

    It’s ethnic subtext is that it’s the anti-hot shiksa final solution.

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    • on September 8, 2017 at 2:37 pm Wrong Side of History

      That’s what makes feminism such an evil, characteristically female mindfuck.

      Omegas shoot up jocks.

      Ugly women convince hot women to eat from the trough and be liberated.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 5:57 pm Captain Obvious

        WSoH, you are easily the most audaciously, flagrantly meandering Psychological Warfare Initiative that either Tamir Pardo or Yossi Cohen has thrown at us.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 6:33 pm Wrong Side of History


      • on September 8, 2017 at 6:42 pm Captain Obvious

        If it weren’t for the obvious Brandeis PhD in Behavioral Psych, I’d be worried that your A.I. was self-aware.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 8:11 pm The Philosopher

        I thin its possible to have gamma females. Manipulative highish IQ women who are jealous and full of rage at blond shiksas. Yes.

        Their men make white men feminine.

        And their women makes white women masculine.


  27. Men in latin America and Russia are useless crap, terrible dads, the women are hot.

    Sleeping with beautiful women accounts for female beauty. A superficial, sex mad culture leads to beauty our kids might all be rounder than we are but I bet they’ll have prettier faces. If you want to get tactical try barebacking women whose facial features round off the extremities and asymmetry of your own face.

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    • For ruggedly handsome sons and daughers with defined cheekbones a girl with a soft round face works best when complemented by a harsh-looking man.

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    • Latin America women are mongrels, Negroes, and Redskins. This meme of them as especially attractive needs to go away. They’re either squat toads or sluts who bloat up when they get older thanks to their mongrel genetics and diets.


    • i believe it

      don’t have any examples of risk taking behavior at the moment but i can attest to the fact that hot feminine women do energize me and make me feel and act more masculine, strong, virile, etc. just being in their presence makes me feel more like a man. like i’m oozing testosterone.

      definitely a lot more dynamic and energetic with them in bed as well. i feel like a rockstar and have extra energy through the roof. not at all the same scenario with an average girl or one who isn’t very feminine.


    • Young men hell, I was in my 40s during my Dance Sensation days where I risked my job to go to the local uni during lunch and dance with 20-40 hotties in Ballroom Dance 101. Eventually I got fired, which freed me up to take Latin, Swing, and Country & Western.

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    • You are also far more willing to commit forever to one. If you get one that is better than 99% its time to stop looking as you will be looking forever trying to get that last 1%.


    • There was a great video newsclip a few months ago from Australia of a teenaged kid whose mates dared him to swim across a river with crocs. He did, and was almost immediately munched as soon as he entered the water. He lived, but had some huge bite marks on his legs and arms.

      The funny part was the newscaster was interviewing one of the witnesses who was this quite attractive Aussie girl who explained that she didn’t think he’d do it, was screaming and thrashing about as the croc grabbed him, etc.

      It was abundantly clear that he did it specifically for HER.


  28. Readers might enjoy the link in this essay to a youtube video about Duong Nem, who got stranded penniless in Africa yet managed to build a business from nothing. More wisdom in his simple words than most of what I have read from all the “digital nomads” writing about starting your internet business while living in paradise and banging all the hottest women.

    Find Your Inner Chicken Feet


  29. Some of the comments here have hit on an important point, that being that there are some very ugly people living in some very harsh, demanding environments.

    I don’t think evolution is the key to beauty, with regards to natural selection, mate selection, provisioning, etc. I think it’s strictly race.

    I think the Neanderthal dna in the West is a more likely cause.

    If you selectively breed those Australian Aborigines for beauty, ruthlessly killing the least beautiful in every generation and pairing off the best looking in a controlled laboratory environment, in a thousand years you’re going to have dog ugly unfuckable women. They’re genetically ugly. You can’t breed out ugly if the only stock you have to work with is genetically ugly.

    I think beauty is a genetic gift of our Neanderthal/Human hybridization, and exists only because the hybrid improved upon the base stock of both original breeds.

    If we die, beauty dies with us. It won’t “evolve” through selection, as there won’t be the genetic stock to re-hybridize the species.

    Beautiful women and capable men are the hybridization. The original stock of pure-human are ugly and incompetent.


    • That’s a good hypothesis.


    • on September 8, 2017 at 8:18 pm The Philosopher

      Its how civilised a race of man is. I bet the incidence of aspergers in a race correlates with how bangable its women are.

      As I said, most chinese women are bangable. Most whites. Many indians.

      Men want high empathy naive people as partners for them and mothers to their children. Civilisation selects for naive socially retarded people who follow rules and are submissive. Men want empathy in women most. Women are attracted to men with the least empathy.


      • on September 8, 2017 at 8:23 pm The Philosopher

        There is a noticeable difference in the physiognomy of those with high empathy and low empathy, with the strange exception of psychopaths like Steve Schwarzmann or Hilary Clinton. Paths looks don’t tell you about their mind at all. But for most people their looks tell you about their character.


    • on September 8, 2017 at 8:24 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Exactly. It’s about aesthetics. Which reminds us where we come from and guide us home.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 8:05 pm Vagina dominator

        Aesthetics can be manipulated culturally (duh). The Yaeba trend in Japan is an interesting example. From Wikipedia

        In Japan, yaeba is human teeth, especially upper canines, with an uncommonly fang-like appearance. In Japan it is perceived as a sign of youthfulness. In 2013 it had become a trend where teenage girls would undergo dental procedures to cap the upper canines.


    • Except Neanderthals weren’t any better looking than any of today’s sloping forehead primitive types.

      It’s Cro-Magnon we have to thank for our brains and looks… you yeggs and your Neanderthal kick, which even among yourselves you can’t keep straight as to yay/nay/Kike/Aryan/Chinee etc., are climbing the wrong tree.


      • We’re in agreement on this point.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 9:27 am Wrong Side of History

        The science is dubious, but I think it’s clear that Eurasian peoples heavily intermixed with Neanderthals.

        A large occipital bun (aka the math/genius bump) is pretty much exclusive to these populations.

        This would have been very useful to people living in northern latitudes.


      • And why would this not have been a legacy from Cro-Magnon, whose brain case on average was allegedly slightly bigger than today’s Caucasian and Asian populations?

        I doubt the sloping skulls of Neanderthals would add any math proficiency to more advanced forms of Man… Cro-Magnons obviously killed off Neanderthal for the monkey-looking primitives they were.

        Now, if someone wants to argue there was a short period and limited amount of beings somewhere between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon that ALMOST looked more Cro-Magnon, but had residual bits of Neanderthal in them, then MAYBE that would be a more reasonable theory and explain the 1% of so of alleged Neanderthal DNA in certain populations.

        But the idea that there was any sort of mixing between Cro- and Nean worth mentioning? Meh.


    • on September 9, 2017 at 8:54 am Captain Obvious

      I think GiA is onto something here.

      Just because a certain sub-specialty of genes arose in the past is no guarantee that, should those genes lapse into extinction, a similar sub-specialty of genes would [randomly] arise again in the future.

      In fact, it would be democidally foolish to assume that genes should be expected to be resurrected from extinction.

      tl;dr == Fight to persist, and win the fight; or else vanish & disappear, probably forever.


    • I don’t think evolution is the key to beauty, with regards to natural selection, mate selection, provisioning, etc.

      The mystery of beauty (along with the other irreducible things, veritas and the summum bonum) transcends your small-souled bugmen analyses conducted according to naked materialism and the just-so fabulism of “evolution” as understood by amateurs. The awe of the beatific vision overwhelms all reason, experimentation, theorizing, and observation. You and CH’s attempted vivisection is just the product of two duffers attempting to handle an idea not just beyond your ken but beyond the ken of the ramshackle epistemology you employ.

      You are like two laboratory analysts attempting to capture the ineffability of beauty by slicing a gorgeous woman’s face off. When the phenomenon demands a poet’s sensibility, you turn to the cold ugliness of instrumentation.

      The very definition of beauty is that which we cannot express in nor reduce to other terms. When it becomes possible to explain in rational terms the constituent parts of a beautiful thing, its beauty immediately vanishes, like the effect explaining a joke has on humor.

      All y’all need Jesus in your life. But if you won’t settle for the genuine article, at least listen to the agnostic psychologist-darwinist Jordan Peterson about your scientistic (petty, marxist, Jewish) attempts to deconstruct the ineffable.


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      • King is a jerkface
        I do to have poetry
        My soul is not dead


      • No one knows, factually, what the distant past really looked like. Some of us are quite competent guessers, and know how to build a coherent story through deductive reasoning.

        But they’re still guesses.

        For all we know, aliens manipulated our dna, then evacuated when their prodigy turned on them.

        The best empirical evidence available for our pre-modern-human ancestors comes from single examples found here-and-there, a tooth, a femur, and from which a story is told. The story is in flux, at the moment, because we really don’t know what happened. Did modern man leave africa in one wave? Two? Three? Did premodern man leave africa, evolve in europe, and go back? Was there interspecies breeding? How many species? In which order? Do we know of all of the other species, or are there still some as-yet undiscovered “human” species? Will we recognize it when we see it? That single example of a thoroughly different human species, whose entire history now rests in a single finger joint; will a new species be written about based upon that one bone?

        We can’t know the past. What we can do is guess, discuss our guesses, look for the logical errors, and dismiss the ones that are obviously wrong.

        Biblically, I think we’re attempting to return to the Tower of Babel. God Himself made us different. Very, very different. Attempting to eliminate God from our lives has removed His will, that being that we should remain separate. Globalism and Equalism are, without exaggeration, contrary to the will of God. God did not say, go forth and fight and the best one shall be let into heaven. God loves us all, equally, and commands us to be separate. Pride (We’re the best race and we’ll conquer all the others), arrogance (I’ll raise up my little brown brother), and greed (If we go over there, too, we’ll be RICH) all fly in His face. This world is a test, and humility is a hard lesson.

        But let me come back to the point. I don’t think, genetically, beauty is possible in the other races. I think it was a lucky accident. Here’s what I think beauty is:

        Children are wide open, conceal nothing, and display their health and emotions on their faces, allowing their parents to read them. They’re trusting, they learn, and they’re beautiful to us, allowing us to care for them so completely. A genetic switch is thrown, in all of the other races, bringing on adulthood and, with it, hardness, concealingness, and finality. Whites don’t have that switch, and maintain their childish openness, softness, and future possibilities. It’s why we have beauty, it’s why we’re intelligently curious, and it’s why we’re so caring.

        That’s my hypothesis.

        We’re genetically different. Different races. Same species, different breeds. If we allow our breed to die by over trusting other breeds, by over caring for other breeds, by being over gentle and over kind, then we die. Beauty, intelligent curiosity, and altruism die with us.

        So why not just fight? We’re pretty good at defending our own, when we want to.


      • I think beauty is a … gift …

        Full stop! If you ended it there, you’d have a chance for truth expressed poetically.

        But alas you continued in the bugspeak of scientism because, like most of our decadent culture, you think it confers intellectual legitimacy on your otherwise accurate observations of life:

        …of our Neanderthal/Human hybridization, and exists only because the hybrid improved upon the base stock of both original breeds.

        Pardon me for beating an Obvious horse Captain-style, but,

        Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
        Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

        All you need to know. Forget all the other distracting and irrelevant and soul-destroying poz!

        To answer the question in the title of the OP, What Produces Female Beauty? God. God produces female beauty. Full stop. Now we can analyze it much further than that, observe its qualities, and speculate on its hidden effects. But we can’t go any further. This isn’t a just-as-stupid “god of the gaps” assertion, this is a recognition of the limits of our and any analysis. We limit our deconstruction at the transcendental because the attempt to deconstruct the transcendental destroys all knowledge.

        It’s the Faustian tragedy, the Transgression of Eve. We assume ourselves god-like and attempt the leap toward omniscience that sends us careering forever into the abyss, into nihilism, into the nothing. By ignoring our limits we have condemned Western Civilization into the final degeneracy that, by our own failure to affirm the transcendence of existence (and simply reproduce!), will snuff us out forever.

        You have to know, or quickly learn, how you are accidentally contributing to the general demise even as you consciously yearn for your race to escape it. Treat the beautiful as literally sacred. Know that they are the smallest hints of our salvation, revealed to us only in brief moments on this mortal plane, the glance of a beautiful girl that can feed your soul for years. “Eye has not seen” nor can see, “ear has not heard,” nor can hear, “what God has ready for those who love him.” Not here while you live and perceive only “through a glass darkly.”


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      • Children are wide open, conceal nothing, and display their health and emotions on their faces, allowing their parents to read them. They’re trusting, they learn, and they’re beautiful to us, allowing us to care for them so completely. A genetic switch is thrown, in all of the other races, bringing on adulthood and, with it, hardness, concealingness, and finality. Whites don’t have that switch, and maintain their childish openness, softness, and future possibilities. It’s why we have beauty, it’s why we’re intelligently curious, and it’s why we’re so caring.

        That’s my hypothesis.

        And here is Shakespeare’s hypothesis, no evo-psychologist, from perhaps the best poem ever written, “The Rape of Lucrece.”

        Beauty itself doth of itself persuade
        The eyes of men without an orator.

        To say that whites possess beauty because of reasons (or worse, because of ¡SCIENCE!) is to deny the irreducible mystery that defines beauty. That “because” literally un-defines beauty and erases it, makes us immune to its effects, and condemns us like Christkillers to the living hell in which we are presently confined, also known as applied postmodernism or, more classically, The Synagogue of Satan.


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      • God does not wish us to die, nor to mix, nor to be bred out. I offer not a question of “how beauty” but a statement that it’s unique to us. Recognizing our gifts is not the same as scientizing the cause. We are locked in a fight eternal, with those whose gifts are different from ours. Waging death upon the world is not God’s way, be it by the sword or through our own bent neck. His call to us is not to walk away from His creation, quitting. The path to Heaven is challenging, as it was meant to be.

        We reach Him by seeking truth and beauty and becoming our own best selves. If we listen to the Other, if we lay down and die, we do not reach him.

        He does not speak to the world with his own voice. He speaks to us, and we spread his word. Those who would spread his word are listening to the Lies. He will continue. His word will continue. We are being tested, not Him.

        He does not wish us to die. He wishes us to fight the Lies and spread his word.


      • Recognizing our gifts is not the same as scientizing the cause.

        My thoughts exactly. My admonition was only about accidentally scientizing the cause in an attempt at “recognizing our gifts” by using the tools of the jew. And we are seduced into using those tools because they are the false (demonic) markers of legitimacy in our PozWorld. Insofar as you may be tempted to follow their methods I urge caution.

        We are locked in a fight eternal, with those whose gifts are different from ours. Waging death upon the world is not God’s way, be it by the sword or through our own bent neck. His call to us is not to walk away from His creation, quitting. The path to Heaven is challenging, as it was meant to be. …

        He does not wish us to die. He wishes us to fight the Lies and spread his word.

        This is how we fight the lies, not with words or talmudic casuistry but by pure, unimpeachable demonstration. Their instruments are deracinated reason; ours are truth, which is grace, which is beauty:

        “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17). At bottom, there is no such thing as a “pretty” lie.



      • on September 9, 2017 at 1:02 pm Tes tos Tyrone

        “This is how we fight the lies, not with words or talmudic casuistry but by pure, unimpeachable demonstration. Their instruments are deracinated reason; ours are truth, which is grace, which is beauty.”

        And what a fight it is… Evancho has a sister who is transgender.


      • “Evancho has a sister who is transgender.”

        Isn’t that just a tomboy?


      • No, it’s true. He had his “confirmation day” (organ mutilation) right around the time Jackie sang at Trump’s inauguration. It yet again shows us how close darkness lives next to the light. Anyway, her early stuff is from before that demon entered their household, and the pre-op innocence is palpable and heart wrenching knowing what spiritual rape was yet to be endured.

        I believe that because the poz developed so close to her — in her own home, during her formative years — it will prove to be the key ingredient in her almost inevitable degeneration, as we talked about with regard to the Typical Starlet Trajectory up-thread.

        In another sense, it demonstrates just how powerful Jackie’s undeserved grace is, that it can fire so much envy in her brother and so much confusion in her parents, that they would feel compelled to mutilate their young son in some kind of impulsive ritual sacrifice. They used to be a nice, Polish, western Pennsylvania family that went to church, until Jackie’s otherworldly power exploded into their lives. That shows you what happens every single time when you imagine you can manage transcendence without Christ.

        Corruptio optimi pessima — the corruption of the best is the very worst.



      • I had always used Jackie Evancho as an example of “this is what we fight for”.

        Hearing for the first time now about that brother of hers, well… my soul just dried up a little.

        And I see now that Jackie is starting to run around like a painted harlot.

        Fuck this ghey earth.


      • There’s a great deal of ghey ruin in a nation.


    • East Asians have more Neanderthal admixture than Europeans. Redskins have Denisovan admixture. Your claim is flawed.


  30. There is surplus of women in Russia, this is why they are feminine.


  31. https://goo.gl/images/uKZikp

    Marc Maron and Jenji Kohan. Unrelated. Hahaha

    We know what doesn’t cause female beauty — Four millennia of cousin fucking.


  32. All nonsense.

    Beauty is just genetic coincidence. All the beauties mentioned on this post and the one before had unremarkable, plain looking parents.

    True, it can be sustained through a stressless, healthy life which will retain symmetry of face and form, but the raw ingredients – symmetrical face with perfectly proportioned, youthful facial features – are just genetic coincidence.

    Every beauty I’ve ever known had plain looking parents. Just look up pictures of Jane Fonda’s parents, or Angelina Jolie’s parents, or Aishwarya Rai’s parents, or just about anyone else.

    [CH: while i’ve seen my share of beauties who issued from plain parents, it’s not quite correct to attribute beauty solely to random genetic coincidence. on average, attractive parents have attractive kids and ugly parents have ugly kids. on average. not saying there won’t be exceptions, but if you showed me ten hot couples and ten ugly couples, i’d bet good money that a greater number of attractive kids would come from the hot couples.]

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    • I’m beautiful and so are my children.


    • on September 9, 2017 at 6:09 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      It’s not ramdom. But it is dependent on the mating choices of the female. Christy Brinkley create a fugly child because she hooked up with an ugly man. Perhaps good looks are a sign of white people valuing or not valuing good looks a priori. Ugliness is a sign of Judaizion.


    • King is dead. Long live the King.


      • Doesn’t really matter if you are King Gravatar or King Chess Piece, because you are both flat out wrong.

        Thought experiment— You walk into a Walmart parking lot full of normal cars and there is an exquisitely maintained Ferrari with perfect lines and symmetry that stands out like a beacon on a hill to the econo-boxes surrounding it.

        Your friend remarks- “Goddamn that car is gorgeous! There is a sublime beauty about those lines and shapes that is just ultra rarified air. You know, Enzo had an engineering doctrine about function following form, unlike most car makers. But through successive generations a few modifications here, a nip there, a tuck there, the beauty seems to have just remained no matter what was going on under the hood.”

        You- “Why would you care about HOW this car was made? Can’t you just accept some things are inherently beautiful? This car is manufactured through the divine providence and wisdom that God himself injected into the mind and spirit of Enzo Ferrari.”

        Friend: “Umm, yeah dude, I was just saying that while your not wrong about the end result and that he was probably divinely inspired to create something so magnificent the seed was planted divinely, but the engineering and design philosophy was watered and nurtured to continue to produce greatness over decades.”

        You: “You fucking heathen going on about engineering, design philosophy, and science! Why don’t you just go rip the engine out and dissect it right here and destroy the car!”

        Summary- You are a walking thesaurus and a smart motherfucker, but you are not always right, and your attribution of seeking the animus behind why things are the way they are to Talmudic conspiracy is fucking absurd and also does no service to the advancement of human knowledge. Beauty for the sake of, divine providence, and science are not mutually exclusive concepts from one another, just so ya know.

        Here to help…



      • Beauty for the sake of divine providence and science are not mutually exclusive concepts from one another, just so ya know.

        Thanks for the tip, but I didn’t say or even imply such is the case.

        Conjuring stories about evolutionary imperatives isn’t “science.” It’s fabulism. It’s airy-fairy theorizing about unfalsifiable claims. It’s reverse engineering from a predetermined conclusion. It’s HBD’s version of the Global Warming tautology. (Hurricane Harvey, it’s global warming. It’s hot out today, it’s global warming. It’s cold out today, it’s global warming.) Worst of all, these pointless stories are an enormous waste of white man’s cogitation, getting caught up in the savanna weeds as it were.

        Searching for the reasons why the Ferrari is beautiful isn’t degenerate. Admiring the whys and wherefores of God’s good creation is the very historical force that created the scientific method in the west and nowhere else. But dismantling the Ferrari into its component parts, in search of the beauty secret, destroys the unity of that car and therefore its beauty. Deconstructing beauty into a hermeneutic key, like, “Surplus women. Male paternal investment. Female dependency.” disallows beauty as a foundational truth upon which we can build all other truths. An eternal thing suddenly becomes contingent because you just made up a story. It is the will to truth destroying the truth of beauty.

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      • Instead of vivisecting the truth of beauty for some fantastical higher truth, accept that beauty is already the highest possible truth that cannot be deconstructed without destroying it. It is irreducible and ineffable. Build your world on that, not on some infinite regression of causes that must ultimately end in nihilism. We can conceive of infinity as an intellectual placeholder but we cannot come close to fathoming it in any way that is useful to life. We can only say, “For thus there is no greater than.” It’s the same futility that atheists encounter when they want to deconstruct God, who is by definition “that which cannot be deconstructed.”

        I’m not against science, I am against blind deconstructionism in the pursuit of an erroneous science. That is the jewish pursuit, the way of ressentiment: I am ugly therefore I insist that the universe be ugly.

        Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace,
        Have no delight to pass away the time,
        Unless to see my shadow in the sun
        And descant on mine own deformity.
        And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover
        To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
        I am determined to prove a villain

        And hate the idle pleasures of these days.

        They have made themselves an enemy of our holy project to beautify the world. They have convinced us, in our noble pursuit of truth, to pit that truth against beauty by intellectualizing the most obvious things we can see right in front of our face. We are so far down this degenerate rabbit hole that we are making up stories about invisible and primordial and unobservable causes in order to further (((their))) “Ugly Truth” thesis. But our instinct away from the poz is to equate truth with beauty, and I am a partisan of restoring that equation, whatever it takes.

        If the inquiry were simply why are whites more beautiful than other races, that would be okay. But for an answer your immediate recourse is to jewish deconstruction, and that’s tragic. The answer has to be as simple as the fact of it, and it can’t be bound up in specialized theory — their occult methodology was invented to avoid having to face up to their ugliness. Like, “You think you’re beautiful, but I know the real truth. You’re just a hairless ape impulsively attracted to health cues, which can be faked. You’re as ugly as me, only dumber!”


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  33. Cuck Day is officially a fag. Trying to shut down .gab over an insult nobody would’ve heard about if he hadn’t blown it up.

    He either is a pedo, or he just wants to kill gab for some reason.

    GamerGate is the most boring shit that ever happened to the Alt Right anyway. Vox Cuck can die off.


    • He’s self destructing lately.


    • I won’t say I’, glad because he has done some good work (mostly self-serving, but good nonetheless), but lately his constant vitriol to anyone who mentions the JQ perhaps shows his true colors.

      He coulda been a contenda….


    • on September 9, 2017 at 5:32 am Wrong Side of History

      Da kids want Anglin.

      Not Vox.


    • I wouldn’t pile on to Vox Day for all his long-standing flaws. Infighting is death to a nascent movement.

      On the other hand, all Vox Day does is in-fight in furtherance to his program of retarded self-aggrandizement. He got it in his mind that he is an Alpha Dog THE SIGMA WOLF (lmao) and thinks he can direct the common principles of the Alt-Right according to his whim/half-baked musings. He is the self-styled “Dark Lord,” don’t you know.

      If you’ve been around nerds who only late in life grew into their masculinity, you know the type. For all their improved virtuosity, they retain a connection to the life-defining insecurities that they acquired in youth. Rather than letting their talents speak for themselves, they advertise how skillful they are, because the tragedy would be for nobody to notice their improvement after all the effort they put into turning their lives around.

      Along the same lines, Day’s massive deficiencies speak for themselves, so, again, there is little reason to pile on. But every time I see somebody use the word “gamma” as though it were a valid addition to the ethological lexicon, I S my D H.

      Anglin is a stand-up comic whose value could hardly be overestimated, given how fearlessly he is storming the breach right now. This spat isn’t even real, at least insofar as it matters to the future of the Alt-Right, and I hope Anglin ignores it as it should be ignored.


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    • on September 9, 2017 at 4:58 pm The Philosopher

      Voxxy banned me for bringing up the Jew Q again and again. He also has a very intolerent view on people that dont believe in cuckold economics and fwee mahkets.

      I think his gamma male contribution is solid though.

      I don’t think voxxy cant understand, maybe its emotion, that the fwee mahkets stuff is hand in glove with globohomo and open borders. It doesnt take a genuis to figure out why all the mass media push globalisation and low white state/government control.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 8:19 pm Vagina dominator

        Free markets. Yeh. That’s a sure sign that your balls still haven’t dropped.

        In fact, any kind of talk about economics and “isms” that doesn’t recognize that the world runs on lies and violence and that if you aren’t part of a tribe then other people who are in tribes will run right over the top of you.

        Doesn’t matter of the vehicle they run you over with is called capitalism, communism, libertarianism, utilitarianism, or whatever. All that matters is who is calling the shots. Hint, it isn’t “the invisible hand of the market.”

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      • prairie jew is a prime example of an intellectual imposter and a disingenuous asshole
        In the debate he evoked nsdp article 9 which is
        9-“All citizens must have equal rights and obligations”
        and equated it with
        marx’s “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

        You have to be either a moron or utterly disingenuous to use this argument as proof that Nazis are socialists
        While article 9 simply states that all citizens are equal before law famous marx’s slogan simply means enslavement of hardworking and able to those who are not but have “greater needs”

        Muh free markets,muh individual,muh von-mises are another examples

        This from his 16 point alt-right manifesto
        5-The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.
        6-The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.
        13-The Alt Right rejects international free trade and the free movement of peoples that free trade requires. The benefits of intranational free trade is not evidence for the benefits of international free trade
        how could a sane mind reconcile these 2

        muh individual and muh free markets produce an atomized society in which all civilization bonds are eventually broken
        If an individual is supreme then all other thousands years old institutions such as family and nations are to take second place and eventually disappear
        leaving us with an agitated rootless atom which they call a global citizen
        Furthermore both ” free individuals and free markets” without being accountable to anybody but themselves will always tend to expend their powers, expend it beyond national borders creating “free trade” and globalist world order the very things prairie jew allegedly abhors

        It is on these premises that Edmund Burke has defined the fundamental premise of conservatism
        An individual is but a link between past and future therefore accountable to both those came before and those who will come after
        Consequently its freedom is limited and the purpose of politics is not to satisfy the interests of individuals living now. It is to preserve a social order which addresses the needs of generations past, present and future.

        It is on these premises that every future political movements should be judged
        Alt-right is the only political anti-globalist movement which clearly advocates the return to these fundamental premises of our Civilization
        Once this sacred link to past is re-established nobody but White Man could claim the future of Western world and Western Civilization
        And that is all that matters


  34. The real question I have is: Why are some ethnic groups so f*ing ugly when they have all three of these criteria?

    Look at the Arab nations;

    Surplus of women? Check, they have literal harem societies where superalpha oil kings bang huge amounts of the hottest chicks.

    Female dependency? Heh, yeah the men there just kill women who try to be independent.

    Paternal investment? Unlike nigs, towelheads seem to support their offspring.

    How could Mohamedan culture lead to such terrible overall health and appearance? India is in a similar boat, and a lot of Chinese. To me, they’re even uglier than nigs because nigs at least tend to be physically robust, regardless of being semi-retarded.

    Look at Dolph Lundgren in his prime; Where else on earth do you find a 6’5, musclebound alpha with an IQ of 160 who still supports his kids and is worth millions? Nigs may be 6’5 and athletic occasionally, but never smart, and sure as hell never close to genius IQ. Chinese may be smart, etc. but only in NW Europe do you get these literal superhumans and they aren’t even that rare, I personally know multiple NW European guys who are like 6’2-6’3 and are in crazy advanced science research fields or are doctors, etc.


  35. vfm, the classical listeners now are overwhelmingly liberal yes, but I think they are also trying to make themselves out as sophisticated – a radio station here in the UK endlessly interviews shitlibs with foghorn voices who have the sensitivity of a heavy truck. What I find so interesting, is that none of them seem to be interested in Russian music which is great in its own right, so no doubt their tastes are political as well because no one here in the UK wants anything to do with Russia (sadly), such is the globohomo brainwashing.


    • You are, after all, Rothschild ground zero. Elizabethan England was just the opposite and sought to trade extensively with Russia. Sebastian Cabot sought a circumnavigation route along the northern coast even. Russia was a big source for yew wood as well as furs, amber etc..


  36. on September 9, 2017 at 6:59 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Off topic.

    Joe Rogan Experience #1009 – James Damore


  37. decadence of the age compressed in 11 seconds


  38. on September 9, 2017 at 10:55 am Captain Obvious

    PHYSIOGNOMY QUIZ: Guess the personality.


    • PHYSIOGNOMY QUIZ: Guess the personality.


    • Pleasant smile, but that manjaw…


    • on September 9, 2017 at 12:04 pm Wrong Side of History

      A bad girl who wants my thick load on her face.


      • lil’ jew faggot talks about load on someone;s face lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
        Degenerate piece of shit read this

        Mom of 5 on Life Support After Refusing Cancer Treatment to Save Unborn Child: ‘This Is What She Wants,’ Husband Says



      • on September 9, 2017 at 6:22 pm Captain Obvious

        Cortesar is correct; they were childhood sweathearts in church, and had been [email protected] for 17 years when she was diagnosed with cancer during her pr3gnancy.

        Carrie & Nick DeKlyen


      • on September 9, 2017 at 6:28 pm Captain Obvious

        Three days ago, she gave b!rth to their sixth ch!ld, at 24 weeks 5 days gestation, and weighing in at 1 pound 4 ounces.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 6:32 pm Captain Obvious

        She [the Mom, Carrie], died this morning.

        Prayers for the newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 6:35 pm Captain Obvious

        And that, my bachel0r friends, is precisely what you’re looking for in a W!FE.

        Nothing more.

        Nothing less.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 7:21 pm Wrong Side Luciano


        I’m going to hell.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 8:23 pm Vagina dominator

        Reading below, she is the female equivalent of the popular infantryman who already had five or six medals for bravery and then dies throwing himself onto a hang grenade to save a roomful of his brothers. What a woman.


      • Touching story. As far as wife material I would probably recommend against the fundamentalist christian type though. Red pills and religion don’t mix well.


      • on September 9, 2017 at 9:57 pm Captain Obvious

        “Red pills and religion don’t mix well.”

        Uhh, Chr!stianity begs to differ.


      • As far as wife material I would probably recommend against the fundamentalist christian type though. Red pills and religion don’t mix well.

        Dumbass… if women behaved in a fundamentalist Christian manner, such as the lady in question, giving their husbands many children, much love, their families undivided attention, and a well-managed hearth and home, what need would there be for red pills?


      • I don’t really get the relevance of the mozart link. He, and most famous composers who wrote music predominantly for the church did so because that’s who paid them.

        Also, the idea that the world would be such a great place if we all acted like fundamentalists doesn’t really appeal to me. Why not allow hoards of our central American brothers and sisters in Christ to come here?

        A red pill mindset is based on pursuing truth. Believing the solutions to any of our problems lie in bronze age myths is the antithesis of that.


      • I don’t really get the relevance of the mozart link. He, and most famous composers who wrote music predominantly for the church did so because that’s who paid them.

        Look, if you’re another one of those dipshit marxist “everything is due to money, they only did it because they were paid” assholes, I can’t help you.

        Also, the idea that the world would be such a great place if we all acted like fundamentalists doesn’t really appeal to me. Why not allow hoards of our central American brothers and sisters in Christ to come here?

        The point at hand was about this woman, and White women in general, behaving in the traditional Christian manner. And for the record, it seems we’re already allowing plenty of Hispanics into the country, most of them NOT truly fundamentalist Christians, though some may go to Mass. Straw man elsewhere.

        A red pill mindset is based on pursuing truth. Believing the solutions to any of our problems lie in bronze age myths is the antithesis of that.

        So far I’m not hearing any truth at all from you, bronze age or elsewhere. But I’ve given you truth, in that if our women acted like this one in question, nobody would be talking about pills, red or otherwise.

        Further, if you’re yet another shill who’s gonna come here to dismiss Christianity as mere “myth”, then keep walking… we already stocked up on that sort, here at the chateau.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • @greg elliot: You could say the same thing about fundamentalist muslims. Dumbass.


      • Meaning, if all women acted like fundamentalist muslims all those things (many children, much love, refusing medical treatment, etc) would still hold true. That doesn’t mean having a Muslim wife is a great idea.


      • Also it’s not necessarily Marxist to assume great composers composed what they did because they were paid to. Just cynical.


      • @greg elliot: You could say the same thing about fundamentalist muslims. Dumbass.

        You’re making my point for me.

        Know any muslims that need to be red-pilled?

        Dumbass yourself.

        That doesn’t mean having a Muslim wife is a great idea.

        It’s a SPLENDID idea, if you’re muslim.

        And quit bringing nonWhite strawmen into the discussion if you want to be taken seriously.

        Oops… too late.

        (((duckface and a shake o’ de haid)))


  39. Glad to see Anglin laying the hammer on Vox


  40. on September 9, 2017 at 1:18 pm Wrong Side of History

    This is rich.

    h/t Porter

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    • Someone should concern troll this hoe. Be like “Girl, what you need to do is leave that white patriarchy behind and get yourself a GOOD BLACK MAN. I’m sure there are huge amounts of black men who would be happy to be a part of your son’s life.”

      The joke of course being that zero black men would ever be willing to do that shit.

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      • Hahaha. That is perfect.

        “It pisses me the fuck off.” But of course it does, sweetie. Of course it does….

        There’ nothing in this world quite so attractive as an angry, vulgar mud shark.


      • Word.

        Imagine that, this empowered modren woman is sitting on the shelf, like shopworn merchandise.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 8:52 am Wrong Side Luciano


        One luv


      • WrongHaid, get the hell away from me… I don’t wanna see ya… I don’t wanna hear ya… and most of all, I don’t wanna smell ya.


    • is that your mother diary faggot?


      • on September 9, 2017 at 4:38 pm Wrong Side of History

        It’s too bad yooza nahtzee bruh

        Here’s a piece of pussy so hard up that she would consider slumming it with you


      • as I said you should not publish your mother’s writing on net faggot
        if if you hate her she is still tour mother


    • Hah. The top comment there is pretty accurate.


    • on September 9, 2017 at 8:25 pm Vagina dominator

      This is a wonderfully white-pilling message, WSOH. What are you up to?


      • on September 9, 2017 at 8:32 pm Vagina dominator

        And let’s also note the implication of her complaint. She is being rejected by White men. It is certain that she could get some coon to nut in her again but she DOESN’T WANT ANOTHER BLACK MAN!

        Remember girls,

        Once you’ve gone black,
        We don’t want you back.

        It is easy climb down the evolutionary tree, but it is impossible to climb back up it.

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    • Keep this one for your daughters. As with the trannies, they never tell you the downsides.


    • A guy I used to hire to work on my computer was shacked up to a German mudshark. She was the most caustic bitch I have ever heard. I felt sorry for him.


      • 99.99% of coal burners are low socioeconomic status. Everyone knows this. Understandably, no one wants in on it.

        This is why the phenomenon remains very rare in the US outside of the lowest classes of whites (which even, there, is still quite rare). It’s a tough, tough sell in a materialistic, status-conscious society which is why (((they’ve))) had to spend billions over the course of generations incessantly promoting it. Where the rubber meets the road, very few Americans will trade money and status for virtue signaling.


  41. Like

  42. on September 9, 2017 at 4:51 pm The Philosopher

    Its kind of funny to see the talk among the left. You have the neocons trying to take over and keep out real progressives. Just like the neocons took over the right and replaced Pat Buchanen and Jeff Sessions types with people like Paul Ryan and others who are loyal to the great state of Israel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj7jerlSML4

    Its hard to see. But both the genuine left and genuine right if they didnt have jews in their ears all the time, would eventually synthesis into national socialism. The real divide in politics is between nationalists and zionists. The old left dont even believe in open borders. Its the neocons. Same with the right – they dont believe in never ending wars on ayyyy-rabs. Its the necons.


  43. on September 9, 2017 at 5:20 pm The Philosopher

    Hilarys new book is a waste of paper. I keep concern trolling liberals I meet with Hilary 2020 type ideas. I don’t think people on the right get how much people on the left hate Hilary. She is their equivalent of Paul Ryan, but much worse.

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    • on September 9, 2017 at 7:03 pm Captain Obvious

      “Hilarys new book is a waste of paper.”

      Gotta disagree a little – it’s a classic diatribe from a ladder-climbing career parasite who almost made it all the way to the very top.

      As I was saying a few days ago, there are at least three defining qualities necessary for a succesful career in the human sewer which is the modern bureaucratic sh!thole:

      1) You can’t worry about your customers, your employees, or your final work product, because worrying only causes you to lose sleep & fall ill & burn out & quit & never advance any further [& possibly even die from literally worrying to d3ath]. So you mustn’t have the slightest bit of empathy for anyone, which means PSYCHOPATHIC PERSONALITY DISORDER.

      2) When you have a [near] co-equal co-worker, who is in trouble with the bureaucracy, you don’t come to their rescue, but instead you shove a knife in his [or her] back, and remove them permanently from any further competition with you for advancement, and of course back-stabbing means PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE PERSONALITY DISORDER.

      3) In the very rare instance when it appears that you have become a public failure, you have a pre-prepared littany of excuses as to why it was never your fault in the first place, and a lengthy pre-prepared list of sacrificial lambs who are going to take the blame for you instead, and this blame-shifting tends to mean BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER.

      And Hillary’s new book is pure unadulterated blame-shifting.

      tl;dr == Good people do not [and arguably CANNOT] rise to the top of the modern bureaucratic he11hole.

      Only BPD [resp. Narcissistic] Passive-Aggressive Psychopaths like thecunt [resp. Bubba] can work their way to the very top.

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      • Like

      • on September 10, 2017 at 8:12 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        Success in the moderin corporate bureaucracy is predicated on pleasing your masters. Your work can be shoddy and full of lies and compleatly lacking integrity, it doesn’t matter.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:56 am Captain Obvious

        “Success in the moderin corporate bureaucracy is predicated on pleasing your masters. Your work can be shoddy and full of lies and compleatly lacking integrity, it doesn’t matter.”


        And people with character, people burdened by a conscience, people who CARE, simply cannot win enough of the infinitely many daily/hourly/minute-by-minutely battles in order to beat out a BPD/Narcissistic Passive-Aggressive Psychopath in the war to the top of a modern bureaucracy.

        Good people simply burn out.

        Whereas the Psychopath sleeps like a baby every night, because THE PSYCHOPATH DOESN’T CARE.

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      • on September 10, 2017 at 11:30 am Captain Obvious

        Good people get to the office at 8AM and stay until 8PM. They worry themselves all day long [and all night along, even into their nightmares] – about their employees’ welfare, their customers’ satisfaction, the quality of the final work product, whether everyone is rigidly adhering to the infinitely many protocols of the bureaucracy, etc etc etc.

        Whereas BPD/Narcissistic Passive-Aggressive Psychopaths roll into the office at 9AM, sneak out at 3:30PM, and spend the entirety of their “working” day manipulating bureaucratic events in their favor, sabotaging circumstances for their fellow [near] co-equal competitors [within the bureaucracy], and doggedly typing up “their version” of bureaucratic history, in myriad minutes & memoranda & “contemporary notes”, always creating a blame-shifting portfolio for infinitely many possible future FUBARs & the sacrificial lambs whom they will set up to take the fall for them.

        And then they go home and sleep like babies at night.

        Because they DO NOT CARE.


      • “And then they go home and sleep like babies at night.”

        babies sleep like babies too.

        my theory about “employment” is that it’s basically a surrogate family, which appeals to a certain mindset that never wants to/can mature. it also serves as a conduit to funnel/maintain herds of perpetual adolescents into the service of mini lords who reign over mini fiefdoms.

        IOW, the system exists to keep order, and free thinking among more than 5% of the population creates instability because not many people more than the 5% are capable of free thinking. though with a firm hand and strong guidance we could probably raise that number a fair bit, maybe to 15%.


  44. The driver for female beauty is war – on a great scale. War will create a scarcity of fit and healthy men – and an urgent need for security on women. When the time is right, both men and women will do what is necessary to survive.


  45. The downfall continues. This time in the ancient land of the Celts. I dont know how much more I can take.

    – The Irish did not waste any time basking in the wonder of the world, that this small country had leapt into modernity with its first openly gay and half-Indian prime minister, at 38 the youngest taoiseach in history. –


    • Positives…Irelandz birth rate is 2.0…one of the highest in the West.
      Was there last year and it felt different as soon as I stepped on the plane …kids everywhere!
      The entire advertisement world there seems to bd catered for parents/ kids.
      Ireland is 85% Irish still and Poles are the largest ethnic group.
      Worth travelling to.


      • For now.

        What happens when, not if, this mystery meat goes all trudeau on the Republic? Who’s going to stand up to him? The Catholic Church? They’ll be holding his hands the whole way.

        Yet another place our descendants will have to liberate when the next Crusade begins.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 4:38 am Vagina dominator

        There’s nothing to worry about there. They have much less than ten years to wipe us out. Of course, the numbers will drop for everyone, but whites see further down the road and will be more prepared, I hope. That is why I make these kinds of comments.

        Ever heard of the Saudi Arabia government’s National Transformation Program 2020? You can find it online. There’s a lovely, optimistic, reassuring pdf that explains how SA is going to diversify its economy for after the oil runs out.

        Yes, that is what I said “for after the oil runs out”. That is *their* admission, not my claim.

        Ha ha ha ha ha! Have you ever seen a con so ludicrously transparent? It is like the Tesla and wind farms bullshit. It is theater so that everyone doesn’t go crazy and start dropping out to the countryside when they hear the (true) depletion story.

        Do you own a flint for starting a fire? No? Then how will you start a fire to cook your oats? You do have oats, or rice or something right?

        Do you have a dagger in your house? Why a dagger? Man, Ireland won’t be full of guns (although you aren’t Irish, I think) . A really sharp and pointy 12 inch dagger, there’s no comeback against that. A brutal, brutally efficient weapon. The Medieval period knew their sh*t on violence. Just youtube some basics on how and where to stab and you are one your way.

        Anyway, that is why I laugh at the Jews with their stupid “we will replace you, bs.” They’re not replacing anybody. There’s not going to be any walled Elysium society for them. They are out of time.


      • I recommend the Arkansas toothpick


    • on September 9, 2017 at 9:22 pm The Philosopher

      He wasn’t voted our PM. In parliamentary politics if a leader steps down, politicians can elect a leader who resumes the PM.


      • They could have chosen many other politicians, yet they chose a half curie eating, fag boy. There is a purpose behind this my friend.


    • on September 9, 2017 at 9:23 pm The Philosopher

      In an open election he wouldn’t win IMO. But the younger generation are a lot more brainwashed than mine due to the influence of our Khazar friends.


  46. this is how it is done and how always it should be done
    you just need 8 people ready and able to fight


    • Those numbers will work in a confined space like that. if those dregs had of reformed once they got to the open space they would have swamped the cops. Fighting retreat time, if you can.

      Now, we all know those scum are not capable of any tactical thinking, as yet, so very unlikely to happen, but one day they will, and whilst the cops can always call for heavy back-up, and any innocent civilians (ie lawful marchers) caught up in it are in for a bad day.

      And the MSM will kill the story.


    • Quite a difference from that UK keystone cop brigade being chased by one n1gger, amirite?


  47. Trump game confirmed.

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    • “When someone asks about my worst hookup, I have plenty of options to choose from”

      Nothing like letting your parents and any and all future mates know you’ve been well-used by age 23.

      Seems to me even Chad has a shit deal these days thanks to Clown World. By the time a girl is legal for him to pick up, he’s getting sloppy nths. Teen Vogue and its friendly sponsors (KY Jelly, Trojan, and BangBros) have already spent years telling her that to keep the captain of the football team she must submit herself to defilements once reserved for kink dot com shoots.


      • she believed the brochure that said all she had to do was spread her legs and the right man would come. well i guess he did “come”, but not the way she expected.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 4:53 pm Captain Obvious

        PJ, the tragedy of it is that (((The B!rth Control))) prevents her from fulfilling her Hamster/hindbrain’s overwhelming desire to give b!rth to his pr0geny about n!ne m0nths later.


  48. As Martin Looter Kangz said


  49. a glimpse of the future


    • This is exactly what the elites want. Make no mistake. Obedient and dumbed down living tissue capable of doing simple work. Final stage is replacement with robots. We have gathered here to fight this tyranny and we will be successful.


  50. U guys were right the girlfriend always gonna be a whore now the ex


    • on September 10, 2017 at 9:05 am Wrong Side Luciano

      what happened?


      • Fucked her good chunk of night he he he even though she was pretty big but kind of had my wife’s tits but yea she was fine after doing whatever she after getting out but then yea we did have some shit I think she had maybe girlfriend when she realized I maintained most it kind of fd with her head shame works some I saw her sister going to get shit and stopped they ran I followed like i was gonna call police girlfriend hit me lol like the last time I wanted to call them but yea I was following them saying someone call cops and she kept threatening to hit me and then they left cause I went to get phone had em running but I’m trying to save my bitched life cause I don’t want her dieing off boy and I really call the cops tell them she hit me she starts punching herself in fave saying I hit her which I didn’t even when she hit me so yea they also made appeal s to some dudes walking to help them cause I was trying to hurt them or something and I told dudes I had cops on phone she hit me funny story cops didn’t give to much of a shit she hit me lol she said they said for me to quit following her so yea then I got my phone back and they were willing to meet me but I didn’t push it I guess felt like 5 years ago when I tried to play cap save a ho when dude was beating his girl and I went back to help her and she pushed me got physical I pushed her dude came out with hammer then i heard months later he hit her in head with hammer went jail but yea I didn’t even try defend myself with girlfriend and I left town she gonna have to be a big girl I guess cause what the fuck else can I do
        I’ll be good going back to wife if I can fuck a cow that got out jail I can fuck an older Chick who’s body I love who ain’t never cheated on me that I know of build up my emotional reserve again


      • on September 11, 2017 at 12:18 am Captain Obvious

        Gunslinger, FOR CHR!ST’S SAKE, will you please start knocking up some of these ho’s?!?!?

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      • good question captain

        what’s stopping you from going back to the wife gunslinger?

        from how often you mention her, it sounds like you think of her a lot.

        she has a body you love and she’s never cheated even with all the other girls you’ve messed around with and you not being around. sounds like a keeper man. seems like a no brainer to me


      • U right just got to get home I was trying some shit from Bible like Sodom gomora type shit find one good person I went through 5 half years of putting my life on line for to compare to wife but these bitches can,t even imagine her level of dedication or me not getting with the hottest bitches I’m attracted to with wife’s body turned down the hottest ones lol plus shit I didn’t even get in shape to get bitches or get teeth and u guys know bitches fuckimg each other up over me or trying to kill me if can’t have me tried to keep a little fair maybe didn’t want bitches constantly suiciding and shit


      • So u came on her face wrong


      • Workmen compensation case stopping me can’t leave country or money stops according to judge


      • Told em I’m ready to settle up seen enough of life not worth living


      • Wife should probably get 500 k of her own for being part of psy experiment and shit and citizenship for the relatives and extended family since then I can show em where I lived and such so they can understand


      • The wife ain’t just with me in this life though we together for eternity and she knows and is cool with that so yea she got tested fuck out of in this life but passed I do believe which is fucking amazing


      • ROFL Chick buddy popped up Facebook well memory I carry of touching her tit that was special to me even more than first time I fucked meant nothing to her she told me that other dudes had touched em so yea my mom was right to run her the fuck out the house with her non romantic callous ass we can be Friends though


      • She could not fit in her brain that it was special to me Jesus a lifetime of bitches I’m with thinking I didn’t like em and they liked me OK I am arrogant as fuck and didn’t want em long term so yea I didn’t lead on lol but did imprint for life anyway I guess like Chick that sucked dick underwater bout to leave husband and shit maybe god help my soul I will protect her from me he he he


      • What’s hilarious is she said she was 15 and didn’t think about hurting people or whatever I told her I didn’t either I just was high on life all the time basically and loved it that’s when she wanted to come to Greg


      • Passed up her pussy too cause it wasn’t romantic she sprayed shit in it so yea killed that vibe way more experienced than me at 15 back then ROFL


      • Think I’ve passed up more pussy than a hot chick passed up dick but yea I’m picky


  51. Like

  52. on September 10, 2017 at 3:43 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Well worth watching …


    • on September 10, 2017 at 4:46 am Vagina dominator

      I started to watch this but it wasn’t a minute in when the jew started in with the holocaust bullshit. No one called him on it. I – and perhaps Trav777 would help me – would have leapt across the table, scattering those little figurines across the room, got him into a two-fingers-up-the-nose hold and made him recant that kike bs super spottum, publicly, on tape. ,

      That shit is their Number One play. Stomp on that and they have nothing.

      p.s., I have cced this comment to Peterson for his consideration.


      • Anyone who takes a few hours to objectively consider the best available evidence in good faith, will inevitably come to the conclusion that there simply is no evidence supporting the intentional extermination of European Jewry by the nazi regime.

        Were Jews and other undesirables rounded up and imprisoned in work camps? Absolutely. Undeniably. Yes. Did hundreds of thousands of those prisoners die of starvation and disease? Yes. Were many brutalized? Very likely yes. Was their treatment criminal? Yes.

        Did the nazis heard Jews into gas chambers and murder them by the millions? There is zero reliable evidence supporting this sick fantasy and much evidence demonstrating beyond any reasonable doubt that it could not possibly have happened. There are many intelligent, well-read posters here. I welcome any evidence supporting what has come to be promoted as “The Shoah” that I may not be aware of.

        The fact that this purported Shoah is the only event in human history that one is forbidden by law to dispute, tells you everything you need to know about it. The truth does not need to be enforced by law. Ever.


      • Even if he started out legit, Rogan himself is now clearly full of shit. He’s a gatekeeper at best.

        Even his fight commentary has become 80% hype.

        I’m at the point where I view anyone who enjoys an uncensored public mass-media platform with skepticism. No one is allowed access to a large audience without being vetted and, if necessary, controlled by the owners of the platforms. No one.


      • The holocaust promotion industry with it’s undeniability clause is akin to Islam’s “death to blasphemers of the Prophet Muhammad”. Both are forms of preemptive bullying, but the Jewish version is actually quite a bit more sick – more BPD-like, ….. the chip on the shoulder are the sacrificial jews who actually died during world war 2 – this parlayed into a cudgel to punish and bully – so it shows utter disrespect for their own dead.

        The tendency towards preemptive bulling must be a semitic thing.

        The holocaust promotion industry is daring you to deny, in order to control by way of bullying, betting you won’t deny or seek to clarify by way of questioning, betting you will drone on and on and on with everyone else about the ultimate evil of Hitler and the Nazis. Get how fucked up this is – they are in effect setting it up in such a way that in order to unhinge the bullying, you gotta disrespect the jewish dead. But they are doing that (setting it up that way). Not the one’s with questions. It is the holocaust promotion industry controls the narrative here. In effect it is preemptive disrespect of their own dead. It is all rather monstrous.

        Jewish Retards = Talmudic(k) Mindfuck Psychopath Power.


      • *herd* not “heard”.



      • on September 10, 2017 at 9:48 am Captain Obvious

        WM, you can’t understand any of this until you start thinking in terms of PYCHOPATHIC PERSONALITY DISORDER [which is burned deep into the foundations of the DNA].

        The jew feels no empathy, no sympathy, no moral calling tugging at the strings of a conscience [because it has no conscience].

        Universal Principles are meaningless to the jew.

        We are in a Darwinian [email protected] to the Death, where the genes for Psychopathy are attempting to drive the genes for Altruism into extinction.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 9:50 am Captain Obvious

        (((It))) can’t be bargained with. (((It))) can’t be reasoned with. (((It))) doesn’t feel pity. Or remorse… And (((it))) absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are d3ad.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 9:50 am Captain Obvious

        Q: How do you write jews so well?

        A: I think of a reptile, and I camouflage (((it))) in the skin of a mammal.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:01 am Wrong Side Luciano

        Captain Obvious – fighting the jew by adopting it’s agenda-driven psychobabble.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 10:03 am Wrong Side Luciano

        The DSM belongs in a dumpster.


      • And WTF is that with the background? Jimi Hendrix and Rosa Parks? More of the usual subliminal negro worship? (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        Meh… allowed opposition, indeed.


    • Why the FUCK is some spiel about Hitler by the (((usual suspects))) “well worth watching”, Mustard… alt-R ally? (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      With yeggs like youse guys, who fucking needs (((shills)))?


  53. Its no mystery man. “Equality” and the End of Male Dominance. Fattie can drown in ice cream and delusions when Uncle Sham pays her. Ugly can be the beeyatch from Hell and look like skank on the streetcorner if she has a quota corporate office that pays her to be crazy and skank.
    Male Dominance is The Golden Key. In the “Good Ole Days” of Dan Draper and the Corporate Male Culture, those bitches had to stay slim and fit, cause Uncle Sham didn’t give her the money for shoes and rent. When The Man has the Keys and the Pursestrings, those bitches are on the treadmills and getting dolled up. Now the Welfare Queens and the Corporate Office are churning out Fat and Ugly all night and all day. The future looks like a Horror Movie!


    • on September 10, 2017 at 6:47 am Wrong Side Luciano

      Feminizm is the great sexual peasant’s revolt

      Kneecap the ancien regime and democratize access to alpha cock

      Most women are 5s and below so the demonic sisterhood of the hamster is never at a loss for fresh recruits


      • You analogy doesn’t work… feminism isn’t about ugly women getting access to alpha cock, because that isn’t happening and never was gong to happen.

        And if you don’t name the heavy kike element in feminism, and indeed, ANY idea, movement or entertainment whose goal is to upend the Christian West and White men, they you’re just stooging for the Synathedral.

        And I can think of no greater shame, you swarthy sock puppy… you fuckin’ childish shill….

        You fairy.


    • on September 10, 2017 at 9:01 am Captain Obvious

      “The future looks like a Horror Movie!”


    • Can we drop the Don Draper alpha frisson?
      He’s too soft and too much of a wimpy faggot to be alpha.
      He gets by by good looking game.
      It’s a very depressing show with no positive characters.

      Also shitlbs I know use Mad Men as a definitive historical account of how ” bad the past was and how much we have progressed”.


      • Its not so much the show as the time. Most don’t even remember what those days were like. Today the “stars” are too slacked jawed and weak to be authentic, but authentic ain’t what they shoot for is it? They want to badmouth and piss on it, but some Truth shines through anyway. Like that cheap shot at Hitler for the 666th time by putting Man in the High Castle by Phillip K. Dick out. That All-White America that was SOOOOO WACISS, still looked a Hell of a Lot Better than Mos Eisley, Amerika, huh?
        None of the Young Ones who grew up in Amerika after the 1980s even remember what those days were like man. Gen X was the Last Generation of White Kids that had White Neighborhoods. But the Millenials are Moar Racist not less. Why? Cause divershitty SUCKS. Get some old time magazines from the 1950s and 1960s. Its a Whole Nother World. White Girls and White Guys on the Beach. Frankie and Annette. Art Deco Cool.


  54. on September 10, 2017 at 6:38 am Wrong Side Luciano

    What up with burma er myanmar?

    Bluegov using persecuted and entirely peace-loving muzzos to force the golden don’s hand?


    • Pick a monicker and stick with it, asshole.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on September 10, 2017 at 9:23 am Captain Obvious

        You know, just when that Initiative seemed like it was about to stabilize, it had another nervous breakdown.

        I think Yossi Cohen must be recruiting the patients now [in addition to their doctors].

        Or maybe the doctors are the patients?


      • You made me laugh, CO


      • Multiple Personality Disorder does not allow for just one handle. I hope he has picked his house color in the village of the banned, because he’s gonna be residing there real soon, I bet.


      • on September 10, 2017 at 12:43 pm Wrong Side Luciano


        I’ll save CH the hassle.

        Later, bros.


  55. 300


  56. Converting Normies


  57. Remember, its never the woman’s fault !!

    – Woman Sues Background Check Site After Husband Uses Site To Catch Her Cheating –



    • The most eye-opening realization I ever had was when I accepted that women will never be made to believe that they’ve ever done anything wrong. A woman will stop arguing to make her man happy, and she’ll say the words that convey responsibility, but she’ll never believe it. Truth, to a woman, is anything that will get her what she wants, right now. It’s why she can change course mid-argument so easily. She’s not trying to find a solution; she’s trying to win. Winning is anything that will make the “argument” stop.

      Never let her win. She’ll never respect you again. And for God’s sake, don’t argue with your woman as though “truth” has any bearing. Make fun of her. Make her laugh at herself for being ridiculous. All she really wants is for her man to put her in her place. She’ll love you deeply if you shut down her nonsense.


      • the upside of her being incapable of knowing when something is her fault is that a smart man can get her to believe that EVERYTHING is her fault.


      • … which is actually true, in the biblical sense.


      • Crack happened and people own her with it for periods of time and I can’t
        I guess I could put a bunch more of myself into it but I got nothing left it took everything to make it 45 days no nut pain and dealing with the psy ops she cried when she saw how I was living apologized that she didn’t do the woman’s job for me and went jail in first place but continued fucking up


    • on September 10, 2017 at 12:25 pm Wrong Side Luciano

      Annoying black-pill porn.


      • Occasionally there is cause to say “thank you”… even to WrongHaid.

        He’s right, Mieszko… lighten up on the agitprop, (ahem) alt-R ally.


      • Your solutions to the problem ? I’m all ears gentlemen ?


      • Your solutions to the problem ? I’m all ears gentlemen ?

        Step 1: stop harping on the bad news that we already know..

        Step 2: seek ways to bolster morale within the ranks.

        Step 3: …

        Step 4: Profit!


    • Gatestone is just one of the clapping hands. You have heard of the Hegelian Dialectic? A. Cause a problem, say two sides fighting, then B. insert yourself in the middle to mediate and “solve” the problem. C. Make bank. Or in other terms, divide and conquer.

      So on one hand you have Jew Barbara Lerner Spectre and Paideia agitating for more wogs and on the other hand we get Jews at Gatestone wringing their hands over it.

      Note that Gatestone *never* points at Paideia and points out that (((they))) are the ultimate source of all of the problems.

      The “Make Money/Grab Power” part of it comes when we treat (((them))) as if they are honest brokers when in fact we should be putting them into camps – yes, I said camps – preparatory to shipping them off to that stinking little no-extradition bolthole they’ve set up in the Middle East.

      We could put them in the same camps and on the same ships as the wogs they inflicted on us. And we’ll make Mexico pay for it!


  58. Say it ain’t so ……………..

    – Obama is Back and He’s Not Leaving –



  59. The Cunt in today’s interview almost spitting out “white nationalistic gut” with disgust


  60. “female economic self-sufficiency like we have now in the West”

    You’ve used this expression a few times, and I don’t quite agree.

    The female economic empowerment on display in the West is not genuine “economic self-sufficiency”. Rather it is a Potemkin-self-sufficiency based on a heap of social frauds: welfare, affirmative action, set-asides, diversity BS, extortionate alimony, “child” support (actually single mother support), etc. If the West had to depend on women to grow crops, build roads, heat homes, invent the future, police streets and defend borders, it would be over in a day. Almost no females do anything self-sufficiently, economic or otherwise. Female self-sufficiency is a crock. Fake news.

    It surprises me to find this fake concept polluting your otherwise fine blog.

    [CH: i’ve written about government largesses freeing women from dependency on men, so the “woman welfare” is sarcastically implied in the self-sufficiency argument.]


  61. Black women must then be proof of high female ratio beauty theory. No small sample either.


  62. Actual journalist with integrity interviewing Hillary (not a PC liberal lap dog nor mangina):

    “Hillary, you claim you lost because of sexism. Wasn’t it sexist to traffic, exploit, manipulate, brainwash and dispose of millions of men’s lives for your rights and privileges over men? Wasn’t that mass disposal of men’s lives for your rights actually kind of monstrous, not so much sexist, considering your claims? Weren’t you in reality a candidate running for the highest position in a country that was entirely built by men? Shouldn’t you leave the running of the country to those that actually built it?”

    Too bad professional journalism with integrity is dead. Woulda been fun watching her try to answer those questions, huh?


  63. Weez be kingz …………………………

    – The Forgotten Study That Shows That Race Determines Intelligence –



  64. ” Black Lives Matter ” volunteers brave Hurricane Irma winds to rescue Air Jordans from Foot Locker.



  65. So, Riddle me this:

    Women in Paris dress to impress men; their usual hair look is ‘recently fucked’.

    In New York City, women dress to impress each other; there usual hair look is ‘Salon Fresh’.

    What is in operation in each of these wold class cities?

    In my estimation: There is compitition in Paris for the attention of men. In NYC, with an abundance of career women of financial security, the women compete for the attention and status of upping eachother. But, trust me, there is still a lot of pussy to be had in The Naked City of NY.


    • I thought the economy was supposed to crash in September?


    • Its a multi faceted and phased series of events, The cabal is eliminating the dollar as a world reserve currency which will weaken us and trigger inflation. That is the big long term event to take down the US as a world power. They will raise interest rates for the market to crash. That is to trigger a recession or depression and cause social upheaval and hopefully trigger a civil war. They want a catastrophic event to occur in order to cover their tracks and reengineer the system as they want without our input. I think the market crash will be in September too because it is always late September or October when the Fed crashes the market.