Study: Stereotypes Are Accurate

How many times have I written that stereotypes don’t materialize out of thin air and that generalizations are useful for navigating the obstacles and uncertainties of life?

In a new book by Lee Jussim, a century’s worth of social psychological research was reviewed and the conclusion reached that stereotypes are robust and accurate. Furthermore, human bias and self-fulfilling prophecy generally exert weak or no effects on the accuracy of stereotypes.

The stereotypes we hold about the sexes are accurate.
The stereotypes we hold about the races are accurate.
The stereotypes we hold about our fellow-white-people are accurate.

@Atavator adds,

That’s beautiful. Oh, The Irony. So more or less, what we see is social scientists, because of political ideology, enacting the very bias they’ve been telling us for 100 years that regular people are guilty of.

Has there ever been a grander act of projection?

If psychological projection is the default cognitive and rhetorical template of shitlibs, then their loudest shrieks will reveal their rawest exposed nerves. Find those nerves, and press hard.

The yeasty feminized and rabbinical ideology of Equalism is built on a foundation of lies, and it won’t be long now before it crumbles to dust.

I’ll save you all the gauche preen that I so richly deserve to enjoy at this moment…

not gonna do it…

nope, i have way more respect for my readership than that….

ah fuck it


  1. […] Study: Stereotypes Are Accurate […]


  2. Stereotyping is just practicing sociology without a licence.

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  3. Preen on, you crazy diamond!

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  4. on September 27, 2017 at 6:42 pm Muerte aka Luciano

    i like generalizations

    its like thinking but quicker

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  5. I didn’t want to let women down. One of the stereotypes I see breaking is the idea of aging and older women not being beautiful.
    Annie Leibovitz


  6. The stereotypes of feminists as ugly, or man-haters, or hairy, or whatever it is – that’s really strategic. That’s a really smart way to keep young women away from feminism, is to kind of put out this idea that all feminists hate men, or all feminists are ugly; and that they really come from a place of fear.
    Jessica Valenti


    • That was hard to look at and not vomit.

      Now we have to balance that stereotype with this one – the abundant beauty of Russian women:

      Xenia Tchoumitcheva

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      • Interesting choice of Xenia, who has multiple degrees in business and economics, has worked in banking and would like describe herself as a feminist, in addition to a “self made entrepreneur.” She also happens to be over 30, unmarried and childless.


      • yeah thanks to Captain Obvious and cortesar I threw up in my mouth a little


      • Yes, yes…and let us not forget this ^^^^

        and this ^^^^^

        The reasons we are fighting. Not for football, beer, television, jobs, etc. We lose these, the rest doesn’t matter for we will have no spirit to carry on.


      • I’ll go on a date with her if she pays after she will find someone to have kids with I predict


      • on September 27, 2017 at 9:43 pm Vagina dominator

        The man who tells me she fucks nogs makes of me an eternal enemy.


      • on September 27, 2017 at 9:44 pm Vagina dominator

        Referring to Xenia of course, not the overblown State Fair pumpkin.


      • on September 27, 2017 at 9:46 pm Vagina dominator

        Ah. no kids and past 30. Globalist values. So what is she for then? What use is she? Give her to the nigs.


    • all those empty parking stalls. where was she the other day when I had to go up to level 6 to find a spot?


      • “The man who tells me she fucks nogs makes of me an eternal enemy.”

        I be just tell it like it am be bruh. She whas down wid muh dik. Den I gibs her dem mudshark sunglasses


    • I assume that’s in response to the inevitable … “what the hell ARE you?”


    • on September 27, 2017 at 9:42 pm Vagina dominator

      Is there some point she is making with the misspelling? And why is she in the parking garage? Was she just delivered?


  7. Why are yids just so fucking unbelievably ugly? My guess is it comes from within and deforms them.

    Also I’m sick of Trump licking their balls over Israel. Where’s the wall?


    • Inbreeding

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    • on September 27, 2017 at 7:01 pm Muerte aka Luciano

      i find jew braudz unconventionally cute


    • on September 27, 2017 at 7:07 pm Oliver Elkington

      Gotta say Arsenal fans are better looking(Tottenham fans are nicknamed yids)


    • on September 27, 2017 at 7:51 pm Captain Obvious

      “Why are yids just so fucking unbelievably ugly?”

      Consider that it’s not the yids so much as it is your own perception of beauty versus hideousness.

      Biological Calvinism says that your hindbrain evolved to identify facial markers of physical “beauty” as a strong predictor of inner moral & spiritual beauty, just as it evolved to use facial markers of physical “hideousness” as a strong predictor of inner moral & spiritual hideousness.

      tl;dr == Never second-guess the hindbrain. Neither your own, nor your plates’ Hamsters.

      [CH: i have a theory that the high out-marriage rate of american jews is a subconscious corrective action to smooth out the jarring ugliness of millennia of inbreeding depression.]

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    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Like that Twilight Zone thing where the patient was beautiful by our standards, but to a society of deformed freaks she was made by the state to be ugly like them. And when it failed, the guys all agreed,”Man she is HOT!” “No really she is HOT!” And the uglies who were female all felt the feels and sheeit.
      There’s a signpost up ahead. This is Reality not Television.
      Norm MacDonald is so talented isn’t he?


      • “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”: One of the biggest falsehoods ever uttered. Why isn’t Whoopie Goldberg on the cover of Cosmo? Because she is not beautiful. Everybody knows that. Everybody knows without being told that fresh flowers in a spring meadow are beautiful, that blazing desert sunsets are beautiful, that the stars on a clear winter night are beautiful, that brilliant cut diamonds are beautiful, that the shy smile of a young girl is beautiful.

        Beauty is a quality inherent in the thing itself.

        [CH: beautifully stated]


      • on September 28, 2017 at 12:38 pm The Philosopher



    • on September 28, 2017 at 4:44 am Days of Broken Arrows

      Men display, women choose, as Heartiste says. Jew*sh women choose the brains men display at the expense of looks.* Bl*ck women choose brawn.

      For an ideal mix, look to the Irish, German, and (some) Italians, whose women choose a combination of both.

      * Related to looks, height also doesn’t matter a whole lot to a good number of Jew*sh women. As a shorter guy who was pretty successful early on, I was able to date way, way above my league because of this. Younger men who are vertically challenged should make note of this.


  8. on September 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm Oliver Elkington

    I often get the impression that liberals are not even interested in talking about these facts, the truth is that they are not actually that interested in learning about the world, you cannot deny that there is truth in virtually all stereotypes, for example Germans being conscientious and industrious, Londoners and New Yorkers being money grabbing workaholics, Italians being folk who love a party and being great cooks, Nigerians being loud and boisterous, Irishmen loving their drink.

    Liberals simply are not that interested in actually studying humanity, they may travel a lot but seem to be poor observers or rather too timid to face up to uncomfortable truths.

    [CH: they’ve invested their egos in their equalism religion so now they must spend all their mental energy denying their lying eyes.]

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    • I like thinking of it in numbers from the pareto principle an 80 20 split. We choose to be correct(stereotypical) 80% of the time and wrong 20%. So by default Social Justice Whores choose to be correct 20% of the time and wrong about 80%.


    • “liberals are not even interested in talking about these facts”

      they are mentally ill. people who are not interested in debating the facts, and only want to go on lying to themselves and go to war in order to keep lying are the very definition of mentally ill.

      I’m hoping the right doesn’t take the war bait and pushes the “we’re the civilized, rational ones. let’s debate the facts” no matter what angle.

      the left is absolutely suicidal enough to blow everything up, if you haven’t already noticed by the direction of their policies and behavior.

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      • Yes, this was (((their))) “good war”:

        I am sure (((they))) greatly look forward to another.


      • yeah plumpjack, from the jacobins and the french revolution(1780’s-90’s) to the bolsheviks, leninist, stalinist, and maoist to commiefa/antifa of today these people really are worse than the most evil man in history, even though he didn’t extinct a whole ethnic group of people (try finding kulaks) and his numbers only reached 6 million not 10, 20, and up wards of 100 million.


      • ^^^Odd, the site Veterans Today somehow changed the photo I downloaded of a dead German girl (shot during WWII) to their “VT” heading. Not sure how they did that, but it sucks.


      • CH, if you can delete that giant “VT” that got switched out for my original photo posting by Veterans Today, please do so.


      • I do that on fb.and in real life..i challenge shitlibs with rational facts…ask them questions
        ‘Do you expect Germany to still thrive economically with a majority of third world immigrants?”

        ‘Surely the US will turn into say Brazil if Hispanic immigration continues and they become the majority?’
        It falls on deaf ears. I never get answers.
        I get called names but never a good debate. They are incapable of thinking.


      • on September 27, 2017 at 9:51 pm Vagina dominator

        “Fascist!” “Racist!” “Nazi!” “Hitler!”

        Leftist Tourettes.

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    • I was moving once and I invited Irish and German friends to help. They were suppose to arrive at 8am.
      4 German male friends showed up at 8am on the dot and worked in a pattern and had all the heavy stuff moved by 10am by the time the Irish showed.

      You see stereotypes in national soccer teams…
      German teams ..never say die..hugely organized and meticulous ..nerves of steel..
      Italian…street wise…cunning..dirty if needs be
      French…flair.. no heart
      Holland…artistic..cant be bothered about winning..

      Although even these national teams are not safe from browns now who stand out a mile from the team stereotype behavior

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    • “the truth is that they are not actually that interested in learning about the world”

      They’re only interested in changing the world. It’s Gnosticism. The System is evil, so to be good you have to change the System.


    • I used realtalk for several hours on a car trip alone with my progressive brother. He attended an Ivy League school, runs his own business and has a lot on the ball. He worked with groids through his social justice church as part if Americorps. Finally got burned out and frustrated with the dysfunction. He gets it but thought it was raciss for me to say it. It really is about virtue signaling and being “nice” He now has a Somali woman as a personal assistant. I am sure when she blows it he will make excuses for her too. Very sad


    • on September 28, 2017 at 8:13 pm Tryintogetthrumod

      CH is absolutely correct. I’ve been emailing with a leftist. All he does is dodge disingenuously. Never gives a straight answer. Misses the point on purpose. Cares only about not having to say “I’m wrong.”

      I keep doing it only because I enjoy watching him squirm.


  9. I have been a victim of stereotypes. I come from Latin America and to some countries, we are considered ‘losers,’ drug traffickers, and that is not fair because that is generalizing.

    Ricky Martin


    • now a days he’d probably have said cuckservative but really what’s the difference and no CH in this case you’d have to worry about the kitchen knives with both


    • Cuckservative: “Hey, the Democrats created the KKK and Jim Crow laws, so they were the real racists!” (smug Paul Ryan smile)

      Racial Realist: “Hey, what relevance does that have today? Don’t forget that your great Republican Party caused the Civil War by not allowing the South to peacefully secede from the Union, which they had a Constitutional right to do, which killed upwards of 750,000 White men who had no business fighting each other. So, what’s your point?”


  10. @CH that book you linked, Social Perception and Social Reality, is it just me or is it every book that doesn’t fit the narrative becomes either really expensive or is out or almost out of stock

    [CH: it’s not just you. either something fishy is going on or anti-narrative books sell like hot cakes to an audience starved for them.]


    • About five years ago, I went to a Barnes and Noble and asked the lesbo freak cashier lady thing for The 48 Laws of Power and stood in place. That bitch came back and almost threw that oversized book at me. Tried to slam it into my stomach but she didn’t realize that I’ve been in too many fights and my reflexes wouldn’t let that happen. She almost fell over. I didn’t even move.

      I had not a clue what this crazy bitch was doing at the time, but now maybe I think she thought I was a stereotypical PUA wanna be. Or just an average beta male.


      • About 20 years ago I bought “The Bell Curve” from a Waldenbooks where the cashier was a quadrooness. She seemed oblivious and just rung up my purchase without incident.


    • on September 28, 2017 at 12:44 pm The Philosopher

      The book ‘Race, Behaviour and Genetics’ by JP Rushton is shadow banned in my country. Same with Culture of Critique.


  11. “The stereotypes we hold about our fellow-white-people are accurate.”

    Lol. Good one. Can use “FWP” in addition to “((()))”.

    As in “Our Fellow White People” hate us. FWP need to hate us. Hate keeps their in-group/out-group boundaries strong.


  12. “We fly the flag, we sing the anthem, we do all these silly civic rituals because we don’t have a lot in common otherwise as Americans”

    No, we don’t.


    • 2:35. Meant to timestamp that.


    • That dindu… one drop rule.

      I don’t give a fuck what they protest or why. All I want is them to leave our lands forever.

      Them and their semitic co-conspirators.

      I just have no more patience for them, their behaviors, or their grievances.

      Negro Fatigue (TM) has fully set in:

      Negro Fatigue, or NF, is one of the fastest-growing chronic fatigue syndromes. Month by month, the number of people who are experiencing the symptoms of NF is growing. It affects primarily white people and Asians, mostly between the ages of 25 and 55, although anyone can experience it. City-dwellers are more likely than rural inhabitants to display its symptoms, but NF can strike any white person of any age or locale at any time.

      Are you among those suffering from NF? Know these warning signs:

      1. Increased blood pressure when in the presence of Negroes, or when viewing images of Negroes on TV or in print

      2. Lack of concern with what Negroes want, deserve, think, or feel

      3. Diminished patience with behaviors typical of Negroes, e.g., talking loudly in public, crotch-grabbing, ruining theatrical movies etc.

      4. Increased awareness of the number of Negroes in one’s immediate environment

      5. Hyper-alertness when encountering Negroes in public

      6. Lack of desire to view or listen to Negro music, video programming, motion pictures, or other entertainments

      7. Anomalous behavior (e.g., walking away in mid-sentence) when conversing with other white people who seem concerned with the welfare of Negroes

      8. Decreased resistance to using the “N-Word”

      9. Increased feeling of annoyance when encountering the term “N-word”

      10. Scrupulous avoidance of contact with Negroes at work, school,shops, etc.

      If you exhibit any or all of these symptoms, you may have Negro Fatigue.


      • on September 28, 2017 at 8:06 pm Vagina dominator

        Funny *and* true!


      • Have it.


      • And my sickening job involves helping them all day.
        Fuck this nigger earth.

        They are even stupider than most here realize.


      • At a minimum , if we allow them to continue to live in our country, it is simply beyond obvious that they should not be allowed to vote. They do not have the mental capacity to come close to understanding the issues. They are literally between us and chimpanzees and they’re closer to the chimpanzee side of the spectrum. Not one understands that Hillary Clinton was bought and paid for by the Jews, nor do they understand the difference between Jews and whites or any of the things we talk about here. Not even close.

        The nigger parents and teachers in their schools teach their children to hate white people and blame white people for all of their problems all day as we continue to house and feed them while tolerating them terrorizing us.

        Today I had one admit to me that we cannot send our white children to black schools because the white children will be terrorized there. Therefore we have to pay a Hidden white tax to live in a so-called good neighborhood and our houses cost twice as much as they should. That’s if we are lucky to be able to buy a house with our savings after losing 60% of our wealth to support niggers ( hint: it is more than just a federal income tax rate that we pay. Even when a Nager is fairly well behaved and has a job, it is an affirmative action job it is not necessary and it does it less well than a white could’ve done that job so that is also a form of tax and wealth transfer from whites to blacks ).

        The Nager told me yeah it’s just awful how the black kids behave. But her brain cannot make the leap into the next logical conclusion that it is OK for whites to be “racist ” obviously. When a black kid goes to a white school he gets elected homecoming king literally it happens all the time. The whites go out of their way to be nice to the black kids who show some effort to be decent.


  13. http://anepigone.blogspot(dot)com/2017/09/football-memery.html
    I thought the readership here might like the memes


  14. I’ve long maintained that stereotypes aren’t the problem, it’s an inability to adjust stereotypes as you gain more information.
    Stereotypes are generally accurate. But when they aren’t , accept it.


  15. thing are getting more and more interesting in Spain


    • That first fellow coming through was HUGE. Nobody was messing with him. They were all big men. The fake suit men melted into helplessness. They all had a helpless, hapless look on their faces. That alone was priceless. The future belongs who those who show up for it, and also those who reach out and take it.


      • Leftoids only understand one language that of the brutal force
        You want to find the way how to defeat them
        See Germany 33
        See Pinochet 73


      • You forgot Francisco Franco.


      • on September 27, 2017 at 9:42 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        They are all going to find out the hard way, that the pen is NOT mightier than the sword.


      • They are all going to find out the hard way, that the pen is NOT mightier than the sword
        sometime it is
        but what escapes a leftoid is when a “S” is added
        One day they will wake up and and find out that words have become (S)words


      • You can kill with words
        And some with their words and mind
        And some can kill the soul body and mind with just a few words
        Words can also heal


  16. Safespace Snowflakes can’t handle the truth


  17. The recent victory by Roy Moore, a former State Supreme Court chief justice, over Senator Luther Strange on Tuesday in the Republican runoff to fill the United States Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, is huge. The Deep Swamp Establishment GOP through over $30,000,000 at this runoff to defeat Roy Moore (the true conservative), and should send a clear warning shot to the swamp rats that more of them are going down next election cycle, as well as a warning to Donald Trump (who was goaded into supporting Luther Strange) that he does NOT have a cult following, and we will not follow his “will” when he is on the wrong side – we didn’t vote for HIM, we voted for the PLAN that he sold to us during the election cycle that separated him from the rest of the cuckservative field. We can easily take that support away and give it to a different REAL conservative in 2020.

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  18. Latina actress/singer dies trying to give birth to her FIRST baby at 34!!!. This is a very sad reminder to careerer, empowered women that social engineering and women´s hamstering can´t overwrite biology. Delaying motherhood until mid/late thirties has its clear consequences. BTW she looked cute!!!


    • that’s too bad. good lesson in that though.

      women can normally have babies well into their 40s as long as they started out when they were in their 20s with their first and kept going. body knows how to do it.

      when they wait too long to have their first, the body doesn’t know what to do anymore. i’m sure the years on birth control are a factor too.


      • on October 1, 2017 at 9:37 am evilwhitemalempire

        “women can normally have babies well into their 40s”
        Not if I had anything to do about it.
        No female over 30 should be having children. Period.


      • good thing you don’t have anything to do with it then

        the healthiest women are moms who have kids throughout their 20s 30s and beyond. keeps her busy and mentally and physically healthy.

        when women go many years or decades without pregnancies, birth, breast feeding, and child rearing, they become unbalanced physically intellectually and emotionally.

        monthly cycles and hormone fluctuations for years on end with no break from pregnancy and breastfeeding isn’t natural and takes its toll on them.

        they also don’t have the unique busyness of raising infants and young children to keep their minds entertained and satisfied. so they create drama, act out, get depressed, etc.

        women need pregnancy and child rearing up until menopause to be their healthiest.


    • that’s too bad. good lesson in that though.

      women can normally have [email protected] well into their 40s as long as they started out when they were in their 20s with their first and kept going. body knows how to do it.

      when they wait too long to have their first, the body doesn’t know what to do anymore. i’m sure the years on birth control are a factor too.


    • Age, yes, but also the fact that many women at or above her age have spent 20 years on birth control, used drugs (legal and illegal), rode the cock carousel (along with the STDs that come with it – known and unknown), and generally have diets and lifestyles that are bad for their health. Their bodies are not capable of handling the (what otherwise would be normal) stresses of pregnancy and birthing children. Their bodies (at least on the insides) are broken.

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      • yep, under normal circumstances that’s not too old to have healthy babies at all.

        women used to start having babies in their 20s and have them clear into their late 40s. that was before all the supposed advances in medical care too.

        they could do that because they started young doing what nature intended their bodies to do. studies even show that women who go through a few pregnancies have much lower rates of some kinds of cancers, mental disorders, and other medical issues. getting pregnant, breast feeding, etc. actually improves women’s health and lifespan

        add to that not damaging their bodies with all the things you mention, women of the past were much healthier and better suited for pregnancy and mothering.


      • on September 28, 2017 at 12:22 am Oleaginous Outrager

        Most cases are not as quite serious as this, but the great secret none of the “you can have it all!” advocates ever hint at is the plethora of problems older women, even ‘healthy’ ones, endure when they try to have children late in life, especially first time mothers.

        Of course, when this truth occasionally does leak out, all it results in is more cries for “free” healthcare. It’s a right, donchano?

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  19. OT but I am not sure by how much but anyway there is an anti-communist rally planned for dec 28th in which some idiot (probably forrest gumps extremely retarded cousin) suggest bringing 2nd amendment stuff to the rally because it’s supposed to be partially about the 2nd amendment. Did [email protected]++e$ville not teach you anything? And to add to the stupidity it’s being held in Charlotte N.C. at that point why not just go back to [email protected]++e$ville. I’m not against rallies per se but talk about being a glutton for punishment.


  20. As a poster on FC once said, feminism helped us spend the past 50 years relearning everything men believed about women for the past 5,000.

    In other news:

    [From a shitlib’s Facebook]

    “Roy Moore won the Republican Primary for the open seat in Alabama for the US Senate.
    The fact that there is a movement strong enough in Alabama to give Moore a win in the primary over the Trump backed candidate Strange worries me.
    If this movement / power base increases nationwide, we could see many civil rights in danger. See Moore’s history as a judge if you have any doubts about what movement he represents.”

    That’s right, shitlibs, Trump is the good cop – better do what he says. Many such movements out there!


  21. Yes you are honey, yes you are.

    – ‘I’m a slut’ posters promote ‘P***y Power’ event at CSUSM –


  22. on September 28, 2017 at 4:46 am Days of Broken Arrows

    I am “awaiting moderation” with my last comment.


  23. How’s this for stereotypes…..

    The creature from the lefty lagoon rises out of the muck to steal a MAGA hat. Hilarity ensues.

    Short haired Fatty McPigFace – CHECK

    No facts or logic to back claims – CHECK

    Screams white privilege and mass genocide – CHECK

    Steals property, thinks nothing of it and says FUGG your laws – CHECK

    Admittedly hates this country that IT was born in – CHECK

    Watch the delusion in action…