The Power Of A Captured Media To Memory Hole Inconvenient Stories

How many Americans have heard of Dylann Roof? How soon will Robert Bowers become a household name?

*tens of millions of hands go up*

Great. Now how many Americans have heard of Gavin Long? James Hodgkinson? Emmanuel Samson?

*one hand goes up*

“Arrest that man!”

This article lays it out: there have been a slew of anti-White attacks that barely registered in the media, and that was a consequence of deliberate policy by media executives and editors.

Down the Memory Hole […]

Roof, of course, is the mass murderer who killed nine blacks on a Sunday morning in June of 2015. He hoped to start a race war. Instead, Leftist activists used his act of violence as justification to remove the Confederate flag from the Civil War Memorial in front of the South Carolina capitol.

But you already knew that. The media/corporate/ideological axis of influence made sure of that. Roof’s terrorist act was the subject of innumerable thinkpieces, sermons, and national conversations about race, hate, and violence.

But those first five names? You probably had to look them up. I certainly did.

Gavin Long is the black separatist who murdered three police officers and wounded three others in the wake of protests of the police shooting of Alton Sterling in 2016.

Micah Johnson is another black man who murdered five Dallas police officers and wounded nine others, also in the wake of protests over the death of Alton Sterling in 2016.

James Hodgkinson was the left-wing activist and Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer who attempted to assassinate the Republican congressional baseball team in Arlington, VA in 2017.

Fredrick Scott is the serial killer who murdered five white men on Kansas City hiking trails from 2016 to 2017. He was motivated by a desire to “kill all white people.”

Emmanuel Samson is a Sudanese migrant who murdered one woman and shot seven other worshipers in a Tennessee church service in 2017 as revenge for Dylann Roof’s mass shooting in South Carolina.

None of these men are household names. None of them sparked “national conversations” about the need to tone down anti-white or anti-conservative hatred and prejudice. No flags were removed because of their actions.

Other than concerned attention by some on the political Right and detached “just the facts, ma’am” reporting from the establishment, these terrorist incidents have disappeared from our national collective consciousness.

Indeed, some of these incidents never even entered into the local consciousness in the places they occurred. Fredrick Scott was charged with three of his murders the same week that Heather Heyer was killed during the Charlottesville riots. That Sunday I happened to attend a mega-church in Kansas City. The pastor spoke passionately against the “hate” and “anger” that lead to Heyer’s death in Virginia a thousand miles away, but didn’t say a word about the racist serial killer in his own backyard.

The real power of the media rests in its ability to lock news out of the public consciousness, rather than to pass off lies that are at risk of exposure by skeptics. The media do lie, but their Narrative-crafting force comes predominately from selective reporting, and then from information management to frame what they do report in either the most negative or positive light, depending on its usefulness to the media’s aims.

Instead of being flushed down the memory hole, the [Pittsburgh] incident will almost certainly become a centerpiece for another “national conversation” about Donald Trump’s rhetoric, the supposed widespread irrational prejudice on the American Right, and the need for additional censorship of “hate-thought” by Silicon Valley’s techno-oligarchs.

Gab is still down.

The question of whether or not an atrocity will be forgotten or remembered rests entirely on the identity of the perpetrator and the victims. If the victims are members of protected liberal classes—such as Jews, blacks, and Muslims—and the perpetrator is not, i.e., he is a white male, then the attack will become a touchstone for lectures on tolerance and the need to fight hate, conveniently defined as the entire conservative right.

If the identity of victim and perpetrator are reversed the attack is simply “heartbreaking” to the extent it is acknowledged at all. Then it is forgotten.

This is how the politicization of tragedy works in our America.

There is no hate speech, unless there is also anti-White hate speech. Right now, the media harangues Whites as collectively guilty for the former, and denies Whites collective or individual suffering for the latter.

This is untenable. The D+P=W tension is straining the last strands of American social cohesion. Something’s gonna give. If one group keeps getting shat upon, eventually that group will stop offering their faces as a toilet.

A captured media means a media disproportionately owned and operated by one group, acting as both propaganda arm and communications director for one political party, reporting the same news the same way to push a particular narrative, and converging like an activated drone army to discredit, disallow, or dismiss any story or any person which threatens the media’s lock on perception management.

I’ve written about it before, but it’s worth repeating as often as I can until hearts and minds have opened to the possibility.

The leftoid media won’t change.


Leftoids are leftoids to the bone, and are too invested in their egos to ever see the light and act with integrity. Their allegiance is cast.

The only way to reform the media is by culling, preferably though mass firings, at least HALF of the leftoids marbled throughout the Media Indoctrination Complex. Executives, editors, copywriters, lowly beat reporters….half of them need to be tossed out and replaced with shitlords, nationalists, and realtalkers.

And HALF is the bare minimum. No guarantee that will do the trick, but it’ll be a start.

What the media is now is their own worst enemy. Isolated, insular, haughty, and drunk with power, they act unimpeded as a single entity to crush the hopes of Heritage Americans, swarming and devouring any Truth or Beauty that penetrates in the slightest their tailored veil of Lies and Ugliness.

And the media, when it lies, lies big and small — little snubs like not writing “President” before Trump, or labeling Republicans “Donald Trump’s Republicans” when they want to associate a possible House loss with Trumpism (something they’d never do with Obama); big snubs like refusing to report on the pantifa instigation of violence at C’ville, or exploiting a singular mass shooting to propagandize for more mass immigration and refugees which destroys heartland communities and further destabilizes American society.

There is HARDLY ANYONE nestled within the media ranks who will act as a check on colleagues cranking up the anti-White hate machine to “Seek and Destroy”. No one who will edit their colleagues’ anti-White pabulum for accuracy, or tone it down for decency. No one who will take a co-worker aside and say, “Hey, Noah, maybe you should lay off the anti-Trump hysterics”. No one who will chide a media apparatchik when the story is wrong, or hyperbolic, or misleading. No one who will manage the op-ed page for quality, providing a balance of voices or refusing ink space to the worst anti-Whites.

The change will have to come from outside the Ministry of Dupe. Fake News has proven itself INCAPABLE of policing itself. They are a runaway train of bitter rage, on a collision course with utter disgrace.

The change will come in two forms: a parallel media universe of Heritage Americans that deepens the partisan and cultural rift in America, and noble infiltrators who capitalize on moments of vulnerability in the Chaimstream Media that open when Trump baits them into revealing their disgusting bias.

I think, as tumultuous and uncertain as is this age we’re living through, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have front row seats to a decades-old rotten corrupt system collapsing before our widened eyes. It is magnificent. And we were a big part of bringing it forth.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, Yahoo, AP, Reuters, Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, Carlos Slim’s New York Times….your reign is coming to a close. And you did it to yourselves.


  1. Oddly enough, I just recieved an email from an Alumni listservs from my alma mater, informing everyone of a Vigil being held tonight for the Pittsburgh Synagogue victims. Funny thing is that they didn’t care to have a Vigil for the victims of the Vegas massacre a year ago.

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    • NFL had a televised moment of silence. No anthem broadcast btw. Cut to commercial after.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 12:52 am PBR Streetgang

        Moment of silence – there’s an antidote for restless and bored eyeballs. A concept whose time has come – I’d rather stand in reverence with eyes averted and in silence then sit with eyes agape, bemoaning the continuous stream of outrages on TV.

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      • in addition, the media only portrays whites as serial killers. The majority are now black and blacks have always been disproportionately represented in serial killing.

        Yet if you asked an average person, it’s “whites are serial killers.” Same with mass murderers. Just in the past little while you go from Colin Ferguson to DC Snipers to Aaron Alexis to Omar Thornton, etc. Plenty of black mass murderers yet all you’re ever told about are the Sandy Hooks and Coumbines, for which hell it may have been jews that did half of them.

        Yeah, and wtf ever happened to Mandalay Bay? They sure af vanished that one down the hole even though it was a white guy. wtf…57 ppl dead and still no motive nor explanation.

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      • Yeah, and wtf ever happened to Mandalay Bay? They sure af vanished that one down the hole even though it was a white guy. wtf…57 ppl dead and still no motive nor explanation.

        The muh CT consensus was that it was done to get more antigun rhetoric going and hence legislation… which of course never materialized after the first few days of (((MSM))) screeching.

        Sometimes a nut is just a nut.


      • When normal people start questioning incongruencies regarding the whole event they have to quickly remove it from the news cycle.


    • on October 29, 2018 at 7:17 pm Captain Obvious

      The S0d0mites are claiming that it was two of their own who somehow managed to get their hands on a pair of twin boys for a bris.

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    • on October 29, 2018 at 9:17 pm wontgetthrough

      Yesterday, I received a text message to my cell phone, asking me to vote and help a “blue wave” in the upcoming CA elections. Pretty sure they included a link to, or claimed to be affiliated with, MoveOn. Not sure of those deats and unfortunately I deleted it so I wouldn’t get drunk and send a “fuck off you nagger faggot” text in reply.


    • You really can’t expect the feelz for a buncha rednecks and hicks, good lord man they probably voted for Turmp !


    • i cried a little bit


  2. The day after the incident, the (((Block Communications))) Pittsburgh Post Gazette featured 2 bawling google womynz clinging to each other with a caption stating the “world, nation mourn with Pittsburgh”. Yep, those ever empathetic blacks all over Pittsburgh are just broken up about a synagogue shooting.


  3. […] The Power Of A Captured Media To Memory Hole Inconvenient Stories […]


  4. Gavin Long is the black separatist who murdered three police officers and wounded three others in the wake of protests of the police shooting of Alton Sterling in 2016.

    Micah Johnson is another black man who murdered five Dallas police officers and wounded nine others, also in the wake of protests over the death of Alton Sterling in 2016.

    Such ingratitude they show their protectors…


  5. The day when I can plan public meetings with other Men and not worry about the consequences of public assembly is the day we’ve won. Until then we must all remain anonymous. Nevertheless, I wish I could see you guys face to face.

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  6. The important question is what are you, the proprietors of the Heartiste doing to defend yourselves from Pantsuit stooges?


  7. man, is there any end to the jews’ lies?


  8. Kenneth, what is the frequency? Remember CH’s teachings, mockery is powerful, the press cannot handle mockery and derision.


  9. The Knoxville Horror with that white couple Channon & Christian, I believe, is absolutely horrific. If we ever retake the institutions, that story should be mandatory for all white children to learn in grade school. And the press buried it.

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  10. I can’t believe that Trump had the Testicular Fortitude to actually double down here.

    He’s the expert and more in tune with the news cycle than any Republican I’ve ever seen. Trump gets wind of the bad stuff the media people were going to air this week and Bam! hit them first.

    CNN must have had in the pipeline stuff so bad to smear Trump it forced his hand.

    Now the media snowflakes have a real dilemma. If they continue to attack attack attack they will get a very negative reaction.

    It’s a great play by Trump but it’s a huge gamble if there is another major crazy attack well it could come back to haunt him.


    • Trump is not a Republican.

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    • DT Jnr is very in tune


    • The incident-mourning-outrage-blame whitey cycle is getting smaller and tighter every time, coaxed along by Trump. The Ford ambush of Kavanaugh was their high water mark.

      White Americans are so decent-hearted that they didn’t mind taking a couple lumps unfairly to keep the peace. But since it isn’t keeping the peace but only encouraging the perpetrators, and since the (((game))) is becoming increasingly transparent, even the most patient but unpozzed midlander is starting to look askance at the crisis exploiters. Calling shenanigans will happen earlier and earlier in the cycle until at some point it will become as newsworthy as a Chicago summer weekend. Wolfowitz can only cry wolf so many times before his power-grabbing chutzpah starts working against evangelical cornfed credulity.

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      • Calling shenanigans will happen earlier and earlier in the cycle until at some point it will become as newsworthy as a Chicago summer weekend
        lolz if you do not tune down your anti-semitism your good emperor may seek your destruction
        then this cheering enraptured chicago crowd will become newsworthy again coming after your ass
        and (((sufferink))) do not forget that we all read it and studied it lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      • for those who wonder who this Regan battalion is, from which part of Mid West they are coming these steady America first patriots unafraid to tel the truth no matter what

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      • You are so fucking useless. You exhibit the same patience as your “screw your optics” hero who thinks he can immanentize the eschaton by shooting old people in a church.

        Trump’s strategic maneuvering — picking battles he can win while deferring quixotic crusades that will destroy him — is saving you from your excesses and your peremptory stupidity. He is the first politician as clever as them, as patient as them, and all you can do is monotonously moan from overseas about how he hasn’t saved you as quickly as you want in a manner that you immediately grasp.

        Where is your dad? Did he leave you? Is that why you have this egregious abandonment complex?


      • show me one single post, just one, where I declared or implied that guy a hero
        f*ucking a*sshole each your post contains of nothing but lies in addition to 3rd grade stupidity of this kind

        “Where is your dad? Did he leave you? Is that why you have this egregious abandonment complex”


      • f*ucking ass*hole show me one single post, just one, where I declared or implied that guy a hero in any way
        Each of your post consist of nothing but lies in addition to 3rd grade stupidity of this kind:
        “Where is your dad? Did he leave you? Is that why you have this egregious abandonment complex?”

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      • Settle down, faggot. I said you exhibited the same impatience and stupidity as Bowers, who sees every missed opportunity to Name The Jew as evidence against the best and most timely president my country has ever had.

        My country, mind you. Not yours. You runt beaner, trying to hop high enough to get a glimpse at a greatness you will never have.


      • You are so fucking useless. You exhibit the same patience as your “screw your optics” HERO
        as I said you are a liar
        you are an utterly mediocre piece of shit not 100k comments nor the country you try to hide behind can change that
        You are a king of nothingness lil’ faggot

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      • lolz if you do not tune down your anti-semitism your good emperor may seek your destruction

        Lawdy! Feets doan fail me now!


      • Where’s my head! I shouldn’t have said HERO. I should have said HIMO. Personoes can be men too.


      • you are hallucinating
        pull yourself together faggot

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      • Welp, CH did actually write we should bring back the epithet/truism “faggot” quite a few poasts back.

        I’ve always used that term, but I can see others are taking his advice literally.

        Good Job, Keep it up!


      • we need to rediscover the concept of omerta. internal disagreements should be just that – internal. results are the only thing that matters.


      • we need to rediscover the concept of omerta.


        Wenn alle Brüder schweigen 😉


      • Queen is impotence personified.

        If people had the balls, this could all be settled forcefully in a weekend.

        But instead, nooooooo, we must all vote and stay inside the lines. Typical fucking cuckstain, typical catholic.

        Lemme ask- how would muslims settle this dispute?

        Queen wants you to keep turning the other cheek- it’s in his NPC script. ALL cuckstains are like this…just keep being the better man, not KTFOing antifas who try to sucker punch you, hold weakness and inaction up as virtues. Keep bleating about how it’s really the OTHER guys who are the “real rayciss”. As if the other side fucking cares. You’re a boiling frog fucking jump already.

        Those who are winning are the ones who are acting.

        Look at Europe. In just a few short years of work, now it is literally ILLEGAL to criticize islam.

        That is what winning LOOKS LIKE. You think H3bdo was a loss? LOL…unmitigated victory for THEM. They won’t run that shit anymore. Even the system will now lock them up to keep the peace.

        And it’s what YOUR LOSING looks like. Cuckstains are all about continuing to turn cheeks and do nothing and render unto Caesar and go the extra mile and love love love love your enemies and waiting for doomsday jesus to come save them and fix everything.

        War is coming, get over it.

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      • on October 30, 2018 at 3:03 pm gunslingergregi

        War is coming, get over it.””””””

        war would be less deaths than we have now
        been worse than war


      • on October 30, 2018 at 3:05 pm gunslingergregi

        over 72000 od’;s last year
        over 40000 suicides

        and over 770,000 abortions this year so far is that even fucking possible

        only like 4 million births in us a yea the fuck

        [CH: america is as far from God now as she has ever been.]


      • Trav is right
        Even Jake Tapper was defending Farrakhan on Sunday

        Read Michelle Goldberg’s piece in the NYT and the comments
        I do not want to be part of their faggot nation


      • If people had the balls, this could all be settled forcefully in a weekend. But instead, nooooooo, we must all vote and stay inside the lines. Typical fucking cuckstain, typical catholic.

        Haha. At least genuine blacks have some faint connection to the gospel from they granmamas. You nigger wannabes have nothing but borrowed rage, all the uppity negritude of the street nog combined with the neckbearded atheism of the faggot libtard white. Soy shake spiked with purpa drank. I love this timeline.

        Pax Christi! you spiraling wigger



    [CH: collapsing? black political relevancy]


    • Last night on one of the religious channels I saw an announcement that the Rev. Jêsse Jåckson (remember him?) would be speaking at some church, and the gathering looked to be about 50 or so.

      Ol’ Jêss was showing his age, as was his congregation,such as it was.

      I remember how proudly he stood, giving the opening speech at the Dem convention back in the eighties, sprinkling his chosen catch phrase, that never really caught on, throughout his address:

      “OUR TIME HAS COME!!!”

      Come indeed… and gone.

      But I digress. WHAT were you saying, BRüH?


  12. I have nothing but respect for the dude who mailed in pipe bombs to a person who not last week called for incivility.

    There’s your incivility faggots. Ditto all you other faggots who in one way or another called for #resistance through violence.

    For all our talk of shit posting and meme wars, Bowers gave us the ultimate shit post this week.
    I feel bad for the fucker.

    I’ll bet Trump was sorry for him too (Trump recognises loyalty) His response to this has been less about satiating the media’s need for his disavowal and more about exposing the elites who called for incivility and got uhmm incivility.


    • Sorry I got mixed up between Bowers and Cesar Sayok…

      Sayok is a legend, Bowers, hmmm, nope.


    • I understand you are just emoting, reverse virtue signaling in the style of any shitlib. But you have to be better than this. Right now you are a tool for the people you claim to despise, dancing to their tune the way their machinations require. Be smart!

      Our “incivility” amounts to a couple of hilariously fake bombs mailed by a bisexual 56%er male stripper? That’s all it takes to be a “legend”?

      Harmless frauds create real blowback. You aren’t serious about confronting the enemy if you are so easily tickled. People with your attitude are going to turn yourself into our enemy because you do more damage to us than they could ever do, and that would be unfortunate because we both share the same goals. At least I think we share the same goals. Presuming you actually want to defeat these guys and not go off half-cocked just to feel a little relief from the frustration and leaving your erstwhile allies eating a shit sandwich.



        Turn YOUR cheek you fucking faggot.

        Gab was GOING TO BE LOST ANYWAY.

        You stupid fucking weak pussies with your pusillanimous kvetching…god, just shut up already.

        Can you not SEE what is happening?

        Our enemies have already ANNOUNCED their intentions toward us. And you fucking cuckstains are still thinking we can make peace with them?

        Inshallah, you will all be gone and good riddance.

        You see why I said convert? Tired of losing yet? Your SCRIPT is a loser script.

        FFS, if we enact rules they will break them. They will not accept being outvoted. They will not accept our “will” or our “words.”

        the left, the enemy, ONLY RESPECTS one thing- violence. That’s it. No jesus religion is equipped for this crap.

        Muslims haven’t taken over swaths of europe through voting and reasoned debate. They torch cars, rape women, beat people, stab, assault, and mass murder.

        It gets results. It’s worked. Kissing their feet and all the cuckstain calls for tolerance and love and peace have failed. It is time for the likes of you to shut the fuck up or be shut up.

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      • It is time for the likes of you to shut the fuck up or be shut up.

        Looks like we Christians have more to fear from the likes of you than any muzzie.

        FWIW, you’d be surprised on the precepts about which both Scripture and Koran agree.

        Here’s but one example:

        Surah Fussilat 41:34
        And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend.

        Indeed, the Koran explicitly states respect for the Bible, and maintains that the books of Moses, the Psalms, and the gospel were all given by God. (Surah Ali Imram 3:3)


      • One down, one to go.

        Ishallah, brother

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      • Heh, heh… if your point all along was to get me and other Christians to read the Koran, I’m afraid that ship sailed back when I went to school and an educated person was expected to have, at least, a passing knowledge of many diverse works.

        But hey, if it gets to you call me “brother”, then perhaps we’ve BOTH achieved what is pleasing to the Most High. 😉


    • Was eleven dead jews worth losing Gab?

      Rail on about how unfair they play if you want, but why TF would you make their job easier (if not to say automatic)? Why give them the excuse that gives them a win? We are otherwise exposing them, neutralizing them, defeating them, rolling them back. Maybe not all at once or right away, but that is more an illusion born of impatience and black-pill cynicism rather than a matter of facts on the ground. If you don’t think so, you have ADD and you are useless for the long game.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 2:10 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        It’s gonna be okay. Everyone is discussing this stuff at home now.


      • As corrected above, I got mixed up between Bowers and Sayok.

        I agree, 12 dead Jews are not worth loss of Gab.

        For the commenter above who said I was emoting.. I don’t think so. If you look on what Sayok did, he’s basically a shit poster… Hillary calls for incivility, here’s your incivility Hill Dawg, go fuck yourself cunt – is the message I’m taking from this.

        I could go more serious and say that what Sayok did is nowhere near enough – sometimes I feel we really need to hold these shit libs who call for violence to account… Let them FULLY UNDERSTAND what they’re asking for when they ask for “incivility”

        Because without that FULL UNDERSTANDING, then they will never learn the positive aspects of civility and rational discourse.


      • Just my opinion, but I think Gab will be back.


      • Gab would have been lost anyway.

        It was waiting for an excuse.

        The plans to deplatform it were already in motion, simply WAITING for a sufficient excuse to pull the trigger and eventually, soon, ANYTHING would have sufficed.

        You SERIOUSLY need to sit down and shut the fuck up. It is better to lose Gab now than later. We are a boiling frog, either jump or die.

        You wanna bear a cross, you wanna love your enemies, go over to them and fucking kiss their feet already. Be their bitch.

        People, accept your situation, there will be more dignity in it. You are part of a condemned race. You have been targeted for termination. The reason they try to shut down your talk of violence (and not for ex muslim) is because they want to COOK YOU UNTIL YOU CANNOT JUMP ANYMORE.

        ONLY whites are not permitted calls to arms. BLM, yes, antifa, yes, muslims, yes. Everyone else, yes. They are increasingly violent as the years pass. Recognize the trend.

        Who cares if you get shut down, they are coming for you anyway. Boomers, STFU

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      • You wanna bear a cross, you wanna love your enemies, go over to them and fucking kiss their feet already. Be their bitch.

        I thought we settled the true intent and meaning of the Sermon on the Mount already?

        I actually gave you a very comprehensive link that explains it all so that even the dullest wit could understand that Christ in no way meant we were to allow ourselves or our families or neighbors to be brutalized or killed.

        You keep telling your betters to “STFU already”, but you yourself are in sore need of it, especially on this issue.

        Here it is again:


      • I like Trav lately.


      • High praise, indeed.


      • Bwahahahahaha Gayg…spare me the mental gymnastics to turn CLEAR WORDS into something they’re not….are a you a fuckin jew with this mendacity?

        God fuckin damn, did you actually even READ what you cited to me dude? Holy shit…it says EXACTLY what i claim it does.

        ” Responding to hatred with love just might grab someone’s attention and afford us a chance to share the gospel. ”

        Just might…lol. lemme know how that’s been working. The wishful thinking buy the world a coke approach. I’ll get right on that…a 5 yo could tell you it’s a failure.

        “Rather, Jesus is speaking here of the principle of non-retaliation to affronts against our own dignity, as well as lawsuits to gain one’s personal assets (v. 40), infringements on one’s liberty (v. 41), and violations of property rights (v. 42). He was calling for a full surrender of all personal rights.”

        You’re an idiot. That’s all I can say. Even you jesus freaks’ attempts to spin his words into something more palatable to natural law fail.

        The sermon has commanded you to assist your exterminators. You can ramble all you want about how he didn’t really “mean” that and was speaking in a parable- he wasn’t. He was being literal. He LITERALLY meant turn the other fucking cheek, do not strike back.

        How do we know this without resorting to stupid shit on the internet? Read the rest of the Gospel, ffs, including the part where he intended to be handed over to the Romans, admonished his apostle not to resist, and then assisted the Romans in his own demise.

        You are part of a doomsday cult.

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      • Stop selectively quoting, hence misquoting, the article… here’s how it starts out and relays the gist of the matter, you disingenuous twerp:

        To “turn the other cheek” does not imply pacifism, nor does it mean we place ourselves or others in mortal danger. Like the principle of the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth in Matthew 5:38, turning the other cheek refers to personal retaliation, not criminal offenses or acts of military aggression.


      • How do we know this without resorting to stupid shit on the internet? Read the rest of the Gospel, ffs, including the part where he intended to be handed over to the Romans, admonished his apostle not to resist, and then assisted the Romans in his own demise.

        The sacrifice of Christ and His obedience to the will of His Father is what men have referred to as The Greatest Story Ever Told, and volumes have been written about the prophecies and how it all ties back into the original disobedience of Adam and Eve (e.g. Christ is referred to as the ‘second Adam’)… and Satan Himself for that matter.

        For you now to try and neener-neener us over Christ’s sacrifice is disingenuous indeed, for you know full-well that humans are not called to do the same as He, for He has fulfilled the Word and Will of God, and thereby saved, or allowed for salvation, of all men.

        Avaunt, you impious fool… you’re not concerned with truth.


    • I have nothing but respect for the dude who mailed in pipe bombs to a person who not last week called for incivility.

      Indeed… as the veddy Briddish would say, sending and/or receiving a pipe bomb through the post is “bad form”, what?


  13. on October 29, 2018 at 7:00 pm posts only tweets

    Been of fire lately, CH.

    I always know where your passions lie (outside of nubile females) when you’re writing is this strong and this frequent.

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  14. Interesting reminder from Buchanan. 1968 was far far worse than what we are seeing.


    • It has been noted WRT the riots of the ’60s, that this was still a White country then. It takes a lot less to upset an unstable social structure, as we have today.


    • You would benefit from reading the article… Did you see riots in 100 cities happening last week? No.


      • Not yet, but what if there is no ‘blue wave’?

        I think they’ll lose their minds. We shall see.


      • The shitlbis, in and of themselves, can only, at worst, throw a pussy march and have the late night comedians neener-neener.

        The wild stuff doesn’t really go down, en masse, unless you can get the darkies motivated to hit the streets… and I don’t think a lot of them really care about these midterms.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 3:26 pm Hitler is our pal

        Nixon called the Columbia takeover by black and white radicals “the first major skirmish in a revolutionary struggle to seize the universities of this country and transform them into sanctuaries for radicals and vehicles for revolutionary political and social goals.” Which many have since become.

        They have no need to riot. Their side has already won. Or so they thought until 2016.


    • …yet.

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  15. Propaganda is as much about what never to talk about as it is about what to always talk about.


    • The coverage feels like a terrorist attack was carried out by foreigners on our people on our soil


    • Shooter “saved by Jewish doctors, nurses…”

      always been full jew…


      • jewish persons have never been an issue anymore than black persons are.

        We ALL IKAGO.

        As a group they suck total shit and are subversive and destructive to everything around them.

        They are digging their own grave in europe by bringing in people who literally and explicitly want to genocide them. And whine as “anti-semitic” attacks rise! Go figure.

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    • To be fair, these silly giggle boxes can get quite annoying, esp first thing in the morning with the lip gloss and heels, talking about matters they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote on… Sometimes you gotta call out girls when they be misbehavin


  16. Dynamic Silence… look it up. Old trick. If memory serves, the actual term for this gambit was coined back in the sixties by, yep, you guessed it, a rabbi.

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    • extremely educational, Greg.

      from metapedia:

      “Dynamic Silence was invented by Rabbi Feinberg of the American Jewish Committee in 1947 as a method of closing off all access to the public media – and thus the larger culture – for people or organizations deemed to have an unacceptable point of view. In spite of minor changes and adaptations, it can still be understood as being comprised of two parts. In the first part, unfavored individuals are denied unmediated exposure to the public. In the second part, only negative aspects of the unfavored individuals are reported. This starts a downward spiral of de-legitimization in the public eye in which the harder unfavored individuals try to get public exposure, the more negative and unflattering that exposure becomes until, finally, nobody wants to be associated with the ideas of beliefs of the unfavored individuals. “


      • Ah, I stand corrected, it was 20 years even earlier than I remembered.

        Very cohencidental that the concept was officially stated right around the time when HUAC investigations were gaining momentum..

        VERY cohencidental, amirite?


      • Of course, it was probably the idea of them Puridans, so they gave their (((frontrunner))) lackeys marching orders to implement it over the (((MSM))), which they didn’t control… and if you say they did, you’ll never work in this town again.


      • i cry into my soy latte every night ruminating about the unjust persecution of saintly jews caused by the shenanigans of the anabaptist scourge


  17. why did they cease talking about Anders Breivik? that was the perfect setup for their narrative.


    • Well, ANY news story ages faster than a whoring starlet, for one.

      For two, they didn’t really stop talking about it… I think two feature length movies are coming out, or have already been released. I know I saw one advertised on Netflix.


  18. Gavin Long, Micah Johnson: True heroes and role models for black men. It’s about time blacks started fighting fire with fire.

    Gavin Long and Micah Johnson: Two Lord Emperors.


  19. I got banned on Twitter for advising tribe to stop the monthly holox movies.
    Jg [email protected] once said after being forced to watch PSAs on traffic safety, he was glad to get into a car crash.


  20. on October 29, 2018 at 8:04 pm Grand mizardd

    Looking at the article about the names of mass murdering Bruthas we’ll never remember led me to a couple other articles on that site as well. Would you guess immediately beneath was an article called “the decline and fall of the alt right”. Turns out it’s aaallllll over for those post Republican rascals, didn’t ya know? After reading the article I couldn’t resist the old “is mytheos holt je…” Google search.
    Thank the old Testament we’ll always have the tikkun olam leading the vanguard of conservative thinking.


  21. It’s going to be difficult this time.
    Where are the swastika flags to be taken down with so much virtue signalling fanfare and humiliation of those who did nothing to nobody?
    Where are the Nazi war memorials and statues to be pulled down by the hordes of disgusting leftists while they break the law and get away with it?
    The unfortunate part is that these victim classes will still want to lash out, so they’ll find something to lash out at. Which given their lack of imagination is going to be the same things they already lash out at.
    Just a little harder.


  22. “The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects, by lowering what Mr. Churchill calls an “iron curtain” between the masses and such facts or arguments as the local political bosses regard as undesirable, totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have done by the most eloquent denunciations, the most compelling of logical rebuttals.”
    Aldous Huxley, Preface to Brave New World

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  23. Instapundit has gotten too jewy for me. Any suggestions for an interesting aggregator?


  24. on October 29, 2018 at 9:50 pm Captain Obvious

    Craziness: Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc And Stormy Daniels Worked at the Same Strip Club (VIDEO)

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  25. There is no hate speech, unless there is also anti-White hate speech. — Heartiste

    There is no “hate speech.” There is the archetyped enemy’s hatred for white (S)upremacy (with its passive-aggressive expressions) and just blunt talk about those very real archetyped enemies. This is the real racist’s “communications” frame.


  26. “The real power of the media rests in its ability to lock news out of the public consciousness, rather than to pass off lies that are at risk of exposure by skeptics. The media do lie, but their Narrative-crafting force comes predominately from selective reporting, and then from information management to frame what they do report in either the most negative or positive light, depending on its usefulness to the media’s aims.”

    Powerful. This needs to be on a plaque of a large statue of Preaident Donald Trump somewhere.


  27. on October 30, 2018 at 2:20 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    We had hoped that we got to control the narrative on this election.

    NPC memes were loaded and ready to roll. Now we have this short circuited situation where the Jewish-Right are suddenly going full Jew because some deranged white man laid a glove on a circumcision ritual and killed some very old Jewish people. The plan never survives contact with the friction of battle. Does it? We gotta adapt and overcome the distraction and focus on an objective here.

    Having the GOP win by any means nessessary would mean that Jews abandon their place in the GOP.

    This distraction has a seriously good upside.


    • Yep, looking over all the far left sites, there’s not a word about either Sayok or Bowers.

      Lefty guilt is telling here.

      If you want your re-frame then tapping into that Left guilt is probably the best answer. Deep down most of them know they’re due a pipe bomb. They know that in any other culture their shit would not be tolerated.. They know that without that gosh darn diddly white waspy stoicism they couldn’t exist.

      Fuck em.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 9:49 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “there’s not a word about either Sayok or Bowers”

        (((The Men Behind the Curtain))) want to stay behind the curtain.

        They’re terrified of the Light.


    • ok…so browers shot up a synagogue.

      in islamiburg they burn them down. IDF shot up what 50 unarmed Pals just protesting on the other side of a fence?

      Say that and shrug. BDS is a leftist movement…use it as a lever. Say it’s karma and i’m a believer in eastern concepts of karmic blablabla. They won’t argue with you.

      They will AGREE. This is what happens when you oppress people, karma comes and gets you. they shoot unarmed palestinian babies.

      Israel is really their achilles heel; ironically the one place they can really be themselves.

      Throw in an inshallah and nobody on the left will say shit to you. for fear of being called a raycissss. If they object, call them one and say they’re islamophobic. Or whatever. Just fuck with them.

      if’n you wanna sperg, a dude shot up a GOP office in FL the same day.

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  28. I don’t expect Trump do do anything about this until a second term. It’s too potent an issue to give up. But there are a couple of things that can be done.

    One – a la carte cable programming. Starve the beast. If Americans can withhold money from CNN and MSNBC, it will be a great start.

    Two – put FCC licenses on the line for the major networks. There has been a push to remove all television licenses in favor of auctioning off spectrum for cellular services. This gives Trump tremendous leverage.

    Three – sue the ever living fuck out of any fake news story that affects a real person. Talked about a lot on here, but outside of the Gawker takedown, it’s not doing much as of yet.


  29. on October 30, 2018 at 6:03 am A Patron of the Arts

    I think this speaks for itself: We Can Replace Them


    • That article is entitled “we can replace them”.. By “them” they say white nationalists, what they really mean is whites.

      . I mean gosh darn diddly darn the sounds perfectly acceptable if we can just darn diddly figure a way in which we can diddly talk some sense into Hillary about not diddly iddly calling for incivility.


    • on October 30, 2018 at 6:34 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Bowers May have started ww3.


    • Michelle Goldberg — a great patriot.

      Her forebears were pioneers, braving untold hardships in order to live free in a new land. They have never failed to come to the aid of their country and have fought bravely, shed blood, and given the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom in every single war since the American revolution.

      Those brave and true Goldbergs…

      You could say the same thing for nearly 100% of the prominent Jewish media, Jewish financiers, Jewish silicon moguls, Jewish movie producers, jewish pharmaceutical magnets, Jewish pornographers, jewish real estate tycoons….

      It’s only natural that they are political activists. After all, they carved this country out of a wilderness using nothing but blood and sweat and faith. Their ancestors are in it’s vey soil.

      Is it any wonder they love their country so? It belongs to them in a way that we can’t even imagine. It always has.


      • “We live in a world that has walls, and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? YOU? YOU, Lt. Weinberg?”


      • GE, I picked up on that aspect immediately upon seeing that film in ’93.

        Of course, all the good guys are the big shot lawyers who do nothing but sit behind a desk and make decisions about people’s lives with no account or can’t pack the gear or are ‘victims’.

        All the bad guys are the ones who take risks, who actually stand for something, and are largely effective.


      • Don’t forget that anyone who reads the Bible is a sadistic Nazi and most likely a closet homosexual.


      • Watch that “closet” stuff.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 9:09 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Colonel Jessop made one major error.

        He sent two darkies to enforce a physical discipline on the weakling.


      • One darky and one sub-IQ hillbilly… the darky, of course, turned out to be the noble one with regrets in the end, the hillbilly remained in his WTF? state.


      • Notice too how at the end, the darkie gets to judge who is and who isn’t an officer.

        “AttenTION! There is an officer in the room!”

        Probably the most poisonous of all the early90s agitprop films.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 10:11 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        That’s right they were a Black/White duo.

        The victim was Hispanic though.


      • And the US military is all over the world on those walls..oh wait. Sorry bad example, bc from where I sit it looks like Jessup’s crew was out fighting for Israel.

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      • The point is/was/remains, trav, that Jessup made that subtle snide reference towards Lt. Weinberg as if to say “HA! You think a jew is gonna man any post for America besides pontificating from a courtroom?”

        Try to keep up, there’s a good fellow.


      • remind me who won in that movie…


      • What’s your point… that the movie was POZ heaven?

        Even the part I quoted was intended to make Jessup look like even more of a bad man, because muh antisemite.

        Fucking DUH, man…. THINK!


      • Aaron Sorkin wrote, and Rob Reiner directed A Few Good Men.

        Both men decorated veterans from celebrated military families dating back to before the American Revolution.


    • on October 30, 2018 at 3:08 pm Hitler is our pal

      In the past that would’ve been an outright declaration of war. And it still is to some of us.


  30. on October 30, 2018 at 6:33 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    If Gavrilo Princip is widely held to be responsible for starting ww1, then the less well known Hershel Grynspyn is responsible for triggering ww2 by assassinating Vom Rath.

    I wonder if Bowers hasn’t triggered ww3. If a white has dared to enter a Synagogue and gun down a crowd of Jews the Jews themselves will Declare War on Whitania.


  31. Visible major media rules for mass shootings, killings & attacks:

    (1) If Muslim assailant –
    Promote theme of ‘only a tiny minority of Muslims’ so as not to impede Muslim immigration
    But keep story going, to support Muslim-demonisation theme for when useful, and also to continue to bait anti-immigration etc types

    (2) If other minority assailant –
    Move on quickly from ‘tragic event’
    Suggest attacker may be a victim of, or reacting to, white oppression

    (3) If white assailant clearly leftist / US Democratic party type –
    Move on quickly from ‘tragic event’
    Suggest attacker a result of ‘atmosphere of hate’ created by right wing

    (4) If white assailant who can be associated with right wing etc –
    Promote story, and related demands for more gun control
    Promote demands for censorship of right wing, nationalists etc for their ‘hate’ … but allow & encourage hate of whites, the right wing, Trump supporters etc

    (5) If victims are Arabs / Palestinians attacked by Jews / Israelis –
    Promote how Jews saw need to act in ‘self-defence’ against provocations Promote demands that anyone criticising such attacks, be shut down & silenced as anti-semites, bigots, racists etc

    (6) If victims are Jews –
    Unleash full-scale censorship demands for banning, censoring, de-platforming, anyone criticising abuse of power by Jewish people or groups, as ‘sponsors of anti-semitic hate’
    But allow and encourage ‘hate’ of any critics of Jewish people or groups, & ‘hate’ of white people, nationalists, anti-immigrationists, right-wingers, etc.


  32. Can you make a post on the U.S.S. Liberty to remind the awakening sheeple, please? Just as a reminder b/c too many never even heard of it.

    It was attacked by the Israeli Air Force on June 8, 1967 killing 34 and wounding 174 American sailors.

    John McCain’s father covered it up saying it was an “accident” rather than deliberate.

    When the White House first thought it was an Egyptian attack they ordered a retaliatory airstrike. But 20 minutes later they knew it was Israeli so they called back the planes.

    The Israelis even shot at the rescue boats and only left the scene when a Russian ship showed up. It took 16 hours until they were rescued.

    I call it the biggest act of treason in American history.

    Why are 11 of (((them))) getting more media coverage in a single day than 34 of us in 50 years?

    Always remember U.S.S. Liberty !!!

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    • I just saw the cover of a military magazine snd one of the stories highlighted on the cover was “Remember the Pueblo. Yeah, the attack on the Liberty has been (((convenient))) scrubbed.


  33. Natural conservative “Carlos Rodriguez” just gunned down two huwhytes in Atlanta.

    Of course it is UK rags reporting on it


  34. on October 30, 2018 at 8:44 am UndertheDRADIS

    Start with your local newspaper. Use GIS to see where the subscriber base is. Mark that. Anyone owning the newspaper cannot own any other media outlets in this area. Do the same for radio and television stations. Require all cable companies offer á la carte channels. Consider partial ownership to be full ownership in order to prevent media holding companies formed to get around the prohibition. In other words, enforce the Anti-Trust Acts.


  35. on October 30, 2018 at 9:27 am Captain Obvious

    The G0d Emperor sets his sights on Wong Kim Ark & Marbury -v- Madison



  36. I used to just scrollolol on down.
    These days, whenever a pointless and interminable bitchsquabble erupts in these august pages, and continues for yards, I think “Hold on. This is the usual suspects, shitting the thread up by pretending to pull each other’s hair. What kkkomment in particular are they trying to drive off the cliff?

    And back up the page I go, looking for the triggery puff that set them all off, as it will take even the Billy-No-Mates ‘permanent observers’ here a little while to respond, and try and fill the thread with their gay shite (to the bump limit, if it has one?; no idea).

    What was the scab that somebody just inadvertently picked?
    And from which all attention must be redirected. Two comms back? Five?
    Good game, good game.

    [CH: lol this is a piece of poetry]


  37. “All the News that’s fit to print” always had a Stalinist vibe to it.


  38. on October 30, 2018 at 11:18 am Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.


  39. Heather Heyer wasn’t killed, she died of a heart attack brought on by her chain smoking menthol cigarettes and morbid obesity. She was NOT struck by a car.


  40. […] researchers were ‘navigation technology, computer science and artificial intelligence (A The Power Of A Captured Media To Memory Hole Inconvenient Stories :Leftoids are leftoids to the bone… Janus was a real Roman god. There is no counterpart for Janus in Greek mythology. He was all Roman. […]