Is Cocaine The Game Drug?

From personal experience, I can tell you [REDACTED].

Candy is dandy, and liquor is quicker, but for pickup power-ups nothing beats the white stuff.

A commenter at West Hunter tangentially makes the case for cocaine as the premiere Game drug.

Weird thing is, the coke users are also assholes before they run out. Most accurate film depiction of cocaine: the folie a deux sequence in Boogie Nights where two talentless and tasteless porn morons imagine they are promising musicians. Whoever wrote that knows the secret of stimulant-induced mania.

About withdrawal: it’s the alcoholics who die, and to a lesser extent the benzo-ites.

Heroin addicts don’t die from withdrawal, but do when they quit and suddenly go back, thanks to dosage errors.

Coke heads die of CHF and the like…or they get killed by sober people who can’t stand their endless self-absorbed chatter. Think Sheen circa 2010.

Coke abusers are assholes, but as we all know chicks dig assholes. There’s a well-documented and field-proven effect of overconfident men stimulating the sexual arousal systems of women. Imperturbable self-confidence, irrational or justified, is lightning to a lass’s limbic lobe.

PUAs of the worthwhile sort impress upon neophytes the importance of cultivating a “strong frame” or “inner game”, which is jargon for self-confidence, whether conventionally warranted by external achievement or derived from internal mental machinations. Cocaine mimics — quite a lot more quickly — the effects upon one’s behavior and attitude of having a fertile Inner Game brainscape. It can therefore serve as a seduction accelerant if taken at the right dose (a bump’ll do ya, or so I’ve heard), albeit the benefits are a temporary boost that come with a load of bummer withdrawal symptoms.

A soberly developed Inner Game is far preferable, because it’s a self-regarding high that lasts longer than fifteen minutes, and when inevitable down times arrive the crash isn’t all the way to the cortical cellar.

That said, if you’re a frightened beta bunny who can’t quite summon his Inner Bear to approach and dazzle women, you could consider availing yourself of the alpha-channeling benefits of a small pharmaceutical intervention. Just try not to get used to it.


  1. Screw that. Just pop a few xanax. I’ve done the occasional line and every time I do it I wonder ‘what’s the point of this?’

    And if it does trigger the right receptors for you, it’s very easy to do too much of it. I have a few friends who like it a little too much.


  2. I thought it was snorting cake of a chick’s ass?

    Looks like I got that one wrong.


    • Boogie Nights is a favorite film of mind and I read that the writer/director had himself done lines of coke before, thus was able to accurately write the rapid, and vapid, lines of dialog.

      Especially the scene where Rollergirl and Amber Waves are doing line after line and just talking about all the shit they wanna do and then run out and that’s that


  3. Check out James Woods in the “The Boost”. Heavy film.


  4. This is exceptionally bad advice. You almost always make terrific sense, but this is just wrong.


  5. […] Is Cocaine The Game Drug? […]


  6. on October 7, 2016 at 12:40 pm Wrong Side of History

    I had to stop because of sinus issues.


  7. Coke is the game drug not for its effect on you but for its power on the opposite sex. It’s a well known triumvirate to game theory that you need to have attraction, comfort, and logistics on your side for most quick hook ups. Blow helps with all these things because it’s illicit and this creates a bad boy image (attraction). It’s also highly secretive, just one person out of ten will send the other nine to the bathroom, which can create a shared experience (comfort). But it’s real power is the affect on logistics. It’s a sure fire, no questions asked way to isolate and take them back to your place. Once there the close is easy – you’re already doing blow with each other, which is relatively intimate and requires a degree of letting down your defences. For those girls that rarely do coke the whole process is both exciting and dangerous and creates a “what the heck we’ve already come this far” kind of mentality. Plus these girls are already in an experimenting kind of mentality and aren’t too interested in what the rest of society thinks of them. For serial coke head girls it’s even easier. They’ve had plenty of crazy late night sex experiences with coke so what’s one more? in essence coke is a good litmus test for girls who are DTF.

    If you do too much coke it’s hard to get it up. So the best thing to do is use it as a lure (a few bumps yourself won’t hurt but don’t over do it). Just be the guy who has the coke. Never let them take your bag but just feed it to them and then bounce them home. Don’t get them too fucked up or they’ll stop being horny. Once home it’s yours to lose.

    My friend and I have discussed this tactic and I call it “Operation Little Bag”. Just go to the club and pick up a girl as normal and let on that you’ve been doing blow and offer them some. Make sure you only bring out a half gram or less and leave the rest at home. Once they’ve had a few lines tell them you’re out but you have plenty more at home. By this point they’re jonesing for some more so the idea of going to your place (or anyplace with more blow) will be appealing. Then bounce them, do a line at your place, and make your move. If they deny you, kick ’em out – no more blow for them. They know this in the back of their head so the chances of you getting the notch go way up.

    My buddies call blow “the cheat code” when you’re out trying to pick up girls. Up, Up, Down, Down….


  8. test


  9. Except who in the hell knows what is in the product you actually get. It is probably like 4% actual cocaine and 96% filler. One can just as easily blow a line of crushed up Adderall which will have comparable effect. Pick your poison, one could also argue that a Volcano hit of a good Sativa strain will also have the same results.

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    • Or you might get the Len Bias concentration and OD on your first hit. Screw that.

      A solid old Moscow Mule is good enough to smooth out any anxiety and at times, the drink makes for a good convo opener.

      Now, if you can get a white Russian to make you a Moscow Mule, you’re really cooking!





    • So the disclaimers that you cannot ingest kratom are just for legal purposes?

      I can’t find much on how to use/administer other than to use for aromatherapy.

      There’s also phenibut that’ll cut the social anxiety edge like crazy. But you must careful cause you can develop a habit and get addicted to it.


      • When they say burn a gram, they mean eat a gram. I haven’t noticed any benefit to using Kratom

        Phenibut is awesome. Used to take it before Tinder dates. But yeah, it’s easy to overuse.


  11. on October 7, 2016 at 1:05 pm Wrong Side of History

    I had a girl get so pissed off because my dick was pretty much incapacitated.

    I had been drinking heavy too


  12. I don’t know about other dudes but I’m more charismatic and uninhibited when I’m C-A-L-M. drugs have opened a few doors, but only for short term flings.

    now I’m on the time-is-money trip so any girl I game is hand-selected for a long term position on the harem payroll. that requires extreme, consistent clarity and sobriety because there has to be mutual trust.

    I don’t see much trust being built when there’s drugs involved which means short term only. if you’re good with that go for it. just remember that shallowness cuts both ways. buddy of mine supported a kid for 18 years he never saw that was romantically conceived during a few lines of coke in a bathroom stall.


  13. on October 7, 2016 at 1:20 pm Wrong Side of History

    I think my biggest pick up flubs have been alcohol related

    You can go from zfg to omega weirdo really fast


  14. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

    Y’all are still just n1ggers at heart when it comes to PUA.

    Is getting laid THAT hard, that you’d stoop to mixing with cunts who do drugs?

    Whatever STD or crazy-bitch theatrics you get in your lives, you deserve.

    And yes, deserve’s got everything to do with it.

    On a side note, Boogie Nights was one fucked up film, soul-curdling to watch, more of the same kike kulture agitprop from unsound minds. And no, accurately and painstakingly depicting depravity is not art. It just gives the average moron ideas, and allows evil to study those studying it.


    • you generally don’t have to stoop because most of them are wearing high heels.

      and who says it’s about getting laid? we’re interested in their wonderful p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-i-e-s. what’re you calling us shallow or something?

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    • on October 7, 2016 at 3:05 pm Carlos Danger

      TBH, when I read that Yareally only liked sex a couple of times a week and he went to that much trouble for it, I did the math. It works out much better for me to be a repeat customer. But you need game for maintaining your w*fe’s sense of wonder and it never hurts to sharpen one’s skills.


  15. I would submit another drug as being conducive to a strong internalization of Game. That would be gabapentin.

    It is technically an anti-epileptic, but it will also provide a massive boost to confidence. You don’t get a high, but you will feel like everything you do is right. When it kicks in, it’s like that scene from Limitless when the protagonist first takes that drug, and the right thing to do suddenly seems salient and intuitive.

    It isn’t a stimulant not is it illegal, so if for personal reasons you would avoid cocaine gabapentin is perfect. It is not addictive and you would need to be quite persistent to reach a state you would go through withdrawal. Many of the same upsides of cocaine, adderall, even benzos, little downside.

    Only downside is that it will temporarily nerf your sex drive, but for those situations where getting laid right away isn’t the goal (even for Heartiste readers I imagine this is most of the time) it is incredible.


    • If it nerfs your sex drive, just use PT-141 a few hours beforehand and you get the best of both worlds!


    • What dosage are we talking Gabby?
      Thanks in advance.


      • Even a small dosage of 300-600 mgs can yield a substantial effect. That’s what I normally take (but then I’m prescribed gabapentin). I’ve seen recreational doses up to 2100 mgs, but I think for an adult male weighing 200 lbs 1500 mgs will give you maximum beneficial effect.

        It comes on very slowly and subtly, so give it about 2 hours to be noticeable.


    • Phenibut is like gabapentin but doesn’t kill sex drive. Way better


  16. I never came across coke and was too apprehensive to seek it out. But I will say that weed did wonders for my anxious, overly self-analyzing and self criticizing beta paralysis. If you can get past the all-too-common paranoia, and not lose your motivation to bust a move, marijuana is a great ZFG drug.


  17. “A soberly developed Inner Game is far preferable, because it’s a self-regarding high that lasts longer than fifteen minutes, and when inevitable down times arrive the crash isn’t all the way to the cortical cellar.”

    Neurons that fire together also wire together. A strong inner game can also rewire the brain and make the crash more tolerable. Especially when external social pressure is pushing you in the opposite direction. It’d be interesting to study brain differences between Alphas and Betas.


  18. Coke is great for sex. It’s not practical for gaming. You need to redose frequently or that confidence turns quickly to paranoia/anxiety.


  19. This is breathtakingly bad advice for so very many reasons. Just a few come to mind; coke whores (or creating new coke whores) is a road to perdition. High mudshark percentage mean she’ll come back with Tyrone and a shotgun. Policewoman trainees are sent out undercover routinely for cheap easy coke busts. Fine dosage line to erectile dysfunction. Utilizing as a crutch is disabled game.

    Acquiring a ZFG Zen confidence doesn’t arise synthetically – its work. No shortcuts. Gain a genuine and a sober confidence. Fake it ’til you make it; false drug induced confidence is artifice and won’t redound to the real thing.

    [CH: this comment is hysterical. if you know the right people (ie swpl urban white girls), and aren’t a complete idiot, dabbling between the white lines isn’t that difficult nor dangerous.]


    • He said it’s not the best way but it’s a good way for betas and shy dudes.

      Still, I’ll never take a drug, a can of beer was enough for me in my beta days, and I generically agree with you that any advice involving drugs is bad advice.


    • The problem with coke is you don’t know if a little is too much for you. I had a friend who couldn’t use just a little. You don’t know if this is true or not for you until you try. Like playing Russian roulette. Alcohol is of course the same but easier to get off of.


  20. on October 8, 2016 at 8:26 am CBR600RR_Rider

    nah. prescription opiates is where it’s at. 30mg oxy, or if you’re lucky, Opana 🙂
    nothing boosts your confidence like near orgasmic feeling lasting 6 hours, with mood and self esteem elevated to the stratosphere 😉

    or so i’m told 😛


  21. I just hung out with a few badboy criminal types from highschool

    They were doing heavy drinking, smoking, weed, and cocaine at the same time

    One dude just came out of jail, another’s dating a stripper

    None of them are good looking, I’d put them at 5 at best, with questionable IQ’s, but they have no problem getting chicks, even though their game is rather questionable (buying girls drinks, dinner etc)

    Criminals are alphas, their mentality and frame is far stronger than worker drones especially libtards,

    I recommend any beta’s out there to just hang out with a few of these guys occasionally

    [CH: pro comment. not kidding. (worked for me)]