Weaponized Disinformation

The chaimstream media use weaponized disinformation as well as suppression of legitimate information. See: the silence from the media on the unraveling Jussie Smollett anti-White hate hoax story.

PS The Corrupt Depraved Elite have waged a war against brotherhoods, and against any form of male solidarity taking root, because the elite know this is the only force which can oust them from power and make them pay for their crimes against the nation.


  1. Onward leftward soldier….


  2. “Men grouping together exclusively are either misogynists or secretly gay.”
    says people who hate men and openly endorse homosexuality.

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  3. I organize a monthly meeting of like minded white men of good character. We get together for dinner and drinks and conversation. It’s easy to arrange these meetups through social media and I encourage all white men to follow my example, starting with friends and expanding the group through those who are vetted by existing members in good standing. Let’s build thousands of such groups.

    [CH: you’re doing the lord’s work]

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  4. on February 15, 2019 at 10:52 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Well the pretend minorities get gangs
    White get some gay Neo Nazi klub klux klan shit
    Killed 30 people 30 years


  5. From the full article at RT ‘need for new technologies to “isolate and identify disinformation,” as well as the need to liaise with civilian agencies, NGOs and “individual citizens who bring transparency to malign activities of our competitors.”’
    (((civilian agencies))) ((NGOs))) (((individual citizens))) Stop being faggots and openly declare war on us already.


  6. on February 15, 2019 at 10:54 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Whites are not so secretly gay
    Look at birthrate


  7. Intellectually, it is interesting to observe the exposure of the Narrative as outright lies, selective reporting of facts, deceitful spinning of both facts and the “absence” of contrary facts/context (due to lies of omission). The left will not change-they are what they are: an conglomerate of evil/stupid locusts who exist solely for pursuit of power so they can enslave normal humans and/or feed off the carcass of Western Civilization.

    Also interesting to observe the slow awakening of nomals to this insidious evil. A time for choosing is upon all such normal men. Choose this day whom you would serve.

    Meanwhile, experiencing the process is painful and likely to become more so. Choose wisely, read Bill Lind’s writings and prepare for the full assault of the globohomo left as the battle lines become clear and the left resorts to violence (as it always does).


  8. I’ve seen a number of women share screenshots on twitter of some conversation on some social media app they have with the “creepy, white male, stalker, type” to support the narrative. But what are the odds that so many female journalists with twitter platforms have this problem? Small I think. So my suspicion is that they are faking the creepy conversations because it is very easy to do and no one questions a screenshot for some reason. So if you extend this further, that means it is going to be easy for the left to start outright faking evidence to support their narrative on anything using fake social media accounts or otherwise(Russian interference, racism, female oppression by white males, etc) and hard for anyone to figure out the proof of such things was forged.


    • There are some unbelievably thirsty, pathetic dudes out there. I actually believe the Twatter bitches.

      But your average clueless thirsty white man is NOTHING compared to a street shitter in e-stalking mode.


      • No doubt. Thirst is eveywhere. As is the other side of the coin: the blue pill alpha enablers.

        Those media thots can dispose of thirsty males and cash them in for social media shekels becausse they are getting pipe.

        Their swagger doesnt just come from parroting the prog narrative.

        But in any case the mileage the leftoid megaphone gets out of the one white lacrosse (or swimmer) rapey pussy grabber they manage to find every 18 months or so is yuge.

        Meanwhile, muds can gang rape and pussy grab in the food court of the mall of america and somehow nobody sees a photo or reads a twit about it.

        These media whores and their twitter armies of go-gurls need to get kicked in the third armpit over and over by men until their status whoring leaves them as barren as their wombs.


  9. Give credit where it is due. Not only is the Mass Media a mouthpiece for the “elite”. But throw in the fact that all mainstream religions in general have nothing but burning hatred for humanity.

    The Jesuit observatory LUCIFER and the current Papal Throne should make even the densest Mick or Dego understand – these institutions are evil incarnate. Disinformation is the stock and trade of groups that need a totally ignorant populace. Take Martin Luther for example, even back when it was a-ok to call Jews what they were. He fired his shot at the Vatican, then translated the Bible into the language of the people – his people. This act was THE act that triggered the immune system of the greater evil elite. Perfidious though they may be, the judenschlau are merely symptoms of something older and far more malignant. They are lieutenants and the lugenpresse are the sergeants.

    Our very history has been subverted, and it isn’t the clumsy work of dumbfuck liberal arts majors from the daycare centers our colleges have become.


  10. The Judeo-Gynocratic Queernocracy has done a good job deconstructing legal male associations and forms of brotherhood. They are stupid. Men will find ways to bond, and if they cannot find brotherhood within the bounds of society, they will form those bonds outside of it. And that is the vanguard of chaos and change.


  11. The Judeo-Gynocratic Queernocracy has done a good job deconstructing legal male associations and forms of brotherhood. They are stupid. Men will find ways to bond, and if they cannot find brotherhood within the bounds of society, they will form those bonds outside of it. And that is the vanguard of chaos and change.


  12. In any war, first get control of (or destroy) communications. The MavethStream Media, mission accomplished. We are now in a guerilla war with them.


  13. Part if the story of the degeneration of the Catholic Church was disaffected feminist nuns who acted like gatekeepers at the seminaries. Masculine men were rejected, and flawed men were accepted. One priest friend of mine mentioned that years ago the gatekeeper at St John’s seminary in Camarillo was known as Sister Mary Furious.

    These gatekeepers were installed by radical bishops who either wanted to remake the church or, being misguided, wanted to do the progressive thing by giving women a greater role in church decisions.


  14. Inudda woids, ‘Da Jooze’. Yeah, tell us something that we do not already know.