Will AOC/Omar Destroy The Dems Before They Destroy Heritage America?

AOC is a radical commie leftwinger overseas puerto rican midwit who snipes as much against her own Democrat Party as she does against all that is true and beautiful in the world.

Ilhan Omar is a radical commie leftwinger overseas somali lackwit who barrels through the JQ and forces the media and uniparty to scramble for cover before too many normies are redpilled on the nature of their overlords.

The question is whether the aoc-omar entity destroys the Dems from within before the party can complete its demographic terraforming of America, or if they capitulate and are sufficiently converged to the globohomo borg and recruited as just more sloot soldiers in the war against White America.

tfw you marvel at the whims of a universe which decides an aoc/omar slag team will heighten contradictions in a rapidly degenerating empire and pull it back from the precipice of collapse.


“Behave yourself, guest.”

The new Maul-Right message of love.

Leave it to a based&crescentpilled imam to execute a level 99 Thot Patrol.

Better: “Buh Bye, guest.”

From a groyperfrog:

the brotherfucker names the [special people]
>the Imam patrols the brotherfucker when she gets lippy with the locals’ sheik

The Alt-Right/Islamic alliance will be the most unexpected development of 2019.

At this point, I’m game. Grab the popcorn.


  1. on February 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm | Reply William of Orange County

    Word coming out she may have put her boyfriend (white, 95% soy) on the congressional payroll.

    Who knows, her ‘shoot from the hip’ style may just help us be rid of her before we have a chance at a steel-cage deathmatch?

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    • My guess is she’s not really Socialist, she’s just playing one. She’s in it for the money, power, and fame (typical DemocRat). Wouldn’t want to be standing next to her when Satan comes to collect.

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      • Ilhan Omar is the real deal though, her pedophile warlord’s book demands it. So is Pally Rashida Tlaib, she’s just been keeping out of the news lately.

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      • I love that black Muslim chick. I wish we could team up with her constituency.

        She’s the thermal exhaust port of the left. Untouchable sacred cow, triple victim status, and based on the JQ.

        More important than the JQ, Muslims are thoroughly acquainted with the gory brutality of ZOG. The most uneducated goat fvcker in Iran knows that Jews run our country, something that college-educated coastal elite whites still can’t figure out.

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      • LeShit’s comments are right on the money. The beneficiaries of these vacuum-headed cunts are the jews. The jews know that this new breed of POC/vibrants are untouchable and immune to any of whitey’s criticisms (just like Obamohammed). The jew press loves AOC and the musloids and have been giving them more coverage than POTUS Trump (which was their plan after the new year– that is to reduce his coverage and take the wind out of his sails). So, no matter what AOC and her musloid peers say or do, the jew press is behind them and cheering them on. The old/ancient yids who supposedly are offended by the musloids’ comments/views will merely withhold money and support from AOC and the musloids. The younger yids and young callow goyim are supporting them and their efforts because of radical chic/it’s the cool thing to do/yada yada yada.


      • Well I donate to Omar.
        People like her will bring the DOTR closer…


    • The more AOC and Omar talk, the better it will be in 2020. Omar is terrifying many of the Jooish donors for the Democrats right now, which is good news.

      AOC is going to be primaried in 2020. She has ticked off the right people in her own backyard.


      The Dems are a party of hierarchies and seniority. AOC is going face some electoral primary challenges, if she does not totally sells out, before 2020.


      • Bill Clonton was right when he said, Dems want to fall in love with their candidate. They have fallen hard for AOC. She doesn’t nees to wait in line.


    • Is it more, or are almost all of the racist brown women (Sarah Jeong, Kamala Harris, AOC, a slew of Asian, Hispanic and Indian women on Twitter) banging white men? Why is this?


  2. AOC was able to kick Amazon out of NYC. What are Bloomey and Cuntomo to do!

    Well, not really, but why stick to real facts


  3. As has been pointed out by others in this blog, the Bug-eyed Barracuda, aka Occasional Cortex, is very useful to the dems, and will be met with at most very mild opprobium from within the Dem party.
    BB and others like her (think Kamala Harris) draw the enemy fire, and make the slightly less radical Dems look almost mainstream.


  4. I love them both. Give them the microphone and turn the speakers up to 11. They ain’t normalizing anything, it is sunshine on leftist insanity.


    • Same here brother….give em’ both a bull horn and a fresh set of batteries then smack them on the @ss and tell them to get crackin’

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    • on February 15, 2019 at 1:46 pm | Reply Alea Iacta Est

      What does it matter when there’s an electorate (who’s demographic increases every day) who doesn’t give a crap what they say and will vote for them no matter what… That’s why the long game is filling the country with as many vibrant muds as possible. My hope is they get so arrogant that they screw up legally and get kicked out of town that way…


    • Its just like what Trump did with the left on gun control. He let everyone put every control measure they wanted. And they had zero self control to limit it to make it actually passable. Give them enough rope to hang themselves is the order of the day.


  5. on February 15, 2019 at 12:42 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Prime minister isreal said gonna destroy America years ago nobody have a fuck
    Then they
    Did it
    Nobody have q fuck
    They took peoples livelyhoode
    Nobody have a fuck
    Yea im thinking confiscation of all guns
    Might be thousand people who fight
    It and i think im being generous


  6. on February 15, 2019 at 1:00 pm | Reply Pretty Boy Looch

    AOC isn’t a commie.

    Communism would entail POCs actually having to work.

    She’s a garden variety social dem aka white middle class slavery


    • I suspect if you had Social Democracy for White People by White People and mostly only White People you’d see it differently

      Roosevelt in 90% White America got 4 terms and our European allies, their version of the Maul Right are thoroughly Socially Democratic . The Left there says National Socialist though the later is a half truth

      There is nothing with a welfare state in a mostly homogeneous nation if the people are willing to pay the taxes.

      In a highly urban automated society is also has huge advantages in terms of keeping things stable and the wheels greased.

      More automation tends to lower wages and lower wages means a poorer people since the cost of goods never drops fast enough across the board. Its moot if an I Phone is $100 if I make $5 an hour and can’t buy or rent because all the jobs are gone

      That said even if/when we fix the demographic , we may lack the social cohesion and willingness to pay for it and that will have interesting in the Chinese curse sense effects in terms of poverty,

      At least with enough deportation and a fierce enough Maul Right in charge, we will be willing to deal out banksters and money cucks and thus buy some time.

      Do a good job and you’ll even get social capital so if the fixes don’t work, you have the option if you want it to redistribute wealth


    • the current system is corporativism for the whites, socialism for the browns and social darwinism for whites


  7. on February 15, 2019 at 1:16 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    So maybe im pissed i couldnt in good conscience raise a kid ink country i free up in because of fucked up pussy Whites
    Letting drug trade happen
    And drugging kids


  8. There is always a next radical step before Final Liberation.

    White boy can choose self-annihilation (as racial rebuke) or white (S)upremacy (as racial recognition).

    Let the para-sights poke each others’ I out meme-ing “white (s)upremacy” everywhere.

    Then (C)apital eyes.


  9. “tfw you marvel at the whims of a universe which decides an aoc/omar slag team will heighten contradictions in a rapidly degenerating empire and pull it back from the precipice of collapse.”

    The divine irony of the universe is staggeringly tragicomic. One laffs lest one cry.


  10. Cameras captured “a man”, goyim. Not a black man or anything.



  11. Alexandria of Color and her fellow congressional lightbulb person are just WalMart greeters for the DemPublican party. Not matter what damage they do, the party will survive totally unscathed like T-1000. It is a futuristic bio-memetic alloy made up of 56% gibsmedat, oil-barrel pontoon boats, and soybean pods.

    Their vibrant and tolerant base will forgive their transgressions 70 times 7 – that’s a blue checkmark fact!


  12. I don’t know. I hope she continues to spiral into leftoid entropy but the younger people I meet these days seem to be just dumb AF. Maybe they have the IQ but they know nothing of history or nature or anything else that has been touched by a white male hand.

    AOC is a “real American”. Too many aspire to be her. Social media famous and taking on the man with youth and brown vigor.

    A table of millennials next to me the other night at a pub were being educated by a pretty blonde young woman about how inspiring and beautiful AOC was. How its the future of politics. She admitted that “a lot of what AOC says is stupid, but she’s young, she will learn”

    I have heard others of late lamenting their white skin as boring, or ther 23nme as “just lame european”. The war has been hot for a while. The agitprop worked.

    AOC may help reveal the idIocy of the DNC, but it will take something else to wake these kids up.

    [CH: “brown vigor” sounds like a bowel syndrome.]


    • IBS attack


    • on February 15, 2019 at 1:55 pm | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

      The only thing that’s interesting about cortez is how she buckles to Uncle Schlomo. Same with Bulbomar. How do they surrender anything that looked like integrity and then pivot back to attacking white men. That is all that interests.


    • It is generation Tindr-Prolapse we are talking about.


    • @ST
      I live in a libtardtropolis myself, and I’ve heard similar millennial “pining.”
      But I always watch what they do. Ironically, in my experience, these same broads are the least likely to mud it up. (Of course there are exceptions.)

      It’s almost the humble brag of, “Oh (sad face) I’m just regular old 100% pure, unadulterated European (sigh.)


      • Yeah im in an urban Hillary outpost so its more common than not.

        Perhaps you are correct and its mostly a combo of public virtue signaling and smv humblebrag. But shit makes me wonder these days. Some real sheeple out there. These birds on their phones streaming talking points from the hivemind.

        But as always, watch what they do…and in her case her male looked straight out of Hoosiers, so…

        But I tire of sorting thru these dipshit broads to find out whether or not their hidden figures are 1960’s NASA or globohomo.

        I dont want to reward the traitorous or the ‘sharks with a moment of my time longer than it takes to suss it out.


    • “A table of millennials next to me the other night at a pub were being educated by a pretty blonde young woman about how inspiring and beautiful AOC was. How its the future of politics.”
      Sounds like the 21st century version of Patrick Bateman pontificating at Espace.


  13. Woke Kali seeking testicles for the win.
    What, you all think those were just stories?
    Warnings. Kids these days.
    I do not understand globalism. These old gods really hate each other almost as much as everything else. Seems prudent to somewhat wall them off with distractions.
    Death, Destroyer of Worlds. With a briefcase and a flying machine.
    They knocked down the fence at White Sands and all the retarded hippy LARPERS are wandering around looking for fused glass. No walls until you hit the landmines around the high ground.


  14. on February 15, 2019 at 1:51 pm | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

    The main thing with Bulbomar is that it just shows you how shit these suck up groids really are. They pretend that Israel is white men killing brown subhuman.


  15. Team Brainless Broad here as well. The sooner Whites are displaced from the libtard party, the better.

    In related news, I managed to get my hands on an official document.

    AOC Professional Resume:

    Harvey Wallbanger
    Blue Hawaii
    Mudslide (ha)
    Old Fashioned
    Red Eye
    Bloody Mary

    The future is female ya know, and so is her politics.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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  16. on February 15, 2019 at 3:23 pm | Reply mudsharks are the greatest losers

    phuk this gay nigger mod


  17. This shitlib Cortez is a hassa: https://youtu.be/1NCWQssHKSY


  18. That ugly hassa gonna get rich and move to Chappaqua. She’s already from Yorktown Heights, not ‘the hood’ like she’d like you to believe.


  19. And that hassa didn’t have to brown willie herself to get where she is. Course we don’t know WHAT she had to do, but we can’t say she willied brown.


  20. Yet.


  21. on February 15, 2019 at 3:40 pm | Reply Mandy been here a while

    Iran’s public morality is to be praised and likewise the dowa Amedinejad wrote Bush about the Iraq war, but then he recently supported BLM 😦


  22. The Imam wants Omar to tone it down, be discrete and hide her true beliefs to keep the attention off them–at least until their invasion is complete. Anyone playing/hoping for an alt-right/Muslim alliance better convert to Islam, otherwise you’re filling the role of the useful idiot infidel.


    • I wondered about this in regard to “migrant” terrorism in Europe. You’d figure the few smart muzzies would tell the bowlcut neckbeards to lay low for a while, collect gibs, and quietly build toward a big, devastating strike. But you still hear crap like “the attacker who struck 5 pedestrians with a hired van came from mecca six weeks ago.”
      Not that it probably matters because dumb euro virtue snivelers don’t believe the inbred heathens when they openly state that they’re on jihad. A lot of eurocucks are still jihad-deniers even after they witness a truck of peace themselves.


  23. The Fabian society that created the London School of Economics that JFK, Soros and D Rockefeller went to, believed in bringing in Communism gradually, because they knew it would otherwise be resisted. So Trump mental master that he is has just reached over with his foot and floored the gas pedal on the left. That acceleration is headed for a brick wall. Heritage America has more power in its pinky finger than all the virtue signaling sniveling black hooded lefties. How often did we see Patriots outnumbered and outgunned and surrounded in places like the battle for Berkeley, kick ass? The key to success is properly rousing them. AOC, as I said before is Bannon approved.


  24. I may have posted this before..but you can see Trumps strategy..make compromised Dems vote Republican, then run controlled opposition against them in the next election. Then divide the party from within, and run train on the progressive proIsrael antilife agenda. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/13/nyregion/state-senate-election-results-idc-klein.html
    Captain Chaos strikes again.


  25. Hmm only two months ahead of everyone else figuring out that AOC is controlled opposition. Toast the popcorn, and enjoy the show, actors are acting in order to get the populace to do the correct behavior. And JFK Jr for 2024, the future will be glorious. Buy Silver. https://mobile.twitter.com/SuperRussianBo1/status/1072070241667080192


  26. Trav screams in triumph:

    “Fear me Christians my time has come!”


  27. It might be a good tactic to ally with muzzies… online, if they’re still in their sandbox. But if I ever get my sleep disturbed by a loadspeaker on a ziggurat in my hometown then its the year 1095 all over again