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In response to Steve King’s virulent racial hatred, which involved false claims that “Western civilization” is not an offensive term which oppresses already victimized people of color, Congressional Republican leaders have announced that they will be putting on a live show featuring their wives having sex with black men.

Billed as “Abraham Lincoln’s Mandingo Extravaganza to Stop White People,” Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney will all offer up their wives to to black men, while they sit on the couch, watching and masturbating. The show will air live on C-SPAN. […]

After the upcoming Extravaganza was announced, Romney told CNN’s Don Lemon that the gangbang will be “really rough” and would involve “humiliating BDSM.”

“Let me tell you Don, the deepthroat is going to be brutal. And when I say brutal, I mean ‘brutal’ with a capital ‘b.’”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Lemon replied. “Like all Americans, I can’t wait to watch it.

The best modern satirists publish on dissident blogs that are hounded off the internet day and night by an unholy alliance of corporate and government agents for Globoschlomo.

It must burn these party apparatchiks that the revolutionary spirit lives on in America among The Deplatformed, who occupy the moral high ground and thumb their noses at their putative betters.

Mockery is war by other means. Commence happy ridicule.


Let the hate flow through you:


Let the irate flow through you:


This Steve King fiasco is Peak Anti-White Hysteria. The man said nothing untoward. He said, in so many words, it was a shame that Western Civ was being smeared as “White supremacy”. If he did anything wrong it was talking to a JYTimes propagandist.

As J.R. notes,

the craziness of it all is he’s being crucified for something he didn’t even say

in fact, what he did say was implicitly criticizing White Nationalism and White Supremacy, cause he was clearly saying, hey, when did Western Civilization become a bad thing? When did it become racist and white supremacist?

he’s saying those are bad things which Western Civ isn’t


Heritage America has no representation anymore.

424-1 in favor of condemning those who would entertain the thought that Whites have an identity.

The one nay vote was from a black Dem who thought the resolution didn’t go far enough.

lol america is finished.

The Two Minutes Hate directed against Steve King is symptomatic of a mind disease that has gripped the Western consciousness and won’t let go. Even otherwise normal, level-headed Americans are slave to the illness. What a shame. The craven prostration and groveling is what’s so disgusting about the whole spectacle.

Why do men like Crenshaw bend the knee to a puppet master who mocks them to their faces? Why make a show of his groveling on Twatter? Just vote “cuck” to appease the weasels and move on. Don’t hit up twatter to preen grotesquely about how bad Whites are for noticing their Whiteness.

But the greatest humiliation was reserved for Steve King, who had the temerity to insinuate that Whites are a collective identity with a glorious history of achievement who don’t deserve to be displaced from their own countries by third world rabble. One of those yea votes for the resolution condemning Steve King was from….Steve King.

As symbolism of a dying, weak, self-abasing race goes, that is hard to beat. Steve King condemning Steve King for crimes against the Diversity Orthodoxy he didn’t even commit.

It’s times like these I dream of the flammenwerfer.


blue pill: we’re all the same, happy happy joy joy!
red pill: race differences are real, asians are smarter than whites, checkmate lib!
rivers running with blood pill: whites deserve their own homelands fashioned in their image and reflecting their values.


  1. Peak globohomo threshold has now been crossed, without a doubt. Agreed, gents?


    • Ballad of Hanging Cuck

      He did not wear his scarlet coat,
      For blood and wine are red,
      And blood and wine were on his hands
      When they found him with the deads,
      The poor white men whom he despised,
      murdered in its bed.

      He walked amongst the Trial Men
      In a suit of shabbo grey;
      A yarmulke was on his head,
      And his step seemed light and guy;
      But I never saw a cuck who looked
      So wistfully at the day.

      I walked, with other souls in pain,
      Within another ring,
      And was wondering if the cuck had done
      how many of his own did he kill,
      When a voice behind me whispered low,
      “That cuck’s got to swing.”

      I only knew what hunted thought
      Quickened his step, and why
      He looked upon the garish day
      With such a wistful eye;
      The man had killed his own blood
      And so he had to die.

      Yet each each cuck kills
      his own blood
      By each let this be heard,
      Some cucks do it with a bitter look,
      Some with a flattering word,
      The coward does it with a kiss,


  2. This whole Steve King panic has me shaking my head. Where’s the video/audio of what he actually said? It’s awfully fishy-looking to anyone who stops to think about it for ten seconds, yet there’s almost nobody demanding the raw video/audio.

    The media’s gotten awfully brazen in its dishonesty lately.

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    • The days of sober judgment of a man’s deeds are not today.

      During the Kavanaugh witch trial, the Left was openly calling for the end of cross-examination of “alleged victims” and claiming due process was code for “patriarchy”.

      I saw exactly how a lynch mob could be formed merely through some clever propaganda.

      Keep lifting; the hard times are coming.

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    • Even if he said “whīte natiōnālism and whīte suprēmacy are grēat,” so the fūck what? I would ĀPPLAŪD him for that.

      Saying “Where’s the vidēo/aūdio of what he actūlly said? It’s awfūlly fīshy-loōking to anyōne who stops to think about it for ten seconds, yet there’s almost nobody demānding the raw vīdeo/āudio.” kind of accepts the enēmy’s frame, that there could be sōmething WRŌNG with making prō-Whīte stātements unless they’re līmited, tōned-down, and half-apōlogetic.

      Stop thinking like this, gēntlemen.

      Everyōne else thinks they’re the best fūcking thing on Eārth. That’s why they have the will to sūrvive, to continūe to exist, to presērve their nātion in the mīddle of a hōstile wōrld. Becāuse they think thēir peōple have ūnique, spēcial vālue.

      It’s high time we do the same again.


      If you’re Whīte, you’re suppōsed to be prō-Whīte. You’re suppōsed to be Whitē Suprēmācist. We’re sūpposed to think that WE are suprēme in our own cōuntries at a minimūm, that this is ŌUR place of pōwer, where WE are dōminant and all ōthers must sūbmit to our will. The altērnative is sūicīde, a particulārly mēwling, cōwardly, crāwling type of sūicide, to bōot, bēgging others who cōnsider thēmselves sūpreme to enter our nāions and hūmiliate and tōrtūre us to dēāth.


    • Well no shit.


  3. At this point, I don’t even want America to survive. I just want it burnt down so nothing of value is left for the foreigners.

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  4. >>whites deserve their own homelands fashioned in their image and reflecting their values.

    at this point this homeland would look like nothing less than Gult’s Gulch in atlas shrugged. oh how i wish that were true. and reflective natural shield to keep anyone who is not invited out of it.


  5. Steve King is in on the slander.

    The next radical step is wS…

    Jew just “no” it.


  6. ‘red pill: race differences are real, asians are smarter than whites, checkmate lib!’ With the greatest of respect to you CH. Really? Asians are smart than Whites (on average)? Who gave us the Car, the bus, petroleum? Who got to the Moon? It wasn’t China or Japan. Or India.
    One thing I am certain of asians are very good at learning things by rote and repetition. Listen to an asian child play Mozart on the Piano. There’s no soul or nuance in the music that’s created. It’s robotic, but not as good. A lot of asian children learn through fear from their parents. The Asian F is a real thing. I’ve heard stories of parents driving children to suicide because their grades were low and are bringing shame to their family. I once worked with a Chinese finance guy who was making $200K a year. He was the black sheep of the family and every so often at extended family dinners (Grandma’s birthday etc). His father would call him out on his supposed ‘failure’ and lack of academic achievement. We’ve had more than 50 years of peace after WW2 and 20 or so years after China got most favoured Nation status and yet all of the major innovations have come from one country. The United States, and all of the innovators have been White guys with little or no friends. Asians aren’t smarter. The record of innovation tells us so.


    • I think Anglin has it right on asians:

      If whites somehow disappeared and China took over the world, in a million years their society and culture would be exactly the same.

      Asians have no souls. They are the borg.


    • While I don’t doubt NE Asians have higher average IQs, I happen to agree that real life results mean more than test results and whites blow asians out of the water in that regard. It is worth noting that whites are more likely to have IQs above 120 than asians as well which no doubt plays a role.

      The second link in the linked article above shows a bell curve comparison between whites and asians.


    • on January 16, 2019 at 3:58 am gunslingergregi

      the record of drug addicted kids tells us they are
      whites are letting the cream of the crop kids be drugged out by doctors
      instead of grooming them
      but they groom retards and they get a special bus and special attention

      ”””””””’One thing I am certain of asians are very good at learning things by rote and repetition. Listen to an asian child play Mozart on the Piano. There’s no soul or nuance in the music that’s created. It’s robotic, but not as good. A lot of asian children learn through fear from their parents.””””””

      yea does it matter if they get results?
      my phillipino frend from childhood
      his dad created two doctors

      my family yea my parents groomed us when young and had money
      but no doctors in my family and we on paper blow his family out water in intelligence my two sisters could of easily been doctors with grooming
      but noone pushed them to excel just go college not what to d after

      so even being smarter dont apply if it is not molded and used


      • FUCK Doctors!
        They´re all either glorified drug-pushers for the Globohomo overlords or mostly competent butchers.

        Asians are PRIMARILY ruled by fear through out their fearful overachieving lives.
        So are we of course, but still more often than not there manages to rise up an Euler or Tesla.
        And he changes the course of WHOLE (white) humanity.

        NOTHING even remotely approaching these giants has arisen from a couple of billion gooks by now.
        Neither too from us, but OUR geniuses are ACTIVELY beaten down, brain-damaged by autism inducing vaccines and outright speed overdoses to developing overactive minds.
        The gooks have been for almost a century MASSIVELY groomed for replacing us as the global dominant race. Still no extraordinary geniuses in sight.
        Just robotic textbook repeater, by the millions.

        Ant-jews indeed.

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    • Agreed. Asians are not smarter. Period. This is another false (((paradigm))) foisted upon us by years of mass media getting us to associate dorky, glasses-wearing Asiatics with intelligence.

      Take away the corn and porn, and instead of meth addicts you’d have engineers running circles around their dorky, smelly Hindu counterparts and East Asian classmates.

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      • on January 16, 2019 at 6:03 am gunslingergregi

        hey if china becomes only people on earth because they love themselves

        they were smarter


      • wrote breeding and thoughtless group-think or loyalty may be conducive to outlasting another people group (one that has gone insane), but it does not equate to intelligence.

        In all respects we’re comparing them to the people group called ‘modern whites’ or ‘modern Westerners’ or ‘modern Europeans’ which have descended into nihilistic materialist madness and chaos. In comparison to the abject madness, a madness and social chaos and abandonment rarely seen in the history of mankind on such a massive scale, effin primates and creatures of the animal kingdom look civilized and sane next to us and ours. It’s not hard to look ‘smarter’ than white people in this day and age. Blacks are on track to outlast whitey and no one would dare talk about them being more intelligent. Hell, mosquitoes outnumber all of humanity and are they ‘smarter?’

        Speaking of intelligence. Holy shiiite.


      • Wrong again.
        China could´ve ruled the world for a thousand years now.
        But the only thing a gook loves more than killing non-gooks is killing gooks.
        They slaughtered each other by hand in numbers that only the black death could approach on our side.


      • You said absolutely nothing that could even be used as evidence towards a theory that they are ‘smarter.’ You merely proved that they can kill, exist in large numbers, and have managed to stay cohesive in a way that whites have not.

        This does not equate to ‘smarter.’ Unless you’re a base materialist and merely outlasting or outbreeding another people group makes said people group ‘smarter.’ And even then, herd mentality and group-think can most definitely be signs of lower intelligence levels.

        Uh, yeah, buuutt I’m ‘wrong again,’ right?


      • And then you present a factoid that could just as easily be used AGAINST your thesis, that China ‘could have’ ruled the world.

        Then. WHY. didn’t they? Maybe they weren’t ‘smarter’ than the white people who have been ruling the world for the past 500 years.

        This is retarded, speaking with you. Your entire argument about racial intelligence levels is based on population numbers. We’re not talking population numbers, we’re talking levels of intelligence. Breeding is NOT hard, every race on earth, even the dumbest, have been doing it for centuries. If world domination is another criteria, then human history most definitely has already spoken to the issue, and white man is the winner hands-down.


      • The white man who is the winner hands down is not the gentile variety right now though, hence epic levels of bullshit etc.


      • Asians are LESS VIOLENT than Whites, also less cooperative, less innovative, and less trustworthy than Whites (to Whites) due to not being subject to social affinity/controls. Whites and East Asians get along pretty well, if one or the other is a clearly dominant majority. My Chinese neighbors in the near-hood housing are great, don’t steal my stuff, ask to pick fruit overhanging sidewalk, don’t allow their kids to misbehave (at least in our neighborhood). Whites in Asia also learn to behave correctly from a pretty-good basis of Western Civ while in-country as foreigners/minority. White tourists/visitors in China rapidly learn about the endless scams, how normal Chinese love to gamble, and love getting “something for nothing”, even more than Whites with defective moral control like “gambling addition”.
        Asians who have an opinion of Whites will often comment that Whites have a “fire in their brain” that Asians don’t have. This is a feature, not a bug.
        As contrast: American Blacks in Japan, American Blacks visit N. Korea, search.

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      • on January 16, 2019 at 5:49 pm gunslingergregi

        Asians are LESS VIOLENT than Whites, also less cooperative, ””””””

        they are whooping whites or the diversified west in video games using teamwork
        which future war is a game
        which is all fucking bad


    • They are smarter on average

      the average white is dumb as a fuck

      average chinks are slightly smarter

      end of story


    • on January 16, 2019 at 7:30 pm They're All Dead, Sir.

      I’ve lived in various Asian countries for years. They are laughably stupid for the most part. The children study about 14 hours a day from age 5 to age 18. This explains their grades/colleges etc. My buddy (who was in Asia too) went to Yale years ago. A professor had a sit down with him knowing he’d lived in Asia. The professor was trying to get some information concerning the dullness and lack of intellectual spark in his Asian students. Asians memorize. They are not intelligent at all.

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      • Exactly. Believe me, if white kids across Europe and the Americas were putting in the time with the books the way Asians do, you would see who is ‘smarter.’

        Asians memorize, memorize, memorize.

        I’m no IQ hater, but IQ testing is most certainly not some perfect indicator of all types of intelligences put together. Many highly intelligent people, especially children who are being tested, will not score as high as they should for various factors: lack of ability to focus, not having learned to keep things simple and therefore overthinking a problem, getting bored and thinking about side-topics and other related or unrelated topics rather than dealing with the simple question in front of them, etc.


      • on January 17, 2019 at 6:59 pm They drew first blood, not me

        There’s also the element of Asian IQ consistency. They are nearly all between between, I’d say, the 65-85 percentile. That’s why they score strongly as a race. It’s consistency. Most all have 95-105 IQ’s in my estimation. I worked with a white dude recently who must have had an IQ of 74. Whites have far more variance. Any Asian genius will still be a rote genius. There have been a few great Japanese writers but I can’t name any other Asian who has an intriguing mind at all. I just don’t want to know what they think, ever.


  7. on January 16, 2019 at 2:58 am Mike de Santa

    America is doomed as it is. White people might as well come to terms with that. Trump’s election only temporarily halted the decline but now it’s returned to full speed. This is not blackpilling. It’s cold hard reality to which we all must prescribe. Balkanization is the only solution.

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    • Yes, the American experiment has failed, utterly totally, absolutely.

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    • Won’t get into full swing without Boomers truly stepping out of the way. Poor Boomers really have no other identity and have been so programmed to avoid all notions of one’s nation and community being ethnically, racially, and religiously-based. Of being committed to that community and larger tribe in every way, and sacrificing one’s own personal dreams, desires, etc., to submit to what’s best for the tribe.

      This is virtually impossible for any Boomer to do. Sad, but true. And once they are forced, by Father Time, to let go of the levers of power and let go of all their wealth, a new consciousness of Europeans peoples can begin to take shape.


      • Yeah, once Antåfå stops recrüiting boomers the wörld is gonna be a better place.


        The champiöns of PöZ, on steröids are the sübsequent generåtions… boomers are now pretty much all but forgotten and retired, except for a few old chestnüts still in gummint, and even there they take a back seat to the folks who are now in their thirtiês and fortiês.

        Hell, a fifty-year old today was born in the late sixties… that ain’t no boomer, unless you’re artificiålly extending the categöry to bölster your own biasês.


      • It’s not jusy actual positions of power but wealth and land ownership, which has yet to be handed down to the next gen of whites.


      • We all know Antifa goes away when (((they))) go away. They are neither organic nor self-supporting nor self-protecting. Or procreating. They are an annoying fly, nothing more.


      • Nah, i consider Boomers from late 40s to the late 1950s.


      • It’s not jusy actual positions of power but wealth and land ownership, which has yet to be handed down to the next gen of whites.

        If this whole “muh boomer” thing is about waiting for a payday, well… I would have thought youse yeggs would be better than that.

        If you can’t or won’t go out and earn your own wealth and land, youse a-just gonna have to wait then.

        And don’t tell me your boomer parents ain’t been helping you out, especially you young mårried couples. I know I’ve contributed a small fortune to my brood, and I was happy to do it… and there’s much more to come before I shuffle off this mortal coil.


      • No one said I or anyone else was ‘waiting for payday’ from you cuck-Boomers. It’s merely that the transfer of wealth will kick of a real and actual, MATERIAL, change reflective of the differing values of the next two generations of white peoples. And they will not reflect the gross materialism and hyper-individualistic solipsism of the cuck-Boomers.

        Good for you, glad you’re helping out the next gen. Yes, do all you can to avoid the tax man. Today’s tax man is the Brown People’s Man.


      • They are an annoying fly, nothing more.

        An annoying fly who have wrecked some good lives already, and more to come before all the smoke clears.


      • Sure, there are some real consequences to them. But a symptom.


      • I know of Boomers that had to Local TV news to determine if their draft number would be called due to what was called ‘Vietnam War Draft Lottery calculator’. Most posters to this site including myself would wet themselves for going thru another unjust war fought for (((corporations))) and (((bankers)))

        The Boomer meme is just another j.wish creation


      • The Boomer meme is just another j.wish creation

        THANK YOU!!!

        I keep trying to tell these yeggs the same thing, but they don’t listen.

        Which is why we lose.


    • Anyone else notice their White friends moving to more rural areas?


  8. Destroy soci✡l medi✡


  9. it would be glorious if someone from the GOP put forth a resolution stating “It’s OKAY to be white”. No one will, but the consequences of seeing congress totally reject it and the media agree that it’s not OKAY would rain red pills on heritage America like no other.

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  10. on January 16, 2019 at 3:50 am gunslingergregi

    One of those yea votes for the resolution condemning Steve King was from….Steve King.””””””””’



  11. on January 16, 2019 at 4:05 am gunslingergregi

    424-1 in favor of condemning those who would entertain the thought that Whites have an identity.”””””””””’

    any of those 424 people who are white and they mostly are need the same exact treatment
    we cant have people who think whites can’t be running shit
    and them be white and running shit
    get the fuck out of your positions of power if that is how you gonna vote

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    • yup. Any white who thinks whites should publicly submit to dirt peoples and give all white peoples’ achievements and material goods away, their daughters away, their rights away, their lands away…. have no business being the leaders and protectors of white people.

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  12. “Diversity Orthodoxy”? I prefer Diversity Fascists. And let’s not even deign to give them the respect of following any ‘ism’. They follow nothing but their fearz and feelz.

    Yeah, yeah, all you neo-fascists will shriek, but Diversity Fascism/Fascists hits the libtard amygdala harder and has a much nicer ring to it. Plus, it is truer to their actual form. They are truly militant, and mindless, and nothing conjures up pictures of goose-stepping militancy in the minds of normies better than the word ‘fascist’.

    It serves up a hot, steaming pile of cogdis for the triggering of snowflakes that ‘Diversity Orthodoxy’ does not.


    • They’re not fascists, they’re communists. Face it, we live in a communist fucking dictatorship of the black and brown and queer and disabled and menstruating lumpenproletariat. The white man is the new kulak — he feeds these parasites, yet he must be denounced and purged (and eventually liquidated) for his “privilege.”

      If we had real fascists in this country, right now they would be beating the fuck out of the reporters who slandered Steve King and the congress-assholes who voted to denounce him…

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      • holy shit, f*@# off. Another alt-aspie who CANNOT UNDERSTAND rhetoric and loses the entire battle from the outset because he refuses to give up a 1930s German Socialist Swastika, thereby losing the optics war from get-go.

        You idiot. You do not understand language and how to use it. I just explained how and why you and your idiot neo-fascist bros will shriek at my suggestion because you don’t understand that NORMIES don’t get or care what ‘fascism’ really means, philosophically, and all your damn long-winded explanations won’t work or even be listened to while the shit hits the fan. The normies don’t care, they follow the crowds out of fear or exhilaration to be a ‘part’ of something or ‘against’ something they vaguely FEEL is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ They don’t care about historical and accurate philosophical definitions, and never will. Which is why they are who they are and why we live in the clown world we live in.

        It’s called herding sheeple and you do it with rhetoric and feelz, in-grouping and out-grouping. And if we let fools like you alt-aspies do the talking and leading, we will not only get NOWHERE, but we won’t even get out of the gate.

        Go rant elsewhere and wrap yourself up in your swastika, alt-tard. News flash, I don’t care how ‘fascist’ you really are philosophically, but you are NOT German, you are NOT living in 1920s or 30s Germany, and the symbol of that man and his party has LOST in the culture war, justly or not. It symbology and terminology is all but completely tarnished in the eyes and ears of normies and you wouldn’t change their minds about it for 1000 years if you had that much time to explain it to them. It’s called ‘moving forward’ and accepting who you are and where you are NOW.

        Holy shit I called it. Y’all are as predictable as libertard SJWs. Alt-aspie indeed.

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      • Pelayo, I’m going to disagree with you. Intensely.

        It’s the same tier as “Democrats are the real racists,” “Democrats are the real KKK,” etc.

        Hell, why not throw out “Democrats are the real patriarchy?” “Democrats are the real White Supremacists?” “Democrats are the real anti-semites?” “Democrats are the real colonialists?” “Democrats are the real Western Civilization?”

        They’ve also smeared patriarchy, the pro-White position, counter-semitism, Europe’s colonial past, support for your own race, and the heroic stand of the Confederacy, Western Civilization itself.

        “Patriarchy” has been blackened as much in the normie’s mind as fascism. So are we going to side with the enemy now by calling ourselves the Real Feminists? Jesus.

        All you’re doing is continuing to serve and amplify their propaganda, their shame-words, their distortion of history.

        The fascists are a club the jews to use to beat us with. You’re giving power to their use of the word as a slur, and their ogrish falsification of reality. The fascists were nationalists, who arose specifically to FIGHT the anti-white globalism of the jews. They were people on our fucking side. And you can’t understand recent history at all without discarding the communists’ viewpoint and propaganda.

        And also, I REFUSE to wear the traitor badge of “conservative.”

        Conservatives are cowards who pretend to be nationalist but surrender on everything and are afraid to fight.

        The fascists were nationalists who had the courage to fight. I’m a fascist. Period.

        You’re not going to redeem and recover our history by continuing the massive, grotesque falsification of it by our enemies. Don’t contribute to the power of THEIR fucking Narratives. Call them commies, communists, Bolsheviks, whatever.

        You don’t need to try to provide the truth about the fascists if you don’t feel comfortable about it. BUT FFS STOP CONTRIBUTING TO PROPPING UP THE ENEMY’S TWISTED VERSION OF HISTORY AND REALITY.

        Using enemy rhetoric is helping to give power to their rhetoric and continues to support their distortions of truth, to the detriment of our people. It doesn’t matter how “powerful” it is — you’re still giving it more power, continuing that power, by using it.

        Shaking my head that this needs to be explained.


      • What Iron-man said.

        Talking soft and playing nice to win over normies hasn’t worked… I’ve lived through about forty years of it, and pretty much all the battles are being lost on that front… ESPECIALLY the (((MSM))) Culture War, which may be the most important battle of all.


      • Fuck you Pelayo who ever you are

        If we cling to the fash and the swas that’s our choice.
        We can do what the fuck we like.
        Fuck optics. Fuck playing to other people’s frame.

        And fuck normies and blue pill betas. They deserve to die.
        How fucking stupid can you be in this day and age especially with the information out there and with what’s going on?

        I had relationship ending arguments with extended family over the holidays.
        I was the only non shitlib in an extended family of blue collar in an economically depressed area ffs.
        It left me depressed tbh …not because of the relationships ending but because of the sheer stupidity on display and it hit home really hard that nothing will change and will continue to slide down the gutter.
        Saddam has wmds…so Anderson Cooper said…the elite scum lie and lie and the masses fall for it time and time again.
        Obama was great as he won the Nobel peace prize dont ya know.

        Millions of people believe Trump is a Russian agent.

        White $upremacy my ass. The only whites I am forced to interact with are soy boys and fags …and idiots.

        My optimism is the coming struggle will mean only the fittest will survive.


      • And @ntifa which like any other protest seem to be full of super white people have a banner ‘Good Night White Pride ‘ and they march around on our land with that protesting their own existence.
        How fucked up is that?


    • All three of you are correct since you reject (((their))) language.

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      • Sounds good to me.

        Pelayo can call them fascists and I’ll call them dirty communist jew White-hating scum. 😉

        He can call X and me spergs, we’ll Roman salute back at him, and everyone is happy. 😀


      • That would make for a hilariously awesome scene.


      • It would indeed.

        Now if only we could figure out how to work the statement “and that’s why they call you Fast Eddie” into that little scenario, too. 😉


      • Now if only we could figure out how to work the statement “and that’s why they call you Fast Eddie” into that little scenario, too.

        Throw in a pool table in the background. lzozlzozlzozlzozlozl


      • Scene: a smoky, poorly lit pool room in a right-wing dive bar in some small Red-state city.

        Pelayo: We should just call them fascists. Y’know, the normies already hate that word, my dudes.

        X: Nein, nein! The fascists fought against these dirty commies!

        Pelayo: Damn, sperging out now, huh?

        *Ironsides snaps out a Roman salute*

        Ironsides: Damn right we are, brother! Hail victory!

        *X joins in the salute*

        *FastEddie takes a drag on his cigar so the tip glows red in the shadows behind the pool table while he chalks his cue*

        FastEddie: You know, all of you are right. Reject their language every way you can. Use anything you can against ’em, anytime you can, the sooner and oftener, the better.

        Everyone else together: And that’s why they call you Fast Eddie!

        [Zounds, I’m starting to sound like that wacko SorceryGod with his scenarios 😉 ]


      • I wanted to add Greg into that scene, the “yeggs” usage would fit perfectly, but I’ve run out of time and it would have been overcomplicated to try to work it in. 😉

        Glad you’re all my brothers, as FE says.


      • lol
        love it.


      • I would be the one shooting pool with Fast Eddie… maybe my few lines could be, starting out the scene:

        “You like to gamble, Eddie? You like to bet money on a game of White survival?”


      • “You like to bet money on a game of White survival?”

        I burst out laughing.


    • on January 16, 2019 at 10:01 am General Pinochet

      “Corporate Diversity” has triggered them majorly. To the point of screaming. Don’t know why, but I’m guessing it reveals that their claim to be against the system is a lie.

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  13. The rate of displacement is hyperbolic. Tens of millions of compliant whities who were just trying to get by are going to be absolutely shocked at how fast their standard of living evaporated.

    Who controls the narrative will control the backlash …and that ain’t us. It’s going to get much, much uglier much, much faster than we can imagine. It was planned that way.

    Stay connected with people you trust. Those determined to be free will find a way.

    Any further advice would constitute fedposting.

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  14. I read the Daily Stormer … er … Daily, and it never disappoints. One of the very few places on the web, in addition to this ‘umble blog, where you can get unvarnished, unabashed truth, news and analysis.

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  15. doncha know…the existence of the white race IS racism. So to eliminate racism we have to eliminate [you can guess the rest].

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  16. The only shred of silver lining that I can see is that the phrase “White supremacy” keeps showing up in print.

    Even if it’s a White man disavowing it, it still made its way into the consciousness of the reader/viewer.

    And being that White supremacy is an objective fact (as opposed to a mere belief), two things will happen: one, more level-headed people will cotton on to the reality of White supremacy, and two, greater and greater dissonance is going to occur in the mind of White NPCs until it reaches a magnitude capable of inducing Anti-White Catatonia (AWC), at which point they can be summarily dispatched.

    I reckon the White race is overdue for some good ol’ fashion fat-trimming.


    • While I love this take, there’s a 3rd option: subvert and replace. Turn White Supremacy into White Servility.

      It’s baked into the cake, and it’s far more effective. 500 years ago The Spanish and Portuguese duked it out for control of Brazil. Spanish invaded with force, and the natives killed them all.

      Portuguese gave them gifts and entertainment. To continue to receive them, the natives had to work for them. And all Brazilians speak Portuguese to this day.

      White people are enslaved by entertainment first, “education” second. It’s why I crack so hard on afroball cucks. I can’t believe so many White men support their most effective marketing tool. Geographic balkanization is ideal, but not realistic. Cultural balkanization is. Consign mud sharks to the nog. Consign afroball to the nog. We have to re-build White Culture.

      REJECT the entertainment “gifts” of the nog courtesy of (((them.))) REJECT (((their))) language (scarlet R.) REJECT (((their))) businesses where possible.

      Glad you’re all my bros.

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      • Lastly- afroball cucks are (in Matthew McConaugh Wolf of Wall Street Voice) fuckin’ addicted!

        It’s not enough for us to tell them to give it up. On a prior thread, there was some guy named Jake who was putting himself through ridiculous rhetorical contortions with a cogdiss to rival the modern career shrike.

        They won’t just make a sacrifice. We have to replace it with something else. Give them something else to get addicted to. Waste their time on. Open to suggestions.

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      • I’ll have to think more about your Portuguese subversion theory vis-a-vis White servility. You may well be on to something but it’s not something my limited brain groks just yet.

        But I’ll co-sign on the afroball comment. (Here, goy, have a pitcher of beer in celebration.)

        Something that I’ve been trying lately is asking the sportsball addicts a simple question: “What does that get you?”

        Hear me out… sportsball addicts may be pathetic, slovenly, cucked beta pushovers, but they are still men. Their brains operate on a system of rudimentary logic just like yours and mine. They can be reasoned with.

        So when I’m at the bar, house party, gathering, etc. where the goyim are indulging in the sportsball, I ask them who they want to win.

        They say “[team]”
        I ask them why?
        They say “because that’s my team.”
        Me: Is that so? What have they done for you?
        Cuck: “Well, um. I just want them to win.”
        Me: WHY do you want them to win? In what way does your life get better if they win.
        Cuck: “But they won. That’s good”
        Me: “What, motherfucker, does that GET you?”

        Follow this line of reasoning until they give you an answer. They usually can’t.

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      • It’s not just afroball that is controlled by them. If you like baseball which is played mostly by white players, slowly but surely the owners and management offices of teams are being taken over by (((them))).

        (((they))) are literally ruining everything.

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      • Something that I’ve been trying lately is asking the sportsball addicts a simple question: “What does that get you?”


      • on January 16, 2019 at 10:21 am General Pinochet

        What irritates me is the whole, “football is a game of war strategy,” justification, as if there were hundreds of plays that are useful.
        Chess has more strategy involved. Obviously games like Total War have football beaten hands down.

        My favorite sport is Rodeo, which is almost entirely composed of whites and Hispanics, but no orcs. There’s much more strategy there. Also there’s a serious risk to life. Plus rodeo chicks are DTF always. For some reason the Hispanic women around are 6s and 7s, maybe even an occasional 8, instead of the 3s and 4s you normally get. My suspicion there is that they are low-key prostitutes, but who knows, maybe they just love Colt’s and Hunter’s D-game that much.
        The worst effect of sportsball is that it serves as a sedative for boomers, and for some masculine younger men, who should be providing us with wisdom and leadership right now. They will be fine with the worst developments, provided they can still watch sportsball and eat their fat wife’s chicken wings.


      • on January 16, 2019 at 10:23 am General Pinochet

        Moral of the Story?
        Colt and Hunter > Chad and Kyle.


      • Sportscuckball is popular because of gambling. Any form of bread and circuses is popular for the point exploiting participants for the chance of easy money.

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      • Rodeo gets my vote as a replacement spectator sport for whites. Maybe participatory too. The kids get started pretty young, barrel racing and mutton bustin’. I don’t know about the women being DTF but they look good in their tight jeans and boots.


      • on January 16, 2019 at 7:47 pm They're All Dead, Sir.

        I must admit that I was about the worst of afroball nutcases in the 90’s. My alma mater’s team grew into a full religion to me; the colors, logo, mascot, players, everything. I was really using it to replace some missing things in my life. I admit to all of that. Then they broke through and won a title as a great underdog story which ironically took away a lot of the insane energy I had for them. Then I moved to South America shortly after and was swimming in Latinas and just off into an exotic world. I looked back at my maniacal fixation on afroball in total bewilderment. Like, “How the fuck did I care about a bunch of brothers running around on the grass?” “How did I get that far from real life?” From then on, I have always gauged my quality of life as inverted from my level of interest in afroball. I will watch 15-20 college football games a year but nothing more.


      • on January 16, 2019 at 7:58 pm They're All Dead, Sir.

        I doubt anyone cares but I had such a case of afroball cuckhood that I ended up giving it a lot of thought. IMO, Afroball provides two things that are often missing in the fancucks; masculine physicality and uniform. These are two primal elements that a man must have and always has had for thousands of years; physical strength/vigor and daily uniform/color. Most men these days have neither and afroball provides both. Sedentary men who dress like shit will often find that weekend afroball fills both voids for them. The color and logos are more important than most people would guess, imo. Imagine if ever single game was between white jersey and black jersey. No color, logos, mascots…nothing. It wouldn’t have near the appeal. It would have failed by now and disappeared. So the answer is; lift constantly and approach daily dress as though it’s a uniform. Good clothing with a sensible, satisfying approach to color; blazers, ties, leather shoes, leather briefcase whether you’re a businessman or not, along with steady, constant lifting will fill the needs that afroball currently does for way too many men.


    • The WYTSOOPRMCY stuff, I see it as a sign that we’re winning. For 50 years, calling wytie a racist was enough to cow him. Then it stopped working. YORARACST would have ended most discussions about race just 5 years ago.

      Now, we’re living in a West flooded in all areas by people who don’t look like us, don’t think like us, don’t act like us, and are openly proud of the fact that they don’t care about us. They’re regularly getting recorded saying they’re here to replace us, and want us all to die. Because existing, we bring them shame.

      The “Smart” orientals can’t innovate or create. The “tough, strong, resilient” blcks can’t maintain their own lives, can’t get food or clean water, without someone taking care of them like some kind of effing pet. The “proud, culturally rich” messicans end up looking just like ALL of the browns in the world, living in dirtfloor huts and chopping each other up when a fight breaks out because, low-and-behold, they’re not like us. The “mathematically-gifted, intelligent” In(dothead)ians have earned the nickname “streetsh1tters” because their incredible, long-lived civilization sucks. The ahrabs have accomplished exactly nothing in over a thousand years of being on the stage, with the exception of creating a religion that says lying is totes OK so long as it helps promote constant war and oh-by-the-way everyone on earth is a second-class citizen and should bow down to you even if they have to descend from their skycity to do so.

      The only thing resulting from all of the “diversity” is regularjoe wytie learning upclose and personal that orientals are as smart as a robot, blcks are as trustworthy as a pitbull, messicans are as “like-us” as 1920’s blcks, In(dothead)ians are as capable as the work they’re copying, and ahrabs are nothing but joooos with anger issues.

      We’re winning. They’re replacing us with inferiors at the same time they’re telling us we should harikari to make way for our betters. They effed up in requiring we work sidebyside with these “people”, where we’ve learned that they’re not only not out betters, they’re not only inferior, but they’re so different as to bring us to question whether we’re even the same species.

      This WYTSOOPRMCY effort is them scrambling. They’re not as intelligent, capable, or creative as us, and are scrambling because they don’t know why it’s not working.

      Congress voted against us? You’re crazy man, we elected them and they’re against us and we’re all doomed!

      When the blackswan event happens, the results will look nothing like our modren world. It will definitely balkanize, and the best nation will be the one the natively intelligent, innovative, trustworthy, and capable create for themselves. The rest will revert to dirtfloor huts and chopping each other to pieces.


  17. I wish Steve King was my Congressman, but I live 100 miles too far south. Shucks.


  18. The example of scientist James Watson should be enough to convince anyone to never apologize for speaking the truth. It does not buy you peace, it is only showing the wolf your throat, so he can rip it out more easily, knowing that you will not fight back.


  19. His biggest mistake was letting that chick on his right into his inner circle. She’s involved no doubt


  20. Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney will all offer up their wives to to black men.

    So THAT’s why they despise black face, they’re afraid they might get a cracker in the coon pile.


  21. on January 16, 2019 at 2:22 pm traitors first

    Anglin & Amplify Jeez CH you must be try’n to get kicked of the normie web.

    lol america is finished. Please tell me you’re not just now noticing this


  22. As soon as they start trying to legislate dispossession (of ethnic Europeans), I will consider it the official beginning of the physical conflict. I hope I have the courage to make it through.


  23. “This Steve King fiasco is Peak Anti-White Hysteria.”
    Maybe so far…


  24. on January 16, 2019 at 7:36 pm Corinth Arkadin

    The Blackest of Black Pills.

    I don’t even know how to expand on this. Anything I say or write is simply grass in the mouth of a tiger.


  25. on January 17, 2019 at 6:18 am DissesMYisland

    St Ann is firing on all cylinders. I dare anyone to read this and tell me with a straight face that she isn’t /ourgal/

    Carlson/coulter 2024!


  26. […] Hive seems very upset that whites notice their whiteness. Or that males notice their masculinity.  Or that…  well take your pick, you get the […]