A Tour Of The Female Rationalization Hamster

From a Gabber,

The hysterical thing is that the first 2 are only 1 year apart.

And have you seen the beta husband! LOL!

Most women are ignorant of the Wall’s quickness of approach and ferocity of impact. The Wall can shatter nubility in one year, demoting a woman to post-catcall status. Many such cases!

The female rationalization hamster (coined at this e’er-humble blog) originally described the thought processes of women who fall in love with badboys and then post hoc rationalize their badboy lovers as good men, often using terms such as “he’s misunderstood”, “you don’t see what I see in him”, or “xoxo you got me Skittles for my birthday!”.

The term has come to encompass the broader mental template of Woman, and now includes any kind of backwards rationalization to help a woman feel better when reality is doing its worst to make her feel bad. Sour Grapes (insisting a good thing one can’t have is bad) and Sweet Lemons (insisting a bad thing one is stuck with is good) are examples of logical fallacies that feed the Rationalization Hamster.

Jessica Valenti gives us a tour of her rationalization hamster.

“The end of hisses, whistles, and stares: we need to walk the streets without fear”

==> she wants alpha males to notices her, and (vibrant) omega males to keep to themselves because they disgust her.

“Men rarely catcall me anymore. I hate that our culture makes me miss it”

==> she misses the male attention, but blames culture instead of her necrotizing sexual worth, which leaves her ego to entertain the possibility that culture can be changed and she can be desired again (aka blame shifting)

“One perk of older age? Fewer catcalls”

==> Sweet Lemons. AKA polishing a turd.

The female ego is loathe to admit to itself that its biological status is uncompetitive in the sexual market. The denial is so strong that you will see women like Jessica Valenti contradicting themselves from moment to moment in a vain effort to avoid honest self appraisal.

Unfortunately for her, she gets honest self appraisal every time she wearily rests her eyes on her catch of a soyhubby.


PS Trump is reshaping the notoriously shitlib 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It may be that Trump’s greatest legacy is recapturing the judiciary for MAGAmerica.


  1. She looks more masculine than he does

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  2. on November 12, 2018 at 11:07 pm Captain Obvious

    >>>>> “Most women are ignorant of the Wall’s quickness of approach and ferocity of impact.”


    • on November 12, 2018 at 11:14 pm Captain Obvious

      No one but no one but no one every warned me that a chick’s fert!lity falls off the edge of a c1iff at about the age of 35.

      Not in elementary skrewl sex ed, not in junior high skrewl sex ed, not in high skrewl, not in college, not in grad schul, not in newspapers, not in magazines, not in books, not on ta1mudvision, not in the j00vies, nowhere.

      I was always a voracious reader & a straight-A student.

      Read both the New York Times & the Wall Street Journal from cover to cover, every day, for years.

      Never saw any mention of it anywhere.

      It was only about 15 years ago, when I started getting worried about demographics, that I started stumbling upon this sh!znat – and even then it was only from pouring over utterly obscure research papers at the CDC & the Census Bureau.

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      • on November 12, 2018 at 11:27 pm Captain Obvious

        The local high skrewl swimming teams have started showing up at our swimming pool, to get ready for the new swimming season.

        The high skrewl teams break down about 50/50 serious swimmers [out of “USS”, which feeds the NCAA & ultimately the Olympics] versus “club” swimmers [who are just swimming for fun].

        And the other day, there were a couple of mildly plump townie girls, practicing for the club side of their teams, who were imminently bangable, but who would obviously be HB4s or HB3s in another couple of years.

        My best guess is that they were about 15yo.

        These Ages of Legal Consent are destroying the average woman’s best chance to ever hook up with a quality man.

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      • I have medical professionals for parents and it was not until I was 26 years old when I first heard, from some elderly, frumpy Canadienne backpacker eating lunch w me in Siem Reap, about the age of prime fertility for a woman. 17?!?

        I was slightly shocked but it made sense. What did not make sense is why no one had ever told me that and why I was hearing it from some complete stranger at the age of effin 26.

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      • on November 13, 2018 at 2:04 am Samuel Skinner

        You sure? I thought it was peak attractiveness is about 16 and peak fertility is about 24.


      • Its not 35,its approx 30 when fertility drops. The age was “shifted” to 35 some 20 years ago under the feminist pressure.

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      • The fertility only drops at 35 if a broad hasn’t been having kids. Being pregnant frequently keeps a broads body healthier and more youthful. Pregnancy hormones help a girl.

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      • asdgamer is right

        women who start having kiddos at a normal age can keep having them right up until menopause. i know many families where the mom was having her last chillenz at the same time as her older kids are having their own.

        problem is with women not starting until late in life after being on bc pills their whole lives, partying too much, bad diets, etc.

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      • I know some OB/Gyns who haven’t admitted to themselves that fertility was going to be an issue at that age. And to have several kids, you are talking 4 or 5 years. So they really need to start by 30. (35 yrs old is the cut off for “advanced maternal age”, when they become high risk to conceive a mutant of some sort.)

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    • A co worker told me his (31 yo and in great shape) wife’s pregnancy was classified as a “Geriatric Pregnancy” – real eye opening shit.


  3. She was sexy.


  4. Skanky super-man jawed NYC chick is skanky, super-man jawed.

    Fuck this gay world.

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  5. She’s also an excellent proof of Sailer ‘s law of female journalism


  6. One favorite story about Valenti, when she wrote her “autobiography”, she revealed she was a massive, drug-addicted slut back in her NYC high school. At one point, she got sick of the skinny-armed NYC guys and hooked up with a bodybuilder whose body she loved to get banged by because his body “felt like a real man should”—who was apparently in his mid-20s while she was in high school. Then he dumped her.

    Then she partied her way out of college, and only got her groove back when she became a professional man-hater.

    Why human failures like this are listened to and given a platform is a combination of human stupidity and deliberate propaganda by those in power.

    Again, fuck this gay world.

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  7. arizona is officially blue now. cuckservatives are waking up or they’ll only wake up after texas is gone too?

    trump should focus these next two years in filling every judge seat available in federal courts


    • arizona is officially blue now.

      Purple, actually, but the Commiefornian $hitheads who made it all happen are still streaming in by the millions and the writing is on the wall. (Those Commiefornians are being displaced by the Karl Rove’s natural Republicans who are taking over Commiefornia.)

      As a lifelong Arizonan who grew up in Goldwater’s Arizona, I feel like a South Vietnamese in the last days of the RVN.

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      • if in a mid-term, which mexicans dont know that it meant, they voted blue, imagine in 2020?

        yes, I know about the illegal voting and fake ballots. that’s the problem with a federalist system. or any other system = it’s only as good as those running it.

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    • Seeing as they were red as a result of McCain and Flake isn’t saying much.

      They’re more purple but given what Tuscon and Phoenix look like, it’s more brown than mejico city.


  8. on November 12, 2018 at 11:34 pm gunslingergregi

    yet her pic apparently always stays the same

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    • You have never been on an online dating site have you?


    • On average, men that never take care of themselves do hit the wall, but without the sudden impact.

      Men that do take care of themselves arrive at said wall with the subtle slowness of a feather falling to the ground.

      Think Forrest Gump. That’s what that whole movie was about. He wasn’t going to hit the wall, [email protected] an cum dumpster that did and raised the AIDS [email protected] on his own.

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      • ^above comment was meant for GGG’s wall comment below.

        Also, Jessica be ugly

        Though, in her senior (junior?) prom picture she looks okay. Worthy maybe a good 10, 15 minutes, depending on how cold it is.

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      • It didn’t occur to be until many years later, but that cheating whore Jenny was already pregnant when she showed up at Forrest’s house. She gave him the one sympathy bang he’d fantasized about for 25 years and tricked him into raising another man’s baby.

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      • Gump had epic oneitis.

        And as I look back, all “romantic” Hollywood films are just the same.

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      • Oneitis is a symptom of frustrated pair bonding instincts in the higher humans, who are wired to mrry their first girl at 14 – 17 and bond for life.

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      • on November 13, 2018 at 10:30 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “that cheating whore Jenny was already pregnant when she showed up at Forrest’s house”

        Aww, man.

        You just ruined the whole movie for me.


      • Forrest Gump was not cucked by Jenny. The movie shows them sitting down in an identical idiosyncratic position to make that point.

        That said, the film can be seen as ushering in of Clintonite neoliberalism: let’s reconcile those old differences, they are irrelevant. America’s line ends on Lieutenant Dan taking a middle aged waifu. Black slaves(Bubba’s mom) get a White servant and Jenny exercises her father from her life.

        Fortest’s mom and Jenny, useful idiots of feminism can die once their work is done.

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      • The movie shows them [Forrest and his son] sitting down in an identical idiosyncratic position to make that point.

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      • yep

        and this brings up a question i can’t quite wrap my head around

        men end up with oneitis and women lose their ability to bond.

        not sure why or how the sexes have opposite reactions to the same problem but the end result of doing things the wrong way is each sex ending up the opposite of how they should be


      • my comment was in response to this truth

        “Oneitis is a symptom of frustrated pair bonding instincts in the higher humans, who are wired to mrry their first girl at 14 – 17 and bond for life.”


      • She at least apologized for the way she played his ass, though.


      • yeah, she apologized
        that makes up for everything …. not

        and if movies showed all the real conversations that go on between couples, there were no doubt plenty of conversations where she played the victim card and blamed all her whoring, partying, using and abusing others, on her shizzy childhood and all the mean men she chose to open her legs for

        whore narcissists never pass on an opportunity to blame someone else for their shizzy behavior.


      • Why is it so easy for women to dissolve their pair bonds…. is it evolutionary adaptation to conquering tribes?


      • PA, nice assessment of the film and pointing out the sociopolitical element. (guess I can mash words together like the rest of ’em)

        That year also gave us:

        Pulp Fiction–bad black man grows a conscious
        Quiz Show–trusting goyim fooled by (((tv))) as an (((idealistic))) lawyer seeks to uncover the truth
        Shawshank–bad black man narrates story of duped goyim falling victim to the system

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      • on November 13, 2018 at 11:42 am Captain Obvious

        PA: “Oneitis is a symptom of frustrated pair bonding instincts in the higher humans, who are wired to mrry their first girl at 14 – 17 and bond for life.”

        Cracker: “and this brings up a question i can’t quite wrap my head around – men end up with oneitis and women lose their ability to bond. ”

        Profound shiznat on this subthread.


      • ‘Oneitis is a symptom of frustrated pair bonding instincts in the higher humans, who are wired to mrry their first girl at 14 – 17 and bond for life.’

        Yep. In modren society, virtues are liabilities.

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      • Nope PA. The movie shows cuck Forrest sitting with another man’s son in a childlike way because he is childlike. The director is showing that Forrest still has his child like innocence and that is why Jenny is leaving another man’s son with him. When Forrest asks if he is like him and she says he is smart that’s when Forrest realizes the boy is not his own but he is too good of a person not to raise another man’s kid.


      • At the time one critic spoke of the appeal of Forrest Gump as the stylized epitome of the good ol’ ‘Murrican… naive, perhaps a bit simple minded (in re world events and realpolitik), but with a genuine goodness and whatever talent possessed as world-class. Approaching life with a long-suffering and honest endeavor to take whatever task is at hand and devote body and soul towards it.

        What most of us, these days, would call the epitome of cuck.

        Ironic how, in the usual (((Hollyvood))) manner, they made him a demi-Christlike figure and celebrated his powers of forgiveness, childlike wonder, and, well, hyper-civic nationalism (without waving the flag, mind you), but would never have made him religious or a vocal proponent of a higher being.

        He’s the White guy all feminists, jews, fat cats, and globalists want us to be.

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      • Jenny slept with Forrest and left him the next morning, which competed him to run from coast to coast for a few years If you can pin the month and year of that night based on the story’s timeline, and when he meets the boy, you can at least see if his age is right.


      • on November 13, 2018 at 6:42 pm Hitler is our pal

        “men end up with oneitis and women lose their ability to bond.”

        Doesn’t this correlate to CH’s maxim of Sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive?


  9. in my anectodal evidence, married moms in their 30’s are keeping a much better body than the single women, unless they’re married with a beta guy like that one


  10. on November 12, 2018 at 11:37 pm gunslingergregi

    guess men hit wall too

    although chick week ago I didn’t answer her calls so she came to check on me

    he he he

    haven’t been raped in couple years though


    • On average, men that never take care of themselves do hit the wall, but without the sudden impact.

      Men that do take care of themselves arrive at said wall with the subtle slowness of a feather falling to the ground.

      Think Forrest Gump. That’s what that whole movie was about. He wasn’t going to hit the wall, married an cum dumpster that did and raised the AIDS baby on his own.

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  11. In a wider sense, a lot of this affects many people regardless of sex.
    Shifting blame? Oh yes. If the damn goldsmith had just given us the code, he would be alive today (real event, in Stockholm)

    Post-rationalization. Roll your own. My hindsight is better than everybody’s foresight.

    And yes, unless she is a half-wit, any woman knows that her SMV decays a lot faster than men’s SMV.

    Also, it can be difficult for a woman thezedaze to find a husband. One of the reasons is that it can be extremely expensive for the man, if the marriage founders. This works the same as job security. Strict job security discourages potential employers from hiring people.

    As to catcalls, and in general unwanted attention, this can be much reduced by dressing down in public, if that is really the wanted outcome.

    A problem that affects both men and women is media images etc. You are nightly surrounded by superhot women and powerful men, usually in their 30s.
    And you might confuse that with real averages. So
    Women: Where is my George Clooney?
    Men: Where is my Scarlett Johansson?


  12. “AKA polishing a turd.”

    HaHaHaHa. Never heard that term before this post. Wonderful.


  13. “AKA polishing a turd.”

    HaHaHaHa. Never heard that term before this post. Wonderful.

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  14. The second two are the same article. She changed the title 3 hours after it was originally posted. Clearly was unable to deal with slamming into the wall at breakneck speed and hamster-rationalised the shit out of the demise of her ‘looks’ (heh) and tried to reframe it as a positive.


  15. and (vibrant) omega males to keep to themselves because they disgust her. Ah. Ratcalls.
    Open bobs and vagene plz.

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  16. I’d quite enjoy ejaculating into her.


  17. Have these two procreated? Please tell me that these two haven’t procreated.


    • on November 13, 2018 at 2:02 am Abraham Lincoln

      Question 1: Would you vote “yea” for a state-sponsored “good genes” encouragement program?


      • Not in a million years. “State-sponsored”? Guess (((who))) would be choosing which autosomes etc. were desirable. And which races were to crossbred out of existence.
        You’d get a far, far superior result from a Classic Maya/Fall of Rome type of total collapse, and everybody just wandering out of the cities to bump up against each other as nomadic tribes.
        Us and the north gooks get horses and longswords, everybody else (including injuns and arabs) gets feet or camels plus a pointy stick. It’s our culture innit?
        ofc 90% of useless eaters would tend to ‘go away’ rather sharpish under this dismal scenario, but it would be worth it. Usury impossible, media evaporated beyond smoke signals and cave paintings.


      • We need more white genes out there and that means funding marriage. We need to provide more income tax incentives for marriage and kids. Make a larger standard exemption for marriage and kids. Maybe a heft married college exemption so that college women will marry early and get pregnant.


      • haven’t yankees done enough harm, already?

        you want to give’em another tooll for tooling with the plummeting huwhyte race (6% of the humans, from 50% but one hundred year ago)?


      • on November 13, 2018 at 4:51 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        We are not plummeting, there are more White people now than ever before. It’s the shitskins that are EXPLODING because WE KEEP FEEDING THEM.

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      • “.. college women will marry early and get pregnant.” No doubt they might. But not with White guys. It’s (((college))), and they are at their most “starstruck” (old shakespearian sense), malleable and rebellious.
        It’s looking like it’s ethnostate or bust from here on in, lads.


    • Apparently yes. When she was younger she had one of her children killed, but apparently let a second one live as she has now written a book on parenting. I’m sure her thoroughly seared conscience makes her a great mommy (“Hey, I only killed half my children!”).

      Side note: Her web site is feministing-dot-com, but at a glance it always looks like “fisting.”

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    • Doubt it. That would add to the overpopulation thing, after all.


  18. on November 13, 2018 at 2:10 am MatrixTransform

    Personally, could’nt give a shit what she thinks.
    Seriously, just sick and tired of listening to the shit off her lips.


  19. CH, a rare error: “loathe” should be “loath”


  20. Math professors must swear allegiance to diversity.



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    • This is irritating beyond belief.

      Math does not care about your feelings.

      The best mathematics profs I had were white males, end of story. The absolute Best One I had, for Diff Eq, was a retired engineer, a Brit who came to America for work and decided he wanted to stay. The man had photos of himself and white Brit colleagues working on dam projects all over the world. The man knew his stuff. He brought beauty, he brought the language of the universe, to life in his classes.

      The Hispanics, muds, Hindians? They went through the motions and got the grades, some of them. Most of them complained that the prof was not clear or was deliberately confusing them.

      You, you cannot confuse DiffEq. It is, or is not.

      The worst maths prof I had was a Chinese TA. It was first year Calc at my state’s big Uni, easy enough to pass. He spoke horrible English and was difficult to understand.

      I see how the policy of diversity and inclusion is intended. The worst will be the best, because Jesus said so, last shall be first… and in the mean time, confusion will reign.

      Bridges will collapse. But diversity! so it’s all good.

      [CH: Diffy Qs for the yankee rubes]


      • I was thinking wtf? that’s a confined-to-mental-institution event.
        Then I saw it was a troop hierarchy battle-royale between kangz, or rather kweenz.
        Whatever. Primates gonna primate. Who gets to mount the victor?

        From the bracketynecessarilyunbrackety-modded comms under piece

        lone star chick, dallas, United States, 5 days ago

        “There isn’t enough money to make me take a job as either a teacher or a police officer in these Democratic nightmares petri dishes.”

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      • troop hierarchy battle

        Most droll.

        We need to set up a DEFCON scale based on the number of ooks and eeks.


      • “Frederick Douglass High School”.

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      • “Your honor, I was attempting to judge the accused by the content of her character, but then I got sucker punched.”


      • if it’s possible, take upper math at a community college

        1. smaller class size
        2. you can get lucky and get an old high school teacher (trained before diversity)
        3. cheaper
        4. student loan money only pays for classes that lead to a degree. vast majority of 2 year degrees don’t even require calc I, so…. pretty much everybody in calc II, vector and linear algebra is paying out of pocket

        that means much better students


    • Isn’t being autistic enough?


  21. Even a professional feminist like her is tone-deaf to the reality that deep down she loved the catcalls. She was just milking the experience by pretending to be offended. If the catcallers would have known she had her first child killed they would probably have ignored her in the first place.


  22. on November 13, 2018 at 6:01 am Elmer T. Jones

    Have been mostly successful in ignoring media but catch wind of it here. One thing percolating among our feminist intellectuals is their recent awareness of their anger, which any honest older man recognizes as a function of the aging process. If you are an older fella it’s imperative to avoid scowling or projecting your crabbiness on others, especially young people. Feminists are acting like they have made an important discovery about something that is a normal part of the human condition. You gotta give them credit though, they are moving a lot of books about it and creating jobs where none existed.


    • on November 13, 2018 at 6:21 am Elmer T. Jones

      As for me I know how it feels to hit a wall. Had a good gig earlier this year as a consultant, writin proposals and doing design work. I was in the zone, man. Self-actualized and killin it. It was who I was, it was what I did.

      But like a lovely butterfly crossing the interstate got splattered on a truck windshield when the boss had a talk with me : no longer needed my services. Changing business focus from special machines to build on print only. Not enough work for the engineers, blah blah. Bye.

      I took it in stride. Not like it was the first time I had gotten canned, not by a long shot.

      Starting cold-calling. Had a couple lunch meetups with prospects with requisite getting ignored after my earnest salesmanship. But then just stopped giving a crap. Was out for a nature walk with my wife and get a call on my smarty phone. I had put together a consulting website touting my proposal writing services. Some guy I had an email exchange with 6 months prior asked if I would clean up some proposals for him. As a foreigner his English was typically butchered. I fixed the mess and added some compelling drawings. He paid me 3 grand and added a bonus for good quality work.

      That made me feel good. Closing out my checkered career with a satisfied customer. In a few months could apply for social security and work on my smoov lamp concepts.

      Really started pouring my guts into the lamps. Built a working prototype, even my wife loved it and stopped asking why I was spending time on such idiocy. She sees a real market for this.

      Struggled with basic metalworking using primitive hand tools though. Asked my old drinking buddy from high school, who spent 40 years as a metal finisher (and losing 3 fingers in a punch press) to come over and give me some basic shop tips. He thinks the lamp is cool. He lives in an old hillbilly shack in darkie town. Considering a move near me so we scoped a retiurement park. Immaculate trailers. He spies a Trump sign on a lawn “Trump voters” he says “so you know they are good people”.

      So was anticipating retirement and making money on the side wif my lamp biz. Then the dude calls me. My laughable proposal won a sizeable contract. “A team of scientists, engineers, and managers has evaluated your proposal and agree it has merit…”

      I laughed. Was because I wrote for the Cuntney Team Leader who could understand the technicalities thanks to my funny cartoons and memes.

      So no retirement for now. Crap.


    • Their awareness of this normal process shows just how indoctrinated they are with the equality shtick. Do we feel sorry for them or openly mock them?


  23. on November 13, 2018 at 6:37 am Hackett To Bits

    You go, Grrrl!

    “…One woman from the Lone Star State used a rifle, explosives and a party to celebrate her divorce after a 14-year marriage. Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler, 43, held a garage party to watch the newly-divorced woman blast her wedding dress into a fireball in the Medina County sky. The bright, orange fireball was seen and felt throughout most of the county…
    “…’to me, the dress represented a lie. I wanted to have a divorce party to burn the dress’ .”


    To her, the dress probably represented 14 years of life wasted on Beta…


    • Similarly, R.Don Steele in his classic “How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35”, advised gathering your pre-divorce clothes and burning them.


  24. Jessica, Jessica, Jessica…

    Those tears you’re bathing in are actually your own.


  25. The real Jessica Valenti.


  26. “Many such cases!”

    Alert! Alert! – President Trump – someone is appropriating your Twitter cadence.

    Unless it is you…


  27. on November 13, 2018 at 8:40 am TheOtherClarenceThomas

    I would like to have a chat with whomever was cat-calling her. I have a hard time believing that they were signaling her and not some *actual* good-looking woman nearby. Eew eew eww.


  28. on November 13, 2018 at 8:41 am Enfant Terrible

    I’ve come to observe, from family, and friend’s relations, that, with rare exceptions, it’s mentally damaging for a woman to never become a mother. Women are built for motherhood, and when they don’t fulfill their biological role, something brakes in their minds.

    Some women, like nuns, for instance, never become mothers, but through their “jobs”, they become surrogate mothers for others, and therefore the motherhood instinct is fulfilled. However, those women that dedicate themselves to the couck carousel, or some irrelevant “career”, and end up as catladies, they end up in a sad, neurotic, state of being.

    The same applies to men, really, a long life bachelor is an emotionally stunted man. However men, just don’t seem to become the crazed, aged out shrews that women tend to be when they have no children.

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    • on November 13, 2018 at 10:53 am Captain Obvious

      The crazy weird irrational thoughts & emotions which women endure are PERFECT for getting down on the floor and goofing around with toddlers all day long.

      But bottling up those crazy weird irrational thoughts & emotions inside of themselves, for decades on end, without ever experiencing a purposeful psychological release [which they would have had via childrearing]?

      That’s a sure-fire recipe for insanity.

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    • Garden variety NYC troglodyke


  29. Oh Jess (may I call you Jess)?

    The tears you’re bathing in are your own.


  30. on November 13, 2018 at 9:20 am Oswald Spengler

    And when your looks are gone and you’re alone
    How many nights you sit beside the phone
    What were the things you wanted for yourself
    Teenage ambitions you’ll remember well…

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  31. what a dark, cruel world. someone stared at poor jessica. How will she go on??


  32. DS down for 3 days. Barely working.


  33. No.
    The hilarious thing is that entries 2 and 3 are FIVE HOURS apart.

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  34. I once had someone send me Valenti’s pic when I said there were no good looking feminists. She’s the best they can do. Even her publicity shot is mediocre at best. In natural photos, she looks like the ugly, crazy bitch from Vice Principals.


  35. ‘Most women are ignorant of the Wall’s quickness of approach and ferocity of impact.’

    They have (understandably) a blind spot for it much like the blind spot we each have for our own death. Judging by their refusal to adjust their expectations, they also seem to be the last to know when they’ve hit it, like Wile E. Coyote briefly walking on air before realizing the cliff is no longer there.


  36. Women are quite aware of the physical impact of having children has on their bodies and hence, their SMV. I suspect this is one reason that fertility is so low nowadays. If women are uncertain of their social (reproductive) status (up or down) and they have not locked in the deal yet, they will need to find a better one. It is not just that women have children in tow but that even in the best of circumstances, they will never have that tight of a body.

    The problem is that once they hit the wall, it won’t matter any way and they won’t have the benefit of children and the relationships that come with them including a secure and happy family with a dad. For me there is nothing as sad as women who missed their opportunity when they had it only to be out in the sexual market at a much older age.


    • Prof. Woland
      “Women are quite aware of the physical impact of having children has on their bodies and hence, their SMV.”

      Depends on when they’re having the kids. If they’re having the kids past 25 their bodies wil indeed take a hit. The body wil not recover to its original state because of the lack of elasticity. If the kids are birthed prior to 25 the body wil recover almost perfectly…under the right regimen. Many women get messed up bodies because they’re producing kids way too late in life. Unnaturally late. The major problem in the West today is the fact that adolescence is extremely overextended; the time gap between the start of puberty en actually settling down is almost 2 decades.


  37. I hate to say this but I worry that “the wall” doesn’t even matter much to modern women. If they have any degree of financial security they can pretty much have all the fun they want. From what I can gather, women in their 50’s and 60’s have plenty of sex. And there is an infinite supply of takers.

    I guarantee Valenti will be grossing us out 20 years from now with articles whose insanity we cannot even begin to fathom (“My Dry Vagina is the Government’s Problem”; “My Throuple, Our Herpes”, “A Homeless Man Showed Me His Penis Before Trying to Stab Me and It Made Me Nostalgic – That’s Not Ok.”; “I Can Only Orgasm in a Graveyard on Haloween.”. Etc.

    On the subject of older women – an Uber driver once told me about how older gals, on a date, always ask, “Does IT work?”, meaning your dick. I pray to God I’m not single and hearing that question in my old age. (my answer: “For you, not so good.”)

    Also, as much as “the wall” does exist, I keep seeing a weird dynamic of the modern sexual market where good looking young men are dating serious fuglies. What the hell is going on? If the women aren’t outright fugly, they are disproportionately unattractive.

    I don’t even remember where I was going with this but I feel better.

    [CH: if a woman ever shit tests you about your bedroom prowess, just respond, in so many words, “If I’m inspired…”. totally flips the frame, and confounds even the most aggressive slores.]

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    • Ralph Stanley on November 13, 2018 at 1:55 pm | Reply

      “Also, as much as “the wall” does exist, I keep seeing a weird dynamic of the modern sexual market where good looking young men are dating serious fuglies.”

      Massive wealth transfers. Resulting in a relatively impoverished male population and a well subsidized female population (grants, subsidized housing and health care, government jobs and welfare). Basically creating an inverted sexual market dynamic. Men are now doing what women used to do and women do what men used to do. Men are showing of their physical beauty ie. peacocking and women are placing their bid by advertising their resources.


    • on November 14, 2018 at 10:51 am ConantheContrarian

      I don’t think that women in their 50’s and 60’s have plenty of sex. When you say “women” I assume that you mean single women, and I would have to disagree. Most divorced, widowed, and never-married single women in this age group are ignored by men, and if not ignored, they have some lingering beauty. But that means they have to set their sights on men ten years older.


  38. Her eyebrows scream grandiose narcissism


  39. In that photo with her hubby you can see her body trying to get away from him even though the shot they are going for doesn’t really physically allow for that. It’s not the kind of stance in which she has any reason or any real option for the lean-away, but STILL she’s naturally recoiling from him.



  40. Her odd and revealing fantasy of NYC being (or formerly being) a whirlwind of catcalls as she walked down the street is ludicrous. Even that girl with the over the top porn body had to walk around in lycra for HOURS to get footage of a couple dozen meek ‘hello’ ‘how you doing’s from thugs in thug neighborhoods. No way Valenti used to get catcalled more than a few times a year even in her prime. Naturally her mind was obsessed with it because of her job (feminist outrage) and noticed when the twice yearly catcalls left her life.

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