Overrepresentation Matters

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Specifically, overrepresentation of market dominant, subversive, nepotistic, tribalist minorities with interests diametrically opposed to the interests of the native stock whose ancestors built their nation from the ground up matters.


  1. on December 31, 2017 at 1:19 pm Abraham Lincoln

    Among non-Orthodox Jews, the intermarriage rate is 71 percent.

    [CH: lag time in effect. we’ll see in the next generation or two if the high secular jew outmarriage rate has had an impact on their anti-gentilic subversive urge.]


    • Tim Wise and Bill Maher are both mischlings. These guys hate the goyim.

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      • It already has reverted them to the mean intellectually. Jews do not dominate NMSQT any longer.

        Their days are really numbered and they will have to more nakedly rely on nepotism and mafia tactics instead of smarts. Problem is, the hindus and chinks are already doing the same thing. Been in GSEs near DC where the telugu mafia as others call them (I call Hindu mafia) has already taken over and run everyone else out. They won’t be kind to the jews as they are also a competitor.

        Chinese money and the trade deficits are the biggest threat to jewish banking ever. The chinese quite literally get enough dollars to found their own dollar central bank. The massive trend of all-cash RE buys in residential that has popped up in the past decade is all the evidence you need.

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      • on January 1, 2018 at 12:43 am Macro Investor

        The chinese will fall just like the japs did. Remember back in the 80s everyone thought the japanse will “own” us. Didn’t happen. Turns out selling things cheap just benefits the consumer.

        China has blown up debt just like everyone else. Slave labor plus destroying your country with pollution is the worst kind of short term thinking. Over a billion mouths to feed is no small problem. They’ll go down at the first sign of stress.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 6:57 am baked georgia

        99% of the cases of a jew!sh male and shiksa, their children will consider themselves jewish. (but the shiksa itself, even if converted, they dont really see her that way)

        the inverse type of marriage (jew!sh woman, goyim male) is somewhat rare, bill maher of the most notable cases in the MSM/hollywood.

        see, “patriarchy is bad” for the gentiles, but good for the chosen


    • That of course is a blatant lie by a kike shill “Abraham Lincoln”
      This kind of lies is perpetuated by (((red section))) of the picture on daily basis
      But do not trust me check kikes you know

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    • Very disingenous even if true. For all intents and purposes this “intermarriage” is nothing more than assimilation into the Borg. Go find some stats regarding those same rates that do NOT convert to Judaism after marriage, I’ll give you a cookie.

      Put another way, Jew boys Loooooooove them some blond haired blue eyes Shiksa whores and have for a long long time. Nice Hasbara disinformation campaign you dirty bagel muncher. You all will get yours eventually, maybe not in my lifetime but karma is a bitch.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 10:43 am Mandy been here a while


      I feel like the Chinese will work with us more than against us. They don’t seem to hate whites or Western Civ. Maybe I’m dreaming


    • Only the Baby Momma matters. The Mitochondrial DNA is FEMALE. Any Shiksa babies are not eligible.


      • Only if you want to be a rabbi.

        Do you really think schlomo, having bought himself a shiksa supermodel, gives two shits what the scribes say who is of the tribe and who is not?

        Think of them less as a race, or a religion, and more like the mafia. It’s certainly the way (((they))) act.


      • They convert. They drink all the blood flavored kool aid.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 9:33 pm BrachaBenedicta

      CH: these are unrelated things. In Weimar Germany, German Jews also had astronomical intermarriage rates but still the (heavily Jewish) elites were behaving in the same obnoxious way as American megaphone-holders today. These are unrelated processes.

      Also, the Jews who intermarry tend to feel guilty about it on some level – I speak from a lot of person back experience within a reform congregation – just lik they feel subliminally guilty about not living in Israel. And sadly, this guilt is expressed as hostility against the goys.

      Happy new year CH and MAGA!!

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    • Abraham Lincoln=Jew


  2. CH, would Goad-Emperor ever legalize drugs to get his approval numbers up?

    [CH: no, and it wouldn’t raise his approval rating anyhow.]

    I’d rather he not to put an end to loserdom in this country.

    [legal drugs to get high and addicted would end loserdom? not sure how this follows.]


    • No no. I’m saying, in my opinion, that people that are in-favor of it act like it would, and more than likely increase degeneracy. Not to mention, those people are worried about the wrong things when we should be focused on America returning to Heritage America above everything else.


    • It wouldn’t help Trump’s approval numbers because it would mostly appeal to people that hate him and won’t support him regardless of what he does. I was suprised Obama didn’t legalize weed. It is an issue that was relatively popular especially with lefties and young people. That would have helped him way more than it would help Trump.


      • Politicians bought up the licenses for medical dispensaries knowing full well that legalization for recreational use was a short stroke of a pen. So now weed is a panacea for the human condition which will bring prosperity and happiness – if only the system legitimized it … Nobody cares for the approval of fools, until of course, They’ve figured out a way to separate them from their money. Then they’ll compete for their approval and fools will love them for it … Nature shrugs.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 8:06 am baked georgia

        they prefer referendums and judiciary doing their dirty work, so they can say they dont have nothing do to with it, in case it goes wrong


      • The people it would get votes from were already going to be voting for Obama but he could have possibly lost votes among the conservative set; even small he got more from not doing it than he would by doing it.


  3. on December 31, 2017 at 1:23 pm Jane looked good in Barbarella.

    Ted Turner is gay?


  4. Can you attach the larger version or link?


  5. Is there a larger file?


  6. […] Overrepresentation Matters […]


  7. on December 31, 2017 at 1:34 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Apex Jews … I see, Apex Jews.


  8. Had to do double take. On first glance, I read ‘goy’ as ‘gay.’


  9. More dangerous than Jew ingroup bias is the LACK of ingroup bias of other people.

    Sell your house/business to an outsider? You’re a traitor. It’s as simple as that.

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    • on December 31, 2017 at 4:37 pm Captain Obvious

      “More dangerous than Jew ingroup bias is the LACK of ingroup bias of other people.”

      I have long thought that the most profoundly disturbing aspect of this phenomenon is that while plenty of wonderful enterprises are started by the Shkotzim, (((the financiers))) inevitably seem to move in and seize control over those enterprises, after which point control over the enterprises never seems to return to the Shkotim.

      Lately I have become convinced that (((Karl Marx))) was working with (((the financiers))) to create a system which would maximize (((Tribal))) control over a society, and, in particular, I am 100% confident that Marx advocated [what would become] estate taxes precisely so as to force Shkotzim descendants to sell off the choice assets of the family business, in order to pay the estate taxes, knowing full well that (((the financiers))) would be ready and waiting to seize those assets once they were forced onto the market.

      And with the explosion of Dark Money over the last 40 or 50 years, I suspect that that practice is accelerating into the stratosphere.

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      • on December 31, 2017 at 4:38 pm Captain Obvious

        tl;dr == In the picture above, compare Column Three with Column Four: How many companies start Green, then turn Red; versus how many start Red, then turn Green?


      • on December 31, 2017 at 7:32 pm rationalisationhamster

        An instinctively motivated core Jewish strategy is to prevent gatherings of White males. They’ll do anything to disruot or pathologize this.


      • Its more simple that that. In a planned economy (((they))) do the planning, and the livestock graze.

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      • on January 1, 2018 at 12:57 am Carlos Danger

        Lately I have become convinced that (((Karl Marx))) was working with (((the financiers))) to create a system which would maximize (((Tribal))) control over a society, and, in particular, I am 100% confident that Marx advocated [what would become] estate taxes precisely so as to force Shkotzim descendants to sell off the choice assets of the family business, in order to pay the estate taxes, knowing full well that (((the financiers))) would be ready and waiting to seize those assets once they were forced onto the market.

        If you would research instead of speculate you would know that is a well established fact.


      • Libertardians image link circa 1911. Deserves full post. Always amazed though I shouldn’t he that woke people were around forever.

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      • Watch Europa The Last Battle and you’ll see the evidence about (((who))) is in bed with (((who))).


  10. I’m sure this all just a big cohencidence.


  11. all right in a few hours 2017 will be no more
    I wish you all best 2018
    especially to the warriors who were in CHville
    there is no doubt in my mind that when the definite history of this age is written
    CHvile will be widely acknowledged as the beginning of insurrections

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  12. I honestly can’t believe (in the literal sense) that we’re actually going to do a color revolution under DJT. He’s not going to have a constituency if he continues on this path. He will be impeached and we will have to find a real leader who will meaningfully implement the policies demanded. Oh well, guess it was always a long shit. This is going to get ugly.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 12:58 am Carlos Danger

      Get out of San Francisco then. You live in an anti-reality bubble.


    • like I want to hear him bleating about Iran when everyone knows KSA is the biggest sponsor of terrorism. PRK is a problem, sure, but we need to solve it in the context of getting the fuck off that peninsula.

      The left, however, is just gone…nuts, gone. Cannot be reasoned with. Violence must come.


  13. I’ve been a little hesitant to accept the whole JQ thing, but damn….

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    • do a web search for the gif that has CNN’s executive and senior news editor positions. Same thing. At the top and within the companies, it’s the same trend.

      They’re an ethnic mafia. The real mobster ones of them built Las Vegas, ffs; they know mafia tactics as they WERE as much the mafia as the sicilians ever were. Nobody much talks about that, do they? Find me 1 in 10 people who knows who Murder, Inc were

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    • I’ve been a little hesitant to accept the whole JQ thing, but damn…

      lots of heavily-referenced research here:

      When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America


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    • on January 1, 2018 at 8:33 am Samuel Skinner

      JQ is really simple. Imagine if a group preferentially hired its own members. In the absence of any push-back, they will take over organizations in the amount of time it takes for a single turnover of personal.

      It is a combination of intelligence, education, nepotism, dirty tricks, personal familiarity (went to the same Jewish summer camp) and long term investment in work experience.

      Jews are infamous for it, but it isn’t unique to us; it occurs with every non-Hagnal ethnic group (like Irish and police departments). The most amusing case is Haiti whose economy is dominated by Syrians (they tried to get Jews to come, but Haiti sucked too much). That said Jews are historically the most extreme case, tied with the Chinese.

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      • The ‘only 2% of the population’ has to be a myth surely? Maybe that is orthodox?
        Even in my chosen limited circle, when I worked with a PR client, I knew about 50 of them.
        About 50% maried tribe…the other 50% went the shitlib route…the men married Hispanics, the women were cat ladies or became lez.
        I saw them promoting each other from within and mazel tov was as popular as have a nice day


      • The ‘only 2% of the population’ has to be a myth surely? Maybe that is orthodox?
        Even in my chosen limited circle, when I worked with a PR client, I knew about 50 of them.
        About 50% maried tribe…the other 50% went the shitlib route…the men settkec for Hispanics, the women were cat ladies or became lez.
        I saw them promoting each other from within and mazel tov was as popular as have a nice day

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      • The Ethiopians run the parking lots in Washington DC.


      • Actually to be accurate 1.77%. Oh, and 0.19% of world population. And what do they own/control? At least 50% of EVERYTHING?


  14. Happy New Year in 2018!


  15. So Adolf was right all along. What do you guys think of holocaust jokes?


    • Can anybody point me to a video or a blog that proves the Holocaust was fake?

      I’m asking a serious question and am interested in learning about it. It’s hard asking like minded people without coming off as a concern troll.

      Thanks in advance.

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      • You may find this interesting: http://archive.is/ZTldO

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      • I have a question to you, WHO THE FUCK CARES?

        This shit is almost a century in the past now, WHY ARE WE STILL SUPPOSED TO GIVE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST FUCK?

        Because it´s still (((big business))) for certain people, isn´t it.

        Bottom line, this crap is ancient history.
        Especially in our fast-paced internetz-meme-age.
        Treat it accordingly and ask yourself instead (((who))) profits.

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      • Hans, that’s like me asking you what is the point in questioning anything?

        I’d rather be able to defend myself on topics I’d like to talk about than be some simpleton that says, “its ancient history and all you need to know is they profit from it.” That doesn’t red pill anybody and nobody is going to listen.

        That’s exactly what shitlibs do and the logic they try to use on people that actually like to use their brains, and think for themselves. And that is why shitlibs will continue to lose.

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      • YouTube “hitler fought the bank”

        Watch. Listen.

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      • on January 1, 2018 at 8:54 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        First, try to find even one shred of proof that it was real. “Eyewitness” accounts don’t count, that’s known as hearsay.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 10:01 pm Vagina dominator

        1.First try to find something that proves it was real. Innocent until proven guilty, no?.

        2. Search for “Dissecting the Holocaust”, an interesting pdf.

        3. Look of “Historical Revisionism”, the Holocaust narrative, and similar.

        There are mountains of disproof.

        Have you ever considered that it takes approx. 2 hours to reduce a body to ashes in a modern crematorium?

        So where are the 6,000,000 bodies buried? How were they disposed of? Why have we never been shown the remains?

        The entire fable doesn’t stand up to even a few moments of sober reflection.

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      • on January 1, 2018 at 10:10 pm Vagina dominator

        The holocaust fable is central to maintaining Jewish propaganda power. It turns up constantly in all kinds of unlikely places and often a propos of nothing.

        The story is constantly kept before our eyes in every possible medium and forum.

        Here is an exchange that just took place over at “our finite world”, where someone who has never commented before weighed in when responsibility for the Bengal famine was brought up. You see, we must never be able to discuss any historical atrocity unless we make sure that everybody knows only one atrocity was The Great Atrocity that must always be mentioned.

        jazIntico says:
        December 31, 2017 at 5:49 pm

        “I must expect of you superhuman acts of inhumanity.” Heinrich Himmler to his top political SS staff in 1942, as he prepared to embark on “the Final Solution”.

        Kim says:
        December 31, 2017 at 11:51 pm

        Are you referring to the Holohoax? With the “gas chambers” that could never have functioned as they are claimed to have done? Or the impossible disappearance of the remains of millions (6.000,000?) corpses via incinerations. Or the ridiculous cost of running such an operation under a total blockade? It takes two hours to reduce a corpse to ashes in a modern crematorium. So how did they supposedly burn all of those bodies? What was the fuel? And why did the Soviets build a fake crematoririum tower at Auschwitz in 1948? Or what about the fact that no orders have ever been discovered showing that any such plan was either envisaged or put into operation? Or that “confessions” were obtained at Nuremburg under torture and that no cross-examinations were ever allowed of the ludicrous and obviously contradictory and untruthful claims of the handful of people who ever testified?
        Wake up to yourself.
        Or are you referring to Bomber Harris and Churchill and the millions of civilians killed under their orders?

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      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:03 am gunslingergregi

        it is interesting if people were starving all like that then 6 million people could of definitely just been eaten


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:05 am gunslingergregi

        wonder why nobody talks about how many were eaten since that is pretty plausible scenario if that many people starving
        course the survivors probably wouldn’t really want to talk about that wouldn’t make them look very good lol


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:07 am gunslingergregi

        shit 6 million easy to dispose of

        ”””””A: According to a 2013 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 6.6 million cows were commercially slaughtered in the U.S. in 2012, which results in an average of 18,032 cows killed each day. ”””””’

        funny number that came up he he he
        and that’s one year
        humans less meat than cows I assume


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:08 am gunslingergregi

        could of fed the meat to people ala soyleant green style and they wouldn’t know the spam was say what


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:10 am gunslingergregi

        course if I was gonna dispose of millions of bodies I’d go full go and yea once ya start bones burning they don’t stop do they?
        what fuel would you need
        i’d prob go grinders though and use for fertilizer
        shit ain’t rocket science


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:13 am gunslingergregi

        Some people like to garden the natural way with organics without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Many of these synthetic chemicals are considered bad for the soil as well as the vegetables you are ingesting. Supplying your soil with organics like bone meal is rich in nitrogen, will help to nourish your soil without the added man-made chemicals. Chicken bones are great for this purpose. Whole chicken bones alone can be great for the soil, but the breaking-down process takes so long that it will just rob the soil of other nutrients. Here is a method you can try to break them down faster and add them to your garden in the fall to get it off to a healthy start.


        I was right he he he
        so yea
        hmm interesting on ukranian soil being so good wonder how many bodies it took
        and if german soil not why weren’t they turning the bodies into fertilizer


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:15 am gunslingergregi

        nice mass cull could get the nutrients for some hydroponics


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:18 am gunslingergregi

        why does nobody talk about grinders to cover up mass killing
        there is always the burial mound of uselessness the fuck
        at least make the dead useful shit


      • on January 2, 2018 at 4:19 am gunslingergregi

        shit could kill a billion people and resod the Midwest lol


      • shit 6 million easy to dispose of

        ”””””A: According to a 2013 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 6.6 million cows were commercially slaughtered in the U.S. in 2012, which results in an average of 18,032 cows killed each day. ”””””’

        funny number that came up he he he
        and that’s one year
        humans less meat than cows I assume

        C’mon, gregi… even for you, this is too cheap a shot.

        There’s an entire industry within the US, the greatest commercial power in the world, that has been operating for over a hundred years, in peaceful conditions, to provide the world with meat, and employing tens of thousands of people in many locations throughout the country.

        And the remains of those animals did not merely disappear… leather, for one… bones and such, I don’t know what they do with those, but I’m sure there’s an entire side-effort of disposal along those lines, which likewise are traceable.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 7:06 am gunslingergregi

        saying if I did it
        like the wall
        ground powered bodies ain’t getting traced as they are plowed into the farmland


      • on January 2, 2018 at 7:07 am gunslingergregi

        where are the cow skulls at?


      • on January 2, 2018 at 7:08 am gunslingergregi

        are you saying we can’t dispose of a few billion bodies easily
        I’m saying we could


      • on January 2, 2018 at 7:10 am gunslingergregi

        USDA’s official number of animals killed for food

        Among mammals 41,700,000 cows and calves were killed for food in 2000, as well as 115,200,000 pigs and 4,300,000 sheep, for a total of 161,200,000. These stats are also expected to continue to rise. Thus, the total number of all animals killed for food in 2000 was 9.7 billion.””””””””’

        Thus, the total number of all animals killed for food in 2000 was 9.7 billion

        am I always right lol
        holy shit fuck that’s a big fucking number


      • No one is disputing the amount of animals killed… it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and has been around at this level for several generations now.

        But saying the Germans could have done the same with humans in the given time frame under wartime conditions?

        Bad analogy.


      • FWIW, growing up in 1970s communist Poland, it was common knowledge that les juifs were getting final-solutioned. I personally knew older people who saw and described the massive round-ups. Entire rural regions were cleared of he brews.

        I don’t recall any mention of six gorillion but the holothing per se was not disputed. Polish survivors of places like Majdanek commented on what they saw.

        That said, and keep in mind the politics of the place and time, one learned a lot more about the horrific treatment of Soviet POWs and certainly about Polish martyrogy, with three million PL Christian civilians mur dered by the occupant. No mention of Katyn (mentioning it was illegal), of one million sent to Siberia, or the Red Army’s atrocities against German civilians.


      • There was also no mention of je ws’ atrocities & denunciations against Slavs under the temporary wartime Soviet occupation, and their reign of terr or under Stalin-installed post-war government.


      • It’s really not important at this point. The argument you should focus on is Jewish influence on our culture. Whites lived in traditional societies for millennia. What changed in the last 60 years? Why did we suddenly decide to commit suicide as a race?

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      • on January 2, 2018 at 12:43 pm gunslingergregi

        how many million soldiers died now that the one that nobody calls horrible
        but honorable or something
        wartime conditions it ain’t gonna be just jews or whatnot and yea I remember my mom telling me hitler killed Catholics too
        so its like yea wtf


      • on January 2, 2018 at 12:44 pm gunslingergregi

        It’s really not important at this point. The argument you should focus on is Jewish influence on our culture.”””””

        the only thing that is important is figuring out the laws then applying them
        with technology no escape jew or gentile black or white


      • on January 2, 2018 at 12:50 pm gunslingergregi

        you right though none of the past matters we in a new paradigm we have progressed the progressives were right in that respect
        so now nobody has privacy including those who think they above the law and shit and there is no escape even to your own brain
        enforceable shit that’s it all the other shit is whatevs


    • Personally, I believe it’s real, not sure about the the Zyklon-B, but the Eintzatgruppen absolutely existed, and their actions were well documented.


      • The einsatzgruppen were 3,000 strong and has the entire terrain of Russia to cover!

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      • “Not sure about he zyklon-B”

        The veracity of the account is dependent on the total truth of the account. Zyklon-B, and the other major details of the very forcefully asserted narrative, is crucial to the account. If any one of those major details are proven to be a purposeful falsehood, then everything is in doubt if not discredited.

        For example, exactly who “well documented” the Eintzengruppen and their acts? How do you know that the documentation is valid? How do you know that the interpretation of the documentation is valid?

        Victor’s propaganda should always be held in suspicion, as a logical matter of course.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 1:09 am Carlos Danger

        Einsatzgruppen were supplemented by police divisions and military units on R and R. They were plenty to do the job they were asked to do, which was roll through peasant villages and collect slave labor or to murder the entire village. Nazi racial practices lost the war. Being stubborn to fault is a German character flaw. Dirlwhanger was a convicted pedophile and used to make young girls dance on the table before raping and murdering them. He was beaten to death by Polish partisans while hiding in a field hospital shortly after the war. Over 650 villages were slaughtered in Belarus alone. Since you live in Northern Virginia, I suggest you pay a visit to French McLean who wrote the Camp Men, the Field Men, Quiet Flows the Rhine and a few other works. This is an area where truth above all else is indeed important. I can tell you from personal experience that when they put their minds to it, no one are bigger dicks than Germans or Frenchmen. You won’t get much sympathy from those lovely Russia women with this attitude and it may get you beaten up.


      • “This is an area where truth above all else is indeed important.”

        Carlos, can you elaborate on that? are you talking about war time atrocities, or something else?


      • Carlos…the Russians did not adhere to the Geneva conventions..Axis forces were being shot in the back, ambushed, mutilated etc…so the einsatzgruppen were a response to that .
        The response gets in the movies…the initial provoke does not.
        All’s fair in love and war


      • “when they put their minds to it, no one are bigger dicks than Germans or Frenchmen.”

        if you want to see the military soul of a “people” during peace time look at their car factories.

        skip to about 23 minutes if you’re more interested in the manufacturing than the history:


      • on January 1, 2018 at 1:03 pm Carlos Danger

        Neither did the Germans with regard to the USSR. They made a good faith effort to comply with the Western powers but openly stated they would not comply regarding the USSR because it had never been a signatory. Hence high rates of Russian POW deaths. Read the Forgotten Soldier to get an idea. Visit Babi Yar next time you are in Kiev too. The Germans also had lots of really angry Ukrainian peasants who had been recently dispossessed of the their land and vivid memory of the Holodomor at their disposal and could afford to be selective in recruiting men to take revenge on those who did the killing. Their greatest failure was to not take proper advantage of that anger and resentment. Every body knew and still does. The Poles don’t call it Jewish Feudalism for nothing.

        @PJ: WRT to truth above all else, I am referring to wartime atrocities and the Holocaust as a piece of that. Most of the killing that tool place under the aegis of the Holocaust occurred in the East, on site. Germans had no intention of treating the conquered territories well and the policy was to exploit them. They hauled back thousands train loads of Ukrainian soil for instance because of its high quality. I have spent my entire life arguing in favor of the Germans and consider them to have generally been given a raw deal but from France to Norway to Romania to Italy, everyone was glad to see them go home. There must have been a reason.


      • but from France to Norway to Romania to Italy, everyone was glad to see them go home. There must have been a reason.

        No people, I think, gaze fondly upon the faces of their conquerors… no matter how well the latter may behave.

        Danger is right that most of the so-called Holocaust involved Einsatzgruppen in Russia killing any and everything that hinted of partisan activity or aid.

        I’ll let wiser haids than mine determine whether said activity merited said response and balanced the scales of justice.


      • Like Carlos, I’m much more favorable to the Germans than standard, while still acknowledging that they acted like jackasses. Kind of place them somewhere between “angel” and “demon” — of course, the (((Tribe))) wants us to view them as the most demonic people in history, which is absolutely absurd.

        I may go even further than Carlos (no idea of his opinion on this) in that I think the Third Reich managed a pretty remarkable cultural and economic renewal pre-war that they deserve some credit for. Their architecture and art also offered a much nobler vision than the horrible “modern” art and architecture we got saddled with, which is nothing but physical expression of nihilism and ugliness. And the courage and skill of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS on the battlefield were damned impressive — finest army of the war.

        A.H.’s insights on the JQ were generally pretty much spot on. It’s understandable why they viewed the USSR as a threat, with communist insurrections stirred up by (((people))) all over Europe, and the example of the 85% (((tribal))) early Soviets slaughtering Rooskies and Ukrainians by the bucketload, and the USSR’s expansionist interest in Europe.

        But they definitely blew it with treating the locals like crap in the East particularly. The Red Army soldiers at the start of the war were killing their commissars and defecting in huge numbers at a lot of locations.

        If the krauts dialed down the jackassery a bit and came as liberators from (((communism))), they would have an absolute horde of Ukies, Russians, Baltic people, etc. to recruit from, all of them full of raging zeal to strike down their former (((masters))). Stalin would probably have ended up being bagged by the 198th Ukrainian SS Panzergrenadier Division “Taras Bulba” in Kamchatka sometime in 1944, or something like that.

        They weren’t pure evil like the joos make out, but “comingled out of good and evil” like all other men, as Robert Louis Stevenson put it. Unfortunately, they let the evil side of the equation out a bit too much in their dealings with the eastern population. thus losing out on a lot of potential support.

        Still prefer them to the (((commies))) and think Churchill should have accepted the genuine peace offers made in 1940, but there’s no doubt they also f***ed up some stuff, too.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 2:30 pm Samuel Skinner

        The problem is ‘being nicer’ wasn’t a possibility. The Germans had two issues (which played a major role in the liquidation of the Jews as well).

        Germany was on a wartime economy starting in about 1934; they were spending about 40% of their GDP on the military (Wages of Destruction). The financed this by deficit spending and fraudulent bookkeeping but the system needed new materials to keep them above water. The need for more raw materials/hard currency is part of the reason Hitler went into Austria and Czechoslovakia when he did. During the war the war, they solved this issue with occupation currency, essentially letting them loot as much of the conquered territories goods as they could get their hands on.

        The second problem was food. First, fertilizer is made from resources that are used to make explosives during wartime, farmers would be serving, less fuel was available for use, etc. Also Germany was a net food importer as was the countries it conquered. An increasing food burden was solved by a reduction of rations in conquered territory. The best recorded example is Greece (population 7.3 million) where approximately 300,000 people starved to death, many in a relatively short amount of time (the Red Cross started shipping in food in December 1941).


      • Carlos…again you focus on one side.
        Since you seem to know much about me..i have a masters degree in (blue pill) history…i had family in the Wehrmacht…luftwaffe ..SS…and Hitt Youth (who drove the Polish ladies crazy in the US..and married one..her parents fled Poland from the commies!).
        Ukraine was 50:50…had a Ukrainian SS.
        Russia..like the Forgotten Soldier…when both sides drink a schnapps after a tank battle… ..respect for a formidable opponent…I am blond blue eyed..i get a lot of interest from East Europeans and kikes..i openly display an SS key ring and tattoo…most abuse I get is from modern Germans.
        I met Sajer..and SS..see Gerry Villani.
        This forum too short to discuss.
        Not disagreeing but war brings out worst in people. Nahzees fuked up in thst they lost.
        As Putin said Napoleon in the West is lionised …German villsges starved under him. The Roman Empire is hailed for its architecture, culture, but I would not want them coming to my village.
        Even fat drunk Churchill was shocked by the Brits in Iraq.
        The nahzees had no voice…every accusation is,accepted as fact. People can have a field day . As Sylvia Stolz said there is no official holocau $holocaust story so it can never be challenged in court. But I’d love to see them having to prove it.
        Looking at it through a rational scientific lens…huge holes appear.
        There is no Santa, Jesus did not walk on water…pretty lies perish.

        To the OP..on denial. Chrck out the wiki page on denial..good start.
        Read Graff, Mottagno, Faurisson, Rassinier., Barnes, Weber, Zundel..


      • Long reply in mod…damn.


      • Not a war economy intil 1942…many sources for this. They also planned for a short war

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      • France, Britain and Soviet Union were all threats. To survive and flourish..you had to expand and become strong. Similar to the expansion of the Roman Empire.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 10:22 pm Vagina dominator

        If you believe even a speck of that fairy tale then you are a fabulous idiot, Move your index finger on the keyboard and do some research for fuck sake.

        Do you have any idea of what conditions were like in post-1942 Germany under a total blockade and 24-hour a day bombing?

        But you think they spared trucks and fuel and troops and planning to kill Jews in some monstrously elaborate Grand Guignol of a (((Rube Goldberg))) machine?

        Have you ever seen a picture or a drawing of a concentration gas chamber or how it supposedly worked? Why not?

        Have you ever seen one depicted in a movie?

        Really? They introduced Zykon B through fake shower heads?

        Give some thought to it. Once the bodies and the gas chamber were thoroughly infused with cyanide, how were the bodies safely removed?

        How could it be done? There are 10,000 such absurdities attached to this ridiculous story.

        People are just dumb. Lampshade and soap for fuck sake. Where are the non-faked and non-mislabeled pictures?

        Where are the plans, documents and signed orders from one of the most bureaucratic and orderly regimes and militaries in history? What? Not even ONE document?

        You don’t think that is odd?

        After the war, when Germans were being propagandized on this, they all said with amazement “How could we not know this was going on just down the road?”

        They couldn’t know because it simply didn’t happen.

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      • So you are saying the Eintzatgruppen did not exist?

        Jewish Bolshevik system must be wiped out once and for all and should never again be allowed to invade our European living space … It is the same Jewish class of beings who have done so much damage to our own Fatherland by virtue of their activities against the nation and civilisation, and who promote anti-German tendencies throughout the world, and who will be the harbingers of revenge. Their extermination is a dictate of our own survival -Von Manstein

        Ironically, he was completely right, and predicted everything that has happened since world war 2.

        Look, if the Nazi’s did not pursue a final solution, what is exactly do you think was going on in Nazi Germany? That was a multicultural utopia where Jews and goy lived happily? Why would Hitler bother rounding up Jews for? To give them flowers?

        Zyklon-B is a is not the only method to gas people, you can easily use engine fumes, and they did. They didn’t care about safety, because they forced jews to remove the bodies.

        Post-war Germany was not ran by Jews by any means, in fact only a small fraction of concentration camp guards were ever prosecuted, and many head Nazi’s escaped. Klaus Barbie for example, was recruited by the CIA.

        And you said so yourself, Germany was facing massive shortages mid-war, all the less reason to keep the undesirables alive. It would take far more resources to feed and house so many Jews. That would involve not only procuring mass amounts of food, but also ship them by truck daily, logistically impossible for Germany.

        And this debate will lead nowhere, the point is {{they}} are the enemy. And most people will not take you seriously while you deny the holocaust. In fact Jews uses holocaust denial to make their enemies look ridiculous. Holocaust denial also does nothing but make us look like idiots.

        Why bother admiring National socialism then? since according to you all they did was murder white people, and went out of their way to keep all the Jews alive? And what was Hitler’s motivation? To keep the Jews in camps so one day, they can be released and wreck havok once more?

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      • I’ts utterly ridiculous to admire NS for their views on Jews, but then deny that they killed any. Either you support them for actions against your (((enemies))), or you don’t.

        “I support the NSDAP because I hate Jews”

        “Except they didn’t kill any Jews and the holocaust was a hoax”

        “So I support the NSDAP because they killed shit loads of white people and no Jews what so ever”

        -This is total double think, in fact one might say it’s Jewish psyops.

        So since you deny the holocaust, what exactly is your view?

        a) Hate Jews, and therefore hate NS for not killing them

        b) Like/is Jewish, and therefore support NS for not killing them

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      • on January 2, 2018 at 8:25 am Samuel Skinner

        “Not a war economy intil 1942…many sources for this. They also planned for a short war”

        Are they German primary sources because that is what Wages of Destruction uses.


      • The story keeps changing..I have posted on this before so I will keep it short..this stuff is out there

        In 1945 at the Nurnberg trial the nahzees were found guilty for having ga$ chambers at Dachau (false). Witnesses actually testified that they saw people being ga$$sed, now official historians now have to say they were never used.
        4 million died at Auschwitz..now it’s 1.5 million.
        Nahzees were blamed for the Katyn massacre in 1945 (it was the Russians)
        The lampshade story is now debunked.

        Mengele at Auschw. separated the men from the women and children…men were sent to work, women and children sent off to the chambers..yet the witnesses who testified against him were women – so how did they survive?

        Simon Wiesenthal who has the centre called after him in LA – he survived three escapes from camps and was also treated by nahzee camp doctors for gangrene!
        Why did they even have medical hospitals in the camps for inmates?

        Why did Himm- ler sent a memo to all camps expressing his concern over deaths from TB and demanding that the camp heads grow more vegetables?

        Why was Ilse Koch’s husband found guilty by a German court & shot for killing a Jew?

        People testified that lightbulbs existed in the chamber- this is impossible.
        The doors were not properly sealed to handle large amounts of zyklon B gas so the nahzees would have poisoned themselves if this was the case.

        In the Reinhardt camps, it has been accepted that vendors selling food and trinkets and hookers approached the inmates at the fence.

        Spielberg in the USHM clip on Buchen..wald says that deaths came from TB..no mention of ga$.

        And on and on..I don’t care what people think of nahzees but I do care that I am being lied to like a small child.


      • mod is killing e..the fact I can’t even post on the Holocau$st or talk about kikes..says it all


      • in 2013 the story came out from the USHM that the nahzees had 40,000 camps..is there even 40,000 beer gardens in Germany? How is that humanely possible?
        Fighting a war on 3 fronts…against 3 great powers..yet still had the time and the energy for 40,000 camps. No ne questions it so it accepted as de facto like the boy in the striped pajamas which was written by a 40 year old from Dublin lol


      • Nice try “Sun Tzu” (it was never going to be von Clausewitz was it?). I’m sure the JIDF is very happy with you.

        I could go on about how yes it’s true all the jews were rounded up and sent to camps (they weren’t the only ones), how many thousands of them died there (they weren’t the only ones), how many WERE murdered (they weren’t the only ones) etc etc etc.

        As you yourself said, it doesn’t matter as the holohoax is as close to “settled science” as anything can be. Reason and evidence be damned (it’s just not logistically possible). But your attempt at causing division here by being a concern troll is not on.

        As is your false dichotomy on [email protected] Socialism. You can admire some (or most) of an ideology, having the benefit of hindsight allows you to pick and choose (even if we assume everything to be said of NS is true). Just because a person may “like” NS, doesn’t mean they have to embrace every aspect of it. Or any other ideology, including judaism.

        As to what the Germans were planning to do with the jews, look up the Haavara Agreement for an idea of what may have taken place. Or maybe the Madagascar Plan. Who knows. There’s so much lies and deceit covering the time period that it’s virtually impossible to discern the truth.

        TLDR “Sun Tzu” you’re full of shit. JIDF concern troll and/or weebo faggot.


      • Okay since you are calling me a Jew, I ask this

        1) Were HItler and NS anti-jew/pro goy or not?

        2) Since he didn’t kill even a single Jew, was Hitler a Jewish controlled puppet then? After he caused a war killing countless whites and killed exactly ZERO jews according to you

        3) Did Hitler protect the Jews by bringing them into the camps and out of World War 2?

        4) What was Hitler’s motivation?

        5) What exactly do you admire about National Socialism them?


      • Nobody said Jews didn’t die during WWII from Nazi activities. The only dispute is HOW they died, for what reasons, and how many.

        Stop being disingenuous.


    • “What do you guys think of holocaust jokes?”

      Hahahahaha! the “Holocaust”. good one!

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      • on a more serious note:

        Q: what’s the worst thing about being a black Jew?

        A: they make you sit in the back of the (fake) oven.


      • Holocaust Museum Gift Shop Item: A T-shirt which sez:

        “My grandfather survived Treblinka and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”


      • on January 1, 2018 at 9:17 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        I couldn’t stop farting in bed last night, to the point my jewish girlfriend had enough and kicked me out to sleep on the couch.

        “Oh come on” I pleaded, “a bit of gas never killed anyone”.

        Apparently now I’m insensitive as well!

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    • on December 31, 2017 at 9:47 pm Mahbahlzr Richey

      Why are Nazis better than feminists? Nazis know how to turn the oven on.

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  16. lol at cuckservative Fox having no influences


    • on January 1, 2018 at 6:54 am baked georgia

      murdoch media (not just fox news, but the tabloids, daily mail, nypost) are the only mainstream media that reports “Immigrant” crime. that’s they want to buy his whole company


      • In other words Jewish media is actively destroying the west, while goy media is totally cucked and as PC as it gets. Daily Mail, Breitbart and Fox are extremely PC. Daily Mail journalists are as liberals as it gets.

        Never understood why Murdoch media are so cucked, Murdoch and Ailes are both pretty alpha, and their viewership are entirely whites. Less white people=less viewers. They again Murdoch supported Rubio and open borders

        Murdoch is a white christian shitlord by all intents and purposes, why the hell does he not support his own people? Then again this applies to all the white RINO’s, Bush Senior especially

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      • on January 1, 2018 at 2:34 pm Samuel Skinner

        Because the white elite hates poor white as much as the Jews do.

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      • Who knows what sword of Damocles may or may not be hanging over Murdock’s (or ANY goyim’s) haid?

        You don’t have to be a musician to sing and play to (((their))) tune, amirite?

        Wha, you think (((they’re)) going to let someone who doesn’t play ball own any kind of megaphone?


      • Because the white elite hates poor white as much as the Jews do.

        Simplistic Marxist “take SOME heat off YKW” claptrap.

        I can see 2018 is shaping up to be same ol’, lame ol’ rehash of the past few years by youse “woke” alt-R allies.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • You are telling me powerful smart white men would rather the country be filled with criminal ugly dindus as opposed to their own (poor) people? Where their daughters can’t even drive down the streets safely without guards? Even if they resent poor whites, they are sure to hate browns more.

        It was white elites that had armies conquer the world and massacre the coloureds, it was white elites that created segregation, apartheid and exploited the third world.

        Not to mention without white people they have no power base, better to be a king of whites then an emperor of dindus.

        If white elites really leads a nation of Mexicans, North Korea or China can just come in and take over. A “military” filled with Mexicans and dindus is not going to do anything other than get massacred.

        Even China, a communist dictatorship filled with low-T beta males, does not see it’s elites replacing it’s own population with inferiors. Because tribalism dictates people prefer their own.


      • No I cannot believe so many white elites would want to see their own race destroyed and replaced. I cannot believe they’d rather look at a bunch of ugly dindus than a group of Aryans. I cannot believe they would want to destroy their own history and civilization. I cannot believe they would want their (white) daughters to race-mix with dindus. I cannot believe they would want a bunch of Jews telling them what to do. I cannot believe they don’t prefer white women above all else.

        The wealthy has the most to to lose due change, no amount of money is going to help you if the world only has low IQ savages. Your “army” is worthless if it only has dindus in it.


      • the totality of last 75 years show that you are right


      • Skinner’s right as for why they would do this despite the costs?

        Being elite gives them a sense of being “above it all”, they don’t believe their children will be killed, their daughters ,raped. They aren’t worried about race mixing etc……

        In their mind, that’s all a problem for poor people, people they barely look at as human anyways.

        Why should they care? When have they ever cared?


      • Because there is a difference between having a few cheap illegal workers and having your entire race destroyed. If Bush was one of the handful of white families remaining they WILL be affected.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 8:45 am Samuel Skinner

        @Sun Tzu
        General intelligence among whites has been declining since the 18th-19th century due to female emancipation; additionally we have a meritocracy which means people are incentivized to promote incompetents because those individuals can’t replace them.

        As for the hate, the only people who are a threat to their power are other whites. So they spend their time screwing over whites in order to remain in power. This is the reason why Jews were let into the west in the first place- it lets you have subordinates who screw over others but are not a threat to you. Same reason we have affirmative action, ‘diversity’ and HR- those who have power use it to crush those who do not.

        There was a time when ‘working for the good of all’ (and by that I mean conquest) was on the menu. Then those individuals got systematically screwed over and our current elite are the bastards that replaced the bastards that… well, you get the idea.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 8:48 am Samuel Skinner

        Almost forgot- status signaling. You guys should already be familiar with this one though.


      • “This is the reason why Jews were let into the west in the first place- it lets you have subordinates who screw over others but are not a threat to you.”

        as long as competition between whites exists then there will always be a refuge for Jews.

        if a white guy hates the other white guy who has power over him, but doesn’t have the resources to do anything about it, he can borrow money from a Jew, do something about it, (possibly something illegal) take the guy’s resources, pay back the Jew loan, then hire a Jew lawyer to get rid of his legal troubles.

        I just don’t see how there could ever be a final solution, or whether there even SHOULD be one. jewing as a survival tactic is intrinsic to pecking order jockeying. the only people who don’t need a helpful Jew somehow, some way, are those who are already at the very, very top of the pecking order. current number of those people, now and always: zero.

        this is why I believe the solution to all these muh white genocide problems is not WAR! but knowledge and enlightened leadership. spread the knowledge, lead people to moderation and honesty in their behaviors, greatness in their endeavors. remove the information blockade and open up the pecking order to those most qualified to compete.

        some war is inevitable but a just war means every other honest option was exhausted. we’re not even close to there yet. if you think so, honestly ask yourself what you would do if the WN militia came to your door right now and said, “time to go.” would you go, knowing that you might be leaving everything you love behind forever, or would you call your Jew lawyer and get a deferment?


      • Bob Iger (Jew) is buying Fox.


    • Whites are not a threat to the elites, they are the elite’s power base. What does Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon and Hitler have in common? Armies of WHITE MEN led by other white officers. Without your Rommel’s and Aggripa’s these men would be powerless, and would be at the mercy other men who have stronger armies (aka more white men).

      Like I said, without armies of white men, then a group of other white men can just come in crush your “nation” and take everything you have. In fact that defines colonialism. Whites killing non-whites.

      If the US becomes 10% white, it would take China a matter of days to run over it, not to mention the USD, and stocks would be entirely worthless, roads, rail and infrastructure wouldn’t even be maintainable. Their mansions won’t even get electricity let alone water. And being surrounded by blacks means they’ll get looted. What “elite” or money is going to save them? It’ll be like planet of the apes.

      The wealthy support the status quo because they are the one’s fucked by change the most.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 2:14 pm Samuel Skinner

        What you are saying does not hold true for individual members of the elite. Other white people are the only ones who can replace them hence for each member of the elite they are a threat.

        You are failing to consider the degree of sociopathic self interest humans are motivated by.

        “In fact that defines colonialism. Whites killing non-whites.”

        The problem with successful generals and soldiers is they are popular and can replace you. The solution for politicians and the civil service is to sabotage the military; over time civilizations lose military strength for this reason.

        “If the US becomes 10% white, it would take China a matter of days to run over it, not to mention the USD, and stocks would be entirely worthless, roads, rail and infrastructure wouldn’t even be maintainable.”

        Rhodesia never surpassed 4% white. You can maintain rule over savages indefinitely as long as you are not sabotaged.


      • Immigration killed the Roman empire..the Arab Empire..heck even Liverpool’s famed Kop soccer crowd.
        Yoko killed the Beatles…the IT geeks have killed San Francisco’s hippy alt culture.
        It happens over and over- a group of talented like minded men get together and build something enormous..and outsiders come in to leech off it.
        The founders become greedy and lazy and allow things to decline.

        Greed is the ultimate reason – elites get richer when economies grow and the number of consumers grow..and since the pill in 1968 Western Societies have not produced enough children so this is outsourced.
        In Eastern Coastal cities I know IT and Architectural companies who cannot find white skilled American kids.
        White kids have the pick of easy going clean jobs like marketing or pr or basically do not bother in school and want to live a shitlib rock star lifestyle.
        Ironically professional immigrants from more patriarchal conservative countries are hard working, responsible etc but their behaviors are still third world so most will never get to the top.
        if a white college kid walked into companies I know with the even half of the desired skills – even shitlib bosses would jump on them.
        Why and how middle American has been left behind from this gravy train has been a tragedy.
        White elites will suffer and the country will be sacked like Rome was but they are not going to give up the greed drug or the lifestyle.


      • Notice how “all” white countries are having mass migration practically forced on them and just about “only” white countries have it forced on them?

        Kind of gets rid of that threat of other “white armies” coming in when your weak due to immigration.

        Make them weak too and it’s not a problem.

        The wealthy should support the status quo but greed, ambition and stupidity always did run a close race.

        That and remember half of the wealthy are jews with the other half being highly connected to them economically and to some extent socially.

        And Jews don’t mind screwing over the goyim, and the rich goyim follow suit.

        If they aren’t already doing it anyways.

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      • on January 2, 2018 at 7:53 pm Vagina dominator

        @ Sun Tzu

        RE: Why get rid of whites?

        I made a post expressing this opinion some time ago, so my apologies to those who have heard it before.

        We are at the end of the ages of new land, new cheap and seemingly inexhaustible resources.There are no new colonies or new frontiers to be settled and managed by a brave and independent and resourceful freedom-loving people. That is all gone. As is the great age of cheap energy.

        Last year, new oil discoveries accounted only for 5% of the amount of oil that was consumed.

        It is almost over and with it the age of inventions and new technologies (which have been just derivatives of the fossil fuel bounty).

        What the elites need now is not clever white people who could potentially oppose them as things run down. What they need is as many stupid and bovine people as possible.

        Browns will simply make better serfs than whites.


      • VD is a glass half full kind of guy.

        As long as you understand that in his view, the glass is half full of radioactive cyanide mixed with cobra venom. 😉


      • on January 3, 2018 at 11:24 am Southern WASP

        The problem is that the sons of elites have largely become too effete. They would rather submit to the Cultural Marxist agenda than fight, because it’s easier, and because they can easily live lives of comfort. A return to rites of passages that harden men and force them to confront reality would help with this problem.


      • Of course a white army can come in and take over, if Poland or better yet, Austria elects, or gets taken over by a NS party they can take over Western Europe, otherwise Putin, or China can take over. This doesn’t even account for mercenary corps.

        Using Browns as serfs only work in an extreme vacuum, OTHER nation states exist, and if you have no defensive ability then you will be taken over.


  17. Who are these white people that are supposedly being hoodwinked by The Jew? I know I am not one, since whenever a Jewish or even Jewish looking person turns up on the telly I automatically suppose that he is promoting whatever is good for Israel or the Jews, which is a bit irrational really since he might be talking about road traffic accidents or prostate cancer. And it doesn’t say much for white people if they are so easily persuaded to behave against their own interests by such a small fraction of the population. I think the women being given the right to vote argument has more credibility. I am not saying that wealthy jews like George Soros don’t want to destroy Europe in revenge for the holocaust, but Jews on their own would not be enough. Proud white gentiles would brush them aside. There must be more to it.


    • The White race is an empathetic race, which is its weakness as a race. So I wouldn’t say that they are “so easily persuaded”, but us Whites are a exceptional and a foolhardily race.

      There’s been countless times when we’ve been outnumbered and have come out on top or beaten insurmountable odds.


      • We also are very stubborn and don’t expect handouts because we take pride in the dignity of working hard for the things we get.

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      • It’s amazing that such a true strength can be turned against us, to the point where our race may eventually be destroyed.

        Who cares about the environment, animal welfare, other humans, hell even the future?

        Not browns/blacks/arabs, that’s for sure. Asians and jews care about the future insomuch as how many shekels they can make. The planet, animals, others? Not so much.

        It’s also telling that the 3rdR was big on these issues. But they were evil, amirite?

        I think we really need to take up PA’s idea and push the massively negative effect turd worlders (and the globo-corporates who inhabit their countries) have on the planet. Leftists, and more importantly normies, will have a hard time rationalising their way out of that. We may not get a single leftist to our cause, but the normies will see their gyrations and begin to question. It’s a good start on the road to WN.


    • on December 31, 2017 at 9:05 pm rationalisationhamster

      I’ve personally noted that Jews use whatever platform or conversation the Jew is engaged in they use it to promote anti White movements. The holohype, Non white immigration, privilege theory, White guilt. Education, movies, media, novels, history lessons.

      Primary reason is tall poppy Syndrom. Whites are the tall poppies.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 1:10 am Carlos Danger

      the entire modern European conceit is a Rothschild invention.


    • There are several concurrent reasons as to why we’re in our current predicament:

      -An organised psychological attack on the 60s generation by the Soviet Union, covertly promoting socialism & communism (watch Yuri Bezmenov for details)
      -An exceptionally intelligent jew named Saul Alinsky writing “Rules for Radicals”, which gives precise instructions on how to wreck established communities
      -Unforetold material comfort, leading to low birth-rates and total disengagement with politics and cultural traditions

      These things together have allowed groups that still work as a unit (even if they are of lesser intelligence), to dispossess comfy, demoralised, apathetic Whites of our land and institutions.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 9:28 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Kevin MacDonald puts it very compellingly in his trilogy. I highly recommend it.


    • on January 3, 2018 at 9:23 am ConantheContrarian

      Martin2, the white people being hoodwinked by the Jew are shitlib-sheeples and evangelical Christians. I am acquainted with enough shitlibs to know that they just love the progressive/Frankfurt school agenda. I know and am acquainted with enough evangelical Christians that they are entranced by the Chosen and they love Israel, and by extension they love its Diaspora in American and Europe. The ECs love living under the yoke of the Chosen (because isn’t that part of God’s plan), and the shitlibs think that they are part of the great Bolshevik plan. I do my best to awaken the normies, but it is almost useless to try.


      • You’re wrong about the ECs. They may love God’s Israel and pay lip service to protecting modern Israel, but if you told them they were under the yoke of Jews and are meant to be ruled by them, they’d laugh in your face.

        They’re clueless about the men behind the curtain because they don’t bother looking into the actual names of those currently making a mockery of God and perverting the culture, but they know they want no part of it and don’t pay much attention to it.

        The way to approach them, if you must;.. or at least gainsay their alleged love of modern Jews, is to ask them how said Jews view Christ.

        They may know of “Jews for Jesus” and all that, and may even say that the Jews will “come around to Christ” within God’s timeframe… but they CERTAINLY don’t view themselves under any yoke except for that of the gummint and Satan, which they tolerate under the usual “render unto Caesar” gambit.

        Just laugh at them and say something along the lines of “Well, if you want to give a pass to those currently denying Christ… indeed, even cursing him… then that’s YOUR burden to bear come the Judgment. God sees everything, and He hates cowards.”


  18. The Jewish Raj is at the apex of its power. Secular Jews have basement level fertility and very high outbreeding rates. Modern Jews arent as hardworking, arent as clever, arent as driven as their ancestors. They are no longer creating compelling culture. They are an utterly self satisfied group increasingly getting by on inertia and nepotism.

    They. Will. Be. Replaced.

    The Jewtocracy will be in serious trouble by mid century, and by the end of the century Jewish power will be smashed everywhere. Not even Israel will exist as we know it.


  19. The esteemed board of directors, Public Relations Division, Jewish Retards Inc.


  20. on December 31, 2017 at 5:55 pm gunslingergregi

    I called the Indians taking over ala up above
    and china is not to be underestimated in taking over world retail
    maybe whites will quit spending all their money on a degree and start spending it on money making shit then get degree from that he he he
    but whatevs i’ll go with corrupt cops third world style ya get more for your money
    and even the little guy can pay em off don’t have to have connections and money shit


    • on December 31, 2017 at 5:56 pm gunslingergregi

      here id have to be dishonest third world corruption above board
      and can be honest and influential not a bad deal


    • on December 31, 2017 at 5:59 pm gunslingergregi

      problem with having one special snowflake it only works in a fake magic world
      not the real one cause fucking other people got brothers and sisters who actually watch their back.


    • on December 31, 2017 at 6:00 pm gunslingergregi

      think key would be 11 kids 3 of them raised to be bloodthirsty fucking maniacs
      the others open business and any problems handled to the death by the 3


      • on December 31, 2017 at 6:01 pm gunslingergregi

        like they don’t care about getting a record beating the shit out of someone cause the fam pays em to live
        but of course they made that type of shit illegal right


    • Indians are incompetent, their culture is shit, they’ll never make it to the top.

      China is sneakily buying up the world. I don’t know why they haven’t exerted more influence yet.


  21. (((They))) would have you believe that all #resistance is monolithic and united. It’s a lie:

    That’s why (((they))) try to airbrush any of this dissent out of public consciousness.


  22. While the overall thrust (heh) seems correct, there are inaccuracies here. Marissa Meyer, formerly of Yahoo, is not Jewish.

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    • No evidence that Mayer is Jewish but Arianna Huffington’s love of her life was (((Bernard Levin)))


    • She’s not one of (((them))), and appears to have turned from a (useless) CEO go-girl power shill to a dedicated mom. If you look at her life she was pushed on the leftist careerist path from a VERY early age by her boomer parents. Seems the twins changed her outlook somewhat.

      Still not our ally, and may never be, but anyone good at curling can’t be all bad.

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  23. on December 31, 2017 at 7:36 pm Sake From Fate Jarm

    That’s a pretty crazy poster…but it was also crazy to make diversity hiring the law of the land and then open up the borders for moar diversity


  24. The more pertinent question is: who let Nick Cannon be the chairman of anything?

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  25. (((William Browder))) got 9 years for fraud…every fuc.king time


  26. A heartwarming, candid, shot of an Yid showing its true loyalties. So precious !


  27. It always surprises me that people don’t find this disturbing at all. How absurd is it to have some foreign tribe telling the stories of your people, to your people! Even if that foreign tribe is not malicious or does not have divergent interests and motivations, this is still not a function that they are capable of performing adequately, because they are not capable of comprehending the perspective of the people that they’re attempting to represent. Even with the best intentions they can only do damage. And if they have divergent interests, or even malicious intent… this cannot be controlled for. We must be insane to allow it.


    • Watch the Jewish media, get a jewish narrative.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 9:25 am Captain Obvious

      “some foreign tribe telling the stories of your people, to your people…”

      …and to your CHILDREN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Zinn#Early_life


    • on January 1, 2018 at 11:04 pm Vagina dominator

      My impression is that the storytelling was mostly white – despite the involvement of Jewish name as producers and directors – until about 1956. It was then that we started to get Jewish stories. Which meant the glorification of evil, perversion and middleman trouble making.

      We got more bad guys who were the heroes. Good guys were goobers.

      There were “social issues” in movies and everything became “problematized”.

      Movies started to have “womens’ issues” pushed. But don’t get that wrong. prior to that Hollywood always had plenty of great women in great movies. But the Jews turned all issues of men and women into issues of “oppression” and the good old war of the sexes started to become nasty.

      Lots more women in movies started either to show more cleavage or have constant bitch face. And they were always painted as right.

      It was the end of the enjoyable Western (as epitomized in the movies of Randolph Scott) and the end of film noir, which always depended on strong men and the strong women who loved, loved, loved them (when they could be trusted).

      Yeh,1956 is about when I mark the speed-up.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 11:09 pm Vagina dominator

        Of course, before 1956, the big budget, big promotion “landmark” movies – e.g., “exposing corruption in the garment industry”, etc to glorify and characterize as heroes unionizing and communistic Jews while slandering Italians – that we are told are “classics” were all big Jew stories.

        But many more movies were made than just the big movies. All of the fast-produced small time B movie product was White-written stuff or based on White novels and short stories and were very much good-V evil and traditional in their values.


      • TV was the same. Last winter I got into binge watching The Rifleman, and it wasn’t long before it descended into “leftist” talking points, like women’s rights, minority rights, and race mixing.


      • Interesting comment! First thing I thought of was “On The Waterfront,” which was a big ‘serious’ film. The director was a Goy,Kazan, who had felt the wrath of the kikes when he gave names of Jew commies to the House.
        But the script was written by a Jew,Budd Schulberg,who was also anti-commie. He was later sued for stealing the story from a real life longshoremen. Jews will be Jews!. OTW was clearly one of the best movies of its time.
        Not sure of my point,lol,but an interesting comment!


      • Let us not forget Gentlemen’s Agreement, Oscar-winning picture of 1947, about the plight of antisemitism in the good ol’ USA, starring stalwart Gregory Peck as the goyim reporter masquerading as a Jew to write an expose`.

        They used his trustworthy screen presence for another of the great propaganda films, To Kill A Mockingbird, some 15 years later.


  28. on January 1, 2018 at 4:10 am gunslingergregi

    whoever said to drink was correct rofl


  29. on January 1, 2018 at 6:37 am gunslingergregi

    are woman getting set up this hard got all the sexual harassment shit
    now Eminem came out with some about chick who had abortion he said sorry
    but now list of dudes come out this bitch murdered my baby owes money to me
    sheot really everything is fucked cause look you got sexual harassment bad murdering babies ok
    so lets change that one and dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    bitches gonna get fucked up


    • on January 1, 2018 at 7:42 am gunslingergregi

      do the real man vs woman
      they need to get the info on everyone who had abortions post it they shouldn’t be embarrassed or feel bad right


      • on January 1, 2018 at 9:27 am Captain Obvious

        Gunslinger, don’t ever dip it in a chick unless your are absolutely positively metaphorically 110% certain that she’s Pr0-L!fe.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 9:31 am Captain Obvious

        PRO-TIP: If you accidentally kn0ck up a Pro-D3ath chick, then beat the crap outta her [deep bruises, lash marks, black eyes, broken noses, etc], so that her Hamster will be convinced that she’s carrying the product of Dark Triad Psychopath Alpha seed within her. If not – if you’re all nice & kind & caring & concerned – her Hamster will come to the conclusion of “Beta!” and then it’s off to Planned Murd3rhood for the vaporization of your pr0geny.

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  30. (((Andy Cohen))) who is a rapist and rag Cooper ..happy New Year goyim.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 9:37 am Captain Obvious

      Anderson Cooper came out of the Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt fortune.

      Kinda in line with my point above, about Green turning Red, but Red never turning Green.


  31. on January 1, 2018 at 10:06 am Captain Obvious

    PHYSIOGNOMY QUIZ: Guess the personalities [and not O/T].


    • on January 1, 2018 at 10:09 am Captain Obvious

      I’m barely even looking at the faces – I’m looking at the Kino/Body-Motion of the hands & thinking about the implications.

      Again, this is not off-topic.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 11:12 pm Vagina dominator

      Olympic class greasy-pole climbers.


    • Guy on the right’s got “club doorman” down pat. Apart from it being inadvisable to wear a necktie. The one on his right has the distinct air of having just inadvertently soiled his linen.
      Then there’s the two Jehovah’s Witness doorsteppers. “‘Scuse me sir do you have a moment to talk about ..”SLAM!
      Heretics. Where’s me Zippo ..?


    • on January 2, 2018 at 10:23 am Captain Obvious

      Meet (((Nick Saban))), Perverted Parasitic Psychopath


    • Dabo (guy on the left) is good ol’ Southern boy. Rather see him not smile. Seems like he’d be a grade-A cuck.

      Saban (left of the trophy) is a douche and probably has a bigger ego than EGK.

      Smart (right of the trophy) at least he’s not smiling, but looks like he doesn’t know what to do. His wife bosses him around.

      Riley (far right), like said above, is wearing the wrong color tie. He’s got soyface written all over him, which is in stark contrast to his occupation. He’s only 34.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 12:04 pm Captain Obvious

        Mendo, when I finally realized that Nick Saban was j00ish, suddenly it all made sense – the missed calls, (((the commentators on ESPN))) refusing to make note of the missed calls, no one else ever calling out the referees for the missed calls, (((the bookies))) always choosing Alabama – Nick Saban is Meyer Lansky Incorporated’s* mole in NCAA football.

        *I.e. Meyer Lansky’s heirs: The Pritzkers, Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, etc etc etc…


      • on January 2, 2018 at 12:08 pm Captain Obvious

        To his credit, the guy who realized that it’s all fake was Rasheed Wallace – almost 20 years ago, he knew that Meyer Lansky Inc was calling the shots with the officiating.

        BTW, Rasheed Wallace’s Wiki has been wiped clean [Shoah’ed] of any mention of his confrontations with the crooked refs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rasheed_Wallace


      • on January 2, 2018 at 12:11 pm Captain Obvious

        Let me clarify that: Rasheed Wallace’s Wiki does mention his confrontation with Tim Donaghy, but his Wiki does NOT mention that Donaghy was on the take.


    • Are there no tailors in Alabama? $65M and he still looks like a greasy diamond district kike.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 2:07 pm Carlos Danger

        Actually, there are a lot of clothes horses there. Preppie look is very big there, especially among the rich kids. Nick just looks like shit here.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 2:24 pm Captain Obvious

        “he still looks like a greasy diamond district kike”

        You can take da kike outta Scarsdale, but you can’t take Scarsdale outta da kike.


  32. A fail of ” huuuggggeeee ” proportions.

    – Despite Bluster Of The Left, Mexican Deportations Have Actually Plunged Under Trump –



    • Not so fast..

      A: “…some portion of the reduced deportations is likely the result of fewer apprehensions at the border, a fact which is generally attributed to Trump’s views on border security…”

      B: Obamaites counted stopping and turning back many illegals at or just over the border with no apprehension or processing as “deportations”.

      “High deportation figures are misleading”

      (LATimes. com)

      “…the number of people deported at or near the border has gone up — primarily as a result of changing who gets counted in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s deportation statistics.”


      • pesky facts Hack… pesky facts…


      • What about the dreamers ( and the millions of associated family members ) ?


      • Well, any numbers are unsubstantiated, from either side, since there’s no way to verify why there are fewer apprehensions at the border, not to mention no way of knowing how many are still coming across the border at various and sundry locations, overstaying visas, etc., etc., etc.

        And even if no illegals have come in since the election (doubtful, but let’s play), ‘Murrica still has millions (11M to 29M range the estimates, and it could be more) that are firmly planted here, with nothing on the horizon looking to deport any amount that would actually make a difference in the body politic.

        And we still don’t even have a wall for at least symbolic purposes, though admittedly unless millions upon MILLIONS already here would be deported, the best wall on earth would merely be locking the chicken coop after the foxes have already entered.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 9:31 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        The border has been 100 percent locked down tight since 1986. At that time there were 11 million illegals in the US. Not ONE SINGLE illegal has come in since then, neither have they re spawned.



    • And we know how Hillary was going to handle all this…

      Alt Righties have tighty whities in knots over naught.


      • Dodging a bullet is all well and good, but we’re still bleeding from 1000 small cuts, and not much is being done to staunch the flow.


      • You get moar black pills for Christmas Greg? Not much done to staunch the flow? Hmmmmm. Tell me why all these federal judges or blocking exec orders? Must be because orders were presented.

        11 whatever million illigeals here is NOT the issue, it’s the other 7 Billion they want to let in. DACA is a negotiating chit. It was designed by Dems/marxists to be difficult


      • “Below are the 12 categories and 81 wins cited by the White House.

        Jobs and the economy

        Passage of the tax reform bill providing $5.5 billion in cuts and repealing the Obamacare mandate.
        Increase of the GDP above 3 percent.
        Creation of 1.7 million new jobs, cutting unemployment to 4.1 percent.
        Saw the Dow Jones reach record highs.
        A rebound in economic confidence to a 17-year high.
        A new executive order to boost apprenticeships.
        A move to boost computer sciences in Education Department programs.
        Prioritizing women-owned businesses for some $500 million in SBA loans.
        Killing job-stifling regulations

        Signed an Executive Order demanding that two regulations be killed for every new one creates. He beat that big and cut 16 rules and regulations for every one created, saving $8.1 billion.
        Signed 15 congressional regulatory cuts.
        Withdrew from the Obama-era Paris Climate Agreement, ending the threat of environmental regulations.
        Signed an Executive Order cutting the time for infrastructure permit approvals.
        Eliminated an Obama rule on streams that Trump felt unfairly targeted the coal industry.
        Fair trade

        Made good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
        Opened up the North American Free Trade Agreement for talks to better the deal for the U.S.
        Worked to bring companies back to the U.S., and companies like Toyota, Mazda, Broadcom Limited, and Foxconn announced plans to open U.S. plants.
        Worked to promote the sale of U.S products abroad.
        Made enforcement of U.S. trade laws, especially those that involve national security, a priority.
        Ended Obama’s deal with Cuba.
        Boosting U.S. energy dominance

        The Department of Interior, which has led the way in cutting regulations, opened plans to lease 77 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling.
        Trump traveled the world to promote the sale and use of U.S. energy.
        Expanded energy infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline snubbed by Obama.
        Ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to kill Obama’s Clean Power Plan.
        EPA is reconsidering Obama rules on methane emissions.
        Protecting the U.S. homeland

        Laid out new principles for reforming immigration and announced plan to end “chain migration,” which lets one legal immigrant to bring in dozens of family members.
        Made progress to build the border wall with Mexico.
        Ended the Obama-era “catch and release” of illegal immigrants.
        Boosted the arrests of illegals inside the U.S.
        Doubled the number of counties participating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement charged with deporting illegals.
        Removed 36 percent more criminal gang members than in fiscal 2016.
        Started the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program.
        Ditto for other amnesty programs like Deferred Action for Parents of Americans.
        Cracking down on some 300 sanctuary cities that defy ICE but still get federal dollars.
        Added some 100 new immigration judges.
        Protecting communities

        Justice announced grants of $98 million to fund 802 new cops.
        Justice worked with Central American nations to arrest and charge 4,000 MS-13 members.
        Homeland rounded up nearly 800 MS-13 members, an 83 percent one-year increase.
        Signed three executive orders aimed at cracking down on international criminal organizations.
        Attorney General Jeff Sessions created new National Public Safety Partnership, a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crimes.

        Trump has nominated 73 federal judges and won his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
        Ordered ethical standards including a lobbying ban.
        Called for a comprehensive plan to reorganize the executive branch.
        Ordered an overhaul to modernize the digital government.
        Called for a full audit of the Pentagon and its spending.
        Combatting opioids

        First, the president declared a Nationwide Public Health Emergency on opioids.
        His Council of Economic Advisors played a role in determining that overdoses are underreported by as much as 24 percent.
        The Department of Health and Human Services laid out a new five-point strategy to fight the crisis.
        Justice announced it was scheduling fentanyl substances as a drug class under the Controlled Substances Act.
        Justice started a fraud crackdown, arresting more than 400.
        The administration added $500 million to fight the crisis.
        On National Drug Take Back Day, the Drug Enforcement Agency collected 456 tons.

        Protecting life

        In his first week, Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy that blocks some $9 billion in foreign aid being used for abortions.
        Worked with Congress on a bill overturning an Obama regulation that blocked states from defunding abortion providers.
        Published guidance to block Obamacare money from supporting abortion.
        Helping veterans

        Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the Department of Veterans Affairs to fire failing employees and establish safeguards to protect whistleblowers.
        Signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act.
        Signed the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act, to provide support.
        Signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017 to authorize $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program.
        Created a VA hotline.
        Had the VA launch an online “Access and Quality Tool,” providing veterans with a way to access wait time and quality of care data.
        With VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin, announced three initiatives to expand access to healthcare for veterans using telehealth technology.
        Promoting peace through strength

        Directed the rebuilding of the military and ordered a new national strategy and nuclear posture review.
        Worked to increase defense spending.
        Empowered military leaders to “seize the initiative and win,” reducing the need for a White House sign off on every mission.
        Directed the revival of the National Space Council to develop space war strategies.
        Elevated U.S. Cyber Command into a major warfighting command.
        Withdrew from the U.N. Global Compact on Migration, which Trump saw as a threat to borders.
        Imposed a travel ban on nations that lack border and anti-terrorism security.
        Saw ISIS lose virtually all of its territory.
        Pushed for strong action against global outlaw North Korea and its development of nuclear weapons.
        Announced a new Afghanistan strategy that strengthens support for U.S. forces at war with terrorism.
        NATO increased support for the war in Afghanistan.
        Approved a new Iran strategy plan focused on neutralizing the country’s influence in the region.
        Ordered missile strikes against a Syrian airbase used in a chemical weapons attack.
        Prevented subsequent chemical attacks by announcing a plan to detect them better and warned of future strikes if they were used.
        Ordered new sanctions on the dictatorship in Venezuela.
        Restoring confidence in and respect for America

        Trump won the release of Americans held abroad, often using his personal relationships with world leaders.
        Made good on a campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
        Conducted a historic 12-day trip through Asia, winning new cooperative deals. On the trip, he attended three regional summits to promote American interests.
        He traveled to the Middle East and Europe to build new relationships with leaders.
        Traveled to Poland and on to Germany for the G-20 meeting where he pushed again for funding of women entrepreneurs.”



      • Well, as impressive sounding as that list may be in these times of malaise, what is the best estimate on how many illegals are already here?

        Because, as it’s been noted numerous times over the past year, even if not one new one shows up, the ones already here are breeding ipso facto citizens of the future, who themselves will further breed others who will always be against White interests.

        In short, most would say there are AT LEAST a solid 20M that don’t belong here and their children are currently dreaming away OUR American Dream.

        And whether it’s admitted or not, they’re still coming in… and no one can rightly say what that number is.

        Not to mention the usual Dem and Rep shennanigans, past present and future, which have yet to be held accountable.

        Oh, but the kikes are dancing, aren’t they, about the release of that meat-packing crook of theirs, so there’s that.

        And the Russian investigation has been shut down… oh, wait.

        And they’ve started on the new monument Wall, which looks to be the 8th Wonder Of The Modern World… errr, nevermind.

        And things have gotten MUCH better in the Kulturkampf, on TV, music, and movies… less propaganda and more homespun virtues, amirite? No?

        Yeah, shame on me for pointing out these inconvenient facts… real black-piller, I am.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Tell me why all these federal judges or blocking exec orders? Must be because orders were presented.

        You’ve answered your own question there, and made my point for me.

        Anyone can “present” orders… (snaps air in the best Seinfeld manner)…it’s the actual carrying out that is the gist of the order… in fact, the very meaning of order itself.

        And yet the judges are still gumming up the progress, go figger.


  33. Like

      • “violation of Human Rights occurring on hourly basis”
        lolzzzzzzzzzz how much is the rate for violating Human Rights 150$/hour?
        Ok tell us how many terrorist of those who killed all over the west in 2017 came from Iran?
        What about Saudi Barbaria?

        Oh sorry I forgot


      • I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Trump is on actually the mossad payroll, secretly takes orders from Bill Kristol and Benjamin Netanyahoo. he’s wakes up every day of his life, looks in the mirror, and says, “what can I do today to help Israel and destroy the future of my children and grandchildren?”

        either that, or, he has a decent enough sense of timing and world events to know that right now there is simply no better option than to play his cards tight and pretend to go along with the (((big lie))).

        he said the same thing about Syria “omg! human rights! gassing babies! regime change! it’s terrible!” and the altR pissed their panties then too. heh.

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      • ok but do you know what is the rate for violating human rights on an hourly basis?
        If it is well paid I’d like to apply
        Furthermore what would be the rate for violating human rights on an adaily or a weekly basis?
        Let me suggest you the third option
        Perhaps, just perhaps trump is not what trump cultists believe him to be
        I know it is very hard for that idea to penetrate the emotional shield of veneration that you created but just try
        It has been a year you repeat same bs while nothing of any substance has been done
        And time is as precious as it has ever been


      • on January 1, 2018 at 2:38 pm Samuel Skinner

        The most charitable explanation I’ve heard is it is a proxy conflict over oil to make sure regimes that like us more then China control the oil.

        Yeah, we should have simply invaded them all in 1950 and occupied the oil wells. No need to bother with Israel or the Arabs. This is why leftists are bad folks; they make it impossible to implement sane policy and instead insist on killing as many people as possible.


      • “Perhaps, just perhaps trump is not what trump cultists believe him to be

        I know it is very hard for that idea to penetrate the emotional shield of veneration that you created but just try”

        I’m celebrating early this year:


      • good here is the music and some dancing

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    • This. Trump is a Jew.



  34. Just a (((coincidence))) nothing to see here!


    • Lolzozozoz

      Keep highlighting why all stereotypes and antisemitism is based in fact and justified, you completely non-self aware, clueless Jews.

      You goys should have seen the typical Jew behavior I saw the other day at a grocery store.

      All Jews, famous and wealthy or not, are psychopathic.


      • Here is the author of the hate pamphlet together with Banon
        Stereotypes you say, lolz

        How longer these creatures will be allowed to spew the hate against white people in white lands?


  35. Like

    • as far as I am concerned that was the twatt of 2017
      poor kid what was the chance that in the lottery that the supreme being organized that year he wins the most degenerate mother jackpot


    • This is obviously satire along the lines of a weak-sister attempt to Onion.

      Proves once again that women just AIN’T funny… and womyn even less so.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 9:52 pm Vagina dominator

      First, Vagina is a perfectly fine first name for a boy. I don’t see the problem.

      But it is true that this naming kids thing is a bit of an issue. I have previously commented that Whites should not give their kids Old Testament-sourced or other Jew names.

      And I am even off kids being named after Christian saints or the apostles because the apostles have Jew names. As for saints, well, it depends. Patrick is a good Celtic name and he did drive out snakes. Hard to argue with that.

      On the other hand, naming one’s kids Odin and Dagr could just sound like an ethnic reference.

      Forces of nature are good. We already have Summer and Autumn for the lasses and River for the lads. But how about something really masculine for the boys, like Torrent, or Tide, or even Vortex?

      By the way, as of now I have dibs on “Vortex”. Nobody steal it.

      Mmm.”Vortex Dominator”.


    • A Boy Named Sue now needs to be rewritten.

      Seriously, its merely assigning your child a life of severe torment and hardship.

      All for some brief Twitter tingles.

      I couldn’t be less surprised.


  36. You’re god damned right it does.

    Happy new year, goys.

    Thank you, CH, for starting the year with the proper (((focus))).



  37. Goys: step it up. It ain’t 2016 anymore. Make 2018 the year you tell jews, to their faces in the real world, to shut their fucking mouths. Witness the shock and horror. It’s great fun.

    For example, if you witness a rat faced afro’d Neanderthal Jew jewing out on a poor grocery store clerk because the Jew can’t use an expired coupon to save $2 on some kosher Jew food, whisper in the jewess’s ear:

    “You should move to Israel. I hear they won’t treat you so horribly over there.”

    Or: “You’re Jewish, right?”

    Then wink, then don’t lose icey eye contact and your smirk.

    Let them know that #weknow in every city.


  38. on January 1, 2018 at 1:01 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Oh my.


  39. Central banking is the head of this (((snake))). Chop it off and maintain domestic policy somewhere between Sicut Iudaeis Non and the Third Reich and these (((problems))) resolve themselves within a generation. Most even sooner.

    That snake head isn’t going peacefully though.

    Here’s to a year of truth telling.


    • *Sicut Judaeis Non*


    • Scanman did you watch the video? This guy (who has some good ideas) laughs at the very notion of “white” men in general, and WN in particular. I don’t ask for everyone to walk around chanting white power, but if you decry the white man, and his folk, and say the only answer to the JQ is the catholic church, no matter what color you are, than you’re not on my side. You might not be an enemy, but you’re also no ally.


      • on January 2, 2018 at 3:06 am Carlos Danger

        The etymology of this problem is its greatest strength as a documentary. Tough to find a better one.


      • I did watch the whole multipart documentary. It’s fantastic.

        He doesn’t buy into the idea of “white guys” which I understand to a certain extent but I think with this view he has unwittingly internalized the Jewish obsession with deconstructing everything that potentially threatens them. You can deconstruct whiteness all you want but you must accept the idea Jewishness completely without question. It’s nonsense, of course. His religion forbids him from hating Jews based on ethnic/genetic grounds and he’s being consistent in not loving white people based on the same ethnic/genetic grounds. I can understand this without necessarily agreeing with it.

        Nobody’s perfect.

        However, read Libido Dominandi and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and then tell me he’s not on your side. You can’t.

        As someone raised Protestant, I’ve only seen two things capable of effectively countering Jewish domination and subversion of western society — National Socialism and pre Vatican II pray-for-the-perfidious-jews, real traditional catholisism. The Zionist Jews hate both and have worked tirelessly to destroy and demonize both for good reason.

        We don’t have to harm or destroy Jews to beat them. That, after all, is their game not ours. We simply have to refuse to buy into JewView, have confidence in ourselves and stop fucking apologizing for defending what we’ve built.

        I come here mostly to learn from people smarter than I, so I welcome criticism and correction.


      • “We don’t have to harm or destroy Jews to beat them.”

        I made a similar comment above which is presently stuck in mod.

        even if it were theoretically possible/desirable to rid the world of j-ews, it would still be impossible to rid the world of pathological j-ew behavior, unless you also got rid of all inter-human competition and pecking order jockeying.

        every time you have a heirarchy of any sort you have people/groups exploiting the tensions in the heirarchy. it’s written into the DNA of almost every species on Earth. lower ranking members of the pecking order team up to complete against the highest ranking members. that’s science! (“but get rid of Jews, because they’re from Satan and Satan isn’t part of the natural order” (even though God created him)! smdh.

        no. the solution is to be better. be smarter. be wiser. be more self disciplined. be more self-sufficient. organize better. remove the blockades of knowledge so we can all be better informed. be better leaders. lead our fellow men to the light.

        fight only when all these options are exhausted. are were there yet? hardly.

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      • Well as I myself said upthread or last thread, I would have been happy to have been fair and equal partners. (((They))) didn’t and don’t want that.

        What’s the answer?

        Push a magic button and they all go away or start to play nice. The chances of getting them to do either is so remote that it might as well be magic. And of course, as you say, the goy have had to adopt similar tactics to keep up. Disgusting, isn’t it.

        I hate to quote “popular culture”, but I got no need to beat (((them))). I just want us to be able to go our own way. Rise or fall on our own merits. We don’t need ANY of them (jews and other non whites), it’d be glorious without their hindrance.

        Magic? Maybe. But any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, they say, maybe white man’s creative genius is the answer?

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      • skorzecin,

        a “fair and equal partnership” would require a similar sense of ethnic cohesion, which whites simply don’t have, nor do we want to have. can you imagine missing opening weekend of deer season to celebrate some ancestral holiday from hundreds of years ago, wearing a stupid skull cap, being required to learn an ancient language, and on and on? I don’t know any whites who are weird enough or patient enough or interested enough to keep their ancient culture alive, unless it’s enjoyable. myself included.

        we’re too happy to go our own ways, which leaves lots and lots and lots of gaps for [email protected] to fill. fixing the j-ewish problem means fixing the white “problem” of being in love with our freedom and independence. that would entail and kinds of mandatory service and rituals which many of us wouldn’t enjoy.

        I suppose when it’s time none of us will have a choice in the matter, but right now I’m not ready to give up my weekends to save my presently-likewise-disinterested white brothers and sisters. we’re all still willing to work a lil harder, move somewhere else, etc. to get ahead. as long as that’s still possible, don’t expect WN militias of any remote seriousness to form.

        sure is fun to jerk off about it though.


      • plumpjack makes some very solid points… indeed, perhaps encapsulating the entire issue, as it now stands.

        Many of us here have said… and it doesn’t require the prescience of a Cassandra… that as long as there is a McD’s on every corner, beer in the fridge, and 130 channels on the tube, YT isn’t going to rock any boat.


      • The very easy cure for the “no such thing as white” argument is to defer to a more specific phenotype, using things like: skull shape volume to include forehead slope and jaw protrusion, nasal root location, nasal shape, etc. Doing so will eliminate most vagueness and pretenders.

        There are largely ignored volumes of instruction on this stuff.


    • Central banking enables world trade. World trade enables wealth accumulation. Wealth accumulation keeps the Chinese from successfully invading.


  40. Paris suburbs New Year
    Subhumans attack a female police officer and savagely beat her on the ground
    Each time I see female police officer parading around I think about
    a situation like this
    How crazy is to promote these creature weak in both body and mind into the enforcers/protectors of law
    More situation in the urban jungles degenerates more of scenes like we’ll see


    • on January 1, 2018 at 7:31 pm forgotmyusername

      In the last French presidential election, the open borders, pro black, pro diversity, pro muslim candidate got 65% of the vote.
      Why should anyone feel sorry for these French people? They are getting what they voted for.


      • Why should anyone feel sorry for these French people? They are getting what they voted for.

        And getting it good and hard, amirite?


      • The problem with blaming voting “French” people is that a lot of them aren’t White. It’s a little like blaming the Whites of Detroit for electing Detroit’s mayor.

        France has been getting continuously cucked for a long, long time, thanks to historical Schlomo as well as the WWII induced mind-fuck that they took.

        It’s probably going to go down like this: every country will become filled with Blacks, Jews, and Arabs to the point that “nation” means very little. At that point, geographic political affiliation will mean nothing and the respective races will then only politically affiliate across borders. Like Jews do. We’re essentially getting Jewed to be Jews.

        Of course, land was always and is the cornerstone of racial integrity and holiness. Demeter was the bringer of the Law. Look it up on Wikipedia. Without land and the racial distance it provides, and in close proximity to other races, you become too Jewish lose what makes us Aryan.

        And Jews will be returned to their land to reap its cultural effects, while we will be disconnected from ours.


    • Good, may it rain white blood worldwide until they wake up. I especially dislike female cops they are a fucking drain and a weight.

      I actually am quite fine with cops taking a beating from ‘groids they are different sides of the same coin. Protected mafia groups in both cases.


    • on January 2, 2018 at 11:54 am Sake From Fate Jarm

      yeah, but not all of them did it, so what diffference at this point could complaining make.


    • on January 2, 2018 at 7:55 pm SteveRogers42

      The copeets of Swedenistan are similarly empowered:


      • An oldie but a goodie. Females are just as capable as males, amirite? The male in the clip was a “security guard” not a cop (so no gun or anything else I bet in swedistan), but didn’t do any better.

        Those female coppers showed no willingness to use the baton, pepper spray, taser, or dare it say…ggguunn….so scary. Wouldn’t want to be called rayciss after all.

        Apparently two “male” cops turned up shortly after this and did no better. Pussies.


      • We a long way from Steinþór Þorláksson, niggas.


  41. h/t RexLex


    ‘ The Department of Homeland Security is considering new regulations that would prevent H-1B visa extensions, according to two U.S. sources briefed on the proposal. The measure potentially could stop hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from keeping their H-1B visas while their green card applications are pending.

    The proposal, being drafted in memos shared between DHS department heads, is part of President Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative promised during the 2016 campaign.

    “The idea is to create a sort of ‘self- deportation’ of hundreds of thousands of Indian tech workers in the United States to open up those jobs for Americans,” said a U.S. source briefed by Homeland Security officials.’


    • One can dream, after all. This type of move would open up the job spigots in the IT industry, ultimately fueling the whole economy after all.


  42. The Old Testament is a Sociopaths false narrative to spin how great they are to themselves and others, and explain away their shitty manipulative behaviour as someone else’s fault or divine right written over hundreds of years on a societal scale. They are a large genetic lineage of anti social personality spectrum descendants (among other mental health issues) who are a niche evolutionary branch that ebbs and flows as the rise and fall of civilizations that can support them comes and goes.

    Sociopaths generally dont bother trying to get anything out of eachother. For the most part they are indifferent and tend not to engage – it’s like 2 foxes picking a fight in a field with millions of hens. Except in rare occasions where one being outed/fucking up exposes another one, or there are not enough marks to sustain their predatory population they leave eachother alone.

    Except Jews as a whole have a giant sustained narrative that acts as a binding agent – their mutually shared sociopath religion. It acts as the bonding agent that let’s them work together, gives them a bigger perspective than most other sociopaths who only think of themselves. Having a group of sociopaths with the same history, upbringing, beliefs, ways of functioning etc makes things easier. Its essentially a giant guideline/cookie cutter to make millions of sociopaths that won’t fuck eachother over and be able to run a society together. If they aren’t all programmed the same than their selfish solitary nature would make them incapable of working together as a group, they either wouldnt give a shit about what the other does as long as they stay out of the way, or they would fight over the same prey in their limited pool of victims in their life.

    They are the sociopathy hivemind. Super predators. It solves the normal sociopaths weaknesses of feeling/being disconnected and risk of being outed. They share a common (yet disturbingly cold and utilitarian) connection in their religion, allowing them to socialize in mutually equitable ways with each other (how to fuck over everyone else, and bitching about how nothing is their fault of course).

    This connection also allows them to cover for themselves – no one will get a moral panic or be caught not knowing what to say like a normal person would if asked about some offbeat behaviour. How can a normal person explain something a sociopath would do that would out them? But another sociopath? “he’s a great guy, its a lie!” “Anti Semitism!” “You wouldn’t understand it’s a Jewish thing” etc. Or the person causing the problem mysteriously ends up dead. Problem solved!

    Since most people are short sighted and believe others are empathetic/reasonable etc like themselves (talking about white people here) than the jewish sociopath red flags are just a string of “cohencidences” – anti semitism, for those that dislike them, the odd bad apple for the Jews that get caught, and they ALL JUST HAPPEN TO BE VERY SMART GOOD WORKERS THAT MAKE UP A SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER PROPORTION OF POWERFUL POSITIONS IN WESTERN NATIONS THAT THEIR POPULATION PERCENTAGES ACCOUNT FOR.


    • on January 1, 2018 at 9:24 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Interesting way to put it, genetic lineage of sociopathy! There are certainly a lot of psychos among us. Where would it have started though? How far back?


    • Even if a Jewish child is not GENETICALLY predisposed to being a sociopath/antisocial spectrum, the religion is the nurture equivalent. Pump anyone with enough brainwashing about how they are victimized by outsiders, superior than them to the point of being gods among animals etc, and you get a host of anti social behaviours and neurosis.

      Like Jesus said about them:

      You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

      What better way to sum up a psychopath/sociopath.


    • on January 2, 2018 at 2:59 am Carlos Danger

      God is never happy with them for long in the OT. He often calls them stiff necked and most of the OT is highly critical of them.

      Liked by 2 people

    • And the only good parts (((they))) stole from the Sumerians.


  43. on January 1, 2018 at 9:20 pm BrachaBenedicta

    I guess the backlash is inevitable, and entirely understandable. Hopefully, however, it can be avoided by eventual separation. That’s what Israel is for.

    I wish there was a way to convey to the Jewish community just how things look from the other side. The haughtiness, self-centeredness, the frank collective narcissism… Audiatur et altera pars…so simple, and yet so difficult to achieve for this nation of mine. Brother Nathanael puts it quite well, despite his eccentric persona.



    • Some make it out – those with little enough deficient genetics and programming, exposure to the outside world early to question things.

      The great thing is Judaism self selects – the normal ones eventually outmarry or find it all too much work/a farce and drift, leading to non Jewish thinking kids.

      The ones made for it stay – it is in their best interests to be a part of the powerful Jewish sociopath society and have an instant advantage of powerful connections.


    • Unless you put a giant wall around Isreal and automatically bomb anything that steps outside, no.

      Isreal is a nation of maladjusted parasites. Parasites need hosts. They feed off the strong who generally are too big to notice (Western nations funding them) and mercilessly devour the weak (Palestine).

      What do you think is going to happen to Israel? Do you really think they will be happy with just Palestine, and spinning their wheels amongst themselves?

      Isreal is the safe house for those who need to escape. It is the mob den for those who need to make connections. It is home in a way other nations cannot be for those who want to enjoy letting the mask down in public and be among others lime themselves.

      It gives power and legitimacy, ego to them in ways infiltrating and puppeting other nations power cannot. It gives them a place to scheme and do things that are not connected to us over here, and thus are not aware of. It is dangerous.


      • on January 3, 2018 at 11:23 pm BrachaBenedicta

        Heresy, your view of Israel is quite extreme in my opinion. Does it get used as a safe harbor for Jewish mafiosi from around the world? Sure. Does it have a slew of horrendous existential problems? Definitely. At the same time, it is also a country with lots of different kinds of people. A lot of Israelis are a whole lot saner than American Jews. You’d find a lot of affinity with your typical Israeli secular male. Something about not living in exile, seething with permanent inner resentment against beautiful white shiksas next door, maybe.

        Yes, Judaism definitely is s narcissistic belief system. Yes, we are raised thinking that everybody else hates us because we are just so special. Nothing at all to do with our own behavior, no sir! It’s truly grotesque when you think of it. And indeed, normal people among us drift away from this stuff.

        Me, I would love to be “used” by the West in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. However, I don’t see how that can happen given our history. I mean, you have every reason in the world to distrust us at this point. Personally I may be decent, but are all my family members?

        Converts to Christianity are often seen with suspicion due to the history of “Marranos”. What option do we have, then, except eventually leave for Israel when it gets too hot here for us? I mean, do you envision a scenario where, say, Captain Obvious would agree to tolerate our presence if he had the choice?


    • Also, when you get enough like minded sociopaths like that together….they do not have to justify their actions, hold back. Since they are not in direct contact with others who would out them/have a different interpretation of events, they can go essentially psychopathic as their are no rules except the ones they make. Look at Palestine – without direct supervision they will do whatever is in their best interests/sadistic delight and make up a story later.

      The last fucking thing we need is a nation of socio/psychopaths armed to the teeth with powerful positions/connections in almost every major superpower. How the hell do you control a country that has millions of mouthpieces and decision makers in the nations tasked with policing world affairs?

      Without Israel it is difficult for them to have so much power. It is a hub that facilitates so much for Jews. Without it they would not be as organized and powerful.


      • on January 1, 2018 at 10:00 pm BrachaBenedicta

        Heresy, being as I am in fact part of that community, I do think we need Israel. Yes, there are a lot of psychos among us and yes, collectively we have done tremendous damage to host societies across history. So, separation will eventually be the best answer. I’m sure you understand that I strongly prefer not to be killed, right? And indeed, that is what Israel is for.


    • Come to the light potential brother. We can’t stop the evil in your ranks, maybe the good amongst you can?

      It’s the only way you’re going to avoid the shoah or all shoah’s.


      • on January 3, 2018 at 12:35 am BrachaBenedicta

        Working on it, brother. Trying my darnedest. Why should you be ruled by a malevolent, alien overclass. Nobody should have to.

        It’s not easy breaking through my people’s collective narcissism. I’m pessimistic as of now but who knows, miracles do happen.

        Long live Western civ!


      • I still think the jewish tribe offers something for the west, but we gotta get the right perspective on it ….. the proper role for the insanely smart jews among us ….. I see that role as ‘cultural necromancy’ ….. perhaps dredging up what Jung (an insanely smart jew) called ‘the shadow’ – bring that into the light of day.

        Westerners gotta stop being so naive about alot of shit in order to see what the insanely smart jews offer, so as to take it for what it is. Warnings about the dark undercurrents that are always there among all people. Such people (such insanely smart jews) certainly should not be seen as cultural leaders, but more like bewitched anti-shamans …… a foil by which genuine western cultural shamans (which there aren’t many of – which is a problem in of itself) may sharpen themselves upon. Thus the intended symbiosis…… because the west is fucking amazing in these almost unbelievable ways.

        Look – I have been using the term ‘Jewish Retard’ to point to deep psychological source of the attendant psychopathy (which certainly has a pussy-like bpd flavor to it, to my way of seeing things). Such individuals, though often plenty smart, even insanely smart, are DEFICIENT ….. that is the point the needs to carry the day, to turn the tide against the exalted but unnatural position such people have fashioned for themselves – as cultural leaders. We gotta undo that. Of course such individuals are not our cultural leaders – they are our anti-leaders (which our true leaders will need as a foil nevertheless) …. and the regular folk among us need to see this clearly …… thus mock the current cultural arrangement by way of the moniker … ‘Jewish Retard’.

        The cracks in this facade fashioned by the Jewish Retards are everywhere now. But continued pressure is critical at this stage. But its gotta be the right kind of pressure or the Jewish Retards will slip away from the net that is slowly closing upon them. The west doesn’t want to eliminate these people. That is ludicrous. The west wants to use them ….. they are very valuable in their own way. But the coming re-ordering of cultural power might get ugly nevertheless – depends alot on whether the Jewish Retards can accept their fate. I am sure alot of them are feeling this right now ….. and may do some mighty strange things by way of high psychological stress. Interesting times. But the emerging true western leaders – have to keep their cool.

        This Jordan Peterson fellow get a whole lot right about alot of things (as does CH of course, but the pulpits are much much different, so the message JP/CH-wise is certainly not exactly flavored the same). JP claims he’s got a lot of jewish friends that he regards highly. I’m sure this JP sees what I outlined above, despite his careful words. He is one to watch


      • Jung was a Jew? Better check that… if you’re wrong, that’s a pretty big matzo ball hanging over the rest of whatever you say.


      • Greg – my mistake, I had once read somewhere that Jung was of partial jewish heritage, a reference I can’t find now. Perhaps the reference I recall was inaccurate (or perhaps my memory of it). In any event I was too hasty with that comment and should have checked again first, before included that inaccurate information about Jung. Thank-you for the correction.

        Anyway, the reference to Carl Jung I made above otherwise stands, despite his gentile heritage. Carl Jung took Freud’s ideas and perceived in them a greater depth and nuance than Freud himself was probably capable of. And that is the main point with respect to my comment above. The jewish mind sees alot, but through a warped lens – we should take what they offer accordingly. That is my main point above.

        In my mind I was categorizing Carl Jung as an extremely exceptional jew with respect to overcoming some of the normative shallowness, perspective-wise. Thanks to your correction, I can give drop that inaccurate exception. I should’na been so sloppy.


  44. What is the word her, shameless?, brazen? ….
    No, a new word needs to be invented or perhaps just use kike
    after all using “a shameless kike” would be just repeating oneself and contributing to the the one of the sicknesses of the age, the words inflation that is


  45. The uncle needs you.


  46. on January 2, 2018 at 2:53 am Carlos Danger


    For those who wonder why “nothing is happening,” some perspective.
    •1,077, normal number of annual sealed indictments
    •4,188, sealed indictments as of 11/22
    •9,274, sealed indictments as of 12/22

    There are also an improbable number of elite individuals suddenly having fatal accidents, medical boots appearing on politicians – and switching from one foot to another – as well as various war drums beating. So, my best current guess is that the public announcements of the arrests is waiting for the start of the military conflict, which will somehow be connected to some of the individuals arrested.

    And don’t forget, by the decree of the God-Emperor, January 2018 is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So “sealed indictments” are what’s happening?

      Any speculation on names and time frames?

      I tried to do due diligence, but couldn’t find anything besides the same vague info on a few echo chamber sites, and a little blurb about some of the indictments related to the state of MO, where a handful of local miscreants with unrelated felonies were outed.

      On a side note:
      According to the aforementioned echo chambers, supposedly 18 Dec saw “US troops dispatched worldwide” with 10K of these indictments.

      Did they take a Christmas break during the mission, or are the world media keeping it all under their hats?

      For that matter, what country allows US troops to execute arrest warrants?


    • First of all, the author of this article makes many ridiculous statements, e.g., Have you ever noticed that it is Marian dogmas and devotions that stir the strongest reactions in those who reject the Church? Patently false, but let’s stick to the gist of this issue.

      No objective translation renders that Genesis 3:15 verse with “she”, the vast majority of scholars render it “he” (meaning Christ will crush Satan), with a few using “it” or “they” in reference to said human seed which will be in enmity with Satan’s seed. If any wish to doubt it, just go to the Bible hub where you can check dozens of translations, verse by verse. If one wants to argue that the Douay-Rheims is the only correct translation of said Scripture, then I can’t help you.

      Second, any “woman” or “she” that will be used in conjunction with Christ during His battle with Satan is indisputably acknowledged to be the Church itself, not any individual woman. This is enumerated and illuminated by so many NT verses that any contradiction would be laughed out of the debate by even the most wild heretics and apostates.

      God’s Word expressly forbids the making of images and the worship of them… indeed, He is a jealous God, by His own Word, and is to be the sole object of worship, with His Son, Christ Jesus as the only mediator between God and Man. Again, there are so many verses that corroborate this that contradiction is laughable.

      Or perhaps I missed something in Scripture? If so, please enlighten us all, as I have asked in the past, and quote Scripture where it says we are to render prayer and worship (don’t hedge with any semantics about ‘veneration’ now) to Mary or any other saint.

      You’ve never provided any such Scripture in the past, and further silence on the matter just proves that you, like many other men, believe man’s myths and vanities deserve equal footing with Scripture itself, when it comes to correct worship of God.

      If that’s the case, admit it outright, and no further debate in the future will be necessary.


  47. on January 2, 2018 at 4:10 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Jordan Peterson talks about the mythical “White Privilege” from 1:45.


  48. on January 2, 2018 at 7:39 am gunslingergregi

    it is kind of funny talking bout iran we could beat in another 3 or 4 days


  49. I don’t have any problems with Iran..some nice Persian women..tea..food…and above all it’s a patriarchy. Any Persian women I meet have a respectability and classiness to them thanks to the patriarchy.
    If they get overthrown, then it will descend into a liberal toilet eventually of cat ladies, lez, trannies, drigs, trash celebs, degenerate culture etc.


  50. on January 2, 2018 at 10:27 am Captain Obvious

    PRO-TIP: Keep an eye on this story.

    Father in Costa Rica plane crash worked at giant hedge fund http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3618784/posts


  51. there those who believe that 2018 will be the year of conflicts, that we reached
    the point of no return when the wall is behind us and the enemy in front of us
    that the long retreat perpetrated by boomers and subsequent spineless cucks has come to an end

    However there are those who believe that the year will be one of “falling in love”
    “Dreamers” will be “falling in love” with GOP jeez my faith in humanity is completely restored and tears of joy are falling down my face


    • Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment



    • https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.809999

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that an unchecked influx of African migrants could threaten Israel’s Jewish character.

      We will return south Tel Aviv to the citizens of Israel, they are not refugees, but infiltrators looking for work,” he said. He added: “If needed, we will legislate an amendment to the law or change the agreements with the African countries, or both.”

      Netanyahu made reference to the border fence on Israel’s frontier with Egypt, built to halt the flow of asylum seekers, saying that if it had not been built, there would be a million Africans in Israel.


      • Someone should compile these quotes with the names and place removed, show them to shitlibs and get them foaming at the mouth, then reveal who said it and watch their heads explode.

        Or just post it and ask “who said this?” The dumb ones will of course just yell “Drumpf”, “Orban”, etc. The smarter ones will spot the trap and start hedging about how certain oppressed people have the right to protect their cultural identity and blah blah blah, whereas when the “wrong” people do the same thing, it of course constitutes literal g3nocide.

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      • Israel isn’t responsible for those people’s displacement and wretched lives. Europe and the USA, with their endless colonialism and environmental degradation, should either return all of their stolen resources and restore their culture or take them into their countries, which only became civilised on the strength of slave labour and endless plundering.


  52. […] Specifically, overrepresentation of market dominant, subversive, nepotistic, tribalist minorities with interests diametrically opposed to the interests of the native stock whose ancestors built their nation from the ground up matters. https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2017/12/31/overrepresentation-matters/ […]


  53. on January 2, 2018 at 11:31 am recoveringbeta

    “Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment”


    But, but…the synagogue sign I drove by yesterday read “Our People Were Refugees Too.”


  54. is this guy a jew or just a faggot?



  55. The Christ-killers, as a people, are over 5000 years old. They perfected their subversion/undermining of nations and a nation’s body politic. Example: The Jews, in the 1870’s, started their great migration from Russia (where the evil Russians persecuted them for ‘no good reasons’) to the United States. By 1900, they owned what became the New York Times. By 1900, they owned Wall Street. By 1900, they were U.S. presidential advisers and donors. The kikes have owned/controlled America’s power levers for almost 150 years. We goyim have only been slumbering in their Jew Matrix during that time. Once you take your Red-Pill and awaken from your slumber, then the truth hits you like a sledge-hammer. You feel a festering hatred for their deception/malicious mischief, and you have no sympathy/empathy for their ‘persecutions’. God, I pray that before I die, a new National Socialism arises, and we can truly enact a Final Solution to Der Ewige Jude. Their colored pets/bio-weapons can join them in their demise.


  56. OT–Roman poet en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ausonius, c. 310 – c. 395

    Gather, girl, roses while the flower is fresh and fresh is youth,
    remembering that your own time is hurrying on.

    —Epigrammata: «Rosae» 2:49


  57. on January 2, 2018 at 1:55 pm Enfant Terrible

    I just wanted to drop a Happy New Year to everyone.


  58. These gentlemen would like the white males of the world, to get off their azzes and fight back. You wouldn’t want to disappoint the ancestors, would you ?


  59. Spot the beta.


  60. Spot the beta.


    • on January 2, 2018 at 4:45 pm DeplorableNationalConservative

      Omega – the blonde goy on the right with the book, leaning in, staring at the face of his master, hoping for some sign of approval.

      Beta – the Mizrahi on the left, fatigued from a lifetime of sweating and bleeding for Israel, grateful that the dumb blonde American goys will be paying a larger share of Israel’s bills and fighting more of Israel’s wars.

      Alpha – the disgusting looking Ashkenazi in the middle. (Thick lips, big crook nose, pale pasty soft fat face, and above all the beady little close set eyes – much like the bright stripes on a coral snake, nature is trying to warn us) He has never done an honest day’s work in his life, much less served in his nation’s military. He is looking at the book, concocting plausible explanations why it is OK for him to break every moral precept found in its pages.

      Liked by 1 person

      • hehe a good take
        let me suggest an alternative scenario
        blond goy wants to buy the book and he is weighing it
        he wants to buy 125 lb
        so how much shekels he should pay for 125 lb in order not to be jewed?
        Art of the deal


      • On the other hand I am sure when jews visit a christian church, a monastery or any other place of worship they put a cross or perhaps a some kind of christian garment to show the respect
        True I could not find any photo supporting this but I sure some of you have some kind of the digital testimony to their humility and the respect of other
        Asking for my anti-semite friend


  61. The Yids behind the curtain.


  62. on January 2, 2018 at 2:31 pm Captain Obvious

    Diabetes/Alzheimer’s llink & possible new drug for Alzheimer’s – http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/01/02/alzheimers-treatment-diabetes/


    • on January 2, 2018 at 2:34 pm Captain Obvious

      In laboratory mice, a diabetes drug is showing tremendous promise in reversing Alzheimer’s.

      Wouldn’t it be fascinating if, say, HFCS [and/or similar carbs] had caused the Alzheimer’s epidemic [at least in select populations]?


  63. on January 2, 2018 at 3:02 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    I’m thinking of heading to Flawrada to escape the cold. Can anyone recommend an area that is nice, fun, and not diverse, if such an area exists?


  64. on January 2, 2018 at 4:18 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    My previous attempt to post this has been trapped in mod purgatory.

    From 1:45; Jordan Peterson talks about White Privilege.


  65. on January 2, 2018 at 9:54 pm Quicksilver75

    The above clustering developed from the 1900 to 1950 period but went into overdrive after the 60s. It is obscene now & will lead to Civil War. The greater problem is the J-converged Media acts as one side of a pincer. The other side is the J-converged DeepState, NGOs, ADL, SPLC, ACLU, Soros MediaMatters & Congress. They have tried to set their version of the Overton Window in stone & it will lead to the Death of White, Western Civilization.


  66. The names and companys should have hyperlinks to prove it aint fake by sourcing wiki


  67. I mean, if you have a brain, you control your own mind…


    • Actually, you don’t.

      That’s how culture works.

      That’s how personality formation works.

      That’s how propaganda works.

      Revealing the tribal political motivations behind sophisticated messaging does, however, return at least partial control of your mind.


    • When the information and frame of everything you know has been fit for your own imprisonment since birth, you do not know. It is not even a concept to you. You are the prisoner chained facing the back of the cave looking at shadows of what is going on behind your back thinking that is indeed reality.

      Unless you were never a functioning part of society and this never invested in the brainwashing/social pressures, become broken and discarded, or have your eyes opened by someone letting the mask fall/revealing it to you, you will never know and reject any information that conflicts with your world view.

      The modern world is a spectacle of pretty lies, a merry go round of bright lights and feelings twisted from their original intent to make you follow along with others best interests against your own. Why do you think Jesus called the average person a sheep? Why do you think the Jews call the rest of us animals?

      If you cannot overcome your own animal nature and transcend beyond what is right in front of your face, you are by all rights inherently an animal and a slave. Freedom is earned through your choices and accomplishments. Anyone who is “given” or has a “right” to freedom is a fool, trading obvious slavery by force for “soft” slavery by cunning.

      At least being a slave by force you know you are a slave and who is holding you back, what needs to be done. This system is like being mentally I’ll – by the time you sort out yourself and then the world, you have lost most of your time. All that can be done is to plant the seeds and stand tall so the next generation can be born mentally unshackled and simply walk out of their chains to freedom.


  68. Anne Sweeney? Phillip Kent? John Skipper? Holly Bario? John Lasseter? I’m all for honesty, but this chart needs some work.


  69. on January 4, 2018 at 12:54 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    the chart is missing netflix