The Tingle Laughs At Your Idiotic Human Rationales

Commenter Randon Guy points to a comment JudgyBitch made in which she described in more detail why she left her first niceguy boyfriend who helped her through the ordeal of her broken family.

Later on in the reply to the comment section so as to further explain why she said what she said about him being too weak.

She said partly it was because she couldn’t trust herself to be a good wife for him, that his willingness to bend over would end up with her mistreating him.

To some extent it seems like she was doing it to also avoid becoming like her father/mother had been.

This is pure post hoc, ergo propter hamster rationalization. Niceguys hear this crap all the time from women — a glorified it’s not you, it’s me — and it must drive them batty. Imagine you’re the niceguy dating JudgyBitch and she dumps you because…wait for it…she was afraid she would treat you like crap.

So treating him like disposable crap and dumping him is the solution to treating him like reusable crap while still fucking him.

You’d have to forgive a guy for thinking that’s a load of self-serving BS and the real reason is something else. The typical niceguy would be glad for more time in Pound Town and a chance to decide for himself if she’s mistreating him.

I don’t mean to pinch a steamer on JudgyBitch’s parade. As far as one can bitchily judge from a single blog post confessional, she seems like a decent woman who turned she life around. She made an edible omelette out of some very rotten eggs, defying what could have been her genetic fate. She doesn’t hate men, which is a minor miracle in this day and age. And scanning her archives, it appears she’s /ourgal/, so I can’t find it in me to savage her hamster too much.

But I will use her as a springboard to remind the beta males strolling into this happy hunting ground that whatever reason a woman gives you for dumping you, it’s WAAAAY downstream from the real reason, which is that your niceness shut off her tingle spigot.

The tingle is immunized against all rationalizations: one may call it a splooge, gush, womb flume, squirting hibiscus, it all runs off her vagina like tepid beta sperm off a greasy keyboard. But call the tingle a command center of the female vessel and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I didn’t want to hurt him!”

This is important, because it gets to the heart of what this blog is about: Don’t listen to what women say; instead, watch what women do.

A woman will NEVER dump a niceguy because she’s afraid of hurting him. Or for any other rationalization that sounds good to community college couples therapists. A woman WILL dump a niceguy if she stops wanting to fuck him.

It’s only when a woman’s tingles dry up that the thought of her niceguy boyfriend touching her repulses her, and it’s only when that happens that she rationalizes plausible sounding but nevertheless fantastical reasons for why her labia furled like a slug under a shower of salt.

The Tingle is the gom jabbar. The one ring to rule them all. The Voight-Kampff replicant test. The cosmic palimpsest. The Prime Directive. The Force. Women DO NOT STOP FUCKING a man who gives them the Tingle. Women DO NOT DUMP a man who gives them the Tingle. Women DO DUMP a man, for sundry rationales, who is incapable of giving, or has stopped giving, them the Tingle.

Once the Tingle is gone, a woman’s heart is gone, and her head is recruited to gussy up the only reason for the coldness in her heart and vagina.

No matter how nicely a man treats a woman, no matter how much of a gentleman he is to her, she won’t love him as long as he doesn’t give her the Tingle. If a woman doesn’t feel the Tingle, she’ll rationalize any nice behavior from a niceguy as bad behavior, or as behavior that incites her to bad behavior. She will invent new and creative reasons for dumping the niceguy, reasons that could fill a ten page listicle in Teen Vogue, when the reducible truth is that his niceness desiccates her vagina.

Similarly, no matter how badly a man treats a woman, no matter how much of an asshole he is to her, she will not leave him as long as he gives her the Tingle. If she feels it, she’ll rationalize any shitty behavior from a man as good behavior, or as reasonable and predictable behavior caused by her own bad behavior, and invent new and creative reasons for staying with him. Sure she will bitch and moan and continually ignore her friends’ advice to dump him, but she’ll always run back to his arms, happy to be with the man who coaxes the Tingle from her. Maybe, some day in the distant future, she will have put up with enough of his assholery and decide leaving him is better than more Tingles, but she won’t do it without plenty of personal anguish, and she’ll never feel great about leaving him.

The niceguy? She’ll hardly spare a second for the pain of losing him. *shrug* No Tingle, No Linger. But he will make an appearance in a blog post about a journey of self-discovery, as the token emotional tampon.


Waffles comments,

Beginning to think that over 75% of LTRs are just window dressing and the majority of LTR and married couples are not happy. The best part of any relationship is pretty much universally accepted as the beginning. Once that is gone it is hard to get back to that point sexually. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but can quickly lead to other issues that are common in any LTR.

“The best part of any relationship is the beginning”. This is one of the ugliest truths. “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be” is one of the prettiest lies to distract from that ugly truth.

All the passion, the white hot passion, the delirious vertiginous love, the beautiful obsession….it’s front-loaded, going downhill after (if you’re lucky) the first year or two. Later, tenderness and affection and maybe joy replace the passion, but the best part has been lost forever, to familiarity, age, time, and benumbing.



  1. Yeah, well, when you are the man, use this one often. Even out the karma field.

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    • on December 20, 2017 at 11:48 pm Captain Obvious

      PRO-TIP: When a chick cheats on you, or breaks up with you, or whatever, don’t get mad at her. Get mad at YOURSELF. All the emotional energy which you waste on getting depressed needs to be re-directed at some serious Abyss-Gazing, so as to figure out precisely which weaknesses her Hamster sniffed on you [thereby causing the Tinglezzzezes to flee and the vag to go dry].

      Then once you’ve figured that out, the healing process begins by swearing to yourself that you’ll never reveal those weaknesses to another Hamster for as long as you live.

      And eventually, that you’ll jettison the weaknesses altogether.

      tl;dr == Fake it til you make it.

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    • Sorcery: you forgot to switch accounts before liking your own post.

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    • ‘Hos gonna ‘ho…


  2. […] The Tingle Laughs At Your Idiotic Human Rationales […]


  3. Treat them like an annoying kid sister and they eat out of your hand. Dilemma solved and you can even be nice about it, just never take them seriously.

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    • on December 20, 2017 at 11:30 pm Captain Obvious

      28, 26, and 20 – about time for some WHITE BUNZ -> WHITE OVENZZZEZES…

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    • +111

      And the violin player could pass for my daughter’s twin. 😉

      There’s still a lot of joy in the world, and a lot of fine White folks.


      • Oh, sweet Jesus, I work with a bunch of gamers who “Star Wars” all the frickin’ time and they’re in their 30s (including an actual cuck who can’t STFU about how great Marxism is)… grow up, dweebs!


      • Pardon, posted in the wrong place earlier…


  5. The Tingle is the gom jabbar. The one ring to rule them all. The Voight-Kampff replicant test. The cosmic palimpsest. The Prime Directive. The Force.

    Nerd references are the tingle killer. Five in a row is the Vajj-Kuntt omega test.

    [CH: The Tingle is 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. The serpent whispering to Eve. the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. the denial of peter. the image of God. the commandment to go forth and multiply. while you, matt, are the seed that fell on rocky soil. feel better now?]


    • He referenced a bunch of well known SF/F, most with big movies.


    • Oh, ffs…


    • on December 21, 2017 at 1:21 pm Tiritirimatangi

      A bit OT: the dweeb on the right;
      What on earth is it with grown men these days and Star Wars, Avengers or whatever dafuq pop culture trend there is? Didn’t they grow up? Seems so pathetic to see a bunch of mid thirties dudes slavering over Star Wars Lego or models. I remember going over to a guy’s place a while back and his living room was full of Stra wars crap: posters, two foot long models, DVDs etc. Good guy and all but I just lost all respect for him then. Didn’t even want to spend time with him after that. Am I an asshole for that? Ffs wtf is going on? Anyone?

      Maybe I was forever harmed as a kid when Mom took me to see Lawrence of Arabia at eight years old. Aqaba!!

      But seriously wtf is it? This should not be. Any thoughts?


      • Just one:

        I have sustained 75 wounds in battle… I have driven my enemies and taken their herds… the Sultan in Aqaba pays me 100 gold pieces each month tribute…

        … and yet I am a poor man, because…



      • “He pays you 150 gold pieces each month… I have long ears.”

        “And a long tongue between them.”


      • I’d say if a man’s obsessed over that stuff, as in, his whole life and free time is dedicated to collecting all that junk, let alone the costs associated with it, then it’s definitely bad. In other words, if his entire identity and life is in what he collects, then that’s messed up.

        If it’s more of a hobby, as in a one-of-many hobbies, I don’t see the harm, especially if this is a well-rounded Joe.

        I knew of a guy like the one you speak of. Worse, he was married and his wife was the breadwinner and doubly worse, he had two kids. This bastard had the toys still in their packaging and once I went with them to Toys-R-Us to get something for the kids and he got a toy for himself. This guy had no life whatsoever and always bitched and complained about ‘the man’.

        [CH: agree. men are allowed to have weird and childish hobbies as long as they don’t overrun their lives. nothing wrong with showing an interest in esoterica, it only becomes a problem like you wrote when it turns into an obsessions that crowds out other pursuits and interests. however, collecting toys (worse, star wars figurines) well into male adulthood is a leading indicator that the collector is an lsmv loser with serious emotional hang-ups/handicaps.]


      • Dude, I don’t know, I stopped playing video games and such when I hit puberty and found girls… but, back then (when you had to put a quarter in Battlezone down at the arcade), one was expected to grow up (unlike now).


    • Oh, sweet Jesus, I work with a bunch of gamers who “Star Wars” all the frickin’ time and they’re in their 30s (including an actual cuck who can’t STFU about how great Marxism is)… grow up, dweebs!


  6. Don’t listen to what women say; instead, watch what women do.

    And yet, you just spent the entire post dissecting “what a woman said.”

    If you were watching “what she did” — i.e., composed a few paragraphs and published them to the world — you’d notice that she was trying to rationalize her actions within the context of doing what’s best for a man she treated poorly. That rationalization, no matter how contrived and stupid, is the tribute vice gives to virtue. Her achievement wasn’t understanding her own psychology; few women can. Rather, her achievement was passively (womanly) acknowledging that she treated an earnest if weak man poorly and that she needed to justify her behavior.

    Her instinct to explain herself and the near plausibility of her argument is already an extraordinary trick for a woman to pull off, like a dog walking on its hind legs. “It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

    You shouldn’t rain on anybody’s parade for a righteous but unsuccessful attempt at discerning the truth. Gentle correction and encouragement is the better course. (Kind of like what I’m doing now…)

    [CH: matt there are times when you’re as disingenuous as our resident brown woman, the spirit within. I’m not seducing judgybitch, so i can assess her behavior AND her words that accompany her behavior without violating your exquisitely refined sniffer for instances of hypocrisy. I have to cite her words in order to explain how her words are irrelevant to her actions. if her rationalization is the tribute her vice pays to virtue (and to sparing the feelings of a sad sack niceguy), that’s a non sequitur to my point, which is that her words should be ignored by men or those words are liable to lead men down fruitless paths and dead ends trying to please women.]

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    • It’s cute wh not you tell people on their own blogs what they ought and ought not do.


    • Matt Queen, still here, still trying (Hard!), still posing (Sad!)


    • That’s taking it a touch too literally, King.

      CH was merely taking her comment or rather a paraphrase of her comment to use as a springboard, serving as a reminder for men to, again, pay attention to what a woman does vs what she says.

      It’s a bit of a Schrödinger’s cat conundrum, that in order to ignore what a woman says so you can pay attention to what she does, you listen to what she says to know it doesn’t matter. Because she will never NOT talk.


    • on December 21, 2017 at 9:32 am Anonymous White Male

      Chateau Heartiest is an online college to teach those that don’t know or can’t admit the reality of women what is what. You would not tell an Engineering teacher to not address why systems fail, would you?


    • on December 21, 2017 at 9:56 am Captain Obvious

      Well at least MK inspired some world-class rebuttals.


      Da KKK0mmentary b smokin’ chez Le Chateau.


    • I would chime in and say that CH wins this round. Impressive!


      • Depends on the objectivity of the judge.

        I could see calling it a draw, both sides got their (good-natured) jabs in.


      • ur such a dickrider, greg

        god damn


      • Again with the homoerotic projections?

        First you admitted there was no father in your life, now you’re admitting that you never knew a bro to have your back… and when you see others who gain that sort of respect, you just have to swoop in and try to put it down with your faggot references.

        This is why you lose.

        And the fact that some South Park renegade, who fancies himself a red-pilled alpha, from your pathetic generation ALWAYS chimes in with this sort of inanity is why WE lose.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Neither of us won this round. Mod filters won this round. They win every round.


    • I know — you just want to make the same point for the thousandth time how shitty women can be to men. But why single out a woman who is at least attempting to mitigate for the evil that women do? You treat it as just another occasion to pile on, when it could have been a lesson for men on how to coax the tiny ember of good intentions into a full feminine virtue which, with a man’s help, is capable of overcoming her instinct.

      Maybe she knows as well as you do, like Augustine understood about concupiscence, that following tingles creates chaos. Maybe she also knows how much less equipped women are to deal with them. But instead of resigning to fatalism and asinine evolutionary predetermination, she is in her own pathetic way attempting to fight the good fight rather than “rationalizing” the chaos left in her wake. That would be something she had over you, who wants to rationalize all bad behavior as inescapable due to certain genetic feelz.

      [CH: i never said “inescapable”, but it is true that genetics greatly predispose one to behave certain ways….aka a fate. addressing this reality, this deeply abiding truth that few have the balls to broach in good faith, is the opposite of rationalizing which is the retreat to lies to hide the truth from oneself.]


  7. The fiancée and I moved to a new city together. Been here for about a year, and the sex has trailed off the last three months. I don’t think I’ve become more beta necessarily (I tease her quite often), but… we don’t have any friends where we live. I went from having a strong social network and a lot of friends in my hometown, DHV, to only knowing coworkers and my fiancée in my new town.

    Is there anything I can do to make up for this? I quickly learned that overtly communicating my frustration at the lack of sex is a terrible way to go. I’ve used a little dread game, but to minimal results. What do you do?

    I’m not lazy. I know a lot of women lose attraction when you sit on your ass all day. I’ve been working out and have lost almost 30 pounds since we moved.


    • Dread game in your situation = saying you’re not sure about marrying anymore over how the relationship went since the move. Not sure exactly what you consider some Dread game. Lol

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    • Mitch, we need some more information to analyze your predicament. The new environment is key. What’s she doing with HER time?


      • Working. But the move was my idea. I had a career opportunity that paid me much more than what I was earning.


    • Hit on other women in her presence. Tell her she is failing you and you need to start looking around and start moving that way. If it isn’t hard to move out, do it.


    • One thing I keep saying (and scratching my head over) is the difference between single guy game and relationship/married game. They are similar, but not the same. It’s a constant battle and you don’t win every skirmish.

      The same outright asshole attitude that works in a bar should not be deployed on your wife, without some tweaks.

      Sex always trails off in relationships, unless you’re with a certified nympho, which is easily worse.

      Here is my advice: Don’t whine or complain about anything (if you feel the urge, suppress it). Make sure you stay in shape and get yourself some new clothes. Work on developing an active social life in your new environment (i.e. meet people). When a guy looks good and seems happy, and is out doing what he loves, he gives off an attractive vibe.


    • on December 21, 2017 at 9:43 am Captain Obvious

      >>> “The f!ancée and I moved to a new city together. Been here for about a year, and the sex has trailed off the last three months… I went from having a strong social network and a lot of friends in my hometown…” <<<

      The easy answer would be that you sold your Soul to Mammon [Matthew 6:24], and payback's a b!tch.

      The more difficult answer [and, sadly, the more likely answer] would be that you yourself never wanted to move – that she was the one who insisted on the move, because her Hamster was chomping at the bit to get to Da Big City and engorge itself on a Hypergamous C0ck-Carousel-Riding Orgy-Fest, and you, as a dutiful little Beta, indulged & obliged her Hamster.

      But regardless of the correct answer, the key point here is that she's been your 'f!ancée' for at least a year now [probably more], and you have ZERO L!VE B!RTHS to show for it.

      My guess is that the relationship was already over, more than a year ago, long before the move, but if you want to try to salvage it, then issue the following command immediately: "Get off your b!rth control. Now!" Do not axe her to get off the BC – order her to get off the BC. [Betas axe questions; Alphas issue commands.] If she refuses, then pack your bags, get out by sunset, and never look back.


      • on December 21, 2017 at 9:44 am Captain Obvious

        PRO-TIP: Never waste so much as a day of your life in Beta F!ancee He11. If you’re dating a chick, and the lightbulb goes off, and you realize, “She’s the one!” [or, at least, “She’ll do…”], then move immediately for BUN -> OVEN. Skip right over all that W3dding/[email protected]/D!vorce-Industrial-Complex Beta He11 and concentrate on what’s important: L!VE B!RTHS.

        PRO-TIP #2: For the sake of G0d Almighty, never give so much as a wooden nickel to the J00 Industrial Complex for an ((([email protected] Ring)))*.

        PRO-TIP #3: Never collect a bunch of “stuff” when you’re in one of these relationships. Always travel light, so that packing [& being out by sunset & never looking back] is a breeze – a stroll on the beach.

        PRO-TIP #4: My gut instinct is that you aren’t ready for [email protected] You need this humiliation to rip apart your soul and force you to stare into The Abyss and [if you can pull yourself back out – if you aren’t a Beta who gets sucked in & destroyed by The Abyss] reconstitute your Inner Frame as a ZFG Dark Triad Sh!tlord Bring-It-On-Mutha-Phucka.

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      • on December 21, 2017 at 9:45 am Captain Obvious

        *Please tell us that you didn’t get her an (((Engagement Ring))).



      • If she’s a bitch about sex, do not knock her up. It will only get worse. Put up or get out.

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      • on December 21, 2017 at 9:56 am HungarianPatriot

        Damn CO ripped u apart lol. He’s right tho.


      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:03 am Captain Obvious

        CD: I agree, he’s got to have a heart-to-heart with HIMSELF, examine the situation with utter nihilistic ruthlessness, and decide whether to stay [BUN -> OVEN], or to walk [immediately, and never look back].

        HP: We all gotta get ripped apart. Spend that time alone with The Abyss. It’s what changes us from boyz 2 men [or what destroys us, proving that her Hamster was absolutely correct in its assessment of us].

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      • i agree with Carlos Danger
        knocking up the girl isnt tne answer to everything. especially in a situation like this

        doing that wouldn’t improve the sex situation. it would make an already bad situation worse. everyone knows you have less sex after kids are in the picture. the way things are going now, his sex life would be practically non-existent after kids.
        he’d end up in a sexless life with a woman who resents him for being trapped with him because of kids. kids won’t suddenly make her more attracted or in love. istead she will hate him and make his life a living hell.

        best option is to find new friends and hobbies where he his, stop focusing on her and focus on himself. ultimately that may mean moving back to where you had a good life. if she’s not good with that, you need to cut bait and run


      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:51 am Captain Obvious

        CD & Cracker, maybe I need to make this moar explicit: If MC has a brain slightly bigger than a walnut, then simply judging her reaction to “Get off your B!rth Control, now!” will tell him all that he needs to know about the situation.

        If she leaps at him & bear-hugs him & thrusts her tongue down his throat & reaches for his zipper, and they make passionate l0ve all night long, then he’ll know that he made the correct decision.

        But if she recoils, or gets cold, or utters even the slightest snarkiness or cattiness, then IT’S OVAH BABY.

        Out. By. Sundown.

        And then the next eighteen to twenty-four months are spent staring into The Abyss and reconstituting the ol’ Inner Frame.

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      • Beware the obnoxious guy at her job she complains about…


      • Beware the obnoxious guy at her job she complains about…

        My ex started doing this and pretty much stopped putting out. The writing was on the wall, so I dropped her. My sex life is much better now.


      • I was the one who wanted to move. It was a career move for me, so no, you’re wrong. Entertaining, but wrong.


      • Unfortunately…


      • Danger’s right… if she can’t keep up the pretense of a hot, loving mate BEFORE she’s nailed you down at the altar, it ain’t gonna get no better after… and that’s a helluva way to spend the best years of your life.

        Break off with her… do yourself a favor… if you have to, pay for her ticket back home immediately if not sooner.

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      • Mitch.. so your Hamster was chomping at the bit to get to Da Big City and engorge itself on a Hypergamous C0ck-Carousel-Riding Orgy-Fest,


      • I was in this situ once..if she is worth keeping….just cheat on her or start at least hanging out with other things that makes her respond with the magical..’i feel your head is elsewhere’…and next thing she’s on her knees tongue out.. .


    • That comment illuminates a rarely noted curse of modernity:

      geographic mobility -> atomization

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      • yes. lack of cultural and familial continuity literally erases the collective memory, turns people into sheep.

        my family has lived in the same place since about 1890. there used to be many of us like that, locals from way back, but now all the people around us have come from somewhere else. so even though we haven’t been geographically displaced, we have been culturally displaced, and the atomization effect is the same. enough outsiders came here that here became there, and we’re now strangers in our own homes.

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      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:54 am Captain Obvious

        Like I’m saying above, somebody [either him, or her, or both of ’em] sold their Soulzzzezes to Mammon when they decided to move from their hometown to Da Big City.

        Mathew 6:24, baby, Matthew 6:24.

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    • Listen Mitch – Daily life kicks the sh1t out of sexual intimacy – and true to the post she’ll blame you for it. She’s already looking to sew her wild oats before nailing you down as a provider. Not that she will or wants to but because it’s her nature. Pick up the phone – tell her you’re coming home late and drunk and that you’re going to plow her hard and that you won’t take no for an answer – pick a safe word. Tell her you’re doing this because you’re a caveman and she’s your woman … lust does not come unbidden


    • on December 21, 2017 at 10:05 am Enfant Terrible

      Dude, she’s your fiancee, and she’s lacking in enthusiasm to put out for you! Seriously, get out now, and move on with your life, cause chances are your relationship is going to end up in failure.

      It’s different when you’ve been married for a good number of years, and have had kids, and your life is busy, you work and your wife works, and there is bills to pay, and etc, etc…The type of things that do have an impact on a couple’s sex life.

      But if you are dating, or just living together, and there is nothing but the two of you, and as long as both of you are enthusiastic about each other, then sex should be happening naturally and joyfully. If not, and she’s moody about it, then something is not working out.

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    • relying on each other for their entire community is a romance killer for couples for sure. it’s inevitable living in a big city, where friendships are very hard to come by.

      to save your relationship, be less emotionally available. don’t rely on her as your “best friend”, even if you’re lacking for company. suck it up and be stoic about it. make friends at the gym. take your time coming home. go out and explore, etc.

      resist the temptation to drink the well of the relationship dry, even though it’s your only source of companionship right now. just take a sip now and then. keep it fresh.

      life in the city is like this. it’s soul death by a thousand cuts. there’s so much going on around you that you’ll think you’re prospering, but, in reality, trying to create the simple things that actually feed you, family, friends, community, etc., in an urban setting is a sisyphean task. those things might come just within your grasp once in awhile, only to slip away the next day as you deal with your car getting towed, getting fired from your job, etc.

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    • start going to a yoga class but never ever talk about the women there, come home happy, and every once in a while an hour or two late
      and do not, ever, let her know you are masturbating

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    • on December 21, 2017 at 3:00 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      Why are you living with your fiancée? Don’t move in together until you’ve tied the knot. I’m not moralising here. Moving in together before màrriagé is a know culprit behind the reduction in banging.

      Anyways, too late now so here’s what you do to salvage situation.

      Dress and look a lot better when you leave the house, specifically when she’s not with you.

      Go out of the house more to do your own thing: gym, chipping golf balls with other guys, or working on an outdoor project/on the car in the garage.

      If no improvement within 30 days, summarily end the engagement. If she’s not horny AF for you now, imagine what things will be like 3 years post nuptials.

      Hopefully you’re financially entangled with her (tell me it’s your name on the deed and no one else’s). As I said above:


      see scholarly article: “sliding vs deciding.”

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    • Mitch, I can only go by words on the webs, but you always seemed a solid guy around here, so I assume you’re already in the frame where you have a piece or two on the side or would jump on that the second it’s available. If not, get in that frame. Sucks, but that’s sexual reality in the current year. As you know.


    • Really disappointed in the advice here. It is salvageable, but you have to push yourself.
      1. Get to the the gym,
      2. Find things to do out of the house, on your own. You need some mystery stat.
      3. Make sure you are showing dominance to her…..get me a beer, where’s my dinner, any chance you get.
      4. Stop sharing feelings with her. She should only see you firm and resolute.
      5. Buy some new sharp clothes, including underwear (boxer briefs or something sexy). Do not ask for her opinion before, during or after buying the clothes.
      6. Don’t ask for sex. Take it if the opportunity arises, but do not TALK about it. Action only.

      This should get you started. And it’s not a guarantee that it will work, but it’s your only chance.

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  8. Nice guys are incapable of giving women the wild caveman fucking that most women crave


    • Every Goddamn night???


      • It’s more like “in most interactions”, since the fu**ing requested is as much psychological than it is physical (the % varies according to how more iNtuitive or Sensuous the woman in question is).

        Even, as CH once pointed out, making coupling rare and a thing to wait for kinda strengthens the (psychological) effect, actually.
        Few men understand this.


      • Who wouldn’t want to fuck an incredibly hot, young woman every night?

        [CH: niceguys would be amazed at the feats of bedroom prowess they’re capable of with the right inspiration.]


  9. She needed a nice boy to get her through her troubles. Once she got her confidence up he wasn’t good enough for her. She might feel bad that she screwed over someone who helped her through a difficult time, but she doesn’t feel bad that she dumped him.


  10. But call the tingle a command center of the female vessel and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back…

    (((Nice one))) Heartiste.


  11. Yeah lots of newbies here who missed the lessons of this site from 2008-2014 before we turned to more important (((things))). That comment made me cringe. If you discovered this blog after 2014, read the archives. Read the poon rules. Educate yourself. A woman never makes a decision about whether to be with a beta based on concern for him or his feelings. At all. You might even want to check out the Jew loving pussy rational male if you’re this far behind.


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    • on December 21, 2017 at 9:07 am traitors first

      @ Publius
      Pro-tip of pure GOLD right there, like this CH post in general.
      “A woman never makes a decision about whether to be with a BETA based on concern for him or his feelings.”
      Seeing how a woman treats one of these idiots is the female version of ZFG, seen way to many guys at work and in life pull this and in bewilderment wonder WTF happened. Thanks for the free one pal:)


  12. u and ur mission = priority #1

    fuck these bitches


    • bunz n ovenz is not a mission either

      this is spiritual betatude and making women the center of ur universe


      • Replicating your genes is spiritual betatude?

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      • on December 21, 2017 at 6:56 am meistergedanken

        “Replicating your genes is spiritual betatude?”

        It is if one’s genes are not worth perpetuating. And deep down, he knows that’s the case with him. Which is probably for the best.

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      • the great men with breeding success throughout history weren’t consciously motivated by becoming daddies

        u thick motherfuckers

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      • a selfish dark triad man is crack to bitches because his selfishness benefits her and her litter


      • these bwc genetics need to be passed down

        it would be a travesty if they weren’t

        but right now mane my mission is boxing professionally within the next 5 years


      • i’m willing to cut down to my more natural weight

        I have no doubt in my mind that I would rule the roost as a middleweight


        pop in both hands

        there’s nobody that would be able to touch me around 160 lbs


      • to my haters

        way till i’m on espn treating grown men like speed bags

        that’s my mission

        that’s my alpha calling

        that’s my path to glory

        what the fuck are u hungry for?


      • on December 21, 2017 at 9:08 am Captain Obvious

        “bunz n ovenz is… spiritual betatude”

        JIDF demoralization agent with a PhD in behavioral psych from Brandeis. Compare Publius below here, talking about (((10-12 chosen k!ds per family))). It’s always psychological/financial warfare with The Tribe, 24×7, and it never ends.

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      • pussy.


      • You’re spending too much time here when it should be devoted to your ESPN mission.

        “For a 45-minute* fight, you have to train for 45,000 minutes. 45,000! That’s ten weeks. That’s ten hours a day.”

        *at the time, most boxing matches went 15 rounds


      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:11 am HungarianPatriot

        It’s making offspring the center of the universe. The woman is just a vessel.


      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:19 am meistergedanken

        “…my mission is boxing professionally …”

        Given how boxing is widely known to be incredibly unsalubrious to the brain, this is a pretty stupid mission. I mean, it doesn’t seem like you possess many brain cells to spare. Perhaps it would behoove you to select a pastime less deleterious to the nervous system?

        “…way till i’m on espn …”

        But ESPN is totally for cucks and p-h-a-g-s now. If you’re a tranny though I bet you’ll be a shoe-in!


      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:39 am Captain Obvious

        Offspring ARE the Center of the Universe.

        We exist because we all have a billion-years long string of Sh!tlords, going all the way back to Protozoan/Viral/Prionic L’il Sh!tlords who saw fit to CREATE our sorry asses.

        [The folks who don’t exist are non-existent precisely because some Beta/Gamma [email protected]@ssed loser snuck into their family tree and extinguished it for all eternity.]


  13. However, it was true that if she had stayed with the nice guy, she would have mistreated him. Better to do it cleanly and let him move on than have it linger.


  14. So damned charming.


    • Sounds like that boyfriend was some kind of a brown.


    • on December 21, 2017 at 9:26 am traitors first

      this right here is why I have only one little problem with CH’s post.

      “so I can’t find it in me to savage her hamster too much”
      This article right here proves why these biatches deserve no mercy, Anderw A. @ thedailyS has it right, these women are only apart of our movement for money or convenience, they are not here for the men.
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
      “Never Ever, Ever Never, Never Ever, look to a woman for loyalty, because you will find none.”
      Loyalty, like civilization, is a totally foreign concept to women or i.e. “let you and him fight it out.”


    • That’s why you don’t mix anti-psychotic drugs and booze isn’t it? Because of the odd incident of having a psychotic break?


  15. The gom- jabbar!


  16. One hit wonders.


  17. Cold hard truth.


  18. And yet women are the ones cunstantly bitching about how men “think with their dicks”. Psychological projection – the comforting companion of the subversive and the weak.
    Giving women any sort of power in society inevitably leads to the dystopia we find ourselves in because of the truths stated in this article. Women are incapable of higher values, it all reduces down to what makes their twat moist – civilization, or their own children, be damned.


  19. The BLACK pill:
    ALL of this also applies to close family females.

    Your mother, sister, grandmaw etc. Without the fucking, of course.
    We´re not Mohamedans.


    • All Orthodox Jews have 10-12 Jew kids. Future enemies.

      They do no work yet own all the capital.


      They are automatic duel citizens and come and go as they please. Why?


      It’s all so blatantly obvious.


    • 10 Jew kids. All Orthodox Jews have 10-12 Jew kids. Future enemies.

      They do no work yet own all the capital.


      They are automatic duel citizens and come and go as they please. Why?


      It’s all so blatantly obvious.


      • All Orthodox Jews have an unlimited supply of money.

        They do no work. They literally sit around reading the talmud all day while collecting money from the various businesses and properties they own, which are run by the goyim indentured servants.

        What is the source of this bottomless pit of capital?


      • It’s called dark money- the stuff the Fed prints out of thin air and then distributes interest free to its crony banks. This includes private as well as publicly traded banks.


    • I personally know an Orthodox Jew (who thinks I’m a clueless goyim) who just intervened and got a similar criminal Orthodox Jew (with only 6 kids) out of prison time after the Jew committed bankruptcy fraud. He conveniently forgot he had a bank account with $300,000 in it when filing his bankruptcy papers. (He does not work.)

      They all do this.

      The black female federal judge gave him 300 hours of community service. Crime he committed carried possible 10 year prison sentence.

      Judge let him go because he has 6 kids.

      (((They))) RULE. OUR. COUNTRY.


    • The inimeez name is (((Sholom Rubashkin))). I’m disgusted. I’m glad Trump is prez only because he is superlatively less hurtful. Greg Eliot and I said it a short time back on this blog: Trump’s effort doesn’t look credible, too half-assed. I think Greg said 20%. All the Xian cucks are back in the Overton window. Cuck zealots are the swing vote of real power, and I hate them. At least parasitic women have no delusions about what they really want and pursue. The fool following the fool is the more contemptible fool. What’s going on is the Priestly code of the Documentary Hypothesis. Trump is another goy prince. Only a Godfather all-debts-get-settled power move could prove otherwise, but Rome was not built in a day, and Trump is a real estate mogul who knows that. I was sorta believing when we left the Paris accord. MGTOW has a political relevance, gents.


  20. Beginning to think that over 75% of LTRs are just window dressing and the majority of LTR and married couples are not happy. The best part of any relationship is pretty much universally accepted as the beginning. Once that is gone it is hard to get back to that point sexually. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but can quickly lead to other issues that are common in any LTR.


    • on December 21, 2017 at 10:24 am Captain Obvious

      That’s why – when the lightbulb goes off in your head – you move immediately for BUNZ -> OVEN.

      Carpe Diem.


      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:31 am Captain Obvious

        PRO-TIP: The only m0ral [non-nihilistic] use of Game is precisely to give you the life’s experiences necessary for the lightbulb to go off in the first place [and then to be able to judge correctly whether it’s real, or just a false alarm].

        You don’t wanna be that old man in the nursing home, crying himself to sleep every night, because he was too [email protected] stoopid to knock up that coed in college, the likes of which he never crossed paths with again.

        Nor do you want to be the Beta trapped in a living he11 because he didn’t recognize a false alarm for what it was.

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      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:31 am Captain Obvious

        Still, though, having k!ds with the “wrong” chick [or chicks] is infinitely better than never having any k!ds at all.


    • Which is why the Heff monkey swung from honeymoon period to honeymoon period. Which is why Always Be Closing. Which is why plates have an expiration date.

      “I want something more, wahh. :-(”
      >>–really means–>
      ” I want to expeditiously liquidate, acquire, and consume your entire life, so assist me. :-)”


  21. heartiste:

    Speaking of Judgy Bitch, your readers should get a load of this gem from October 2016:

    Here’s the money shot quote:

    Asking myself difficult questions leads to some unpleasant conclusions. Is my husband a good man? Most assuredly. Is he good at being a man? Not really. No. Measured in terms of being a good provider, he is absolutely good at being a man. Measured in terms of his ability to physically defend us, with blood and muscle and sinew and sweat? Nope. Not a chance. In his mind, that doesn’t matter. He can pay ‘meatheads’ (his words, not mine) to provide security for us. Or he can rely on me.

    I don’t like that. But I am no better.

    Am I good at being a woman? I undermine all my femininity by being violent and brutal and vicious. When I am training in the woods with a class, and I walk beside my main instructor, people get the fuck out of our way. We are a formidable pair, backed by even more formidable friends. I like that, but how feminine is that? It’s not. There isn’t anything particularly womanly about it. This troubles me.

    No, JB, people get out of HIS way. Not yours. HIS.

    are you all getting this? Do you realize what she’s saying here? She’s essentially saying:

    while my husband, the father of her children, is a good man, he’s not good at being a man. He’s soft. He’s a wimp, a coward and a pussy. He’s not sexually attractive. But my martial arts instructor is. He’s sexually attractive. And I’m sexually attracted to him. And I’m conflicted.

    JB was shockingly, brutally candid here. Something we all need to keep in mind.

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    • on December 21, 2017 at 10:18 am HungarianPatriot

      I can only imagine how much it would fuck up a young boy to have a pussy ass dad and an ultra-butch kravmagagrrl slutmom that’s making eyes at her martial arts instructor. What a broken whore lol.


    • on December 21, 2017 at 10:23 am Captain Obvious

      That was the impression I got yesterday – that the dude she broke up with in college was a Gamma, and that her current husband is a Beta.

      PS: Phuck him [and his m0ther & the horse he rode in on] for calling working-class dudes “meatheads”.


    • What an airhead. She actually thinks she is a tankgrrl who can fight a man.

      Her husband is a loser. Its too late to hire meatheads when Jamal has already broken into your house at 2am. Even if cuckboy hires bodyguards when the shtf and his money is worthless does he really believe they will not fuck off or just fuck his wife and loot the house. JB married a wallet and is trying to rationalise it


    • JB chose her pseudonym well.


  22. This is important, because it gets to the heart of what this blog is about: Don’t listen to what women say; instead, watch what women do.

    Yes, they’re a lot like politicians.

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  23. – Teens who face rejection by their fathers tend to experience more social anxiety—and more loneliness—later on, research shows.
    News –

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  24. It’s not you, it’s them alright… ‘hos:


  25. This was such a great post!

    I had this dynamic happen this week. I a few weeks ago had broken up with a gal due to clinginess. We reconnected and went out. Had a great time then at the end passionate kiss and “game on”. I was confused by her passionate re-embracing a physical relationship. Because we broke up over her wanting to get move in together serious.

    But as this whole event is happening the reverse of “watch what women do, not say” ran through my mind. She’s doing me. What do I care what her rationalizations for doing me are? What she says is she wants to move in. But what she is doing is something else.

    As men we are so rational that women’s actions and statements confuses us greatly.

    The only mental construct I have found to explain women is the Chinese Room thought experiment. (

    The Chinese Room hypothetical premise: suppose that artificial intelligence research has succeeded in constructing a computer that behaves as if it understands Chinese. It takes Chinese characters as input and, by following the instructions of a computer program, produces other Chinese characters, which it presents as output. Suppose, says Searle, that this computer performs its task so convincingly that it comfortably passes the Turing test: it convinces a human Chinese speaker that the program is itself a live Chinese speaker.

    Now the killer question is… does the machine literally “understand” Chinese? Or is it merely simulating the ability to understand Chinese?

    I firmly believe that women are SIMILATING rational thought in gender dynamics. Ask them what they are doing in their relationships and you WILL get an answer. But does the answer even EXPLAIN what is really going on?

    We call it the “Tingle” but what ever is going on inside a woman’s mind during mating decisions is not rational, only simulated rationality.

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    • on December 21, 2017 at 10:11 am Captain Obvious

      AG, two points:

      1) Do NOT move in together without BUN -> OVEN. [You live together if & only if there are BUNZZZEZES involved.]

      2) Quit being an “Angry Gamer”. Game is all about ZFG. There aren’t much more than one or two things in this Life [cf 1) above] which are worth worrying about enough so as to get angry about something or other.


      • on December 21, 2017 at 10:13 am Captain Obvious

        PRO-TIP: Contrary what I just poasted, there are times when her Hamster needs to see Anger from you – to sniff just the tiniest hint of The Monster Within – and boy will that set off teh Tinglezzzezes.


      • That’s why it’s good to be bipolar. She’ll never know “which” version of you she’ll get from day-to-day so she’ll always been on her toes, er, tingled.

        “Will he…won’t he….sploosh!


      • on December 21, 2017 at 11:42 am HungarianPatriot

        I’m bipolar and while this is true, it’s also really not fun to be bipolar a lot of the time.


    • Thought-provoking analogy. I’d go with the high possibility that they are simulating rational thought. That is, as we men understand rational thought. For them it’s just feels.

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  26. Stargate Wars – Part 1

    ” t’s coming…

    Something hidden… something ancient… something alien…

    Through the Gate. ”


  27. “But call the tingle a command center of the female vessel and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I didn’t want to hurt him!”

    So the “I didn’t want to hurt him” is faked empathy

    “If a woman doesn’t feel the Tingle, she’ll rationalize any nice behavior from a niceguy as bad behavior, or as behavior that incites her to bad behavior. ”

    Look I realize that alot of nice guy behavior is duplicitous, feeble and pussy-like (when it is used as a ploy to get something). But lets just say the dude just has an aversion to hurting people (and he isn’t looking for any reward for that – this is a private matter for him). Let’s say he is cursed that way. Perhaps that is genuine empathy?

    So here you have women toying and fucking with things (the male psyche) that they don’t got no clue about, to incite the tingles producing fantasy world in their own mind. But when the masculine tells begin to misalign with the fantasy at some point, and the tingles abate ….. game over … without her actually knowing or caring what is actually what. Maybe the tells-misalignment was evidence of a pathetically duplicitous niceguy, but maybe not.

    So …. what would the take away be on this? That your cursed empathy is mostly wasted on people? That is my speculation at this point in my life. It is a very strange realization. As if the reality resolution one assumed is shared, is in fact mainly not shared. Assumed except for the reoccurring nightmare scenarios playing out from time to time that force such questioning considerations. Very strange. Of course that means ….. the empathy you presumed, was actually based on the false pretense that you indeed were able to see it from the other’s point of view. And furthermore, are you therefore much better than the duplicitous and feeble niceguy? Because, if you assume you were seeing the reality of it (the other’s perspective), but weren’t, that calls into question motivations for that self-deception – yes? You were trying to get something too. But what? A universal commiseration fantasy of your own (granted at least – by way of the most rational resolution of the subjective/objective dichotomy) in order to escape from the acute melancholy associated with considerations of existential aloneness? Perhaps that is the central quandary (an escape from existential aloneness) and perhaps there is a million ways to face that quandary. For crissake no matter where you look at things too deeply you end up staring at this mind-numbing recursivity in the face, each and every time.

    Alright what does this all mean then upon deeper analysis? Genuine masculinity is about facing the central quandary of existential aloneness by way of penetrating self-respect …… femininity is about facing that central quandary by way of acquiescing self-dis-integration. Perhaps sex is so enjoyable on so many levels, and so mystifying as well, because it’s operation is dependent upon the polar nature of the man/woman approach to this central quandary, sexual union allowing for some moments of respite away from the crushing melancholic nature of the central quandary, by way of a partial resolution, ….. a sublime partial resolution. Haha – but look more closely at the exchange – at what cost? The man penetrates and give his seed with the seed’s singular intention of penetrating her biological legacy. The man must freely give this agent of his biological legacy. That is cost (the cost associated with the corresponding psychological attitude necessary to support this behavior). The woman must both take, and hopefully also receive this foreign element. In order to do this in alignment with the intended biological imperative, at the level of focus of conception, the ovum must receive the foreign element by way of self-dis-integration, membrane-wise, and thereby become something new which must now be fostered. There is a psychological cost for the feminine associated with this dynamic as well – the cost associated with the act of self-dis-intregration.

    The man must freely give and the woman must take and hopefully receive. That is the dynamic of exchange the colors the sexual psychological gestalt. Our culture no longer supports these psychological facts. I think the reason for that has a lot to do with the jewish overlay upon our culture, …… the men of the Jewish Retard ilk tend not to freely give …… psychologically, they give quid pro quo style (i.e. – not freely), and as such are always seeking to accrue more for themselves, so as to be able to give it away in this style, fettered by way of the quid pro quo imperative they prefer. Once the culture is tilted that way, it changes the game for everybody else too. Of course the Jewish Retards weren’t the first men that did this as default. That was the first farmers (who became the first land owners by way of enforcing those ownership rights, so as to accrue excess resources for themselves, in order to use quid-pro-quo-style, as outlined above) – way back probably 12,000 years ago. But we are still tasked with figuring out this cultural conundrum, for the sake of us all.

    Maybe what that means now, for western man, is … that by way of the western imperative, under these current conditions, western men should take control of women’s fantasy world, so at to abstractly reinforce the more natural sexual psychological gestalt that has brought us this far. The material contingencies matter less and less as time goes on, so …. the abstract operation is where our destiny lies. To give what she should now receive. That’s a tall order. I think institutional religion in some sense was an attempt towards such control of women’s fantasy world, but within the conditions of Jewish Retard cultural overlay – the weaknesses in that approach have been laid bare. Western men are now faced with quite the challenge. But if anybody is up for it, … it is western men.


  28. “All the passion, the white hot passion, the delirious vertiginous love, the beautiful obsession….it’s front-loaded, going downhill after (if you’re lucky) the first year or two. Later, tenderness and affection and maybe joy replace the passion, but the best part has been lost forever, to familiarity, age, time, and benumbing.”
    I’m pushing 70 years old and been in one marriage forever so I just wanted to verify the truth of this for all you young whippersnappers out there who might be skeptical of CH’s wisdom.
    On the good side that “tenderness affection and joy” are real, and are really great. Plus if you lived your lives well you have the joy of a good family, and maybe you’ve even put yourself into a very strong financial situation and have all the pleasures that lots of dough can bring you.
    So listen to the Professore CH, choose wisely and make it work. Create a good marriage and the two of you will be a Rock of Gibraltar laughing at the puny storms of life.
    P.S. Marrying someone a good bit younger than me had it’s benefits as well. So if you are getting up there into your thirties I would advise not going after someone in your cohort, but a girl just out of college or a few years after high school.Worked for me.

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    • Alfa, well stated but so much easier said than done in this day and age. You and your marriage are an outlier in today’s society. Sad but true.


  29. on December 21, 2017 at 11:52 am Mandy been here a while

    Marriage was never about passion or happiness. It was always about ensuring the legitimacy of children.

    Romance is a modern conceit and was originally pursued via adultery.


    • Too right.


    • true. that’s also why having mistresses was commonplace and not frowned upon as much as it is now.

      read a quote somewhere that goes something like…family business is for wives, love is for mistresses

      that’s how people used to see things. now people expect one person to meet both needs

      some of us are lucky enough to have that in one woman, but most are not


  30. Honestly; I would have to agree with CO here.

    While it’s possible she really meant or believed that as a reason.

    If she valued the man as a good partner, she would have been willing to take the risk.

    Just like she was later on with the next guy.

    It’s a funny little bit of virtue signalling from a woman who has no problem calling herself a “JudgyBitch”.

    Not calling her out or insulting her or anything, just an interesting thing to do.


  31. Later, tenderness and affection and maybe joy replace the passion, but the best part has been lost forever, to familiarity, age, time, and benumbing.

    Here we see a rare – very, very rare, but I have seen it before – occasion where our host snares himself in his rhetoric and begins to rationalize his own poor choices.

    Oh, make no mistake, if you marry the right person, the best *is* yet to come. The first years are exciting, yes, in a way that is never quite recaptured, but that’s the nature of life – no “first” is ever recaptured, not moving away form home, one’s first job, etc., etc.

    Raising my tradfamily, along with my homeschooling wife, is the greatest, most satisfying, fulfilling and self-actualizing life I could possibly conceive. No, the “best” part has not been lost, not by a long, long, long shot.

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    • In a purely technical sense he’s right; most relationships never go back to the level of what you might call “statistical happiness” when they poll them or do studies or whatever.

      That they show before they had kids.


  32. Can’t believe how many comments here advocate “BUNZ–>OVENZ” before marriage. What would you call a woman who agrees to that? A “sloot”? A “single mother”? Even if he SAYS he’ll marry her after she’s knocked up (and that isn’t even specified here)…the woods are full of single mothers who fell for that line.

    The kind of woman you probably want for the mother of your children will insist on marriage, THEN “BUNZ”.