Every Porn Has Its Thorn

This is the porn post. Its purpose is to encourage discussion and embarrassing open-cubicle chubbies.

FYI I redact or pseudonomize real names of thread participants because I don’t assume they would want their identifying info spread to outside platforms beyond the one they directly engage. If they would like to be identified, they can say so in the comments or in email.

J.R. kicks it off,

[online porn is] just so insanely hardcore

stuff that maybe only the hardest core degenerate might get into after a lifetime of chasing ever more debauched forms of porn and perversion are basically just another option on the front page of all the major porn sites, so now the average kid has explored the outer boundaries of porn by the time he’s 15

it’s fucked up

Chad Bigly,

Porn is a real public health problem – I truly believe that. It’s easier for people to quit smoking than to quit porn. And it really is so fucking over the top gross now. If I were in power I’d completely ban it tomorrow. Just make it illegal and enforce the shit out of it and watch civilization trend toward normal again.


i think porn has something to do w/ the whole tranny thing
there’s something feminizing about dudes watching that much porn

for 99.9999% of human history the only erection men ever saw was their own

now the avg dude has seen 10k before he gets out of high school
i don’t think evolution prepared the male brain for that possibility

there’s your endocrine disrupter

I don’t buy the theory that porn is inherently gay (because you’re looking at hard dick). (Incel-mocking tradcons at MPC like to cavalierly indulge this theory.) No straight man was turned to homosexuality by watching porn. When men watch, they will focus on the woman’s body and vagina, and imagine their own dick doing the pounding. There’s a dick substitution process that occurs subconsciously during viewing, which obscures or even eliminates the possibility of a mood-killing intrusion of awareness that one is also watching another man get off. Porn producers actually acknowledge this reality by filming in such a way that the male actor is out of the middle of the frame, and his contorted face is off-screen. POV (point-of-view) porn is popular for this reason.

S.K. responds,

Porn is bad, but not for the reason J.R. thinks. Seeing dicks doesn’t make you gay, whether or not they are involved in sex.

It’s watching another male fuck a female you desire. He’s getting her; you aren’t. In primal chimpanzee sexual mode, you have to be a pretty thoroughly inferior male to not get any chance at the female in estrus. So you, the omega male, sit on the sidelines and jerk off while the superior males have their go.

Further, females make more noise when having sex with alpha males. Porn females shriek their heads off, further reinforcing how the males are higher status than you.

Being subordinate status feminizes you. Want to be weak and gay? Watch porn.

Tagging in Heartiste because this is up his alley.

S.K. is closer to identifying the true banefulness of porn addiction. These hypotheses above (among others I’ve come across) are all valid explanations for the potentially deleterious effects of long-term porn viewing, but subordinate to the central pathology of porn: it hijacks the visually oriented arousal mechanism in men to provide a steady yet low dose drip of dopamine, which is just enough to discourage investment in real world courtship.

In short, porn kills real life sex dead.

This is why I predict the sexbot revolution will bring utter destruction to civilization, replacing beta male investment with beta male dopamine imprisonment and massive alpha male harems (with the concomitant male-on-male violence that characterizes rampant polygyny).

A disturbing consequence of my theory, if true (it is), is that Western women might react by inviting hordes of more sexually aggressive swartheners to fill the void in their gines for at least superficially strong and un-gay males. Whatever pap women are menstruating on femcunt wombzines is irrelevant to how women act when the rubber hits the ho, and how they act is unmistakable: they will get their aggressive alpha male courtship from whichever source pool of men is willing to provide it.

So porn might be one major pathway leading to the nexus of our open borders disease.

Newspeak Translator writes,

The trend seems to be reversing somewhat. There was a thread on twatter a few days ago- apparently X-videos has seen a pretty significant drop in traffic recently. The K-ifying political environment has people too paranoid to be horny. Disgust reflexes are comin’ back in style, baby!

An antibiotic resistant sexually transmitted disease that results in rotted out genitals, blindness, and early death is a surefire diabolus ex machina that would elevate the disgust reflex back to the top of the pantheon of moral judgements.

This won’t necessarily contradict Newspeak’s claim, but what I’ve read is that there’s been a rise (heh) in porn searches for lesbian sex and hentai. Make of that what you will. (I will: it’s yet another indicator of rapid mass infantilization and retreat from intimacy.)

S.K. again,

Lesbian porn, and, I speculate, hentai, don’t feature superior men copulating.
I postulate that males are unconsciously recognizing the feminizing effects on themselves. We have a strong ability to associate behavior with reward and punishment across time – future time preference, if that is the correct term.
Hell, my son, only 16, thinks porn is weird and stupid. I pointed out that maybe the reason people like tranny porn is because you can verify that the “female” is aroused; he laughed, “What, OH OH OH OH BABY doesn’t convince you?”

I’m no expert on hentai, but what I know of it is that it features exaggerated genitalia like oversized breasts, enormous cocks, tiny narrow waists, and gushers of jizz, (tentacles optional). I’m not sure that makes it anything like an “escape” from the feminizing effects of real human porn with superior men copulating. It does make it an escape from porn that is “too real” for modren men to consume without feeling like losers.


From Deter Naturalist,

“It’s any wonder many weak people escape into movies and video games and as well as the topic of this post: porn.”

And opioid drugs. Opium’s main effect is to make you simply not care…and when your life sucks bad, but you’re not quite ready to off yourself, a pill that makes leaves the pain but makes you not GAF about it…is attractive. And if it’s a hot-lot with too much fentanyl added by the basement chemist, you just drift off to sleep…and stop breathing.

The opioid “crisis” is a direct result of the war on whites, and falls on those whites who often are far worse off than any ghetto-rat. When you take from W to give to B, the W who don’t have anything but their life to give are stripped of that, too.

The opioid crisis is the fruit of the Anti-White Agenda. I pray for a better world to come soon, when the people responsible for both are made to answer for their crimes against Heritage America.


  1. I’ve been porn free for 8 months now and I can say it’s made a -hell- of a difference. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on a “no fap” journey or anything… though cutting out porn definitely reduces it as you’re forced to rely more of the women you see day to day for ‘inspiration’.

    It’s like being in HS again where you’re horny all the damn time haha. Regular, normal women look attractive again. I give fewer sh!ts about their drama and it’s easier to cut through the bull.

    I think I mentioned this before… and as much as I hate to recommend some mainstream shit, Rashida Jones did a documentary on porn called “hot girls wanted”. It only took one viewing for me to see the true depravity in porn. My hang up was just how young all the girls were, throwing their lives away for a chance at “empowerment” while never once stopping to think “wait… without the camera guy in the room recording, isn’t this basically prostitution?”

    Wh!te women are being sold as the wh0res of the world so sanjay, jose and jamal have a prize to work towards, while on the other hand, they go around talking about how much they hate wh!tey.

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    • I have also cut out porn for over a year now and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. As you mention, your libido goes up like crazy and now every attractive girl I see turns me on immensely. Not that I wasn’t turned on before, but this feeling is akin to being a teen. You’re also naturally more courageous, daring and willing to talk to women. I can see why the “special people” and other usual suspects do not mind making porn free and even encouraging its usage amongst the Western population…

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    • on November 16, 2018 at 10:42 am Deter Naturalist

      Those who “celebrate” “sex-workers,” mainstreaming the notion that their career choice is as valid as anyone else’s, are truly evil. As with enabling children’s irrational desire to “be the other sex,” such people bathe in their neuro-chemical reward system over encouraging other people to DESTROY themselves.

      There are truly many, perhaps millions of people alive today simply because it’s not (yet) legal to kill them. Those who enable and encourage others’ self-destruction are a special case of demon.

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      • on November 16, 2018 at 12:01 pm Captain Obvious

        Where “do not mind” == throwing tens of billions of dollars of Dark Money into ensuring that young virile disenfranchised potentially vio1ent White boys & men remain cucked & docile & dispirited.

        EVERYTHING the j00z do is one form or another of Psychological Warfare.

        PS: Sh!znat like Marvel & DC comics & their associated movies are also part & parcel of the Pr0n Psychological Warfare Campaign.

        Gotta keep all those potentially vio1ent White males mired deep in fantasyland, utterly disengaged with reality.

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      • on November 16, 2018 at 12:11 pm Captain Obvious

        For the Old Timers au Chateau: Have you ever wondered why no one in pubic public life has broached the topic of filth in the popular culture, since Ed Meese’s pr0n commission & Tipper Gore’s “Parents Music Resource Center”, both circa 1985?

        HINT: Think of the M0ssad’s two most prized subsidiaries, called the CIA & MI6.

        And then think of how the Bush family & the Clintons & the Obungho1es were all creatures of the Deep State.

        The Deep State [as headed by the M0ssad] wants the cultural filth to flourish & propagate & reign supreme, precisely so that all those potentially vio1ent White boys & White men won’t have the spare energy necessary to go all Manassas & Antietam on the Deep State.

        PS: SSRIs & associated pharmaceuticals [such as opi0ids] also play a prominent role here.

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      • I have it on good aüthority that Bigguns is printed in and shipped from the basements of Langley.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 1:22 pm Captain Obvious

        GE, I can’t always tell when you’re being serious.

        But circa the Bush-41 inauguration, in January of 1989, someone in the Deep State put out the word that there would never again be a word mentioned by Official Washington about pornography or gangsta rap: That pr0n and n!gga-tude were now officially the culture of the realm.

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      • oh here we go with the fuckin jews again…this is nigger logic.

        at what point will you accept blame lies with whites themselves?

        opportunistic infections like jews only work on already sick organisms.


    • I’ve received threats from coloreds for calling them poachers and pointing that out to them. They’ve sent pics of their hand guns telling me what they’re gonna do and yadda yadda. You hate huwhytes so much yet you seem to love our women… They go into a frenzy lol

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    • Porn has a purpose. Like screw magazine’s publisher said, its hate for Whites. They lose millions with inter-racial porn, but its not about profits, but HATE, based on envy. The Revenge of the Turds. Like the movies where the “bad guy” is a strong White Alpha, and the prissy sissy (((chosen))) are some kind of hero, its HATE based on envy.
      To the HATE filled enemy, you are the MAIN OBSTACLE. More rational and smart than the low IQ browns that are EASILY RILED UP AND MISLED. They want beasts of burden not MEN. They want you STERILE. Ghey, abused and unemployed.
      The “sports” are childish games the STUPID can do. With big HYPE, LIES about “manliness”, and of course “big salaries”. Look white wimmens at the strong dumb beast (((we))) want to MATE and BREED your slave chillens.


      WHITE GENOCIDE. Beasts of Burden. No White Men Need Apply.


      • Wow. These things ((they)) are doing seem pretty fuckin serious.

        Sounds almost homicidal. So we should…post on the internet about it? I guess doing anything else would be “bad optics.”

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      • Is it funny? The talk of happy black pickaninnies loving being fed and clothed. Stupid. You are not pets, but slaves. I may love a sweet cat that chases mice and cuddles tight, but the blacks are slaves, too dumb to understand it. When you DEPEND on another, YOU ARE NOT FREE. No chains, a free range slave, LOVING BEING KEPT by Massa Nose.
        If (((they))) win, no more “free”. You either work or you don’t eat. Whips and jackboots aren’t needed in bulk, if the dumb slave loves being kept by a feeding dish, FOOL.

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    • Of course, porn is no different than being a prostitute.You’re having sex for money only you’re doing it on camera.In fact, these porn Hos will do things that even a prostitute wouldn’t do.Prostitutes are mostly just giving guys bj’s or fucking, they won’t do anal or the other perverted shit you see in porn.


  2. Ban porn! Bring the whores back home!


  3. If porn were banned, wouldn’t everyone just go back to brothels and higher rape counts that existed prior to the porn explosion?

    [CH: i know you’re being somewhat glib, but there is scientific research which has found that porn saturation contributes to a reduction in the rape and child sex abuse rates.]


    • Yes

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    • on November 16, 2018 at 10:51 am Deter Naturalist

      Has rape gone down since porn became metastatic? If so, is the result causal? Not buying that one anytime soon.

      Perhaps in some future not now predicted we might see what effect porn has on men of differing race. Rape arrests in Chicago surely show a wide disparity (see Color of Crime 2016 revised ed, table 3.)


      • I won’t be able to post a link here without getting lost in mod, but just look up “rape decline” and you’ll see many studies of the dramatic lowering of rape incidents since the 70s.


      • Lowering of rape? Hell, with all the kvetching and oy-veying the past few years, one would think the hordes of Genghis Khan were still on the loose.

        Isn’t the Newspeak gospel something along the lines of 1 in 4 college women will be raped, or some such thing?


      • Hasn’t crime of all categories gone done quite dramatically over the past 25 years? I don’t think porn is the only reason. People in general are online a lot and socialize in person less than ever. Besides porn, young men are spending hours and hours playing video games. When you are in front of a screen all day and not real people crime is going to go down.


      • So, is the solution to rape that we give free XXXHamster and YouPorn memberships to all non-whites? Fuck, my taxes are gonna go up again…


    • “there is scientific research”

      Who did the research? Same people who say transgenderism is healthy for kids?

      [CH: i don’t remember. check the archives, i think there are a couple of posts on the topic. anyhow, i’m agnostic on the question of porn providing an escape valve for potential rapists and pedos. like most social science, the finding could be quickly invalidated by lack of replication.]


    • on November 16, 2018 at 12:14 pm Captain Obvious

      (((scientific research)))

      Brought to you by the same Tribe which dumps tens of billions of dollars of Dark Money into the greater Pr0n industry.


      • I know one fellow Jew who was very successful in the porn business…he might still be at it. I can tell he was 100% money motivated. He didn’t have the goal of bringing society down…that was a boring topic to him. The whole idea of “this will hurt the goym” never entered his mind. I know that’s just one individual but my guess is more are like him than not.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 1:23 pm Captain Obvious

        (((Jay Fink)))

        Tell Yossi C0hen that he needs to raise salaries & hire better help for y’all at the JIDF.


      • Here’s an article on Jews in the porn industry, published in Jewish Quarterly:


        Here’s an extract:

        ” Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ʻjoy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beastʼ. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. Astyr remembers having ʻto run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an “up yours” to these peopleʼ. Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said (on lukeford.net), ʻThe only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We donʼt believe in authoritarianism.ʼ Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged. “


    • Rape barely even exists among Whites and before this current hoax (((#metoo))) nonsense you never heard of any. A female had like a 1 in 40,000 chance of being raped in her lifetime and that included black on white rape.


  4. on November 16, 2018 at 10:29 am Deter Naturalist

    Civil liberties be damned. Nuke the producers of porn from orbit. Nuke Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and every other wireless ISP from orbit for not screening out packets from every porn site, thus enabling every 10 year old whose friend has a wi-fi enabled tablet or phone (provided by mommy-kins, as an electronic babysitter) to watch brain-damaging horrors pre-puberty on.

    Put anyone engaged in disseminating this to children (F the “how are we to police it?” excuse) on a literal rack and break their bodies, streaming it live and placing a recording on Youtube (!Be Evil!).

    When the total bill for all this “anything goes” period is totaled, the result with be overwhelming demand (DEMAND) for a complete, totalitarian dictatorship to use the NSA to find each and every person whose (digital) fingerprints are on production and dissemination (of porn, of promoting LGBT to kids, etc.) and pile their skulls into a literal pyramid.

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    • on November 16, 2018 at 12:15 pm Captain Obvious

      Who is DN and where has he been all my life?


    • Should the skulls of the porn actresses themselves be piled up too?

      Or do they get a pussy pass.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 1:24 pm Captain Obvious

        Se sounding like gunslinger.


      • on November 19, 2018 at 10:04 am Deter Naturalist

        Do you give a pussy pass to the gal who struts in front of a married man for the specific purpose of tweaking his basest desire mode, just for her ego fulfillment (she has absolute zero interest in actually landing said man…her whole attention is on how upset his WIFE gets from this bitch-interloper trying to play her man for the fool?)

        We all have base impulses that civilization (and personal happiness) requires us to suppress. It’s about time to punish those who act to destroy civilization, or at least give such people several back-hands to discourage such behavior.

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    • This dork who calls himself Deter Naturalist is a freak. A weirdo. Let me guess, DN, you looked at some porn and it made you realize that you are gay? I bet that is what happened to everyone on this site or MPC who whines about porn. You checked out a few vids of some cunt sucking a mans cock and turns out the cock turned you on more than the naked woman did. Or maybe you went down a slippery slope got into something freaky like bestiality. And now you blame porn for your own weakness.

      Most normies can handle their porn just fine. Only freaks like MPC posters and some of the posters here cannot handle it. Not the porn industry’s fault that you secretly want to screw a farm animal.


    • on November 16, 2018 at 4:53 pm Flyover Hayseed

      “Civil liberties be damned.”

      Lord knows they’ve long since been damned anyway.


    • Kids don’t watch porn.Before puberty they have no interest in sex and if they saw it it would mean nothing to them or they’d just go yuck! that’s disgusting and then forget about it.


      • on November 19, 2018 at 10:05 am Deter Naturalist

        I’m glad you’re sure of this. I’m sure you’re equally certain of other things about which I worry, so I’ll now stop doing so.

        How did I ever exist without you?


  5. My parents were liberal about sex. I used to buy Playboy and Penthouse at age twelve every month with my paper route money. I was pretty rich for a 12 year old too- it was WaPo route. I still use porn on occasion but have never had any trouble putting it away or turning it off and much prefer my wife to any porn I see. It is and always been a poor substitute for real sex with a real woman for me. It taught me how to be a good lover and to expect that from my women. i just like to fuck and quantity is as important for me as quality, which is why I don’t mind having the same woman as long as she stays easy to look at and a good partner. I think it is far better to not have porn and a have a nice wife or girlfriend instead but the real culprit in my mind, driving men to porn is the shaming of the male sex drive by feminists. Young men are generally afraid of women today, at least large numbers of them and they indulge in porn to compensate for it.


    • “Sex God Method” By Daniel Rose taught me more about fucking a girl good than porn ever could. I suggest everyone here read it if they haven’t already. Free PDF versions of the book can easily be found online.

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    • “It off and much prefer my wife to any porn I see. It is and always been a poor substitute for real sex with a real woman for me.”

      – This I wondered about,, if watching porn made men lose interest in theyre wives. Because the more women can not compare to playboy model type women with silicone breasts etc.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 12:22 pm Captain Obvious

        BUNZ IN 0VEN.


        Nothing else matters.

        Keep your man intimately connected to The Tree of Life.

        Make every waking minute of his day an association with The Tree of Life.

        When he sleeps at night, be sure that he is sleeping with The Tree of Life [and not some [email protected] wh0re – or a porn movie – in an hotel on a business trip].

        When he awakens every morning, let him be greeted by The Tree of Life.

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      • You are obviously a woman projecting the female dynamic of attraction onto men. That men have higher beauty standards from watching porn is an old feminist tripe.

        Men assess women’s beauty based on long-evolved instincts and the criteria for attractiveness aren’t relative.


      • Aren’t relative, meaning aren’t dependent on the attractiveness of other women.

        A 7 is a 7 whether she is surrounded by 9’s or 3’s.

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      • Yes I want a other baby soon, God willing by new year to be pregnant again. I start to get that itch again when I have been shopping for new babys in the family. Baby clothes up to 6 months are adorable,, all white and very sweet. The older babys clothes are more like small adult clothes 😐 I hate it when new borns are dressed in jeans.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 1:26 pm Captain Obvious

        A [email protected] [email protected] doesn’t give a [email protected] what his w!fe looks like.

        A [email protected] [email protected] only cares whether she can keep giving him ch!ldren [which means, among other things, that she hasn’t gotten obese] and whether she’s properly homeschooling those ch!ldren.


      • Most men don’t expect that anyway. Its enough for her to remain reasonably slim and most of all pleasant to be around and affectionate. The last two are most important.

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      • i don’t know captain

        saying that all a woman has to do is provide kids for you isn’t great advice.

        that’s what many people think now so women expect men will stay devoted and treat them like queens just because they had a kid or two. they do the bare minimum, let themselves go, treat hubby like crap, and become only mothers instead of loving passionate partners for their man. we are in a world of hurt because of that kind of thinking

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      • Captain Obvious,
        Gotta agree with cracker. The idea that merried men don’t care what their wives look like is fucking retarded.

        I sure as hell care. Yes having kids is good but fucking a woman you aren’t attracted to for the sake of procreation would be a miserable wretched ugly thing. Sex should be fun, not a chore. And a woman looking like she is supposed to is a big part of the fun.

        You’re saying “real men” need to man up and fuck those fat ugly cows. You sound like a fucking feminist.

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      • I don’t think Cap’n is married…

        … I KNOW Danger is. 😉

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      • Generally, Old, Fat, Ugly and Bitchy wives make men loose interest in their wives.

        Sometimes the answer is blatantly obvious…

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    • “but the real culprit in my mind, driving men to porn is the shaming of the male sex drive by feminists.”

      This stuff is piped into homes. for decades now.

      Porn on the television for over three decades now. Kids seeing their first porn at age 5.

      But “feminists” are the real culprit?


  6. One thing I’ve seen occur more and more recently is the discussion of meta-freedom in posts and even translating into memes/one-panel-comics. I first saw it when a guy had his bong, a bowl of fruit loops, and Rick and Morty in a picture saying something like “I love living in a free country.”
    Manosphere and other red pill areas are discussing dependencies and how free time will be consumed by nothing worthwhile or fulfilling. Two days without obligation (weekend), and it’s spent high while fapping between video games.
    Porn is just one of many of these dopamine sinks that remove meaning from existence. This pozzed society allows it; in fact, the greater populace seeks it (otherwise this sh!te wouldn’t be on the market).
    I’m just glad that meta-freedom is entering the greater consciousness of discussion. Hopefully tenets or creeds will be erected for all to follow (generations after Z need something beyond Shapiro and Peterson) that shifts the bell curve for men to be masculine again, eschewing porn, corn, soy, vidya, and drugs.


    • I have lots of hobbies and have to tell myself to stay away from places like this more than anything else. I think half the problem today with young men is their fathers never got involved in their lives and video games and porn became a substitute. My father used to beat my ass if I didn’t get my chores done. None of that happens anymore. These modern generations are the product of divorce and a latchkey life. They are detached from normal loving relationships with women, who are also detached from normal loving relationships with men. Porn is more of a symptom than the root of the problem.

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      • ^FUCN AY!!!!!!!!^


      • Or perhaps alternatively, porn is one root in an overall sub-structural network of roots. Some roots are bigger than others but all roots work together to hoist up the great tree of malaise that’s grown up on our collective front lawn.

        The question, in my mind, is “what’s the taproot?” And unfortunately I don’t think the answer is simple. It could be human nature itself—the fact that our own perceived happiness in life is relative, not absolute. If only happiness were absolute I could say fuck it, I’m not dying from the flue, I’m not being beheaded for sorcery, I’m not being hunted by massive sabre toothed beasts.

        Open to suggestions…


      • Some of the malaise you discuss is internal but more is being preached to us through the media and advertising. Contented people don’t yearn for something better. Consumerism is driven by unhappiness. Women have been used as the kindling for societal unhappiness which has now become highly toxic. Porn has been around a long time in one form or another. Erotic European art, Japanese block print art, Tijuana Bibles, Playboy, etc. and not had the impact it does today, It is far more tempting than before but the temptation is also relative. Tijuana bibles had all of the themes that modern porn has. I think today Porn’s presence is out of deliberate sabotage of our values and the mechanics of family formation and further through the creation of often unrealistic expectations that lead to divorce.


      • on November 20, 2018 at 11:19 am Barking at cars

        Fucn A?


        Fuc a B, they have a better hole.

        and do lots of who…I mean chores

        Thanks Paw.


    • on November 16, 2018 at 12:23 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Two days without obligation (weekend), and it’s spent high while fapping between video games.”


  7. on November 16, 2018 at 10:35 am Deter Naturalist

    Addiction to video entertainment (including “the news” as much as porn or Disney) is Exhibit 1 for how our brains are not designed to operate in the environment our collective innovation has produced. Moving pictures, synchronized to music and rhythm, a dopamine drip to keep us planted on the couch…all bypassing the parts of the brain that tell reality from fantasy.

    It’s a process that produces literal insanity.

    We are literally poisoning our very synapses and warping the development of children’s brains, producing people who cannot actually handle the Real World.

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    • I stopped watching TV at 14 because I thought it was stupid and tried to brainwash me. I literally didn’t watch any TV at all for over 30 years and don’t watch it anymore once again now either.

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      • My pops didn’t have a TV for 25+ years. Only got one after he was old/sick and used it for gaming and movies.No cable or broadcast tho. Mostly for my kids when he would have one over for a weekend. Hell, he even refused to own a microwave, ever.


      • Sounds similar to when I stopped listening to the radio at age 13. TV, while harder to give up, just acts as background noise to soothe my urge for more than absolute silence while doing other things on occasion. Never watched in any care, just pure background noise when it might be turned on.


    • Moving pictures implant false memories. We think we discern real events from film, but they both embed in memory. After a lifetime of propaganda, a mind is a landscape of manufactured memories. The memories are designed to impart beliefs and behaviors that serve their (((designers))). Programming.

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      • There are a lot of people who can’t distinguish film from reality. Good point.


      • Yes. I’ve mentioned this a few times.I believe that vision is out strongest sense. Like ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, the eye and optic nerve are part of the brain and in a second record and store the image.A film is like a gazillion words.
        Reading something is entirely different because the brain has to go through a number of processes.You have to interpret those black marks (letters) into words, and then a chain of words into a sentence and a meaning and although it may take a second etc etc it doesn’t have the immediate impact of seeing a picture or film.In fact, a film can be more real than reality due to various techniques used.


  8. on November 16, 2018 at 10:37 am Staten Italy Man

    It makes me laugh. The Roman Catholic Church has been a deadly opponent of pornography throughout its existence, and it’s been sneered at and dismissed as ‘uptight’ and ‘out-of-touch’ by the haters. Yet, what it preaches is once again consistent with evolution. Pornography severely damages the ability of non Alpha men, in other words, most men, to copulate and thus successfully reproduce. Unchecked female sexuality privileges Alphas, thus cutting out most men from reproducing, and the church has fought that throughout its history, until the fucking hippies undermined the Church’s clear historic direction.

    The RCC: the institution most in sync with evolutionary dynamics.

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    • …and pederasty.

      Seriously, I’m not making fun of Trad Catholics. I just don’t like the lavender iteration of this Church.

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      • Bollox. The problem is homos. Actual pedos are on level no different than gen population. 90% is ephebophilia, ie interest in post pubescent male to male. The homos drive out the straights. See E Michael Jones


      • on November 16, 2018 at 10:56 am Staten Italy Man

        That’s part and parcel of the hippies invading the Church. They drove out most of the actual men, which opened spots for the deviants.

        I lived in Boston when the Scandal really broke, actually in a parish where that scumbag Geoghan committed some of his crimes. They had a local meeting, and this extremely elderly monsignor who lived in the rectory was there. Someone got up and accused all the clergy of knowing what was going on and letting it go on. Monsignor propped himself up on his walker and said in a thick, thick Boston working-class accent ” I knew Geoghan. Hell, I lived with Geoghan. And if I knew what that… was doing, I’d have knocked his ass down the stairs.”

        That’s the sort of man we needed then and we need now, and the hippies and homosexuals largely drove out of the priesthood.

        I absolutely despise the lavender iteration of the Church, but the beliefs are absolutely dead on in sync with evolution.

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      • on November 16, 2018 at 12:27 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “That’s the sort of man we needed then and we need now, and the hippies and homosexuals largely drove out of the priesthood.”


        A man who lacked the instincts necessary to divine that his BFF was a ch!ld m0lester?

        Either he was ch!ld m0lester himself, or else you’re dealing with Insula >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Amygdala.

        Or both.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 3:20 pm Corinth Arkadin

        The Church was invaded by faggots and hippies. The Church was runnin’ out of priests so they took anybody who had half a brain to hide their boy-lovin’ ways and their creepy thoughts so they could get a free education.

        Catholic priests should be made of of masculine widowers and men who have no time for brawds. No faggots, no hippie scum, no creeps.

        Either that, or Trad Cats should move over to the Orthodox Rite, like I’m planning to do. Now THAT is Christianity.


    • ……cue trav777 in 3….2…..1….

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    • The RCC: the institution most in sync with evolutionary dynamics.

      It was the most in sync. It’s been converged and needs a purging. I’m hoping they can pull it off. There was an old flyer on the Catholic churches views on birth control about what would happen if it became widespread. Every one of the predictions came true

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      • on November 16, 2018 at 11:03 am Staten Italy Man

        Exactly. Cucks, perverts, and shitlibs hollowed it out from within.

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      • on November 16, 2018 at 3:24 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Exactly is right. Teh Church is pozzed to the gills.

        The only difference now is that Protestant churches flaunt their shit, and the Catholics hide their faggotry under a bushel.

        They’re both guilty.


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    • My Mormon mom was livid when she caught me carefully drawing a nude from a Playboy calendar back in the 60s. Later my old man confronted me “Your mother says she caught you drawing nudes”. I fessed up. He laughed and asked me to draw him one sometime.

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    • I agree. The best treasure of the church is its theology and store of great thinkers who are immortal and will survive this lavender iteration of the church as well. The church is the true heir of Plato’s Academy. This is why I love the church as I do. No one else can offer this to humanity. It is the foundation of our culture.

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    • betas reproducing is dysgenic…df are you talking about?

      RCC fucking gave us the dark ages, stfu please. Yeah they provided art patronage to some of the greatest works of all time but at what cost?


      • on November 16, 2018 at 5:46 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        What about the Orthodox?


      • The so called ‘dark ages’ were really caused by the decline of the Roman Empire where they kept order in Europe.
        At least those Catholic monks spent a lot of time copying manuscripts otherwise a lot of knowledge and writing would have decayed and many of the things from antiquity would have been lost and not even known today.


  9. Porn teaches men how to be good cucks.

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  10. Other factors are killing real-world courtship more than porn, men should be married before they even have time to become porn experts, but it’s not happening. Blaming porn is like blaming cats for causing an increase in cat ladies.

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  11. Miscegenation and bisexual male sex stunts are so passé now, they are pushing the incest angle hard now in most porn. Especially, daddy/younger daughter and barely 18 boys/milf, etc.

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    • Fucking sick. The traditional family unit is their enemy. They want to ruin families, parent-child relationships, and the relationships between siblings through perversion. They want to alienate you even from those closest to you who should care most about you.

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    • Making porn illegal can be a plank [bad pun sorry] of the new political paradigm.

      It will be interesting to see whether the feminists, any who remain, will at least agree with this.


  12. People think they can pick and chose their allowed forms of sexual degeneracy. A lot of you want to have easy sex outside marriage, lots of free porn but then don’t want gays, trannys everywhere, or the consequences of sexual libertinism: no decent chaste women, single motherhood, decline of marriage etc.

    Maybe God revealed the rational model for human sexual relations for us in the bible, or maybe after centuries of trial and error humans wrote the rules for what works down and said it was God.

    Either way: if you want a stable healthy society we need to reject the entire degenerate package – starting with rejecting a sexual morality based on consent, and back to something more traditional.

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  13. I got a buddy, who I think was featured in a post here from a comment I wrote about him about becoming beta but I can’t find it, who chooses porn over his own GF. She’s decently attractive. Now she’s nagging him about getting married. He’s going to fail the shit test and be sneaking away to masturbate for the rest of his life.

    My own embarrassing past: I had an ex where I’d watch porn before going over (frame fail) because I figured the chances of her putting out were too low and having blue balls all night would be annoying. Thankfully, I grew a pair and dropped her.

    The first time I could’ve gotten laid, I didn’t because I’d become desensitized from watching too much porn and it wouldn’t work. They should tell you that shit in health class.

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    • Maybe it is possible he has a Madonna whore complex. If he loves his girlfriend maybe he is feeling like he can not do with her what he enjoys.


    • on November 16, 2018 at 1:31 pm Captain Obvious

      (((health class)))


      • Exactly, all the stuff they should teach you in health class like “You won’t get aids if you’re straight and don’t use IV drugs, and your risk of VD seriously goes down if you are white and don’t date outside your race is completely ignored for “hey, don’t try these drugs which we will list all of the great side effects and don’t have babies” Schools have been actively lying to the last 3 generations of kids and they wonder why there is a distrust of authority.


    • I’ve known guys like that but could never understand it, not if she is attractive. Porn was always a third rate substitute for a woman for me.


    • Why would you go visit your so called gf and not shag her?
      I can’t think of even one time where I went to see a gf where I didn’t fuck her.
      I’ve seen porn but I’ve never really watched it, too boring.
      And if your dick didn’t work just because you watched some smut then you’re either old or there’s something wrong with you.
      And personally I just think you’re making excuses because that frigid ‘girlfriend’ of yours turned you down again lol


      • “And if your dick didn’t work just because you watched some smut then you’re either old or there’s something wrong with you.”


        Consider yourself lucky that you have no clue how powerfully porn fucks with young mens’ brains and dicks.


  14. While we are on the topic: (((they))) allow every form of porn except white men getting white girls pregnant. Try to find it – its the only kink they won’t sell.

    [CH: there is a subcategory of porn called creampies, which is close to what you’re describing.]

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    • Once again, its the bigger barriers to family formation that we are blaming porn for. Almost all are structural social problems at their root. Few see it now because they no longer know what right looks like in a male, female relationship. This is by design. I generally find porn stupid and boring too.


      • Yes. I’ve always thought blaming porn for men “not manning up” is really white knighting, even though all the criticism of it stated here is correct.

        Also, let’s not be naïve about all these “hookers with a heart of gold” being trafficked by tawny evil men. A lot of these women have agency and know exactly what they are getting into.

        There are really only two choices for the Western man – get women back into the kitchen or “f*ck them hos!”


    • I know from back when I was a degenerate that in all cases of that category – the girl is unhappy about it, will get an abortion etc. Only in the interracial ones do they talk enthusiastically about “breeding”.


    • Jap porn has yuge category for creampie porn. (Or so I’ve been told.)

      Nakadashi for those in the know.


  15. An antibiotic resistant sexually transmitted disease that results in rotted out genitals, blindness, and early death is a surefire diabolus ex machina that would elevate the disgust reflex back to the top of the pantheon of moral judgements.

    It’z coming:


    Then again, maybe not:



    • on November 16, 2018 at 11:05 am Deter Naturalist

      Beware “new antibiotics.”
      Finding a chemical that kills bacteria? Easy (bleach.)
      Finding a chemical that kills bacteria but can be put into a living body without seriously damaging things other than the pathogenic bacteria?

      Extremely difficult.

      Finding a chemical that kills pathogenic bacteria without massively damaging the vast population of commensal bacteria on which a person depends?

      Extremely difficult^10

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  16. The funny thing is that this is an outcome to a shitty market place.

    I often hear a variation of this statement from women “porn kills relationships”. the funny thing is that not one of these women were hot.

    I can understand that porn and ladies of the night exist as there is very little investment required and the risk is low, however the return is low too.

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    • yeah, in most cases porn doesn’t kill relationships.

      if a dude who is in a relationship turns to porn, 9 times out of 10, it’s because the relationship is already shitty.

      the question people need to ask is why so many men in relationships are turning to porn in the first place.

      sure, easy access is one reason but i’d bet that for the majority it’s because they are in shitty relationships with frumpy bitchy women who are selfish and no fun in the bedroom


    • There’s certainly a feminist spirit underwriting the mainstream anti-porn message. Women are concerned about how it might affect *them* while the effects it has on society as a whole or on the souls of men in particular go ignored.

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  17. I’ve received threats from coloreds for calling them poachers and pointing that out to them. They’ve sent pics of their hand guns telling me what they’re gonna do and yadda yadda. You hate huwhytes so much yet you seem to love our women… They go into a frenzy lol


  18. on November 16, 2018 at 11:01 am gunslingergregi

    porns bad cause I heard about two girls one cup never watched it

    then saw one woman one bowl in real life my own production just for me

    I don’t really want to start having bitches fucking dogs and shit though saw it once when a bitch put it in my face on a phone

    ex was really ready to suck off a dog in real life

    didn’t have her do it though

    I think best I don’t watch it he he he


    • on November 16, 2018 at 11:06 am gunslingergregi

      the dog fucking a chick video did fuck up my head like how could a bitch be that fucking depraved

      then it was like I know a bitch that depraved fucking lol

      I can have a bitch do anything a multimillion porn studio can do

      I try my best to stay away from absolute power to a degree and put limits on myself but the temptation is certainly there


    • “I don’t really want to start having bitches fucking dogs and shit though saw it once when a bitch put it in my face on a phone

      ex was really ready to suck off a dog in real life

      didn’t have her do it though

      I think best I don’t watch it he he he”

      Just……I cant even…..wait…..





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      • on November 16, 2018 at 11:12 am gunslingergregi

        yea ya got to be careful bout going down the rabbit hole some shit you might not want to know
        some shit it is best not to know

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      • (NOT sarcasm/insult/joking)…..

        Gregi, you SERIOUSLY need to right a life and times autobiography.

        You will need an amazing editor(ESPECIALLY when your in your cup), but damn bro, the tales you tell!

        I’d buy a copy…..


      • on November 16, 2018 at 11:14 am gunslingergregi

        guess I posted it though kind of bragging on being able to be one of the sickest fuckers that ever lived

        life crazy lol

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      • When you can run a bitch like THAT….brag away.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 11:48 am gunslingergregi

        well like when the ex ex was gonna tattoo my name across her face tattoer was about to start and I had to stop it like dam that’s too fucking far
        there seem to be no limits with bitches here other than getting them to not fuck other dudes lol the fuck that’s the hardest part to me here pussy loyalty from these ho’s then when they fuck up they go and die then come back to life
        freaky shit


      • on November 16, 2018 at 3:44 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I saw a grainy 70’s bestiality pr0n called “Barnyard Ball”, where this depraved, deranged animal takes horse cawk, dog cawk and pig cawk.

        I was about 15. Someone put it on at a local bar and I saw it through the window.

        I’ve sworn off pr0n since then.

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    • Sounds like some incel’s fantasy.


  19. OT: Rule of law is nearly dead. Not fully but REALLY close.

    Dems do whatever the fuck they want and [email protected] Republicans just– “Well, WE will play by the rules”

    It reminds me of the British lining up in proper rows to fight while American Ninjas hid in the trees & forest and picked them off w/ impunity during the Revolutionary War. Guess who won that one?

    Or any asymmetric war for that matter where one side doesn’t follow the ‘rules’.

    Acosta Re-instated

    Fresh on the heels of them stuffing the ballot box with EVIDENCE. How many people lost their job? Zero. How many people are under criminal investigation? Zero.

    This BTW, is in some ways what Ryu was saying here and being shot down about. If we are now mad n1qqerish as a society, there is LITTLE benefit to not acting as such. The problem and this is what he didn’t grasp is that the rules are NOT applied equally. TPTB will lock your ass up for vote tampering or keep you outta the press briefing. One set for me but not for thee. THAT is the issue that needs to be addressed ASAP.

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    • I figured that Acosta would get his pass reinstated, but the ballot box stuffing is what troubles me further.

      Let’s say in 2020 the dems do win back everything, how long until there is a real revolt from those that realize the rules really don’t favor the ones that follow them.

      Time for some blackpilling, but at least in the realm of “preparing for the worst” as opposed to a Chicken Little “sky is falling” bitchy as ranting.

      It’s any wonder many weak people escape into movies and video games and as well as the topic of this post: porn.


      • on November 16, 2018 at 12:09 pm Deter Naturalist

        “It’s any wonder many weak people escape into movies and video games and as well as the topic of this post: porn.”

        And opioid drugs. Opium’s main effect is to make you simply not care…and when your life sucks bad, but you’re not quite ready to off yourself, a pill that makes leaves the pain but makes you not GAF about it…is attractive. And if it’s a hot-lot with too much fentanyl added by the basement chemist, you just drift off to sleep…and stop breathing.

        The opioid “crisis” is a direct result of the war on whites, and falls on those whites who often are far worse off than any ghetto-rat. When you take from W to give to B, the W who don’t have anything but their life to give are stripped of that, too.

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      • Dude, stfu please.

        opioids are physically addicting substances. People get on them and can’t get off. It has nothing to do with hiding from fucking life


      • on November 19, 2018 at 10:17 am Deter Naturalist

        777, stfu yourself.

        99.9999% of what people think they know about opioid addiction is TV plot data. It’s not the chemical, fool. EtOH, morphine, endogenous opiates (the stuff you get from “likes” on FB and stupid shit like that)….it’s all the same.

        We have impulses. They are driven by biochemical reward pathways in our central nervous system. Gambling, drugs, booze, porn, it’s all just tweaking a part of that system. This is why people who have problems in one area are susceptible to problems in other areas.

        Why is it so freaking difficult? I’ve taking opioids (unlike most physicians who prescribe them.) I’ve sold opioid drugs to physicians. No, I am not the least bit prone to impulsively using them because my genetic make-up doesn’t predispose me to liking the effect (which is a chemical lobotomy, as far as I’m concerned.)

        What people tell you about being high, or the urge to get high, is just rationalization. It’s the higher brain center “explaining away” the self-destructive desire to do something.

        Last comment: As narcan becomes more available, deaths from OD will RISE. It’s a classic case of moral hazard. Make people think they’re “safer” and they more than compensate by taking more risks.


      • on November 19, 2018 at 10:24 am gunslingergregi

        Last comment: As narcan becomes more available, deaths from OD will RISE. It’s a classic case of moral hazard. Make people think they’re “safer” and they more than compensate by taking more risks.”””””’

        its the carfentenayl addicts are being killed

        non addicts too shit

        overdose is a license to kill


      • on November 19, 2018 at 10:29 am gunslingergregi

        then the ordering of addicts to go to rehab
        which with like a 7 percent success rate is dumb
        who ever passed a test with a 7 percent lol
        but yea
        they get out lot die cause they go right back on it
        rehab death sentence for lot while they tell em they trying to save them
        doing it for their own good knowing they probably killing them
        but also the addicts run to the dealers that have the drugs that kill people cause
        they want to die
        might want to look into why they want to die

        my take is because they are not free to live how they want

        its a freedom thing and as oin says

        give me liberty or give me death

        these are actually the patriotic freedom loving people dying


      • on November 19, 2018 at 10:31 am gunslingergregi

        I’m an expert got more than ten thousand hours invested


    • “lining up in proper rows to fight while American Ninjas hid in the trees & forest and picked them off “
      Muskets vs. rifles. Couldn’t hit a barn door at 60 yards with the average Brown Bess, so they ranked up and volleyed like some kind of wide-based grapeshot, in the hope of a percentage of lumpy lead balls ending up somewhere near the targets.
      Hunting rifles that the locals had were crafted to kill at range with the first shot, and ever so slightly slower to cycle the rate of fire (critical, if Johnny Frog is tramping towards you in a humongous column of bullet-sponges). Too expensive to kit out the entire Army like that.
      Not whingeing, just to point out that there were actual reasons for the way professional European armies fought like that. It’s not as though they’re ever going to run short of poor, desperate men to shove into red or blue coats and die (of diarrhea, mostly). Unlike the colonials.

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      • on November 16, 2018 at 3:52 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Plus them rifle rounds were 62 caliber and would b**w a h*le through them lobsterbacks big enuff to walk through…


      • on November 16, 2018 at 5:50 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Most of the auxiliary troops used by the Brits were loyalist American colonists with the same rifles.

        Muskets are used in conjunction with cannons to clear a vital objective. Cavalry chase off the broken formation.

        Skirmisher auxiliaries would Man the contact first.


    • Yes, by all means, let’s not sink to their level.

      GOP — Beautiful losers.


  20. Not to blackpill everyone, but while porn is chipping away at society’s mental health on one front, formerly innocuous organizations such as the Girl Scouts, are now pumping out far left insanity and rewriting rules of private family conduct:

    “Reminder: She Doesn’t Owe Anyone a Hug. Not Even at the Holidays.”


    In sum: while a formerly all-male organization like the Boy Scouts has been reduced to a co-ed mockery of its former self, the Girl Scouts enjoy high status as a far left community pressure group. I say “far left” because, in addition to “empowerment” – a menacing euphemism if there ever was one — they shameless push the outlandish, heretofore laughable #metoo talking points.

    And social media is all too happy to assist!

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    • Yes, further demonization of men. Every man, even family members are potential kiddie rapers looking for a free grope. They are just moving the narrative along nicely. #YESALLMEN

      The probably unanticipated (or maybe anticipated by (((some)))) side effect of this is that we will move ourselves closer and closer to puritanism and /or sharia if this shit keeps up. We are modeling it right now. Saudi women can NOT touch men, even other family members. Must be escorted out of the house because every male is a potential rapist, etc. We are well on the way.

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      • One of the biggest misconceptions is that if we adopted islam we would become just like sandniggers.

        Islam isn’t why they’re sandniggers, they’re just sandniggers to begin with.

        Turkish or Persian islam, shia in the latter, isn’t like this at all, neither is even sunni turkish islam. women walk around with their hair out and wear regular clothes.

        But they don’t go on marches saying “KILL MEN” without frequently getting beaten. But then it doesn’t happen as much in Russia either, but that’s the State as opposed to the Orthodox Church which is kind of like antique catholicism (which wasn’t bad like modern Cuckstainity).

        The church gives WOMEN a moral code TOO, get it? A powerful MAN saying bitch don’t and bitch do. Religion is supposed to be an assist to men wrt dealing with women, not an antagonist like Cuckstainity is.


      • Any girl I’ve ever met from S Korea or the Caribbean has been feminine, in shape, conservative, well dressed, fun, nice etc and Christian.
        In the Caribbean couples do not even live with one another until they are married.
        Seems they cling onto the old values we taught them.


      • Any girl I’ve ever met from S Korea or the Caribbean has been feminine, in shape, conservative, well dressed, fun, nice etc and Christian.
        In the Caribbean couples do not even live with one another until they are [email protected]
        Seems they cling onto the old values we taught them.


  21. Forgive my ignorance Heartiste, but I fail to see how a post-industrial world where betas voluntarily abstain from mate-chasing out of easy availability of artificial sexual gratification and fear of kangaroo courts would lead to a polygamous environment of the typical male-violence structure. Resources and material comforts will still be easily available for everyone, intra-communal violence/dueling will still be stamped out by governmental forces, and alphas would be spoiled for choice as only they have interest in real women. The only competition I can see happening in these circumstances is between ex-femcunts racing to get back in shape, pull out their piercings, and restore their hair before the local chads finish window-shopping.
    Admittedly the muzzies getting bused in by low-value wymyn to inflate their perceived desirability would wreck havoc everywhere, but that would be true regardless of the state of the SMP is in or whatever excuse the powers that be trot out for wanting to demographically replace whites.

    [CH: because beta males are the engine of civilization. if their incentives to continue contributing to civ are removed or attenuated, they will drop out and you’ll create a society that resembles darkest africa.]

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    • By any measure, beta males incentives have already greatly eroded. While this is obvious by the results, its a miracle we still have decent prosperity. We’re in a novel period where technological progress has papered over the need for great masses of beta males to do the grunt work required for basic civilization. We have just *enough* betas out there keeping electricity flowing and arresting people who violate Bezos’ contracts. And while we could be at much greater heights with full beta participation, they haven’t really revolted. White man seems to be very capable of carrying around varying degrees of suffering in docile silence. They get supranormal dopamine stimuli (porn, carbs, opioids, vidya, sportsball) in exchange for suffering souls. I wonder how long this can last.

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      • Porn, weed, video games are all Soma for the Beta male. Brave New World is now.

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      • And the average beta will be a good worker bee until 30 or so trying to win a wife, marry a slut who deceives himself into thinking is a virgin, and by the time she divorcerapes him at 40 or so and he realizes the system fucked him, the system already got 20 good years of work out of him.

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      • How many betas are still blue pill?
        With all the information out there, the blogs etc?
        Jootube is full of red pill vids.
        I’ve met betas on various trips etc…airport waiting lounges etc who come out not prodded with ‘women only like bad boys now’

        There is no going back.
        We will return to a former violent age.

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    • on November 16, 2018 at 1:41 pm Captain Obvious

      I can’t even read these Libertardian sentences anymoar – it’s just gibberish.

      How the he11 do their poor twisted spergtarded brains cum up with this nonsense?

      Then they go home and whack off to wall posters of Alisa Rosenbaum.


  22. Totally ingratiating, I know.


    I swear by these hallowed halls of wisdom, THIS place is my porn.

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  23. porn seems pretty dark and exploitative to me. I have no respect for anyone who is involved in that industry. Don’t let porn lead you to think it’s a window in to something you don’t have. it’s actually just profiting from your desires.


    • on November 16, 2018 at 1:43 pm Captain Obvious

      martin, it’s DESTROYING your desires.

      Sucking up all your desire and flushing it down the Darwinian toilet.


  24. I don’t mind porn. Even with a willing beautiful wife, and little “vacations,” I’m not going to put in the effort like I did when I was single. I have a family to consider, after all.

    That said, my taste runs to the mild. I rather prefer just skimpy bikini teasing stuff and letting my imagination do the work.


    • on November 16, 2018 at 1:44 pm Captain Obvious

      Every time you fail to drop your seed into your w!fe’s b!rth canal, another opportunity to welcome a new White soul into this world is lost forever.


  25. Realistic 3D solid modeling, or whatever pornsters call the same thing, will kill live human porn within 5 years.


    • It would except hiring dumb girls to do porn is way cheaper than 3d modeling.

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      • on November 16, 2018 at 12:13 pm Deter Naturalist

        Heck, dumb girls do their porn for free.
        What do we think teen boys exchange in Middle and High School now that baseball trading cards are artifacts of Early Prehistory?


  26. I’ve never had much interest in pornography. My external hard drive has 30 GB of literature by great white men and 0 GB of pornography by Jewish creeps on it. I’ve had multiple women make fun of me and treat me like some kind of freakish deviant for NOT indulging in / hording porn, which tells you how far we are in to bizarro world now.

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  27. Over the past few years the subject matter appearing on the home page of pornhub has slowly changed. You’ll note that the videos more often than not push the globohomo agenda: race mixing, non-reproductive sex (oral, anal, homo, cartoon, masturbation), cuckoldry, and recently incest, which satisfies several categories at once.

    The Globohomo machine is using free (think about that – free!) porn to socially engineer us.

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    • Yes, Free porn is in that same category as cheap beer, cheap soda, and corn subsidies. All made cheaply in order to promote mass consumption, with the end result of stupifying the population.

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  28. Porn is one of those things that is so obviously bad that you shouldn’t need a reason to be against it. Yet we can do scientific studies on it anyway just to see empirically how its fucking us, but anyone who demands to see fMRIs and blood work on porn is just silly. Its a negative thing, plain and simple.

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  29. This is right on and so well-written (ps how can I donate to you? Ever thought of just getting a po box?) :

    “I don’t buy the theory that porn is inherently gay (because you’re looking at hard dick). (Incel-mocking tradcons at MPC like to cavalierly indulge this theory.) No straight man was turned to homosexuality by watching porn. When men watch, they will focus on the woman’s body and vagina, and imagine their own dick doing the pounding. There’s a dick substitution process that occurs subconsciously during viewing, which obscures or even eliminates the possibility of a mood-killing intrusion of awareness that one is also watching another man get off.”


  30. Porn is weird and it warps you. I can’t fuck normal now. Like it has to be hardcore or I lose my fucking boner. But what makes it weird is that so many girls are in to it, so you almost have to fuck like they do in porn.

    I’m 33, and I try to pick up 18 year olds, because why else are we on this earth? They want to be slapped, choked, all the stuff they see in the movie. They want that, so you have to give it to them. I’ve had a girl throw up because I was face fucking her so hard, and she actually loved it. Like, what the fuck? And then they get surprised when you don’t want to LTR or marry them.

    This weekend I was out, asked a girl at the bar out to have a smoke, and as we’re making out I just choked her and slapped her, and you could hear the pussy gush. I wouldn’t have choked or slapped her if I wasn’t warped by porn (although I won’t vouch for the woman, they all have rape fantasies so I don’t know if it’s porn making them more debauched, as I just think woman are debauched in terms of sex generally, but it could be the porn warping her too). It’s fucked.

    And it impacts women from all walks of life. I fucked a doctor chick and her ‘move’ on me was to turn on lesbian porn. Accountants, lawyers, professionals, same thing. I’ve fucked waitresses and their ‘move’ on me was the same. It’s crazy.

    The goatfuckers are bad, but I don’t think they are wrong in how they treat their women.


  31. I think Porn is pretty harmless. The fact is, most wives only want to fuck once a week or less, while guys want to clean their pipes daily. Porn is better than seeking out hookers or mistresses; probably reduces the incidence of sexually transmitted disease as well.


    • I’m in your basic camp with a caveat: this entire argument is –extremely— subjective.

      Your example is a case I can get behind. Stable relationship w/ a hottie? A wank for convenience is not a bad thing especially if (and only if) you still desire your GF/ wife / fuck buddy.

      Like alcohol, gaming, etc. all things in moderation. When it starts to impact your meat world relationships / performance you’ve crossed the line. That is the simple barometer.

      Younger Zyklons and millenials are in a fucking desert and porn is their oasis, that is NOT good and the problem should focus more on that I think then the guy who has moderation as a tenet of his life.

      There is a looooooong ass and timely Atlantic article related to this very thing. Its like 20 fuckin’ pages so read it when you got some time.


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    • on November 16, 2018 at 12:12 pm gunslingergregi

      The fact is, most wives only want to fuck once a week or less”””””’


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    • Let’s be real… in moderation… it probably is pretty harmless.

      It’s the fact that today’s generation grew up being told it was not only “good for them”, but to “celebrate it” because it empowers people… you know… the same sales pitch they use when it comes to any form of degeneracy.

      There are many men who sit around watching the shit on the daily thinking “no biggie, I’ll meet a girl eventually” without stopping to wonder why they never have the enthusiasm to go and meet real women, let alone, do anything else with their lives. And that’s the problem, or at least, it’s one of them.

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    • on November 16, 2018 at 12:25 pm Deter Naturalist

      How many “wives” inform your position? Are you the one providing the 1/wk (to seven other men’s wives?)

      Everything people say (and inform “researchers”) about sex is a lie. No one tells the truth. Even an arithmetic mean of the answers is an illusion.

      We know absolutely nothing about others’ sex lives or about “average” or “typical.” Every iota of “science about sexual behavior” is junk.

      Porn is a vice (a self-harming action undertaken with the expectation of pleasure.) Like gambling and alcohol addiction, it diverts resources (and time, which is utterly limited, is THE resource) to literal masturbatory entropy. It rewires subconscious expectation for timelessness, where one’s sex partner is forever nubile and utterly willing. It makes the other side of the fence appear attractive, when in truth the grass is actually greener WHERE YOU WATER IT.

      Time happens. You get older or you DIE. Porn is akin to Homer’s Odyssey, the Isle of Lotus-eaters, where the producers induce men to stay, to waste away the irreplaceable hours of their lives, to “lose their way home.”

      A wife who wants sex once-a-week? Someone’s doing something WRONG.

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  32. 97% of porn is crap, but so is 97% of Netflix.


  33. “they will get their aggressive alpha male courtship from whichever source pool of men is willing to provide it.”

    Then they shall enjoy being “hostesses” in the pleasure tents the Russians will erect when they invade the east coast. The Chinese will erect their tents on the west coast.
    I wish them all the joy and happiness they deserve.


  34. on November 16, 2018 at 12:11 pm Rant Casey - BR

    I’m a DIY enthusiast.

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  35. on November 16, 2018 at 12:18 pm clarence boddiker

    at my age, the progression of porn was from pre-basic cable cleavage to friend’s dad’s playboys to my own playboys to penthouse to vhs to dvd to computer stuff. So for me, at least it’s a progression. I can’t imagine being 13 now, even worse, what it’s like for a girl to see girls get gangbanged or whatever. I wonder if I talk to a young girl now, if there’s any innocence there like what it was back in the day.


    • on November 16, 2018 at 12:29 pm Deter Naturalist

      “I wonder if I talk to a young girl now, if there’s any innocence there like what it was back in the day”

      Probably not, unless she’s (1) homeschooled and (2) her parents screen her friends as though the pool of available kids is populated by Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

      We are witness to a VAST experiment, our friends, families, neighbors and selves are the lab rats, and the early returns are apocalyptic.


  36. You kids nowadays are spoiled rotten.

    All we White kids had when I was growing up was Sears catalogue brassiere ads.

    And we were thankful!

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    • But at least those didn’t airbrush the bush under the sheer bottom. At least back then there even was the bush! (Srsly I rarely visit noodie sites but when I do, those fully shaved twats look so f’n wrong, like her anatomy fell off or something.)

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    • Oh, the Sears catalog. Plausible deniability sometimes needed when caught. “I was just researching my Christmas list!!”

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    • on November 16, 2018 at 4:01 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I don’t mind a good ol fashion rub-out. But that’s with the movies of the mind.

      I always dug the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog, myself.

      And yes, fully shaved puss is wrong. There should be a little hair there, nicely trimmed. Not the “Welcome to the Jungle” Christy Canyon-era though.

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  37. I am a Heroin addict.

    Heroin is my lover, my addiction to it is my marriage, shooting up is sex, the flash and the high is my orgasm.

    I am an Incel.

    I am not an Incel due to my long-term Heroin addiction. I am a Heroin addict due to my long-term Inceldom.

    Sad, but true. I hope the Red Pill and Game will save me on the long run…

    [CH: this reads like a deleted scene from Fight Club]


    • on November 16, 2018 at 2:21 pm posts only tweets

      HIs name is warriorhun


    • on November 16, 2018 at 2:25 pm gunslingergregi

      naa only dudes who get pussy have the balls to do heroin


      • Heroin addicts are officially bad boys, as bad as one can be. However, I was unable to convert that into pussy. 🙂
        My fault probably. I always assumed no woman in their right mind would fuck a Heroin addict, and I behaved accordingly…


    • Next thing you know, he’ll be selling rich women their own fat asses back to ’em.


    • on November 16, 2018 at 4:03 pm Corinth Arkadin

      You’re not you’re phucking khakis.

      Fight Club was written by a fag, but some quality content there. The movie is better than the book even.


    • Assuming your serious, you are on a short bus to hell / death. The reason you see old ass alcoholics is because you can endure for quite a while as a drunk / wino.

      You don’t see old heroin / crack addicts because dem niggas all dead. Heroin is very very hard to kick and has claimed many lives, some quite famous, early. But like anything in life you have to truly want out to even have a chance.

      I know what you are saying btw. I have heard from both H users and crack users that sex is not even close in proximity to the peak high from either (though in very different ways) so you aren’t even lying.

      If you’d like to live past the next few years may want to get that shit in check brosef. Like I said, it is a downhill slide after the first hit basically. They don’t call it chasing the dragon for nuttin’.

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      • The reason why it is hard to quit is the depression that comes with withdrawals.
        The physical stuff is not a walk in the park either, but the psychological part is what is unbearable.
        You feel like part of your soul is missing, that you are not yourself.
        And just one hit will make you feel everything is all right.

        The Manosphere and the Red Pill is a GREAT help, though. Realising there is nothing wrong with me as a Man. Realising that I was oppressing my Masculinity due to my Feminist, Blue Pill conditioning, which led to life being unbearable, which I self-cured with Heroin. But I hear the calling of my ancestors, my nation, my religion. I understand that the enemy wants me to be a drug addict, wants me to be a pauper, wants me to be childless, wants me to be incel, wants me dead. They nearly won.

        Now I am rebelling. The fight we are waging needs me, I hear the voice of my ancestors, I hear the war drums. My people need me strong, clear-headed, and clean. With the help of God I comply. These days are giving meaning to my life, it is like I was waiting for this call all my life. Pray for me. We will not be replaced, we will win.


      • The physical stuff is not a walk in the park either, but the psychological part is what is unbearable.

        Yeah, I knew people in jail who kept going back to the shit again and again after getting released, even though they had been through withdrawal and broken the physical addiction after being booked into jail. Nasty shit. I’m just glad i never got a chance to try it when I was younger.


    • Well I got good news for you…if you stick with the heroin for about like 9 or 10 years, you will eventually probably just burn out and quit.

      UK did a study on this where they gave junkies medical heroin and needles. Nothing bad happened to them. True story, founder of Johns Hopkins was a morphine addict, shot up every day of his life for basically decades.

      Junkies die from street heroin, not from heroin per se.


    • Trainspotting


    • You mean that you can’t bang some young female junkie?
      I think you’e full of shit anyway. Some incel geek who wants to pretend he’s a junkie to make himself look more exciting.


  38. I enjoy porn. I specifically porn of the genre where whores get what they deserve. Where the women in the videos don’t enjoy it. Not stupid shit with objects, just good ‘ol fashioned anal and throat fucking. It isn’t a cuck thing. I don’t pretend like I’m the guy. I just like watching women suffer. It gets me off.

    Sorry for the vulgarity. But there is a lot of inaccurate bullshit posted here about the nature and consequences of porn. I’ve had access to online porn since I was a teenager. My preferences haven’t changed at all. They haven’t progressed, or gotten more hardcore, or anything. The same things that got me off when I was 15 still work at 35. I’m not addicted to it. I have gone months without it, and I’ve watched it every day for months on end. It makes no difference to my libido, athletic performance, or my relationships with women.

    It hasn’t negatively affected my life at all. I have a family, children, and a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship with my wife.

    For me watching porn is something completely different from having sex. The two things are separate. They don’t overlap. They are unrelated.


    • I suppose we’ll have to take your word for it.

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    • on November 16, 2018 at 4:05 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Welp, as long as you’re not raping bitches in alleys on your nights off, I guess it’s ok.

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    • A single subjective experience doth not a wide based study / analysis make.

      Congrats, you are not a porn addict. Just as every drinker isn’t an alcoholic. Every gambler isn’t compulsive, and every gamer isn’t a gaming junkie.

      But statistics don’t lie, and they are pretty grim. So just as I wouldn’t encourage anyone to go blaze a fucking crack rock to “see” if you are one of the people that can naturally put it down, I don’t encourage anyone to ‘test’ their porn consumption limit.

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  39. Porn is the only thing the special people are giving away for free. Tells you all you need to know.


  40. There is one theory I’ve seen positing that the voyeuristic focus on women in porn (which is obviously inevitable) actually causes men to link their arousal to female arousal and female pleasure to an extent that is unnatural, since what matters in porn isn’t that the male actor feels good, but that the female actor is highly aroused and stimulated. In the end some men end up thinking about pleasure in exclusively female terms, and start to seek after female pleasure first through anal stimulation and the prized prostate orgasm, and then in extreme cases transsexuality.

    Hentai on the other hand is just every aspect of porn on steroids. It provides some combination of much more sexually attractive (and younger) “women”, far more extreme or exaggerated sex acts, and can include compelling plots. In terms of sexual content it is actually superior to porn as it delivers a far more exaggerated appearance in a wide variety of ways. Of course to enjoy hentai it helps to enjoy anime and manga in the first place, which may end up preselecting its audience.


  41. I’m pretty sure that the ancient cave paintings of guys with huge boners were not painted by women (or faggots).


  42. I am certain that omega males, so beholden to the impossibility that they can’t get a woman, turn to trap porn because they think they’ll have to be a woman to get one. That is, they don’t even imagine that women want to be with men any more because that reality has escaped their grasp. Of course the way women are these days it sure seems l like it on the surface of things.
    But the deleterious effect of trap porn, for whatever the reason, is that it takes the natural “thoughts about sex” that any younger lad might have in plurality during the day, and replaces them with thoughts or fantasies of being a girl.
    Fact is, porn can do that, and more. Which is why one of the few things that governments get right, is the illegality of kiddy porn. If someone is spanking it to kids, they are going to become pedos. And if anybody thinks that ridiculous that porn can cause such mental illness, then look at these un-passable trapbeasts running around with their pronouns and taking themselves dead serious.
    Now for the future trap or tranny who gets told they are trans beyond their control there are no adults in charge to ask about this. Just a “system” in place from shrinks ready to prescribe drugs, to doctors ready to chop up genitals, to a society programmed to tell you have brave and wonderful and special it is – complete with official Victim Card.
    So hilarity ensues and at least we get some good images to laugh at on the chans.


  43. on November 16, 2018 at 7:39 pm Don Bonersteel

    I haven’t been able to make this comment anywhere else and I fear it will disappear into the ether of comments but I have been noticing that the women I see in porn are getting less and less attractive. There’s a huge glut of amateurs and they are mostly Shitlib. Shapeless girls not even worthy of butterface. Also more and more women I see in movies and television are HB5 or less. I wonder if any of this has been noticed by others.

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    • on November 17, 2018 at 1:54 pm Jim Bob Cooter

      You are spot on. I’ve noticed the same.

      In peak streaming years, 2011-15, there was a glut of chicks that had pretty faces, solid bodies, and the most important aspect if you want to mesmerize an audience, alive eyes.

      Nowadays, rachet looking soulless actress make up the rookie team. They’re generally subpar compared to a few years ago and repulsive.

      Hard to fantasize about ghoul looking chicks.

      On the whole. I just can’t take it serious, but wish I had discerned that in my early 20s as opposed to late 20s.


    • I would guess that the glorification of the Ugleezzz is (((done))) intentionally.

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    • on November 18, 2018 at 4:37 pm TerryThePirate

      Either that, or our standards are getting higher. (Thanks in no small part to porn, advertising, movies, TV, etc.) Unfortunately, the “girl next door” no longer seems good enough. Is there hope? Some guys around here say that after avoiding porn for a while, they’re attracted to the women they meet in real life (and might be able to get, and have kids with). Give up porn? Could be worth a try.


  44. One {privately held company}, MindGeek, owns tons of porn sites. And it’s all provided free over costly bandwidth. This is not a business. It’s an enemy engaged in asymmetrical biological warfare.

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  45. I’m in my early 30s. Which means I’m old enough to have watched internet porn in its days of popularity explosion but I’m young enough to have been tech savvy when sexting and MMS transmission became the norm.

    As more and more women have been willing to fork over “real life” porn in exchange for a few charming words, my time spent watching actual pornography plummeted. I don’t have any theories here, I’m just curious to hear thoughts. Is it healthier to be getting your porn in the form of pictures and videos from a woman you actually know and who actually wants to bang you? Is it worse in some ways?


  46. Men are visual. When they don’t get enough visual in their lives, they cuck to porn.

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  47. American porn is uniquely rough and violent. This business of pounding the pussy, slamming the pussy, crushing the pussy using the full length of the penis hard and fast as you can – it’s specific to american porn, and there’s a reason for it: most american men are circumcised. Dudes who have not been circumcised tend not to fuck like that. You’d tear something.

    This is also why almost all those #metoo dudes with their perverted little games of masturbating behind plant pots are Jews. Circumcised men, when they fuck, instinctively know there’s something lacking, something missing. So they go looking for that extra frission that should be there.

    It’s because their cocks have bee mutilated and don’t work properly.


    • That hurts.


    • Circumcised men, when they fuck, instinctively know there’s something lacking, something missing. So they go looking for that extra frission that should be there.

      Nice portmanteau but presumably you meant friction.

      But that’s actually inaccurate (if friction was meant), because friction is a Substitute for what is missing.

      The primary missing mechanism, is the Glide.


    • It’s not a popular subject here, or generally, among Americans and other Whites who have been subject to it.

      It is however a topic that has direct bearing on the health of White men. Their sexual and reproductive health no less.

      On the white pill, Restoring is definitely a thing now, and it’s an attainable goal for any individuals who feel suicidal bad about having been done.

      And also on the white pill, there has been and continues among White mothers in America, a cascade preference against it. Rate of Male Genital Diminishment among White babies is less than 50 per cent now. That is an estimate, I don’t have figures to hand.

      Oh Poor Me! but among my peer group growing up prosperous in the suburbs of Midwest America in the 70s, rates were way north of 90 per cent. Essentially everyone got it.

      No one I knew or even heard of was spared!

      The medical malpractice perpetrated against our White families is staggering.

      120 MILLION Americans with half-dicks. Probably 100 Million of those, White. Hopefully with a non-Special People Supreme Court, there might could come legal redress. One can hope!


    • I think that’s true, Paul Murray.

      I was shocked when I found out how many non-Jewish, non-Muslim (because at least they have the excuse of their Semitic masochistic religion) American men are circumcised. Why the hell would they mutilate their sons like that? – I asked myself. Do they hate their sons so much to mutilate them with no objective reason at all?

      The US is a country so utterly defeated by their masters – their Semitic overlords – that they accepted to give the ultimate sacrifice – the full masculinity of their sons.
      My country was occupied by the pro-circumsizing Muslims for about 7 centuries. We made many compromises and trade-offs to survive, but among the non-negotiables was: nope, no circumcision. That’s beyond barbaric.

      Why did the Americans accept in a century of peaceful times what half of enslaved Europe refused to accept in extreme hardships and occupation of eight centuries?


      • It was sold as good hygiene and disease control and parents believed their doctors. I was circumcised in 1961 but refused to have my son circumcised. Most men my age are circumcised. Parents now have to ask for the procedure and doctors are not allowed to recommend it.


  48. Let the Darwinism work, already. The problem is not that the male libido is inherently a bad thing. The problem is not that porn, which substitutes for live sex, is too strong of a stimulus and displaces the real thing. The porn is merely a diagnostic which reveals the existence of the problem, it doesn’t cause it. The problem is that most women are untrustworthy, dishonest, disloyal, heartless, and unsexual.

    After tax collection has been ended by cryptocurrencies so women can’t steal from men, and any man can buy a reliable and satisfactory sex robot like he buys a Toyota, then only the fun women will get bred. Men won’t have any reason to accept a behavior from a woman lover that they wouldn’t accept from a man friend. This will be harder on the population of women, who are on average more worthless than men.

    In the new Blade Runner movie, the love by the hologram girlfriend was real. She just wasn’t all that unique because she had a bunch of twin sisters, and the girlfriend hadn’t had much life experience runtime hours to make her unique. The human prostitute said the hologram was simpleminded because she found it hard to compete. No, woman, you aren’t all that pleasant; you’re actually mostly a hassle. You aren’t a geisha or a courtesan. That’s why you are rented for one purpose and sent away after.

    Consider the Morticia Addams character from the original black and white TV show. She may be correct that “now” while company is calling might not be the right time for sex, but she’ll attend to your needs fully at the earliest opportunity. She recognizes that sexual companionship and nurturing of her husband is just as important of a wifely duty as raising the children or running a household. She has too much respect in her competence to do that job poorly.

    When you’ve bedded your secretary on her desk every afternoon for a couple years, and she can answer your emails the way you want, and she’s nice to you but stays out of your hair, you begin to think she’d make a good wife and mother of your children. “Take a letter, Maria…”

    How is the “social collapse from sexbots” idea supposed to work? The historical British Luddites made doom predictions about the end of fabric, as mechanical looms displaced weaving as a cottage industry. Look at the news, clothing is cheaper than ever. Even starving children in Africa who can’t afford food can afford clothing. Today, people make the same economics mistake. They predict the invention of an effective labor-saving device like a robot hamburger restaurant as not reducing hunger by making food cheaper, but producing starvation by eliminating jobs.


  49. I think there is something to the all porn is gay theory.

    I never could stand watching any porn with a male in it. Instant revulsion and boner killer. Only lesbian or just a woman.

    I think there are a lot of men like this and it’s not a recent thing either (I’m older). It has nothing to do with feminization LOL. I don’t want to see some faggot banging the object of my desire.


  50. Banning porn would have almost no effect cause it would almost as easy to find on the net as nowadays. However, abolishing copyright on porn would damage its production as no-one would pay for it anymore. Porn would be abolished, but the creeps making money with it would have to do something else.


  51. on November 17, 2018 at 9:07 am kentuckyjerard

    In ancient times, sex was more out in the open and you saw couples (your parents) copulating so you had something to role-model when it was your turn. Porn teaches people how to have sex. The problem is: whose wants their sister providing this service?


    • Except that porn is all fake and they do things that no normal girl will do. This gives boys an entirely wrong idea about sex.
      I read this stuff on these incel blogs where some little nerd wants to brag and claim he met a girl and fucked her up her arse.I doubt if 1 female in a 1000 wants a dick up her bunghole.
      Also, when females have orgasms they are quiet and not moaning and screaming like these porn Hos.Some boy who watches porn is not going to know this and think his girl didn’t come.
      And btw, I can always tell if a girl had an orgasm because there are certain involuntary signs that she can’t fake.

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    • on November 18, 2018 at 5:11 am gunslingergregi

      aint just the young men its 9 year old girls able to watch porn now


    • on November 18, 2018 at 4:46 pm TerryThePirate

      Israel is a right-wing theocracy. The Orthodox rabbis make the rules, even though most Israelis aren’t very religious. (Same in Islamic theocracies.) That’s how theocracies work. I wouldn’t want to live in one. To porn or not to porn–like other personal issues–should be every man’s choice.


  52. Beta males keep the lights on. It was said on this site that alpha males get the juices of the stink hole flowing but are not necessarily good for civilization as a whole. The complete lack of respect and disdain for the beta male at every level of society from culture ,law and church is driving the porn and sex bot trends. The latest is the contempt and criminalizing of the productivity and order the beta white men bring to the table. civil productive black men have long been seen with contempt as “uncle toms’ for a long time. (the results is Chicago and any city town in America with a MLK Blvd)
    Our divorce courts, debtors prisons and suicide stats are full of productive beta men waiting for their knife to the back when envy of feminism arrives. Porn and sex bots are where these men are headed. The artificial womb will mean these men can have their own families and an ungrateful society can enjoy the productive male taking care of their own.
    BTW at the same time pussy gets real polite and friendly when off the pedestal.


  53. Sex, drugz, gambling and abortion uber-alles, the four horsemen of the approaching a pox C-clips.


  54. on November 18, 2018 at 7:15 pm evilwhitemalempire

    “I predict the sexbot revolution will bring utter destruction to civilization”
    On the contrary.

    It will save it.

    Women (the majority) absolutely will not be able to sexually compete with waifus.

    If they can’t do that then they lose control over men.

    If women are unable to control men sexually then it’s game over for women.

    Then if women want families then they will be forced to be good wives and mothers.

    If that happens then civilization is saved.


    • You’re forgetting the mass third-world non-white immigration that women support.

      As many others have pointed out, feminism is generally a self-correcting problem within one or two generations, but when the feminists make Whites a minority within that time, there is no longer a civilization to save.

      This is why America is fucked, but Japan still has hope for the future, even though feminism is gripping the men of both countries by the balls.


  55. The opioid “crisis” is a direct result of the war on whites

    Oh look Muffy, another epidemic just like the herpes, AIDS and cocaine epidemic that wiped out the world in the 80’s lol

    There’s no epidemic, it’s all bullshit so that the government can control you even more.
    In the recent past it was mostly more upper class professionals who took prescription opiates while the proles and noggers took impure street crap.
    Fentanyl was around 30 years ago when I used it in a patch for pain so none of these drugs are new.
    What you’re seeing today is just another example of what happens when the great unwashed masses discover and get their hands on anything.They fuck it up just like the Net where the average IQ has dropped 20 points since 2000.

    Same thing happened in England years ago. The average opiate addict was an upper or professional person. Unlike the US, doctors were permitted to write prescriptions for addicts and would give them diamorphine(heroin) which is still used in medicine there.Never mentioned or viewed as a problem.
    By the late 60’s though it began to filter down to the spivs and now it became a problem.Prior to this all they had was amphetamines
    No opium problem, just a prole problem.


  56. So glad to see posts like this. P*rn is poison. And of course the taxpayer-funded schools never mention any of this in “comprehensive” sex ed classes. And the feminists are complete frauds for many reasons, but mostly because p*rn is as anti-women as it gets yet they support it.


  57. When I was a kid I got my hands on a copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Never did explicit porn or willing females get me so hard as reading that book. It primed me for the pre-AIDS barebackin’ days of the 70’s and 80’s.


  58. And that’s barebackin’ with FEMALES. Even that term has gotten taken over.